Monday, November 29, 2010

Murder, Ominous Parallels, and the TSA

Greetings and hallucinations.  I've got something a little different for you today.  It's something to listen to.  It is a segment of audio from a radio show at Radio4All that I listened to a week or so ago and cannot get out of my mind.  I  listened to it again today and afterwards I noticed that my body felt as if I'd been crying my guts out for hours, but I haven't been crying. 

This story is about a 25 year old guy, somebody's brother, somebody's son, who was brutally murdered, shot dead in the street by a militarized cop using an assault rifle.  The young man's name was Julian Collender.  He was unarmed.  He had no criminal record.  He had not committed a crime.  But that's only the beginning of this real life horror story.

I want to put this up here for you to hear for yourself, even though it's not a happy thing.  It's a real thing.  This is war. This is Baghdad. This is Palestine.  Except for that this is Brea, California. This should not be happening but it is and not just in Brea, CA but all over the country.

Those whose idea of a perfect world being one in perpetual war are in charge of this country.  This story of one family's total devastation and horrendous treatment by authorities is only one tiny snapshot of what it's like to be on the receiving end of American imperialist authoritarian arrogance. All done to feather the bankster's vulture nest with capitalism's most basic and lucrative industry: war.   Here's your Neo-Con-Zionist/Nazi ideology in its natural state, brutal and inhuman.
It takes my breath away.

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The Ominous Parallels
Speaking of brutal and inhuman I would like to recommend some further listening.  The Vyz is recording chapters from a book entitled “The Ominous Parallels: The End of Freedom in America” which you can find here.

The book was written shortly after WWII and it goes into great detail about the Nazi philosophy, if you can call it a philosophy.   The gwbush regime literally did a play-by-play straight out of the Nazi playbook, it's no accident nor is it my imagination.  I assure you I could never imagine any such things on my own, it is there in the open for one and all to see, if you can see that is.   Those who can see, will see what I see, what the author of the book saw.  It is definitely worth your contemplation.  Whether or not you agree is not the point, the point is to consider the facts in evidence first and then decide what you see. 

Which leads to the next logical step in today's equation, the lovely and wonderful TSA.   I will never set foot in an airport again, and I knew that way back when they brought us the silly ass shoe bomber and exploding toothpaste or whatever nonsense it was that  changed flying forever.  I cannot tolerate idiocy when it comes to my person or my life and I won't tolerate it.  I don't have to tolerate it because I said so.  It is my life and these are my rules, like it or lump it,  I'm the only person on earth who gets to make my rules.  If I went to the airport I already know that I'd have a very serious problem with naked body scanners or getting felt up by complete and total strangers, and I know myself well enough to know that I would not be able to control my anger, and that would land me in jail or worse.  So I won't fly again, at least not as long as the TSA is terrorizing flying America with their assinine WOT tactics aimed at us instead of actual scary people doing harm to innocent people.  I'll take a bus or train or drive my car instead of flying, and I'm fine with that.   As airlines continue to lose revenues they might start paying attention to why.

The TSA is the natural product of an out of control, corporate worshiping, developing police-state control grid.  What the TSA is doing is clearly not about airport security, nor is it about keeping anyone safe.   We're as safe as we're ever going to be, with or without any TSA at airports.  We the people are not the terrorists but we'll have to stand in for them because you see, there are no terrorists so the state has to create them.  It does this to justify itself and the money it uses up and all the rest of the horrendous useless shit it gets up to.  Big "security" is very lucrative and it is fun as hell to be bullies and thieves with badges that can do anything they want and never be held accountable.  They are not going to give that up, not without one hell of a fight.   

Creating your own enemies is standard behavior with false authority.  True at airports, true at war.  We have no honest to goodness enemies to make war with so we create them as needed with our unconscionable behavior, always done in the name of our own vainglorious goodness.  We are supposed to buy the flatulent, offensive nonsense about our own heavily armed invasion forces being the good guys and only those who don't appreciate being invaded being the baddest of the bad guys.  The worst you'll hear anyone in the media say about this howling outrage is that our dear government is well intentioned but horribly inept.  They're not evil, they are only mistaken and clumsy in their endless quest to deliver freedom and democracy around the world.  Even when it's perfectly clear that 'freedom and democracy' must mean something very different to them than to the rest of us.  To them it means millions of people standing in ankle high rivers of their own blood amidst the radioactive dust and rubble of what used to be cities, apparently.  Because that's just so free and democratic.

There is a pretty much zero percent chance that any person in the USA boarding an airplane on any given day, or every single day, will be armed and/or bearing explosives.  We the working class people are not the problem.  We were the victims, remember?  Electronic rape of every man, woman and child and the truly horrific treatment by TSA power-droids of the traveling public doesn't even make sense.  If actual airport security was the point and aim of the TSA, what they should be doing is questioning people about current or prior military or police enlistment as these are without exception the grand shooters and murderers of innocent strangers in large numbers in public places.  Period.  It's never anyone's wheelchair bound 92 year old grandma, or six year old little boy or girl, or ordinary working class dad or mom.  

