Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Freedom, Servitude & Things Not Hidden that Go Unseen

Please rise and put your hand over your heart while the authorities recite the National Security Poem.

"You may not speak
so that we can keep you safe.

You may not see
so that we can keep you safe.

You may not hear
so that we can keep you safe.

You may not ask
so that we can keep you safe.

You may not know
so that we can keep you safe.

You may not complain
so that we can keep you safe.

You may not refuse
so that we can keep you safe.

You may not live
so that we can keep you safe."


You may now be seated.

Zombie.  Borg.  Robot.  Android.
(Animated non-living things without self awareness that perform automatic functions.) 

Slave.  Servant.  Soldier.  Worker. 
(Living humans who must forfeit personal identity and forego self-interest to obediently perform the will of another.  These humans give up their own free will to become an extension of somebody else's free will.  Doing so is called performance of duty, employment or slavery.)

Cult member.  Extremist.  Fundamentalist.  Member of a collective.  
(Persons who give up personal autonomy after being convinced by extremely effective brainwashing that they want to be worshipful, obedient members, followers and believers of a brainwasher's will.  The promised reward is religious/spiritual/political attainment/status/reward by way of receiving supposedly superior/special knowledge that only the brainwasher has.)

Whether mechanical or human all of the above entities have one overriding theme in common: they are servile.  They are all required to operate devoid of free will.  Dissent is unwelcome. Resistance is punished.  Refusal to perform as instructed for any reason having to do with rational self interest such as staying alive, or conscience such as not wanting to kill innocent people or take people's homes or property, or any other expression of individual free will asserted as a legitimate cause for disobedience, is deemed unacceptable, criminal and punishable.  Servile entities don't get an opinion. Their free will is irrelevant.  Nobody cares about what they think.  Their claims of conscience are also irrelevant.

If you are a servile entity you have only one purpose for living and that purpose is to obey your master; at least according to the masters.  Disobedience is not tolerated.  Willful disobedience can get you fired, court martialed, attacked by other servile entities, imprisoned, beaten up, tortured and even killed.  The message is clear, obey or suffer the consequences.

It is interesting to note that the creation of robots and androids to replace thinking, feeling, disobedient humans has long been the serious desire of the controlling wealthy, the capitalists, industrialists, military leaders, dominators, tyrants and slave owners.  All of these entities are notorious exploiters of humanity in their pursuit of personal profit, power and status. They all want and demand the same thing: unthinking, totally loyal, completely obedient workers, slaves, citizens and soldiers who will work long hours for little or no pay, with few or no benefits, few or no human rights or other rights, who exist only to do what they are told.   They are never to question or challenge authority, never act disobediently, and lay down their lives without hesitation should their master/owner/commandant/leader order it. 

It is clear that this arrangement definitely benefits those in control.  What is not so clear and is little discussed is how little benefit there really is in being the one who is controlled.

Wouldn't you think that people who are willing (or unwillingly forced) to give up their own personal self interests, life goals, free will and self determination for someone else to use for their own self interests, life goals, free will and self determination would be paid extremely well for such a valuable thing?  What is more valuable than the freedom to create one's own life?  To work not to achieve someone else's vision and goals but to achieve your own.
That is after all the most basic and obvious thing for us to do with our lives.  Not to work at the baker's shop but to own your own bakery.  Not to bake their recipes but to create and bake your own.  
Not to be told what to do but to decide for yourself how to best manage and use your own time.  To set your own standards, establish and live by your own values, to come and go as best suits you.  
Not to be imprisoned by arbitrary wage ceilings imposed by others but to keep the full fruits of  your own labor, which is the only way and chance there is of accumulating wealth of any kind for most working people.  For the vast majority of us being employed means being functionally poor, forever.  Being self employed and working hard can and often does create a very nice, comfortable level of wealth that allows you to be independent and free. Giving that up so that someone else can use your body for labor, your hands and your mind for their own uses and benefits... you would think this would be something highly prized and appreciated and therefore very well compensated, but  no, it's just the opposite.  The pay sucks and your life is owned and run by people who use you.  They profit, you don't.  It's a hole that is very hard, if not impossible, to crawl out of.

When people give up their own free will, their own freedom, their own self interests, their own dignity for any reason or cause, they become non-persons.  They don't count anymore.  They are mere objects, tools to be used by their owners.  People who allow themselves to be used by others for those others' personal enrichment are not respected for doing so.  They are often treated quite poorly.  They are used and used up and discarded.  
When anyone forfeits their self respect, they won't be respected for it, they'll be used and abused.  Is anyone confused by that?  It's very simple.  It is not hidden.


I am always saddened when I hear of soldiers coming home from active duty who are wounded and/or spiritually decimated and coming apart at the seams; in particular when they come home but do not receive necessary support or medical care or must wait impossibly long periods for appointments and/or get terrible care that is in fact not care at all.  In essence they're abandoned.  At the same time I'm always a bit incredulous when soldiers families or other advocates express surprise over this abandonment. Not because it's not outrageous because it certainly is heinous and outrageous, but because of one basic, simple fact that every person who joins the military should know but which strangely and often doesn't seem to register. 

It is not hidden. When you join the military you literally sign your life away.  You sign complete and total ownership and control of your body and your life over to the US Government; whoever and whatever that may mean. Your body and your life become the legal property of unknown others who are free to do anything they want with you or to you.
When you sign your life over to someone else to use in whatever way they see fit, you're taking quite a serious risk.  You will get no written contractual assurances that you will get anything in return for entering into this bizarre one way legal agreement.  When you join the military you are required to sign countless legal documents.  The US Government is getting their legal end covered in iron clad chains and shackles.  When you sign your name countless times you are attesting that you are of sound mind and adult age and that you freely choose to forfeit your conscience and free will to become the legal property of an entity that can and will use you in whatever way it sees fit.   Once you do that, you no longer have a voice.  You are not free to leave.  Your opinion is not wanted.  Your dissent will not be tolerated.  Your well-being will not be assured.   It was your choice.  You made a legal contractual irrevocable agreement to give your life over to be used by a government.  You surrendered your free will and your life, and you agreed to be promised nothing of equal value in return. 

Think about it.  You are required to sign legal ownership of your body over to the government and to release them from all liability for any harm or sickness or disability or death that comes to you in performance of your job duties.  The only reason they have any interest in you is because you are willing to become government property with no rights of any kind.  And what is it they want to use you for?  Killing.  They will use you until they use you up.  To them, thousands of soldiers getting killed is all a part of doing business.  And in this government especially, they clearly don't want to pay for medical care or benefits of any kind.  They are legally entitled to send you back home in a bag or box or just drop-kick you to the curb.  So when it's clear they only want you if you're killing for them, then when you're no longer able to kill, they have no use for you,  how can you be surprised when they don't give a rats ass about what you need?  The higher-ups are not disconnected.  They understand just fine.  They just don't give a damn.  Nothing is hidden.  It's all right out in the open, yet how many soldiers do not or will not see it?


To be forced, coerced, convinced, sold, steered, marketed or otherwise shoved into a direction that leads to a lifetime of servitude is to be deprived of  freedom.   Freedom to live life on one's own terms. To be convinced that giving that up in exchange for endless servitude is a good thing is to be convinced of a very old and very evil lie.  What is it to discover one's own possibilities, interests, feelings, passions, principles, strengths and weaknesses but to discover one's own truths?  What else matters so much as that?  What else can hold any meaning for us but our own truths?

Zombies. The walking dead.  These are people who have been separated from the important work of truly being alive, learning to understand themselves and others through coming to understand the world we all live in.   This can only truly be done through independent discovery, independent thought and reason and living in service to one's own conscience.  To understand truth, to own truth, you have to get to it on your own and when you do that it becomes a part of you.  You know why it is, you know what it is, and you know what it means.  You also know it is not a full and finished whole but only a part of a frankly inconceivable greater whole.  We can not be given truth or simply be told what is true.  The only way any of us can get to truth is by virtue of devotion to finding it, and devotion is something that comes from the heart.  It is what it is. This search for truth, for meaning, for understanding, for self, this is the unique journey of every person's lifetime. 

Or... you can skip all that and just be out to make money and enslave people.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So Free And Democratic n'shit

A long long time ago before there were such things as politicians, people used to talk to each other and tell the truth.  They simply spoke their thoughts and feelings and talked of their experiences and pondered life's questions, sorrows and joys openly.  They had nothing to hide and no reason to connive or contrive for people who were more than likely relatives anyway.

You'll have to check me on this but I suspect that right after someone invented money the first politicians showed up, about five minutes later; and sadly it seems politicians will never go away.  As long as there is money flowing freely out of the people's pockets and into the tax man's coffers, there will be politicians.  And as long as there are politicians they will do what politicians do, which is to loyally serve their only two real clients, the rich man and the tyrant, both of whom forever want only one thing: everything.  They want more than anyone else, more than anyone needs, more than even makes sense.  They want control over what is not theirs, because they want what is not theirs. They require special rules which exempt them from legal, moral and ethical behavior in order to get their hands on what is not theirs. 

They also want other rules which will literally or figuratively disembowel anyone attempting to protect what belongs to them in order to keep it from being taken by the rich man and the tyrant.  They want many special rules like exemptions from paying taxes, exemptions from legal responsibility for their harmful acts against others, and special legal privileges that allow them to pay cash to the state in lieu of life imprisonment or public hangings for felonious acts as would befit any other citizen.  The politician's job is to facilitate their clients receipt of these things. 

