Monday, November 07, 2011

Arrogance. It's curable.

American politicians.  Israeli politicians.
Rabid oxymoronic pro-war Christians.
Rabid self-superior anti religion Atheists.
Rabid pro-Zionist anti everyone else Jews.
Cold blooded Conservatives. Pointless Democrats. 

Deviant Republicans.
Privately Owned Senators. Check toting Lobbyists. 
Corporate Monopoly Media.  Corporate Media Whores.
Idiotic Authoritarians.
The Politically Correct. 
Corrupt Capitalists. Corrupt Militarists. 

Corrupt Nationalists. Fascists. The War and Death cults.
Free Marketeers and all unhinged Ideologues. 

The filthy rich. The investment class. The Fed. Wall Street.  
Big Insurance. Big Credit. Big Banking. Big Business.
Big Carbon-Total Control One Worlders.
National Security. 

The TSA. The FBI. The DEA. ICE. The CIA. The IRS.
The completely insane Pentagon superstars. 

The shameful State Department upper crust.
The militarized "shoot first and ignore questions later" Police.
The sadistic Criminal Justice and Prison Systems. 
Unaccountable Private Security Forces.  

Loony over the top Swat Teams.
Superstar Generals. Superstar Clergy. Superstar Economists.
Twisted Lawyers. Bought off Judges, Jurors, Politicians, 

Experts, CEO's, Doctors, Scientists, Professors, Journalists.
Organized Legalized Criminals.
Official Terrorists. Official Torturers. Official kidnappers.
Marketing, Advertising and PR Firms.
Hollywood's dreck delivery systems.


Can't they just go away and leave us in peace?
Because here is the truth and the bottom line: The whole lot of these nonstop loud mouths are arrogant, self serving, and selfish; and when combined as they are today in their incessant orchestrated cacophony of bull pucky, they are RESPONSIBLE IN FULL for ALL of the gargantuan problems bringing this country to the literal brink of total destruction.

What is wrong with these people?

What would it take to make them sit down and shut up?
What would it take to make them understand that 

everything in the world is not all about them? 
What would it take to make them see how obnoxious and destructive they are?

What would it take?

Do these people not have any sense at all of what is right and what is wrong?  Or are they so self worshiping that all they can see is themselves and all they can think about is what they want and all they can hear is their own bloviating voices?

Would it kill any of these people to just one time, stop and think about what it's like to be on the receiving end of their arrogance and blindness and viciousness?  Would it kill them?  Really?  Lord knows we don't want them to die.  We DO want them to knock it off and start acting like reasonable, moral adult human beings with a conscience because frankly America as well as the whole of this world is beyond sick to death of them all and their endless, insane drivel and addiction to violence. 

Please. You people of the above-mentioned categories, shut up.
It is way past time for you to feel inconsolably ashamed of yourselves.  It is way past time for you to face yourselves in the mirror and see what the whole rest of the world sees in you.
Just because you're so sure your way is right doesn't make it so.
You are wrong about so many things.
In fact, the whole lot of you are more wrong 

than you've ever been right.
That you've ever been right at all is debatable.

When are you going to be done terrorizing and destroying our country and the rest of the world?

When are you going to be finished crushing people for no reason other than you want to?

When will you be done destroying justice?
Stealing people blind?
Turning the constitution into a faded memory 

in the name of God and country?
Selling our country out from under our feet?

When are you going to be done feasting on the flesh of children and violating human dignity?

When exactly will you be through poisoning, hating, beating, imprisoning, torturing and killing people you don't happen to like?

Exactly how many more bombs will it take getting dropped on how many more people before you lot can finally call it a day and go on home?

America and people all over the world want your answers to those questions.

Because what you're doing is wrong.
And we want you to stop.
What you are doing doesn't work 

and you should have faced it by now.
You have cost us uncountable trillions.
You have cost us even more in things that are beyond price.

We refuse to pay for your self-serving escapades anymore.
And don't you dare attack Iran, don't you dare start one more war.  Don't you dare!

We don't like your value system.
We are not interested in living down on our knees to you,
or paving your personal streets in gold,
or keeping you in luxurious quarters,
or bleeding under the violence of your billy clubs,
or your bombs,
or choking on the smoke of your tear gas canisters,
or living in fear under your nosy surveillance systems,
or your personal data collection or digital eavesdropping,
or dying because of your corruption.
Come up with the cash yourself boys, we're not picking up your tabs anymore.

Why should we?
What's in it for us?
When have we benefited from anything you have done and continue to do?
Where is the return on our investment?
There is no return.
Then we must withdraw our money.
It's only common sense.
Which of you capitalists would do otherwise?
You are totally out of control.

We don't know you people.

You claim to be unaccountable to the people
which only proves how lost you have become.

We don't want or need what you are doing.  Not in America, not anywhere else in the world.
The truth of the matter is that a rather large number of you folks should be behind prison bars for the rest of your lives.  And you know who you are.

There are other people standing by to take the wheel.  

Qualified people.  Sane people.
People who don't agree that violence is the answer to all questions.
People who don't think it is too much to ask to know what those who take our paychecks are up to.
People who know that official secrecy is cover for official crimes.
People who know what is right, and what is wrong.
People who don't play obscene favorites.
People who put life before money.
People whose values and morals are in order.
People who know that killing is wrong.
People who can see all sides without taking one.
That is what we need.  That is what we want.
That is not what you do.

You've got the money and power disease.  You are sick with greed and sadism and arrogance.
The only known cure is humility.
Develop some.


Friday, September 16, 2011

What I Have Found

It was somewhere around 2004 that I first ran across David Icke online.  Someone had posted a video of one of his day-long  slide presentations at a theater in England.  It was just him up on a stage talking to a full house of people listening intently to his every word.

I started to watch it and was immediately engrossed in what he was saying.  He was saying what I was seeing.  He was making sense.  He was stringing together all of the pieces like beads on a necklace and revealing how they were all connected.

I was so excited.  At last, here was somebody talking about the things I was trying so hard to gain insight about.  I had done the rounds and never found anything that felt real to me.  It was a waste of time going to political web sites, especially the supposedly popular ones.  All they did was go around and around and manufacture tangled plates of talk spaghetti.  They accomplished nothing.  They provided no insights.  It was a great big endless taffy pull of 'he said - she said' and upholding the same viewpoints and framing of officialdom and big media.  It all stayed on the same mainstream acre and never strayed off it.  David Icke swerved all the way off it. He was coming at it from a completely different angle.

The first four hours of that video had me riveted.  It was straight facts, history, and connecting the dots. I was starving for it.  Here was someone who had some answers. I felt so gratified and was not going to budge until I saw the whole thing.  At the end of the fourth hour he told the audience it was time for a lunch break and to go eat something and be back for the next part in an hour.   I took fifteen minutes and then fired up the next segment.  Everything was going great,  then all of a sudden he started talking about lizard people.  I will never forget how I felt.  I was absolutely livid. I jumped to my feet in outrage.  It was some kind of sick joke. The guy had made a fool out of me.  I was sorry I'd ever had the misfortune to run across this stupid video.  I shut it off and walked away.

I went back to sifting through all kinds of things looking for clues, and reading everything I could get my hands on.  I had a lot of catching up to do.  I was keeping track of what was happening day to day with the absolute intent of knowing who all those people were in congress by name and by face.  I was going to watch them and listen to them until I personally knew who they were.  At the same time I was going backward in history to understand a great many events I'd heard of but didn't honestly know a thing about.  Iran Contra, the Kennedy assassinations, the first Iraq war, Colombian drug lords, senators dying in plane crashes, the Franklin Scandal, the CIA, black ops, false flags, Operation Gladio, Operation Mockingbird, the Cuban Missile Crisis, Kent State, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Pan Am/Lockerbie.  The list goes on and on.  It was pretty damned awful finding out what a bunch of lying, murderous, corrupt men had always been smiling in our faces while doing unspeakable things behind our backs.  I was finding out real things, true things that most people didn't know and it was double damned awful finding out that telling friends about them made me lose all of my friends.  They reacted to me as if I had gone over the edge and they were very impatient with me.  They didn't want to hear it.  To them I was sadly misinformed and too dull-witted to know how wrong I was.  Or just plain crazy.

It was tough going at the time.  The whole country was in the most terrifying pro-Bush fervor.  Nobody would dare say anything that sounded like they had a problem with what Bush was doing.  The few that did got served up to the likes of O'Reilly who cut them open and tore their still beating hearts out in order to spit on them.  Dissent was unpatriotic and any who doubted the 9-11 story or were against the horror and crime of the Iraq war were nothing but scum.  It was really vicious.  It was the first time in my life I was ever truly afraid.  I was afraid of my own government.  People who disagreed were in danger, that much was clear.  You had to watch what you said and who you said it to because many people, including long time friends, were becoming every bit as bad as O'Reilly and every bit as insane.

