Sunday, February 27, 2011


Mr. Boehner's Poison Tea Party Wants It All:
Let The Jobless and Homeless Die.  
Did you vote for that?

Why should I have to care?  Why should I have to help?  I have wealth and security and luxury, my bases are covered.  I can afford great quality health care.  My teeth are perfect.  I have money to retire on and live quite well.  I have a nice home and some property and damn it, I worked hard for every last bit of it!  It's mine!  All mine!

Who cares if old people are starving to death in their homes because they can't afford food?  It's not my problem, let 'em die.  Get 'em out of here, they're not doing any good for anybody anyway, they're just using up resources and not producing anything.  Why should I have to pay for their food stamps?  If they can't work f*ck 'em, they don't deserve to eat!

If people can't find jobs, why should I have to pay for their unemployment check?  If people lose their jobs and lose their homes is it my problem?  No. I really don't care.  It's their problem, they have to deal with it.  The government has no business taking my money from me and giving it to poor, useless, stupid, jobless people.  Why should I have to fund their laziness, their drug and alcohol treatments, their stupid kid's lunches?  This is government robbery! 

Cut all public entitlements!  They are freebies for the unproductive class that the productive, responsible class has to pay for, it's a crime!  Slash social programs off the budget!  Cut the losers loose!  People have to fend for themselves and not expect the government to take care of them.  If you can't carry your own weight, then too bad.  You should just die, nobody needs you.  You're a burden to society.  You're the criminals and the crack whores that turn our city streets into crime and violence infested ghettos.  You're just inferior beings who aren't worth a damn.  You want everything for free.  Free education.  Free housing.  Free food.  Free doctors.  Well I'd like to get everything for free too but I can't!  I have to earn everything I have the hard way!  Why should you have it any different?  If I have to work for everything then so do you!  I don't care if you're starving.  I don't care if you're homeless.  I don't care if you can't find a job.  I don't care if they take your home or repossess your car.  I don't care!  You don't matter to me!  You don't matter at all in this world because you aren't worth a damn! 

Don't you understand that we make people weak with all of these molly coddling free perks?  Food stamps, Medicare, low rent housing, public schools. Subsidized energy bills! Social security!  Enough!  I am sick of paying for the lazy lifestyles of worthless losers and I want it to stop!  Make them get up off their asses and take care of themselves.  Make them find a way on their own.  It's the Christian thing to do!  If people become dependent on the state they can be controlled by the state, don't you see that?  It opens the doors to tyranny and dictatorship where people must obey the state in order to get their needs met.  The last thing we need is a public option for health care!  Why don't you just call up Communism on the phone and have it come over and run the country because that's what government run health care is!  It's socialism!  It's communism!  It's the end of freedom!  We can't allow the government to get between patients and their doctors, I'm telling you, it will lead to the end of freedom and democracy and the end of this great country!


Yep. That's what it says on the front door of hell.  It's chiseled right into the wood.  "Why should I care?"

How shameful that our dear new speaker of the house Mr. Boehner believes in this immoral creed and is making a stand for it.  "Once and for all", he seems to be saying,  "F*ck the poor!  Screw the single mothers working  for minimum wages, too bad that their kids go hungry!  Screw the old folks!  Screw the young folks!  Screw the students and screw the handicapped!  Screw the jobless and the homeless and the sick!  We don't give a damn about their lives!  Sure we can afford to help them, but we don't want to!"

This is the richest country in the world but the richest people in the country don't like helping people. They hate helping people. It makes them want to vomit. Helping people is just so wrong!  They are kicking and screaming and flailing about as if they're paying taxes like the rest of us.

The wealthiest people have all of the wealth, but they don't want to help anyone.  They just want more and more for themselves.  Just because they are morally obligated to do as much as they can for people who don't have anywhere near as much as they have and no way to get enough to survive, doesn't mean the rich should have to do the right thing.  They haven't so far. They don't have to care.  They don't have to give anything back.  They can be as selfish and greedy and immoral as they please.  If they don't want to do anything for this country then they shouldn't have to. 