The steps of facilitation are simple and straightforward.  It is done by accepting generous amounts of money from their clients to purchase one or more performances, the standard political play-acting of saintly state's rhetoric delivered with bellowing voice and masterful language, complete with fist pounding debate, name calling, character assassination, bribery, blackmail and so much more.  Every trick and tool in the dirty little politician's toolbox will be used behind the politician's back while the front side delivers windswept drama dripping honey thick oration toward winning the objects of their dear and generous clients hearts.

All of these things are done while the politician publicly pronounces himself to be the trusted friend of the people, a friend wholly devoted to whatever they want to hear, a literal physical embodiment of lily white virtue and honor, a valiant protector of all that is righteous, noble and true; and most of all selfless.  Politicians must scratch and claw their way to the tops of rarefied marble pedestals where they then are able to pronounce their selfless saintliness and honor to all the good citizens of the state, rich and poor alike.  This is the first lie of politicians.

But it is hardly the last.  When one's first foot forward is a balls out, shameless and preposterous packet of lies, then nothing else can follow but more lies.  Indeed, one must lie from that day forward about every single thing.  As years go by, the depth, breadth and sheer number of lies, deceits and manipulations stack up into inextricably interconnected layers built up into great kingdoms made of stale, bug infested crackers.  It is nothing but a house of cards, having no substance, no glowing record of good deeds done, no evidence of the people's quality of life having improved, no trace of selflessness or all that much service.  There will be a great deal done that delivered generous portions of self-enrichment but these are never shared with the public, they are taken home and used to enjoy a much better quality of life than the average citizen could ever dream about.  After achieving such a dubious track record, any grandiose proclamations of service and nobility are transparent enough to expose the facade of a crumbling cracker kingdom and to make clear the complete lack of shining alabaster castles and towers. The jig should be up but the other politicians will now expound upon the noble and glorious career of their fellow public servant until he dies and then afterward too, because it is in their best interests to continue pushing the first lie of all politicians.

The people are always told that politicians are decent people with no personal agendas, qualified people, people who do not lie, cheat or steal, who love their country, love their people, worship the same God the public does, and work long, hard hours battling out legal concepts in order to ensure prosperity, freedom and democracy for all.  They have to say things like that because if they told you what they were really doing they'd be tarred and feathered and run out of town, or hung in the public stocks for weeks to let children laugh at them and throw rotten produce at them, and then they'd be executed for being the scum of the earth.  Because, in a nutshell, politics is a series of agreements made between the rich man and the state wherein the state holds you down so the rich man can rape you. There's your prosperity, freedom and democracy right there.

Woohoo! More tax cuts for the rich! 

Monday, November 29, 2010

Murder, Ominous Parallels, and the TSA

Greetings and hallucinations.  I've got something a little different for you today.  It's something to listen to.  It is a segment of audio from a radio show at Radio4All that I listened to a week or so ago and cannot get out of my mind.  I  listened to it again today and afterwards I noticed that my body felt as if I'd been crying my guts out for hours, but I haven't been crying. 

This story is about a 25 year old guy, somebody's brother, somebody's son, who was brutally murdered, shot dead in the street by a militarized cop using an assault rifle.  The young man's name was Julian Collender.  He was unarmed.  He had no criminal record.  He had not committed a crime.  But that's only the beginning of this real life horror story.

I want to put this up here for you to hear for yourself, even though it's not a happy thing.  It's a real thing.  This is war. This is Baghdad. This is Palestine.  Except for that this is Brea, California. This should not be happening but it is and not just in Brea, CA but all over the country.

Those whose idea of a perfect world being one in perpetual war are in charge of this country.  This story of one family's total devastation and horrendous treatment by authorities is only one tiny snapshot of what it's like to be on the receiving end of American imperialist authoritarian arrogance. All done to feather the bankster's vulture nest with capitalism's most basic and lucrative industry: war.   Here's your Neo-Con-Zionist/Nazi ideology in its natural state, brutal and inhuman.
It takes my breath away.

Mp3 Clip

Original audio source:

Justice for Julian website:

The Ominous Parallels
Speaking of brutal and inhuman I would like to recommend some further listening.  The Vyz is recording chapters from a book entitled “The Ominous Parallels: The End of Freedom in America” which you can find here.

The book was written shortly after WWII and it goes into great detail about the Nazi philosophy, if you can call it a philosophy.   The gwbush regime literally did a play-by-play straight out of the Nazi playbook, it's no accident nor is it my imagination.  I assure you I could never imagine any such things on my own, it is there in the open for one and all to see, if you can see that is.   Those who can see, will see what I see, what the author of the book saw.  It is definitely worth your contemplation.  Whether or not you agree is not the point, the point is to consider the facts in evidence first and then decide what you see. 

Which leads to the next logical step in today's equation, the lovely and wonderful TSA.   I will never set foot in an airport again, and I knew that way back when they brought us the silly ass shoe bomber and exploding toothpaste or whatever nonsense it was that  changed flying forever.  I cannot tolerate idiocy when it comes to my person or my life and I won't tolerate it.  I don't have to tolerate it because I said so.  It is my life and these are my rules, like it or lump it,  I'm the only person on earth who gets to make my rules.  If I went to the airport I already know that I'd have a very serious problem with naked body scanners or getting felt up by complete and total strangers, and I know myself well enough to know that I would not be able to control my anger, and that would land me in jail or worse.  So I won't fly again, at least not as long as the TSA is terrorizing flying America with their assinine WOT tactics aimed at us instead of actual scary people doing harm to innocent people.  I'll take a bus or train or drive my car instead of flying, and I'm fine with that.   As airlines continue to lose revenues they might start paying attention to why.

The TSA is the natural product of an out of control, corporate worshiping, developing police-state control grid.  What the TSA is doing is clearly not about airport security, nor is it about keeping anyone safe.   We're as safe as we're ever going to be, with or without any TSA at airports.  We the people are not the terrorists but we'll have to stand in for them because you see, there are no terrorists so the state has to create them.  It does this to justify itself and the money it uses up and all the rest of the horrendous useless shit it gets up to.  Big "security" is very lucrative and it is fun as hell to be bullies and thieves with badges that can do anything they want and never be held accountable.  They are not going to give that up, not without one hell of a fight.   

Creating your own enemies is standard behavior with false authority.  True at airports, true at war.  We have no honest to goodness enemies to make war with so we create them as needed with our unconscionable behavior, always done in the name of our own vainglorious goodness.  We are supposed to buy the flatulent, offensive nonsense about our own heavily armed invasion forces being the good guys and only those who don't appreciate being invaded being the baddest of the bad guys.  The worst you'll hear anyone in the media say about this howling outrage is that our dear government is well intentioned but horribly inept.  They're not evil, they are only mistaken and clumsy in their endless quest to deliver freedom and democracy around the world.  Even when it's perfectly clear that 'freedom and democracy' must mean something very different to them than to the rest of us.  To them it means millions of people standing in ankle high rivers of their own blood amidst the radioactive dust and rubble of what used to be cities, apparently.  Because that's just so free and democratic.

There is a pretty much zero percent chance that any person in the USA boarding an airplane on any given day, or every single day, will be armed and/or bearing explosives.  We the working class people are not the problem.  We were the victims, remember?  Electronic rape of every man, woman and child and the truly horrific treatment by TSA power-droids of the traveling public doesn't even make sense.  If actual airport security was the point and aim of the TSA, what they should be doing is questioning people about current or prior military or police enlistment as these are without exception the grand shooters and murderers of innocent strangers in large numbers in public places.  Period.  It's never anyone's wheelchair bound 92 year old grandma, or six year old little boy or girl, or ordinary working class dad or mom.  

The TSA's game show is such an inane waste of money, man hours, resources, time and energy that it's shockingly stupid.  If 99.9% of people at the airport are already known to present no risk or threat to anyone, ever, then why are they wasting any time at all looking at those people?  Shouldn't they put 99.9% of their time and energy looking where there really are terrorists?  You know, good old fashioned police work.  But that's just it, there are no terrorists, that's why they have to go out and make them up and frame them.  How many times have we seen it already?  The FBI/Police, whoever, go out and pick some young and stupid petty thug and drive him up the wall offering him lots of money if he'll agree to take their bomb and blow something up with it.  It's clear cut entrapment, meaning there is always a zero percent chance any of these railroaded patsies would ever blow anything up on their own.  They don't have the brains, the desire or the skill to do anything more complex than snatch purses or six packs.  The TSA is not only doing everything except making us feel secure, it is so destructive of legally protected rights, of our human dignity, of basic freedom and obligatory two-way respect that it's clear that the entire TSA is not what they claim it is.  It is the proverbial 1984 big black boot on the backs of our necks grinding our faces in the dirt forever.  This is their idea of security?  Well who is being made secure by all this?  Oh right, They are.  Not us, them.  

