Friday, July 10, 2009

Getting Real vs. Doing It Right

I do often wonder, are we ever going to get real in this country?

Will we ever face the one thing we can't stand looking at, ourselves, and get honest with ourselves and each other?

We could do that, but it would take getting real, which would mean no game playing, being serious, and being out front about who we are. That would help a lot.

I'm not holding my breath. I am, however, reserving my right to leave room for miracles.

Why is it that so many people are utterly and profoundly against getting real? A whole lot of perfectly nice people truly hate and fear getting real about something or other in life.

To get real would be to change everything. To change everything would mean those in control would no longer be in control; and those getting rich off our sacrifice and sweat would have to give up their monopoly on power and wealth distribution. That simply can't happen. I think it's been well established that enough of these super rich criminals will kill to preserve their unprecedented hoarding. It's all they've got I suppose. When you're crippled inside you have to push hard to feel anything. If all you can feel is satisfaction when you get more for yourself even though you don't need it, that's what you do. I'm afraid facing the truth in this country is not allowed. It is something deftly and expertly avoided, with only the rarest exceptions, and even those are routinely and rapidly buried.

It's not just the crusty uppers that prefer the fakedom, it's pretty much everybody who believes in the system. All kinds of people are flat terrified of getting real and will go to great lengths to avoid it. People very much want to look like they are doing it right and getting real would make that next to impossible.

"Doing it right" is defined by the system, and the first rule of doing it right is to see the system as a grand benevolent force that makes possible all that is good and right and decent and noble in your life. The system is to be perceived as responsible for giving you everything, and regardless of how little you may actually have, you're also to believe that you have more and better than people all over the world and you should even feel guilty about it. Because of the system we are number one, because the system itself is number one. Doing it right means seeing the system as near perfect and excusing and overlooking the inevitable appearances of flaws when they arise. According to the system, when you live in the system you are doing it right, and when you are doing it right you will be happy.

Therefore, we are all supposed to be happy all the time. We're all supposed to not have any kind of real problems ever, beyond perhaps scheduling problems or not having a good recipe to use up the rest of the Easter ham. There is an unspoken philosophy of why 'real' is bad. It goes something like this.

Real problems are bad, so people who have real problems are bad, or even mentally ill or even maybe criminal, because problems don't happen when you're doing things right. People who are angry, struggling, poor, fat, sick, unhappy or obviously different are scary people because they're obviously not doing it right. Colored people and people who speak poor English or no English are scary people too because they're not doing it right. They can't do it right, they were born wrong, and that's why they're jealous of us and hate us and why they want to destroy us. They hate our perfect system; our problem-free democratic nation of patriotic God fearing Support-The-Troops We're-Number-One Americans because we are doing it right, and God loves us because we're doing it right. People of other colors and people who wear towels on their heads and people who believe false religions hate us because they are jealous of the way we are doing it right and are prospering and they are not doing it right and are not prospering so God has to punish them for doing it wrong. We make them look bad and they are jealous of us because we are better than they are and we don't have to apologize for that. Because we know how to do everything right, we are prosperous, healthy and happy and we have strong marriages and we are heterosexual and our children are A students and we go to church and our purses match our shoes and our men keep their hair short and bring home the bacon. People who do everything right are happy and will have no real problems. There are no real problems in America, there are only bad people who refuse to do it right.

The above bull pucky is never so much as said outright, but tell me it isn't at the core of how brain dead loudmouthed generic America thinks and sees itself. This is the "America" Sarah Palin represented. This is the America shoved down our throats with every Presidential fanfare, inside every military recruiting office, and in every unethical, lying corporate newspaper, TV news broadcast, unfair and unbalanced Fox News and Rush Dipshit radio show that hits the airwaves. The whole "if you have a problem with us then there's something wrong with you" mentality is not just obnoxious, arrogant, and ignorant, it's utterly dishonest. It absolutely relies on people pretending everything is perfect and nobody seeing any serious problems that are self generated. If you're a happy herd member who's been taught all about doing it right then you're golden. All problems are somebody else's fault. In short, to keep up this nonsense it is required that nobody attempt to get real. Getting real is all the way out.

I've known people who absolutely refuse to acknowledge anything unpleasant, as if doing so would break something. If grandma died at the dinner table the whole family would smile and whisper because she 'fell asleep'. Everybody knows grandma laying there with her face smashed into her mashed potatoes is dead, but that's just too unpleasant to mention. If you asked these people why they all said grandma was asleep at the dinner table when everyone knew she was dead they'd say they didn't want to upset the children or spoil dinner. What they're really saying is that when reality is perceived to be unpleasant, shut up and see something else.

People like to play a lot of games with each other. Quite a few like to take their role playing games to the ultimate heights. What it's all about is the opposite of substance, because substance is reality. But reality is out. What does that leave but appearances? Not much. How things look, how things appear to be, posturing, spending more than you have to make people think you're more "successful" in the system than you really are, this is what people care about. It goes way beyond keeping up with the Jones'. It installs a national, paranoid delusional neurosis. A suspicious, superstitious, ignorant, shallow, childish, dependent, jealous, competitive population that's just plain full of shit and obsessed with nonsense, status, labels, titles, teams, winning, plastic surgery, Hollywood, hair dye, calories, breast size and penis size. Everybody's running around missing the point of everything. Not hard to do when reality is not allowed and unreality is more important than life itself.

The system is there to define everything for us, including ourselves. It is absolutely necessary for the continued existence of the system to do that, which is why the system seeks to get inside our heads to overwrite our natural selves as early in life as it can. It must relieve us of our natural minds and beings, training them out of us, wiping our slates clean, in order to fully and successfully rewrite a reality program for us that just happens to suit the system very nicely.

We are started out very young embracing the idea that we must change ourselves at almost every level in order to be okay in this society. The way we naturally think, feel and look are the last things we could ever consider to be acceptable; we must force artificial changes based on what others think even though it's not "us" to do that. The message is loud and clear; you cannot feel good about yourself, really good about yourself just being exactly who and what you are.

We are given to believe that we have no intrinsic value as people, none at all, and can only become somewhat valuable to the extent that we are rich and if we're not rich we must prostitute ourselves out to meet other people's demands and expectations. This is perhaps the ugliest lie there is to build a society on, much less little girls and boys. It's also the exact opposite of the truth.

