Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Your Cash Ain't Nuthin But Trash

The whole thing about capitalism in its current disfigured configuration is that it's designed to be a rip-off game. Like a shell game where they put the pea under the dixie cup and move them all around with fancy handwork and then you're supposed to pick which cup the pea is under. You never can guess because the pea isn't even there any more, it's gone. You can't guess right. And we're like slow learners who keep wanting to try again and again all the while supplying the peas. We keep losing and they keep raking it in and pocketing it. At the end of the day, or when we run out of peas, they'll just close their travel cases and head off to Tahiti.

Capitalism by strict definition isn't necessarily a bad thing. It doesn't have to be practiced in its current form, there are other ways of doing it. It could be helpful and useful to us instead of being used as a whip to control us and make us slaves to the Prick Kings. Like any tool its purpose is supposed to be to make it easier for people to have productive lives and make it easier for folks to get things done. Money is a huge shortcut bypassing the whole barter, trade and negotiation angle we'd otherwise have to contend with. That might not be such a bad thing, not having money would slow us down exponentially. That said, it's not about speed per se, it's about not doing stupid things at break neck speed for all of the wrong reasons. Money doesn't abuse people, people abuse people.

Capitalism can be a helpful tool or a deadly weapon, and it's current mis-configuration is the latter. It is nothing but a weapon. All of the grand things "mankind" does come about for all of the wrong reasons and none of the right ones. Therefore we live in an insane world where the prevailing priority is always turning enormous profits. It doesn't matter what we're talking about here, it's to the point now where most everything is commodified and it's purpose is only to turn profits. The particular methods of turning those profits is irrelevant really because the profit seekers don't care and aren't interested in the crafting of quality or the provision of quality services. In fact the bulk of today's profits are steadily fed by cost cutting which comes directly out of quality reduction. We get crappy product quality and the worst customer service on record because they've slashed those things. They charge you more than ever before for those things and provide you with less than half of them.

It's worse than that really because in many cases they aren't providing anything you're paying for. They've skinned quality and value so thin to the bone that they're down to selling perceptions as opposed to the real thing. Take health care for example. Less than half of what you need in health care is an oxymoron. You need what you need when you need it. What they've done there is usurp the need end of health care because that is where they can extract more money for themselves. Insurance companies exist to deny needed health care procedures. The less they pay out in claims the more of the monthly premiums they take home to their private vaults. They brazenly hire people to specifically turn down claims no matter how urgent the need or how obvious the qualification. Some insurance companies have a standard policy of denying every single claim three times before they'll even look it over. That's what happens when capitalism is allowed to run loose in the world.

That's what happened and to the extent the insanity of capitalist greed has been allowed to manifest itself unhindered and unregulated, the equal and opposite result is that our world is going down the toilet.

How stupid do you have to be to not care that you're shitting in your own bed? Because a world driven by profit motive is doing just that. Capitalists are like great fat men lying in their beds obsessed with having a bowel movement. It's all they can think about. Everything they do all day is toward the aim of having their next great bowel movement. Then when the moment comes they're so consumed with the personal euphoria of passing their feces that they can't be bothered to get up and go to the toilet. They just lay in their beds and let it come. They're laying in decades of their own waste right now, and unfortunately we're all sloshing through their waste too.

Capitalists are not only too dangerous to allow out and about without a choke collar and a very short leash to reign them in at the first sign of straying, they're perhaps the single most useless form of human life on the planet. Think about it. What do capitalists do? They don't provide anything. They don't create anything. They're parasites. Enormous, bloated, consuming, voracious parasites. They are wholly dependent on sucking the wealth out of everyone else for their subsistence. Only they're not content to just subsist and be grateful for the charity. They're hog wild. They want everything you've got all for themselves.

Their game was and is creating closed and directly controlled systems wherein they will always win and you will always lose to them. They created a monetary system with that outcome in mind a very long time ago and stealthily implanted it into our country some time back. The result was money that isn't money but is instead a ticket of debt which can never be repaid.

Just think, when you get paid for your labor you're being paid in debt that you have to pay interest on to the capitalists. It's creepy as hell to realize that a fistful of dollars is not a fistful of wealth, but instead a fistful of IOU's. Your cash really ain't nothing but trash, just like Steve Miller told us.

It's not enough that they've got the sole right to create phony money out of thin air and charge interest on it for eternity. They want more than a piece of every single transaction and dollar paid out. They want it all. And why not? Once you've created and perfected the ultimate con game and insinuated it into every fiber of society, you're a guaranteed winner. You're the thief that will never get busted or punished after pulling off the greatest longest lasting permanent heist ever conceived of. The wealth literally pours in every second of the day and night as parasitic sky high interest is paid into your private parasite vaults. After a while you realize that you've passed the half way point in terms of owning everything there is. You might as well go for it all, eh? Your phony money was never worth anything but the labor people out actually creates wealth, and that wealth is transferred straight to you. They get nothing, you get everything in a slow steady transfer. You loan thin air and get back real wealth, both in the principal of that loan and in the interest.

It's no wonder why we're all going bankrupt and the quality of our lives is on the down elevator while the capitalists are enjoying back to back half million dollar spa adventures on our dime week after week while the country is in financial meltdown mode. Clearly these parasites are celebrating the cherry on top of their wet dream. They not only have our financial system by the balls, they just ripped them off entirely. In one fell swoop it is cast in stone. You are now a slave. Their slave. And you'll be working until the day you die to repay the loan they just gave themselves out of thin air at high interest so they could feather their own nests yet again and take their pleasant little five star resort golf and spa trips. Thanks for your business America. It doesn't get any better than this.

