Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Truth Shall Set You On Fire

We Americans have always led a double life. As we grow up we are taught the usual positive ideas of ourselves as a nation. We're told how free we are; how honest and fair and benevolent our government is. There is something about having all of these positive notions constantly reinforced during childhood that allows them to become hard wired into our belief systems. We find it impossible to think about people in positions of public trust being corrupt, dishonest, or flat criminal.

Even when we are made aware of that usually invisible undercurrent of reality, where power meets money and deals are spun that forgive pollution and destruction and murder, we still hold on to our visible world and tell ourselves that everything will be all right somehow. Someone will see to it. When it happens that one of our trusted elected officials, or a group of them are exposed having involvement in organized crime, bribes, racketeering, murder, we shake our heads and say how shameful those men were. But we always see it as an aberration, something beyond the norm. One begins to wonder just how much it will take to shake some people free of their die hard notions of American purity.

People in other countries, who are on the outside looking in at us, are able to see us without that gauzy veil of happy fluff obstructing their view. They just see us for what we are. It is comforting in these increasingly dour times to hear them say they have nothing against the American people per se, but they do truly despise our government. They can see how cut off we are from the rest of the world. They are always astonished how naive we are and how little we know about our own country much less the rest of the world.

They can clearly see how propagandized we've become, having the most censored and controlled press in the western world. As obvious as it is to those looking in, to us it's a totally alien idea. Even though our corporate media output has become the equivalent of something we send swirling down our bathroom plumbing, we have our first amendment which clearly states that we have freedom of the press. It no longer informs us, it insults us with Hollywood nonsense in the place of news, and it reflects nothing whatsoever of our real life experiences, challenges or realities.

Even so, we still can't wrap our heads around the notion that we are being lied to, by design. It is too hard for many Americans to grasp that there are two divided, separate factions, not one united country. That there is an us, and there is a them, and that they have all the power and the authorized guns and most of the money and that they are doing things that threaten all of the rest of us in the most serious of ways. We can't see it as class war. We will chalk it up to capitalism and defend it as evidence of the American dream in action.

It doesn't help that the corporate media speaks with one voice. Everything in print, on the radio and on the television channels we restlessly flip through broadcasts the identical disconnected tripe. We never hear alternative view points, at least not in any serious way. Alternative view points are always delivered from unknown people with little credibility who are never allowed to develop and present their views. Those serious few who try are promptly torn apart at the seams and sent packing; or they soon humbly join with the other side. It leaves many of us with a sick feeling of loneliness wondering if there really is no one else who can see what we see.

Millions of Americans every week are abandoning their television sets in favor of the Internet, seeking serious information about the serious changes happening all around us that the corporate media acts utterly oblivious to. How could they not have any questions about September 11th, 2001 when respected polls are revealing at least 80% of us do not believe the official story put out by the bush administration? Still, when anyone dares to bring it up they are harshly criticized by big media and accused of being conspiracy theorists which in this country at least, almost equates to having a mental disorder.

Yet facts are facts and as more of us take it upon ourselves to just have an honest look at what all the commotion is about it doesn't take long before we are feeling the fear, the pain and the doubt that comes as it dawns on us in no uncertain terms that we have been betrayed. The unthinkable transforms into reality and for many, it is almost crippling. No one wants it to be true but once we understand it is true, there is no turning back. And after the depression comes the rage.

There is always something in the back of our minds, something deep within us, that urges us to seek an explanation for the wall of lies from government and media. We still want to believe that there is a reason for what is happening to our country, so we set out to dig deeper, to get a little more information, in the attempt to make sense of it all. It is disconcerting to say the least, to find that the more we find out, the worse it gets. There is no end to the deceit, the manipulations, and the robbery of the people by institutions and politicians.

We discover the endless chain of covert military operations in the poorest countries we've been involved in nonstop since W.W.II ended. Wars we never heard of, or barely paid attention to. South America and Asia have been the defenseless target of American might and greed, leaving tens of thousands of innocent people dead. We are dripping in the blood of innocents all over the world, and we have no idea whatsoever. Whichever president it is will always take his position before the cameras and tell us contrived lies to reassure us that our involvement is always in the role of saviors of the downtrodden. And we always believe it because the press is guaranteed to fawn and bow and adore our leaders, leading the way for national sycophancy.