There is no way to know who you are, to establish anything about yourself when you have no frame of reference for a self realized concept of personal reality. You cannot get your bearings if you don't know how you feel in reference to what you see, feel and experience. You can't get a starting point much less conceive of life's greater meaning when you don't actually know who or where you are. If you can't determine for yourself which way is up or down or north or south you cannot get a fix on anything, including yourself. All you can do is desperately flail about and be obsessed with getting all the official "doing it right" signals and information that tell you who you are and what you're supposed to think and do and be in order to keep on doing it right and even to do it more right than others who are doing it right.

Pulling people out of their own reality, their own perceptions, their own critical thinking, analysis and creativity is to destroy those people. Right now the system's destruction is limited to reducing people to docility and rendering them inert, meaning, their disempowered mindset keeps them from challenging those who want to control everything. People's natural creative forces and potential are rendered inert, detoured off the trail to the red herring of "doing it right". Doing it right, herd style, presumes there is only one way of doing it right and that if you simply follow the steps and embrace them, you'll be a winner. Of course that's exactly the opposite of the truth. Figuring out how to do it right for yourself is what empowers you and brings you into energized, conscious, proactive existence. Convincing droves of people to wander off course and become hand clapping blobs that don't interfere with the big boys ideas and plans keeps all the competition disarmed and in one ineffective place. That's destructive as it can be, it's next to total destruction of the natural person. All that's left is rendering the physical being inert too, and they're busy working on that now with lavish amounts of government dollars that we provide. We are buying our own spiritual and physical murders. Going along with that is, supposedly, doing it right.

Once people get sucked into "doing it right" there's a truly pathetic desire to get gold star recognition awards for being good at doing it right, and there are much coveted awards for being the best at doing it right. Which only makes sense because when self esteem is not internally generated it can only come from outside sources in the form of approval and validation that you indeed are doing it right. That this could be enough for someone is beyond sad. That it could be the end all and be all of what's important to you is pathetic beyond my ability to express. How the hell could anyone else have a clue about what "doing it right" is for anyone else?

This trap keeps people in eternal childhood, forever without power, forever needing permission, forever subservient to others of supposed superior rank and title. Those externally appointed superiors need do nothing to prove they are qualified, merely possessing rank and title is all that is required. When it turns out that they're corrupt, ineffective, sadistic or selfish losers, child molesters (a.k.a. Catholic Priests), crooks, thugs and thieves (a.k.a. Bush/Cheney), the pure hearted doing it right eternally trusting obedient followers can't grasp it.

The victims of ravenous false authority are really real, so they are always immediately swept under the nearest rug (wounded/disabled veterans, molested children, dead civilians) and nobody talks about them. Nobody misses a beat. The ugly bits are blocked from the mind as if they literally did not exist. It is always chalked up to an anomaly, an expected necessary cost of achievement, a single "bad apple". In effect, our blindness seals our fates. We will be perpetually stuck inside this circle of idiocy as our official leadership swirls the bowl morally, effectively and literally, taking us all with them of course. This is just not a good plan.

Generation after generation of young people are growing up in total unreality. To say that there is a critical dearth of healthy role models would be a serious understatement. Name one famous person who really has it together and is not a phony or so rich they have nothing in common with you. Yeah. Good luck on that. There aren't any. Strangely, what few excellent, reality based, decent, honest leaders do come along all get brutally murdered by the standard lone gunman. Sure they do. Nothing there to think about, move along please.

I cringe inside when I see very young girls dressed like hooker pop-stars, but that's what they're being sold as the most desirable image for themselves. Trashy, flashy sex products are the role models our young girls and women are being given to look up to today and emulate. The whole role model stage is all but empty except for these entertainers who always have and always will represent fantasy and extremes, but nobody's there to explain that to our little girls. All they see is someone who is supposed to be sexy and beautiful and apparently that supposedly matters more than anything, it's what it takes to be the ideal female and that's what they believe they should be. What a gyp for them. It would have done them infinitely more good to have strong, intelligent, substantive, courageous, real people role models that taught them self respect and showed them how to kick some ass in life. That would have done our whole society a lot more good in fact.

Some of these girls really knock themselves out trying to achieve "the look", because they think "the look" is what is beautiful and desirable and will make them lovable and worthy. Some of them succeed if you can call that success and some don't have a chance because they cannot fit into the silly mold that everyone seems to think is so very ideal. It bashes up their egos pretty well too unless they're very well adjusted and feel good about their self image anyway, but I suspect that's not often the case. The same goes for boys too, this is just one of the many games we must play in order to define ourselves and others and find our place, ranking and self worth in society. It's a completely useless way of doing those things, it's incredibly harmful, but that's what we've got so that's what we do.

The message that we have no natural value comes through over and again as we're taught in differing situations how we are required to behave in order to be acceptable, and even how we are required to think and feel. Our thoughts, feelings and beliefs are shaped externally through means that seem innocuous and optional, at least that's the claim the social engineers would make. But the truth of the matter is that unless you go along with what they want you to be and do and think and say and feel, you'll be branded valueless and get rejected. You won't be allowed to play the game and that means you won't get your real life needs met. Think Cuba and sanctions and see the template. Conform or die is the unwavering message we get again and again until we believe it is true and even that it is right.

The pressure to conform to the demands of the system is so intense that it systematically breaks people. I think it actually shatters the self. The pain is what makes most people conform because it would be unbearable to not be accepted, particularly at that young age but it's true at any age. It's really not at all optional but as usual, you'd have a hard time proving it. The social engineers don't leave much hard evidence of their tampering where regular folk can easily find it and take it to court. Even if they did take it to court, the court is the law arm of holding up our unreality system, so that won't get you very far. Indeed, our whole Congress and Executive branch is firmly entrenched in continuing and propagating the unreality of the "we're doing it right" American Way. So called radicals are people who try to drag reality, justice, fairness, equality, decency, respect and just plain old truth into the picture.

The fact that they hit us hard from a very young age before we have the ability to reason things out and decide the value of not putting our energies into being who we really are doesn't help either. In fact that's what seals it. Adults are not nearly as likely to embrace external peer pressure to change themselves to suit others. Younger folk haven't gotten enough life under their belts yet to know how little value there is in being detoured from who you really are and throwing all you've got into building on that and discovering yourself for yourself. Finding out the hard way long after it would have come in handy to know can be pretty annoying if you ever lose interest in the silliness and nonsense of fake people and fake relationships and role playing. I guess it's a lesson we all have to learn. Some learn it early, some never get a clue. The ones who never get a clue fit in perfectly with the herd mentality.

