Sunday, August 03, 2008

Inside Out and Backwards

Speaking of grand illusions, I had a funny thought today. I'll tell you specifically what it is in a minute, but it's a sneaking suspicion based on my realization that not much is what it seems to be in this world anymore. I've seen the most prevalent beliefs, the most hard core, dyed in the wool, supposed no-brainer beliefs, assumed truths and widespread status quos, are turning out to be just the opposite of what they claim to be.

For instance, if a product label says new and improved, I already know it's not new and it hasn't been improved, it's been cheapened and I'm getting more screwed this time around than I was the last time I bought it. If it's improved the improvement is all to the bottom line of the corporation making the stuff. I know they don't give a damn about how happy I am with their product. They just want my money, and this claim is just another way they think they can get it.

Another example is the idea we've all been sold that war is good and noble and we only do it when we're the good guys. We've all seen that proven to be the pile of horse hockey it really is.

Another example is the idea that a hero is anybody in a uniform with a gun. That's just not true. It's anybody with or without a uniform, with or without a gun who risks his life to do the right thing for someone else. Not the wrong thing, and not without personal risk. Heroism is about selflessness, about not requiring something in exchange for taking on great personal risk in the aim of doing something that saves somebody else's life. It's truly ugly how that's been objectified, turned to tinsel and inside out and now we're supposed to believe that anybody with a gun and a uniform is some great hero. Sorry but that's just not reality. The aim is obvious, we're to worship authority and never question it, as if there is no such thing as abuse of authority. As if.

I've begun to question everything all over again, including some of our most sacred beliefs, and whether anyone agrees or disagrees with this, to my mind there's overwhelming reason and need to do so. From the bottom up, a round of all new wised up scrutiny is the ticket.

Having just finished a new audio piece called Here and Now, which asks the question why all of our most popular belief systems, be they political, religious or otherwise, never seem to focus on fixing what's broken. They'll focus on anything and everything but facing up to and taking on responsibility for addressing what's wrong in this world, the very same things that have been wrong for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Just a coincidence per chance? I think not.

But in my afterthoughts, and this is the specific thing mentioned earlier, it occurred to me that one thing that's heavily propagated in our society is the belief that other life forms on this planet are somehow our inferiors. Creatures that we are allowed to dominate at will, based on the assumption that because they are weaker than our combined will and weapons, and don't have the ability to speak English to us, they must be stupid and unfeeling, and it is our right to dominate them, use them, kill them, farm them, eat them, squash them, and otherwise show them no respect, consideration, gratitude or any other acknowledgment of their contribution to our world, and directly to our lives.

Take bees for example. We wouldn't want them in our house, but we need them out there doing what bees do because without them we would all starve to death in short order. They pollinate our plants, a major food source, and if we had no bees we'd be in dire straights. Yet, in spite of our bees dying and disappearing in horrifying numbers, our dear government couldn't care less, and acts as if it's a trivial concern.

I interpret that to mean that they're perfectly well aware of the bees dying, and further, that they know exactly why it's happening. It's happening because some major chemical company is putting out something so toxic it's killing our bees, and for them to admit that and take the no brainer appropriate steps to save even their own worthless asses, would mean that some corporate mega giant would have to take a hit in their profits until they came up with something that did the same job without killing the bees or anything else for that matter. But they won't do that. They are pretending to be deaf, dumb and blind to the whole scary situation to protect corporate interests at the expense of risking all our lives and killing off our urgently needed bees.

No doubt they didn't like it very much when Germany came out last week and proclaimed that a specific chemical made by a big chemical company was responsible for their bees dying off at horrifying rates, and they made the corporation stop it. That company fought and kicked and screamed and whined but in the end lost, and now they have to come up with plan B. They don't get to kill everyone and everything in the world just because it will make them richer. In Germany that's just not okay. Too bad we don't get the same here in the freedom loving United States of America. Here, the corporations come first, along with their profits. Our government hasn't matured to the point Germany's government has. It's still stuck in retardation mode, placing corporate profit above all life, I guess even their own. As I often say, they're not too bright. Obviously.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. I got to thinking what if. What if it's not true at all that our fuzzy, crawling, flying, four footed, hooved, finned, swimming, hopping, slithering friends are not our lessers? What if in fact they are our superiors? What if there is reincarnation instead of going to heaven for eternity to be with the Lord and what if every time you came back you were given the gift of living simpler. A simpler life. Free of human involvement. Where you could munch leaves all day, and build your house anywhere you liked, and could eat and sleep anytime and anywhere it suited you. Where you could watch the world go by and not ever have any thoughts about being responsible for anything but yourself. After all, you'd have no hands. What could you really do?