Yet all over the world, news that America is coming to deliver democracy to some small country sends a very different, and very chilling message. Freedom and Democracy are well understood code words for death and the oppression of the weak, for the shameless stealing of someone else's resources so that corporations may consume them and turn them into ever increasing profits and wealth. Yes, absolutely the more we learn, the more we realize that things are not what we've been led to believe. In fact, they are unbearably unbelievable. The truth exceeds our ability to comprehend, to excuse, to support. We find that we have been thoroughly used to the point that we, our entire country, is literally on the verge of being totally used up.

It becomes something that eats us up within, and our desire to see truth broadcast on prime time television is painfully denied. We realize how many have tried to break through that great wall of propaganda, and how many continue to try every day. Once we finally comprehend how impenetrable that wall is, and understand that the media is not interested in the truth, it again sends us into a tailspin. It is not easy to stand alone with the ugly truth when all around you revile you for it and violently stick to the nonsense they've been led to believe is true. We get torn between understanding that they just don't know any better, and the desire to punch their foolish lights out.

It is tempting to drop out, to return to ignorant bliss. It is too hard, it is painful, maybe even too painful to look betrayal this profound directly in the face. One longs for days that were not so long ago, when things were better, when people laughed, when life seemed fairer, cleaner, safer, more sane. But we are changed now, because of what we know. And as we walk through our daily routine, we are different, pent up, mourning, angry; while those around us, those closest to us are exactly the same. They don't want to hear what we've learned. They don't want to believe it. Their desire to hold fast to the childhood beliefs of American purity is so profound and so deep, that they will throw us aside before even considering we have never lied to them. They refuse to see the growing darkness, even as it billows around their lives, and wafts into their children's bedrooms. What to do? What to do...

Every day we are drowning in a sea of admitted wrong doing printed in the same corporate media that shrugs reality off like a silk scarf. It's all there, though never on the front page, or even in the first section; and never highlighted or made an appropriate hysteria over. It is simply slipped in the back door, quietly, much like legislation being snuck into bills unnoticed at two in the morning by unknown persons. It is obvious there is deceit. It is obvious we are being betrayed. It is obvious that more laws are passed every day that legalize the crimes of the powerful at the same time our own normal human behavior is criminalized. They are minimizing us in plain sight while claiming rights of arrogant entitlement for themselves.

There is nothing fair about it, there is nothing noble, or ethical, or reasonable. The people would never agree to their own enslavement, or their own destruction. They would never agree to the destruction of the planet by our military; or the development of weapons to be used on us; or the research into mind control or tracking chips or the testing of covert, classified weapons on innocent people right here at home, without their knowledge or consent. They would never agree to ending the constitution, to erasing our borders, or merging with Canada and Mexico to become one teeming mass of poverty stricken, miserable new world serfs. They would never agree to the slaughter, the bio weapons, the prison camps, the looting of our treasury, the export of our jobs, or the import of slave laborers from China, who work for an entire year before they are stiffed a lousy paycheck.

Our friends, families, coworkers are still living in a pretend world, oblivious to the monsters taking up permanent residence within their trusted systems of life. It is only a very small percentage of us who are keeping track of the changes, the rules that excuse their wrong doing, that make it a crime to even look at them with suspicion. Only a few of us are connecting the dots, learning the names, and doing the further digging that never fails to bring up more corpses, more dirty lies, and more terrifying plans in the works. We oscillate between fury and accepting what seems to be inevitable. More are waking up every day, but not nearly enough. Our population is so used to being lied to and used and cheated that unless it sees it on the six o'clock news, it cannot believe that truth is real. It looks like the people are not going to get it until it's way past too late to do anything about it.

