Monday, August 31, 2009


Did you see Democracy Now today? Did you catch Dick Cheney defending his torture doctrine, still? Is it just me or does this man make you sick to your stomach too? He is the antithesis of American values. It's just too bad he's such a damned good liar.

What would it be like to stand for death, torture, lies, obfuscation, cheating, manipulation, undermining and destroying your entire nation while decimating its credibility in the eyes of the world, and be able to look people right in the eye and claim you're doing it all for the good of the country? Just how scrambled does your head have to be to think that engaging in crime and immorality in everything you do is good for your country?

Maybe he's just a big fat liar but I don't know, he seems to actually be drunk on his own toxic krool-aid. God help us all. The best thing that could happen for America now would be to see him and the whole stinking political nest of America hating manipulating neo-con-zionist scum bags brought to public trial for their crimes. Their war crimes, their crimes against humanity, against human rights and human decency, against our Constitution, against our solid, defining American values, demand the trials and convictions of these mere mortal criminals who must be made to pay for what they've done. They abused their power in the worst possible ways with forethought and intent. They did it in secrecy and with deceit. The damage done as the direct result of their skin-crawling despicable immoral belief system is incalculable. The lives lost can never be recompensed. The dignity stripped from tortured human beings can never be paid back.

Humanity is not a worthless slave-class commodity like Cheney and his ilk believe. Humanity is not to be held captive and used to achieve the ends of a greedy, immoral, spiritually bankrupt, hypocritical, predatory/parasitic few. What on earth gives these people their ideas? Whatever it is, we need to identify it and beat the tar out of it and set it on fire and not leave until we're sure it's dead forever. Because whatever that source is, it's the most evil sonofabitch piece of filth and anti-humanity on the planet.

By now the whole world, even we ignorant uninformed Americans, have seen the photos of torture, rape and abuse perpetrated by certain sectors of the U.S. military/intelligence machine, and more specifically its "contractors", carried out at "prisons" all over the world. We have had ample opportunity to read the first hand accounts of eye witnesses, of legal defenders and prosecutors, of the victims themselves, at least those who survived to tell their stories. It is horrifying to find out these things have been done in our name, were paid for with our stolen tax dollars, and worse, are still being done; in some accounts even worse than before. This is deeply disturbing evidence portraying truly depraved behavior. It is shameful and unforgivable. None of us voted for that.

Those images of barbaric, inhumane, cruel and unusual physical brutality and violent sexual depravity leave no doubt as to who the real victims are and who the real terrorists are. The images perfectly depict the inexcusable shame and selfish barbarism that the bush/cheney political crime syndicate wrought upon this country during their illicit eight year reign of terror and destruction.

What must not be missed is the glaring metaphor, the deliberate pattern, the overriding essence of who and what the neo-con/zionist/whatever the hell they want to call themselves, are all about.

This is who they are.
This is what they do.
This is how they think.

They are the ultimate dirty rotten bastards, complete failures at being human. Abject losers in the realm of consciousness and accurate valuation of basic "I - Thou" relationships. They just don't get it at all, and worse, they don't want to get it. These people exist among us, but they are not with us. Their disconnection from the rest of the world is complete. When men like these take power it is obvious what they will do with it; they will use it only for themselves, and to further their own criminal, imperialist aims in the service of those who hide behind permanent veils of secrecy and protected illicit power, those who command our puppet commanders.

How can it be that any person who claims to love their country could buy into a single word out of the mouths of men who torture and men who order torture? Who can believe men who display utter contempt for human life, human rights and human dignity, the protection of which is the supposed premise for all this killing, war and torture of innocents? These people are walking, talking contradictions. They claim they are saving lives even as they take lives. They say they protect our citizens from terrorist attacks even as they create record breaking numbers of new terrorists every day with their callous, indifferent and cruel treatment of other human beings. These people are either the stupidest men on the planet or simply the most evil. I don't believe they are stupid at all. That only leaves evil. What else is there?

The values pervasive in our government today are not the Christian values American law and virtue come from. Whose alien values are these and how did they get infused into our system? How have such foreign and grotesque values been able to choke our true American values to death, replacing them with the values of the scum of the earth? Greed, selfishness, violence, cruelty, torture. These are not American or Christian values.

Our political system is not Christian or based on Christian belief, but our American values are very much Christian values. This is not because Christianity invented human decency, human decency has been around a lot longer than any religious beliefs, it is because Christianity adopted and stands for principles of human decency, and defines by example of the living Christ on earth what human decency means. As the majority religion in our country is Christianity, we can call American values Christian values for the sake of having this conversation. (One sided though it may be).

Christian values are about very different things than the policies Cheney, Bush, Gonzales et al hawked and shoved down our unwilling throats. These men are all about force, Christian values are not about force. Christian values are not about using violence to force your will and desires on others. Christian values are not about torturing others when you're afraid or have a political agenda, or a political party to save face for and attempt to justify. Christian values are not about living outside of the law, or about punitive measures against entire peoples, killing innocent people, and lying about all of it. Christian values are not about secrecy for those in power and a concurrent total loss of human decency, dignity and privacy, with human rights only for themselves but not for anyone else. None of those things are Christian values. None of those things are what Jesus Christ stood for.

Christ never tortured anyone. Christ never turned his back on the helpless, the sick or the poor. Christ never judged society's outcasts, prisoners and rejects, he went to them, sat with them, ate with them, spoke with them, and loved them. Christ As Man walked the earth as a man, a man like all other men, and he did this I think it's clear, to show by example what it means to be a man in this world. He didn't use his overwhelming power to crush his enemies. Christ showed the world what really matters. He did not rile up a political party to represent the interests of the psychopathic rich and run for office, cheating and lying all the way, fixing votes, crushing opponents with character assassinating lies, monopolizing public discussion, in the aim of achieving total power and then using that power to further his own private beliefs and global dominance agenda. That's not Christian, and that's not what Christ ever did.

In fact, that's exactly what Christ was against, the exact reason, purpose and message of God Almighty in the flesh on this earth, was to save the world from men like Dick Cheney. Jesus Christ wouldn't have given Dick Cheney or George W. Bush the slightest support. He wouldn't have given them the time of day. Christ would blow off those men and all men like him because they are exactly everything that's wrong with this world. Christ would hunker down and get busy doing his own work in this world, doing just the opposite of what Bush and Cheney brought on us with their canned weasel words, lies, dirty money changing hands, political espionage and thuggery, back room deals, obtuse rigged unverifiable elections, PR created media monopolies, criminal hypocrisy, invasive governmental controls and limitless methods and means of delivering unjust violence. What's so Christian about that?

Christian or not, Americans can respect what Jesus was and what he stood for. God The Man was not the least bit confused about his values or morality. He knew right from wrong. He knew justice from injustice. He understood that power and personal glory and the lust for wealth literally cut off the essence of God within people. He knew it was either about loving people, loving the world, being the best human beings we could be, caring for others, respecting life, being fair, tolerant, wise, honest, forgiving, sharing, helping, healing, befriending, giving of ourselves for nothing in return to make the world a literal paradise, OR, having it the way it is now; the war, the greed, the disdain for human life and dignity, the corrupted systems of politics and power, the use of overwhelming force against the unarmed, the innocent and defenseless, stealing the resources, land and prosperity of others to hoard it for oneself, not caring who gets hurt just so long as you get yours; turning your back on your own in the defense of Satan incarnate preaching his evil spew from pulpits, TV news studios, Congressional halls, Oval offices and military recruitment offices everywhere. We must kill because we are superior. We must kill because only we count. We must kill to defend our precious selves whom God loves above all others, because others hate us and persecute us for no reason. Only those others who aren't us are bad and we must fear them because they fight us when we invade them and steal what God gave them. We don't listen, we don't apologize, we kill and keep our eyes on the prize, betraying ourselves, each other, our country, and we do it in the name of God and then tell ourselves what great people we are. There's your evil right there, what the hell is worse than that?

Jesus was not a politician. Politicians are liars who say whatever you want to hear. God The Man was who he really was at all times, even when nobody was looking. Christ didn't do deals. Christ behaved, believed and lived like Christ. Few of us could live up to him or his standards, but Christian values obligate us to try. They also obligate us to forgive ourselves and others when we fail; that is, as long as we recognize our failures, our weaknesses, admit our errors, rectify the harm we've done, apologize, and determine to try again, harder, and not fail next time. God The Man couldn't have cared less where the cameras were. He'd never have given a TV interview. He wasn't out to play games. He spoke to those with ears to hear and eyes to see. That already counts out a whole lot of people in this country, including those who proclaim their Christian virtues while living the violent, mean-spirited, selfish values of the dark side.

Christ came to give, not take. Christ was here to lift people higher, to tell them about the kingdom of heaven, to show people by his living example how to behave in this world. He stood up in defense of those who had been judged and were about to receive cruel punishments at the hands of a rabid, judgmental bloodthirsty, selfish society. He defended the prostitutes and touched the lepers, people who I'm afraid all too many dazed and confused modern so called Christians would never tolerate, much less go to with love and a desire to help them find healing and better lives. Christ had nothing and wanted nothing. He said you have to give everything up if you really want to follow him. Christians out for a buck at the expense of others are Satanists in denial. That's what it says in the book if you can read. Plain as day. Is your pastor preaching profits? You might want to dump his ass.

Christ was about healing, not destroying; about peace, not fighting, about tolerance not mindless knee-jerk judgments and cruel mistreatment of perceived rule breakers. Christ was not about creating political divisions, not about conniving and contriving, not about blowing up abortion clinics, not about shouting down people who's voices have every right to be heard. Christ didn't waste his time on bullshit and trivia and movie stars and pornography and junk food. Christ's message was to ALL who believed on him, not just some, ALL. Christ made clear that in the mind and eye and heart of God the creator, ALL are beloved and ALL are desired by God to come to God and live God's ways. He also knew how few would make it in the end.

Where does the Bush/Cheney doctrine fit into that? It doesn't fit into it, it defies it from the ground up. Cheney's disgusting defense of torture and his stomach turning assertion that Obama's AG should be asking the law breaking torturers how they tortured to learn how to keep on torturing for the good of the country is enough to make me puke. Wrong Dick. Dead wrong. The attorney general needs to shove the red hot poker of justice up the wazoo of you and your whole cadre of unchristian, un-American, imperialist anti-human rights, anti-human dignity, anti-justice, anti-law team of scum-ites. You are the problem Mr. Cheney. You and those whose minds you've twisted with your unnatural ability to wrap filthy truths in symbols of honor and justice and hide them under the cover of things people can believe in.

The ploys and criminality of the Bush regime are in the flesh anti-American, anti-life, anti-rights doctrine this country never wanted, never needed, never asked for and indeed would never have had to suffer through if you and your ilk hadn't lied, cheated, and stolen yourselves into public office. There's nothing I can think of that Cheney has done during the entirety of the Bush administration's reign of crime and terror that America could be proud of. He has brought nothing but criminal shame, pain, division and delusion on our heads.

Eight years of Bush/Cheney and their racist/classist philosophy of torturing their way to happiness is an indelible stain on this country that will never come off. It will stay there as our most prominent feature, like a port wine birthmark across the whole of our faces, and it will be the first and only thing people will see when they look at us. It will remain that way unless and until Cheney is confronted by the law and by the people, and it is made clear, in no uncertain terms, that it is not our way to torture others because of ignorance, or our bloated system of disingenuous politicized posturing or the personal cowardice of pink handed elected corporatist profit mongering unelected officials.