If they think that poor people and sick people and people in need are worthless then obviously it must be true if the rich are saying so.  If they say that poor people's lives have no value then it must be so, must it not?   Are the rich not the most perfect people in the world?  Are they not above all of us?  Isn't it their job to decide whose lives have any value and whose don't?  Are not the rich perfectly qualified to make a fair and reasonable determination about the value of other people's lives?  After all, all of that money they have makes them smarter than everyone else, doesn't it?  No, actually it doesn't. Our dear wealthy elite ain't no better than the rest of us. Thoughts to the contrary belong in the slop bucket of delusional self-importance.  How embarrassing for them.

Yet our dear Mr. Boehner wants to stand by the corporate and wealthy elite in solidarity, and to show the whole world what a cold hearted immoral selfish pirate he really is.  He is not ashamed of his callous indifference to little old ladies starving to death in their own shabby, unheated homes.  He is above all that.  He is a lofty and superior being who cannot be bothered with the irrelevant desperate needs of the American people who've lost their homes and their jobs and have nowhere left to go but down.  No matter that half the nation can't afford health care, what do such things matter to the corporate and banking elite of our country?  Trivialities of no import.  Let them eat cake.

Yes, Mr. Boehner will find himself in good company when he gets to hell.  He'll have plenty in common with the folks who  dwell there.  He and his ilk can go on bloviating forever about how unreasonable it is to expect them to feel a sense of moral obligation when they have so much while so many others have nothing at all.  It doesn't matter that they have nothing because the congress took it from them and gave it to wealthy corporations and wealthy bankers and wealthy elites, Mr. Boehner and his political class still don't feel bad about it.  They see no reason whatsoever to give something back to America, or to help those in need, or to help those who can't play on the same gilded, invitation only, professional playing field they're so comfortable on. 

Mr. Boehner thinks it is absolutely moral to tell Americans to sleep in cardboard boxes and try to catch some rats for dinner.  He says that not helping is the best help.  Gee thanks Mr. Boehner, what a guy.  What's that you say?   "Let them die" is good for their moral character development?  How would you know what is good for moral character development sir?  You don't show any sign of moral character.

Not a trace of shame. My, my.  What we have here are living, breathing examples of the definition of immorality.  I suppose we owe them our thanks for giving our whole country this graphic example of brazen, shameless immorality.  Look children, look at the men who do not care about their fellow man.  That's them right there.  That is what they look like. That is what they say.  All of America is now witness to the spectacle of living and willful depraved indifference to humanity and the crass worship of bottomless greed at any expense to the people. This is your political class at their shameful best.  It looks like Mr. Boehner's political base and its corporate crusaders for 'free rides for the rich and hand the working class and the poor the bill' couldn't care less about America or her people.  As far as Mr. Boehner is concerned let them all die. Who needs them?  After all nobody matters but him and his cronies.  Only rich people count.  Isn't that what we all voted for?   I don't think so Mr. Boehner, I think you're in for a big surprise.

Immorality is not about dirty pictures my friends; immorality is about proclaiming your callous indifference to the suffering of others without the slightest trace of shame.  Take a good, long look at it.  It's ugly, isn't it? You'll never forget that sick feeling in your stomach or that rage beginning to boil inside.

If we were to believe Mr. Boehner's strange idea of Christianity and morality we might believe that the teachings of Jesus Christ included a sermon entitled "Forget the poor, who cares!" But those of us who are a bit more familiar with the actual teachings of Christ will recall no such sermon.  There is no such sermon and there is nothing remotely resembling that putrid perspective.  Jesus Christ told us to help the helpless and protect the weak.  To heal the sick and feed the hungry because we can.  We have the resources and they don't.  We have the moral obligation to help those who have fallen through the cracks of this toxic, rigged rat race. Not everyone is cut out to make it.  Not everyone can make it.  If those who benefit and prosper most from this rat race want to make it the only game in town, then they had better see to the needs of those who cannot participate or benefit from it.  This is not the private playground of the wealthy.  We all have a moral obligation to render aid and assistance to those who cannot help themselves and to not pretend that human lives have no value without a dollar sign next to them. 