Instead of speeding away in black sedans shooting a hail of gun fire out of Gatling guns, they just sashay off to the next fine resort to laze about in. They're supposed to be the pinnacle of success. Kind of makes you want to hurl, doesn't it?

You know these types would get quite uppity over my statements of their uselessness, but so far none of them have ever wanted to press the point. That's because they've got nothing to stand on. Just how useless are they? Try this mental exercise. Imagine a second planet Earth just like this one is today except that there are no people on it at all. Now let's scoop up all the capitalists and NWO wookies in a giant bucket and dump them out on that other planet Earth where there's nobody there but them. Go ahead boys, let's see you make a nickel. Go on, what's the delay? I thought you all were so darn smart and special and everything.

Unfortunately, without their five star accommodations and nobody to wait on them for every little thing they desire, without their private five star chefs, their chauffeur driven limousines, their crack secretaries and staffs, and without all the cadre of little butt smooching minions kneeling at their heels, they're too unhappy to think about how to turn a profit where there's nobody to rip off.

I can just imagine these pink handed spoiled brats demanding each other to wait on them. Who's going to go fetch dinner? Who's going to make the bed? Where's my coffee? Why is there nothing on TV? Where is our priceless propaganda machine? There's no need for propaganda when nobody's there but you all.

For the first time in their lives these men would have to take care of themselves like the rest of us do. They'd have to cook or they'd starve to death, which suits me fine, frankly. They'd be catty, jealous whiners, complaining about everything. Brings a tear to your eye don't it? In only a day, the giants of high finance would be reduced to washing their own clothing, procuring and preparing their own meals, figuring out what to wear every day all by their lonesome selves, and somehow managing to get by. They'd realize real fast that when nobody lives and breathes to clean up after you that you have to do it yourself. If you don't, your life is quickly buried in piled up garbage and things that need cleaning up and maintaining.

Maybe the fact these guys are so spoiled has something to do with their lack of concern for the damage they do in the course of endlessly accumulating their pointless profits. Maybe they're so disconnected from what it's like to have a real life they have no concept of what it's like to scrub a toilet bowl much less how it effects half a million people when you dump industrial waste into their water supply. Everything else is always taken care of by somebody else leaving them free to do nothing but focus on getting more money for themselves.

This is the very serious obsessive/compulsive disorder that comes of being too rich for your own good. Your humanity rots on the vine and you aren't capable of thinking or feeling like a fully alive, aware, awake human being. You're cut off and shut off from the world and from your own self. You play games in your phony self made paradise. And you suck as a person. You do damage every time you make a move. And the worst of it is, you don't care.

It's odd that to us becoming a diseased loser is a bad thing but to them it's the greatest thing in the world. That must be part of the disease. And they say recreational drugs are bad. Well what else would they say? They do have to create monsters out of thin air to cover the fact that they create money out of thin air.

One can't help but get to wondering just how much of the circus out there is contrived just to distract us from what they're up to. My guess is, almost all of it is made up. They're darn good at it too. Not very creative though. Sex and violence. Oh whoopie. Like I said, they're not good for much.

Speaking of which, I've long been wanting to press a point about what we're getting for our money these days. The whole money situation is already a rip-off in itself, but the rip-off continues in a fractal spin off.

I've been hearing a lot of complaints from people about the fact that their cell phones die after only a few months and they have to buy new ones. This is a repeating pattern. Cell phone users will indeed purchase several phones in the course of their lives. But the same can be said for all electronics. And household appliances. And furniture.

I can't even believe how cheap furniture is these days, it's not even made of wood anymore. A sofa or recliner wears out within a couple of years and starts to look like beaten up trash, as well as becoming uncomfortable. Most all consumer products are being manufactured in this manner. They are purposely built to fail in as short a time as they can get away with. The reason for this is obvious. They want consumers coming back to the store to buy stuff again. Again and again and again.

As much as we can all understand their desire to sell as much merchandise as possible, I don't think that building in cheapness is anything to be proud of. But there it is again, as previously mentioned, the profits are coming out of the quality we deserve.

Think of something. If you went out and performed some form of labor, you would be creating actual wealth. Labor is wealth creation, there is no other genuine way to do it. Now lets say you were real smart and would only accept payment in gold coins.

How long would those gold coins last if you put them away in a safe and never touched them? They would last forever. They wouldn't rot, or decay, or cease to be of value. They wouldn't melt or be temporary gold coins. You would have your wealth for all eternity if you never spent it. You could pass it down to your kids and they could pass it down to their kids in endless succession.

What this means is that the value of your money is forever. Wealth, once created, lasts forever. It will be there for as long as you hold onto it.

Now enter the merchandisers. The sellers, the manufacturers, the stores. All of them clammoring ceaselessly to get their hands on your wealth. They don't want you keeping it, they want it and they want to keep it. After all, hanging on to your wealth is the only way to grow it and become wealthy.

That's pretty hard to do when the products you buy are so crappy that they break after two or three months and you have to buy new ones. It's yet another not so subtle form of wealth transference, and it should piss you off. You're getting stiffed coming and going and the only ones not being rolled for every last dime are the ones on the other side of the fence.

When my grandmother died our family ended up with many of her things. We got her beds and her furniture and her kitchen appliances. Let me tell you about her toaster. It was made out of rock solid, shining chrome. It glistened and shone and she kept a cover over it that was a beautifully hand made doll in a long gingham dress, the skirt of which covered the toaster. Not my taste but it was her toaster.

The point is, that toaster still works today. It was manufactured in the 1940's, some sixty years ago, and it still works just like it did on the day she bought it. Her vacuum cleaner still works too. And so does her telephone. Her solid wood furniture is still beautiful and useful. It is not chipped and scratched and trashy. It's gorgeous as a matter of fact.