So what can we do about it? I wish I knew. I can only keep doing what has become my new way of being alive in this time and place. I can only keep learning, keep thinking, keep asking questions, keep trying to understand why, and keep trying to break through to the ones who refuse to listen. I am becoming more indignant, more vocal, and more unable to suffer the fools who are waving and cheering for the very people who are seeing to their demise. I have to fight the ever growing impatience I feel, and learn how to have the split personality it takes to be a sane being in an insane world. I don't express my compassion for the guy who set himself ablaze for the morning commuters because he couldn't take the killing in Iraq for another day. While all around me tell themselves he'd lost his mind, I am sure that in fact, he found it.

Perhaps therein lies the reason that so many fight the truth. Maybe the full realization of the horror of it all, the reality of the suffering, the dying children, the sickness, the lies, the deceit, the greed and the complete lack of reason for all of it... maybe once it's grasped with all of one's heart and soul and mind it becomes too terrible to bear. Maybe the knowledge that one is powerless to change it is too much to take. Maybe the only reasonable thing left to do is douse yourself with gasoline and go out in a blaze.

That may seem right for some small number of people, but I don't think it's true. It may reflect a deep, instinctive fear, like the fear of sharks. But self immolation due to truth is no more likely than a shark attack due to swimming at the beach. On the contrary. It may just be that this naive population who clings so strongly to our ideals of freedom and democracy will be just as unwilling to let go of that dream to criminals conspiring to take it from them, as they are to having it revealed to them by their own. Perhaps when at last the new world order is officially being crammed down their throats they will surprise everyone by refusing to swallow it. It would not be surprising to me to see the people of America get real good and angry once they can no longer deny what's coming. We don't like our beliefs messed with, that much is certain. Some percentage may willingly lay down and cower in fear, while others proudly don their 21st century brown shirts. But the vast majority will not go calmly into that dark night. I don't know how it all will play out but one thing I can say for sure, it's going to be a very interesting show. It's not over until it's over and that means there is no reason to expect the worst. We shall see what happens when it happens.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Great Wheel of Democracy

Why isn't the new congress picking their own leadership? Why isn't this done in a democratic process instead of in a secret meeting behind closed doors? Why aren't they electing their new speaker and all of their own leadership and deciding for themselves what they want to do about impeachment and the draft and Iraq and investigations and correcting the malpractice of the previous gang of prostitutes? It seems to me this current process would effectively make any personnel changes moot.

Why should we have even bothered with mid term elections if the present short timer gang of corrupt pimps are going to steam roll their dirty agenda right over the next team before they even figure out where they sit, much less where they stand?

And what's all this seniority crap about anyway? Seniority just means you've been there longer than someone else. You can have seniority just waiting for a bus longer than the next guy. It does NOT mean you're qualified. It does NOT mean you deserve to be there. It does not even mean you got there fair and square. You only have to look at Lieberman to get that much.

Seniority is possibly the least pertinent measure of leadership I can think of in a Democratic process. What ever happened to track records? What ever happened to looking at results, voting records, accomplishments and failures?

And what about speaking plain truths? Why is it forbidden for someone to stand up and say what we all say, "I doubt your trustworthiness. I doubt your intention to work for the people. I seriously doubt your loyalty. I base this entirely on your performance, your history, your bizarre behavior, and on the fact that you made kissy-moo with the president on national television. What the hell WAS that about?" It made my skin crawl.

But no speaking truth allowed. As good obedient trained slaves of the elite, we have been taught not to bring up ugly truths that make the power class look like what they are. It's not terrible that they are literally traitors and the most dangerous threat to our country in it's entire history. It's terrible that anyone should say so out loud. This is serious sickness. No wonder half of the country lives in lala land.

Wouldn't it make more sense to just let the next congress get on board and start fresh? How else can there honestly be any chance of bringing about change or ridding the system of a few layers of that encrusted corruption? If you look at it from the perspective of the fed up population who held their noses and voted Democrat JUST to stop the outrageous republican pillage of our country, the people want change. They really want change. Did anyone possibly miss that? They heard it all over the world. I know they heard it in the Capitol.