The TSA is there to let us all know that we are nothing, but authority is sacred.  Your life is irrelevant.  So is your grandmother's life and your wife's life and your child's life.  You are an insect who will obey every command given to you by authority, and obey it immediately and fully, without hesitation, with no questions asked, no matter what you are "ordered" to do or you will be made to pay.  Comply or die. Think I'm kidding?  Do not cling to any fantasies about your freedom, you are not free.  And don't test it unless you're in the mood for the Julian Collender treatment yourself.  They may not take your life, yet, but they will take everything else they can from you.  Your dignity, your self-respect, your God given rights, along with your sense of justice and common sense, security and well being, not to mention your freedom to say what you think and do as your conscience dictates.  To these people your conscience is irrelevant.  Any form of non-compliance with the heavily armed thugs in uniforms is not for the greater good and so exercising your conscience makes you the enemy.  In other words, doing the right thing makes you the bad guy.  That's how the Nazi "philosophy" works, and how the TSA works;  the individual does not matter beyond whatever good he can do for the greater cause.  Life is cheap in Nazi land, and now it's cheap in America too.  Ain't freedom and democracy great?  I'm sure they would be, if only we could try them out.

Since I'm broaching this subject I may as well take it all the way home.  The next time you hear some TeaParty-er or anti-Obamarino stomping their feet about taking their country back, ask them if they've been on an airplane recently, and if so, did they go through the Rapiscan (Rape-iscan) or get the EMCABG (pronounced "em-cabbage") Enhanced Molestation Crotch And Breast Groping?  Because if they say they had no problem at all with being electronically raped and made into an insect by dim witted authoritarian thugs, tell them the entire blame for the state of the nation is on their shoulders.  That's right, their own shoulders.  It's also on their shoulders if they hated the idea of being body scanned or felt up by thug perverts but in order to avoid inconvenience or embarrassment, they just went ahead and put up with it.  They're even more to blame.   This is where the rubber hits the road.  This government is never going to do what we won't let it do.  It can't.  What it will do is push, and push and push and it will go exactly as far as we let it.  If we let it tell big, fat lies and force us to become like stupid barnyard animals, stripped of dignity and legal rights for no legitimate purpose, then they'll do exactly that.  When it's placed in your hands, when it comes down to you, what do you do?  Refuse to be treated that way or bend over and take it? 

It comes down to one decent person at a time standing for what's right and refusing, flat refusing to put up with any shit from the government whatsoever.  Damned right that comes at a price, hello?  Is that a newsflash to anyone?   So when this or any other similar situation lands directly in your lap, when it is placed directly into your hands, into your life in real time, and the question is, will you stand for what you believe in or will you snivel and fold like a puking, mewling dog... and you opt for the dog role, then honey you're what's creating these thugs.  You're what's creating this whole nasty ass system.  If you're not willing to die to protect your God given rights I can assure you nobody else is going to do it for you.   

At the airport Americans are shit-canning freedom and democracy because it's too inconvenient to do what must be done to retain them.  Instead of saying, "Don't touch my junk or I'll have you arrested", and not getting on the damned plane, they are saying "Okay, I'm too dumb to know for sure what's mine and what isn't yours, I'm as cheap and easy as you want me to be, so help yourself to my dignity and rights.  Look at my wife naked. Feel my wife's breasts and my kid's genitals, go ahead, because I'm too much of a spoiled pussy to do what I damned well know is right.  I am an insect."   

Really, stop blaming Obama and liberals and everyone but yourself.  If you refuse to stand for what you know is right then what you'll get is whatever they give you, which is exactly and precisely what you'll put up with.  So maybe you really are an insect.  And isn't it ludicrous for an insect to complain about governmental abuses?  Yes it is.  I rest my case.


Last but not least, a lighter note to end this on.  You'll like this, I promise.

See ya later.   Dressed, I hope.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Broken Wheel

I won't deny it, sometimes I can get dang depressed about the endless stream of evil things happening in our bruised and broken little world, much of the worst of which comes at the hands of our own dear incorporated govmint.  I can also get sorely depressed about my own personal life; I could give you a whole long list of things that have gone wrong, mistakes I've made, things that should never have happened but did happen, encounters with predators and thugs of all kinds, getting ripped off, used and disrespected... you know, life.  I have taken my share of damage, maybe more than some maybe less than others, but damage happened.

It can be painful to understand accumulated damage in retrospect knowing there is nothing I can do about it now.  I can't go back in time and relive something and make sure it comes out right this time or make sure it doesn't happen this time, or be braver this time or less gullible, whatever it is that I think would have kept me from taking on another brick in my private wall of hurt.  A private wall which, my guess is, everybody has. 

If you're living you're going to get hurt, in fact if you're not getting hurt you're not doing much living.  Private walls encircle us all, built from the bricks of life experience.  Maybe we use these walls to protect ourselves but it's just as likely they could imprison us instead.  A real danger lies in becoming so imprisoned behind our private walls of pain that we can no longer see anything beyond them; all we can see are those awful bricks, each one imprinted with the indelible story that placed it there.  It does hurt to lose irreplaceable things like time and health and trust and hope, fill in the blanks with your own words.  It can be hard to sit in peace with the knowledge that life shouldn't have been this way and it wouldn't have been this way, if only...

If only what?  If only we'd had different parents, a different family, a different education?  If only we'd been born in a different place, or in a different time?  If only we'd had enough money to overcome some of the uglier roadblocks to happiness, maybe then we wouldn't feel like we got into a fight with life and lost.  But would any of those possibilities really have prevented us from getting hurt in this life?  Honestly? I very much doubt it.

Being undermined, used, cheated, lied to, violated... again fill in the blanks as you please, these kinds of things shouldn't be the structural underlying factors of anyone's life but I'm sorry to say, I think they often are.  It would seem they'd provide precious little to build a life on.  Wouldn't you think that only by extricating oneself from these types of things could one begin to clear a space for a personal foundation on which to build an actual life?  And wouldn't never having these things crop up in the first place be even better?

It would be like the difference between being handed a broken wheel at the start of a race or one that isn't broken.  A broken wheel is useless.  You don't know how to repair it.  You don't have the knowledge or the skills to know how to fix it but unless you can make it work you won't be going anywhere, so you have to try to do what you can.  You try this and that, it doesn't work, time whizzes by, finite resources are strained to depletion.  You take bad advice from good people and bad advice from bad people and end up with things worse than they already were.  You are painfully aware that you must fully invest every bit of yourself just to get that broken wheel into a basic, usable state while in the meantime you're not covering any ground, you're just continually struggling with a frustrating situation that is only made worse when you can see the guy next to you getting handed a beautiful brand new wheel that is not broken; and he sets it down and hollers, "Weeee!" and off he goes.  It's doubly insulting when you know the guy is a moron and a genuine jerk. 

For that guy, deserving or otherwise, life is good.  He probably can't conceive of what it's like to be handed a broken wheel that doesn't work and won't go anywhere and you can't fix it and it all sucks and never stops sucking.  He has no frame of reference for that sort of thing, it isn't in his life experience.  He may not be a bad person at all, just a person who has zero understanding of something he's never been through himself.  Which only makes sense.

But then again, maybe he knows full well that he just got handed the sweet and easy ticket to success.  For him, other people's troubles and their broken wheels are their own problem.  He's probably even glad that your wheel is broken.  Hell, plenty of people out there spend all day long trying to figure out how to break other people's wheels.  They understand it's an unbeatable handicap to run in a race against people who have no feet.  Some would even hire others to cut the competition's feet off and there are always those happy to show up and take the money and do it.  Think Nancy Kerrigan for a literal example of that metaphor. 

Dishonorable people are a dime a dozen in this world.  It grinds my craw (whatever a craw is) whenever I see people like that win, and the fact of it is people like that win all the time.  Crime does pay.  It pays extremely well.  In fact, it's the only thing that does pay extremely well.   You and I were told just the opposite, we were told that crime never pays.  That was just one of the million lies they tell us during our formative years, and that one's right up there with "Wonderbread builds strong bodies in 12 ways".    The criminals of culture are experts at breaking other people's wheels if nothing else.  They excel at pulling off dirty deeds and they're never bothered by conscience over it.  On the contrary, they're very pleased with themselves.  The real geniuses at it can turn abject filth into some noble sounding thing and people will not see the filth and will instead give them a standing ovation and a prize.  I'm telling ya, it is scary out there in the real world.  Things are next to never what they seem and they are definitely never what we're told they are.

It doesn't seem right that bad people win so often.  Where is the justice in this universe when nasty, mean and selfish people take all and good people have to suck mud and die?  That might well be the question that spawned conformist religiosity so long ago;  and who else would step in to play the lead role and answer that question but the very same people who made folks ask it in the first place?

I put it to you that this obnoxious, offensive paradigm is status quo with our species.  I'm saying this is nothing new, in fact, it's as old as the hills.  It has always been like this no matter when you were born or where.  It would be very rare and unusual, if not impossible,  to not have to run the whole gauntlet of oppressive negative forces restricting most people's lives, confining every life to be lived inside boundaries that are invariably asserted as real and legitimate when they're neither, defined as normal when they're not, and set and enforced by external, unknown others without you getting any say in the matter at all. Society at large simply accepts this status quo, and not passively.  They deeply accept it at face value and believe only what they are told to believe about it. They will attack anyone who actually thinks about it, analyzes it or questions it.  They will also happily kill anyone who refuses to be enslaved by the lies and manipulations that turn entire nations into intellectually and emotionally disconnected children living inside grown up bodies.