It is not our way to use and abuse people to enrich ourselves. Means are never justified in ends. No one can operate outside of the law without instantly breaking the law. It makes no sense to claim need or right to operate beyond the laws we believe in; the very laws our public officials are sworn to uphold and defend. Dick has a funny way of defending us. Destroying us is not defending us. In the mind of this man, destroying us is good for the country. This man is dead wrong. There is nothing about Cheney's claims, or Cheney's doctrines that can withstand scrutiny. Everything he preaches and defends is an offense and an outrage to everything we stand for. How the Bush regime was able to get away with it for all those years is beyond my capacity to comprehend.

Neo-con/zionist/criminal doctrine is not based on any legitimate value system. It is solely self-serving. It does not care about anyone or anything but achieving total domination. It has no respect for life, for justice, for common sense, for law, for reason, for truth. It has stated in plain words that it creates its own reality. It certainly does try to do that, but it consistently, flamboyantly and utterly fails.

Cheney's assertion is that the criminal torture, mistreatment, and traumatic abuse of human beings is good American policy. What fevered horse's ass would believe such idiocy? What moral midget would stand up and cheer for such giant dollops of bovine dung? I want to ask Dick Cheney why he never asks WHY there is terrorism? Because all he seems capable of doing is commanding the use of force against anything he doesn't like. After a couple of million dead people and a country torn into unrecognizable shreds, he still refuses to admit his policies and ideas aren't just failures, they're proof that he is wrong about everything.

Terrorism from the people is about demanding justice from the likes of you, Mr. Cheney, men who deny the most basic justice on earth to people you arbitrarily decide don't matter in this world. That's not your call Dick. If any president of this country ever really wants to end terror all he has to do is talk to these people and find out what they want. Chances are high that what they want is theirs to ask and we are keeping them from having what's theirs. That's why acts of violence are perpetrated against us. People who are defending themselves are not terrorists, but Dick Cheney and the foreign values determining American Foreign Policy and even Law and Order Policy here at home insist otherwise. To the dark values of criminals, anyone who stands against them, no matter how right they are to do so, no matter that it is in defense of their own lives, their own land, their own means of income and prosperity, regardless the reason or right, according to Dick and his ilk, they are terrorists.

Until Dick Cheney gets this much right, he's hardly the man we need an opinion from regarding the use of torture. We need only our own normal human values and the laws that govern the entire world on matters of torture to know that Dick Cheney is a criminal, or at the very least a dangerously deluded person who needs medical help and a lot of medication. He should not be allowed anywhere near the inner workings of our government. His influence and backwards value system is death and destruction to all that is good and worthwhile.

Please, MSM, stop giving Dick Cheney the time of day on television. His battle is lost. His credibility is nil. He has made his bed, it is now time for him to lie in it.

I'll take Christian values over the phony politics of war, plunder, racism, and lust for world domination anytime. If Obama has a lick of sense or an ounce of integrity he'll do the same, or at the very least will not obstruct the courageous men around him who are willing to see justice done and who will not shrink from the undoubtedly frightening and dangerous task of bringing the scum bags with their alien, offensive value systems to justice and making vivid examples of them. Obama's failure to facilitate that will be Obama's failure. Period.

What's at stake is our nation's credibility, the very credibility of the people of this country against Dick's credibility. Anyone who votes for Dick is no American. He's not worth it. He's not worth covering for, he's not worth protecting. He had his chance, he showed us who and what he stands for, and it's not us. Get him off our TV screens and into a public courtroom. Let the trial of Christ v. Cheney begin. The trial is the test of our own commitment and belief in our claimed Christian values. God help us. With his dirty lawyers and their unrivaled skill at lying and subterfuge, with our naive, sheep-like unthinking populace, the man stands a good chance of walking away scott free. If that happens so be it but at least, at the very least, we'll have gone through the serious motions of trying to hold him accountable for his torture policies. If we can't get to everything else, we must get to that. If we don't no one can say this nation isn't every bit as vile, disgusting and criminal as Cheney himself.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Face To Face With Dog Bricks

Perhaps I'd had one too many. Yet I was unaware of any untoward effects upon my speech or bearing. There was not to lead me to seriously consider the possibility. I did try a little, but it was difficult to tell. Besides, I was taken up most joyously with the ancient but familiar old refrain spilling forth from the color changing, five foot tall music box on the floor; K C and the Sunshine Band seemed almost to be there in person, and once again, like they used to do so long ago, were urging me on to come out and shake my booty. I only smiled and declined. I do not like to dance alone particularly, though I will do it if I really have to.

That would not happen on this night. Something much stranger was on the barkeep's menu. Something most unusual, quite bizarre and practically speaking, rather impossible was already taking form.

I was standing at the edge of the parquet dance floor, gently swaying to the melody. "She's a BRICK!, house." There was nobody in the whole place but myself. Excepting two other persons, an elderly man, seated two yards from my person with a younger man attending him at his side. They both wore suits, and expensive ones. They seemed an odd couple, and a bit jumpy. I paid them no mind, nor did I give them hail. I simply stood and gently tapped my little pump clad foot in a most ladylike fashion along with the music and memories they stirred. "Play that funky music white boy, lay down and boogie and play that funky music till you die."

In the midst of my tiny sing-along I felt suddenly compelled to gaze straight upon the two men seated nearby. A misty halo of white smoke was lazily curling around the old man's head, 'though no one in the place was smoking, and upon each end, on either side of his balding crown, arose a point, much like a little pair of horns. Upon perceiving his smoky "horns" I could not help but let out a little giggle.

The old man's head quickly snapped around, his face intensely searching the only three potential gigglers in the place, and it obviously wasn't the bus boy or the Latvian bartender, Boris, who weighed 250 pounds and had a voice as deep and gravelly as his frosted chest length beard. That pretty much left me.

The old man's eyes fixed on me and squinted hard. Without taking his steel cold gaze off me he spoke something to his aide, who quickly nodded, arose and approached me.

"My lord would ask of you to come and join us briefly for a cup of ale. He is lonesome for his home and you remind him much of his eldest daughter. Would you do this for an old and sickly man, nearing the end of his days and rightly missing the home fires on this full moon eve?"

"I was just about to leave," I lied in reply.

"Oh do delay, won't you? It would make him much less grim this evening. And forgive me for saying so this directly, but my lord is a man of very great means and tremendous fame. He gives not such invitations lightly. Very rarely indeed. Such has only happened twice before in the length of my service to him this many long twenty and two years. It would be understandable to feel complimented".

"I see", said I. "And whom pray tell is your lord. I recognize him not."

It was at this moment that the young man leant over to my ear and whispered into it a name so frightening, so very rich indeed, so revealing and shocking and unexpected that I nearly fell off my heels. The young man instantly reached out to steady my stance, which I quickly rebuffed. He then glanced at his master who was summoning him with a single crooked finger in the air.

"Think on it won't you?" he said, then quickly stepped he back to the master's table. As soon as he arrived there the old man arose smartly and began to walk out the tavern door, out into the lushly appointed lobby of the Grande Marquise Hotel.

As I am generally up for an adventure, especially on a full lit moon eve, I decided there was little to lose in taking him up on his offer. He was after all so rich and so famous and so completely, horribly, murderously, criminally dreadful that I hated him deeply. I thought I might have the unique opportunity to tell him so directly to his face. How could I pass this up?

Keeping several paces behind them, I followed the men to the gilded elevator and we all rode up to the top most suite together. Never had I seen such luxury and wealth. Everything was covered in silver and gold and shining beveled glass. The finest furniture appointed the parlour, and though I did not see the other rooms I am certain there were several more. I was thus forth queried as to my choice of beverage and graciously offered a seat in a rather resplendent white leather chair, which I don't mind saying suited me rather well. The old man sat in the matching chair to my own, mere inches away from me, only a small table between us, and we began to talk.

At first the talk was light and pleasant, but it did not take long before the tone took on a much more serious tenor. Shortly we bit upon a hard bone of contention, he and I, but to his credit he did not act rudely. Indeed, as the fine ale purified and enriched my courage I was soon doing precisely as I had come to do. The old man sat and listened. He did not interrupt. What follows is what I said to him, as closely as I can remember, once I had hit my stride. I did ride my anger and disgust for this man like a bold white stallion. I was fearless.

"How many long and odious days have I sat and watched you enrobed in your never-ending lies? How many long and hot and sleepless nights have I tossed and turned in the unquietable memories of your words and acts of brutal deceitful betrayals? Certainly I have lost count. That is to say, I have never kept count.

I'd much rather have been able to put it all aside and out of my mind, out of my consciousness, far from my awareness. In a way the answer to how many days and how many nights is "one". One endless, seamless, repeating nightmare; from the very first time I clearly heard you speak one of your typical vile deceits to the trusting, caring, loving faces of those who invested their precious trust in you, it never stopped. Not a moment, not a single minute has gone by since that day, wherein I thought you were being genuine, being human, telling the truth, being real. It has never happened in the entirety of your life.

You are like a garishly painted circus clown, performing in the giant tent; absolutely desperate to be believed. I have wondered often if you truly believe your own broken down lies or if in fact you know perfectly well what a dishonest chunk of dog excrement you are. Again and again I find myself aligned, comfortably, with the belief that it is the latter; for certainly any brick of dog droppings has no illusions about what it is. It is what it is made of, and you are made of lies. You have at least the intelligence of a dog brick, I would expect then that you do know exactly who and what you are.

I pity you. I try to feel sorry for you but in all openness, that is still too difficult for me to muster. I don't feel much in the way of compassion or concern for your well being. Please, don't think so ill of me for this; after all, for as much harm as you have done, as you continue to do every day of your life, you don't deserve a hug and a teddy bear and a warm glass of milk with two cookies and a bedtime story. You deserve the electric chair, the hangman's noose, to be burnt at the stake,
to have your skin pulled off by vultures whilst you are yet still alive and fully conscious. As terrible, as awful, as cruel sounding as my sentiments toward you may be I assure you, they pale in comparison to the realities you have perpetrated on countless innocent others, and always, without exception, you have done so for no reason other than you enjoy it.

Yes it's true, I haven't spent this eternal night suffering the flutters in my chest and stomach, holding back the bile wanting to squirt up from my guts, keeping down the last meal I dryly chewed without a trace of enjoyment for the magnitude of the stain that you are upon this earth; I have not gone through all of that without finally figuring you out.

You are one sorry mess of a person. I will refrain from pronouncing you human for truly, I am far from convinced that you are human. It is much more true to my heart to think of you as some form of alien species for there is little in the way of any trace of humanity that you have ever shown. Quite the contrary. You are quite skilled at mocking the genuine, that is true, but once I saw through you I now also instantly see straight through your pale pretending jest.

But I do not need to wildly speculate and accuse you of actually being a reptilian creature with a forked snake's tongue and a scaly skin, cold blooded, unfeeling, concerned only with self and appetite, it is not necessary to paint any such literal pictures. The measurable, evidentiary facts of your being speak plainly for themselves. Whether or not you are a lizardine species from some nether place above our atmosphere or from below it is mere evidence in excess of all that is there in such great quantity that shows beyond any shadow of any doubt that you are indeed, at least inside yourself, a cold blooded insect intellect, heartless, compassionless, an anti-human being, someone who for so many reasons hates humanity and wants nothing more than to hurt it, as much as he possibly can.

Whatever happened to you when you were just a babe that caused you to become such a vicious, hollowed out shell of a person? What manner of humiliation, or fear, or suffering, what method of deprivation was inflicted upon you at such a helpless age, that made you feel so much rage and hatred for everything that moves upon the face of this earth?