Which means what? Which means that it is well within capability to manufacture quality goods that last an entire lifetime. Why should you ever have to buy a replacement tool? Why shouldn't your refrigerator or your sofa or your car last your lifetime? Because I have to ask, why would you trade your forever lasting wealth in exchange for something that will not last just as long? How dumb are we?

It used to be that people understood that hanging on to your bucks was the desired configuration of life. You did not want to spend money on anything that you didn't have to. Money wasn't to be wasted on nonsense or on things you could do for yourself. Doing things for yourself was the way to go, and people made note of how other people did things and were rightly impressed quite often. It was a matter of some pride to make your own clothing or tools or anything else for that matter. The trick and the game was to cheat the stores, the marketers, the manufactures, and not give them your wealth. People knew what wealth transference was and they were dead set to keep their hard earned wealth.

Back in the 1940's manufactures knew this too, and they also knew that in order to get people to shop in their stores they'd better be offering something for people's money that was worth the money. They knew they had to have products of equal or better value than the dollars they'd be getting for them.

No one back then was interested in any outrageous 30 or 90 day warranties. What the hell does a 90 day warranty say? It tells you up front, "This item is a piece of shit. It will break." They'll still charge you three hundred dollars for it and you're supposed to be okay with that. You're supposed to not care that your forever wealth is being traded for a piece of shit product that will die inside of six months.

I'd say it's high time for us to get back to making our own things, and electronics cannot be that hard to make. There are so many old appliances and electronics out there now that parts can be picked up cheaply and making our own stuff might mean a return to quality and to products that serve us instead of ripping us off to benefit the most openly greedy consumer market known to man. It's really beyond belief how much we are taken to the cleaners. And you won't see this happening all over the world, not everyone is as used to being ripped off and cheated and forced to pay exponentially higher prices than things are worth as we are here in America. You can't pay more for less anywhere else than here.

To put this in perspective, how much would the stores or the manufactures or the sellers like it if the money you paid them for their products was only good for 90 days? What if it was temporary money? What if, at the end of 90 days, the stack of bills sitting in their vault suddenly turned into a puff of cloudy smoke and vanished into thin air? How well do you suppose that would go down for them?

And how well do you think it would go when you went to their stores and tried to explain to them that they need to accept your temporary money and they need to just accept that it will evaporate out of their bank accounts somewhere inside of six months? How would that go do you suppose?

Because that's what they've sold you. That's what they've sold all of us. We are supposed to believe and expect our dollar value to simply spontaneously evaporate within a few weeks and be okay with that.

There used to be such things as lifetime warranties, no fine print either. People demanded value for their dollar, and they got it. Because even the upheld promise of a purchased good lasting the buyers lifetime was still a generous deal for the seller. The wealth you gave him for that product will still last forever. The product you bought for it will not.

It's something to think about the next time you're going to lay your money down for something. Maybe it is time to start sending the message again that we want what we're paying for, and then some.

All of that leads me to a question I've been pondering for a while now. I don't know the answer to it and honestly, something about the question itself is hard for me to wrap my brain around, so I'll ask you to ponder it. Maybe you can come up with something.

The question is this. What has happened to all of the actual real wealth that's been created by working Americans? Where has it gone? We know that wealth, once created, is forever. We trade dollars for goods and lose in the bargain, but that wealth still exists. So how come everyone's broke? How come the country is on the verge of bankruptcy? How come most every county is on the verge of bankruptcy? How come so many people are filing bankruptcy?

Why is there no money for education, which used to be free through the graduate level? Why is our infrastructure crumbling?

Think of all of the cumulative real hard wealth that American labor has brought into existence since the 1940's. At the turn of the last century all but two percent of Americans owned their own homes. Only two percent were paying bankers for mortgages. At the turn of this century that's exactly reversed with only two percent owning their homes and 98% paying bankers for mortgages.

What's happened here? We've created who knows how much genuine physical wealth over the last hundred years in this country, so where is it?

This is going to piss you off but I think it boils down to interest. The interest we are forced to pay the federal reserve for the existence of their made from thin air money. We also pay interest on that money again when banks pretend to be loaning us money, like on credit cards or through a loan at a local bank. No actual dollars much less gold coin changes hands. But how do you have to get your money? You have to work for it. You have to create actual wealth with your hard labor. Then you get to pay back that real wealth for the ghost loans from the bankers and the credit card companies and the federal reserve. You also have to pay income tax when you get it, and you have to pay sales tax when you spend it. Just how much is left of a dollar as soon as its in your hand?

Add in inflation, which is really not anything getting bigger its your money losing value and really, what are these green pieces of paper in our wallets if not some kind of demonic invention? They are an invention that was lied about, telling us, "This is money" when the fact is, it never was money. It was debt. It always has been and it always will be because every dollar you see belongs to the federal reserve PLUS INTEREST. We've never once been paid in wealth for a job we've held. We've been working for free and giving the wealth we create to the bankers.

It's a staggering rip off. But it's also reality. Tell me if you see anything different, and then answer me that question? Where is all of the wealth?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Time out for fun stuff

The above video is one I made. It was just finished today. After taking well over a week to accomplish, the end result is all of four minutes long. It was quite a project, especially considering I've never had training in animation. Like most everything I do, I've had to teach myself every step of the way. From learning how to use available animation software to finding audio programs to doing the artwork, it's all been a heck of a learning curve. And of course nothing comes easy, does it.

This is my best video to date, in my humble opinion. It's certainly the most complicated one I've made. Getting the hang of lip syncing FISH is a bear, but I'm getting there. It's not perfect but what do you want for free? It should still amuse, which is the whole point.