What a set up.  It's an eternally repeating loop.  It's the perfect recipe to protect those who feed on others, those who lie, cheat, steal and manipulate while simultaneously ensuring a steady supply of willing victims.   The parasite clown kings of earth hoist themselves and each other onto all the highest of the high public pedestals for every last sheeple to look upon and worship.  All it takes is walling in the minds of people from childhood, never showing them anything beyond the props that are used in the daily production and denying there is anything beyond those props should anything else be inadvertently dragged in.  The mind is thus imprisoned, and when it is imprisoned it ceases to be, because when it thinks it knows all there is to know it stops thinking.  It stops asking questions.  It stops seeking.  It stops learning.  It stops caring. And it resists worthwhile change.  Change would mean the answers you already possess are wrong.  A shut off mind can't adapt.  It cannot change.  That might be why bringing new information to the old table is often a total waste of time and can be about as welcome as the plague.  All the hard facts in the world won't penetrate the brain of someone who has stopped thinking. 

Are you with me so far?  You are?  Great!  Then roll down your socks into ankle donuts and follow me back to the broken wheel scenario. 

It is flat understandable that being handed a broken wheel in life can cause some serious unhappiness.  Especially when we can see the blatantly unfair way that certain other people are predictably and invariably handed beautiful brand new unbroken wheels. But here's the thing. Did you ask for a wheel?  Did you desire to be entered into someone else's race?  Are their rules of any interest to you?  Do they mean anything in your life? 

Why would you want someone else to hand you a wheel in the first place?  Especially when it's clear that what they're handing you is a rigged game, a handicap, something that will hold you back while helping someone else win this rigged race?  It's a perfectly good question to ask, what's in it for me?  Who's game are we playing here and why? 

It is true that for the most part we don't have much choice about being in "the race".  If you want to eat, if you want to fit in, if you don't want to be called a loser and a freak and be rejected from inclusion in the action and activity around you that does everything from get you food and shelter to friends to sex to love to choices of ways to spend your time and life then you are essentially forced to get in the race and pedal where they tell you to go. But you don't have to buy into it and you don't have to believe in it and most of all you don't have to accept it as it is and just go along. You don't have to take anyone's broken wheel onto yourself.  You can say, "No thanks, I'm making and using my own wheel, it's one of a kind and it's mine all mine".  If you're a thinking person you have to get to the point where you realize what nonsense everything in the phony rat race is and how truly little the blabbering, posturing, plastic circus of fools have to offer that has any real value, substance or meaning.  And I think when you realize that, that is the moment, or at least the beginning of the metamorphosis, that honest to goodness sets you free. 

You can't get to here without going there first.  Broken wheels open your eyes. Then you can finally see. What matters is not what they're doing out there, but what you think matters.  That is an immovable truth that "they" cannot do anything about.  They know this, it is not a news flash by any stretch.  They know it exquisitely well.  They know that all it would take to blow their whole False World of the Parasite Clowns to pieces is enough people thinking like this. With enough people seeing right through them not a shot would need to be fired.  No riots would occur.  In an atmosphere of peaceful silence, their games and all of their lies and senseless ways would become like melting snow.  They would no longer control the race.  They would no longer control the outcome.  They would no longer control anything.

But that will never happen.  At least not in my lifetime.  I don't see much chance of millions of people who can no longer think on their own getting to the point where they can see truth they've been told does not exist.  They are literally hypnotized and can only see what they're told is there to see.  Love those people, be kind to them, but don't waste time trying to jump-start their minds, and don't turn your back to them because they just might drive a knife through it.  Why?  Because instead of thinking and perceiving the world around them, they live in perpetual fear.  And nothing gets fearful people more excited than something coming along that sounds like change.  Different is bad, it doesn't matter a whit if it's true.    

If you think about it, it only makes perfect sense.  If you don't know anything about the world you live in beyond what you've been told by others,  you will live in fear.  People fear the unknown, and the real world that exists beyond their own lives is literally unknown to them. They would deny that of course, but that won't change the fact.  Ignorance or denial or even straight out dishonesty cannot change what is true.  What is true will be true whether we know it or not, or like it or not, or agree with it or not.  It will be true even if we deny it is true.  It will be true even if we say something else is true instead.  Nothing we do will touch what is true.  What is true cannot be changed by anything we say or do.

This is probably why so much time, energy and money is spent on covering up, literally burying what is true and then asserting that something else is true instead.  It is most often done by laying something else on top of the truth to partially or completely obscure it.  When people ask, "What is true", they will point and say, "Here is where the truth is, come and see it for yourself.  We will show it to you".  And they will point to where the truth is said to reside and people will look and what they will see is what has been laid on top of the truth.  Then they will say, "Now we know what is true". Only they won't know what is true and they'll probably never figure that out.   It's not exactly impressive or complicated to throw a whole lot of people off the trail of truth.  It is devious and dishonest though.  And it's par for the course.  Anywhere there is money flowing, there is a sea of bullshit to float it on.  Show me one exception and I'll eat my hat.

But you know what?  I think that deep down inside people know they don't have the real truth. They just can't stand the idea of it.  A shut down mind doesn't want anything to change.  People usually don't like change anyway,  at least not when the status quo is comfy enough to tolerate and the rewards for playing the game keep coming in.  A state of ignorance is a matter of will, not a matter of truth.   Deep inside where truth rings like a bell, they don't hear that ringing.  They hear lots of circus music and talking heads and assertions played on endless repeating loops and they're told that unless everything stays the way it is then everything would fall apart and chaos and anarchy would turn the planet into literal hell.  People see the finger pointing and stage-show posturing, but they don't hear that ring of truth.  The closer they get to noticing that and asking themselves what it means, then the closer they get to the most important fork in the road of a lifetime.  Do they strike out on their own and begin searching for the truth, or do they choose to remain ignorant by dismissing all available information and demanding they are right and everyone else is wrong?  If they decide to remain ignorant it is because it pays to remain ignorant.  It's much easier, it is effortless in fact, and since you're making everything up as you go then you can also make up the idea that you're right.  If they decide to strike out on their own and hunt for the truth we'll probably never hear from them again because they'll be dang busy for the rest of their lives.  Regardless of the choices made, the truth will never go away.  Ever. It will always be there, it is always there to be discovered and understood.  Ignoring it won't change it.  Denying it won't change it.  Hiding it won't change it.  It will always be there.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Are you sure?

What's up with software makers having their programs ask you if you're sure you want to close a program?  When you click the "X" in the corner of a program window, or when you navigate to the drop down menu and choose "Exit", what happens?  Does the program close?   Sometimes it does but sometimes it doesn't.  Sometimes instead of just doing what you told it to do, it asks you,  "Are you sure you want to exit?"

Why does it do this?   Why wouldn't I be sure?  What manner of bizarre lingering doubt do software creators imagine exists in the mass mind of humanity that would make it so unlikely that anyone would be unable to determine whether or not they "really" want to exit a software program?  Is this hard for most people?  Do most people usually click the "X" and then ask themselves, "Should I have done that?  Did I really want to exit the program?  I can't tell for sure if I wanted to exit or not.  Oh dear, what should I do?  Help me please."

I am sorry but barring so few examples as to make them not worth mentioning, I put it to you that over 99.9% of the time when ordinary computer using people click the "X" they do it because they are through using the program and want to exit it.  They are not ambivalent about it nor are they confused.  They are not drenched with sweat due to overwhelming insecurity over the decision.  They harbor no doubt or hesitation.  They are done now.  They want to leave.  It is over.  They click the "X".  Why do software manufacturers find this so difficult to believe?

What is the message your friendly neighborhood software selling corporation sends you when you can't even close a silly computer game without everything coming to a halt so that your computer can demand that you make damned sure you know what you're doing?  The message is straightforward.  You are too stupid to properly click things on your computer and you need to be second guessed 100% of the time to make sure you don't do something catastrophic like close your program when you didn't really mean to close your program.  Not that you couldn't just reopen your program if that were the case but ignore that and pretend there's a serious "X" clicking related threat here.  What's the deal?

It is apparently the belief of certain software makers that most people are so pathologically inept and tragically insecure that they don't usually mean they want to close a program at any time, including when they purposely move their mouse pointer all the way across the screen way up to the uppermost corner where they have to carefully align the mouse pointer directly atop a little bitty "X" and then click on it.  Software makers are certain that nobody means to do this. Ever. It is always an error when anyone tries to close a program.   Yet by the same token these very same software companies feel perfect security in the ability of people to know for sure when they want to open a program, because there is no such thing as a message asking if you're sure you really want to open any program on your computer.  So... no one ever opens programs they didn't really want to open, they only close programs they didn't really want to close.  Is it just me or is this truly bizarre thinking on the part of software companies?

It would seem that some software companies are convinced that there could never be such a time in anyone's computing life when they would be done using the software.  This is an inconceivable situation to these companies, many of whom themselves never, ever close any of their computer programs.  Ever.  It would have to be a gross accident, a mental blip, a moment of total stupidity for anyone to actually believe they were done using the software program.  You are never done using the software.  Do you understand?  Never.  You don't have a life.  You don't have other things to do.  No.  What would be normal, reasonable and expected is for you to sit at your computer twenty four hours a day for the rest of your life using the software. "Why would anyone ever want to close any computer program?", they seem to be saying. 