It could not have been too many people who might have been responsible for creating the monster that you are. After all, how many infants have overflowing address books and appointments to keep? The only appointments to keep at such a tender age are going to the bathroom in your own trousers and demanding your next meal and nap. Although there was something else you demanded, something perfectly reasonable, something you deeply suspected was yours to expect. But it was not forthcoming. Was it. No, it was not. And on a very rare and few occasions when those closest to you seemed to have suddenly realized that you had been deprived of your due, that you had not received your fair share of limitless love and kindness and joy and acceptance and respect and appreciation, they thought, "It is time to give it to you".

Your heart leapt with joy and anticipation. At last, they will love you. They will say that they love you but more, they will act as though they love you. They will look at you with large warm eyes which will melt as they gaze upon your innocent baby soft countenance. They will call you some sickly sweet adorable name and wrap their arms around you, so tenderly, so truly, and they will pull you to their breast and stroke your hair, and feel the rhythm of your breathing, up and down upon the softness of that bosom, and you will fall asleep in the loving, caring arms of someone who thinks you are the most wonderful, beautiful creature in all the world.

And they came toward you, arms extended and opened wide, and they smiled greatly, their eyes soft and glistening; "Come unto me boy" they said, and you ran to their arms. But just as you reached them they pulled away and spun 'round, leaving you running right past them and hurting yourself when you fell and hit your head on a table's corner, and then they laughed. They laughed at you good and long and hard as you bled. They howled and slapped their knees. Their laughter was not contained, the more they thought about your desperate hunger and need the more it amused them, the more they shouted out. They called everyone in the household, and then everyone in the yard, and told them all this funniest of stories and you were horrified. You were outraged. You were devastated, wounded, confused, betrayed, hurt, aching, you felt as if a knife had pierced your throat.

Everyone stood and laughed at you, at your foolishness, at your weak need for stupid love and tenderness. What an unfit, addlepated fool you were. You would grow up to be nothing and no one for you hadn't the right juice flowing in your veins. You needed ice and acid and you only had blood. You were the same as nothing. The same as all the rest of the fools, sheep and losers, those stupid bleating bleeding beating hearts out there. Inconsequential idiots with their wholly predictable insipid dreams, too soft to take the world by the jugular and choke it into submission, or to death.

It wasn't just that one time they humiliated you, and it wasn't just humiliation. They ignored you. They were never there. Not with you, not for you. There may as well not even have been a you for all they were interested. You had nothing to offer, you had only weakness and squalling and skin crawling need and they had infinitely better things to do with their perfect and special minds. They always had important work to do, or golf games to play, or time at the club, or with the boys, or the ladies, or the group or the dogs or the horses, or anything and anyone but you. You never even made it to their list. If you'd have been the last thing on it it would have been a huge step up. Indeed, you never even made their list.

There was no one to tell you that you were worthy, or wanted, or loved, or adored, or perfect or beautiful. They only showed up on rare occasions, unexpectedly and without warning or reason, to crush you, berate you, insult you, tell you how much you failed to meet their expectations. They regaled you with examples of your bottomless weakness and pointlessness, your questionable intellect, and the dubious nature of your future. You were a terrible disappointment to these people, not a joy, but an oozing scab on an embarrassing place visible to the public. How dare you?

I have not as hard a heart as yours so even as I speak these words I feel some rustling and movement inside my soul that tempts me to feel sorry for you. But I cannot. You do not deserve the slightest sorrow from me. Because you, like all of us, grew up and when that happened your life, your mind, your being, your soul, your beliefs, your actions, everything about you became your choice and your responsibility. And your choice was to become a liar and a thief, a murderer, thug and rapist, to eat the flesh of other people's infants, to steal the last few pennies from the old and sick and dying. Your choice was to make sure, absolutely certain, that no one, at no time, would ever be allowed to experience a moment of joy or pleasure or love or truth or sweetness; not if you couldn't have those things. If you had to pay the price you suffered then so shall everyone else.

You set your entire being, your mind, your body, your brain, to revenge long ago. You have spent every moment of your life seeking to repay, in pain, the pain that encompassed you and defined your miserable life. All the trappings and trimmings of wealth and prestige did give some physical comfort, some modicum of self-superiority and smugness, something to flaunt and waste in careless excess especially around those who never had enough. This pleased you somewhat, but not nearly enough. Not enough to fill the cavernous hole inside your chest where normal people's hearts reside.

Oh you protest, "I have a heart!", but you do not. That too is a lie. Your heart is an illusion, a mere hollowed out shell, like a crisp dried up leaf, curled in just such a way that it faintly resembles the shape of a heart. But if anyone came near it, if it were ever touched, even accidentally, that brittle empty shell would instantly turn to dust and fall to the ground. Much like the twin towers turned to dust on that terrible day but when it happened to them it was shocking and unexpected because unlike you they were solid and substantial. You are neither.

And I am sorry, but perhaps those who did you so much cruel harm were at least somewhat partially right. You may very well lack the ordinary brightness of the simplest soul because you stupidly take out your revenge on countless innocent others, those who have had not a whit, not an atom to do with the state of your life and mind and being, and they you punish relentlessly, demonically, and you enjoy it beyond the ability of words to describe. This is not vengeance you silly fool, this is your pathological, terminal immaturity at it's ugly best. For the only way you can ever reap revenge on those who hurt you so is to take it out on them. That is the only road to payback and the ghost of satisfaction you spend your every waking moment chasing with a net-less butterfly net. You'll never get there from here. You're not even pointing in the right direction. Clearly, if you had two functional brain cells to rub together this would be self evident. But it has escaped you entirely. Tsk, tsk.

Sorry for you, to add even more insult to more injury, those who deserve your wrath, those who have earned your hate and rage and overwhelming need to destroy all joy in this world, they are out of the limits for you, are they not? Is it not true that you fear them, that your body trembles at the sight of them, that the very idea of displeasing them in any way makes your stomach sour and curl up into itself? Yes it is true. It is unthinkable for you to approach them, to step directly in their path and put your face firm against theirs and tell them how you feel and what vengeance you will have. You could never do that. Admit why. Go on, I dare you.

Coward, you cannot. Then I will say it for you. Because you still, to this very day, decades after they murdered your spirit, even after the cruelty and the pain and the torture and the meanness and the abandonment, the disrespect, the mocking, the humiliation, the sickness of their own souls which they took out on you so effortlessly, even in spite of all of this, they have told you that they loved you even as they pulled your body apart and plunged daggers into your heart. Even as they backhanded you with the strength of lumberjacks, even as they humiliated you in front of servants and friends and betters, even as they laughed at you, taunted you, tortured you, rejected you with stinging insults, you still found yourself begging inside to feel their love for you. To really feel it. To really, for once, know what it feels like, to know that it is real, it is genuine, untouchable, unstoppable, unquenchable. You still want that so bad you can't bear to think about it. It makes you insane with anger and resentment and lunatic rage. You want to slash the face of the whole wide world, slice its guts out with the edge of your expensive knife, to spill it's innocent, beloved, respected, nurtured, appreciated blood, to waste it on the dirt of the earth, to spill it for no reason other than to watch the life drain away once and forever more. That, you believe, would feel good.

It will not assuage your tortured soul. It will not heal the festering wound of emptiness inside you. It will not provide a compass that will lead you to your salvation and reward. It will do nothing but leave more blood on your hands and even less chance that you will ever know how it feels to be cared for. You work against yourself every moment of your life, but will you listen to me? Ha. Of course not. You would rather die than listen to anyone. You are truly stupid. At least as stupid as you are despicable. I've had nicer scabs than you.

Do you know that you are like a hunchback amongst men? Truly, hear me out. Your hump is large and disfigured, perched there at the top and back of your bristle covered neck, swaying back and forth, to and fro, like an enormous glob of camel fat and semi hardened snot. A disgusting thing it is too. It cannot so much be seen as sensed, as determined to be there by default. All the required elements are there, therefore the hump is a given. But this is not just a simple hump of a simple hunchback, who through no fault of his own, some sad accident of birth, must go through his entire life with this extraordinary burden upon his neck and back which enslaves him forever and keeps him down underneath the saucy brows and fearfully unkind attitudes that shriekingly demand he act enslaved enough to allow others around him the comfort and security of feeling in control of him, and that hideous hump.

No, your hump is different than his, it is much more disgusting. And unlike his, if yours should touch another they would become poisoned and sick with the venom and pus that oozes constantly out of yours. That toxic, sticky fluid is your specialty, the product of your truest soul, and it bubbles up in endless supply in the sheer hope of infecting someone else every day of your life. Even though your hideous hump is not visible to the naked eye, you none the less have less than optimal luck in getting anyone to come near enough to you to be infected by a dollop of that dorsal putrefaction product of yours. Because its invisibility is made up for by its smell.

Oh Lord, the stench is overpowering. It is worse than decomposition, worse than a thousand toads vomit, worse than a million donkeys sweat and foul breath and infected oozing oral sores. It cannot be described, the stench is so foul that all those whose unfortunate nostrils are assaulted with the merest trace of that olfactory blackness feel their nostrils, of their own will, curl under and tighten with extreme prejudice as though their very lives depended upon avoiding that dreadful noxious odor. Unlike the ordinary skunk whose ripely unpleasant odor is merely a vehicle of self defense, yours is a warning to the soul of mankind. Let all those who aspire to heaven, who believe in God almighty, who defend love and honor and beauty and truth, loyalty and honesty and selflessness and sharing, be warned and run away as fast as you can lest you get some of this vile stuff on you and be made sick as a dying dog because of it. They instinctually know that they run the very real risk of catching the same infection of the soul and the mind and humanity that has so ravaged your being to the point of turning you into a gutless, cowardly, diaper-clad, obnoxious, cruel minded monster.

Ah, I see the curl of your upper lip. You hide a smile. You find this all quite amusing. You enjoy knowing how much you repulse me, how much I hate you, how much I wish you would die tomorrow. Why wait? Die today, won't you? At long last humanity would have reason to be grateful to you, for something. At long last you will have given a bona fide gift to this world, a gift that would keep on giving. Your absence from this earth plane is that gift. I ask you, do you truly wish to be here? Why would you? You despise every morsel of this place. Every blade of green grass offends you. Every new born lamb boils your blood with its innocence and sweetness, with its deservingness to live. Unlike yourself.

Tell me, what have you ever done to deserve all that you have been given? And it has been given to you, let us not play games. You've earned not a single thing, not a single penny of your immense, bulging, unnatural, unnecessary physical wealth. You're frankly too ugly to have so much for yourself, that alone disqualifies you. Yes you find that funny, but do you know why? I know why and will tell you why. You find it funny because it is so true. You know you are a piece of shit, but in your abstruse Picasso-like twisted essence, you are proud of being Feces Man.

That's another thing I've figured out about you by the way. While I'm here I may as well lay it all out and tell you all I know. At least all I care to tell. This much I also know, that you are obsessed with shit. I see it in your face, I have it right. You are endlessly drawn to shit, to human excrement. It excites you. You dream of it, you think of it, you want to touch it and smear it and smell it and eat it. You want to express your twisted sexuality in the anus of another, yes, that is your type. It is nothing new. You prefer young boys to women, that is also nothing new. You spend half the day away day dreaming the penetration of some young boy's greased and waiting anal orifice which you will jam and bang with rage and hatred and sick bottomless desire, pardon the unintended pun. You are hung up, completely and totally on butts and what comes out of them. It used to bother you but it doesn't anymore. It's been too many years and too much debauchery, too many rapes of innocent children, too much self satisfaction at the ruining, the torture, the defiling of an innocent. You are truly the lesser of an infected rat's droppings. They are your king. Trust me. You are despicable and should die. Soon.
As soon as possible.