Combing through leads on the internet and reading from good sources who proved themselves still left a hole where media used to be.  I wanted to listen to informed opinion, to hear other perspectives.  The media was being torn down. Professional journalists were let go, newspapers bought out, international news offices completely disappeared.  There was one perspective on every channel and war was good, the government guys were honest and trustworthy, arresting people for what it said on their tee-shirt was good, and the Patriot Act was patriotic.  No photos of flag covered coffins were ever seen and we'd for sure find those WMD's eventually.  It was an information crisis. There was no information.  And the government was allowing media conglomeration like nothing I'd ever dreamed could happen.  I found Robert McChesney and watched "Orwell Rolls In His Grave".   I saw "The Corporation" and Danny Schecter's "Weapons of Mass Deception" on the spin about the Iraq war.

I read Alex Constantine's investigative article on aspartame and immediately gave up "diet" soft drinks and sugarless gum.  Found Betty Martini and Dr. Russell Blaylock and knew I'd never get another annual flu shot.  Haven't caught a cold or annual flu bug since.  Alex Constantine's piece on the Presidio child care nightmare introduced me to the stomach turning world of ritual abuse and pedophilia and the usual protection of the wicked by the media and officialdom.

Then I found Jeff Rense.  He has covered a heck of a lot of ground and his archives are a great place to get lost in.  Jeff Rense gave anybody a chance to have their say, even when they were totally loony.  And to his credit, Jeff Rense remains a consummate professional with all of his guests.  He is never rude.  He never attacks them.  He does not go for anyone's throat.  He honestly tries to be objective though sometimes he's not any better at it than the rest of us.  That's okay.  He's allowed.  Jeff Rense's show has drawn back the curtains on a great many things.  He deserves credit for his hard work, and I give it to him.

I found Alex Jones and watched his earliest videos.  He was definitely onto something. He didn't make anything up.  I'd never heard of him before.  The first show I listened to was an interview he'd done with a big time lawyer whose name escapes me;  who was coming out with some insider information about official crimes. He seemed to be telling the truth.  If what he was saying was true, and it appeared to be true, he was taking quite a risk.  I think he's dead now.  That happens a lot I've noticed.  I took in Alex Jones' show each morning for several months.  This was well before he went pseudo mainstream, and being so new to this kind of information I found it hard to blame him when he'd hit the wall.  I absolutely give him credit due for shining lights on dark places, but about the time of his first "big" movie it was time to move along.  Can I use the word "spazz" without it being a criticism?  Because I don't need to criticize the man.  It was just time for me to go.

I found Air America and Randy Rhodes and Mike Malloy, but Air America went down the bunny hole.  Not much of a loss.  I did find Mike Malloy again and hung onto him for dear life for a good while.  I feel sincere gratitude for his being such a decent, real man with his values in sound order.  He hated war and killing and he talked about Israel and Palestine.  He referred to  the Bush regime as "the Bush crime family". He was so kind that he took personal emails and answered them too.  He even mentioned my very first web site on his show and I got thousands of hits.  First class human being Mike Malloy. God love him. And his Kishka Polka too.

I bought Mae Brussel's radio archives and went to sleep at night listening to them.

Maria Heller. Greg Szymanski. Black Ops Radio. Radical Radio. Ralph Schoenman. Dave Emory.  Red Ice. Guns and Butter.  Freedomain Radio. TUC radio with Maria Gillardin (who irritates the crap out of me because first she tells you what the speaker is going to say and then he comes on and says it and then she immediately comes back and tells you what the speaker just said. It doesn't seem to bother anyone else but it drives me up the wall).   Coast to Coast.  Jordan Maxwell. Unwelcome Guests.  C-SPAN.  Indy Media.  World Affairs Council.  Tons more.  I've lost track.   I'll bet Google could give me a complete list of everyone I've read and listened to over the last eight years.  By now Google certainly knows more about me than I do.  That's not very helpful to me. More perplexing is wondering how it could be of any use to them, or any of their damned business in the first place.

I found newspapers from all over the world.  Canada.  Australia.  England.  Ireland. Russia. Germany. India. China. Jerusalem.  Countless web sites.  Some did mind bending, serious research and quietly put it out there to be found.  Some were just places to visit where brilliant people I hadn't found yet were contributors.   Some web sites kept their eyes on corporate badness -  congressional bribes, er, campaign donations - war crimes -  billions blown on corruption, waste and fraud in Iraq - whistleblowers - and the clumsy inbred thuggery of Bush's second stolen presidential election, to name a tiny few.  And then there was a literal explosion of political documentaries coming out and a ravenous public hunger for them.  My first web site was nothing but pages of links to movies about things we'd never see on TV. 

All the while the corporate/military/intelligence/congressional complex was relentlessly bunker busting American freedom and justice.  You could not keep up with it.  The hostile corporate takeover of America was the real weapon of mass destruction.

Switching through the television channels one day in utter disgust with the dreck and mindlessness of it all, I got all the way up to a little clump of channels in the 9,000 range.  I had no idea there was a 9,000 range.  These few channels at the end were listed way after the pay movie channels and the pay sports channels and the dozens of radio channels and dozens of foreign language channels in Spanish, Chinese and Hindi.  After all that there was a channel for UCTV, and Link TV and Free Speech TV, tucked in-between Mormon TV, Evangelist TV and Catholic TV. Free Speech TV was fundraising. Then Democracy Now came on.  I was thrilled.

At the time Democracy Now only had some 130 affiliates picking up the show.  It was just Amy Goodman, no Juan.  She used to do a War and Peace report where she actually did reporting on the war.  Some of it was really good.  She reported on things at the other end of our bombs and it was eye opening.  I watched it every day.  It was quite good for a while but then it went straight down the tubes.

Democracy Now never even mentions the wars anymore.  The War and Peace report never mentions war or peace. Fukushima is long forgotten. Nothing of import seems to make it on the air anymore.  She won't touch anything of actual relevance with a ten foot pole.  And I really don't care if some 93 year old lady who lived a dream life in some creative career making good money has died.  Good.  Fuck her.  I'm glad she's gone.  Make room for somebody else.  I don't know her.  I don't care.  It isn't news.  I don't care if that sounds terrible, it's beyond ludicrous.  I don't want to hear about orgasms or gay marriage or anything having to do with anyone's bodily fluids.  It's not news. I don't care. I couldn't care less about incredibly old people finally giving it up after living totally great lives as writers, dancers or 1940's entertainers, having a ball and wanting for nothing. I don't feel sorry for them. I've never heard of them.  It's irrelevant. It's not news. Democracy Now is DOA.  They also do totally fake news.  They're way gone.  What else is new?  And just once I wish somebody in the media would give us a Spock frown and say that Mexicans comprising over 50 percent of the US population in less than a decade is somewhat of a shock.  It is not automatically wonderful and delightful and happiness in every way.  Just once I'd like to see an honest discussion on things like this.  I'm not holding my breath.  I've moved on.

I also found Patriot radio and hung out there for a while.  It didn't take long to realize it was a total crock.  It's a game show.  If anybody thinks they're going to take America back they just don't get it.  There is no going back.  Nothing ever goes back, it moves ahead, for better or for worse. If anyone thinks they can shoot their way out of this they are very sadly mistaken.  Killing your way to happiness is the problem, not a solution.   It's a seduction that keeps people distracted or hopped up on Patriot dreams and heart squeezing tales of our saintly founding fathers. It's all a crock. Very effective way to keep people chasing their own tails and missing the whole point, thereby precluding any interference with the game plan.

I don't know how I found Vyzygoth's Grassy Knoll but it was the first radio broadcast that required me to take notes and do homework.  No ads, no incessant breaks for nonstop commercials, just the serious business of getting the picture.  His knowledge of history is truly impressive as is his general knowledge base.  He brought in a steady stream of interesting people who were into interesting things and discussed things I was clueless about.  Hence the notes and homework.  It was great.  Just what I needed.  He had on guys I'd never heard of like Alan Watt and Michael Tsarion and he spoke with victims of organized mind control and horrific ritual abuse.  He looked closely at Columbine in an excellent series and the Port Arthur Massacre too.  When Dunblane came up I already knew the story.  The shootings in Norway will without doubt end up on the same shelf.   The Informer series on law and the constitution was a kick in the stomach not to be missed.  His shows on 9/11 pounded the stuffing out of nonsense and skipped the pointless arguments that amount to nothing.  Vyzygoth opened a lot of windows.   

Alan Watt is warm and soft spoken. He is very informative but in a way that pushes terror and hopelessness. I listened to a lot of his audio before he got on Patriot radio.  I don't anymore.  I can't take it.

Michael Tsarion is a great speaker and I've watched most of his videos. He is fearless and walks right over sacred cows without apology.  His study of history and his take on things parallels David Icke's story of alien beginnings.

It doesn't phase me at all anymore when David Icke talks about lizard people.  I don't have to see anyone morph into a serpent to believe it.  It's perfectly clear these people are reptiles.  In fact I see David Icke's story as much the same as what it says in the bible. You say airplane, I say big silver bird.  Could we be talking about the same thing?  I believe there is an ultimate truth and I further believe that anyone can find it if they look for it. There are 360 directions to set as starting points.  If you and I are both searching for the same thing, and you head to the left and I head to the right, and we spend our lives picking up a trail and becoming one with it...should we really be surprised to see each other when we find what we've been  looking for?  Would we need to argue over the reality that your journey and my journey were completely different?  Could it matter more how we got here than that we have come to the same place?  I would throw my arms around you and be very happy to see you there.  We would have much more in common than not.