This is what I do when I need a break. I hope you'll enjoy a four minute break of your own to watch it, and I really hope you like it. Comments and feedback are very welcome. Oh and by the way, it's very seasonal too. Just in time for Christmas. Santa gets eaten by a shark, and that's always nice. Yes?


Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Cockroach Boys

My God. What a week, what a month, what a year. My head is spinning. My stomach is right behind it. I do believe I've had about all I can take. I'm overflowing my muffin cups. Feeling out of sorts. Like when you see one of those single lost shoes in the middle of a busy freeway and wonder, "How did that get there? And where's the other shoe? Not to mention the feet that were in them." One lost shoe hopping and flopping in the crosswinds of passing cars, tumbling between the dotted lines, getting run over by every other 18 wheeler and putt-putt kazoo-powered pavement prowling device ever invented.

I'm a bit woozy I guess. Not in a nice way like after a couple of glasses of wine; but in a distracted sort of way where I can't be interested in anything more complex than what goes on inside the four corners of my own little home. Sweet psychopath free home.

You know what it's like? Have you ever dropped a ball of yarn only to watch it quickly unravel all over the place? It leaves behind a tangled mess of knots and snags that take an eternity to attempt to untie, and sometimes it's just not possible to untie it. Sometimes you have to cut it, which of course ruins the perfect smoothness of a multi-hundred yard long single piece of string. It takes ages sitting around patiently de-tangling yard after yard of skinny string which also runs the risk of getting re-tangled again before you're able to stretch and wind it back around and around into a nice smooth ball.

All the time that's wasted redoing what's already been done; time that could have would have should have been being spent creating something new and necessary and wonderful and useful. But no. Instead of that, you have to sit and de-tangle, snip and reconnect ends that wouldn't un-knot, and watch the pretty perfection of nice, new clean yarn degrade into a messed up, cut up 2nd hand skein, at best.

Imagine if you will, every ball and skein of yarn in the whole wide world all spontaneously unraveling at lightening speed. Rolling and tumbling, spinning and spewing thousands upon thousands of yards and miles of string everywhere all about in enormous tangled heaps and piles. Now add every single spool of thread in every home, fashion house, fabric store, storage building, shipping warehouse, manufacturing plant, cargo ship, state, city and country in the world suddenly spinning itself backwards, shooting tens of millions of miles of yarn into aisles and living spaces and offices and shipping crates and sewing niches.

Now add every inch and mile of cable, wire and rope. Chains of gold and silver and steel; gigantic anchor chains, enormous fat anchor ropes; giant spools of telephone wire and industrial wire and fiber optics. Imagine every kind, shape and form of thing wrapped around spools and tubes spontaneously spinning themselves undone. Gigantic rolls of all different papers; wallpaper, art paper, money paper, toilet paper, paper towels, plastic bags and garden hoses, duct tape, shipping tape, invisible tape, great skeins of bandages, huge rolls of fabric, all kinds of film... This could go on all day but you get the point.

What a great ungodly hell of a mess it would be. You couldn't set a foot anywhere without getting entangled in something, or many different somethings. Things would come to a crashing halt. It would be a nightmare of time and labor to clean all that up. Who knows how long it could take? It would never be as good as it was before. Much of it would be ruined or broken or shredded apart, cracked and weakened; dipped in dirt, drenched in mud, and trod upon.

It's kind of like that.

These people, these cockroach boys, they're unraveling our world. Not because it does any good but because it ruins everything. To them ruining everything is good. You can't fix it if it ain't broken, and these guys will kill to fix things. Far be it for them to give up and walk away just because everything's working allright! Heavens to Betsy, NO! They'll happily break the whole dang world in order to be able to fix it all up to their liking.

How can you tell when it's them behind the wrecking balls? Easy. Whenever it's them, they always say something like this:

"Oh dear oh my, what a mess, what a shame, whatever shall we do? Do not fear, the answer is right here! In the form of ME and MY BOYS! Just give us your money and all of your guns, now watch us ride off to the setting sun. We'll catch all the bad guys, we'll save the whole world! (We'll bomb it and blast it until it's nothing but a giant smoking turd!)" Ka-ching! Hello Dubai!! The happy happy cockroach boys are poised to "save" the world. (It wouldn't have needed any saving if not for them, but there's no time to think about that now!) "On Rip-Off! On Liar! On Gas Bag! On Twisted! We've got dangerous babies to blast into red mist! We've got people with funny hats offending our Gods! We just can't have that!! Hooray for the Cockroach boys! We're number one! We're number one!"

'Tis the sheer joy of destroying everything and anything that fuels their pointless tiny inner licking flames. They are the greasy bugar colored pixie trolls that skitter around in all the dark places, forever looking for more and more spools to unravel. Each time they find the loose end of a string they snap it up between their fingers and WHIP it Up! Out! and behind them; then they take off running, making sure to weave around this tree trunk and then around that pole, and down into this hole and up out of that other one. On their little elfin six toed feet they run, laughing and hiccuping, stretching the lengths of every stringed thing behind them for as far as the length will carry. When it's all spent out they toss down their loose ends in disgust and boredom, leaving them where ever they fall. Then off they go, crabby, cackling, cursing and passing gas, hungrily seeking the next hysterically amusing spool to unwind.

That is a "G" rated version to be sure, but it does describe the basic concept quite accurately. Our greasy, unelected, bugar colored skittering trolls do much more harm than unraveling thread and yarn. They're unraveling our world and turning back the clock on all of the hard won progress that's been made over the last hundred years. They should be ashamed of themselves, but they don't even do it in the dark anymore. They just stride right up and take whatever they like, and backhand you on the way out the door with your money and your life tossed in their thief sacks.

I am way past up to here with all this. Can you tell?