If you disagree then how do you support your assertion that some human life matters while other human life doesn't?  How do you measure this supposed difference in life value?  The only measure that you can apply is your own subjective value system, and that is a measure of nothing but your own pompous, self-important arrogance.   Money is no determination of the value of human life.

Are we not obligated to rescue everyone in a plane crash and not just the people who can pay to be rescued?  How far will you take your monetary valuation of human life?  Life is only for those who can afford it?  According to who? You?  And who are you?

In a traffic accident or an industrial accident, we don't ask burn victims or someone with a broken back if they can pay a hospital bill before we do anything to help them.  If they said they couldn't pay a hospital bill would we just leave them in the wreckage and walk away?  Is that your picture of a moral society?   Is that what you think would be Christian and moral?   Would you really want to live in a world like that?  Moral people aren't capable of thinking that way. I would suggest that a moral person would find such an attitude to be reprehensible and despicable and they would be incensed by it. 
Whether we rescue air crash victims or supplement the unemployed, it is the same principle.  The difference is only a matter of degrees.  Mr. Boehner thinks it would be better to turn his back and walk away from Americans caught in the crashed up rubble of this economic disaster.  What if we applied his logic toward the victims in the OKC bombing or the hundreds of people injured on 9-11 when the towers collapsed?  Would we just have left them to die if they didn't have insurance? I am too terrified to ask.
Those in our country who are struggling financially to survive did not create this financial disaster.  This entire economic nightmare was willfully created by the wealthy for the wealthy.  There is no accident here, this was the goal. The victims of elitist greed have done nothing wrong.  The people who blew up our economy are the ones who did wrong.  Don't let them get away with it! America's shameful political class is responsible for the hunger and the unemployment and the homelessness and the exorbitant costs of survival in this rich man's world.   Those who are prospering the most in this climate of extremes of wealth and poverty are the most obligated to do something about all of the suffering and loss that has resulted from their gambling games and selling off our means of prosperity.   To cut off help to those who will not survive is criminal. It is immoral. It is disgusting and inexcusable. You and your class can afford it Mr. Boehner.  Open those fat wallets gentlemen, it won't kill you to do the right thing. 

You rich folks in politics and corporate royalty, and you wall street criminals better get off your high horses and snap into reality.  You have lost your way.  You have far more than you could ever need and you'd better start spreading it around because everything is out of balance and the weight of plenty is all on your end of the scale.  It is immoral to expect people to starve so that you can increase your levels of luxury and status a few more notches.  

Only those who have plenty can help those who have nothing.  Where else can the help come from but from those who have it to give?  That is why there is an obligation and why there is no excuse to condemn helpless people to die of want and to write off their lives with your disconnected rhetoric befitting of addlepated, spoiled royals.  You wealthy captains of industry have enough to spare without giving up a single yacht. How can you possibly pretend to excuse yourselves?  Are you no longer human?  You might want to check because it doesn't look like it from here.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Department of Explanation on Power and Authority

Okay everyone, please take your seats...can we get it quiet in here for the presentation?  Wonderful, thank you.  Is the projector ready? Yes? Great.  Pull the screen down please Earl, and could you get the lights too?  Thank you. 

Hi everyone, my name is Chris and I am from the Department of Explanation.  We are a science based body tasked with helping people to understand things they might find confusing about our country.

For example, sometimes people have asked how it can be that on Sept. 11, 2001, that the two tallest skyscrapers in the country fell down into their own footprints in a pile of their own dust and rubble after no more than a seemingly small fire that lasted about an hour.  They say things like, "That's impossible" and "This has never happened before in the history of skyscrapers and fires.  How can this be explained?"