Lots of people strive to be super pro-herd thinkers and doers. It never even occurs to some of these folks that things can be done another way. They wouldn't understand the need or desire to do things differently. For them, because they are dyed in the wool creations who have embraced being defined and constructed by outside others, they think it's all great. They are doing it right. They are sufficiently rewarded, if only emotionally, for playing the game.

Rewards come to those who play the game passionately and believe it's real. You may have noticed that there is no money in being real, or being honest, open, decent, compassionate and human. It does not pay to think for yourself, judge for yourself, learn for yourself or do things "out of the box". Those things are quickly becoming valueless and more proof of insanity than human necessity. Humanity itself then must become unnecessary.

Individualism is tagged errant. It is equated to dissent and anarchy which are tagged as only and totally bad. Individualism is now being sold as a dangerous thing, something that threatens the greater good. The pressure to conform with group think, to achieve politically correct consensus and get everyone on board and have everyone be like everyone else is more intense than I've ever seen it. Forget yourself and become the Borg, or in the current vernacular become "one world", that's what we now are being indoctrinated to desire, hold dear and strive for. It's what we believe in, and truth does not fit anywhere in there. It simply doesn't pay to be real. This is severe mental illness. This is a literal, actual contagious disease affecting the human mind. It is all in defiance of reality and true values and real meaning and human health and all of the things that humans must have lest they fail to thrive. It's plain idiotic.

The engineers of society go through a lot of trouble to keep people as far away from truth as possible. Natural things, real, pure, honest things are being systematically eradicated. Honest thoughts and feelings, curiosity, independent thought and action, being real, being compassionate, being tender and human and kind are all passé'. These things do not matter in the ugly new world, a shrine to selfish greed, ill will and mass death. All human needs and truths beyond the simple physical are dismissed, labeled irrelevant, unnecessary, unscientific and illogical. They discredited and ridiculed and then are pronounced to be inferior to what modern science or industry can create in their stead. This is said with perfect seriousness; that man can improve on nature with science; that science can build a better man than God or nature. Mankind will achieve beyond his wildest dreams with his inhumane, cold and dry scientific thinking and his great modern forward turned mind and his scientifically trained and evolved rational being. It's about productivity and six digits after the decimal point calculations that demand units per second, more automation, less human input and control, we are now producing for the hive. Humanity is so yesterday, it had no worth anyway, we'd all be better off the sooner we let it go. Nature has become a doddering old fool. Schools are teaching genetic destruction, mixing and manipulation across all species of life as being better than what nature puts forth, and the scary thing is that when kids grow up hearing that in school over and again they grow up fervently believing it to be true.

The truth is the worst enemy of falsehood. That's why it's so reviled and rejected. Reality is such a threat that step by step, reality is being redefined. Time and again the opposite of truth is sold as the truth, and even though it really makes no sense and cannot withstand scrutiny, although there is no proof to back up these new false assertions, they are being asserted as truths and are being accepted, by engineered consensus, as truths. It's quite a racket. It sends chills down my spine. This is very serious intense human deletion and control, inducing people to go blind to reality and forget about it and know nothing but what they are told; to accept and believe without question; and it's all being successfully carried out on a global scale.

How do we fight that? It's dang hard to fight, in fact I don't think you can fight it per se. People believe what they believe and like it that way. Once trained to believe nothing but what the system says, people close themselves down entirely to other sources of information and are not open to learning anything new or different from them.

We're no longer to care about principles, morality or human ethics, which is of course, the end of principles, morality and human ethics. This is the formula to end principled independent thinking. It is a vicious crime against humanity. It is not an overt murder of the body but of the mind and soul, the other body, the nonphysical one, the one that actually matters most. The system works exactly as intended to replace independently thinking people with literal zombies, the living dead, who live and respond entirely on conditioned cue. There's no critical thinking in the herd only reaction and simple, uncomplicated routine.

The last few generations of Americans have been consciously steered away from thinking and living as free, independent people toward being and thinking as part of an amorphous low level herd. That amorphous low level herd is the new paradigm, encompassing the politically correct ideas of the day. The green movement, the 'we are one world' ideology, the new hyper modernistic 21st century, scientific/technological "in crowd". Factory farming, diet control, pharmaceutical regulation and control of moods, thoughts and feelings, degrading demands to be of "scientifically determined" weight for height, eyesight, skin type, body type are all micro controlled, recorded, and punished for failure to conform to required "norms". The walls are already closing in on the herd who is being culled of its poor, its unwanted physical and mental characteristics, its superfluous races and especially every last trace of defiant thinking and unwillingness to conform. The for profit commodification of body parts, patents on plant and animal life, the disingenuous move to legalize gay parenting - not for equality - but to legitimize scientific genetic mutilation. No more borders, one currency, UN global governance, Bahá'í "Faith", the resurgence of diluted, detoured and demoralized fundamentalist religion. "We are doing it right" could be tattooed on every forehead and they'd probably like that, at least a whole bunch of them would.

Instead of being our own authority the focus is now on external authority and experts, on "properly credentialled" officially vetted leadership, which we are legally required to believe and submit to as the only correct, authorized, scientifically 'proven' knowledgeable sources for getting all of our information, laws and systems. Officialdom now claims to own vast subjects that apparently no one else is allowed to think about independently, or if they do they are doing it wrong and don't count. Officials are becoming more like bigger than life mega stars than ordinary people who work for us. They don't even pretend they work for us anymore, the entire paradigm has changed. Today officials grab the lead and people become adoring fans and believers, accepting whatever the superstars say, and doing whatever they tell us to do, because they are doing it right. We adore and follow officialdom like we follow team sports and movie stars, gaining inflated self image and delusions of personal importance and validity by association as we vicariously follow them from home in front of our TV sets.

I don't mean to bash the green people or anyone who likes technology, that's not at all what I'm saying. But there is doing it right and there is doing it wrong, whatever "it" is, and that has to be understood. When it reduces people that's doing it wrong, and these controlled political movements are as phony as the people who orchestrate them. People are being boiled down to stick-figure clichés and clones of some idealized externally created and mass marketed image of self and correctness. It's very much like a new religious movement, and it comes not with good will and brotherhood for all but with arrogance and demands to conform or die. Science is the new god. Personal rights are unnecessary and invalid. The true followers are the new chosen people. This is how to do it right.