Why would anyone click the "X"?  Are you sure that's what you want?  Are you sure you know how you feel?  Are you sure you know what you think?  Do you need help making sure that you can think all by yourself?  You may think you're done using this program right now, but are you?  Shouldn't you think it over and reconsider that idea because it's probably wrong?  You are too dumb to know what you want.  We're here to help by telling you how dumb we think you are over and over and over again. 

This is not only not helpful, it is scary.  Not to mention insulting.  It also makes little sense. On the average, how often does it really happen that people close programs when they didn't want to close them?  Does it happen so often that the best course of action is to save people from their own hopeless stupidity by making them confirm they want to close a program 100% of the time before the program allows them to do it?  I don't think there is any evidence to support that.  At all.  None.  In fact I would say that it is so unusual that people accidentally close programs that it's not even worth the time to calculate the percentage of times out of a thousand that it happens.  Besides, even if it does happen, so effing what?

What does a software maker care if I accidentally close a program when I didn't really want to close it?  Does it affect them in any way?  No.  It is irrelevant to them.   I really don't see the logic in this strange setup or any reason for it other than to perpetuate the insulting and untrue suggestion that computer users are too stupid to open and close programs of their own cognition within any acceptable margin of error.  It is arrogant and impertinent and they can kiss my unamused butt.

Ever heard of personal responsibility?  If I close a program accidentally and lose work then I learn not to do that again.  It might happen again, but it won't happen very often.  I am sure this situation is best left to the individual experiencing it.  I'm not seeing where software manufacturers feel the need to be included in or to prevent this sort of personal learning curve.  It doesn't appear to me to be anything within the venue of writing computer programs. Maybe I'm missing something but I don't think so.  My personal behavior is none of their concern.  At least not on Earth.  Instead of second guessing me maybe they should concentrate more on writing programs that don't crash or go cattywompus quite so much.

Perhaps this particular default was written into programs as a form of insurance for new users, but you know, you can only be new at computing for a very short time, then it's not new to you anymore.  Should operating systems or software programs be set up to cater to the most temporary class of computer users, new users, on a permanent basis?  Who would benefit from this?  Maybe a computer school for new computer users, but no one else.  Not the average home user.  Not the average business user.  So, again, I am confused as to the need for this second-guessing the intelligence of the user being built into software programs and operating systems, and I wish they'd knock it the hell off. 

I feel better now. Thanks.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Possible Origin of Galaxies/Remember Lot's Wife

It is really strange watching the devolution of this country.  Instead of continuing to develop, people are going backwards, turning back into primordial ooze.  Or where ever we came from.

It's surreal constantly finding myself trying to explain the obvious.  It's exceptionally hard to do, try it sometime.  Why is it wrong to kill?  Why is it wrong to steal?  Why is it wrong to lie?  These are things that everybody is supposed to know; it doesn't take a discourse or fancy university degree.  Ironically, it is a lot of those fancy university degreed people who don't seem to know, or remember or comprehend or respect any of these obvious things that everybody is supposed to know.

What's all the rage these days and as far into the future as we can stomach seeing?  According to those with Acquired Degreed Degeneracy Syndrome,  it is doing everything and anything to erase the real, the obvious, the sensible, the rational, the fair, the common sense, the truth, the very nature and decency of man, along with nature itself.  "Fuck nature!", they all seem to be saying.  "And fuck you too, worm!" [Insert maniacal laugh here.]

It appears the game-plan is to replace the normative substance of nature and man with an artificially created profitable devolution version of the future; and they are riding it in on the solid gold backs of stampeding wild war-horses of the apocalypse.  "Ahead Death!  Ahead Lies!  Onward to serfdom!  Run Hypocrisy!  Faster Biotech!  Do not tarry!  The future are belong to us!"  "Us" being the most clinically insane, depraved assholes of all time, out to get rich by destroying the whole of the world and all life on it. What the hell is wrong with these people?

Oh now I know what you must be saying.  You're saying, "Ang, that's just not so.  They're not trying to kill the whole of the world.  They're just on target to get rid of most of earth's population.  It's only a clean up job, a little tidying up, you know, sweeping away the flotsam and jetsam of pointless humanity to make the world a better place for us, the ones who really deserve to be here because we're so superior and shit."

See what I mean?  It's everywhere.  Do I really have to explain why it is depraved to the nth degree to murder most of the planet's human populace just because "you" think it's a good idea?  Well who the hell are you? I guess the answer to that question is self evident.  "You" means the people doing it and getting away with it.

I didn't used to understand God's anger in the Old Testament.  I always thought he was kind of harsh the way he kept turning cities and peoples into smoked flambe'.  Now I get it.  Now I totally understand what made God so angry that he annihilated population after population of filthy, stupid, corrupt, greedy perverts and twist-cases that had no respect for life,  no morality, couldn't care less about their fellow man, or God.  When cities devolved completely into lecherous, criminal, greed and corruption, it made God sick to his stomach.  He wanted to God hurl.  Maybe that's how all those swirling galaxies got created, they are deity puke.  That is something to flesh out another time maybe.

In the Old Testament, Genesis 6, which is pretty early on in the story of God and man, God was already up to here with stupid human meat puppets.  God was appalled, offended and disgusted by the corruption everywhere.  There was so much corruption that even the earth itself was filled up with corruption.  That's a lot of dang corruption.  And God repented for having created man upon the earth because man was just a piece of shit and that's all there was to it.  Man didn't get it.  Man wasn't bright enough to actually get it, and God knew that, but God figured if his creation just did what he told them to do, they'd be fine. Great in fact.  But right out of the box his creation blew him off.  It took about 15 minutes.  God was left standing there all alone doing the V-8 forehead slap.  "Why will you not listen to me?", he must have asked a zillion times.

From the get go, people were corrupt.  They were selfish and greedy and violent and dishonest and perverted and sadistic and cruel and all the things that people can be that tear peaceful, loving existence to shreds and use it for toilet paper.  Killing children, raping anything that moves, worshiping status and wealth, selling your own family into prostitution, mass marketing, whatever, just so long as you move up the food chain. It's perfectly inane, but there it is anyway.  There is no point to chasing wealth and status except self glorification. Frankly, I have never met anyone who deserved glorification.  I don't think any such human exists.  Never has.  Never will.

So right after people abandoned God at the first sign of something shiny across the street, the next thing they did was lie about being God themselves.  They put on funny hats and long gowns and encrusted themselves with gold and gems and finery and went about strutting their stuff acting like God's gift to mankind; protected by battalions of heavily armed men to keep from having the shit kicked out of them by the masses who have always known bullshit when they see it.  If all of these self appointed special people were all that great, why do they live off people they impoverish and work to death and why do they have to have armed protection?   Is it because they're full of crap?  Yes it is.

To this day we can watch the God Wannabee's strutting their stuff on the world stage, most of them seem to live here in the states, or in England or Israel.  They all do the same thing.  They lie and talk about how great they are and how they're right about everything and can not be prosecuted for any of those right things they do.  Those right things that end up leaving millions of dead bodies in their wake and countless hectares of poverty strewn suffering defenseless humanity behind them.  Yes indeed, good job men.  Well done.  If you're flaming moronic amoral pond scum that is.

Is this a joke?  Is this whole planet one great big April Fool's joke?  Is this thing on?  Is it just me or is what we're witnessing materializing before us on this earth the exact opposite of the best thing in the world ever, ever?  Is humanity screwed or what? And who are these jokers having so much fun crushing the planet into bloody, brutalized, begging pulp?  Why are they allowed to live?  Aren't these the exact corrupt scum bags that God zapped into smithereens over and again?  What are they, human cockroaches or something?  Will they never go away and leave us in peace?

Apparently not.

We have a pickle here.  A gauntlet has been thrown down before us...but, the game is rigged.  Just like in the movies. "Pick up the gun!"  "No mister I don't want to pick up the gun!"  "Pick it up or we'll shoot you!"  "Okay okay, here, I picked it up".  And then they blow him away saying he pulled a gun on them.  Seen it before?  See it repeated all around you in endless ways? Is that or is that not corruption?  Well there you go, there really is nothing new under the sun.

How many times did God tell people how to live well and right so that evil would not consume them  and poop out their bones like camel droppings in the sand?  More than once I'm sure.  I've never counted.  But how many times can you open the bible to find God saying, "Enough! You are out of here!"  Enough times to understand that even God Himself could get sick and tired of repeating the same simple request to man: be decent human beings.

They brought us poppy fields to fall asleep in, and we did.  Then the flying monkeys came and they got jobs as lawmakers and radio talk show hosts and TV liars.  And then the poppies wore off.  Bullets, bombs, pills and chemicals are killing the world and bankers are eating the killings.  And everybody keeps pretending that there's a perfectly good explanation for all of this and there's nothing wrong.  Like hell there isn't.  Tell me one thing right about it.

Evil is not a single individual running around the world doing evil things.  The point of evil is not to do evil, it is to get you to do it for him.   Satan wins the one world cup.  All I can say is that if God shows up head for the hills children.  And don't look back.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hand Job Alert - Distraction Tactics

Something landed in my inbox this morning that warrants making an example of.  It's an article from the Wall Street Journal, WSJ, written by a Brett Arends.  Don't know him, never heard of him before, don't read the Wall Street Journal.  It was an interesting read though, quite fast paced and stuffed to the gills with scary "data" that kept the reader riveted.  The title of the article is,  "Is a Crash Coming? Ten Reasons to Be Cautious".