But obviously the current system is not interested in the perspective of the people. It is only interested in the perspective of the power class and it's ability to retain total control and the power to dictate to every branch of government what they want done. It's also clear that they've set up this system just like they've set up all of our systems:
to ensure that they get what they want and everyone else gets screwed.

As to hopes of addressing any of the increasingly frightening critical problems, or righting any glaringly egregious wrongs, or overturning any of the legislation from hell, it's already been cut off at the waist. The giant wheel of democracy has been fixed so that it doesn't turn anymore. It will sit there as is, and it will not budge. Not for justice, not for freedom and definitely not for democracy. It's obviously trying like hell to make sure none of those higher ideals ever get a toehold inside the hallowed halls of government.

We have also become accustomed to witnessing certain alarming outcomes whenever anyone truly tries to give that wheel a serious spin in the right direction. They often end up suddenly changing their minds a full 360 degrees, or getting publicly disgraced and attacked, or they just go down in a plane crash. A lot of congressional types have gone down in plane crashes. I haven't done the math but the ratio of regular frequent flyers to senators going down this way has to be stupendous.

It's clear as thin air that the moves being made now by Pelosi and that twit fake democrat Rengel who is pushing to institute the draft, and the bowing down of Conyers, the calls for more troops to Iraq, and all of the vocal guarantees of no impeachment, no overturning the illegal unpatriotic act, no investigations, no steps whatsoever toward the aim of ordinary justice, curtailing corruption, or ensuring ethical government practices, or actually defending the constitution and the protections IT AFFORDS US FROM THEM, that the dark foundation has been laid in solid brimstone. It is not going anywhere without a jackhammer cutting it loose.

It will be forced on the new group due in January. Whatever ideas they might have about grinding the wheels of justice and balance once again, even if they could get the rust off, are being preempted by the slime lords and power mongers who have too much selfishness and spoiled rich boy ego invested to allow the country to run itself like it's supposed to.

The new crew will have to be incredibly determined, focused and utterly unafraid to buck the powers that be. And buck all of their hit men and men in black, and black ops teams, and corrupt judges, and bought off cops with planted evidence, and blackmailed prosecutors performing as ordered. Being squeaky clean is no guarantee of safety with this cast of ugly characters. They're going to have to check twice before getting on a plane, or even into their own cars. They'll have to arrive on the job in January looking serious, mean and in a very bad mood; with bull horns blaring and TV cameras rolling making it crystal clear that they are here because the people have had it with all of the bull shit and lies and failures, and they're here to fix it.

Any bets on how likely that's gonna be? Send in your twenties by all means, but I'm not holding my breath. Yet, even without evidence to support it, I still have a sliver of hope that the January gang will bring some tough with them and be willing to get into a few faces. They have to know what's at stake. If there was ever a time for refusing to cooperate, this is it. Respect is earned, not owed. The people currently in congressional shoes have not earned it and they don't deserve it. They need to experience the burn of the public's rage. Maybe, just maybe a thick application of political aggression now will prevent a much worse kind of aggression in the streets later.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Taking Five

Is it just me or is there a strange feeling of calm floating around? It's like, taking a walk at midnight through a massive fog bank. So quiet. It feels like everyone in the world is asleep, except me. I'm walking slowly in the cool of the night, lost in my thoughts.

I've been released from a heavy burden. I can breathe again.

A huge bubble of rage, resentment and frustration has been building up inside me for years; without a release valve. The shame, grief and fury over this horrible illegal invasion of Iraq; the annihilation of Afghanistan; the horrifying situation for the Palestinians; often grew beyond the boundaries of my skin and left me paralyzed somewhere between shock and the highest fury the soul can feel. I had visions of high officials being bodily dragged from their thrones of office and thrown into deep dark holes then kept there until their trials began.

It didn't end there, it never ended. New and horrifying realities were bombarding us in the press every day. Sometimes they came so fast and heavy that I couldn't even keep up with the sheer volume of news items. Every day, month after month, year after year, the bush republicans topped themselves with ever more disgraceful behavior. The greed, the malice, the dirtiness and corruption piled up. Every step they took was an assault on decency, on fair play, on honor, and on justice. They were the political equivalent of nun raping baby eating arsonists. It was astounding to see such wanton hubris, selfishness, and cruelty and they were proud of it all. It made every person of decency and conscience who witnessed it feel sick at heart and very worried about the future of our republic.