Who we choose to believe today is what it all boils down to. Believe society's super star leaders and you are cool and a winner, you are doing it right. Doing it any other way is automatically doing it wrong. No one can be right or get it right for themselves, it's not possible. You have to subjugate yourself to external iconic authorized others who feed you your information and opinions and even your feelings or you won't have a chance of doing it right. Someone else who knows how to do it right will tell you what to value and not value, what to consider good and what to immediately react to as bad. Childlike trust of 'experts' and blind obedience to authority is doing it right. Officialdom has taken power and authority from individual citizens and placed it squarely in the hands of a very few people who are to be completely trusted, obeyed and followed.

The only way to screw up is to think. If you think you will see the loose ends and columns that don't actually add up when you do the math. You're not supposed to do the math, you're supposed to trust. If you bring up anomalies you're told you're wrong. If you check yourself and come up with the same anomalies and bring it up again, you will be told that there is a reason for what you see that you can't comprehend, and to trust. If that's not good enough for you, you are out. Bring it up again and you'll be attacked and physically rejected from the herd.

Everything about it is sick and dangerous. Individuals mean nothing which quickly becomes life meaning nothing and death meaning nothing. It becomes a cult of worshippers who vie for position under the rulership of some phony bigger than life entity. It makes people weak, selfish and ignorant, fear based, insecure and panic prone, needing the constant blessings and assurance from their leadership that they are doing it right. Every little problem, thought and feeling must be taken to authorities to solve because you can't think for yourself, you don't know how. You have no idea how to value anything and must be told, because your life is not your own and your mind is not your own. In truth, "you" don't even exist. You're a generic flesh piece part in a big machine that can be easily pulled out and replaced without anyone noticing. It becomes a matter of desperation to be okay with those you worship and follow, it begins to mean everything. The whole thing is a recipe for everything that is the worst that humans can become. Weak, small minded, competitive, abusive, selfish, combative, jealous, petty, dependent, ignorant, hypocritical, unprincipled and immoral.

You only have to think it through to its logical conclusion to realize it's not where you want to go. But herd think relieves people of thinking anything through or checking facts or asking where data came from and seeing if it's even real data. Herd think is popping happy pills and going through the steps and doing it all again tomorrow. And when it turns out you're dying inside and you're depressed and feel like you're falling apart you'll be told there is something seriously wrong with you and that you need to be corrected and medicated. You'll be rejected by the herd who will fear you for not being okay. At every level, whenever truth and reality come through, which they will because they can't be dismissed or pretended away, they will be perceived with horror and rejected, and to whatever extent possible buried and quickly forgotten, along with the infected persons who carried it in. No one will stand to defend or debate the validity of the status quo because few believe there is anything else, so anything else that does come along must be a deformation, a problem, something to fear. Those who suspect there is more beyond the status quo will never breathe a word of it because they don't want to risk ejection from the herd and the benefits there in.

The pattern is evident in many aspects of society, it looks obviously formulaic to me. You can overlay the pattern on top of many public institutions and see it followed through. It can't be a coincidence, it's simply too pervasive, simultaneous and precise. This is social engineering to be sure, simple steps and procedures applied to manipulate human consciousness and emotions to bring about desired results. It's all done with precision timing, and with plenty of punishment, cruelty and threats to use as motivators. It's very much like that part of Orwell's 1984 where Winston is supposed to say how many fingers are being held up. He says what he sees and is beaten and tortured. This is repeated over and again until he finally gets it that that's not the right answer, the right answer is the one the man wants to hear.

When Winston gives the answer he thinks the man wants to hear he is beaten and tortured again. He still hasn't gotten it right. It won't be right until he actually sees the number of fingers the man wants him to see. This kind of mental torture and breaking down of the psyche and boundaries of reality, reason and truth are like putting your brain and sense of self in a blender. It destroys people, completely. Everything they know, everything based on reality is ejected from the mind because it's wrong. We police ourselves and keep ourselves from having wrong thoughts, the very idea of which horrifies us. We want to see five fingers when the man holds up four, and just like Winston we eventually get to seeing five, really seeing five, when he holds up four. That's when the beating stops.

That's how it's done where ever it's done and it is done pretty much everywhere. One false step will bring that home pretty quickly.

An example of this is the so called war on drugs. If you do drugs, like drugs, illegal ones only now, don't care about drugs, or think the government should keep it's big fat nose out of people's private lives, then you are not "right". You are wrong. And being wrong is very serious, risky business. Being wrong makes you suspect and dangerous. Your morality is in question, your value system judged deviant, your intentions, lifestyle, credibility, acceptability in general, all come into serious doubt. The idea that you're probably a criminal and a threat is what comes from having thoughts and ideas contrary to required engineered ones. It's no joke, no small thing. You could easily be harassed and arrested, lose your job, have your entire career and family destroyed because of saying something that is based on reality, on truths, on verifiable facts that just happen to be not okay with the engineered required opinions of the day.

Try telling someone that you've studied the facts of the "holocaust" and have come up with a great many verified facts that put the whole holocaust story in doubt and see where that gets you. Your facts would be vilified and accused of being vicious hateful lies and you would be branded a Jew hater and holocaust denier, both of which shouldn't really be a problem even if they were true. Why should they be? People hate. Sometimes irrationally, sometimes for a reason. Hate in itself is a normal human emotion. It is also in the stages of being criminalized. Hate is not a crime it is a feeling. Hate is hate. Crime is crime. Simply blending the two words together although they are not together and don't together create a reality, they have become an invented new politically correct "truth". The hysterical negative reaction to the subject of questioning the holocaust or any factual, rational criticism of Israel or crimes committed by Jews is the perfect example of how the forcing of irrational, self serving, nonsensical ideas into the minds of the greater public and demonizing all ideas to the contrary is accomplished. Even questioning this engineered malodorous, dangerous game instantly makes people hate you. Honestly hate you. This is our reality right here and right now. Doing it right requires thinking, seeing and believing what you are told, in spite of reality, in spite of the lack of evidence, or common sense or reason or rationality or fairness. Literally refusing to think critically and being self policing to keep oneself from seeing three dimensional facts in evidence is a social requirement. Comply or pay the price, and the price is enormous.


In this country it solidly stands that regardless of the subject, be it large or small, public or private, at work or at play, if you want to do it right - negative reality must never be acknowledged. Never give an honest report of how you are feeling, do not confess to emotional pain or unhappiness, for these are signs of personal failure and mental instability. Do not so much as suggest that opinions, values or perspectives contrary to officially condoned ones could exist, much less be credible. Never directly speak the name of the drunk police officer beating his wife, or predating and violating his own children. Faithfully ignore the stench of death or corruption issuing forth from every portal of information and officialdom. You are not getting screwed senseless. It just feels like you are.