I guess professional writers have to earn their pay like everyone else, and there's little doubt that the most popular pastime of today is fear mongering and hystericizing how bad it all is; so what's a writer to do but go with the flow and keep that paycheck a'coming?  Right-O.

The above mentioned article has ten numbered short paragraphs plus a brief intro saying all the right things.  It begins:

"Could Wall Street be about to crash again?
This week's bone-rattlers may be making you wonder.
I don't make predictions. That's a sucker's game. And I'm certainly not doing so now.  But way too many people are way too complacent this summer. Here are 10 reasons to watch out".

Okay fine, we're supposed to perceive the writer as savvy, sober, sane and honest and not prone to push anything that ain't so.   Well, we shall see.

Each of the ten paragraphs is on a different subject but each of them shares something in common.  They all have a feel and tone that escalates an explicit bottom line message.  That message is that things are much worse than we're being told; that everything is even shakier and more horrifying than we know; and most of all that any minute it's all going to blow up and bring on horrible terrible times and suffering and panic in the streets and chaos and all that fun stuff.  So don't wait;  worry, fear and panic now to stay ahead of the crowd.

I'm hardly a proponent of this government.  I know that it lies like a dog and I know things are foul.  But I also know that we don't know dick about what's really going on.  I know that everything is being orchestrated to the letter by very powerful individuals and that nothing happens or is allowed to happen unless they want it to.  I've learned that everything we're told is more or less bullshit and that the real reasons for things that happen are never given to us. We are literally in the dark.  Go ahead and prove me wrong.  We have to take "their" word for everything unless we can get up and go check it ourselves and for most of us, we can't do that.  Which is why it is very important to be careful who you listen to and even more important to use your head to do a whole lot of critical thinking because so much of what gets past us simply does not pass the sniff test, if only you do a little sniffing.  Could it be that there is no financial crisis at all except for the one they're making up in the media and shoving down our throats in order to supply cover for all the egregious thieving and robbing being done under the watchful protective eye of our dear Unca Sam?  Who knows. Could be. But this article is a perfect masterpiece of fear 'n panic pushing bull doody, right down to the black and white photo from the day of the 1929 crash.

Here's what I mean.  This is paragraph 6:

"6. The jobs picture is much worse than they're telling you.  Forget the "official" unemployment rate of 9.5%.  Alternative measures? Try this: Just 61% of the adult population, age 20 or over, has any kind of job right now.  That's the lowest since the early 1980s—when many women stayed at home through choice, driving the numbers down. Among men today, it's 66.9%. Back in the '50s, incidentally, that figure was around 85%, though allowances should be made for the higher number of elderly people alive today. And many of those still working right now can only find part-time work, so just 59% of men age 20 or over currently have a full-time job. This is bullish?"

On a quick read through, one might be shocked by these numbers and one might believe they just read that we have a 39% unemployment rate.  That does seem to be what is being implied here, but that is not what was said.  What was said was that 61% of the population, age 20 or over has a job right now.  What was not said is that is pretty close to good old fashioned normal.  That's right, normal, and here's why.

People often think that having a population of 300 million means we have 300 million workers but that would be wrong.  Chop that roughly in half to guesstimate the working population.  Why?  Because there are things called children in America.  There are also people who go to school called college students; and there are retired people, disabled people, and people who don't work because they either don't have to, they don't want to, or they can't for various reasons like having family responsibilities and so forth.

Now that you know that roughly half or so of the adult population doesn't work in the first place,  does 61% strike you as shocking and horrible or does it strike you more like ballpark?

I wondered where the writer got his employment data because he didn't state his sources, so I emailed him and asked him where he got it. 

"Labor Department. I dig through the numbers."

That was his reply, in full.  Alrighty, I said to myself, I'll just go there and see what they have to say about it.  I did this with a strong idea about what I thought the numbers should be because I went through this subject more in depth a year or so ago and what I learned stuck with me. It didn't take long to locate the numbers that verified that I'm correct and that this isn't shocking or even unusual for that matter.  It's all pretty status quo.

Don't get me wrong, there are most definitely a whole lot of people out of work as corporations pull up and move offshore with American jobs leaving workers precisely squat for options.  But that picture can only be revealed if you look at the data over time, say since dear Ronald Reagan was in office.  He's the great president who opened the doors for corporations to have their way with the world and exit the country with Americas jobs and prosperity and to screw the American people as much as they like.  Bless his heart.  I'm glad he's dead now.

The thing of it is, a number like that 61%  doesn't mean squat by itself, that's what's insidious about it.   It's not until you compare data over a period of time in order to gauge  increases and decreases, spikes and drops, that you can glean anything meaningful or pertinent from all those numbers.  Just throwing out a single number like that is pretty much pointless because it doesn't tell you anything about anything.

And because that's true the best that can happen is that people will believe things that are not true or real at all.  Repeat that process over and over as the corporate media tends to do, and pretty soon you've got a nation of worked up, hopped up people blowing off steam about idiotic nonsense like Obama's birth certificate or believing that all Muslims are crazed terrorists hell bent on killing us all in our beds.  That's how it happens.  That's the simple process that  has gotten us to where we are today.  Obama is just another pez head prez and I promise you,  it's not all him doing all that's wrong with the country.  Most of that ground was well laid long before he got on the scene.  And for those who have already forgotten that george w bush was and is the most hated man in the whole wide world, then you need to do a reality check.  The bush regime used the constitution for toilet paper, it was long gone before Obama's name was even on the ballot.

But I digress.  Back to the article.

I interpret this to be a case of preying on the ignorance of the public with the aim to inflame and upset people and get them even more wound up and worried and angry than they already are.   I just don't respect that.  I think it's low and seedy and unhelpful at best and one wonders what would possess any honest decent person to imply such horse crap knowing how much damage it will do to so many people who will take to heart what they think he said because that's exactly what he was going for.   The WSJ obviously caught the News Flu, the kind that makes you lie about everything and forget about
informing people about what they need to know.  No real surprise there.

The fact of the matter is that there really are extremely serious threats coming down on us right now but the establishment media is the last place you'd hear about any of those things.  The establishment media is there to distract you from those things with other things that go nowhere and mean nothing and just get everyone's panties all in a wad.  That's their
simple formula for keeping the masses at bay and out of their hair so they can go about doing their criminal thing uninterrupted.  When will the public ever figure this out?  Hard to say.  Maybe never.

I didn't check the facts of the other nine paragraphs but excuse me for assuming they're probably filled with similar falsely implied non-specific, unsubstantiated, over generalized data with the aim of freaking people out for fun and profit.  I get to make that assumption based on my first hand checking his "facts" out and finding out there's a game being played.   You can't say he's lying, but he's not exactly giving anyone an honest picture either.  Know what I mean?

If you want to read the rest of his piece, here's the link.

Question authority.   Question everything.
Doubt whatever they're selling whenever it's being pushed hard and wide.
And that's all I have to say about that.

Carry on.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rich Looters Just Want Something for Nothing

It disgusts me to hear the political class, whores that they are, saying the stupid, ugly things they say.  Things that would make any moral person hang their head in shame for even thinking them, much less spouting them out loud like the bloated wind bags some of these guys truly are. 

The recent political floor show debating whether or not to extend unemployment benefits was a good example of well fed, spoiled rich people saying stupid ugly things.   Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona said that unemployment benefits keep people from looking for work "because people are being paid even though they're not working."   He said that unemployment checks don't create new jobs and that, "In fact, if anything, continuing to pay people unemployment compensation is a disincentive for them to seek new work."

Senator Kyl you ignorant slut.  One wonders, has the senator ever faced extended periods of unemployment?  Has he ever missed a meal?  Has he faced losing a home because he could not find work due to the nationwide exodus of business to foreign countries?  Has the senator ever seen any of the ghost towns this mass exodus has created?  An exodus which he and his cohorts brought about and forced on a populace who did not ask for it or support it.  Because of our self serving dearly elected's hard work this entire nation is tanking.  It's impossible to miss it. We don't all get to eat 5 star lunches and be waited on hand and foot Mr. Kyl.  Shame on you, you dirty bird, and shame on all of the shameless right wingers of like mind, arrogant sadistic swine, the lot of you.

There is no question of whether or not to extend unemployment insurance payments for a nation of battered cheated people who have been stripped of their ability to support themselves directly due to the big business and big political boys and girls obsessive compulsive monopoly games.  No debate is necessary.  They'd better damned well keep those checks coming.

It is upsetting to say the least when this country is forced to listen to the ugly likes of phonies and scum buckets like Limbaugh, certain religious leaders and a whole host of so called republican politicians who become foaming at the mouth demagogues decrying the horrors and sins of "giving" unemployed, excluded, screwed over, poverty stricken people enough money to just barely sustain their lives.  For these people it is apparently too much to ask to give a damn about humanity.  They're too busy giving a damn about their own bottom line and to them that's all it can ever be about.  As far as they're concerned when it comes down to their beloved wealth or millions of Americans slipping into poverty, sickness and homelessness with no hope for change anywhere on the horizon, they will always and immediately grab onto their fat wallets and tell the American people to fuck off and die.