Is there something I can offer to hasten that day? Any promise I can make? Any gift that I can construct with my own two hands, any words that I can say that would inspire you to go jump off the tallest building at your earliest convenience? To dive head first off the nearest tall cliff with shards of sharpest rocks strewn beneath you to soften your steadfast fall? Do you not wish to go down in history as the man who gave the most to the world in this day and age of history? Would that not go down better than being correctly exposed for the lying, cheating, betraying, twisted sack of dog bricks that you are? Your money will no longer shield you when you are dead. When you are dead your control is all over and people will say of you whatever they will. They will not hesitate to bring out their photos and written records and give oral testimony as to your depravity, the stench of your soul, the size and nastiness of your hump.

You are a pig, but it is an offense to lovely pigs to say so. There is as yet no word to describe the likes of one such as you, the lesser of a worm's puke, beneath the farts of Ebola viruses... it is pointless to continue. I only give you pleasure, in your sick preferred version of hate for life. You have not been so greatly amused for a long time. Few would dare say to your face the self same truth I tell you, not because these very same words are not on a hundred million lips, but because they have fear where I do not care whether or not you are pleased. In fact I duly hope you are not in the least bit pleased. It would leave room for hope if you hung your head in shame, if only just a smidgen. I might be convinced to believe you could regain your soul and turn your life around in the most amazing miracle of mind over matter. But I see that amuses you even more.

I also see you pulling out your blade and sharpening strap, so I will bid you adieu now. I will not become your next human pizza. Go find a dead rat to chew on, you are what you eat."

(I walked now quickly to my car, and hastened to lock the door while I turned the engine to be gone from this place of demon spawn and shit smell and anti-human carnivalia as fast as humanly possible. Does he come after me? Dare I look? The greatest serial killer of our times might be so inclined, especially since I may have pissed him off, just a tint. I do not see him. I floor the gas pedal because for all I know he can turn himself to stench and strangle me with my own nose hairs. That would not be a fitting end for one such as I. One who dared to tell the truth directly to the face of one of the greater infamous murderers of humanity and spirit and beauty and truth and justice. One who was able to call him a brick of dog doo and live to tell about it. But only, who will believe me? Witness, I hope it will be you.)

Friday, July 31, 2009

The Butterfly

Inside its cramped, protective cocoon, a butterfly changes from a rotund, crawling caterpillar into a beautiful, graceful, colorful butterfly. It undergoes this metamorphosis in the dark, all alone, with no one to keep it company or calm its uneasy dreams. It sits there and changes, it lays there and sleeps, it sometimes lies within those warm protective walls and listens to sounds outside its dark enclosed walls; the wind rustling through the leaves of a tree, the barking of a dog, the calls of birds as dawn breaks. It sometimes falls into a deep sleep losing all awareness of its life; and it sometimes comes quickly awake because of a pain it feels as its body undergoes its enormous changes.

Does the butterfly know what is happening to it? It has no apparent guidance or assistance as it transforms its entire being from one thing into another. It only knows it has no choice; that whatever is happening is happening, and that it must be so. It has no sense of time as we know it, no sense of urgency, no sense of worry or fear. It just is.

Then one day it is time. It simply feels that it is time, and so it begins to eat away at its shell. It feels an overpowering need to escape the walls that have suddenly become a prison, confining it, restricting it, keeping it from being able to move its arms and legs. It wants to stretch, desperately. So it patiently, quietly, claws and chews a small hole in its shell, then makes a small tear from that hole, then a larger rent from that tear, opening up an area large enough for it to see the light outside; and when it sees the light outside it begins to push itself through that opening with all its might.

It takes so much energy, and the butterfly is very hungry and thirsty. It knows it has to free itself to find food and water. It also somehow knows that once it is free it will find those things.

After struggling and tugging and pulling itself through the hole, all of a sudden it is free. Unused to its brand new body and unstable legs it collapses into a disheveled heap and lays there next to its broken cocoon until it can gather its senses and muster its strength. It takes many long minutes, even hours, and those minutes to hours are terribly vulnerable ones. It is without defenses, and can not yet fly. Does it even know that it can fly? Does it understand that it has metamorphosed from a caterpillar into a butterfly?

It lays there on the branch, resting, breathing hard. It is all soggy and stiff. It feels a strange heavy weight on its back that compels it to stretch as vigorously and as soon as possible. Weak and wobbly, it begins to push and pull at its soggy heavy wings. It manages to slowly lift and stretch them, first the one and then the other. Gentle waves of oxygen and warm sunshine flow over its body sending shivers of scintillating joyous sensation across the thousands of microscopic feathery scales its wings are made of, rapidly drying them in the breeze and warmth. The butterfly's body is vibrating with invisible music.

Now its legs begin to stiffen, it finds its knees and stands up. Then with all of its might it shakes out its wings and raises them high, then low, up again and down again, coming to understand what they are and how they feel and how to move them. Does it yet know what they are for?

It begins to flap those wings, each stroke drying them more, fluffing and smoothing them to perfection. Up they sweep then down they sweep, and what a surprise, what a jubilant, terrifying, moment when they scoop up a large bubble of air and lift its whole body high off the branch, and none too gracefully. It lurches this way then that, and tumbles once head over heels. It will either fully embrace its new being and take control of its new life now, or it will fall to the ground and die.

If it continues to think like a caterpillar, it will reject what it now has, and it will fall to the ground and die. But, if it thinks like a butterfly, it will fly.

In two more beats of its beautiful new wings the butterfly then easily and magnificently flies away. It will not die, it will live; and it will be here to do what it is here to be and to do. It will drink nectar from blossoms and dance on the wind, it will light down on flowers and taste their perfume. It will be a butterfly and it will love its life.

It is the most natural thing in the world for a butterfly to take to the air and be free. It is the most natural thing in the world for every living thing to be free.

The More Things Change

When I was growing up, the depictions we got of the future were all very space age. "Space Age" and "futuristic" pretty much meant the same thing. It was about technology, about space travel, and for the average person it would be just like being one of the Jetsons, only for real. Rosie the Robot housekeepers and automated everything to make mundane daily maintenance chores a thing of the past.

Do you remember "Lost in Space"? The original TV series, I mean. I used to marvel at life on the Jupiter Two when Mrs. Robinson did the laundry. She'd put in dirty pants and shirts and moments later would pull out not only cleaned and pressed clothing, but it was also neatly folded and wrapped in plastic. I thought that was pretty dang cool and couldn't wait to get my own space age clothes washer. Still, in whatever futuristic TV show we saw, whoever got stuck with the "drudgery" of 21st Century push button housework still got an attitude about it. You know the one, the "oh poor me, I always get stuck doing all of the work and nobody even appreciates it". Maybe so, but it would still beat the heck out of pounding your laundry on rocks by a stream, or chewing your husband's socks clean every night like the Eskimo housewives used to do.

It's fun to look at old black and white pictures from the 1950's, or watch old television footage from the time if you can find it; cars and appliances were often sold with a futuristic space age theme, and they had a certain look to them that was unmistakable. The kitchen of the future had that same 50's vision of tomorrow, everything sleek and shiny and push button convenient. That was the promise at least. The future held an abondanza of push button technology to make life a piece of cake for everyone. Who couldn't hardly wait for something that good?

We've developed a lot of technology in the last hundred years or so, a whole lot of it just in my short little lifetime too. When I was born nobody had color TV's, tape recorders, ten speed bikes or home computers. Nobody had dishwashers either, something I'd fight before letting go of believe me, I'm pretty spoiled in my own 21st century sort of way. I like the short cuts and the time savings, though if you really pressed me I couldn't say why. It's not like I'm doing anything all that important from day to day; I only know there are much better ways to spend my time than scrubbing dirty dishes.

We have a long way to go to get to flying cars and transporter beams in everyone's living rooms. At this point we haven't even figured out yet how to feed and clothe everyone, much less how to stop the very profitable mass murder of millions of people with our psychopathic "war" games. As long as we can't figure out ways to solve the problems of poverty and hopelessness, suffering and sickness, and until we can get past the sociopathic grandiose egocentric paranoia of our ruling class and their loyal obedient lapdogs, our leadership, all the futuristic technology in the world won't make life any better on earth, beyond the same old story; it will only be great for those who can afford it. Everyone else will be left to struggle and perish in abject poverty that will look all the more degrading and horrible in comparison to the sleek and shiny, ultra wealthy, highly educated, deeply satisfying and leisurely lifestyles of tomorrow.

What a shame it is. There's just no excuse for this bizarre belief system of some needing to have exponentially more than they could ever use in a hundred lifetimes of luxury, at the expense of millions of others not having enough to do more than exist in misery and perish too young. So many lives unlived. So many possibilities aborted before they even have a chance to develop. So much waste and abuse and selfishness and brutality. And because of those things our world is bathed in guns and bombs and militarized police, in gangs of men who rape and slaughter and defile; all for the protection and benefit and enduring promise of the rich to retain their immense, unwarranted wealth, forever. The terminally wealthy just can't bear the idea of not having more and more and more all for themselves. They'd much rather have all the rest of us die than to ever have to eat a TV dinner or get a job.

It occurred to me recently that they're not selling us any new visions of tomorrow anymore. The Space Age is pretty much here. The question is, then what happens? What comes after the Space Age? Where does mankind go after that? Has anyone ever made a sketch of it? Anyone ever heard of the time that comes after the space age? I don't even know what to imagine after that. I find that rather odd.

I suppose you could say that these questions are coming too early, we're only just getting started on fully transforming our planet into the Earth of the Space Age. But by the looks of it, the Space Age doesn't seem to mean a whole lot. It's the age of technological convenience. Well that's nice, we'll save a lot of time. But what are we saving it for? And when are we ever going to get down to the only real work that needs to be done? The same exact work that's always needed to be done. You know, the work of learning how to be decent human beings living on this world together, in peace and prosperity, for everyone.

It all begins to make sense now. The endlessly creative ways of culling the populations of the earth. The never-ending wars certainly do a fine job, albeit a bloody and messy one. The bombs and radioactivity can do a lot more than get rid of excess, unnecessary people, they can render vast areas of the planet unlivable for eons. That's not very appealing to the ultra wealthy who think of the world as their own private property, and of everyone else as a nasty, nosey, threatening trespasser with their hands out demanding a free ride. As if these superrich folks earned their wealth. That would be something. But it's not possible to "earn" that kind of wealth. That kind of wealth comes only in one way, it is stolen. It's as simple as that.

So they've decided to end the age of war, and instead turn all the killing into fighting global "terrorists". Not for the sake of humanity and grace, but to keep what's left of the ravaged planet in good enough shape to suit themselves. The world must become one, unified under one global government where those in charge can do away with "democracy" and individualism (in the name of the greater good, i.e. themselves) and become planetary dictators. The tools of the day will be the same tools they're using now with unrivaled success, the totally dominated control of the mass media, the institutions of learning and medicine, the church. The steady stream of created crisis, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, pandemics, water shortages, nuclear terror incidents, all designed to terrify, confuse and cripple the masses and keep them cleaving to back stabbing leadership who will guide them straight into more control, taxation and ultimately their untimely deaths. The future global messages will all be the same coming from where ever they are heard, just like they are now. Undereducated, inculcated, brain washed people will be the only kind of people there are outside of the wealthy classes and the armed classes who will be needed to keep the non-wealthy slum dwellers of tomorrow in line and away from the untouchable rich.