These men have put us through hell. How dare they. I despise them with my entire being.

At the last state of the union address it was astounding to me to realize that I was far from alone in feeling nauseated every time bush opened his damned foolish, lying mouth. I could no longer listen to him speak or watch his images on the television, they made me physically ill. Instead, I waited for the papers to read the words in print, and still do. Millions of other people were experiencing the exact same feelings of disgust and physical sickness whenever they heard bush's voice too. This phenomenon hit me incredibly hard because it's simply astounding. It's unprecedented having a president who's voice makes people recoil in disgust, and feel the urge to vomit.

(This is utterly remarkable and I hope to study it at some point in the future. There is something there that must be unwrapped and brought to the surface. An incredibly important truth, a nugget of reality that has powerful implications. )

Americans now felt ashamed of their own country, though many were too intimidated to say it out loud. Millions of us bore the heaviness of our disgust in silence for too long confused by the lies we could see not being in sync with the lies they were telling us. They were cruising on the good will earned by earlier administrations, but acting like we owed it to them. The media betrayed us to an extent that few understand fully. They have caused this entire country incomprehensible damage by becoming the psy-op branch of military intelligence, allowing this government to create and control the attitudes, opinions, and perspectives of the entire country. What they are doing is absolutely criminal. They have raped the American people's minds and hearts just as they have destroyed our national values and shattered our unity. I fear very much for our future and wonder if enough of us will realize in time what they have done, and how close we are to the precipice of hell itself.

It's a lot to carry around for days and years. The mid term elections a week ago were so critical to hope. Would they be stolen? Were enough people aware of how bad things were and how much worse they would get? I have to say that for all the wailing and flailing of the smarty pants league who constantly said the public was too stupid, too buried in their own private worries, and too sheepish to see reality, the American people were just so cool. They didn't need to shake the ground, or show off or make loud fussy displays. The American people aren't really interested in what anyone thinks of them, they're not out to impress anyone, or jump through anyone's hoops. In that wonderful mind your own business kind of way, they were paying attention all right. When the moment came to do business, they stepped up and did business.

Both Houses of Congress were rescued from the Debauched Nazi Twit Brigade. They were totally rejected and utterly humiliated. America is sick of them and sick of their bottomless idiocy. Even president peanut head got the message. Oh, I know he won't change, but he won't get very far either. At least we got that much.

Since then, there's been a lull in the neo-con crisis continuum. The papers are so desperate for scandal they had to dig up O.J. again. Though it's a bad omen, at the moment it's all we're allowed to know. They want us focused on O.J. Tough, I'm not interested in O.J. or any of their fluffy brain sucking distracter bunnies. The rocket fueled anxiety that's become my normal operating mode is melting away, I don't need it right now and I really don't want it. I'm taking advantage of this stale mate of confusion in DC. They have to regroup before they can prove again how relentlessly stupid they are. They're not gone, they're just trying to convince each other that the elections didn't mean they aren't wanted. They're licking their wounds and meeting in locker rooms, waiting for the coach to come amp them up again with hubris, cruelty and selfishness; and especially those lies of entitlement.

The master coach is an imperial wizard of twisting truth. Soon they'll hit the field again, convinced that killing and cheating and lying and screwing people makes them popular, necessary, and good. They'll fling their monkey poop at decent people and they'll sharpen their hypocrisy pencils to poke at the eyes of truth. But beyond their occasional mono syllabic synchronised republi-grunts, they've all had their balls ripped off. They'll have to go steal some to get back in the game. So just roll your eyes if they talk. Walk away while they're still in mid-whine. The whole world now officially knows they're losers in every respect.