Do not notice the hermetically sealed system of felon recycling in high office, or recall what they were indicted for twenty or more years ago. Forget the guilty verdicts and the presidential pardons. Don't have a look at their personal financial status or ask what they've been up to and how they like China these days. It's not important that the Secretary of the Treasury is the employee of a foreign bank, which pays his salary, and which no doubt also gives him his orders. Sure, you could easily get the wrong idea if you put two and two together. So don't do that.

Do not notice the fascism, hypocrisy, racism or blood lust of the mind controlled Christian right or the Zionist powered government in general. Just turn your head and look the other way. None of that is there. There is no fear mongering or hate mongering or delusional thinking there, no intolerance, selfishness or ill will in the way we do things. This country has not been skillfully divided and set upon itself to break apart and weaken the whole we would otherwise be. All of that is nonsense and is simply not true.

There was no Sam Kenniston or Bill Hicks, no John Lennon and no Mae Brussel. Nor are there tens of dozens of dead journalists or decades full of death prone populist politicians laying six feet under. Boys can and do lay down on railroad tracks and allow trains to cut them to ribbons and it is a well established fact that investigative reporters of both sexes and every decade can commit suicide with two or three gunshots to the head using the wrong hand after slashing both of their own wrists to the bone and getting in the bathtub. It happens every day.

There is no string of dead Kennedys, it never happened. No such persons as Martin Luther King Jr. ever existed and the Warren Commission did a very thorough job and found nothing amiss beyond the fact that the facts and the evidence did not match the official story. Magic bullets are too real. Nothing wrong there. There have not been a hundred deaths of witnesses directly associated with the assassination of JFK. 9-11 was not an inside job so stop saying that. It was 19 Arab hijackers with box cutters that flew those planes into those skyscrapers; ignore the facts, hate people who bring you facts. They are all liars. Thousands and thousands of liars.

There is no monkey virus swimming in your veins from childhood vaccinations and there are no shockingly high numbers of people dying of cancer twenty, thirty or forty years later. We are number one.

There is no censorship here, no infiltration and control of all 'mainstream' print and broadcast media. Billions of dollars are not spent each year to propagandize you. There is absolutely no withholding of facts you need to discern and decide the condition of the world you live in. This is the most informed country in the world. History is just as it is stated in your newest history schoolbook. There is no secret government. Global governance is not a pseudonym for private ownership of the planet. Everything is fine. Everything is perfect. Everything is exactly as they tell us it is.

To doubt that is to be a racist. To doubt officialdom is flat un-American. To doubt anything they say could even be a hate crime. To doubt any of this at all is to be a terrorist. You don't want to be a terrorist now do you? Of course you don't. You can only be with us or against us, there is no third position to take. What's it gonna be, punk?

All negative reality must be ignored and overlooked. Negative reality does not exist here.

When the president commits a crime it's not a crime. No government official could ever be a liar or a thief or a thug, even when they're stealing and cheating and killing. No cop could be a serial killer or a thief or be on the take. All doctors are brilliant and skilled. They're always right and know everything and doctors don't hurt or kill people. There are no psychopaths in medicine or education or law enforcement or teaching or Children's Protective Services or the Judiciary or the government in general, only the best of the best, the cream of the crop. The only place bad people are is out here amongst the valueless masses, and over there in other countries. All guys in business suits are worthy of blanket respect and are upright and would never lie, cheat, steal, conspire, rob, crush people, pay off officials, pollute and walk away, or dodge taxes. All officials are honest and capable and are devoted, utterly committed to serving you and improving your life. The fact that your representatives are millionaires and you're not is not a problem. Just because they are handed checks by lobbyists is no reason to lose faith in our system. It's not corrupt, it's perfect.

If it looks fishy to you, you will not say so out loud. To do so would run the very serious risk of undermining the corrupt authority that rules all of our lives. To do so could very easily strike a chord with others that could act as a spark that could light a fire that could spread so fast and wide that the truth could suddenly be held as more important and more valuable than what the dominant criminal classes want us to believe.

To speak the plain truth in simple words that anyone can understand is to attack and assault your government, and your police, and your military, and your laws and courts and judges. It is to threaten to bring into focus the awareness of other ways of seeing, defining and valuing the way we do things in this country.

If simple truth is ugly, if it conflicts with our script, our game, our process underway, then the truth must be sacrificed. The truth is the enemy. The truth becomes the terrorist. It must be silenced, censored, denied, rejected, and fiercely! Immediately! With vigor and outrage.

How dare you speak simple truth! How dare you bring up facts for comparison to official fiction! Do you have any idea how dangerous that is?

To speak of the steady stream of corporate malfeasance and criminal activity is to suggest that people should have a problem with it; which threatens it. To observe the hundreds of billions of dollars being given for free to the wealthy and the spoiled with no strings attached, the self same people who broke the world and to call it a bald faced shameless crime, a theft, a purposely planned and operated daylight robbery is to suggest that they don't deserve all of the wealth and that you deserve some for yourself.

Are you insane? Are you purposely trying to destroy our country?

It is not okay to say you disagree with those in authority. You may not criticize what you see as murder, manipulation and lies. It is not okay to call their crimes, crimes. When they do it, it's not crime. It's only crime when you do it, or when someone else does it who is not authorized to commit crimes.

To call that hypocrisy is to suggest there is something wrong with doing things that way.

To suggest that the rules should be the same across the board for everyone, rich and poor alike, is an attempt to hold those in power accountable to you for their actions. They are not accountable to you! They are not accountable for their actions! They have rights! They don't have to tell you anything! They are above you! They are your superiors! You will jump when they tell you to jump and run when they tell you to run! You will hate and fear who they tell you to hate and fear and when they lie to you, you will believe them! You may not have your own opinions about anything, if those opinions are at all different from establishment framing! Are you crazy?

If people were ever to think of wealthy powerful people as nothing more than equals who had to earn respect, and earn trust, and show proof of their assertions of being of benefit to society, it would ruin everything! If the trillions of dollars that slip through government fingers ever had to be accounted for like every other business has to account for money, just like every single individual has to account for money, it would place an unbearable burden on officialdom and deeply undercut their ability to invisibly spend truckloads of money as desired for whatever they like, in any quantities they like, to achieve more for themselves and give more wealth to their wealthy friends.