The myth of poor people wanting something for nothing needs to be put to death once and for all.  There is no such thing as people living hand to mouth in poverty, living it up on their pittance of a monthly check from the government.  That's complete crap.  The vast majority of human beings on this earth would jump at the chance to make their lives better.  Most people don't have a problem with working.  People like to work.  People like to have something worthwhile to do with their lives.  I've yet to meet anyone who wouldn't be interested in improving their situation.  This drivel spouted from the political/fundamentalist right is just that, sorry, despicable nonsense.  It sounds like a good thing to say to get others on board all in a huff thinking that poor people are just out for a free ride but I'll tell you what.  You name me 10 such people.  Go ahead I'm waiting.  Yeah,  that's what I thought.  You can't name one and you know what?  Neither can Limbaugh, or Robertson or dear senator Kyl.  It's all big fat lies.  It's all a manipulation of the American mind.  But it's worse than that.

Look at what's really going on here.  What is the unspoken but undeniable message we are hearing?  It is that money matters more than human life.  And sadly, in today's depraved economic climate money does matter more than human life.  How can that possibly be okay?  How can it be state policy?  There is no possible justification for this, how could there be, but there it is anyway.  The rich people want it this way.  The people who know how to play the game better than everyone else want it this way. There is no shame around this, no apology for it whatsoever.  On the contrary.  It's gotten so entrenched into the system and unfortunately into our national values that today it is done with enough arrogance to choke a horse.

In 21st Century America, caring about the well being of your fellow man is supposed to be seen as an inexcusable burden; not as a moral obligation of those who prosper most, but as an outrage.  We're to believe that ensuring the well being of the citizens of this country is not our problem and it's wrong, even harmful to them.  We're to believe there's nothing in it for us.  We're told that nobody else deserves the fruits of our labor, and the Christian church is even selling the concept that those who don't work should starve.  Whatever supposed Christ they claim to be worshiping is not one that I am familiar with.  We're told there will always be poor.  Yes, there will always be poor because there will always be selfish, greedy rich people who don't give a damn about their fellow man.

We are supposed to feel put out by chipping in a few bucks of our tax dollars to be used for making this country a better place to live, better for the human beings who live in it.  As if there's something wrong with doing that.  Conversely we're supposed to be thrilled and delighted when staggering amounts of our tax dollars are used to make war on the poor people of other countries.  No complaints there are allowed.

Yes, today, Those Who Have are now in the official positions of being their less prosperous brothers judges, claiming to be  fully qualified to decide the fates of millions even while not knowing a damned thing about any of them, even while being completely disconnected and ignorant about the millions of people they dismiss out of hand as irrelevant and undeserving, and let's not forget evil.  And they claim this right to be the judges and decision makers for all others lives because they have plenty in the midst of people who don't have enough to survive. 

Well whose fault is that anyway? This is circular thinking in the extreme.  It is strictly because some people in this world want so irrationally much for themselves that there are so many who don't have enough to survive.  The rich people want everyone else's share.  It's time to face that simple, basic, eternal, unshakable fact.

Why don't we get down to the basic realities here since that will never happen in Washington DC.  Great pains are taken to sell us everything but the basic truth about what those with wealth and power do, and the reason for that is obvious.  When you really look at what they do you want to throw up.  You realize that there is no excuse, legal, moral or otherwise that justifies the way the monied power class of this country treats the people of this country.  They are flat out despicable.  They are dishonest, abusive and deceitful because they are greedy, nasty, selfish, ill willed, small minded and ignorant.  They're the ugliest people in the world.  Ugly on the inside that is, where it actually counts.

Take a moment to come with me now; let's go all the way back to the beginning, before there was such a thing as money.  What was life like for human beings before money was conceived of?  Life for human beings was on the same terms as all other life on this planet.  Everything you needed and wanted was here and it was yours free for the taking.  If you wanted shelter, you made yourself one.  You could build it anywhere you wanted to;  there was no rent to pay, no mortgage payments, no ownership of land, no permits needed.  Like birds build their nests free of charge where ever they choose, human beings used whatever available natural resources they needed to use,  free of charge.   All it cost them was the labor it took to do it.

What this tells us is that, according to nature, of which we are still a part, the actual monetary cost of living on this earth is zero.  It tells us that food is free and water is free and shelter is free, by birthright, to every living thing that is born here.  For humans it tells us that with the application of our intellect and muscle, we can freely make use of the abundant varieties of raw materials, all provided free by the earth, in order to get our life needs met; food, water and shelter as well as herbs, medicines, minerals, etc.  Whatever is there is free for us to make use of as needed to sustain and maintain our lives and care for our families.  Once we establish ourselves in providing for our needs we can take things along much further and create wonderful things that make our lives better, richer, easier, more abundant, meaningful and more fulfilling.  All without spending a single buck.

Which means that there is an inherent right for all people to get their needs met and prosper by their own effort.  For free. 

Unfortunately we have nothing of the kind available to us today.  Every bit of food, every inch of land, every acre of fertile soil, belongs to someone else and can only be gotten with money.  By decree of establishment law, which is nothing more than the wealthy people's personal private system of total economic and political control, all but themselves and their own business enterprises are deprived of the ability to live in absolute freedom and utilize the natural resources of the planet as desired at no cost.  They have totally monopolized the resources of this world while simultaneously exploiting the coerced labor of others to collect those resources and process them for the sole benefit of the rich. 

If the rich of the world must have this unnatural arrangement lest they become dejected and morose, if they insist by law that they must prevent the majority of humankind from living in freedom and from prospering on this free, natural earth, from creating their own abundance and prosperity with the sweat of their brows, the intelligence in their brains, the creativity of their spirits, and the good will in their hearts; then something is most definitely owed by those who prevent it.

If the corrupt and the greedy insist that they must have it all for themselves then they must pay for it, it is not theirs for free, it is ours, it belongs to all of us.  The only reasonable exchange is actual value for actual value.  All those natural resources would be there in perpetuity for us to use if psychopathic corporations weren't mass producing and consuming them in excess and waste, all for profit, not for human good or intelligent use or need or any other rational motivation.  If these selfish wealthy types must own and control it all then they must pay for it. And the price is self evident.  The price is providing all that is needed for all who have lost out the chance to live well and prosper in health and continued growth and life satisfaction as they would be able to do if not so prevented.  No. They don't get to just have it all because they want it all.  That is their modus operandi, and it's no less than criminal and preposterous. No deal.  Who'd make a deal that stupid?

We begin to understand what "imperialism" is.  It is precisely that.  Taking what you want from others by force without regard to those you take it from.  Imperialism is the misguided belief that there is such a thing as a right to behave in this manner and to garner obese and disgusting personal wealth from so doing. 

Well, people are entitled to believe whatever they like but it shouldn't be a news flash to anyone that there are a large number of other people on this earth who disagree strongly with imperialist notions of having rights to anything they want and forcing their own personal value system on the world.  The vast majority of people would say imperialist behavior is not rightful under any circumstances and in fact what it represents is everything the body of man considers to be criminal behavior.  Yet there they are in control of all of the world's resources, and why?  Because they use force to get their way and when you're blown to bits is pretty much impossible to do much about anyone stealing your land and your water and your resources and killing your family and friends and culture until no trace of your people exist and are forgotten.  All so that the imperialist rich can stay rich and get richer.

Nothing there to be proud of in my opinion.  It doesn't even make sense.  But the bottom line is, we never agreed to any such arrangement.  And our ancestors did not speak for us or contract for us, that's not possible.  Whatever deals of the day were struck a hundred years ago are over when the original deal makers pass from this life.  Otherwise what we end up with is a snarled, corrupt, filthy criminally dominated system that consumes everything and leaves nothing but destruction in it's wake.  And that's pretty much what we have.  Does it need to be said it's a failure?

The people will have their due, and what they are due is the means to limitless prosperity.  This is the very essence of freedom, being free to see to your own wants and needs.  It is not possible to live in poverty if you're any other of God's creatures than man.  Only a lack of money makes you poor, and the lack of money is never by choice, it is by design of the system that is bleeding us dry as it makes it's move to finally monopolize the whole world. They want to make everyone poor so that they alone can be rich and have everything all to themselves.

This is their system, the very system that's been forced on us all; a system not here by your choice or mine, or by our fathers or our father's fathers choices.  It is a system that belongs solely to a singular class of people who own most of everything and who possess wealth in extremes of excess that most of us could not even conceive of.  This is their criminal game.  It belongs to them.  It sees to their whims and desires.  It provides for their "needs" at the cost of not allowing us to provide for our own, beyond whatever ways a certain number of us can be utilized by these people to further their own goals of personal wealth and power.  All ownership benefit accrues to them, and never, ever, to any of us, the actual people who do all of the work and build everything. 