I have dug into all of these things over the last eight years, always against a backdrop of endless and horrible ongoing war.   Now the war is killing ordinary people just like you and me in multiple countries.  Average Americans don't know their leaders are seen as barbarians in the eyes of the whole rest of the world.  I think they would be truly shocked to realize it. They don't know that American arrogance and disrespect for people in other countries has gone so far for so long that America is now hated.  If they were able to see why, they would be heart sick. They don't know how lied to and manipulated they are, or how cut off, brainwashed and fearful they've become.  They don't see how their leaders are working so hard to provoke world war three and what a bunch of cold blooded bastards they really are.  They don't understand that their own elected officials with an entrenched network of insiders set out to break America's back and incite the world into bloody conflagration that will finally be happening here and not over there.  The jobs are gone, the constitution is irrelevant, and the economy is reeling like a drunk about to pass out.  None of it by accident; all of it on purpose.

About one year ago, I felt like I had finished a long and complicated crossword puzzle.  I put my pencil down.  I looked around and saw a lot of other people had finished their crossword puzzles too,  some a very long time ago.  I could also see that a whole lot of other people were still working on theirs; and a great many others hadn't even gotten started.  There was nothing to do but wait for more people to finish. There was nothing left to say. There is no more evidence to drag out and leave in the middle of the road for people to find.  All of the individuals and organizations I've mentioned above and many, many more have dug up all the evidence anyone could ever need. The reality of it all is piled up in mountains all around us.  Folks trip over the evidence with every step they take.  They just can't see it.  The moment anyone desires to see it, they will see it.  Like the old saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

So I unplugged from it all and wandered off.

I distracted myself.  I sat and hurt.  I worried.  I felt very alone.  I stopped paying attention to the violence and filth and lies that never stop pouring into our consciousness.  I did not forget about any of those things, I simply stopped carrying them with me. I know they are there. They aren't mine. I don't control them.  They are separate from me. They are not a part of me nor are they joined with me. They are completely foreign to me.  If anyone had the power to make it all stop I am sure they would make it all stop.

I also saw that to directly engage the monster only makes it grow stronger.  To engage it is to validate it, to validate it is to give it control over us.

I thought about the future and I thought about the present.  I saw how hard it is for everybody to find a hole in the ice to poke through for air and to discover that there's a whole other world above the ice.  I saw how much I've neglected myself and the price I have to pay for that.  I asked myself what I was going to do for the rest of my life and realized I had no idea.

It isn't so easy to get angry at people anymore.  I know from my own experience how easy it is to get pulled off course.  For a while I was blowing up in a rage over minor things;  never at a person only at inanimate things, and I swore my head off and howled like a dang fool. The angrier I got the more I raged, and the more I raged the angrier I got.  It was a closed loop of stupidity and pointlessness.  There was no satisfaction to be got, only more rage.  I would never get to what I needed which was to not feel angry anymore. I decided to not get angry next time.  Instead I would laugh.  Wish I'd thought of that sooner.  I can't recommend it enough.

I have gone from thinking that we have so little left to hold on to, to guide us, to help us find a way out of all this to seeing that what we need to hold onto, to guide us, to help us find our way out of all this is each other.  We have all we need.  So much struggle and worry and fear when nobody needs it.  Nobody wants it.  It is all for nothing.  It doesn't have to be this way.  We can honestly, truly, just let it go.  None of it matters.  It isn't real.  This is not who we are. I know this in a way that I can't put into words.   The static and confusion, the hate and the war, all come from one source: fear.  Fear isn't there naturally, it is fully and completely imposed on us.  It is a prison. The only way out is to love our way out.

I know.  What a horribly hokey thing for me to say.  The thing is, it is true.

All that we know to be good has come out of love.  No good ever has, or ever will come from any place devoid of love.   It is the most natural thing in the world to respect one another and to have empathy for each other.   It is normal to love our brother, no matter who he is or where he is from.

God help us if we really feel that love is too hokey for us.  If love is too hokey to matter, if love is foolishness, if love is mindless emotionalism, then this party is almost over. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Invisible Realm

Our bodies are formed from the elements of the Earth, we literally come into physical existence out of the Earth.  Where does our consciousness come from? 

We know that everything that exists comes from something else that exists.  Living things come from other living things each according to its kind.  Consciousness then could only come from consciousness.

Is consciousness created during the process of human reproduction?  Is it carried by the sperm to the egg or does it already reside inside all those eggs?  That doesn't make much sense.  Nor is there much reason to believe it.

Consciousness is not a physical thing.  It has no physical elements to be constructed out of.   It has no physical structure.  No size or weight or depth or breadth. Our minds and souls and dreams are not physical, but they are real.  We all have them, know them and experience them.  Their existence cannot be denied, even though they cannot be proven to exist.  Nonetheless they do exist. 

Does the lack of proving they exist mean that they do not exist?  Apparently not.  It would seem to mean that things can exist whether we can prove it or not. 

Nonphysical things exist in nonphysical form.  Consciousness comes from consciousness.  Isn't it safe then to say that there is a nonphysical realm of conscious existence?  And that consciousness comes from it?  It would seem to be so.  Why are we so reluctant to believe in the existence of a nonphysical realm?  Why do we dismiss as absurd or impossible something that is a lot more likely than not?

The nonphysical realm is something quite different than our physical one.  It has no physical form.  It's not physical.   So where is it?  Do nonphysical things need a physical place to exist in?  Or do nonphysical things only need a place to exist in a physical realm?  If so, when they are not in a physical realm, where are they? Does the idea of "where" even apply to that which is nonphysical? Maybe a better question is when does "where" apply to nonphysical existence? 

Oh boy, this is getting confusing.  Maybe it doesn't make sense to try to apply physical concepts to a nonphysical realm;  to things that we know to exist that we can't prove to exist using physical forms of detection or measurement.

We know our consciousness is here with us.  It is not separate from us.  Is it alive?  Our bodies are alive.  No part of our bodies are not alive.  Everything in our living body is alive.  If any part of our body is dead we are in deep trouble. Unless it is excised we will sicken and die. Consciousness would have to be alive.

Our physical bodies die and return to the Earth.  But living consciousness is not physical. How could it die?  Where does it go when our bodies die?   "Where" does not apply.  It does not die.  It doesn't go anywhere.  It just is. 

It comes from is.  It goes to is.  It just is.

Well, that can keep you up all night thinking about it.  It still won't get you anywhere.  There is nowhere to get.  There is only is. We are in it. It is all around us. You're soaking in it right now.

We can't find the invisible realm because there is nothing to find.  It isn't in a place, it just is. 

Are we separate from the realm of living consciousness?  Can we be separated from something that has no physical coordinates? 

Why do we believe that there is some kind of curtain between us and the nonphysical realm?  Is there a veil there?  Or is it that our physical bodies cannot enter the realm of the nonphysical?   What would prevent our nonphysical minds from entering that realm?  Can our minds even be separated from a place that has no physical coordinates?  Isn't that realm in the same place as the rest of living consciousness?  No place?  It just "is"?

Do we believe that there is a curtain of separation between the physical and the spiritual because we have been told to believe there is?   We are told over and again that there is a curtain that separates us from the invisible.  It is a required belief unless we want to be called nuts. 

Some people say that there is a place called  "the other side".   We go to the other side when we die. Not before. And no one comes back from the other side.

Other people tell us that there is no such thing as "the other side"; that this is all there is.  That consciousness is a product of the brain, the ordinary output of a machine.  Humanity is an aberration, a hiccup, and so is all life.  They say that life has no meaning or purpose.  There are no invisible realms.  Our existence is merely a random cosmic accident that has no inherent value whatsoever. 

Those who believe so would easily accept that nothing that happens here matters.  It would therefore not matter what we do to others or to the Earth.  There are no such things as wrong or right.  Life is not sacred, it is more akin to a virus.  It is destined to burn itself out and that will be that.  It's no surprise that those who preach this belief see no problem with any kind of ghastly genetic experimentation and wouldn't see anything wrong with eliminating most or all of the human species.  If nothing has meaning then nothing matters.  Do what you will.  What else is there to do?

My own analysis finds that belief much harder to accept as true than the existence of an invisible realm of living consciousness.  Far too many people from all walks of life and from all over the world and over thousands of years have given accounts of experiences with an invisible realm.  How many of us have had personal experiences of things that cannot be explained according to the supposed rules of the physical world we live in?  I have had a few of those experiences myself and I know without a doubt they were real.

It is far from unusual for people to become aware of  inexplicable things because of seeing, hearing, feeling or sensing something that is not a part of the accepted order of physical law.  People have had a lot of nonphysical reality experiences and have come back to tell us about them.  Near death experiences are often reports of experiences in a nonphysical realm.  Many people have seen ghosts.  Many have heard voices from nowhere; have even recorded voices that nobody heard at the time of being recorded.  These are not rare or unusual events, they are incredibly common.  How many more millions of such unexplained events would it take to begin wondering if there is something there to look at?  What actually can justify not looking at them when they are so consistent and voluminous?