Until they return to again spread catastrophe and darkness everywhere, I'm staying here in this nice fog filled calm just a little while longer. I need the break. I've even gone cold turkey on Alex Jones, may he be richly rewarded one day. I might even regenerate some serotonin. That would be good. Don't worry, it's just a mini vacation. I've got 44 miles of U-Haul Trucks lined up out back all FILLED with stuff that pisses me off that these monkey heads are responsible for. There are so many butts to kick and lots of testimony to take. It's going to get real interesting. I won't miss a beat but until then, I'm rediscovering what it feels like to relax. So... If you got 'em smoke 'em.

Monday, November 13, 2006

We Have Entered The Twilight Zone

"It's November 7th, 2006. All over the country tonight, average Americans are going to the polls. Good hearted, decent working people, retired folks, college kids, the disabled, every segment of society is turning out to cast their votes in a very important election. In the morning they'll breathe a sigh of relief because they'll have kicked the bastards out and made their wishes known to the world. It will seem to every man, woman and child that all of the necessary pieces are in place to turn their country back from the brink of destruction. But they are in for a rude awakening. It may look like America but in fact, it's the Twilight Zone."

When Nancy Pelosi first started making noises about "No Impeachment" it wasn't too hard to wave it off. I could think of at least one good reason she'd say that. It didn't mean there would be no impeachment. How could she stop one if the new crew came on board and said they were going for it with or without her blessings? It's not up to her, it's not her call to make.

Granted, it's been nauseating watching her snuggle up to bush, sitting next to him like an obedient pet dog, beaming and anxious to please her master. It kind of makes you wonder what he's putting in her Liva-Snaps.

But I got worried when John Conyers morphed into a soggy little chew toy. What's up with that? Isn't this the man who got sent to the congressional broom closet to hold his meetings on the Downing Street Memo? Remember all those poor bitch slapped Democrats piling on top of each other like boxes of shoes in the dark to hold their inquiries into Sept. 11 and warrantless wiretaps in the janitors storage room?

It was all the Republicans would let them have. The Republicans had all turned into rabid hyenas, lifting their legs on the furniture and giving each other high five's after taking turns using the Constitution for toilet paper. These guys were so debauched that nothing would have surprised me. I swear if I'd turned on C-Span one morning only to see rowdy bands of drunk Republicans enter the room with hookers on their arms I wouldn't have flinched. If they'd broken out fifty pound sacks of cocaine and cut honkin' lines on the Speaker's desk, it wouldn't have shocked me. If they'd whipped out sacks of kiddie porn then rolled around on the floor in acts of animal lust, I can't say it would have surprised me. They openly established pay as you go legislation and let anybody with cash get whatever they ordered up. And they treated the Democrats like they didn't even exist, and that's just when they were being nice to them.

Didn't John Conyers write over 600 pages of formal reasons to impeach Bushco, and line out the steps to be taken? Wasn't he our boy?

Now he's gone all Stepford Wives on us. They both have. The whole darn country sent them a perfectly clear message just barely a week ago. I know they got it. They heard it across the Atlantic. They heard it in Asia. They heard it in the Middle East. They even heard it in the White House. The people made it crystal clear, we've had enough of this bullshit. We sent them what they need to clean up down there. They have a majority in both houses. BOTH HOUSES. They've got the tools and they've got their instructions. And what do they do? They say no, there won't be any talk of impeachment. It's OFF THE TABLE.

Yeah? Well I don't think so Ma'am. You ain't the nation's momma and you don't decide what's on the country's mind. Oh I get that she's perfectly serious and intends to lick the presidents shoes on command. That much we can see straight out. As for John Conyers, there's a man who's received a threat so frightening that he's willing to turn himself inside out in front of God and everyone. They probably threatened his grandchildren. Or worse. Unlike Pelosi, he doesn't look happy about it. He looks thin and drawn and cranky. Maybe they just offered him a free extradition to Syria on terrorism charges.

Do not fail to see the obvious in Pelosi's announcement. Wake up your inner Sherlock and start deducing. "Impeachment is off the table." Period. What, no reasons for this Ms. Pelosi? How can you say impeachment is off the table for the most deserving president in history and not give a damn good reason for this rather insane little position of yours?