And what if these creatures were in fact our sages of yesterday? What if they were the bravest ones, the strongest ones, the best ones, the ones who knew the risks were great in this world, coming here as a non human, not that coming here human is any guarantee of safety or security. We hate and kill lots of humans too. But you know what I mean.

Wouldn't that be interesting? To think of our beasts as our teachers. As creatures whose existence served as an example, patiently waiting for us to click in to our higher minds and get in touch with our own compassion, and show them the love and patience and kindness they show us.

Our species can make no claim to being peaceful. We love killing. We'll kill anything for any reason at any time, good reason or not. Self defense is quaint but it's hardly a necessary justification. We're past justification for anything we do, we're just so sure we're the end all and be all of the universe. I agree we may very well end it all, but I don't see how anyone with two brain cells to rub together could honestly see us as the greatest life form that ever hit the greater universe. Our arrogance is unrivaled, I'll give you that much for sure.

But our animals have none of our uglier traits. They aren't greedy, they aren't murderers, they don't hog the water holes or the food. They don't deny other creatures their right to exist. They don't enslave us and they don't punish us. In fact, they put up with a hell of a lot of crap from us and they always have. They've served us and worked for us, often with nothing in the way of reward. Sometimes we treat them better than at other times, and some of us have learned to approach creatures with respect and have found out how open they can be to befriending us. Still others approach with brutality, cruelty, and disrespect and force their will on animals for their own personal gain. And to those people I say, you suck. But they exist, and they do a lot of damage. They get rich from it too, and that says a whole lot about the rest of us I think.

And what if we turned our whole human hierarchy upside down and applied the same principle? What if our poor, our struggling, our uneducated, those born with physical and mental handicaps, those who we routinely want taken out of our sight and off our minds so that we may enjoy our wealth and benefits without the burden of being reminded of anything like social responsibility or decency or obligation to others; what if those people were also part of the chain of our reincarnated betters? What if they were here to patiently, slowly, teach us our own better instincts and traits? They are doing us a service we rarely if ever notice, and we certainly don't respect it, or them.

I have to notice an interesting element to this idea, which is that if in fact we did change things around, if we did decide to focus on the prosperity of others instead of just glutting ourselves on the good stuff and greedily hogging it as if it were scarce, if we did decide to make the world so much better by caring about those who are weaker than we are, it would in fact change the whole world into a hell of a great place to live, a much better place. We would have prosperity and peace for everyone, and not the phony kind of prosperity and peace being hawked to us by the SPP. That's just swill from a PR company, and I'm talking about the real thing.

But it does prove the existence of realities other than the main ones we're sold. There is another way of looking at many things, and there are other ways of going about being human in this world. We don't need to have wars. We don't need to condone brutality and cruelty and suffering and starvation. There is no shortage of "enough" of whatever is needed to go around. The more people there are the more that can be done, and isn't it interesting how they love to put people out to pasture. And not in a nice way, in an evil way, where people are rejected, ejected from so called decent society and left to fend for themselves in the most impossible ways, on the most unbearable terms.

I'd like to ask again, why do we do that to people? Please explain it to me because for the life of me, I just can't understand it. Does it really all boil down to the personal private greed of a few men and women who see themselves as God's gift to the world and all the rest of us as cattle here only to serve their purposes? And if that's true, then I have to ask, why do we put up with that when it's so clearly insane, stupid, insulting, and ridiculous? Why aren't those people considered criminals when no greater criminals exist? Why aren't they considered insane and placed into restraints in mental hospitals where they can't get out and hurt us all? How come they're considered our icons of evolution instead of the banes of our existence? Why do we respect cruelty and greed? Why do we honor killers who kill on the command of their leaders but not killers who kill the pervert who raped their daughter? Why do we put those people behind bars while letting the leaders walk free, and not just walk free but enjoy a long healthy life bound into ever increasing wealth and personal prestige.