I'm toxic. I need to get away from it for a while. I've seen all I care to see. There are only so many ways to lie, cheat, steal and kill. Those comprise the basic agenda, yes? Seen it. Seen it and seen it and seen it some more. Seen it so much I never want to look at it again. If it won't go the hell away, and it won't, then I guess I'll have to go away. Unfortunately it's not much of an escape trying to get away without going anywhere. There's nowhere to go. There's no getting away from it. The only place to go away is inside your own head, you can look for an escape hatch in there.

So far all I've found in mine is an empty store room with scattered bits of wheat on the floor and a note that says, "I.O.U. one rich and fulfilling life. Signed, Your Dear Government. Don't call us we'll call you, just as soon as we're done spending all your money! HA HA HA!"


The trillion(s) dollar free gift to the billionaire bankers pretty much aced it for me. It doesn't get any more in your face than that. That was a brutal, vicious rape of this country and the despicable trolls are still prancing around bragging about it. They're still gang banging everything else they can get their hands on too! It's unbelievable. The candy cane manufacturers want a bail out too. Bush's 90 day countdown will not be going to waste. Prepare to have your breath taken away at least ten times a day until he's bodily removed from the oval office. This is their last chance to do all the damage they can, and they're nothing if not determined. Without the hindrance of shame or conscience, anything goes. It's utterly stupefying. If this was a mere hundred years ago, they'd have all been dragged out and hung well before it got anywhere close to this.

They've done more than enough damage already. We've got troops in the streets, blood thirsty borg drones for cops, the constitution is a quaint memory, there's not a dollar left anywhere in the country, and you'd have to be a complete moron not to know this country is going down hard. It's going to be painful and VERY humiliating. Pride goes before a fall.

Obscene arrogance is well beyond pride. I shudder to think what comes after that. This country has been riding high and mighty on bullshit for decades, unbeknownst I believe to a great majority of its inhabitants. Many still don't even realize how bad it is, how much harm has been done, and just how filthy, deceitful and criminal our mafia crime lords in stolen office have behaved. These guys never even bothered with the standard charades of politeness and decency. They were all out lying, cheating, filthy dirt bags and they were really proud of it. They think that's a good thing. They think of themselves as some form of ultimate great guys; real winners; real ballsy, real clever, real smart.

They're so devoid of human virtues they honestly don't have the capacity to comprehend how vile and despicable they are. I don't think they'd care what anyone thought of them anyway. It wouldn't matter if they were all picked up tomorrow, handcuffed and dragged off to prison facing all the charges they so honestly earned. These guys should get the chair at the very least. Life at hard labor just isn't enough. That will never happen but even if it did, they would never, NEVER, EVER concede that they're filth. They would insist and demand that they are special and gifted and they did nothing wrong. Lying, stealing, cheating, and worse when they do it can never be wrong because they're special. And when you're special you can do no wrong. The fact that five and a half billion people on this planet see them as depraved criminal scum wouldn't change a thing. With their unrivaled arrogance and "do you want champagne with that?" IQ's, they'd staunchly maintain that they are still right and the whole rest of the world is too stupid to breathe.

Saying I despise these people just doesn't come close to describing what I feel. It isn't even about them anymore. It's about feeling like this country is one of the twin towers and the plane hit about 45 minutes ago. It's about looking up and seeing the ceiling begin to collapse in terrible slow motion but just like in a dream you can't scream and you can't move and you know you're going to be smashed by tons of concrete and be pulverized; and so are a whole lot of other people. And just like 9-11 the perpetrators will never be in danger for a single moment. No, not them. They'll be safe and sound in their usual five star accommodations being protected, fussed over and waited on hand and foot, snapping out orders and pretending it's just all so awful while they can't even manage to keep the snarky smirks off their deceitful double faces. They'll be flaunting themselves like pink flamingoes, acting like they're special and irreplaceable. As if. They'll congratulate themselves for a job well done. So much lovely peon death deserves a very nice reward. The only thing they'd feel bad about is that they can't share their success story with the whole world. But they can't do that. It would spoil the whole thing.

I've been considering for a while getting the hell out of here before it's impossible. Maybe that impossible cutoff moment could be closer than I thought. The NWO trolls have ramped up the time scale to a terrifying degree. They don't seem to care anymore how obvious they're being or how many of us can see them for what they are. It really doesn't matter any more and even they are absolutely floored at what all they're able to get away with. They're certain nobody's paying attention to them. They've been doing whatever the hell they like for so long they finally forgot crime is bad. They just do it out in the open without shame. To them it's business as usual with all of the filthy tactics and threats and squeezes and blackmail and death threats over the phone and hired hi-tech intelligence hit men coming right out of the closet and into broad daylight; out snapping necks and duct taping people's mouths and arms and legs and throwing them in the river and calling it suicide. Or roughing up distraught ladies at airports and strangling them to death in the back room and calling that suicide. Nothing hard to believe there, move along please.

They're contractors now! They're legit. Respectable. Scary as hell and out of control. It's all on the payroll, and you know that makes it okay! They're all taken care of too with special rules and personalized laws that let them engage in all the ultimate filth and crime and foul play they want. It's always been the wet dream of criminal filth to be legitimized. And now they are. They can do whatever they like to anyone they like, one and all, anytime, anywhere, for any reason, for no reason, and no one will be able to say a word about it. And they are.

It's all legal but kept covered up. You just don't need to know about it and if you find out it will be YOU who is the criminal. Exposing their crimes is the only crime. No wonder the newspapers don't talk about anything but some starlet's cellulite rippled butt and how much her Hollywood actor third cousin boyfriend drinks, in church.

It's not what the cockroach boys do that's wrong, it's that you don't like what they do, that's the crime. That's the politically incorrect attitude. That's the definition of a traitor. You say bad things about the guys in power where people can hear you and maybe wake up, you'll pay. You'll pay a thousand times over and you'll never do that again, or rather those who survive you will think twice before going for it themselves.