The TSA's game show is such an inane waste of money, man hours, resources, time and energy that it's shockingly stupid.  If 99.9% of people at the airport are already known to present no risk or threat to anyone, ever, then why are they wasting any time at all looking at those people?  Shouldn't they put 99.9% of their time and energy looking where there really are terrorists?  You know, good old fashioned police work.  But that's just it, there are no terrorists, that's why they have to go out and make them up and frame them.  How many times have we seen it already?  The FBI/Police, whoever, go out and pick some young and stupid petty thug and drive him up the wall offering him lots of money if he'll agree to take their bomb and blow something up with it.  It's clear cut entrapment, meaning there is always a zero percent chance any of these railroaded patsies would ever blow anything up on their own.  They don't have the brains, the desire or the skill to do anything more complex than snatch purses or six packs.  The TSA is not only doing everything except making us feel secure, it is so destructive of legally protected rights, of our human dignity, of basic freedom and obligatory two-way respect that it's clear that the entire TSA is not what they claim it is.  It is the proverbial 1984 big black boot on the backs of our necks grinding our faces in the dirt forever.  This is their idea of security?  Well who is being made secure by all this?  Oh right, They are.  Not us, them.  

The TSA is there to let us all know that we are nothing, but authority is sacred.  Your life is irrelevant.  So is your grandmother's life and your wife's life and your child's life.  You are an insect who will obey every command given to you by authority, and obey it immediately and fully, without hesitation, with no questions asked, no matter what you are "ordered" to do or you will be made to pay.  Comply or die. Think I'm kidding?  Do not cling to any fantasies about your freedom, you are not free.  And don't test it unless you're in the mood for the Julian Collender treatment yourself.  They may not take your life, yet, but they will take everything else they can from you.  Your dignity, your self-respect, your God given rights, along with your sense of justice and common sense, security and well being, not to mention your freedom to say what you think and do as your conscience dictates.  To these people your conscience is irrelevant.  Any form of non-compliance with the heavily armed thugs in uniforms is not for the greater good and so exercising your conscience makes you the enemy.  In other words, doing the right thing makes you the bad guy.  That's how the Nazi "philosophy" works, and how the TSA works;  the individual does not matter beyond whatever good he can do for the greater cause.  Life is cheap in Nazi land, and now it's cheap in America too.  Ain't freedom and democracy great?  I'm sure they would be, if only we could try them out.

Since I'm broaching this subject I may as well take it all the way home.  The next time you hear some TeaParty-er or anti-Obamarino stomping their feet about taking their country back, ask them if they've been on an airplane recently, and if so, did they go through the Rapiscan (Rape-iscan) or get the EMCABG (pronounced "em-cabbage") Enhanced Molestation Crotch And Breast Groping?  Because if they say they had no problem at all with being electronically raped and made into an insect by dim witted authoritarian thugs, tell them the entire blame for the state of the nation is on their shoulders.  That's right, their own shoulders.  It's also on their shoulders if they hated the idea of being body scanned or felt up by thug perverts but in order to avoid inconvenience or embarrassment, they just went ahead and put up with it.  They're even more to blame.   This is where the rubber hits the road.  This government is never going to do what we won't let it do.  It can't.  What it will do is push, and push and push and it will go exactly as far as we let it.  If we let it tell big, fat lies and force us to become like stupid barnyard animals, stripped of dignity and legal rights for no legitimate purpose, then they'll do exactly that.  When it's placed in your hands, when it comes down to you, what do you do?  Refuse to be treated that way or bend over and take it? 

It comes down to one decent person at a time standing for what's right and refusing, flat refusing to put up with any shit from the government whatsoever.  Damned right that comes at a price, hello?  Is that a newsflash to anyone?   So when this or any other similar situation lands directly in your lap, when it is placed directly into your hands, into your life in real time, and the question is, will you stand for what you believe in or will you snivel and fold like a puking, mewling dog... and you opt for the dog role, then honey you're what's creating these thugs.  You're what's creating this whole nasty ass system.  If you're not willing to die to protect your God given rights I can assure you nobody else is going to do it for you.   

At the airport Americans are shit-canning freedom and democracy because it's too inconvenient to do what must be done to retain them.  Instead of saying, "Don't touch my junk or I'll have you arrested", and not getting on the damned plane, they are saying "Okay, I'm too dumb to know for sure what's mine and what isn't yours, I'm as cheap and easy as you want me to be, so help yourself to my dignity and rights.  Look at my wife naked. Feel my wife's breasts and my kid's genitals, go ahead, because I'm too much of a spoiled pussy to do what I damned well know is right.  I am an insect."   

Really, stop blaming Obama and liberals and everyone but yourself.  If you refuse to stand for what you know is right then what you'll get is whatever they give you, which is exactly and precisely what you'll put up with.  So maybe you really are an insect.  And isn't it ludicrous for an insect to complain about governmental abuses?  Yes it is.  I rest my case.


Last but not least, a lighter note to end this on.  You'll like this, I promise.

See ya later.   Dressed, I hope.


  1. tony_opmoc9:20 AM


    I posted a link to the mp3 on your website on Alternet this morning. I tried the full original, but you had cut it down to the hardcore emotional bit that made me cry for America....