Something about this seems strangely suspicious to me.   It is not a position of reason to insist there is nothing there.  That is a position of unreason.  It is a position of reason to study what people are reporting.  It would be reasonable to consider some things differently.

The physical world won't provide us with answers to our questions about nonphysical things or tell us what happens to us when we die.  Our invisible selves are obviously very real.  There is an invisible realm.  Do we come from it and go back to it like our physical bodies come from the Earth and go back to the Earth?  Can we go back and forth in the invisible realm at will?  Don't we live in it?  Can we even be separated from it?

Could it be that we once knew all of this stuff and somehow have forgotten it almost completely?   So much so that we don't even know that there is an invisible realm of living consciousness, much less that we have anything to do with it?  Have we been made to forget how to live in both realms while we're here?  Have we been made to forget how to access the source of living consciousness?

Why do the hierarchies of power and control over our lives insist that there is no truth to notions of invisible realms?  No life after death?  No spirits?  No God?   No universe teeming with all manner of life forms all around us?  We once could not see the microscopic life forms that teem all over us, around us and in us until we got the microscope.  But they were there.  Why wouldn't there be more things all around us that we aren't able to see?  Wouldn't it be more likely than not? 

In spite of tens of millions of people whose direct personal experience has shown them that there is without doubt much more to our existence than meets the eye, why the continued insistence that it's only nonsense?  When consciousness cannot be proven to exist although we know it does, why is it foolish to already know that there is more than this physical existence?  Isn't the foolishness in insisting otherwise?

For whatever reasons we are urged to believe that there is no invisible realm, there clearly is one.  Why are we told to not believe what we already know is true?  I have a feeling that the answer to that question is far more interesting than we might think.   "The Unexplained" is not all that unexplainable.  What really is unexplainable is the adamant insistence that there is nothing there when we know there is.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

The Most Dangerous Fundamentalist Extremists In The World

If you want to find the real radical true believers, the real plotters of government takeovers, the real bomb setting terrorists, the real haters of our freedom, the real killers of countless innocent people, then you'll need to look away from all of the usual places.  It's not the Muslims.  It's not the Christians.  It's not the Jews.  It's not any organized religion that you're aware of, yet it is the most powerful religion in the world.  It is the religion of Doing Business.

Muslims, Christians and Jews have the same basic human values. They all believe in the sanctity of life.  Life comes first. Protecting, nurturing and saving lives is held as the most important thing.  Life is precious. Life is a miracle.  Everything is done around and in support of life.

But we ordinary people have very different values than the fundamental believers in Doing Business.  Some who believe in the religion of Doing Business share these values too, but I'm not talking about them.  The ones I'm talking about are the dangerous extremists who believe that you can kill your way to happiness and they make it a regular part of Doing Business.  When they Do Business people get hurt.

Radical fundamentalist believers in Doing Business talk about all of the same values as we have and claim to hold them as their own, but there is one big difference that makes their value system a complete inversion of ours.  That difference is the order of their values, what they hold in the highest esteem and will protect no matter what it takes.  To these fundamentalist fanatics, the reason and purpose of life is Doing Business.  Doing Business is the highest good.  Doing Business is doing God's work.  Doing Business always comes first.  Doing Business is the answer to all problems. Doing Business will set the world free.

This isn't economics, this is hardcore whacko fundamentalist religious belief.  These are the most dangerous people in the world.  They terrorize humanity and don't see a thing wrong with anything they do.  They will always place Doing Business above protecting human life.  Above protecting the environment.  Above human rights. Above safety.  Above human decency.  Above justice.  Above the law.  Above common sense.  Above freedom and democracy.  None of those things will ever be allowed to stand in the way of Doing Business. Not anymore than you would be willing to let anything get between you and your religious beliefs.

For the radical true believers in Doing Business the fervor and excitement of Doing Business is all that matters.  Doing business is everything.  They love Doing Business.  It is all they want to do.  It is all they think about.  It is all they care about.  Everything else is unimportant.  They're not necessarily pernicious although they may be, but they are disconnected from anything that is not about Doing Business.  They're not aware of anything beyond Doing Business.  They believe that this world belongs to them and everything and everyone in it is either here to be exploited or it is in the way. 

When you're doing business and something gets in the way, you find a way to get it out of the way.  You have to get it out of the way or just plain get rid of it so that you can go on Doing Business.  And if what you have to get rid of is some other country's leaders who believe that protecting, enriching and defending life comes first instead of Doing Business, then you do some business to have them taken out. You don't feel bad about doing this, it is how business is done.  When you do business you bring prosperity wherever you go and that means you are God's gift to this world.  Any who stand in the way of God's work are evil so removing evil-doers from the earth makes the world a safer and better place. You are absolutely entitled to destroy whoever and whatever is in your way, it is your God given right.  This is the same self-excusing logic that all fundamentalist extremist religious whack-jobs believe.  It is exactly the same thing.

Now not all the true believers in the religion of Doing Business are actually all that delighted about killing people. Many of them find it distasteful and ugly, and sad even.  They would be truly hurt to be called heartless and uncaring.  They would be outraged at being called terrorists or war criminals. They would say they feel sad when hundreds or thousands of indigenous farmers or peasants or modern city dwellers are killed or displaced and are suffering, starving or being tortured or blasted into bits by bombs and bullets and so forth.  They would say nobody enjoys seeing ravaged dead bodies, of course it bothers them to see that.  It gives them no pleasure, they are not beasts. But when they are trying to do business, to save the world through Doing Business, and people fight them, it must be dealt with.  It's nothing personal.  It's just Doing Business. 

When they are trying to Do Business in Iraq or Afghanistan or anywhere in the world and there are civilian casualties, this is a normal, reasonable and expected cost of Doing Business.  The military, which Does Business as it's primary function, calls it collateral damage.  That makes it all right.  It's not like they wanted innocent civilians to get killed, it is that it simply can't be helped sometimes.  The military is there to Do Business and the deaths of innocent people is one of the unfortunate costs of war.  War is Doing Business.  Since Doing Business is the most important thing, since it is the highest and noblest good,  it is not wrong when innocent people die.

This is not an exception to the rules of Doing Business it is a basic rule.  This rule is in place all around us, it is common practice in every big corporate entity and plenty of small ones too. 

Like when miners die in mine collapses because the mine owners refused to spend the money to make it safe for people to work in there, you and I would find that inexcusable and reprehensible.

Or when tons of contaminated "No regulations" peanut butter horribly sickens or kills dozens of kids and adults and the peanut butter plant is not closed down or even fined after it gets inspected and is found to be teeming with scary health and safety hazards. 

Or when airlines know about dangerous mechanical problems that need to be fixed, but they don't fix them because they don't want to spend the money or lose revenues by taking airplanes out of service long enough to make the planes safe; then a plane crashes and hundreds of people die. You and I would see that as a preventable plane crash that should never have happened and we would be furious.  When you're doing business, you don't see things as you and I see things.

Here is how it goes in the corporate value system.  Take the example of the preventable airplane crash. When executive officers are made aware of necessary safety enhancements the first thing they do is call their accountants.  The accountants crunch the figures on the costs of these safety enhancements.  They take everything into consideration, not just parts, not just labor, but downtime too because when a business has downtime, it is not Doing Business. 

When the final costs are determined the accountants present the executives with the information.  Regardless of the amount, the executives will also want to know how much it would cost them if they do not do the enhancements and there is a plane crash that destroys an airplane and kills everyone on board.  The executives call their legal team to determine the amount of payments they'd have to make after the lawsuits that would be waged against the airline for the wrongful deaths of loved ones. 

Because the airplane is insured, losing a plane is not that big a deal especially if it is nearing retirement.  There would be some loss of revenue until the airplane could be replaced and put into service. There is also some cost associated with PR and damage control,  and legal costs are considered but since they have in-house lawyers those costs are minimal too.  Those costs are totaled and added to the total amount of the lawsuit payouts. 

Now the projected cost of doing the repairs is compared to the projected cost of a plane crash. If it costs more to make the repairs to the fleet than it would cost to lose a plane and make survivor payouts then the right thing to do is obvious.  Don't make the repairs.  Keep those planes flying.  Letting a few planes crash is cheaper.  It's just good business.  It would be silly to do otherwise.  Doing Business is the highest good.  Lives lost are a secondary consideration. 

That is the way it is.  It is standard business procedure.  It is not shocking.  It is not bizarre. It is the norm. Companies will always tell you that everything they sell you is safe, that it is what they say it is, that it does what they say it does and when what you get is not what they said it would be you simply cannot be surprised.  On the contrary, when you get what you pay for then you can be surprised.

Tired of constantly paying for a new cell phone because they break all the time?  DVD and MP3 players that croak after a few months or are DOA in the box?  Why is this so common and why don't they get their shit together?  Well, here's why. After manufacturing a thousand electronic devices if a company suddenly realizes the design has a defect and the devices are more than likely to fail, they are not going to trash them and start over. They are also not going to stop and go back and take the time to replace the known defective parts.  Not all of the devices have those defective parts, maybe half or less. They are going to ship them to stores and deal with customer complaints later.  That's why.