Do not attempt to explain to others that our money is an illusion or that we need no central bank and indeed would be infinitely better off without it! Those Special Interest European Banker Organized Criminal Oligarchs need our billions in interest income, paid on imaginary money given us in imaginary loans that do not exist, that never existed and cannot ever exist. They are the richest people in the world because we pay them interest on nothing to the point of our own starvation and depravation in the extreme. They're used to getting everything they want for free. They like it that way. It helps them fund the machinations that keep the world in turmoil and war, that decides who will run what country, who will dutifully serve the invisible lords and masters behind the curtain and who will be assassinated for refusing to comply.

Slavery is freedom, don't you know that? A debt that is impossible to pay off no matter how many generations try to free themselves from its controlling stranglehold is the insurance policy they need to keep black hob nail boots firmly on the backs of our necks forever. Hundreds of billions of dollars coming to them for free, for doing nothing but pulling off the biggest most deceitful, betraying lies on the face of the earth is their right to receive and our duty to silently provide. We should expect nothing in return for this. We are duty bound to just give it to them so that they may continue to destroy our world, our country and our lives, play global power games and politics, undermine our freedom, enslave us and use us as chattel and livestock to produce more wealth and power for themselves. If we don't do that what right do we have to exist?

Do not point out the deaths, the suffering, the abject failure of it all. How dare you! It is not okay to express grave doubts in the trustworthiness of any form of officialdom, whether it's local and municipal, nonprofit or for profit, appointed or elected.

In order to keep the whole thing going, in order to allow the rich to keep getting richer and the rest to slowly drown in a sea of filthy, empty, pointless, debauched, meaningless struggle and distraction, we must keep smiling.

So what if the Senator is a closet sexual predator? So what if he heads an anti-gay religious council and takes street drugs while propositioning same sex prostitutes? So what if he's into kiddy porn? Senators are better than you are, it's not wrong when they do it. It's only wrong when you do it. It's only wrong for you to mention it or notice it or talk about it or try to stop it or punish it.

It is not okay to mention the fact that upper echelon government posts are held by dual citizens with loyalties to Israel first and Israel second. It is not okay to notice the United States becoming a fascist totalitarian dictatorship and think there is something wrong with that. It is not acceptable to moan and complain as our every right and freedom is undermined and demolished with sleazy end runs around the law and voluminous lies.

Do not point out any of the databanks of evidence of lies and corruption that prove the entire enterprise is a criminal organization and that we are all being gang raped and robbed by psychopaths and Mafioso and mercenaries and global intelligence agencies that are all working together as one and reporting to the same bosses. Turn your head when the obvious assassinations take place and the volumes of hard evidence disappear without explanation. Look the other way when your family members come home from our wars of aggression in caskets. Do not bother your beautiful mind with irrelevant facts. Ignore the facts!

What matters most is surface appearances. That is what you must focus on. Put on your masks, take your positions, and smile. There are no similarities to Hitler or Nazis here. Nine hundred empty concentration camps do not exist on American soil, it's a lie. Unless you can personally see them in which case they are only there in case we need them during an emergency. Smile and think about dividends income. Smile and think about stock purchases and tropical vacations. Smile and scrutinize Angelina Jolie's butt and think about poor, weird, dead, Michael Jackson. Smile and turn on Oprah and donate to officially recognized charitable causes and don't worry where the money went, trust. Smile and believe everything you hear on TV and every word out of the mouths of officialdom and corporate board rooms. It is all the truth. Every bit of it.

No one here is being robbed or fleeced or cheated or lied to or used. Elections are not rigged or stolen, Congressional seats are not purchased, gifted or otherwise guaranteed to those who go along with the program. We would never go to war for reasons other than the reasons we are given. America never makes mistakes and never does anything wrong, which is why we should never have to apologize to anyone for anything. There are no elephants in any of our living rooms or in the oval office. Police are not carrying machine guns to use on you and your family and your children. There is nothing wrong with grade school teachers diagnosing your child's mental illnesses and insisting on prescription drugging. There is no one in prison who is not a danger to society! Prison inmates have it too good. People who do wrong things should not be allowed to vote. Our unverifiable votes are not a problem. Exit polls are the problem, they're totally unreliable. Trust. You must trust.

Everyone should be taking at least two or three prescription drugs because prescription drugs are good for you. Pills can cure your grief and loss and emptiness within as well as your athlete's foot fungus and obsessive compulsive hand washing. Psychiatrists are too real doctors and pills are all you need to feel better. Animals are not dying when fed genetically modified organisms, and no one has mad cow disease in this country. We don't even test our cows so there is no mad cow disease here.

Vaccines are good for you! They're good for your whole family! Get all the vaccinations you can find. Vaccines keep you safe and healthy! It's only those nasty people who refuse to take dozens and dozens of injections of healthy mercury and genetically altered animal viruses who threaten our health! Keep your kids far away from those horrible people!

Everything is beautiful here. Everything is perfect. If Thomas Jefferson were alive today he'd be proud. There is no more honest, upright nation in the world than our own. We are noble and upright as we torture terrorists without any evidence of wrongdoing.

Smile and think about shopping. Don't worry about mall shooters and campus killings and aids and killer bees. Just smile and trust and believe. You are free. Everything is fair and safe and just and rational.

The fact of the matter is that proof and evidence to the contrary of our beautiful self imagery is all nonsense. All made up just to try to undermine our happiness and peace and freedom. It's all a lie. The only truth is the official truth. Nothing else matters. Who are you going to believe, your own lying eyes or the government? Well there you go. If it weren't for the government you might question these things. You need them. We all need them. We don't ever have to check anything for ourselves because we have them to do our checking for us. We are blessed and lucky indeed. Everything they say is true. They love you. They care about you. They are there for you.


Okay, maybe not. Maybe they don't care about you. How could they when they don't even know you exist? Besides, why would they? There's nothing in it for them and getting everything for themselves is the whole reason they're there.

There's one more thing I want to point out and this should come as a great relief to the most hysterical paranoid types. You do not have to worry about socialism or communism setting in here. If you're worried about that, let it go. Because you're way too late. We were Sovietized ages ago. If you can say "Federal" then you can say "Soviet". What nobody ever told you is that they mean exactly the same thing.

It means consensus. It means living in abject poverty for the most part so the least part can live in absolute opulence, and more than likely somewhere else. They do seem to be in quite a rush to clean us out for every last dime and every last household mortgage, don't they? In case it needs to be said, if you have to depend on somebody else for your survival you're not going to do much surviving. Just so you know.

Maybe I'm wrong about all this, huh? Maybe it's all just a great big coincidence that the more we lose the more they gain in both money and power and the more it means that we'll never get them back without paying in blood. Maybe they're trying with all their might to make the world a better place. In fact I'm sure they are. A better place for themselves. You've never been mentioned have you? What makes you think you're in the picture?