Well sure, if that is how you think about it of course it would seem strange to you.  All it takes is the proper information and everything can become clear.  It's so easy and there is just no need for Americans to be confused about anything that happens in our country.  

My job at the Department of Explanation is to travel around the country explaining things that people are having trouble understanding.  When we at the D.E. determine that an unusually high level of confusion exists in the public about certain things happening in our country, like things that the government does or foreign policy or constitutional rights or mass shootings or arresting children and so forth, the D.E. creates Special Information Packages specifically to help people alleviate their confusion or concerns over specific topics.  These Special Information Packets, or SIPs, will help to replace confusion and concerns with clarity and understanding.  All that most people need is a good explanation for what they don't understand and the Department of Explanation was created to fulfill that need.  I am delighted to be able to be here today and to serve the American people through my work at the D.E..

Did you know that the earliest presence of the Department of Explanation had its roots in working very hard with the scientific experts at Popular Mechanics studying the events of Sept.11?  Our combined effort and painstaking research resulted in the very helpful report given to the 9-11 Commission that explained everything.  Our effort proved so very helpful to the American people that the Department of Explanation was born and now it helps people all over the country to understand things that don't make sense to them.   We at the D.E. know that when something seems strange at first glance it's never really strange at all, it just needs to be explained. We are very good at what we do.  In fact our director brought you The Pancake Theory which I'm sure you remember and I'm sure it cleared everything up for you.  We at the Department of Explanation believe that no one has to be confused anymore.  We are committed to ridding the country of all confusion.  Wouldn't America be a much nicer place to live when no one is confused anymore? We think so and we're working on it.

Today's presentation is going to be a very special one. I'll be showing you a film today that you've never seen before.  I am positive what you are about to learn will be something absolutely new to you.  The reason I can be so certain of that is that it is only because of the efforts of the D.E. that we were able to get this film and the information within it declassified and released to us to be able to show it to you.  We at the D.E. believe that this information should not be kept secret and that it is important for the American people to know about it in order to alleviate a growing confusion about government power and law enforcement powers.  The American people shouldn't have to be confused about these things, these are serious topics and we should all enjoy the clarity of understanding what official power is.  We should know where official powers come from, how official powers are created and what official power means in our lives.

Will you start the projector please Earl?  Thank you.

This is an old film so it is in black and white and it is a bit grainy but you'll be able to see everything fine.

All right........ what we're seeing here is a white room with a six foot by six foot cubicle, or beam chamber, off to the right.  You can see that it has plexiglass windows on all sides and there is also a plexiglass window on top.  These windows allow us to see inside the chamber when it is in operation while keeping the chamber tightly sealed so that none of the energy it will shortly be filled with is able to leak out.

A Power and Authority Technician, or PAT, is entering the room.  The PAT is taking a seat at the small control panel on the left.   The PAT is all dressed in white, wearing a white lab coat and white gloves, white pants and white shoes. A pair of white rimmed protective goggles are loosely hanging around PAT's neck. 

As you can see, PAT is busily entering numbers into a digital display area using a numeric keypad.  PAT makes a few adjustments using various dials and switches on the panel, and now we see several lights have come on across the top of the panel. The system is now ready and on stand by.

What is this system?  Ladies and gentlemen, meet the G. E. Authority Maker 5000.  This is where all power and authority comes from.  This has been one of the best kept secrets of all time.  Almost nobody knows that this machine is what has given our elected and appointed officials, our law enforcement officials, our justice officials and our military officials power and authority over our lives.  It might seem strange to you when you first hear about it, but it isn't strange at all.  Let's watch how it works.

A man wearing a uniform has entered the white room and PAT waves him in, directing him to the open side of the chamber. PAT instructs him to step inside the cubicle and to sit down in the center area upon the GXZ73 Authority Platform.  He walks to the side of the cube opening, ducks his head down for clearance and steps inside. He now turns around and takes a seat on the platform.  He is comfortably seated and watching PAT through the front window.  The uniform he is wearing appears to be the uniform of a police officer... with an insignia rank of sergeant. 