Three thousand people a year die in this country from food poisoning.  Fifty million people a year in this country get food poisoning and survive.  Removing the dang regulations to prevent all that food poisoning was just good business. When a production run of baby food tests with a too high level of some contaminant or another, they might not pull it.  They'll find out how contaminated it is first and unless it's ebola strength instant death they'll just ship it out to stores.  They know how unlikely it is that food poisoning, serious illness or death will be able to be tracked back to the source.  If it happens they'll deal with it then.  Who cares?  They have a business to run. 

Despicable?  Yes.  Rare?  Unfortunately, no. This is true with defective tires on cars, toxic dyes in clothing, lead in toys, poisonous fumes in carpets and paint, the list is literally endless. 

The FDA routinely approves drugs that they know are killing people.  A new tablet for indigestion causes a certain percentage of people to have a heart attack and die.  They know this before the first box ships.  It's been calculated three ways from sundown exactly how many people will die, how many people will suffer permanent heart damage, kidney damage, liver damage, etc., and out of those how many reports from physicians will be filled out and sent back to them.  Those reports are how they do clinical drug trials now by the way.  They know only about ten percent of serious adverse reactions to drugs get reported back to them.  Everything is on their side.  It will take a very long time and tens of thousands of deaths before physicians themselves begin talking to each other and comparing notes and figuring out that the drug is killing people.  Time is still on the drug makers side because so few of the victims will be alive to sue them over it.  When the drug company is finally accused of killing people again they just deny it and walk away.  The few really determined victims families and injured survivors who can somehow drag BigPharma into court will still have to fight a long uphill battle against a company that has more money than God. 

To the drug company, it really doesn't hurt a bit.  They are making so much money selling people drugs they know do damage and cause death that it's not even funny. Who's going to stop them?

And folks all drugs do some damage, that's just reality, not a news flash, a fact doctors knew back in the 1940's and people in general have always known.  When you ingest anything that is not food there will be a downside.

The bottom line is there is nothing whatsoever standing in the way of drug companies putting out anything they want.  No matter what happens they will get rich.  And the FDA is there to support Doing Business, not to look out for you.

Dead mouse in a soda can?  A rat in your KFC box?  Duh.  You have no idea what you may have eaten and never knew.  It's only when it's obvious enough to see it that you'd ever have a chance to know.  They know.  It happens.  So what?  What are you going to do about it?  Nothing.  They are home free.  Every once in a blue moon somebody will take one of these huge corporations to court and win but it ain't easy.  And the media without exception portrays the injured American as a money grubbing slime ball and the corporation as the victim.

The examples of these kinds of things are voluminous beyond number.  But you get the idea.  It's not the exception, it is the rule.

Now back to the subject at hand. Here's the point. In case anyone out there hasn't noticed it yet, the most extreme, the most radical, the most insanely pious devotees of Doing Business have managed to take over our government.  They go way beyond rat droppings in your cupcakes.  These people are insane. Their religious zealotry and idealism has been bunker-bustered into the hallowed halls of the federal government through all three branches. Their doctrine is being taught in colleges and universities as economics even though it flies in the face of long held and proven standard economic theory and practice.  Their economics are faith based, not evidence based.  These guys are the penultimate believers in Doing Business.

In the year 2000 this faith based economic system became our official state religion. Executive level government employees who refused to convert were dismissed from their careers and replaced by true believers.  Jobs weren't given based on merit, but on true belief and willingness to serve.  Dedicated, experienced government workers who had upheld the fair and honest business practices that kept things honest and reasonably accountable got laid off. 

Lawyers and lobbyists worked hard to support Doing Business, and the congress turned into a whore house of business deals and business gifts like free trips to European Golf vacations and corporate jets.  Lobbyists handed out checks from people Doing Business to our elected representatives on the floor of congress, on live TV, as if it was perfectly normal and not criminal bribery.  Our process of government was shamelessly bought and sold in acts of Doing Business as we watched in disbelief and horror.

Those first four years were the moment the church of Doing Business had prayed for all their lives.  The believers were in ecstasy.  Their arrogance and hubris beamed from their grinning faces. God was behind them all the way and they knew it was true because God was rewarding the followers of the scriptures of Doing Business with staggering profits and wealth.   Their taxes were slashed and slashed again, all regulations were swept away, fraud was named a fair business practice and not a crime.  At last they were free to live the American Dream and prosper and Do Business with all the stops pulled out.  Anything goes, and indeed, everything is gone.  To the radical true believers the world was being saved right before their delirious eyes; they saw themselves as heroes and prophets, men amongst the most favored of God.  "Our children will sing songs about us".

The holy doctrine of Doing Business was jack-hammered into every department of government and Doing Business while those of us out here who do not believe in their strange religion felt sickened and horrified by the systematic destruction being wrought before our eyes, before the eyes of the whole world.  These crusading zealots were and still are on a mission, one they worked hard to get started for many years.  Now they have America in their hands and they are going to convert it, no matter what it takes, by force if necessary.  They have Business To Do in the Middle East and they wasted no time pushing America into war.  They told us it would take six weeks and pay for itself and the people there would shower our troops with flowers.  But it was just the beginning of Total War, endless war, and with any luck, a world war of biblical proportion.  That was the plan they wrote and published a year prior, and it was God's work. 

Here on homeland soil, George W. Bush had his own To Do list to accomplish.  One of the earliest items he began to preach was globalization, public/private partnerships, privatization which all mean the same thing.  Doing Business by selling off public land, public resources and everything we think of as ours to rich people Doing Business all over the world. They've sold pretty much everything including our rights and our prosperity and our freedom and our health, the list is too long to mention here.  Surrounded by ebullient, applauding true believers of his doctrine, the Patron Saint of Profit quickly blessed the torrential storm of contracting out to private business what the government is there to do.  He privatized as much of what the government does as he could, including the most sensitive and top secret things as well as the defense of our nation.  Why do those things ourselves when we can Do Business and pay contractors exponentially more for doing work that we can't check or keep track of or verify?  It was brilliant and perfect and great for America he told us.  The truest believers wanted to shrink the size of the government down where it would be small enough to drown it in a bathtub.

You wouldn't think it would be much of a surprise that with each passing year of his term in office, more and more Americans hated what he was doing.  They hated the corruption. They hated the lies, the manipulation, the insulting religiosity and attack dog mentality of Bush supporting republicans.  They were shameless and without conscience.  They were out of control.  They were doing incalculable damage and somehow his followers couldn't see anything wrong.  But objective and ordinary working class people were getting screwed and abused and ripped off and lied to and thrown under the bus and they knew everything about it was wrong.  The congress people who had rolled out the red carpet to these corrupt, insane zealots made America sick.  The 2006 congressional elections made it perfectly clear.  Congress people were thrown out of there in droves.

The zealots couldn't believe it.  They were completely taken by surprise to find out that they weren't our dearest heroes who we adored and admired and agreed with.  We saw them as criminals and scum and they were sincerely shocked.  But it didn't matter that we didn't want what they had to offer, and it didn't matter that we threw that batch out and put a new one in.  Nothing changed.  Nothing at all.  It didn't even change when the whole republican party was thrown out the back door and spit on and told to go away and never come back.  In fact after Obama took office things got worse and haven't stopped getting worse.  The zealots never went away.  They stayed out of sight just long enough to regroup and repackage the same message in a different way that people wouldn't recognize.  Tea Party, people would support that.  They want a Tea Party really bad.  They want change they can believe in.  These people were going to give us everything we wanted. They were not going to stop doing God's work no matter what the people want. The more angry the people get the more the zealots dig in.

The War on Terror has morphed into more creative expressions of doing God's work, now including the terrible threat of terrorists that come from right here at home.  Especially dangerous are those who are not in alignment with their radical religious beliefs, their political views, and even their personal opinions.  Millions of Americans have been secretly investigated and their names added to lists of suspected terrorists and those people can no longer get on an airplane.  Last time I looked it was nearing one million names. Today they have to feel everyone's tits and crotch at the airport in order to keep us safe.

Fundamentalist extremist whack-jobs have driven America well into the belly of their beast. That belly is sacred too, by law.  Anyone who doesn't agree with them is considered a likely terrorist.  We live in a police state.  Police no longer need warrants.  We are no longer free.  We are openly at war in at least four countries and secretly killing people in over 70 more countries.  If these people don't like you, wherever you are, they're doing the business required to take you out.  America is brain dead and only a respirator is keeping the body warm.  We need a miracle. 

So when these people say that the human needs of Americans are superfluous and public money spent on health, education and human needs is wild and frivolous spending, they aren't kidding.  Those who can't find jobs should not be rewarded with unemployment checks, they need to get up and Do Business.  Those who cannot afford health care need to shut up and go Do Business.  Old people are worthless and don't deserve anything.  Doing anything to help those who do not Do Business is just plain evil.  Social security is evil.  Medicare is evil.  Negotiating for lower prices for essentials is evil.  Unions are evil. Taxpayers do not deserve to receive the benefit that comes of paying taxes. The most deserving recipients of tax benefits are those who are Doing Business.  And the more successful and prosperous they are at Doing Business, the more they deserve the abundant rewards from our tax coffers.