What's the deal here? How ignorant, or stupid, or naive, or brainwashed are we as a planet? Are we really that gone that we can't recognize the lunacy of our lives and the power system and the status quo of insanity and backwards priorities and self-defeating toxification of all the world? The very world we all count on to provide for our needs in order to support and sustain our lives.

I think more questions need to be asked about all of these things. Perhaps they are being asked, and perhaps they're simply being muted, kept away from our knowing about it so as to keep "ideas" out of our heads. Ideas like, we need to stop this lunacy and punch these rich greedy fuckers down in a hole somewhere and seal it because obviously they're Satan incarnate. And this comes from a nonbeliever. But I do believe in Satan. I can see Satan. And since I can't chalk it up to anything else, it must be Satan. Indeed, Satan rules over this earth in no uncertain terms.

Maybe it's just me but I have a problem with that. I don't think letting Satan rule over us is a good plan. It looks like a really bad plan to me. How many more millions of innocent people have to die in one of Satan's wars of greed and lust for power. I honestly think they do it because they get off on it, they get off on the blood and the carnage and the suffering. Look, they must get off on it. If they didn't wouldn't it sicken them as much as it sickens people of conscience and wouldn't they go to any lengths to avoid another war then? But they don't do that. They can hardly wait to get the next blood fest going, they love war. It's their thing.

They love poisoning and toxifying the whole planet. Destroying our drinking water and turning it into undrinkable deadly poison. Who among us can claim to be drinking pure water today? If you think you are I'm sorry to tell you this, but check it. You'll soon find out you're wrong. New born babies come out of their mother's womb with hundreds of chemicals already in their bodies. And we don't know that's a death sentence for us just a few more generations down the road? How much more toxic saturation do you think we can take exactly and for how much longer? And by the way, why the hell do we have to put up with having anything toxic in this day and age? Where are all those brilliant science guys? Is this the best they can do? Make everything deadly and call it progress? You see? There it is again, that thing where something is exactly the opposite of what they sell us in multiform digital saturated stereo surround sound. They're the biggest fattest liars who have ever lived and they're killing everyone. They are. Face it.

Why are we pretending otherwise? Why are we passively accepting this as if there's nothing we can do to stop the madness? What's up with us in this country?

Well I don't know what's up with us, but I do know that none of this makes a damned bit of sense. I do know that it's all backwards and inside out and bullshit and it's wrong and how dare they do this to us and to our world. How dare they?

We can stop it. It's really that simple. If we want it stopped we can demand that it stop. Don't we want it stopped?

I don't know. You tell me.


  1. Anonymous5:10 AM

    Hi, I've come across your blog thanks to the recommendation of Neil Kramer of the Cleaver. Superb articles! Can I perhaps place your latest article on the Red Ice Creations forums for people to read?

  2. Panopticon,

    Why sure. I'd be honored. Help yourself to anything that's here.

    Thanks for coming by.


  3. Anonymous8:14 PM

    I just have to say how much I love your writing. Its very moving and powerful. The thoughts and feelings you convey are so close to my own that I feel connected to your work.

    However, I worry that most people won't do anything. No matter how clear and effectively you get the message out about how bad things are, I'm not sure what we're supposed to do.

    Perhaps you could address specific solutions in the future. Just a suggestion, I love your posts and look forward to reading more.

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    First let me thank you for the very nice things you've said about what I write. It's very gratifying to me to find resonance out there, if I didn't find resonance I'd be dejected and likely hopeless. So thank you for that.

    I understand what you're saying about addressing solutions and know that solutions are what "the awakened" are looking for. Perhaps this is something I need to address with a piece of its own.

    While it's true that I have my own ideas about solutions, it's not my ideas that are needed. It's everyone's own ideas. What I see as a part of the effect of the globalist takeover of our minds to gain our silent complicity and oblivious support as they steal us blind and knock us off, is that we feel unbearably uncomfortable, even scared of thinking our own thoughts regarding solutions because every solution requires what we've been indoctrinated to think of as "bad behavior".

    Doing anything at all that goes against the establishment designs and demands and systems undermines their power and at some level, subconscious or otherwise, we deeply recognize and understand that disobeying the psychopathic double standard powers that be is considered such a high crime that even when we disobey to save our own lives it is considered a criminal act.

