Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Possible Origin of Galaxies/Remember Lot's Wife

It is really strange watching the devolution of this country.  Instead of continuing to develop, people are going backwards, turning back into primordial ooze.  Or where ever we came from.

It's surreal constantly finding myself trying to explain the obvious.  It's exceptionally hard to do, try it sometime.  Why is it wrong to kill?  Why is it wrong to steal?  Why is it wrong to lie?  These are things that everybody is supposed to know; it doesn't take a discourse or fancy university degree.  Ironically, it is a lot of those fancy university degreed people who don't seem to know, or remember or comprehend or respect any of these obvious things that everybody is supposed to know.

What's all the rage these days and as far into the future as we can stomach seeing?  According to those with Acquired Degreed Degeneracy Syndrome,  it is doing everything and anything to erase the real, the obvious, the sensible, the rational, the fair, the common sense, the truth, the very nature and decency of man, along with nature itself.  "Fuck nature!", they all seem to be saying.  "And fuck you too, worm!" [Insert maniacal laugh here.]

It appears the game-plan is to replace the normative substance of nature and man with an artificially created profitable devolution version of the future; and they are riding it in on the solid gold backs of stampeding wild war-horses of the apocalypse.  "Ahead Death!  Ahead Lies!  Onward to serfdom!  Run Hypocrisy!  Faster Biotech!  Do not tarry!  The future are belong to us!"  "Us" being the most clinically insane, depraved assholes of all time, out to get rich by destroying the whole of the world and all life on it. What the hell is wrong with these people?

Oh now I know what you must be saying.  You're saying, "Ang, that's just not so.  They're not trying to kill the whole of the world.  They're just on target to get rid of most of earth's population.  It's only a clean up job, a little tidying up, you know, sweeping away the flotsam and jetsam of pointless humanity to make the world a better place for us, the ones who really deserve to be here because we're so superior and shit."

See what I mean?  It's everywhere.  Do I really have to explain why it is depraved to the nth degree to murder most of the planet's human populace just because "you" think it's a good idea?  Well who the hell are you? I guess the answer to that question is self evident.  "You" means the people doing it and getting away with it.

I didn't used to understand God's anger in the Old Testament.  I always thought he was kind of harsh the way he kept turning cities and peoples into smoked flambe'.  Now I get it.  Now I totally understand what made God so angry that he annihilated population after population of filthy, stupid, corrupt, greedy perverts and twist-cases that had no respect for life,  no morality, couldn't care less about their fellow man, or God.  When cities devolved completely into lecherous, criminal, greed and corruption, it made God sick to his stomach.  He wanted to God hurl.  Maybe that's how all those swirling galaxies got created, they are deity puke.  That is something to flesh out another time maybe.

In the Old Testament, Genesis 6, which is pretty early on in the story of God and man, God was already up to here with stupid human meat puppets.  God was appalled, offended and disgusted by the corruption everywhere.  There was so much corruption that even the earth itself was filled up with corruption.  That's a lot of dang corruption.  And God repented for having created man upon the earth because man was just a piece of shit and that's all there was to it.  Man didn't get it.  Man wasn't bright enough to actually get it, and God knew that, but God figured if his creation just did what he told them to do, they'd be fine. Great in fact.  But right out of the box his creation blew him off.  It took about 15 minutes.  God was left standing there all alone doing the V-8 forehead slap.  "Why will you not listen to me?", he must have asked a zillion times.

From the get go, people were corrupt.  They were selfish and greedy and violent and dishonest and perverted and sadistic and cruel and all the things that people can be that tear peaceful, loving existence to shreds and use it for toilet paper.  Killing children, raping anything that moves, worshiping status and wealth, selling your own family into prostitution, mass marketing, whatever, just so long as you move up the food chain. It's perfectly inane, but there it is anyway.  There is no point to chasing wealth and status except self glorification. Frankly, I have never met anyone who deserved glorification.  I don't think any such human exists.  Never has.  Never will.

So right after people abandoned God at the first sign of something shiny across the street, the next thing they did was lie about being God themselves.  They put on funny hats and long gowns and encrusted themselves with gold and gems and finery and went about strutting their stuff acting like God's gift to mankind; protected by battalions of heavily armed men to keep from having the shit kicked out of them by the masses who have always known bullshit when they see it.  If all of these self appointed special people were all that great, why do they live off people they impoverish and work to death and why do they have to have armed protection?   Is it because they're full of crap?  Yes it is.

To this day we can watch the God Wannabee's strutting their stuff on the world stage, most of them seem to live here in the states, or in England or Israel.  They all do the same thing.  They lie and talk about how great they are and how they're right about everything and can not be prosecuted for any of those right things they do.  Those right things that end up leaving millions of dead bodies in their wake and countless hectares of poverty strewn suffering defenseless humanity behind them.  Yes indeed, good job men.  Well done.  If you're flaming moronic amoral pond scum that is.

Is this a joke?  Is this whole planet one great big April Fool's joke?  Is this thing on?  Is it just me or is what we're witnessing materializing before us on this earth the exact opposite of the best thing in the world ever, ever?  Is humanity screwed or what? And who are these jokers having so much fun crushing the planet into bloody, brutalized, begging pulp?  Why are they allowed to live?  Aren't these the exact corrupt scum bags that God zapped into smithereens over and again?  What are they, human cockroaches or something?  Will they never go away and leave us in peace?

Apparently not.

We have a pickle here.  A gauntlet has been thrown down before us...but, the game is rigged.  Just like in the movies. "Pick up the gun!"  "No mister I don't want to pick up the gun!"  "Pick it up or we'll shoot you!"  "Okay okay, here, I picked it up".  And then they blow him away saying he pulled a gun on them.  Seen it before?  See it repeated all around you in endless ways? Is that or is that not corruption?  Well there you go, there really is nothing new under the sun.

How many times did God tell people how to live well and right so that evil would not consume them  and poop out their bones like camel droppings in the sand?  More than once I'm sure.  I've never counted.  But how many times can you open the bible to find God saying, "Enough! You are out of here!"  Enough times to understand that even God Himself could get sick and tired of repeating the same simple request to man: be decent human beings.

They brought us poppy fields to fall asleep in, and we did.  Then the flying monkeys came and they got jobs as lawmakers and radio talk show hosts and TV liars.  And then the poppies wore off.  Bullets, bombs, pills and chemicals are killing the world and bankers are eating the killings.  And everybody keeps pretending that there's a perfectly good explanation for all of this and there's nothing wrong.  Like hell there isn't.  Tell me one thing right about it.

Evil is not a single individual running around the world doing evil things.  The point of evil is not to do evil, it is to get you to do it for him.   Satan wins the one world cup.  All I can say is that if God shows up head for the hills children.  And don't look back.