Those who are unemployed, underemployed, elderly, disabled, sick, young or students are not doing anything to deserve benefits from the government.  These are the people who deserve to bear the costs and tax burdens of the most prosperous, and so they are.  When the big banks blew all of our hard earned money gambling in con games for the rich, the government proclaimed they were too big to fail and gave them trillions of dollars while Americans got kicked out of their homes.  To them this was noble and compassionate, for these big banks had Done Business in a big way for a long time and now in a moment of need they deserved to be helped.

To put this in a slightly different perspective for the sake of contrasting the idiocy, imagine people coming to control of our government who had this same kind of over-the-top belief in and love of football, and their vision was a world of pro football stadiums holding pro football games in exclusion of everything else.  Nothing else mattered.  Everybody just needed to get up and get out there on that pro football field and play with everything they've got and all of the world's problems will be solved.   The fact that grandma can't even get out on the field and shouldn't have to doesn't matter to them.  There is no room in their radical vision for any deviation.  It is this or it is nothing.  If you can't play pro football you don't count. You're out.  Nobody cares about you.  That would cut out roughly half of America on the basis that we have babies, children, pregnant mothers, sick people, injured people, disabled people, students, people in hospitals, old people and people important to us who don't do mainstream things at all, like artists, writers, film makers, poets and spiritual leaders.  But still, out of the remaining half of the people, how many would honestly have a chance of success out on their playing field with all of their insiders, important connections, huge dollars and humungous pro players who can easily play pro football and win?  Are we really going to send pregnant women and people in wheelchairs out there? How about kindergartners?

The whole world cannot be about just one thing that some group of guys decide everybody else has to believe in as much as they do.  That is the definition of insanity.  It makes no sense. It is impossible.  Plus it is just really really creepy.  But that's what selfish, arrogant radical extremists believe and they don't care who doesn't like it.   They decide they are right and you are wrong by decree.  You don't get to have your own side. To them there is no other side.  They are not sane or reasonable people.  They have no respect for the vast majority of the people in this world because very few people are able to get up on their private, exclusive playing field and join their game. And very few people are willing to give up what they love and believe in to redo the world in the vision of insane people who hate everybody who is not what they think everyone should be.  That's simple reality.  This is not hard.  The fundamentalist radical response is that they will create their own reality.  Don't they all try?  And don't they all fail?  But that's never stopped them from trying once again to kill their way to happiness.  What they do is not about reason or reality or facts, it is about belief.  They cannot be reasoned with.  Reason and evidence will never touch them.  These people do not believe in the sanctity of life.  They are organized criminals and killers.

Are you getting the picture?  It begins to make a lot more sense when you understand that what they seem to be saying is not really what they're saying.  When they talk about national security and freedom and democracy they are coming from a very specific and different place than we are.  They are the exact opposite of everything we believe in.  And they have robbed us blind, they have robbed the world blind, and they are galloping the globe spreading their religion with bombs and bullets and they are sure they are heroes.  They want to destroy this country and they want to destroy the European economy too. This horrendous destruction is serving them well.  They have worked very hard to destroy everything we have all worked so hard and so long for, everything that has meaning and value to us.   All of that has always been in their way.  And in ten little years they've taken almost everything away.  All that's left is grandma's monthly social security food money and what's left of a social safety net, and they're working on that right now.

If nothing else, know this.  These people don't care about you.  They don't care about us at all.  They don't care if we die of hunger or if we are homeless or if we can't afford to see a doctor.  They don't care.  We are here for them to exploit and use and manipulate, and yes, even slowly poison to death with food and drugs and polluted water.  It's all good.  It's Doing Business and we're all losers in their eyes. The question is, what are we going to do about it?

The first thing to do is to recognize the truth that they are very different than we are.  This is something they have always known that we didn't know.  This is something they have used to achieve their wildest successes without us understanding what was happening or why. They have always known how different their values are from ours.  They know it very well. They know how we think.  They know how we feel.  They know what we want and what we believe in.  They know what bothers us and what scares us.  They also know that we didn't know the kind of people they are.  We believed they were just like we are.  We were not well informed.  That gave them one hell of a business advantage.  Most of us could never believe that anyone could be so evil as these people, especially not our own government.  Even today with everything coming apart at the seams many find it impossible to believe that they have been lied to and used and manipulated by people who know exactly what to say to appeal to our values and decency in order to screw us blind.  It is time to climb up onto the back of that elephant in the living room to finally see the simple reality that the whole rest of the world can see.  Our leaders are the most dangerous radical fundamentalist extremists on Earth.

It's not exactly that these "leaders" are lying to us, they are often telling the absolute truth.  It's just that it means the exact opposite of what we think it means.  It is a cruel and sorry deception that is sadly our fault for not knowing about their kind.  Their kind has been killing, enslaving and robbing humanity since before Christ was born.   It is time for America to realize that we have nothing in common with these people.  When America understands who and what these people are about, they will not be lied to anymore.  It's really that simple.

There is nothing we can do to change these people.  They cannot be changed.  They are who and what they are.  The only way that we can affect change is to educate others about this simple reality that is hidden in plain sight.  Not knowing the difference between your friends and your enemies is extremely dangerous to your health.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


The story of the Titanic is legendary.  An infamous ship that sank a hundred years ago but the telling of its sudden demise is still as fresh as if it happened yesterday.  Hollywood turned the story of the Titanic into a tale of love and romance and made it unforgettable in the style that Hollywood is uniquely capable of.  Breathtaking visuals made it seem like you were there, YOU were aboard the Titanic.  You could almost smell the salt air and feel the wind on your face.

Much has been written about the Titanic.  Many questions have been asked about its Captain and crew; and countless researchers have studied infinite details about her voyage and have written countless books on the subject. Yet I wonder why it is that in spite of the lasting sensationalism and endless curiosity about the night the Titanic was ripped open by a giant iceberg and sank, little has been learned about this deeply symbolic tragedy.  We have missed the point entirely, not seeing the forest for the trees.

The Titanic was proclaimed unsinkable.  It was the firmest belief of its builders that their state of the art technological marvel was built so well that nothing could stand in its way.  This high density hubris was later downplayed and even denied, but whatever denials were voiced after the fact cannot change the facts in evidence that prove quite clearly that Titanic's builders did believe their ship was so powerful and so advanced that it really could not sink like every other ship in the sea.  The single verifiable fact to support that assertion is the small number of lifeboats installed on the ship; not nearly enough to save all souls aboard.  Not nearly enough. The builders did not see a need to place sufficient life boats on the Titanic to carry all passengers.  The last thing they believed possible was a need for lifeboats.  They were indeed so full of themselves that they believed they had conquered the ocean with their money and their steel and their world class cutting edge technology.  They'd thought of everything, they were certain of that.  They were in love with themselves and certain they had achieved the status of modern miracle makers. They were wrong.

Have our modern men of money, steel and science learned anything from the abject humiliation of Titanic's builders?  Or haven't they in fact chalked it up to hundred year old technology that is nowhere near the sophistication of our own cutting edge, modern technology?  Yes, the Titanic's builder/owners egotism was silly but our own egotism is fully warranted.  That was then but this is now.

Oh really.  I'd have to say that the lesson has been missed entirely by the very same people today as their historical counterparts from a hundred years ago, both of which were and are every bit as high on identical hubris, and every bit as blind to the simple fact that in a hundred years from now all of this current cutting edge technology will look like silly tinker toys to the science and technology star chamber of the future.  What makes a little bit of humility such an impossibility?  Especially when it is incontestably clear that not a man on this earth knows all.  Not a man on this earth is above nature.  Humility would seem a common sense attribute, would it not?  But when have any of these men ever allowed common sense to get in their way?

What is this willful insistence that 'we' are always the most superior beings in the universe, regardless of ordinary feet-on-the-floor reality?  Why does this idiotic belief prevail in spite of the steady stream of tragic examples that prove we're not half as superior as we like to tell ourselves we are?   How do they do it?  How do they ignore their abundance of failures, errors and losses as if they didn't exist?   How can a thing both be and not be at the same time? 

Easy.  Semantics plus double think.  It's easy to invent tidy imaginary categories to place blown up space shuttles in; categories that cannot touch self-excusing arrogance with a ten foot pole.  Categories made up out of whole cloth that are systematically deemed anomalies instead of constant colossal failures.

An example of Formula One S+DT (semantics and double-think) we are all forced to contend with is the created impossible category of "side effects" in pills.  There is no such thing as an effect on the side of anything.  Every effect is a full effect.  Death is not a side effect, it is up front and in your face every bit as much as the touted effects the pills manufacturers want to use for marketing their single unit doses of chemicals. To call the terrible effects of pills "side effects" is an ingenious marketing technique, actually separating the bad from the good; at least in the mind's eye, even though no such separation is remotely possible.  In this way the truly horrible failures of industry and technology can be separated from the illusion of progress we are sold.  So-called progress that in fact amounts to mostly less-than-overwhelming successes.