These guys really won't take no for an answer. They'll chop your mouth off instead so you can't say no.

"I can't hear you!" they'll say. "What's that? Cat got your tongue? No complaints then? Well that's just fine. You have a nice day now".

If you got no mouth and you can't speak then you can't say "No". That obviously means that you agree. That's logic to them. There's nothing wrong with that to them. It reminds me of the kind of juvenile cruelty older brothers take out on younger ones, only this is exponentially more worse. All the same it's the same non-logic backed up by lots more strength than whoever's getting victimized, and that means they get to make any rules they like.

I want to get out of this place before it goes up in flames. Not because I'm afraid of death, I'm not.
We're all going to die. There are worse things than dying. What it is, is just being sick and tired of being sick and tired, of feeling nauseous and angry and insulted and on the verge of exploding all the time. I can't stand looking around and seeing every person's face crawling with invisible, slimy, goo-oozing sucking black leeches and every good thing being defiled and demoralized, destroyed, set up, used and manipulated, as they're all lined up to be shoved off a cliff.

I can't do anything here. I'm like a little kid on a beach watching a mile high tidal wave passing high arc, curling forward, dropping down on me with such force and volume that I'm as insignificant as a gnat in the Grand Canyon. Only it's not a tidal wave of water, it's a tidal wave of criminal depravity and putrid, festering animated corpses in expensively tailored suits calling out for another martini. If one of their decomposing glass holding arms drops off they'll just go buy another one. They want to live forever man, life is SO so good. Say alleluia, Amen! God is on their side. Or so they say.

All I know is that you can't jump into a running garbage disposal and not get hurt. My backside is five atoms above those spinning blades and the ugly little gremlins are sawing away madly at the unraveling rope I'm dangling from. Me and everyone else. The only difference between me and them is I'll know what hit us. What hit us was the scum of the earth having a field day.

How I'd love to see their flattened abstract forms seared and smeared into the ground, like the shadows of Hiroshima, fenced off, enshrined for generations to see and remember. "Remember the signs of the cockroach men my children, be vigilant, stay alert, don't ever turn your back! For if you snooze for just one minute, OUT they'll scurry, whiskers akimbo and frenzied, eyes on stalks darting wildly about looking for ANYTHING to steal, to violate, to rape, to plunder, to carry off back to the cockroach hole to enjoy with their cockroach caviar and so-dee crackers!"

I've always believed that one person could do much good in this world. I never fathomed that one person could do so much harm. One man can destroy everything, for everyone. If they could at least be honest about it, I could handle it much better. But when they smile in our faces claiming to be our moral high champions, professing to care about the poor and the sick and the democracy deprived, and the truth is they're cowardly slime sucking pink prancing worms, that's what's making me sick.


If I ever detox from this nightmare I will have to vomit every day for at least a year as my body desperately tries to expel the grime and toxic filth and the soul attacking scum my poor mind has had to wrap itself around. No mind should ever have to go to such places much less struggle for all it's worth to really understand them. You can't do that without taking on damage. You can't do that without getting some on you. You can't do that without losing some of what you treasure most; peace of mind, joy, faith, hope, happiness. It's a hell of a high price to pay if you ask me. Too high! It's not worth it. THEY are NOT worth it! They aren't worth the scrapings off the bottom of my stall sweeping boots. Ptooey! I spit at them and the horses they rode in on! And at all of their mothers and fathers, and their horses mothers and fathers too! I loathe them all. They are not worth it.
They're not worth ANY OF IT.

I want to go home and feel like I'm home. I want to feel like dancing again. I want to laugh at great comedians again, who never degrade or insult anyone in this world because IT'S JUST NOT FUNNY. I want to be able to think about the future and know it's bright and brilliant and filled with amazing possibilities.

But I guess we all have to wait until the cockroach boys are done having their fun, unraveling all the spools of our lives that we worked so long and so hard to wind so tightly and neatly. It will take a mighty long time to clean up this mess. They have spewed the copius gleet of their political gonorrea all over the dang place. Leave no child behind now, ya hear?

I need a shower from the inside out.

Deep breath.

Okay. Right now, today, it's a beautiful day. I've got a roof over my head, food in the fridge, good friends, and a zillion things to do and explore and enjoy and love the heck out of. I do believe now is the time to do them. And I will. Right after a few solid rejuvenating hours of semi-comatose paralytic pillow drooling.


Friday, November 07, 2008

Six-Pack Abs and Other Unnatural Follies

You have to know we're in trouble as a species if for no other reason than this: Nobody cares about the truth.

It's true. If you have two video screens sitting back to back, and one of them is telling the truth about something while the other one is showing tits, nobody will be congregating around the truth side.

It's sensationalism that grabs attention and the stupider the better. Just raw humping in the streets, I guess, is what fascinates people more than anything. Folks will not only go out of their way to see it but they'll push others out of the way to get a good look. After that comes gratuitous violence and posturing, ass kicking, guns shooting, fists flying, and stomping the crap out of somebody. Then I guess it's depravity, first sexual then violent. Naked slasher flicks. Texas chainsaw orgy and massacre.

How about under age blonde transsexual bimbos suspended from meat hooks in blood dripping agony, being brutally assaulted with lawn implements, while zombie cowboys masturbate on them, and then they all get lit on fire and die agonizing deaths with their charred corpses stuck in eternal coitus? Would that do the trick?

I mean, what exactly will it take? What is the climax of stupidity and depravity? What exact combination of things that should make normal people vomit, do we need to put into movie form that will finally take the cake? I mean, that will provide the ultimate overdose of sickness and filth so that it cannot be outdone; so that nothing can top it; so that once you've seen it there's nothing left to see? Because maybe if we can get that done and over with, we could get past this stage of humans stuck in pointless retarded idiocy and get on with life in the real world.