The terrible state of things today is no accident, it is the world they wanted to create, a selfish world that cares only about them.   A world that puts them first, forever, above all others and allows them to have their way with the world however they see fit, in perpetuity.  Their world vision specifically excludes the vast majority of the rest of humanity.  Contrary to the standard propaganda, this system is not designed to let us lift ourselves as high as we want to go.  It is designed to put us down and keep us down where we will never be able to obtain enough wealth to be truly free, free enough to live our lives on our own terms.  Only they possess and monopolize that kind of freedom.  What they've forced on our lives is modern slavery and you're the serf.  You don't get any choices.  Your opinions don't count.  You'll do as you're told or you'll be fired.  You will comply or you will be punished, non compliance will not be tolerated.  If your credit's bad then you won't be able to rent a place to live and no one will hire you.  Comply or die.  That's what you've really got and that's what they tell you to believe is freedom and democracy, and you do. 

Proving that you can take any egregious behavior and label it something positive and nice, and nobody will notice it's a big fat lie.  Take any serial pedophile and call him a priest and bingo, he is free to engage in a lifetime of child rape and never has to worry about being suspected of being and doing what he really is.  That's how easy it is to detour an entire planet from seeing the truth of anything.  Call organized mass murder 'war' and all of a sudden it's a noble enterprise that everyone accepts as reasonable and necessary.  Examples abound, I can't list them all, just look around, they're everywhere.  We are all living a lie, spellbound by happy sounding misdirection and deceit.  And being told that poverty is our own fault is one of the biggest deceits of all.

If given the opportunity in our God given, natural environment that was not 100% monopolized, owned and controlled by wealth and power obsessed, competitive, cutthroat rich men and their pet whore politicians, ordinary people would do what they've always done, only better, due to much improved understanding of the world.  We would all be able to grow our own crops and build our own houses and make our own commodities, establish our own ideas about trade and ethics and best practices and we would live perfectly well.  Fabulously in fact.  But today the system of ravenous monopoly by the rich doesn't allow that.  That freedom, our very freedom to create our own prosperity is unwanted competition to them, and if there's anything they hate it is having to compete in their own system like the rest of us have to do. 

We can't opt out of their crappy system and begin growing our own food somewhere that looks like a nice place to settle.  We can no longer simply collect wood and necessary supplies to build our own homes.  Somebody will run you off, or land you in prison for trespassing or some other claim.  In this "modern day" environment, the message is clear.  Only some may have everything, while a few may have some, and a whole lot won't get anything at all.

Pardon me for saying so, but that is a shit system.  Who thinks this is an okay balance of needs and prosperity?  Who thinks this is an acceptable way of doing things?  It isn't acceptable.  It's horrendous.  It fails utterly to ensure the well being and prosperity of the vast majority of people in this country.  And for those who are allowed to partake of some part of that prosperity,  a ceiling for it is cast in stone above all our heads; a prosperity ceiling determined by the rich system owners to suit themselves.  This is how and why there are such moral atrocities as arguments in the congress over whether or not anyone working a full time job should be paid a living wage.  According to the people who created and own this system they say no.  Work two or three full time jobs, it's not their problem.  Their problem is getting richer than ever and according to our value system which is in fact their value system, and our laws and our policies which are in fact their laws and policies, they win. The people lose.  So if you can't find work because there isn't any work you should just fuck off and die.

Are we seriously to believe that this couldn't be done better?  Let me see, what are the working parameters again?  The wealthiest people in the world, who have more money than God, who own everything, who worship themselves as our superiors, as the brilliant captains of industry and finance doing God's work, who know the system intimately, who know everybody who's anybody, who have all the inside information, all of the contacts, and know all of the ropes; these people who can pick up the telephone and any time of the day or night call on the most talented, gifted, and brilliant people on the face of the earth who will jump at the chance to work for them; these wealthy men who can order that anything whatsoever that they choose be done and others will rush to carry it out;  this is the best they can do?  Make themselves even more rich by taking the food from our mouths and taking our homes and taking our jobs away and giving them to people in other countries, leaving us in poverty, broke, in debt up to our eyeballs, without health care, without any hope of the so called economy coming back online because they've killed it to benefit themselves, ran a going out of business sale, liquidated the public's assets, emptied our coffers, drained our prosperity and future and have packed up and left for higher ground leaving us, the people who made all their wealth for them through our hard work,  abandoned, impoverished, in debt, abused, lied to, used, confused and going down for the last count without even so much as a life jacket.  Even that is too much to ask. 

Well excuse me but I am not impressed.  You couldn't come up with a much worse system than this.  This system stinks.  It's an abject failure and it's inexcusable.  It represents the ultimate misuse and abuse of all available assets and the forfeiture of all reasonable outcomes.  It's utterly ridiculous. The "My Money Matters More Than Your Life" gang has rolled around in their own skunk scent for so long they can't smell themselves anymore.  But we can smell them.  Anybody who has managed to retain their human decency in the midst of this frenzied final sacrificial feast of globalist parasite scum on humanity, can also smell it.  The smell is overpowering to all who continue to value human life more than worthless green dollars.  The stench is horrendous.  I can't stand it anymore.

These guys act like they're doing the world such a great big favor by bringing us their made to order personal concept of progress and prosperity and shoving it down our throats against our will, with deceit and by force.  What big favors have they ever done anyone?  Are you better off today than you were ten years ago?  Very few of us are.  The better off people are the wealthy ones;  you and I got dick.  And now they're taking whatever is left of what little we have after all this looting and pillaging our economy by the rich and greedy;  by the flesh eating parasites and their bought and paid for political whores. What's so dang great about that?  It sucks.  And they know it sucks.

The political class represents the rich and powerful and the rich and powerful don't want anyone to do well except themselves.  They want to see all our means of support and all social safety nets stripped from the system, so the politicians yodel out idiocy about people gaming the system and wanting something for nothing.  They should know all about that. Who wants something for nothing?  It's not the poor people, it's the rich ones. 

It's the rich ones who don't want to work.  They're the ones who don't want to pay for what they want, to have it handed to them on generous no-strings silver platters or to just take it, at gun point, by virtue of unfair laws and policies they write and pay to have entered into officialdom to benefit themselves by screwing others.  They're the one's who don't want to have to earn a cent through hard work like the rest of us have to do.  They're the ones who want it all for free.  They're the ones who don't pay the taxes, who don't want to be regulated, who don't want fair play or to open up to competition so all of us can play the game.  The greedy rich are the ones who want the free rides, all of the free rides, and they're the only ones getting them.  And they're getting them in the hundreds of billions of dollars that come out of our stolen prosperity and freedom.   Who's really getting everything for nothing?  It sure as hell isn't you and me.  

By the way, these double-talking lying greed bags are the same people who pointed at desperate, starving and injured   people in the wake of the levy collapses after Katrina and called them looters.  They wasted no time calling the people of Haiti in the aftermath of the most horrendous earthquake we've ever seen, looters.   Apparently the definition of the word 'looter' is unfamiliar to them.  Traumatized victims in desperate need of life saving emergency assistance are not looters. They're victims.  They must take whatever food, water and necessities they can find to stay alive.  This is called survival and there is no creature on the face of the earth who does not have the right to save its own life.   People in the wake of terrible disasters need help and help can either be given or it will be taken by those who need it because there are no other options.

It is not wrong, it is fundamental truth.   Instead of idiotically blathering about looting why don't these useless idiots get off their butts and send food and supplies so nobody is forced to take anything away from you profit-uber-alles business twits?

It must be mentioned that the normal human mind and heart feel strongly motivated to render aid and assistance when it sees people suffering and in need.  The sight of devastated people does not leave the normal mind cynically disinterested, it does not bring pleasure or amusement and it most definitely does not spawn immediate thoughts of getting rich off other people's misfortune.  This is where the rich and the nasty part ways with the rest of the people of this world.  The most prosperous people on earth are apparently functionally incapable of giving a damn about anyone but themselves.

Normal people care about others.  Not because they have to, not because it is owed, but because it is normal and natural to care.  Normal people have compassion for others.  Normal people feel respect for others.  Normal people understand the pain of others and understand what it would be like if the tables were turned and it was they who needed help.  A normal human mind would know it would strongly desire help when help was needed.  So it is beyond logic, beyond reason, beyond deals and profits, real estate grabs, oil and mining contracts or anything else that speaks only to the rich and greedy; normal people just want to help those who need help.  That is what natural, rational, moral, decent people do.  That is what being human is.

Human beings who think only of self and personal gain from the deaths and losses of others are despicable in the truest sense.  Their crudeness and selfishness is grotesque and offensive to all moral and ethical humanity.  Depraved indifference to human suffering is not something to boast about or feel proud of.  It is shameful to assert such insulting, arrogant nonsense about doing a service to one's fellow man by swooping in to profit from disasters by helping oneself to vaults of money while letting a few crumbs drop so that some few others may eat.  These people are not God's gift to anyone.  Not in this universe at least.  How shameful the greedy become.  How shallow and empty and vain.  How self-centered and obsessed with always getting more for themselves until getting it at the cost of other peoples lives, prosperity and happiness is only "doing business".  How much lower can you go?

It's nothing personal they say, it's only business.  Well, it may be only business to their shrunken hollowed-out souls, but I assure you, nothing becomes more strictly personal than feasting on the flesh of our children.  That's not business you scum bags, that's as personal as it gets.

In closing I would leave you with this thought.  The truth, the fact and the bottom line is exactly what they don't want you to see.  All of the posturing, infighting, noise and distraction of this game show called politics is there for one reason; which is to detour the public from understanding  that in this system of, by, and for the rich, it is only the rich looters who always want something for nothing and it is always and only they who unfailingly get it.