Deduction #1: The reason cannot be given. That would mean the reason is something that they don't want us to know. They wouldn't want us to know for only one reason: that we would NEVER go along with it in a million trillion billion years.

Deduction #2: If we would never go along with it, then it's obviously really bad. What do we consider bad? That's easy enough, not fixing the destruction already done to everything we believe in and having even worse plans more than half underway.

Deduction #3: We are witnessing the house leader completely ignore the wishes of the people. That's beyond troubling. That's an announcement in and of itself. It's a very formal statement that goes something like this. "We don't work for you, and you will do as you're told".

Deduction #4: We are in serious trouble. The horror story that is Bushco isn't going to skip a beat. They are going to change their costumes and resume the play. A couple of old characters will bow out only to be replaced with even creepier, dirtier neo-con liars and these people are going to try to cram their new world order right up our asses. We've got a fight on our hands and it won't be pretty. If the new House and Senate do not show up for work in January with six guns shooting, we'll have to face a very ugly reality. If there is no one in D.C. to represent us, we'll be on our own. All of our normal processes to demand change will be taken away like a draw bridge. That moment will be the official announcement of Bushco's new war: a war against us.

Starting now it needs to be made crystal clear to the newly elected Democrats what we MUST see pronto when they get to work in January. Call and write them every day and tell them in no uncertain terms that you want to see the law applied to those in high office. They are NOT above the law. Demand investigations. The Patriot Act needs to go back to the hole it crawled out of. The Torture Legislation needs to be shit canned, and the Geneva Conventions need to apply to every human being on this earth. Every freedom murdering right they've forced down our throats has to be repealed. There is so much to do people, I wonder if most of our country even has a clue how bad it all is. But we can't even get to making our food safe to eat again and keeping jobs in this country until we're out from under the threatening noose of the NeoCon agenda. Because unless and until our representatives rise up and start holding these people accountable we are all prison camp meat.

If these guys are not pushed to the wall and forced to give testimony under oath it will be a clear signal to them that they are free to do whatever they like. If they refuse they have to be put in their places. And if any of this plays out in a way that ends up with the whole congress on it's knees selling us down the river, then things are going to be beyond weird. The Twilight Zone will look normal to what will come next.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The "Make Nice" vs. "Get Vengeance" Debate

What's all this sniveling, smarmy determination to be "fair to the Republicans"? What's all this chatter about "not treating them like they treated the Democrats"? Excuse me, but this is the perfect moment to kiss my butt. With both lips.

Listen Up.
1) Payback is a bitch. It's the original bitch. It's the reason they created the Golden Rule. EVERYbody knows the Golden Rule. It's required curriculum for every 2 year old. When you break the Golden Rule, people don't like you. If Republicans didn't want an equal and opposite reaction, they shouldn't have been such shameless immoral losers.

2) They KNEW everything they did was WRONG. Do I really need to cover the entire list of unforgivable miscreant behavior these soft skinned cowards perpetrated on their own countrymen? They LIED. They CHEATED. They STOLE. They took us into a violent, destructive, pointless, illegal WAR. They destroyed the English Language turning phrases inside out to make them mean the opposite of what they said. They ransacked and raped the Constitution. They used fear mongering and manufactured fake news to manipulate public opinion. Oh My God, there is not even close to enough room here to list the hundreds of pages of real, live, verifiable examples of the destruction they've wrought on our country. It will take decades to recover from the damage Bush and his dirty little gang of techno-pirates have done. DECADES. It will take years just to try to undo the dirty legislation they've forced down our throats!

3) They DESERVE to get their asses kicked. They earned it. It's not about payback, it's about holding them accountable and responsible for their egregious actions. They are criminals who tried, and are still determined, to destroy this country. That's their game plan. Hello? What are you thinking, play nice? That would be equally as criminal as they are. They MUST be forced to take the payback they earned. Damn it. We have no choice but to prosecute them for every illegal act they perpetrated. They broke the law hundreds of times, they screwed the people, they got people killed, they ripped us off. Give me a break. Forget NICE. Screw Nice. These people don't understand NICE. They'll understand JAIL though.