Why do I feel it's unlikely for people's taste for idiocy, depravity and filth to ever run out or reach its maximum? If you want creativity, this is where you'll find it. Someone's always ready to be more perverted, narcissistic and pointless than the last guy or gal.


Are people that sex deprived? Really? Wouldn't it seem that if people were getting enough sex they could think about something else once in a while? But that's just it, people are having sex all over the place. They always have and they always will. It's not about sex. It's about trying to get something to fill the emptiness inside and all we're shown as a society is that cheap, sneaky, dirty, taboo sex acts and grabbing tons of cash and getting away with it are the end all and be all to happiness. And though a dang impressive number of people have tried to go this route to whatever extent or degree, no one has yet seemed to notice that even if you fuck a million people and have more money than you can personally count, you're still a loser, you're still empty inside, and all you've got is a nasty case of STD's and feeling like the underside of a hooker's hob nail 6 inch pumps.

Are we done yet?

Does anyone really believe that cheap sex, cheap violence, and purchasing power make the man? Or the woman? Is it all about a matching purse and shoes? Is it all about having six-pack abs? And if you have those things but you're a total retard who can't even hold a conversation, do you still win? I don't think so but apparently some folks do, and they're proud of it too. Proud to be idiots.

Does that sound mean? I'm not trying to be mean, I'm saying what I see and what I see is old and boring and stupid and I just wish that we as a species could get over things that happen in barnyards every day of the year. Sex happens. People have it. Animals have it. It's sex. Women have boobs. They just do. So do guys. Everyone has boobs. You have boobs. I have boobs. We all have boobs. Can we get on with life now? Because there really are more important things in the world, more important for these exact people I'm talking about, than boobs or penises or slasher films or the aggregate pop stupidity of the year. Honest. Obsessions over these sorts of things have been so very egregiously sold to the public when they are nothing but a big fat lie. They are not real. They do not resemble reality. They are not natural. Or normal. Or anything worth wasting one's time investing in, believing, and attempting to copy for oneself.

Here's a big fat lie that needs a stab from the needle of reality. Six pack abs. Who cares about that? What is the reason for anyone giving a crap about six pack abs? Now women especially, answer me this question. Name one normal female activity that women do in the course of their lifetime that renders them a natural set of six pack abs. Women work their butts off, they can work themselves into the grave and many do. I don't care what any woman does in the course of her life, there is nothing that she will do that will naturally result in six pack abs. In fact, it's just the opposite. After child bearing no one is going to have six pack abs. What she will have is fat. Tummy fat. Butt fat. Bigger boobs. Folds of fat. She'll be soft and cushiony and huggable and that's how women's bodies are supposed to be. That's how they are naturally.

Now in order to get these bizarre rock hard abs, what do people do? Well, nothing natural, that's "A". "B" boils down to having an obsession with one's own body to the point of something being wrong with you. The ultimate narcissism of performing some strange little act a million times over, sitting up, lifting a little weight, and doing it over and over and over and over, day after day, month after month, as you critically eyeball your frontside in the mirror until at last you achieve rock hard abs. Oh whoopie. Good for you. All that hard work and you haven't done a damned thing for anyone in this world. Thanks so much for your contribution Sparky. What a guy. What a gal.

I'm not saying if someone cares all that much about six-pack abs they shouldn't get them, but I am saying this. Women aren't supposed to look like boys and they're not supposed to be skin and bones. Real women are real and up to now that's always been way more than good enough. I think it still is. Forget the diets and the gyms unless it's for health and well being. Be natural. Eat natural. Health is natural. Beauty is natural. Love is natural. Sex is natural. Life is natural. Attractiveness is natural. Attempting to achieve these things any other way than natural is weird, fake and creepy. You can't buy these things. You can't buy happiness. You can't find happiness in somebody else. You will never find happiness in the mirror. It will not come along with the purchase of a brand new car, a case of beer, pink hair, nose rings or in wanna-be fashions of the day. It won't happen after plastic surgery either.

You can spend your entire life chasing after things to mimic and things to buy to try to fill that hole inside and you'll never accomplish it. You have to start with the perfection you were born with, that's square one, and then you can take it from there. You already look however you look, and that's perfect. Now go have a life. Instead of doing everything but noticing you came whole and ready to go, instead of chasing after gimmicks and artificially induced daydreams of what you're "supposed" to be, just be. You can't get anywhere until you get that much behind you. Respect yourself. Respect others. Now get out there and fly free, butterfly. Be you. That's what you're here to be.

Natural doesn't cost anything either, it's totally free. Maybe that's why we never hear three cheers for natural out there. I offer this up for something to think about. When people stop looking everywhere else but within to find themselves, maybe we'll finally get somewhere in this world.

I started this piece by saying that nobody cares about truth and what's just been covered is only a part of it. Think about it now. What is less desired than somebody showing up who wants to talk about the truth of something? Nobody wants to hear it. And why? Because the truth, in this day and age, hurts. It's scary. It's downright frightening. Here we are, people with men in power who are obsessed with money and wealth and more power and more wealth and in barely a hundred or so years, their corporate enterprises have just about trashed the natural planet. Our water is poisoned, our air is poisoned, wild life is croaking all over the world, natural resources are running out, we have toxic garbage dumps spreading far and wide, and there's no end in sight. If we don't get a grip on this nonsense and change what motivates us, we're all going to die. Die. Dead. Gone. Adios. No more. See ya tortilla. Over.