Those unpleasant non-wealthy slum classes are not just dangerous they're an eyesore. And the kind, benevolent hearts of the super rich don't "like" seeing anyone suffering and starving, only just not enough to do anything about it in order to change the situation at long last. It doesn't have to be this way, that much is self evident. But they've come up with a better plan. Just get rid of them all. That, they would say, is a much more humane thing to do than allowing these unnecessary, excess, pointless populations to go on consuming all of the natural resources, eating all of the food, shitting all over everything, reproducing like stupid, ugly human rabbits, and drinking up the ever dwindling fresh water supplies. In the cacophony of day to day living, we're not supposed to notice what's really going on; the total impoverishment of everyone in the world as all of the wealth and private ownership is transferred to the wealthy, while all the rest of us are rendered impotent, dependent, and too brain dead to figure out what's being done to us, much less why.

Kind of speaks to why the big corporations are so interested in buying out all the planet's fresh water systems, doesn't it? Yeah, and much more. It also speaks to why they wanted to make all food production "globalized". Nobody will be allowed to grow their own food. After all, how can they starve out entire continents at a time if people are able to grow their own food? This explains a lot of the inane, downright shitty laws all over the world taking people off their land and not even allowing them to retain their own seeds from their own crops. It explains why suddenly it became possible to obtain patents on life, and why huge companies like Monsanto are actively pursuing total control of everything that grows. It explains why they're building that secret seed vault in the Netherlands. It all begins to make sense, doesn't it?

The mandatory vaccines are coming too, you can bet on it. They've already shoved them down the throats of every small country and defenseless populace they can. If you've been paying attention you've seen just about enough of their attempts to blatantly murder innocent people with their "accidental" shipments of deadly tainted vaccines to school children and whole countries. They just keep getting busted and exposed, and they just keep lying about it with their lame excuses. It would be funny if it wasn't so blood chilling. But this is how they do us. They lie. They're clumsy, stupid, comb-sucking, pin-headed jerks, but no matter how many times they're exposed they just keep coming back. They have no shame.

Just like they haven't bothered to mention to the folks in the USA that they're eating genetically modified foods with every meal, if you can call them meals, or food for that matter. There's hardly any food left in our food. It's all chemicals and preservatives and additives and colorants and lab created flavors and colors, complete with artificial grill marks on your virus coated fake meat for your favorite mass produced "healthy" low cal, low carb, microwaveable, frozen dinner. At the same time in Europe people are fighting back hard against the creepy GMOs, and have won many battles, if only temporarily. Mega-rich people are nothing if not persistent; they just won't take no for an answer. Not even "no, we don't want to die so that you can be happy that we're gone". That's just not good enough for this lot. They really do want us all dead.

Well, they've tainted and destroyed our health and our food and decimated our "health care" system, dumbed us down and played with our heads to the point that most people actually believe they're eating healthy out of a box and that good health comes in a prescription pill. Yep, they're definitely killing us all, there's no doubt about that. But don't you get the very strong feeling that it's all just not fast enough for them? That they're deeply disappointed that the "aids" virus wasn't more virulent and wide spread already? That the many cancers and diseases and autism taking down young and old at exponential rates aren't even close to enough? That they're just really getting impatient and want us all gone already? They really want it over with so they can get down to the business of cleaning up after us, or rather having their vastly reduced slave class or genetically created slave class do it for them, so they will finally be free to live like the brain dead soulless rich of days gone by, on their own private world, finally free of the unwashed masses. The "let them eat cake" generation redux. Gee, didn't all those folks get their heads chopped off back then? I believe so. Well done there.

Have we been made too stupefied to figure out that we're all Hansel and Gretel and the big govmint boys are the wicked witch telling us to crawl into her oven? Are they even still telling that story anymore or has it become "classified", along with all the other truths folks need to put two and two together in a way that even the honestly stupid people would be able to see? Ain't it funny the way the so called children's fairy tales of so long ago were telling the very same stories we're all still living today? I don't know if it's all that funny, but it sure is true. It's beautiful that we get to be children long enough to never know what those stories are really about. It's not so beautiful anymore when we grow up and recognize that the more things change the more they stay the same.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Getting Real vs. Doing It Right

I do often wonder, are we ever going to get real in this country?

Will we ever face the one thing we can't stand looking at, ourselves, and get honest with ourselves and each other?

We could do that, but it would take getting real, which would mean no game playing, being serious, and being out front about who we are. That would help a lot.

I'm not holding my breath. I am, however, reserving my right to leave room for miracles.

Why is it that so many people are utterly and profoundly against getting real? A whole lot of perfectly nice people truly hate and fear getting real about something or other in life.

To get real would be to change everything. To change everything would mean those in control would no longer be in control; and those getting rich off our sacrifice and sweat would have to give up their monopoly on power and wealth distribution. That simply can't happen. I think it's been well established that enough of these super rich criminals will kill to preserve their unprecedented hoarding. It's all they've got I suppose. When you're crippled inside you have to push hard to feel anything. If all you can feel is satisfaction when you get more for yourself even though you don't need it, that's what you do. I'm afraid facing the truth in this country is not allowed. It is something deftly and expertly avoided, with only the rarest exceptions, and even those are routinely and rapidly buried.

It's not just the crusty uppers that prefer the fakedom, it's pretty much everybody who believes in the system. All kinds of people are flat terrified of getting real and will go to great lengths to avoid it. People very much want to look like they are doing it right and getting real would make that next to impossible.

"Doing it right" is defined by the system, and the first rule of doing it right is to see the system as a grand benevolent force that makes possible all that is good and right and decent and noble in your life. The system is to be perceived as responsible for giving you everything, and regardless of how little you may actually have, you're also to believe that you have more and better than people all over the world and you should even feel guilty about it. Because of the system we are number one, because the system itself is number one. Doing it right means seeing the system as near perfect and excusing and overlooking the inevitable appearances of flaws when they arise. According to the system, when you live in the system you are doing it right, and when you are doing it right you will be happy.

Therefore, we are all supposed to be happy all the time. We're all supposed to not have any kind of real problems ever, beyond perhaps scheduling problems or not having a good recipe to use up the rest of the Easter ham. There is an unspoken philosophy of why 'real' is bad. It goes something like this.

Real problems are bad, so people who have real problems are bad, or even mentally ill or even maybe criminal, because problems don't happen when you're doing things right. People who are angry, struggling, poor, fat, sick, unhappy or obviously different are scary people because they're obviously not doing it right. Colored people and people who speak poor English or no English are scary people too because they're not doing it right. They can't do it right, they were born wrong, and that's why they're jealous of us and hate us and why they want to destroy us. They hate our perfect system; our problem-free democratic nation of patriotic God fearing Support-The-Troops We're-Number-One Americans because we are doing it right, and God loves us because we're doing it right. People of other colors and people who wear towels on their heads and people who believe false religions hate us because they are jealous of the way we are doing it right and are prospering and they are not doing it right and are not prospering so God has to punish them for doing it wrong. We make them look bad and they are jealous of us because we are better than they are and we don't have to apologize for that. Because we know how to do everything right, we are prosperous, healthy and happy and we have strong marriages and we are heterosexual and our children are A students and we go to church and our purses match our shoes and our men keep their hair short and bring home the bacon. People who do everything right are happy and will have no real problems. There are no real problems in America, there are only bad people who refuse to do it right.

The above bull pucky is never so much as said outright, but tell me it isn't at the core of how brain dead loudmouthed generic America thinks and sees itself. This is the "America" Sarah Palin represented. This is the America shoved down our throats with every Presidential fanfare, inside every military recruiting office, and in every unethical, lying corporate newspaper, TV news broadcast, unfair and unbalanced Fox News and Rush Dipshit radio show that hits the airwaves. The whole "if you have a problem with us then there's something wrong with you" mentality is not just obnoxious, arrogant, and ignorant, it's utterly dishonest. It absolutely relies on people pretending everything is perfect and nobody seeing any serious problems that are self generated. If you're a happy herd member who's been taught all about doing it right then you're golden. All problems are somebody else's fault. In short, to keep up this nonsense it is required that nobody attempt to get real. Getting real is all the way out.

I've known people who absolutely refuse to acknowledge anything unpleasant, as if doing so would break something. If grandma died at the dinner table the whole family would smile and whisper because she 'fell asleep'. Everybody knows grandma laying there with her face smashed into her mashed potatoes is dead, but that's just too unpleasant to mention. If you asked these people why they all said grandma was asleep at the dinner table when everyone knew she was dead they'd say they didn't want to upset the children or spoil dinner. What they're really saying is that when reality is perceived to be unpleasant, shut up and see something else.

People like to play a lot of games with each other. Quite a few like to take their role playing games to the ultimate heights. What it's all about is the opposite of substance, because substance is reality. But reality is out. What does that leave but appearances? Not much. How things look, how things appear to be, posturing, spending more than you have to make people think you're more "successful" in the system than you really are, this is what people care about. It goes way beyond keeping up with the Jones'. It installs a national, paranoid delusional neurosis. A suspicious, superstitious, ignorant, shallow, childish, dependent, jealous, competitive population that's just plain full of shit and obsessed with nonsense, status, labels, titles, teams, winning, plastic surgery, Hollywood, hair dye, calories, breast size and penis size. Everybody's running around missing the point of everything. Not hard to do when reality is not allowed and unreality is more important than life itself.

The system is there to define everything for us, including ourselves. It is absolutely necessary for the continued existence of the system to do that, which is why the system seeks to get inside our heads to overwrite our natural selves as early in life as it can. It must relieve us of our natural minds and beings, training them out of us, wiping our slates clean, in order to fully and successfully rewrite a reality program for us that just happens to suit the system very nicely.

We are started out very young embracing the idea that we must change ourselves at almost every level in order to be okay in this society. The way we naturally think, feel and look are the last things we could ever consider to be acceptable; we must force artificial changes based on what others think even though it's not "us" to do that. The message is loud and clear; you cannot feel good about yourself, really good about yourself just being exactly who and what you are.

We are given to believe that we have no intrinsic value as people, none at all, and can only become somewhat valuable to the extent that we are rich and if we're not rich we must prostitute ourselves out to meet other people's demands and expectations. This is perhaps the ugliest lie there is to build a society on, much less little girls and boys. It's also the exact opposite of the truth.

There is no way to know who you are, to establish anything about yourself when you have no frame of reference for a self realized concept of personal reality. You cannot get your bearings if you don't know how you feel in reference to what you see, feel and experience. You can't get a starting point much less conceive of life's greater meaning when you don't actually know who or where you are. If you can't determine for yourself which way is up or down or north or south you cannot get a fix on anything, including yourself. All you can do is desperately flail about and be obsessed with getting all the official "doing it right" signals and information that tell you who you are and what you're supposed to think and do and be in order to keep on doing it right and even to do it more right than others who are doing it right.

Pulling people out of their own reality, their own perceptions, their own critical thinking, analysis and creativity is to destroy those people. Right now the system's destruction is limited to reducing people to docility and rendering them inert, meaning, their disempowered mindset keeps them from challenging those who want to control everything. People's natural creative forces and potential are rendered inert, detoured off the trail to the red herring of "doing it right". Doing it right, herd style, presumes there is only one way of doing it right and that if you simply follow the steps and embrace them, you'll be a winner. Of course that's exactly the opposite of the truth. Figuring out how to do it right for yourself is what empowers you and brings you into energized, conscious, proactive existence. Convincing droves of people to wander off course and become hand clapping blobs that don't interfere with the big boys ideas and plans keeps all the competition disarmed and in one ineffective place. That's destructive as it can be, it's next to total destruction of the natural person. All that's left is rendering the physical being inert too, and they're busy working on that now with lavish amounts of government dollars that we provide. We are buying our own spiritual and physical murders. Going along with that is, supposedly, doing it right.