Speaking into a microphone on the control panel, PAT asks him if he is ready.  He nods once.  The cubicle door is closing, there it goes, click, into place. The chamber is now sealed.

Using the keypad PAT enters a five digit number.  The display reads three point zero five four four two.   The G.E. Authority Maker 5000 message panel asks for confirmation.  "Police officer.  Sergeant.   Confirm:  Y or N?"    PAT inputs the confirmation.  The display scrolls to the default settings for a three point zero five four four two beam.  It then scrolls a list of the beam calculations, lists the specific energy frequencies that will be used and their strengths and suggests the optimal duration for the P&A beam procedure.  PAT enters a confirmation code and presses the "start" button.

You are now witnessing the transformation of an ordinary man into a man with power and authority. Isn't this amazing?  It certainly is amazing, and it's absolutely real.
It is also perfectly safe, it does not harm the officer's health in any way, in fact he can't feel a thing.  The powerful light he is bathed in will only last a few seconds and then it will shut off and the beam procedure will be over.  He will leave that cube a genuine bona fide police sergeant.

All of our brave and heroic officials must go through this procedure to be imbued with genuine authorized power and authority over our lives.  They will each receive a similar beam procedure that is specifically tailored to their particular levels of power and authority.  

What is the beam and how does it work?  The beam consists of a proprietary blend of various organic and synthesized energy frequencies that can be combined in various ways and adjusted for intensity, pulsation and duration.  Beam procedures vary in time duration ranging from 10 seconds to a maximum of 10 minutes.  After the beam procedure the ordinary guy who stepped into the G.E. Authority Maker 5000, will step out imbued with real and actual power and authority.  Wow, how cool is that?

That's all there is to it.  That was not confusing, was it?  No, it was very easy to understand, especially when you can see the procedure for yourself, and you have all done just that.  You are among the very first to get this newly declassified information.  Right now you are among a very few who know where our nation's power and authority come from. Very soon though, everyone will know. 

Why is this information important for everyone to know?
It is important because when Americans see police officers or senators or high level cabinet officials or SWAT teams, sometimes they see themselves as equals to their officials.  They believe that no one has legitimate claims of power or authority over anyone's life and so if they disagree with what the officials say or do they often refuse to obey the orders given to them by their officials. 

This can cause problems which can result in the injury or death of the misguided citizens whose only real crime was not understanding that their officials really do have real power over them.  Once people can see films like this one and can observe how power and authority are literally transferred into the bodies of their officials, they will no longer feel doubt about officials having power over them.  They will know the power is real.  They will be much more willing to immediately obey the commands given to them by any officials and will not need to question those commands. 

When people understand that officials have genuine power over them, and real authority, they will not mind so much when their neighbors doors are kicked in, in the middle of the night or in broad daylight, and their neighbors are perhaps shot dead in the street or out on their front lawn, and their dog is shot in the head, and all of their private property like computers and cell phones and printers and jewelry and family photos and old letters and papers and toys and cash and hard drives and scanners, etc., are confiscated and taken into storage as evidence to be used when your neighbor or his surviving family is prosecuted in court for terrorism and other charges.  There is no need to be concerned when this happens to you or someone you know because it will never happen to anyone who is not a threat to your freedom and a dangerous criminal.  If you see events like this happening, don't worry.  Relax and know that men who are superior to you are keeping you safe so that you and your family can live healthy and happy lives in the best country in the world.

Reality Revision effective 2/26/2011 replaces the following text from earlier versions of this publication.

"All power and authority derives from God.  All rights derive from God.  Authority can only be granted by those who have God given rights, upon others for the purpose of carrying out specific duties or work of benefit to all.  No one has power over us but God."

All instances of the above text should be removed and replaced with the above revision.


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