Monday, November 13, 2006

We Have Entered The Twilight Zone

"It's November 7th, 2006. All over the country tonight, average Americans are going to the polls. Good hearted, decent working people, retired folks, college kids, the disabled, every segment of society is turning out to cast their votes in a very important election. In the morning they'll breathe a sigh of relief because they'll have kicked the bastards out and made their wishes known to the world. It will seem to every man, woman and child that all of the necessary pieces are in place to turn their country back from the brink of destruction. But they are in for a rude awakening. It may look like America but in fact, it's the Twilight Zone."

When Nancy Pelosi first started making noises about "No Impeachment" it wasn't too hard to wave it off. I could think of at least one good reason she'd say that. It didn't mean there would be no impeachment. How could she stop one if the new crew came on board and said they were going for it with or without her blessings? It's not up to her, it's not her call to make.

Granted, it's been nauseating watching her snuggle up to bush, sitting next to him like an obedient pet dog, beaming and anxious to please her master. It kind of makes you wonder what he's putting in her Liva-Snaps.

But I got worried when John Conyers morphed into a soggy little chew toy. What's up with that? Isn't this the man who got sent to the congressional broom closet to hold his meetings on the Downing Street Memo? Remember all those poor bitch slapped Democrats piling on top of each other like boxes of shoes in the dark to hold their inquiries into Sept. 11 and warrantless wiretaps in the janitors storage room?

It was all the Republicans would let them have. The Republicans had all turned into rabid hyenas, lifting their legs on the furniture and giving each other high five's after taking turns using the Constitution for toilet paper. These guys were so debauched that nothing would have surprised me. I swear if I'd turned on C-Span one morning only to see rowdy bands of drunk Republicans enter the room with hookers on their arms I wouldn't have flinched. If they'd broken out fifty pound sacks of cocaine and cut honkin' lines on the Speaker's desk, it wouldn't have shocked me. If they'd whipped out sacks of kiddie porn then rolled around on the floor in acts of animal lust, I can't say it would have surprised me. They openly established pay as you go legislation and let anybody with cash get whatever they ordered up. And they treated the Democrats like they didn't even exist, and that's just when they were being nice to them.

Didn't John Conyers write over 600 pages of formal reasons to impeach Bushco, and line out the steps to be taken? Wasn't he our boy?

Now he's gone all Stepford Wives on us. They both have. The whole darn country sent them a perfectly clear message just barely a week ago. I know they got it. They heard it across the Atlantic. They heard it in Asia. They heard it in the Middle East. They even heard it in the White House. The people made it crystal clear, we've had enough of this bullshit. We sent them what they need to clean up down there. They have a majority in both houses. BOTH HOUSES. They've got the tools and they've got their instructions. And what do they do? They say no, there won't be any talk of impeachment. It's OFF THE TABLE.

Yeah? Well I don't think so Ma'am. You ain't the nation's momma and you don't decide what's on the country's mind. Oh I get that she's perfectly serious and intends to lick the presidents shoes on command. That much we can see straight out. As for John Conyers, there's a man who's received a threat so frightening that he's willing to turn himself inside out in front of God and everyone. They probably threatened his grandchildren. Or worse. Unlike Pelosi, he doesn't look happy about it. He looks thin and drawn and cranky. Maybe they just offered him a free extradition to Syria on terrorism charges.

Do not fail to see the obvious in Pelosi's announcement. Wake up your inner Sherlock and start deducing. "Impeachment is off the table." Period. What, no reasons for this Ms. Pelosi? How can you say impeachment is off the table for the most deserving president in history and not give a damn good reason for this rather insane little position of yours?

Deduction #1: The reason cannot be given. That would mean the reason is something that they don't want us to know. They wouldn't want us to know for only one reason: that we would NEVER go along with it in a million trillion billion years.

Deduction #2: If we would never go along with it, then it's obviously really bad. What do we consider bad? That's easy enough, not fixing the destruction already done to everything we believe in and having even worse plans more than half underway.

Deduction #3: We are witnessing the house leader completely ignore the wishes of the people. That's beyond troubling. That's an announcement in and of itself. It's a very formal statement that goes something like this. "We don't work for you, and you will do as you're told".

Deduction #4: We are in serious trouble. The horror story that is Bushco isn't going to skip a beat. They are going to change their costumes and resume the play. A couple of old characters will bow out only to be replaced with even creepier, dirtier neo-con liars and these people are going to try to cram their new world order right up our asses. We've got a fight on our hands and it won't be pretty. If the new House and Senate do not show up for work in January with six guns shooting, we'll have to face a very ugly reality. If there is no one in D.C. to represent us, we'll be on our own. All of our normal processes to demand change will be taken away like a draw bridge. That moment will be the official announcement of Bushco's new war: a war against us.

Starting now it needs to be made crystal clear to the newly elected Democrats what we MUST see pronto when they get to work in January. Call and write them every day and tell them in no uncertain terms that you want to see the law applied to those in high office. They are NOT above the law. Demand investigations. The Patriot Act needs to go back to the hole it crawled out of. The Torture Legislation needs to be shit canned, and the Geneva Conventions need to apply to every human being on this earth. Every freedom murdering right they've forced down our throats has to be repealed. There is so much to do people, I wonder if most of our country even has a clue how bad it all is. But we can't even get to making our food safe to eat again and keeping jobs in this country until we're out from under the threatening noose of the NeoCon agenda. Because unless and until our representatives rise up and start holding these people accountable we are all prison camp meat.

If these guys are not pushed to the wall and forced to give testimony under oath it will be a clear signal to them that they are free to do whatever they like. If they refuse they have to be put in their places. And if any of this plays out in a way that ends up with the whole congress on it's knees selling us down the river, then things are going to be beyond weird. The Twilight Zone will look normal to what will come next.


  1. Politicians do not a democracy make. Our system was set up to be interactive. U.S. citizens have given up their control in this country by allowing themselves to be distracted by TV and the shopping mall. They don't write/call/email congress people. They don't protest. They barely vote compared to other countries. Politicians aren't to blame, we are. Politicians respond to those who interact with them, and influence them. If we wish to take our country back, we need to interact with our politicians, and influence them. Right now we're leaving that to the corporations.

    Blaming politicians is a cop-out for doing the real work of building a democracy.
    Impeach Bush Yourself...

  2. Anonymous7:47 PM

    Now you're going really dark. It makes sense for Pelosi to say that impeachment is off the table. Until investigations are held, testimony taken, and all of this done in public for the world and Americans to witness, any other statement would be contrary to the spirit of our rule of law. I believe the pressure for impeachment must come from the people of this nation. Remember that only 40% of eligible voters went to the polls. That is a fraction of the adult population. The second wave must be larger than this first one and public hearings is the only way to build that wave. Your advice is good. We must hold every officeholder accountable - regardless of party - to uphold their oath of office which is clear and simple: to protect the Constitution of the USA.