Once people get sucked into "doing it right" there's a truly pathetic desire to get gold star recognition awards for being good at doing it right, and there are much coveted awards for being the best at doing it right. Which only makes sense because when self esteem is not internally generated it can only come from outside sources in the form of approval and validation that you indeed are doing it right. That this could be enough for someone is beyond sad. That it could be the end all and be all of what's important to you is pathetic beyond my ability to express. How the hell could anyone else have a clue about what "doing it right" is for anyone else?

This trap keeps people in eternal childhood, forever without power, forever needing permission, forever subservient to others of supposed superior rank and title. Those externally appointed superiors need do nothing to prove they are qualified, merely possessing rank and title is all that is required. When it turns out that they're corrupt, ineffective, sadistic or selfish losers, child molesters (a.k.a. Catholic Priests), crooks, thugs and thieves (a.k.a. Bush/Cheney), the pure hearted doing it right eternally trusting obedient followers can't grasp it.

The victims of ravenous false authority are really real, so they are always immediately swept under the nearest rug (wounded/disabled veterans, molested children, dead civilians) and nobody talks about them. Nobody misses a beat. The ugly bits are blocked from the mind as if they literally did not exist. It is always chalked up to an anomaly, an expected necessary cost of achievement, a single "bad apple". In effect, our blindness seals our fates. We will be perpetually stuck inside this circle of idiocy as our official leadership swirls the bowl morally, effectively and literally, taking us all with them of course. This is just not a good plan.

Generation after generation of young people are growing up in total unreality. To say that there is a critical dearth of healthy role models would be a serious understatement. Name one famous person who really has it together and is not a phony or so rich they have nothing in common with you. Yeah. Good luck on that. There aren't any. Strangely, what few excellent, reality based, decent, honest leaders do come along all get brutally murdered by the standard lone gunman. Sure they do. Nothing there to think about, move along please.

I cringe inside when I see very young girls dressed like hooker pop-stars, but that's what they're being sold as the most desirable image for themselves. Trashy, flashy sex products are the role models our young girls and women are being given to look up to today and emulate. The whole role model stage is all but empty except for these entertainers who always have and always will represent fantasy and extremes, but nobody's there to explain that to our little girls. All they see is someone who is supposed to be sexy and beautiful and apparently that supposedly matters more than anything, it's what it takes to be the ideal female and that's what they believe they should be. What a gyp for them. It would have done them infinitely more good to have strong, intelligent, substantive, courageous, real people role models that taught them self respect and showed them how to kick some ass in life. That would have done our whole society a lot more good in fact.

Some of these girls really knock themselves out trying to achieve "the look", because they think "the look" is what is beautiful and desirable and will make them lovable and worthy. Some of them succeed if you can call that success and some don't have a chance because they cannot fit into the silly mold that everyone seems to think is so very ideal. It bashes up their egos pretty well too unless they're very well adjusted and feel good about their self image anyway, but I suspect that's not often the case. The same goes for boys too, this is just one of the many games we must play in order to define ourselves and others and find our place, ranking and self worth in society. It's a completely useless way of doing those things, it's incredibly harmful, but that's what we've got so that's what we do.

The message that we have no natural value comes through over and again as we're taught in differing situations how we are required to behave in order to be acceptable, and even how we are required to think and feel. Our thoughts, feelings and beliefs are shaped externally through means that seem innocuous and optional, at least that's the claim the social engineers would make. But the truth of the matter is that unless you go along with what they want you to be and do and think and say and feel, you'll be branded valueless and get rejected. You won't be allowed to play the game and that means you won't get your real life needs met. Think Cuba and sanctions and see the template. Conform or die is the unwavering message we get again and again until we believe it is true and even that it is right.

The pressure to conform to the demands of the system is so intense that it systematically breaks people. I think it actually shatters the self. The pain is what makes most people conform because it would be unbearable to not be accepted, particularly at that young age but it's true at any age. It's really not at all optional but as usual, you'd have a hard time proving it. The social engineers don't leave much hard evidence of their tampering where regular folk can easily find it and take it to court. Even if they did take it to court, the court is the law arm of holding up our unreality system, so that won't get you very far. Indeed, our whole Congress and Executive branch is firmly entrenched in continuing and propagating the unreality of the "we're doing it right" American Way. So called radicals are people who try to drag reality, justice, fairness, equality, decency, respect and just plain old truth into the picture.

The fact that they hit us hard from a very young age before we have the ability to reason things out and decide the value of not putting our energies into being who we really are doesn't help either. In fact that's what seals it. Adults are not nearly as likely to embrace external peer pressure to change themselves to suit others. Younger folk haven't gotten enough life under their belts yet to know how little value there is in being detoured from who you really are and throwing all you've got into building on that and discovering yourself for yourself. Finding out the hard way long after it would have come in handy to know can be pretty annoying if you ever lose interest in the silliness and nonsense of fake people and fake relationships and role playing. I guess it's a lesson we all have to learn. Some learn it early, some never get a clue. The ones who never get a clue fit in perfectly with the herd mentality.

Lots of people strive to be super pro-herd thinkers and doers. It never even occurs to some of these folks that things can be done another way. They wouldn't understand the need or desire to do things differently. For them, because they are dyed in the wool creations who have embraced being defined and constructed by outside others, they think it's all great. They are doing it right. They are sufficiently rewarded, if only emotionally, for playing the game.

Rewards come to those who play the game passionately and believe it's real. You may have noticed that there is no money in being real, or being honest, open, decent, compassionate and human. It does not pay to think for yourself, judge for yourself, learn for yourself or do things "out of the box". Those things are quickly becoming valueless and more proof of insanity than human necessity. Humanity itself then must become unnecessary.

Individualism is tagged errant. It is equated to dissent and anarchy which are tagged as only and totally bad. Individualism is now being sold as a dangerous thing, something that threatens the greater good. The pressure to conform with group think, to achieve politically correct consensus and get everyone on board and have everyone be like everyone else is more intense than I've ever seen it. Forget yourself and become the Borg, or in the current vernacular become "one world", that's what we now are being indoctrinated to desire, hold dear and strive for. It's what we believe in, and truth does not fit anywhere in there. It simply doesn't pay to be real. This is severe mental illness. This is a literal, actual contagious disease affecting the human mind. It is all in defiance of reality and true values and real meaning and human health and all of the things that humans must have lest they fail to thrive. It's plain idiotic.

The engineers of society go through a lot of trouble to keep people as far away from truth as possible. Natural things, real, pure, honest things are being systematically eradicated. Honest thoughts and feelings, curiosity, independent thought and action, being real, being compassionate, being tender and human and kind are all passé'. These things do not matter in the ugly new world, a shrine to selfish greed, ill will and mass death. All human needs and truths beyond the simple physical are dismissed, labeled irrelevant, unnecessary, unscientific and illogical. They discredited and ridiculed and then are pronounced to be inferior to what modern science or industry can create in their stead. This is said with perfect seriousness; that man can improve on nature with science; that science can build a better man than God or nature. Mankind will achieve beyond his wildest dreams with his inhumane, cold and dry scientific thinking and his great modern forward turned mind and his scientifically trained and evolved rational being. It's about productivity and six digits after the decimal point calculations that demand units per second, more automation, less human input and control, we are now producing for the hive. Humanity is so yesterday, it had no worth anyway, we'd all be better off the sooner we let it go. Nature has become a doddering old fool. Schools are teaching genetic destruction, mixing and manipulation across all species of life as being better than what nature puts forth, and the scary thing is that when kids grow up hearing that in school over and again they grow up fervently believing it to be true.

The truth is the worst enemy of falsehood. That's why it's so reviled and rejected. Reality is such a threat that step by step, reality is being redefined. Time and again the opposite of truth is sold as the truth, and even though it really makes no sense and cannot withstand scrutiny, although there is no proof to back up these new false assertions, they are being asserted as truths and are being accepted, by engineered consensus, as truths. It's quite a racket. It sends chills down my spine. This is very serious intense human deletion and control, inducing people to go blind to reality and forget about it and know nothing but what they are told; to accept and believe without question; and it's all being successfully carried out on a global scale.

How do we fight that? It's dang hard to fight, in fact I don't think you can fight it per se. People believe what they believe and like it that way. Once trained to believe nothing but what the system says, people close themselves down entirely to other sources of information and are not open to learning anything new or different from them.

We're no longer to care about principles, morality or human ethics, which is of course, the end of principles, morality and human ethics. This is the formula to end principled independent thinking. It is a vicious crime against humanity. It is not an overt murder of the body but of the mind and soul, the other body, the nonphysical one, the one that actually matters most. The system works exactly as intended to replace independently thinking people with literal zombies, the living dead, who live and respond entirely on conditioned cue. There's no critical thinking in the herd only reaction and simple, uncomplicated routine.

The last few generations of Americans have been consciously steered away from thinking and living as free, independent people toward being and thinking as part of an amorphous low level herd. That amorphous low level herd is the new paradigm, encompassing the politically correct ideas of the day. The green movement, the 'we are one world' ideology, the new hyper modernistic 21st century, scientific/technological "in crowd". Factory farming, diet control, pharmaceutical regulation and control of moods, thoughts and feelings, degrading demands to be of "scientifically determined" weight for height, eyesight, skin type, body type are all micro controlled, recorded, and punished for failure to conform to required "norms". The walls are already closing in on the herd who is being culled of its poor, its unwanted physical and mental characteristics, its superfluous races and especially every last trace of defiant thinking and unwillingness to conform. The for profit commodification of body parts, patents on plant and animal life, the disingenuous move to legalize gay parenting - not for equality - but to legitimize scientific genetic mutilation. No more borders, one currency, UN global governance, Bahá'í "Faith", the resurgence of diluted, detoured and demoralized fundamentalist religion. "We are doing it right" could be tattooed on every forehead and they'd probably like that, at least a whole bunch of them would.

Instead of being our own authority the focus is now on external authority and experts, on "properly credentialled" officially vetted leadership, which we are legally required to believe and submit to as the only correct, authorized, scientifically 'proven' knowledgeable sources for getting all of our information, laws and systems. Officialdom now claims to own vast subjects that apparently no one else is allowed to think about independently, or if they do they are doing it wrong and don't count. Officials are becoming more like bigger than life mega stars than ordinary people who work for us. They don't even pretend they work for us anymore, the entire paradigm has changed. Today officials grab the lead and people become adoring fans and believers, accepting whatever the superstars say, and doing whatever they tell us to do, because they are doing it right. We adore and follow officialdom like we follow team sports and movie stars, gaining inflated self image and delusions of personal importance and validity by association as we vicariously follow them from home in front of our TV sets.

I don't mean to bash the green people or anyone who likes technology, that's not at all what I'm saying. But there is doing it right and there is doing it wrong, whatever "it" is, and that has to be understood. When it reduces people that's doing it wrong, and these controlled political movements are as phony as the people who orchestrate them. People are being boiled down to stick-figure clichés and clones of some idealized externally created and mass marketed image of self and correctness. It's very much like a new religious movement, and it comes not with good will and brotherhood for all but with arrogance and demands to conform or die. Science is the new god. Personal rights are unnecessary and invalid. The true followers are the new chosen people. This is how to do it right.