And yes I am sorry but they are less than overwhelming.   Overwhelming successes are few and far between.  When was the last time the captains of science and industry literally knocked your socks off?  Since President Kennedy decided to send a man to the moon, there really haven't been that many truly, totally new, earth shattering, life changing, paradigm shifting technological successes.  Which is strange really, considering the gob smacking amounts of money taken by the Pentagon, er, the government, from the people, to lavish upon the spoiled and pointless sector of scientific R&D.  Weapons technology has advanced to levels beyond comprehension, need or want, but we're still using telephones, washers and dryers, and driving gas guzzling cars like our grandparents did.

But I digress.  The marketing strategy of S+DT pretends it is blasé' reality to separate technology's horrendous failures from the glorious personal status, power and profits of for-profit scientific pursuit.  Formula One S+DT is brilliant, even if it is completely dishonest, unethical and downright mind borking for average people to contend with.  Without their perfected power-marketing techniques to sell perception control to the masses, the wizards of modern Invention For Profit would not be able to pretend to live up to their untouchable gospel mythology of self superiority, superhuman capability, record breaking brilliance, and advanced though impossible elevation in human intelligence, multidimensional vision, and general superstar quality.


To put it simply, it is all total bullshit.  Where's the beef?  Sure, Velcro is neato but is the world a better place for it?  Hardly.  No matter how many shocking and destructive outcomes inflicted on us all, regardless of how many tragic and deadly failures that modern technocrats deliver to us, from Chernobyl and Fukushima to for-profit medicine and for-profit justice and for-profit war to for-profit global privatization and monopolization known as globalization, to life defiling nature insulting GMO's, none of the millions of tons of human carnage and toxic fallout is ever acknowledged, apologized for, or admitted to.  Never do we see those responsible, the revered super luminaries of staggeringly costly unprofitable killing technologies, or extremely profitable but dubious, deadly or just plain toxic technologies, stepping up to the plate with hat in hand to admit responsibility and apologize for lost lives, damaged health, destroyed cities, irreparable ecological damage, irradiated lands, poisoned air, soil and water.  Never do we hear those responsible for the poisoning and destruction of everything we depend on for life and health confessing with heartfelt apology for yet another obscenely expensive, incomprehensibly destructive, technological, scientific, medical, legal, congressional, military or professional failure of biblical proportion, which is precisely what they are time and time again.   The face in the camera says things that sound right but the arms and legs of the corporation are doing something else entirely.  Standard Formula Two:  Say What They Want To Hear But Do What You Want To Do.  Lying is standard operating procedure.  They lie even when they don't have to lie.

The timeless and valuable lesson of exchanging raging idiotic hubris for a tad of honest humility has not been learned. By the looks of it, at least in America, it probably never will be learned.

Part of the problem may be a matter of definitions.  How do average people define success and how do the types of men who pull together money and talent to create star wars, deep ocean oil rigs, mega factory farming, TV Dinners and nuclear weapons define success?   If their definition of success is making a slew of money while gaining social status, fame and power then blowing up Hiroshima and Nagasaki would be a stunning success.  To average humanity, it could never be a success to incinerate hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the blink of an eye, and leave hundreds of thousands more suffering unspeakable agonies for which there is no relief or repair.  This would be a terrible, traumatic, shameful failure, impossible to make up for; at least in the eyes of those who don't see the definition of success as having anything to do with the mass accumulation of personal wealth, status and power regardless of costs to others.  In fact, average people would consider that to be a crime, and a very serious crime at that.  A death penalty crime.  There's just no excuse for that kind of behavior, we ordinary folk would say, at least a fair number of us. What better definition of criminality is there than profiting oneself at the expense of others, by force or by lies with depraved indifference to the damages and suffering caused to others.  Greed is not good.  Greed is flat out evil.

That shameless, self serving, sociopathic greed is the very definition of evil was something not lost on those who engage in it.  In fact, in order for these types to rise to their current positions of crushing, shouting down dominance and the shameless eating of our living bodily flesh before our very eyes every single day of the year,  they knew they had to "do something" about the public perception that who they are and what they do is "evil".   They had to find a way to magically separate the evil from the deed; an optical illusion that seems to cleanse the evil out of the greed.  They knew they had to head it off at the pass, beat the complainants to the punch, discredit the objective reporters of gob smacking, undeniable facts which every man, woman and child would easily see with their own innocent eyes - specifically that what these greedy, nasty, selfish people were up to was nothing less than calculated and shameless undermining and termite like destruction of our country.  This, they knew, had to be turned into the unimportant  "side effect" of an otherwise totally glorious top of the line, prestigious, award winning success; i.e. an organized crime-athon taking all wealth from all people leaving economies crushed, all living things indebted for the rest of time, and the global population reduced to dirt sucking poverty.

You and I and other normal human beings would have a tough time coming up with a way to spin that kind of offensive, malodorous shit into gold, but it would not be tough at all for these types.  The alchemy of turning mountainous piles of stinking, diseased hog shit into super sonic futuristic green and democratic peace and freedom rail cars filled with silken threads of pure "we are one" happiness and joy gold is possibly the one and only real talent that these supreme pricks truly possess.. They can turn any shit anywhere into something the public at large will perceive as good, or at the very least not nearly all that bad so shut up about it.  Damn them.

Who can tell them they are wrong for believing that force gets you whatever you want, fast?  It does.  A gun to the head makes rape so much easier.  Who can argue with them that lying, cheating, stealing, raping, murdering, extorting, framing, making things up and denying reality are weapons with no equal?  Decent people are defenseless against them.   An expertly told lie can chop the head right off any honest Joe, at least it can when they do it.  They are not beginners at this stuff.  They are the undisputed Kung Fu masters of deception and crushing their enemies into submission or a bloody pulp, which ever comes first.  Because they excel in means of criminal action, they mistake themselves to be superior beings to the rest of the human race which does not see things or value life the way they do.

While they believe they are the unequivocal superiors of all humanity because of their unrivaled success at creating wealth through synchronized acts of sociopathic organized, global crime, they have fallen into the same trap of embarrassing delusional grandiosity that big name, big dollar movers and shakers throughout all ages of modernity seem to be inflicted with.  ANYbody can bonk somebody else over the head and take their stuff, you don't even have to be able to read to behave like a thug.  Literally ANYbody, of any age, any gender, any intelligence level, any level of education or lack thereof, ANY body, can use brute force, lies and Genghis Khan methodology to kill people and take their stuff.  There is nothing clever about this.  It requires no talent.  It is not proof of superiority over anyone.  In fact, this is what we normal people would call being a "Loser".  Big time.  A Big, Weak, Pussy-Baby Loser Asshole Chump, to give the exact technical term.  (I'll bet you didn't know that technical term did you?  Amazing all the sheeott I know, ain't it?)  BWPLAC, "bwip-lack":  A festering eternal sore on the tender backside of the world.  Always has been.  Always will be.  What is wrong with these people and when Dear Lord will they ever go away and leave us alone?

The answer dear Nell and Roger is "never".  They will never fork off and leave us in peace and sanity.  Why?  Because they have nothing better to do than to obsess over and plan out the many ways they can use to torture this world completely to insanity and death.  When they've killed every living thing, poisoned every bit of ground, air and water, decimated every fish in the sea, blown up every flying thing, bird and beast, when every child has been fully molested and blown into red mist, when every adult has been humiliated and dehumanized to the point of regressing to boneless primordial ancestors who must kill themselves just to make the goddam pain finally end...when nothing is left but a stinking, smoking ball of death and decay and the hugest pile of cash, gold and jewels you ever saw in your life, then they will step forward out of their state of the art secret underground lair, beat their chest like a puny gorilla and proclaim with unrivaled stupidity, "I WIN!  I HAVE GOT IT ALL TO MYSELF AND I HAVE DESTROYED MY ENEMY ENTIRELY!  THE WHOLE OF THE WORLD IS MINE!  I AM GOD!"

A bit anticlimactic I would think without a frenzied round of applause and cheers of "Hooray!"  "Well done!"  "What a man!" and all that sort of thing.  But there will be nothing there to respond one way or the other.  Not even a bird to fly overhead and shit on his suit jacket.  Not even a pig to grunt and leave a puddle of pig shit in his honor.  Not a daisy left to make a "I'm The Biggest Winner EVER!" Same-Day-Delivery bouquet.  Not even a leaf to fall gently to the ground as if to say, "I'm blown away!".  Not a single thing will be moving except billowing trails of smoke and the stench of burning corpses.  Yeah boy howdy, what a winner.  What a superior being.  What a dickhead.

Hey wait a minute.  Isn't this the story of Satan's rebellion against God?  Didn't Satan say, "I'm better than you are, I can control the world, I have the power and the glory and I'm smarter and more Godlike than you are?"   I'm paraphrasing of course, it was something along those lines.  And didn't God say, "Bite me you wad of toad crap!  You're dreaming!"  Or something along those lines.., and then didn't the angels all start throwing punches and taking sides, some going with Satan, some staying with God?

Are all of these greedy, Godless pricks Satan's fingertips incarnate, stomping all over decent humanity with utter disdain and total jealousy, being destructive, illogical, obnoxious, selfish, arrogant and mind explodingly idiotic, just for the sake of trying to hurt and offend God Almighty?

Could it be true?


Chortle, snort.