Then again, the evidence to support my position is a bit overwhelming, and I barely put a dent in it all. There's not enough time in my life and not enough space here to try to list all the crimes and murders and lies and wrongdoing that most of us know nothing whatsoever about. That doesn't mean they never happened. It means we are ignorant and need to catch up and get with the program.

This is what happens when people refuse to get real. Mistakes are not corrected. Official crimes are left unpunished. Corruption flourishes. Good people get used and abused and crushed under the weight of ravenously greedy, selfish, arrogant, self serving people who don't care who gets hurt. Truth becomes extinct. Freedom to be human, to draw your own conclusions, to think for yourself, to talk about anything freely and openly all go extinct. A controlled society comes into being where corruption and brutality keep the cheated, the brutalized and the predated in chains so the murderers, rapists, predators and the liars can be safe and snug and doing what they do; eating the flesh of our babies.

When we avoid the truth we guarantee the worst for ourselves. We forfeit all chances of preventing inevitable bad outcomes. We forget who we are, why we are, what we are. Nothing makes sense and soon nothing matters. The game is taken over by the strong and no one else matters anymore.

Personally, I'd rather bring up the ugly truth and deal with it, but that's just me. It's hard to see how there could be unemployment if we actually faced our ugly bits and got to work fixing our country. It's hard to see how America in general could do anything but benefit profoundly from growing up, taking responsibility, and actually trying to be what we say we are. It's hard to see how that would do anything but make this country a healthy, thriving, decent place to live. Pretending there's nothing wrong is not the same as things being okay. It doesn't work that way. In my humble opinion one of the greatest services we can all do is call it like we see it and tell the plain truth, no matter who doesn't like it or on what grounds. No grounds exist that make the truth a bad thing.

Getting real is a matter of substance over appearances and a decision we each must make about which matters more to us and which we will consciously choose to live by. We can't do that for anyone else, but we sure as heck can do it for ourselves. For every person who chooses substance over nonsense there is one less participant supporter of all that is inane and self destructive.

Never doubt that our own decision and commitment to get real will influence everyone in our lives and can be a real obstruction to the social engineers. That, as I see it, is the only place that answers and solutions will come from. Changing the world into what it could be is not impossible but it won't happen by accident, by passivity, or by luck. It won't happen overnight either, but living like we mean it cannot help but keep safely in living memory what it truly means to be human. If that is ever lost and forgotten, then nothing much will matter anymore. And I'm afraid that is exactly the game plan. Because when nothing matters, evil people will be free to do anything to anyone, no matter how violent, obscene or inexcusable and this world will no longer be real. It will be impossible to return to reality because there will be no reality and no way of even figuring out what it was. After a time no one will care because they will know of no other way of existing. To me that is the definition of hell. And unless we get real that's where we will inevitably end up. It's a choice, a personal choice and political one. It's something we all know is more important than stupid partisan issues and phony baloney politicians and bullying rich people and militant police. The real war is against human truth and the sanctity of life. And it's a war that we can only lose once. If we lose it, we lose everything that matters, forever.

If we honestly care about more than our own selves then we need to care about getting real and facing the negative reactions. When enough of us get real we can push the criminal scum back down into the holes they crawled out of. It's really as simple as that. It's really within our grasp to decide our own futures and the future of the world. But it does require getting real.

Which takes me back around to where I started and to the question I asked in the beginning. Will we ever decide to get real?

I don't know. I sure hope so.


  1. Fortunately there are more real people 'out there' than we probably know.

    Because I read web-sites; blogs, and share e-mails with friends and family who discuss all that you've pointed out in your post, I know there are real people.

    I think we just can't look to those who are in the elite classes; those who don't deal with the REAL issues of life - it's that percentage that know a life style that is 'real' to them, but not a REALITY FOR THE MASSES.

    Nice post as usual.

  2. Hi Nevada,

    I absolutely agree. I know there are many more real people than the perception engineers want us to know.

    I really struggled over putting this piece up, but finally decided to because I had to in order to connect idea pipes in my own mind. I think it's both a wrap up/departure point and a launch pad for something else that's starting to come together.

    I try to keep certain posts focused at people who are not with us yet so to speak, and this is definitely the big one along that line.

    I know folks who read here regularly didn't find anything new in this one and I know it was a laborious read (and I'm laughing as I type that, geez I do appreciate some of you good folks).

    Maybe I should come up with a symbol or code word for the different categories of posts to flag or warn off as the case may be.

    Thanks for your comment Nevada, as always.


  3. What she said! The unreality spewing forth from the tell-a-vision programming causes me to experience vertigo. The insipid banality I hear from those around me inspires despair. For the most part, anyway. There are those who are awake, like you and your thirsty audience. Like a desert oasis, your words refreash our souls and minds. Thanks.

  4. Ang,

    Indeed, a tough mind cookie to assimilate. Like the Eternals in The Highlander, we who are left to save reality are condensing. With fewer of our kind to engage, we stick out a bit more to the Lilliputians who watch CNN as I type. And to each other.

    A few comments, your dense and light writing style evokes Ayn Rand. The simple messages, metaphors and literal artifices keep me enthralled no matter the obvious layers. Electric, but done in classical athletic intervals. Shock of the event, warm up, anaerobic threshold, back to baseline.

    Annoying that you can not balance your attacks on Neo-Cons with those of Neo-Liberals. Annoying that even the pure, Constitutional Capitalists who got there with diligence, creativity and competitive moxie likely would draw your ire if they only donated 68% of their hard fought for spoils. The jobs they create, the honest wages they pay those of lesser ability might rub you the wrong way. Dare I say it, it is because instead of producing Reardon Steel, you write many words for my ilk. A realist, who sees what you see, decries it as you do, but can play the game in emulation mode if only to accrue a few sheckles to get not only the word, but the MANNA to people.

    Yes, I want to feed these gullible, herd-like, inane, piteous, evil, misshapen, idol loving, dog shit worshipping, sappy, syrupy pieces of bauxite for a few reasons. I hate the power mongers who run this fucked up planet. I see the end game, I fell it palpably, I know the game of consumerism, medical mischief, denatured food supply, leaders without virtue has been almost won by them. And I HATE THEM. We too could have used these protoplasmic beasts to personal advantage, but honor, love, integrity and duty to something both greater than ourself and in need of ourself stopped us.