    We endure their inexcusable bad behavior against us, we endure them using us, undermining us, stealing from us, ignoring our will, disregarding our needs, brutalizing us with their attack cops and anti-compassion belief system, foisting their unjust laws and ways on us for their own benefit, but for any of us to stand up to that or worse, to play by the same rules and do the same to them is beyond acceptability. In fact their double standards make it illegal for us to do those things, while it's perfectly legal for them to do them.

    The most immovable boundaries are the ones we have inside our own heads and they are hellaciously difficult to confront and face, much less remove.

    Many of us think that doing anything at all to obtain justice, or fair play, or equity, or reasonable treatment is automatically out of the question. We understand we are required to uphold their control over us and support it. In essence we've become American fascists really, where the wildly popular, acceptable way of being is to cheer for and blindly obey the state. Just look at what happens to those who express doubt over the stupid story we were fed about 9-11, or the JFK assassination, or any other of a huge number of things that are obvious frauds and lies that ensure their continued control and our continued worshipful, willing obedience.

    The solutions are there and as I see it most of them are both simple and obvious. The question is do we even believe we have the right to be sovereign beings in charge of our own lives and communities and states?

    I'm guessing a lot of people don't feel comfortable with that, and with my blog my hope is to try to help remove those terrible mental blocks and false ideas and remind people they aren't anyone's slave and that they're free to do life as they believe life should be done. Only hopefully not by becoming as vile and despicable as the ruling class, but while really living their values.

    I can't begin to offer solutions, although I've done so a few times, because I don't think people will be able to see them or perform them. And when people's minds are finally free enough to see the solutions I've got, they won't need to because they'll be seeing solutions of their own. Which is exactly how it should be.

    The entire habit and hope and shortcut of seeking our answers from others is the very symptom that brings out the truth that we are too afraid to be who and what we are and not need permission for it. Permission is for slaves.
    Do you see what I'm getting at here?

    My guess is that a lot of people would feel something unpleasant striking their insides at that statement, and my further guess would be that what that feeling is, is fear. It is that fear which must be over come to release our true selves and flip the switch to living like it matters and like it counts. Fear is a hell of a roadblock and I guess that's why it's such a huge and pervasive thing in so many people's minds today. And I don't think there's any chance that's an accident.

    Just in case anyone might read that and feel bad or even more helpless I'd like to say something that will hopefully be some relief. Don't flail yourself or blame yourself or get down on yourself for not being some kind of mighty warrior patriot citizen. You've never even been allowed to see an example of such a mythical creature much less have an abundance of them to role model from. Where you want to head is uncharted territory and wanting a map is hardly a stupid idea. There's nothing at all wrong with that but as you can see, there aren't many maps out there, at least not out in the mainstream daylight where we can easily see them and make use of them. But they are there. There is also the opportunity to just let it all hang out and put all your best qualities and intelligence to use and come up with a way to do it yourself through trial and error, which is the obligated route for learning all new skills. But with time and practice we can all achieve success. We have to be patient with ourselves, not critical, and patient with others too. I think it's much more important to be encouraging and keep trying and I think that when we hit on something, when we're doing it right, connecting with others looking for and doing the same things will just happen, and that's when we'll be on our way to making a genuine difference in this world and in our own lives.

    The fear we have to break free of is largely an illusion. It is implanted and it is artificial and it's bound to all kinds of other brainwashing that prevents us from simply stepping through it and saying, "Enough. I'm doing it different because your way is wrong." Confronting our illusions takes determination and courage and a bit of not taking it all so seriously. We can make it anything we want. We can do it the way we believe it should be done. Why shouldn't we? I can't think of a good enough reason to forfeit my truth and live somebody else's lie instead. That said, we still have to do what we have to do to survive and there is NOTHING wrong with that. It only makes sense.

    Thank you for bringing this up because I don't think I have ever done a post on this specific subject; perhaps everything around it but not it directly.

    I'm glad you wrote.


  5. Anonymous6:20 PM

    Hi there,

    I too found your blog through Neil Kramer's website. I put out a weekly interview-based audio program called the C-Realm Podcast. Neil has made multiple guest appearances on C-Realm. I talk a lot about the problems with industrial/corporate food production on the show. If you'd be interested in recording a phone interview some time do get in touch.

    Keep up the good work and stay well.