Sounds pretty good though.  It does seem to answer a whole bunch of questions, doesn't it?  Maybe we ought to try to fake them out, you know, when you walk by, say, some big banker scum-bag, just walk by and go,  "Hey! How's Satan doing?  Heard from him lately?  What's he been up to?"  And see if they spill the beans before catching themselves.  Like, "Oh he's FINE.  He's doing great in fact.  Just heard from him this morning when he called out our daily orders.  He said "Keep on forking everyone and everything and don't stop till they're all dead!  Do you hear me?"  And we all laughed and said, "Yes we hear you Satan, Lord and Master of we the evil, hollow minions of pointless, meaningless existence!  Duh we hear you!  We have it memorized, you say it every day! JEEEEEZ!"

How likely do you think that might be, say, on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being not likely and 10 being absolutely likely?
A minus 72?
Yeah.  That's the same thing I got.  Minus 72.
Still, you always have to check out every possibility.  You never know.  If we could just get pictures of these guys bare butts we'd probably find little pointed red tails on them.  I have no doubt about that.  No wonder they keep those butts covered at all costs.

Gee whiz, I really digressed there.  Sorry about that.  It wasn't even an acid flashback or anything, I'm just naturally weird.  Cool, eh?  You're hardly the first to say, "no".   But wait.. hang on a minute please, let me get back into my serious mood and get all sober and stuff again so I can tell you more symbolic insights I had about the Titanic and the former country known as America.

America.  Geez I miss that place.  It was a great place.  Not perfect.  Screwed up in fact.  Miserably.  But they knew the difference between right and wrong, had lots more fun money to spend, had more great music than you could ever hear all of,  had Mimosas at fancy hotel brunches at two in the afternoon for like $7 per person, and had real live belly dancing right afterwards where you could sit and eat and watch exotic gyrating ladies while discover ing amazing new fruits like Asian Pears and stuff like that.  We don't have that anymore.  Now we have Achtung! 71 Shots Fired Police Thugs and creepy airport twist-o-wads that grab the crotches of five year olds, and nuns, and crippled people, to make you feel SECURE.  This is a very different place.  I don't like it here at all.  Plus it's falling apart at the seams like an old loaf of bread.  It's leaving crumbs all over the place.  Dang it.

Hey do you remember back when we used to could go get like any food we wanted and it would have no MSG on it whatsoever?  EVER? And back when there was no such thing as aspartame or any other Just-Like-Home-Made-Special-Chemical Warfare-Insecticide Recipe All Natural "low calorie sweetener"?  Gosh, I sure do.  I even remember fresh, local produce, just picked that morning, still warm with life giving sunshine.  Boy, those were the days weren't they?  Those were the days before the USS Satanic purposely blew out its own portholes and blamed it on the Middle East, working overtime to sink this ship of state and drown us all like a clutch of kittens in a burlap sack.  Glug glug.  Evil people are no fun at all.  None. That much I can tell you for sure.

But seriously, think about what else was missed entirely in the true story of the Titanic.  Have you ever heard of this country referred to as a "ship of state" before?  Well please don't miss the glaring metaphor.  This is the Titanic.  Complete with not nearly enough lifeboats for all the passengers.  Complete with delusional, detached spoiled rich people who have everything there is to have but don't see any reason to stop there, alongside an entire coast to coast size collage of people who have been rolled and mugged in the Wall Street Alley of the All Star Thugs, and then again raped and pillaged by the Federal Reserve Bank which is not federal, has no reserves and isn't even a bank, but that's okay, our dearly elected are on the job.  They'd catch something like that in a heartbeat.  Unless there was enough money involved to make them look somewhere else.  Well what do you know, they never saw a thing.  I can see it from here, 3,000 miles away, but I guess you actually have to LOOK or you never will be able to see it.  More bribes gentlemen?  Would you like fries with that?  Or hookers and champagne?  You got it.  Film at 11, unless you go along.

So here goes the ship of state sailing along, most of the passengers asleep or feelin drowsy, some staying up late and getting smashed at every bar on the way back to the cabin, then the good Captain says "G'nite Lads!" and heads off to his own cabin for some microwave popcorn and hot buttered porn.  But back in the mailroom, an overworked communications clerk has piles of inane personal messages from spoiled rich people they want sent immediately to other spoiled rich people so the overworked clerk has to hurry to click them all out in Morse code and nobody's there to help him out; so when a real message of actual life and death import comes through to him he looks at it and throws it in the trash can.

Why?  Because infantile rich spoiled people sending messages to "Pookie" and "Wufflebits" are always given priority treatment over data like "we're all gonna die if we don't look out for damned icebergs".  Don't be stupid Pookie.  Money is the highest value of man and the truest.  How much money you have is the exact determination of how much you matter above all other people.  So if you're a certified moon pie moron who gets off on licking orangutan belly buttons, but you have a few billion dollars in the bank, you're the most important person in the room no matter what room it is.  Whatever inane drivel comes out of your mouth takes precedence over all other information including the ship is sinking and Godzilla is eating your grandmother in the parlor. Yes that's right.  No matter how much of a twisted scum bag you are, because of your billions, ill gotten or otherwise,  you will matter more than everyone else, even more than people who actually are worth a damn in this world.

And please let me reiterate that that kind of money, personal billions, personal hundreds of millions, are ALL ill gotten.  There is no other way to get that kind of money.  You can't EARN it.  What job could you do that would pay you that kind of money?  The answer is easy, no legitimate job.  There is no such thing as a legitimate job that pays anybody millions or billions of dollars.  No such thing.  If there were such a thing everybody would be working those jobs, but there is no such thing as a legitimate means to EARN billions or hundreds of millions of dollars.  Which means what?  Those who have it didn't earn it.  They got it some other way.  As previously mentioned, crime does pay.  It pays extremely well.  I don't know about you but the only way I can think of to get shit loads of that kind of money is via crime, one way or another.  What do you think?  Got any other ideas?  I didn't think so.  So you see?  Once again, plain old ordinary common sense shows us the answers to questions we're supposed to think are too complex to understand.  Nonsense.  Just hold it up to the light and sniff it and if it stinks like a dead fish you'll know it's just another big fat lie. Like all the other big fat lies.

Oh dear.  Did I trail off the path again?  Jeepers, I am sorry about that.  Where was I?  Oh yes.  The way to determine the true value of a human being is by counting the money in his bank account.

Now I know what you're saying, you're saying, "But Ang, that's just not true!  Money is no indicator of human value or importance or any other thing!  Money is an external, it has nothing to do with being human.  It's irrelevant.  It is meaningless.  It says nothing about the person holding it.  It means nothing.  It determines nothing!"

I know that and you know that, but THEY don't see it that way.  Understand something.  We are talking about people who can, with a perfectly straight face, say, "Oh come and try our latest, newest, amazingly new, breakthrough PILL!  It will cure your headache in two minutes flat and make you see little pink angels flying around your head.  It has a teeny little side effect that is of no real concern, it can make your heart stop.  But what are the odds?  It's perfectly safe!  Honest!"  And they can, will and do, aggressively, relentlessly, shamelessly market this new heart stopper pill directly to med students across the nation, and they pay big docs big bucks to endorse it and say its great and sell it to colleagues and friends, and the drug company pretends there is no such thing as people dropping dead left and right from their heart stopping.  Death is just a SIDE effect.  Those dead people must have been doing something WRONG with their pills.  Those dead people probably only died to try to make us look bad.  Those dead people had to have been weird sexual perverts and mentally unstable because normal peoples hearts don't stop, only freaky peoples hearts stop.  Probably crack addicts or holocaust deniers because good, decent normal people will only achieve freedom from pounding headaches.  Those dead people were doing it wrong.  They were bad people.  Pills good.  Dead people bad.  Buy our pills today so that you can dance through the daisies and so we can get even richer than God and his first cousin and his whole family on his mother's side.  Big Pharma. What pigs.

You know what?  I gotta level with you.  I think I'm just too goofy right now to go on trying to show you the serious parallels I see between the unsinkable Titanic hitting the iceberg and going down while the band played on until the very last moment... which is totally bizarre, just like our dry-humping, mad-dog media-clown 24/7 news shows made of perfectly disconnected All Natural Twinkie filling (hydrogenated whipped pig lard with poisoned cottonseed oil and USDA organic phenylacetaterseeyalaterwookiebitsandpiecesthyl, plus foaming agents) with bacon bits on top for your scholarly edification. ...Yep. That'll UP yer EYE QYEW fOr sUre.  Fan-tastic.

I don't know, what do you think?  Too goofy?  Not goofy enough?  Does anyone give a rat's ass on a rolling donut?
I wish I had a picture of that.
Okay.  That does it.  Too goofy it is.
I have to go.
I do.
Big kiss.
On the CHEEK.
The FACE cheek.
Oh never mind the kiss.  Handshake n' bake.  There you go.
Later gator.
My voice now fading out...
Hey watch out for icebergs you unsinkable miracle of nature!
As I disappear into a tunnel...


Is that a phone ringing?

Yes? Who is it?


And it's for YOU.  WOW-WOW.
You must be VERY special!
I knew it all along.
I... am not special at all. 
So...I'm gonna go get a donut WHILE YOU'RE ON THE PHONE WITH GOD.

Catch me up later tho'. K?