    I am going to continue to preach my somewhat real and ascetic life of health, exercise, organic food, filtered water and a body that casts off societal filth through sweating a few gallons per day and sleeping soundly knowing that even if The State puts me to death they have never placed me on one knee.

    Ang, cast off your approbations at the so called right, and put not your faith in the so called left. The dying of the light is ten years off, this forum may not be allowed to continue, swept in some web filtering software funded by Goldman Sachs and the Zionists you despise. We are being called to war, you go with a pen that taps out bits and bytes. I go with whole food, heavy metal chelation, and a chiseled body at a normally flaccid age, so that they might open a crusted eye.

    All Hail Eris.

  5. shawn from brasil10:48 PM

    been reading your words for several moons. my eyes have been opened all my life yet i didn't trust my intuition and followed the program even though it nearly fried my psyche. everything changed 0n 9/11/2001. my brother-in-law was on the plane that didn't hit the pentagon. i was cast out because the truth slapped me silly. where was the plane? where were the (2) eight ton engines made of titanium and steel. where were the wings and tail section...all vaporized but my brother-in=law was identified by his dental records.. had a gs 14 cush job at HUD, dc...big the suburban illusion.

    now...livin brasil for about a year.. didnt want to bailout the bankers..or pay for more war and live in fascist state...the hardest thing to live with is that you own family is brainwashed and they think your the nut case... so you are not alone....keep writing from where the truth gleans

  6. Shawn,

    I can only begin to imagine what the last few years have been like for you. It takes a lot of courage and personal honesty to take the harder route you chose to take; being true to yourself. I have a lot of respect for you already. The thing with needing to be fed on the truth is that it's a lonely route. Truth is deeply personal, it means something personal, that's why we have to go it alone, unless we're very lucky.

    You know, I'd be very interested in hearing more about what this has been like for you. Would you be willing to email me so that I can ask you something? Hope to hear from you.


  7. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Cruise missles aren't big enough to leave airliner parts behind when they crash into a building.


    I read energy. Most people absolutely know that whole episode was totally engineered and carried out like a wrap in some sick b grade sci fi flick. The same people are terrified to deviate from the "party line" for all the reasons listed by Ang in the article.

    A college degree is pretty much a license to lie. period.

    It all starts with that stupid pledge of alegiance after the stupid ride on the yellow bus and decades later you have replaced the original human with what the predator considers a "renewable resource".

    So. . .when your teenager insists on dropping out you might consider that a sign that you have nurtured a human who can actually make a difference. Otherwise:

    "Not to the right, not to the left, but in the groove" as I repeated a million times to my daughter as she dealt with middle school through university level brainwashing.

    A meme, a seed, that is alive and will grow the stone away.

    Thank you for the article and let go of the struggle to be human.
    Whatever you launch/plant I hope it sticks and grows.

  8. tony_opmoc2:15 PM


    "Everybody knows grandma laying there with her face smashed into her mashed potatoes is dead, but that's just too unpleasant to mention."

    You paint such vivid images in your words, they flood into my heart, and make me laugh, cry and feel very real.

    Reading your words is far better than going to see a movie.

    Thank You,


  9. Thanks Tony.


  10. I just read the comments; see how wonderful it is Ang???? They truly are 'out there', and as one of them said, 'it's better than going to the movies' (maybe I'm not quoting perfectly, but close).

    I haven't been in a movie theatre since 1986 - that industry would die if it relied upon people like me to support it.

    Also you mention the length of your posts; if you ever want to 'comingle' dialog with some bold 'bullet remarks', that might be the answer since I think the people who already follow you, know exactly how to define the bullets and they can do some of the elaboration for you.

    You do put a lot into it and it shows; passion always shows, and the quest for truth is always evident as is the truth itself.

    My great great great uncle is Ralph Waldo Emerson; try reading some of his books, and you'll spend a lot of hours going through the thorough details and justifications he makes on the things that he felt important.

    My great grand mother used to write me letters that had to be wrapped up in a package and sent to me from Florida back in the 1950's - I welcomed them as I knew I was truly going to LEARN when that package arrived!

    I'm just glad you take the time to do your blogging posts, and view them as a 'gift' to all of us.


  11. Anonymous,

    Hear hear! A toast to independent thinking! Thank you for your comment.


  12. Diane,

    I knew in my heart there were a lot of people out there who care and who need honesty and who want the facts even when they're not pretty. A lot of people need life to be genuine, and a lot of people suffer terribly from all of the lies and the disrespect of the system and the inherent lack of meaning and purpose in this convoluted modern day compartmentalized techno existence we're all forced to try to exist in. What I'm learning as I hear from people who read my stuff is that people are far and beyond cool and fascinating and marvelous, and heck yeah, they're out there, and I get excited about that too.

    I haven't been in a movie theater since about the same time you last went. I think the last movie I saw was "My Stepmother Was An Alien", so that should tell you how long it's been. Movies in general are no longer of any interest to me. Ever since I realized how much they are used for social conditioning they've become a major turn off and I can't stomach them anymore.

    Same goes for a lot of mainstream music, I've switched my musical tastes to world music which is infinitely more interesting and textured. I love flamenco music and Polynesian drums and can't even name a famous music group today. I don't know their names of their music and can't say I care about either. Life is about us, not about famous created star-atrons.

    Thanks for the idea about bullet points, I'll put it on my list.
    And I do put a lot into my posts, thanks for noticing that.

    You're related to Ralph Waldo Emerson? How cool is that?
    I can understand how you felt about getting letters and packages from your great grandmother, knowing you would learn something new and fascinating. I have a similar memory from childhood and remember getting the best sorts of things, like a microscope and a slide show device with a zillion pictures from all over the world, and dinosaur books and archaeology books, stuff my republican parents weren't much interested in. There's something about getting sent loving packages that teach that has no equal.

    Thank you for the compliment but the fact is, I am the one getting the gifts. I appreciate having my stuff read and finding out it resonates. Can't put a price on that.


  13. You know I joined over a year ago (it's 100% free), and was able to compile my favorite music as well.

    You type in either the song or artist, but I found I could just type in key words, and came up with some international music that I'd never heard.

    I started playing the piano at age 8; have a sincere love of all music, and you might take a look at that web-site to see if you can find some songs you like and build your own lists.

    All my blogs have music on them; I figure if no one wants to read what I have to say, they might at least enjoy the music selections.

    If you ever want the direct link to my lists, just write me at and I'll send you the link since I tried leaving it here, but the link is so long it won't fit into the 'window'.

    Regards, Diane