Who we choose to believe today is what it all boils down to. Believe society's super star leaders and you are cool and a winner, you are doing it right. Doing it any other way is automatically doing it wrong. No one can be right or get it right for themselves, it's not possible. You have to subjugate yourself to external iconic authorized others who feed you your information and opinions and even your feelings or you won't have a chance of doing it right. Someone else who knows how to do it right will tell you what to value and not value, what to consider good and what to immediately react to as bad. Childlike trust of 'experts' and blind obedience to authority is doing it right. Officialdom has taken power and authority from individual citizens and placed it squarely in the hands of a very few people who are to be completely trusted, obeyed and followed.

The only way to screw up is to think. If you think you will see the loose ends and columns that don't actually add up when you do the math. You're not supposed to do the math, you're supposed to trust. If you bring up anomalies you're told you're wrong. If you check yourself and come up with the same anomalies and bring it up again, you will be told that there is a reason for what you see that you can't comprehend, and to trust. If that's not good enough for you, you are out. Bring it up again and you'll be attacked and physically rejected from the herd.

Everything about it is sick and dangerous. Individuals mean nothing which quickly becomes life meaning nothing and death meaning nothing. It becomes a cult of worshippers who vie for position under the rulership of some phony bigger than life entity. It makes people weak, selfish and ignorant, fear based, insecure and panic prone, needing the constant blessings and assurance from their leadership that they are doing it right. Every little problem, thought and feeling must be taken to authorities to solve because you can't think for yourself, you don't know how. You have no idea how to value anything and must be told, because your life is not your own and your mind is not your own. In truth, "you" don't even exist. You're a generic flesh piece part in a big machine that can be easily pulled out and replaced without anyone noticing. It becomes a matter of desperation to be okay with those you worship and follow, it begins to mean everything. The whole thing is a recipe for everything that is the worst that humans can become. Weak, small minded, competitive, abusive, selfish, combative, jealous, petty, dependent, ignorant, hypocritical, unprincipled and immoral.

You only have to think it through to its logical conclusion to realize it's not where you want to go. But herd think relieves people of thinking anything through or checking facts or asking where data came from and seeing if it's even real data. Herd think is popping happy pills and going through the steps and doing it all again tomorrow. And when it turns out you're dying inside and you're depressed and feel like you're falling apart you'll be told there is something seriously wrong with you and that you need to be corrected and medicated. You'll be rejected by the herd who will fear you for not being okay. At every level, whenever truth and reality come through, which they will because they can't be dismissed or pretended away, they will be perceived with horror and rejected, and to whatever extent possible buried and quickly forgotten, along with the infected persons who carried it in. No one will stand to defend or debate the validity of the status quo because few believe there is anything else, so anything else that does come along must be a deformation, a problem, something to fear. Those who suspect there is more beyond the status quo will never breathe a word of it because they don't want to risk ejection from the herd and the benefits there in.

The pattern is evident in many aspects of society, it looks obviously formulaic to me. You can overlay the pattern on top of many public institutions and see it followed through. It can't be a coincidence, it's simply too pervasive, simultaneous and precise. This is social engineering to be sure, simple steps and procedures applied to manipulate human consciousness and emotions to bring about desired results. It's all done with precision timing, and with plenty of punishment, cruelty and threats to use as motivators. It's very much like that part of Orwell's 1984 where Winston is supposed to say how many fingers are being held up. He says what he sees and is beaten and tortured. This is repeated over and again until he finally gets it that that's not the right answer, the right answer is the one the man wants to hear.

When Winston gives the answer he thinks the man wants to hear he is beaten and tortured again. He still hasn't gotten it right. It won't be right until he actually sees the number of fingers the man wants him to see. This kind of mental torture and breaking down of the psyche and boundaries of reality, reason and truth are like putting your brain and sense of self in a blender. It destroys people, completely. Everything they know, everything based on reality is ejected from the mind because it's wrong. We police ourselves and keep ourselves from having wrong thoughts, the very idea of which horrifies us. We want to see five fingers when the man holds up four, and just like Winston we eventually get to seeing five, really seeing five, when he holds up four. That's when the beating stops.

That's how it's done where ever it's done and it is done pretty much everywhere. One false step will bring that home pretty quickly.

An example of this is the so called war on drugs. If you do drugs, like drugs, illegal ones only now, don't care about drugs, or think the government should keep it's big fat nose out of people's private lives, then you are not "right". You are wrong. And being wrong is very serious, risky business. Being wrong makes you suspect and dangerous. Your morality is in question, your value system judged deviant, your intentions, lifestyle, credibility, acceptability in general, all come into serious doubt. The idea that you're probably a criminal and a threat is what comes from having thoughts and ideas contrary to required engineered ones. It's no joke, no small thing. You could easily be harassed and arrested, lose your job, have your entire career and family destroyed because of saying something that is based on reality, on truths, on verifiable facts that just happen to be not okay with the engineered required opinions of the day.

Try telling someone that you've studied the facts of the "holocaust" and have come up with a great many verified facts that put the whole holocaust story in doubt and see where that gets you. Your facts would be vilified and accused of being vicious hateful lies and you would be branded a Jew hater and holocaust denier, both of which shouldn't really be a problem even if they were true. Why should they be? People hate. Sometimes irrationally, sometimes for a reason. Hate in itself is a normal human emotion. It is also in the stages of being criminalized. Hate is not a crime it is a feeling. Hate is hate. Crime is crime. Simply blending the two words together although they are not together and don't together create a reality, they have become an invented new politically correct "truth". The hysterical negative reaction to the subject of questioning the holocaust or any factual, rational criticism of Israel or crimes committed by Jews is the perfect example of how the forcing of irrational, self serving, nonsensical ideas into the minds of the greater public and demonizing all ideas to the contrary is accomplished. Even questioning this engineered malodorous, dangerous game instantly makes people hate you. Honestly hate you. This is our reality right here and right now. Doing it right requires thinking, seeing and believing what you are told, in spite of reality, in spite of the lack of evidence, or common sense or reason or rationality or fairness. Literally refusing to think critically and being self policing to keep oneself from seeing three dimensional facts in evidence is a social requirement. Comply or pay the price, and the price is enormous.


In this country it solidly stands that regardless of the subject, be it large or small, public or private, at work or at play, if you want to do it right - negative reality must never be acknowledged. Never give an honest report of how you are feeling, do not confess to emotional pain or unhappiness, for these are signs of personal failure and mental instability. Do not so much as suggest that opinions, values or perspectives contrary to officially condoned ones could exist, much less be credible. Never directly speak the name of the drunk police officer beating his wife, or predating and violating his own children. Faithfully ignore the stench of death or corruption issuing forth from every portal of information and officialdom. You are not getting screwed senseless. It just feels like you are.

Do not notice the hermetically sealed system of felon recycling in high office, or recall what they were indicted for twenty or more years ago. Forget the guilty verdicts and the presidential pardons. Don't have a look at their personal financial status or ask what they've been up to and how they like China these days. It's not important that the Secretary of the Treasury is the employee of a foreign bank, which pays his salary, and which no doubt also gives him his orders. Sure, you could easily get the wrong idea if you put two and two together. So don't do that.

Do not notice the fascism, hypocrisy, racism or blood lust of the mind controlled Christian right or the Zionist powered government in general. Just turn your head and look the other way. None of that is there. There is no fear mongering or hate mongering or delusional thinking there, no intolerance, selfishness or ill will in the way we do things. This country has not been skillfully divided and set upon itself to break apart and weaken the whole we would otherwise be. All of that is nonsense and is simply not true.

There was no Sam Kenniston or Bill Hicks, no John Lennon and no Mae Brussel. Nor are there tens of dozens of dead journalists or decades full of death prone populist politicians laying six feet under. Boys can and do lay down on railroad tracks and allow trains to cut them to ribbons and it is a well established fact that investigative reporters of both sexes and every decade can commit suicide with two or three gunshots to the head using the wrong hand after slashing both of their own wrists to the bone and getting in the bathtub. It happens every day.

There is no string of dead Kennedys, it never happened. No such persons as Martin Luther King Jr. ever existed and the Warren Commission did a very thorough job and found nothing amiss beyond the fact that the facts and the evidence did not match the official story. Magic bullets are too real. Nothing wrong there. There have not been a hundred deaths of witnesses directly associated with the assassination of JFK. 9-11 was not an inside job so stop saying that. It was 19 Arab hijackers with box cutters that flew those planes into those skyscrapers; ignore the facts, hate people who bring you facts. They are all liars. Thousands and thousands of liars.

There is no monkey virus swimming in your veins from childhood vaccinations and there are no shockingly high numbers of people dying of cancer twenty, thirty or forty years later. We are number one.

There is no censorship here, no infiltration and control of all 'mainstream' print and broadcast media. Billions of dollars are not spent each year to propagandize you. There is absolutely no withholding of facts you need to discern and decide the condition of the world you live in. This is the most informed country in the world. History is just as it is stated in your newest history schoolbook. There is no secret government. Global governance is not a pseudonym for private ownership of the planet. Everything is fine. Everything is perfect. Everything is exactly as they tell us it is.

To doubt that is to be a racist. To doubt officialdom is flat un-American. To doubt anything they say could even be a hate crime. To doubt any of this at all is to be a terrorist. You don't want to be a terrorist now do you? Of course you don't. You can only be with us or against us, there is no third position to take. What's it gonna be, punk?

All negative reality must be ignored and overlooked. Negative reality does not exist here.

When the president commits a crime it's not a crime. No government official could ever be a liar or a thief or a thug, even when they're stealing and cheating and killing. No cop could be a serial killer or a thief or be on the take. All doctors are brilliant and skilled. They're always right and know everything and doctors don't hurt or kill people. There are no psychopaths in medicine or education or law enforcement or teaching or Children's Protective Services or the Judiciary or the government in general, only the best of the best, the cream of the crop. The only place bad people are is out here amongst the valueless masses, and over there in other countries. All guys in business suits are worthy of blanket respect and are upright and would never lie, cheat, steal, conspire, rob, crush people, pay off officials, pollute and walk away, or dodge taxes. All officials are honest and capable and are devoted, utterly committed to serving you and improving your life. The fact that your representatives are millionaires and you're not is not a problem. Just because they are handed checks by lobbyists is no reason to lose faith in our system. It's not corrupt, it's perfect.

If it looks fishy to you, you will not say so out loud. To do so would run the very serious risk of undermining the corrupt authority that rules all of our lives. To do so could very easily strike a chord with others that could act as a spark that could light a fire that could spread so fast and wide that the truth could suddenly be held as more important and more valuable than what the dominant criminal classes want us to believe.

To speak the plain truth in simple words that anyone can understand is to attack and assault your government, and your police, and your military, and your laws and courts and judges. It is to threaten to bring into focus the awareness of other ways of seeing, defining and valuing the way we do things in this country.

If simple truth is ugly, if it conflicts with our script, our game, our process underway, then the truth must be sacrificed. The truth is the enemy. The truth becomes the terrorist. It must be silenced, censored, denied, rejected, and fiercely! Immediately! With vigor and outrage.

How dare you speak simple truth! How dare you bring up facts for comparison to official fiction! Do you have any idea how dangerous that is?

To speak of the steady stream of corporate malfeasance and criminal activity is to suggest that people should have a problem with it; which threatens it. To observe the hundreds of billions of dollars being given for free to the wealthy and the spoiled with no strings attached, the self same people who broke the world and to call it a bald faced shameless crime, a theft, a purposely planned and operated daylight robbery is to suggest that they don't deserve all of the wealth and that you deserve some for yourself.