You know it, I know it, everybody knows it. But what is less welcome than a group of people showing up in the offices of the powers that be that tell these truths? Nobody wants to hear it. They don't want to hear it because they're making money off the way things are and they don't want anything interfering with that.

And look at science. Here's a male dominated group of backwards, arrogant, closed minded snobs who think that nothing counts until they say it does when the fact is, they're usually the last ones to figure something out. The same goes for medicine. It's always and only after millions of real people go through something that the science boys finally start to rustle around then grudgingly say maybe there's something they should look into. Then they do their scientific tests, prove it to be true, and run around acting like it was all their idea. They still refuse to show the slightest respect to the people, still claiming that you have to be a scientist to have a clue, and they continue to keep their heads up their asses again and again and again. They're not interested in the truth. They hate the truth. They prefer the status quo. They're stuck in their dogma and their prima donna egos.

Nearly everybody's stuck in something that's phony or untrue. What the heck happened to make people so fear, distrust and despise truth? Truth is nowhere out there to be found in the plasticized, glitterati controlled, profit dominated world. You have to really dig for truth, and good luck finding any. No one will thank you when you do.

There's nowhere you can go to be with people who are all about truth. No established place at least. There is no organization or government or school or NGO who is normal, natural and realistic. Because those things don't make you any money. Everything we do, we do for the wrong reason, we do it for money. And excuse me for pointing this out, but making profits your number one motivation to do something is about the worst reason there is to do anything in this world. It's a reason so stupid we should be outraged over it by now. Profits kill people. Profits are turning the planet to crap. Profits and greed are turning society into a toilet bowl of moronitude, but we're just fine with that. Some people are getting rich from it. Everyone else is getting stupid and losing touch with reality, but that's okay. If we keep this up much longer it won't matter any more anyway.

Can't help but notice these things. Is it time to get radical and reconnect with truth yet? Can we find our way back to letting who we are be enough? Can we remember that caring about what's right and fair and nondestructive is the right way to go about things? Are we done yet sacrificing the whole of the world so that rich people can be rich, and powerful people can be powerful? Are we through yet becoming sleazified and numbed to violence and depravity so we can refresh our souls and live like human beings instead of two legged dumpster rats? Can we remember that we must respect real people first and blow off so called experts because they're no more clued in than anyone else is? Or have we crossed the no-turning-back point so that no one remembers what truth is or what really counts or that we're all just people and nobody's any lesser or more because of what they've got?

Hello? Is this thing on?

Doesn't it make sense to you that if nobody wants to face up to the things that are the most critically urgent things in our lives, and we'd rather do anything than get real, then we'd be going in exactly the wrong direction and end up in serious trouble? And aren't we in serious trouble, across the board, from the micro to the macro?

What's it going to take to wake us up I wonder?

Come to think of it, all things considered, as weird as things already are, I don't really think I want to know.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

May He Shine

I don't get teary too often but I have to say that listening to Obama's victory speech and having it soak in, well, I was very choked up. There he stood, all handsome, young, and black, talking like a decent man, a real human being. He said the kinds of things I have ached over the absence of hearing. It is moving and powerful to listen to a man who gets it. It touched me deeply to hear him mention so many who have been thrown away and made irrelevant, left to wander without hope and without the ability to understand the sickness that has destroyed this country. He remembered the people all over the world and I heard what he meant when he mentioned them, and I'm sure they heard him too. I'll bet rivers of tears flowed around the world tonight, from so many people who have been wounded and maligned, hated and cruelly treated, people who have lost faith and hope in America and what it used to stand for. The dream of getting ourselves back again runs very deep, I can see that now. He said all of the right things. It made me cry.

It was also very moving to see the faces in the crowd, silently riveted on his every word. All these people, these broken, screwed over, lied to, used and abused people, so tired of hurting, so tired of the lies and the racism and the hate and the bombs and the money masters and the filth posing as our saviors; and they wanted to believe him. They really wanted to believe him. Tears ran down their cheeks too. Some people were glowing with relief and hope, others looked so afraid and tentative and yet they listened. We don't want to have our hope re-ignited again only to have it backhanded into the dirt. We don't want to go there again. Not again.

I knew that the feeling of being released from the death grip of the phony republican party and their zionist/satanist agenda would feel good, but I really didn't know how profound the feeling would be. My God I want those people out of there so bad it defies words. They are terrible horrible people. Thank God they've been shown the door.

We have learned much in the last few years, probably more than we ever wanted to know. It was a hard lesson, a hard series of ever more disturbing lessons, truths about the kinds of people that exist among us who are the most dangerous people in the world. You can't tell just by looking at them and it shocked us to find out who they really were, what they really stood for, and how obsessed they were with the opposite of everything we not only believe in, but understand is the only right way to go.

I liked it very much when he said he would be everyone's president. Because bush made it clear early on that he was only president to those who funded and supported him, a clear minority of this country. He abandoned huge swaths of this nation and it insulted me to the core.

I also have to say that finally having a black man elected to the leadership of this country is very inspiring. We needed this so badly. In part it is a vindication of black America who has been relentlessly deprived of fair access to justice and prosperity. They weren't even recipients of good will from this government, and I am hopeful that will begin to change. At long last. There are so many layers and depths to this that I can't begin to mention them all or do them justice. I don't need to really. All I need to do is notice the feeling in my chest, and the feeling in my heart and even though I feel so sad I also feel so happy. This is an historical moment to be sure. A change has already come. Please let this man live. We need him. I worry for him and wonder if he'll even make it to his inauguration. We shall see.

Does that mean I have regained faith in this government? No. It sure doesn't mean that. This is separate from all that, just for tonight, because this really was an incredible moment in my life, and for the whole world. It was really something special. I'm glad I was able to experience it and I send my best wishes and good hope to Obama. May he shine.