4) Do not confuse Democrats having to perform the DUTIES OF OFFICE with acts of vengeance. That sounds exactly like a typical neo-perverted head game. Prosecuting criminals isn't getting revenge, it's the guaranteed result of doing crime. That pathetic Jack Abramoff sad smirky face we saw in every photo taken of him after he got busted for his bottomless bucket of crimes makes me want to HURL! Do NOT get all weak kneed when these slime wads start kissing up and making sorry noises. Back hand them! Make them put a bag over their heads, whatever it takes to stay focused and get those investigations done, do it. They do NOT deserve to be rewarded for what they've done. Anyone got a problem with that?

It's extremely important to realize that their attitudes and behaviors have spread and infected the entire public. They believe they are above the law and shouldn't even be questioned when they break it. If you've been infected by this attitude of self entitled arrogance, you will feel compelled to go easy on them. If that should happen go slap yourself and take a cold shower. Revisit the photos from Guantanamo. Replay the press conferences where the neo-cons say that political dissent is terrorism. Remember "Free Speech Zones", and arresting 8 year olds for some stupid picture they've drawn. Remember Katrina, "lost" Trillions, Halliburton, War Profiteering! Think of what they said about Max Cleland!! Retain your focus!

If all we do is treat them as the law requires and stick to the facts, there won't be any temptation to fall for any phony kissy face trickery. It makes me howling mad that the attitude of the ivory tower gang is that laws are only for the working class. INCORRECT. Laws are there for neo-cons, wealthy jerks, and corrupt politicians even MORE than for the powerless citizenry. They're supposed to be setting the example for the rest of us, and the example they've set is an exponential degree of corruption and cruelty. They pushed way too far and they knew they were getting away with murder. They knew they'd be prosecuted if the tables ever turned. Their ARROGANCE alone made them so drunk with delusions of power that they acted like there would never be a price to pay.

I for one am not inclined to forgive delusional arrogance and destruction. They all knew better. It was no crap shoot, it was a solid guarantee. They broke every legal, moral, and ethical standard in existence and now they'll pay for it.

One final point regarding Debate and Inclusion of the Republicans as the Democrats start whacking their way through the jungle of filth: WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? Who is it that they're supposed to debate with? We KNOW the neo-con agenda. It's why we kicked them out of Congress! They've got nothing to input, not an iota of valid ground to consider. THEY have burned their bridges. THEY have lost credibility. THEY have destroyed every last shred of trust. Anyone who still trusts them is a flaming idiot. There is no evidence whatsoever to show there is reason to "trust" them. Get a grip. This is serious. Washington DC needs to be scraped to the walls and sterilized! It's infested with criminals who are capable of more damage than this world can take.

January of 2007 will only be the beginning of a very long, very very difficult stretch that will affect every last one of us. This country is literally teetering on the brink of collapse. The dollar is set to self destruct and the president still wants to nuke Iran for Israel. This is no time for pandering to fools and traitors. It's time to face the giant mountain of shit the Republicans created for all of us to deal with, God knows they're incapable of responsibility; and DON'T DESERVE A VOICE while we have to suffer the consequences of THEIR parade of corruption.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Elections After Glow

In the dewy after glow of yesterday's elections, I am spent. Languishing with a satisfied smile on my face, I will bask in the satisfaction I feel for as long as I can stretch it. Both Houses of Congress were ripped out of the greedy, corrupted controlling claws of the republican crime ring by furious command of The People. A nationwide message was delivered straight to the White House. It read simply, "You suck beyond comprehension. Signed, The People Of the United States Of America."

No one needs to ask if we're all on the same page. We all wrote the same page. The myth of "irreconcilable differences" was castrated and left bleeding on the floor of the White House Propaganda Department. May it rot into the shape of an extended middle finger and be forever imprinted on the hallowed walls of the Oval Office. Just a friendly reminder to those who would be king: We don't need no stinking king. WE are the kings and queens and we don't plan on stepping down for anybody. Peel me a grape baby.