Are you insane? Are you purposely trying to destroy our country?

It is not okay to say you disagree with those in authority. You may not criticize what you see as murder, manipulation and lies. It is not okay to call their crimes, crimes. When they do it, it's not crime. It's only crime when you do it, or when someone else does it who is not authorized to commit crimes.

To call that hypocrisy is to suggest there is something wrong with doing things that way.

To suggest that the rules should be the same across the board for everyone, rich and poor alike, is an attempt to hold those in power accountable to you for their actions. They are not accountable to you! They are not accountable for their actions! They have rights! They don't have to tell you anything! They are above you! They are your superiors! You will jump when they tell you to jump and run when they tell you to run! You will hate and fear who they tell you to hate and fear and when they lie to you, you will believe them! You may not have your own opinions about anything, if those opinions are at all different from establishment framing! Are you crazy?

If people were ever to think of wealthy powerful people as nothing more than equals who had to earn respect, and earn trust, and show proof of their assertions of being of benefit to society, it would ruin everything! If the trillions of dollars that slip through government fingers ever had to be accounted for like every other business has to account for money, just like every single individual has to account for money, it would place an unbearable burden on officialdom and deeply undercut their ability to invisibly spend truckloads of money as desired for whatever they like, in any quantities they like, to achieve more for themselves and give more wealth to their wealthy friends.

Do not attempt to explain to others that our money is an illusion or that we need no central bank and indeed would be infinitely better off without it! Those Special Interest European Banker Organized Criminal Oligarchs need our billions in interest income, paid on imaginary money given us in imaginary loans that do not exist, that never existed and cannot ever exist. They are the richest people in the world because we pay them interest on nothing to the point of our own starvation and depravation in the extreme. They're used to getting everything they want for free. They like it that way. It helps them fund the machinations that keep the world in turmoil and war, that decides who will run what country, who will dutifully serve the invisible lords and masters behind the curtain and who will be assassinated for refusing to comply.

Slavery is freedom, don't you know that? A debt that is impossible to pay off no matter how many generations try to free themselves from its controlling stranglehold is the insurance policy they need to keep black hob nail boots firmly on the backs of our necks forever. Hundreds of billions of dollars coming to them for free, for doing nothing but pulling off the biggest most deceitful, betraying lies on the face of the earth is their right to receive and our duty to silently provide. We should expect nothing in return for this. We are duty bound to just give it to them so that they may continue to destroy our world, our country and our lives, play global power games and politics, undermine our freedom, enslave us and use us as chattel and livestock to produce more wealth and power for themselves. If we don't do that what right do we have to exist?

Do not point out the deaths, the suffering, the abject failure of it all. How dare you! It is not okay to express grave doubts in the trustworthiness of any form of officialdom, whether it's local and municipal, nonprofit or for profit, appointed or elected.

In order to keep the whole thing going, in order to allow the rich to keep getting richer and the rest to slowly drown in a sea of filthy, empty, pointless, debauched, meaningless struggle and distraction, we must keep smiling.

So what if the Senator is a closet sexual predator? So what if he heads an anti-gay religious council and takes street drugs while propositioning same sex prostitutes? So what if he's into kiddy porn? Senators are better than you are, it's not wrong when they do it. It's only wrong when you do it. It's only wrong for you to mention it or notice it or talk about it or try to stop it or punish it.

It is not okay to mention the fact that upper echelon government posts are held by dual citizens with loyalties to Israel first and Israel second. It is not okay to notice the United States becoming a fascist totalitarian dictatorship and think there is something wrong with that. It is not acceptable to moan and complain as our every right and freedom is undermined and demolished with sleazy end runs around the law and voluminous lies.

Do not point out any of the databanks of evidence of lies and corruption that prove the entire enterprise is a criminal organization and that we are all being gang raped and robbed by psychopaths and Mafioso and mercenaries and global intelligence agencies that are all working together as one and reporting to the same bosses. Turn your head when the obvious assassinations take place and the volumes of hard evidence disappear without explanation. Look the other way when your family members come home from our wars of aggression in caskets. Do not bother your beautiful mind with irrelevant facts. Ignore the facts!

What matters most is surface appearances. That is what you must focus on. Put on your masks, take your positions, and smile. There are no similarities to Hitler or Nazis here. Nine hundred empty concentration camps do not exist on American soil, it's a lie. Unless you can personally see them in which case they are only there in case we need them during an emergency. Smile and think about dividends income. Smile and think about stock purchases and tropical vacations. Smile and scrutinize Angelina Jolie's butt and think about poor, weird, dead, Michael Jackson. Smile and turn on Oprah and donate to officially recognized charitable causes and don't worry where the money went, trust. Smile and believe everything you hear on TV and every word out of the mouths of officialdom and corporate board rooms. It is all the truth. Every bit of it.

No one here is being robbed or fleeced or cheated or lied to or used. Elections are not rigged or stolen, Congressional seats are not purchased, gifted or otherwise guaranteed to those who go along with the program. We would never go to war for reasons other than the reasons we are given. America never makes mistakes and never does anything wrong, which is why we should never have to apologize to anyone for anything. There are no elephants in any of our living rooms or in the oval office. Police are not carrying machine guns to use on you and your family and your children. There is nothing wrong with grade school teachers diagnosing your child's mental illnesses and insisting on prescription drugging. There is no one in prison who is not a danger to society! Prison inmates have it too good. People who do wrong things should not be allowed to vote. Our unverifiable votes are not a problem. Exit polls are the problem, they're totally unreliable. Trust. You must trust.

Everyone should be taking at least two or three prescription drugs because prescription drugs are good for you. Pills can cure your grief and loss and emptiness within as well as your athlete's foot fungus and obsessive compulsive hand washing. Psychiatrists are too real doctors and pills are all you need to feel better. Animals are not dying when fed genetically modified organisms, and no one has mad cow disease in this country. We don't even test our cows so there is no mad cow disease here.

Vaccines are good for you! They're good for your whole family! Get all the vaccinations you can find. Vaccines keep you safe and healthy! It's only those nasty people who refuse to take dozens and dozens of injections of healthy mercury and genetically altered animal viruses who threaten our health! Keep your kids far away from those horrible people!

Everything is beautiful here. Everything is perfect. If Thomas Jefferson were alive today he'd be proud. There is no more honest, upright nation in the world than our own. We are noble and upright as we torture terrorists without any evidence of wrongdoing.

Smile and think about shopping. Don't worry about mall shooters and campus killings and aids and killer bees. Just smile and trust and believe. You are free. Everything is fair and safe and just and rational.

The fact of the matter is that proof and evidence to the contrary of our beautiful self imagery is all nonsense. All made up just to try to undermine our happiness and peace and freedom. It's all a lie. The only truth is the official truth. Nothing else matters. Who are you going to believe, your own lying eyes or the government? Well there you go. If it weren't for the government you might question these things. You need them. We all need them. We don't ever have to check anything for ourselves because we have them to do our checking for us. We are blessed and lucky indeed. Everything they say is true. They love you. They care about you. They are there for you.


Okay, maybe not. Maybe they don't care about you. How could they when they don't even know you exist? Besides, why would they? There's nothing in it for them and getting everything for themselves is the whole reason they're there.

There's one more thing I want to point out and this should come as a great relief to the most hysterical paranoid types. You do not have to worry about socialism or communism setting in here. If you're worried about that, let it go. Because you're way too late. We were Sovietized ages ago. If you can say "Federal" then you can say "Soviet". What nobody ever told you is that they mean exactly the same thing.

It means consensus. It means living in abject poverty for the most part so the least part can live in absolute opulence, and more than likely somewhere else. They do seem to be in quite a rush to clean us out for every last dime and every last household mortgage, don't they? In case it needs to be said, if you have to depend on somebody else for your survival you're not going to do much surviving. Just so you know.

Maybe I'm wrong about all this, huh? Maybe it's all just a great big coincidence that the more we lose the more they gain in both money and power and the more it means that we'll never get them back without paying in blood. Maybe they're trying with all their might to make the world a better place. In fact I'm sure they are. A better place for themselves. You've never been mentioned have you? What makes you think you're in the picture?

Then again, the evidence to support my position is a bit overwhelming, and I barely put a dent in it all. There's not enough time in my life and not enough space here to try to list all the crimes and murders and lies and wrongdoing that most of us know nothing whatsoever about. That doesn't mean they never happened. It means we are ignorant and need to catch up and get with the program.

This is what happens when people refuse to get real. Mistakes are not corrected. Official crimes are left unpunished. Corruption flourishes. Good people get used and abused and crushed under the weight of ravenously greedy, selfish, arrogant, self serving people who don't care who gets hurt. Truth becomes extinct. Freedom to be human, to draw your own conclusions, to think for yourself, to talk about anything freely and openly all go extinct. A controlled society comes into being where corruption and brutality keep the cheated, the brutalized and the predated in chains so the murderers, rapists, predators and the liars can be safe and snug and doing what they do; eating the flesh of our babies.

When we avoid the truth we guarantee the worst for ourselves. We forfeit all chances of preventing inevitable bad outcomes. We forget who we are, why we are, what we are. Nothing makes sense and soon nothing matters. The game is taken over by the strong and no one else matters anymore.

Personally, I'd rather bring up the ugly truth and deal with it, but that's just me. It's hard to see how there could be unemployment if we actually faced our ugly bits and got to work fixing our country. It's hard to see how America in general could do anything but benefit profoundly from growing up, taking responsibility, and actually trying to be what we say we are. It's hard to see how that would do anything but make this country a healthy, thriving, decent place to live. Pretending there's nothing wrong is not the same as things being okay. It doesn't work that way. In my humble opinion one of the greatest services we can all do is call it like we see it and tell the plain truth, no matter who doesn't like it or on what grounds. No grounds exist that make the truth a bad thing.

Getting real is a matter of substance over appearances and a decision we each must make about which matters more to us and which we will consciously choose to live by. We can't do that for anyone else, but we sure as heck can do it for ourselves. For every person who chooses substance over nonsense there is one less participant supporter of all that is inane and self destructive.

Never doubt that our own decision and commitment to get real will influence everyone in our lives and can be a real obstruction to the social engineers. That, as I see it, is the only place that answers and solutions will come from. Changing the world into what it could be is not impossible but it won't happen by accident, by passivity, or by luck. It won't happen overnight either, but living like we mean it cannot help but keep safely in living memory what it truly means to be human. If that is ever lost and forgotten, then nothing much will matter anymore. And I'm afraid that is exactly the game plan. Because when nothing matters, evil people will be free to do anything to anyone, no matter how violent, obscene or inexcusable and this world will no longer be real. It will be impossible to return to reality because there will be no reality and no way of even figuring out what it was. After a time no one will care because they will know of no other way of existing. To me that is the definition of hell. And unless we get real that's where we will inevitably end up. It's a choice, a personal choice and political one. It's something we all know is more important than stupid partisan issues and phony baloney politicians and bullying rich people and militant police. The real war is against human truth and the sanctity of life. And it's a war that we can only lose once. If we lose it, we lose everything that matters, forever.

If we honestly care about more than our own selves then we need to care about getting real and facing the negative reactions. When enough of us get real we can push the criminal scum back down into the holes they crawled out of. It's really as simple as that. It's really within our grasp to decide our own futures and the future of the world. But it does require getting real.

Which takes me back around to where I started and to the question I asked in the beginning. Will we ever decide to get real?

I don't know. I sure hope so.