    "Why Europeans Think We're Insane"

    You are a Shining Light amongst the debris and detritus.

    Don't give up, just keep on shining. America needs stars like you to brighten up the gloom.

    You Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve.

    Thank You,


  2. Anonymous10:40 PM

    hi me again...i have not listened yet to the mp3...bracing myself

    TSA is doing what they are told to do

    nothing m ore nothing less..seems this year they backed off on the flu
    scare diversion....and tsa was the ttopic over thanksgiveing...tsa fondleing children....they just love to beat that fear chaos gm went from broke bankrupty to the biggest ipo in usa history..does not seem like chaos

    master plan or master riff off it shows control not do you sell that much stock from a bankrupty car company like gm???

    i am sure if icould just accept the control, life may be liveable..but why does it feel like not just control but darkness??i keep thinking once they have it all totally in place,why be nice even a little....maybe that is what is slowly happening??? the teeth are slowlly being bared..soon the bite??
    i am sure this feeling comes from the rabit hole thing but....when did the rabbit hole start???i read the the pharoah and his army was after moses and the gangsters because he had stolen the treasuray

    thusthe story moses returning from prayer on the mountain and the dancing around the golden calf/pharoahs gold/true story

    what did the boy whom took hostages in his school talk about??the papers where very quick to write they talked about hunting and fishing..well what else did he say???am i crazy yes...but that does not mean im stupid...
    when childern do this it is /zoloft/meds/ or darkness...and if it is not the family then maybe this poor kids feels and knew and smelt the deception..and could not put his finger on it because evryone is saying it is ok,wash your hands,be good,smile,while evryone is struggling so hard to smile,looking around exhuasted,thinking i must be suffering from depression,maybe if i run in a marathon i will be happy...that is howmusch effort it takes to even be able to smile..marathon...i lived years in other places..i hear the laughter in my mind the smiles,the life ,and the pains,here...cancer..depression..lies...and more lies..fears..hand sanitizer..sickness,,,from the foods yes...but more from death of the cannot breath,soar
    only cower,with the thought at least i have a bed or be happy not this or it is so strange for me to come home to a very werid
    place...andsometimes its in my head but everyone is sick or almost..i look and the skin and faces..and i do not see health vitality very often....that is not in my head

    cheers sidepocket

  3. Tony,

    Well, thank you. I'm no shining light for sure but I appreciate your very kind compliment all the same.

    If Europeans think we're insane that's good. What would be better is if we believed we were insane. That would be some progress.

    But you know, I don't believe the lying sack of media out there trying to get us to believe that Americans are not appalled and disgusted with everything our psychopathic elites are pulling off as they destroy every last good and decent and whole and real thing about our country. I know that Americans all over the country are fighting hard and making life miserable for the one world gangsters. Nobody wants this crap. I know for a fact that there are huge protest marches with thousands of people going on constantly that never get any mention whatsoever in the lame stream corporate sack of lies media. They pretend like there's no dissent, no authentic Americans expressing authentic gripes, everyone is happily going along with everything except terrorists and bad people who hate America for our freedom and democracy. It is standard practice for big fat liars to pretend there's nothing wrong when there is. If they just act like everything is going great they expect most people will believe what's being modeled for them, but people aren't buying it anymore. I think the heat in this kitchen is getting way too hot. So do not despair, things are just getting interesting.

    And by the way, thank you for checking out that audio and letting me know that it made you feel like I felt. I was truly shocked at hearing how the parents were treated, that just took it all the way to completely insane and criminal, erasing all credibility for the police. Nobody deserves to be treated that way. And isn't what that story told us is what it's like to be an Iraqi getting your door kicked in and your place trashed and your family killed by screaming thugs who don't give a damn about anything except staying alive, and everyone they see is the enemy. It's military behavior. It's as disgusting as it is terrifying.


  4. Anonymous,

    You've got to slow down a little, you're wearing yourself out. Take a breath, exhale and tell yourself that no matter what's happening out there, you are okay.
    You don't have bombs dropping on your house, you're sleeping in your own bed at night, you're not in a concentration camp, you don't have the creeping crud of the month, you are fine. You are safe and sound and need to try to replace some of that understandable anxiety with some appreciation that for the present, all is well.

    You've got to take time to enjoy what you've got, if what your fear is about is losing what you've got. You're worried about losing your happiness so don't overlook the fact that you still have the ability to experience happiness. Save overwhelming anxiety and fear for a time when your happiness is actually being taken away for real. Right now it isn't. You can still speak your mind and go where you want and have whatever you like for dinner. Disconnect from the bad news and and forget about everything except your favorite people and things that give you joy.

    That's just my two cents for whatever it's worth. But I can't totally get what you're saying because your spelling and grammar is truly awful. If what you have to say is important to you, then take the time to make sure people can understand the message, know what I mean?

    Thanks for your comment.


  5. Great title! Interesting posts! We share some similar views.

    Keep up the good work. Surely we'll have some real impact one day.

  6. David G.,

    Thank you for the compliment.