Thursday, November 09, 2006

The "Make Nice" vs. "Get Vengeance" Debate

What's all this sniveling, smarmy determination to be "fair to the Republicans"? What's all this chatter about "not treating them like they treated the Democrats"? Excuse me, but this is the perfect moment to kiss my butt. With both lips.

Listen Up.
1) Payback is a bitch. It's the original bitch. It's the reason they created the Golden Rule. EVERYbody knows the Golden Rule. It's required curriculum for every 2 year old. When you break the Golden Rule, people don't like you. If Republicans didn't want an equal and opposite reaction, they shouldn't have been such shameless immoral losers.

2) They KNEW everything they did was WRONG. Do I really need to cover the entire list of unforgivable miscreant behavior these soft skinned cowards perpetrated on their own countrymen? They LIED. They CHEATED. They STOLE. They took us into a violent, destructive, pointless, illegal WAR. They destroyed the English Language turning phrases inside out to make them mean the opposite of what they said. They ransacked and raped the Constitution. They used fear mongering and manufactured fake news to manipulate public opinion. Oh My God, there is not even close to enough room here to list the hundreds of pages of real, live, verifiable examples of the destruction they've wrought on our country. It will take decades to recover from the damage Bush and his dirty little gang of techno-pirates have done. DECADES. It will take years just to try to undo the dirty legislation they've forced down our throats!

3) They DESERVE to get their asses kicked. They earned it. It's not about payback, it's about holding them accountable and responsible for their egregious actions. They are criminals who tried, and are still determined, to destroy this country. That's their game plan. Hello? What are you thinking, play nice? That would be equally as criminal as they are. They MUST be forced to take the payback they earned. Damn it. We have no choice but to prosecute them for every illegal act they perpetrated. They broke the law hundreds of times, they screwed the people, they got people killed, they ripped us off. Give me a break. Forget NICE. Screw Nice. These people don't understand NICE. They'll understand JAIL though.

4) Do not confuse Democrats having to perform the DUTIES OF OFFICE with acts of vengeance. That sounds exactly like a typical neo-perverted head game. Prosecuting criminals isn't getting revenge, it's the guaranteed result of doing crime. That pathetic Jack Abramoff sad smirky face we saw in every photo taken of him after he got busted for his bottomless bucket of crimes makes me want to HURL! Do NOT get all weak kneed when these slime wads start kissing up and making sorry noises. Back hand them! Make them put a bag over their heads, whatever it takes to stay focused and get those investigations done, do it. They do NOT deserve to be rewarded for what they've done. Anyone got a problem with that?

It's extremely important to realize that their attitudes and behaviors have spread and infected the entire public. They believe they are above the law and shouldn't even be questioned when they break it. If you've been infected by this attitude of self entitled arrogance, you will feel compelled to go easy on them. If that should happen go slap yourself and take a cold shower. Revisit the photos from Guantanamo. Replay the press conferences where the neo-cons say that political dissent is terrorism. Remember "Free Speech Zones", and arresting 8 year olds for some stupid picture they've drawn. Remember Katrina, "lost" Trillions, Halliburton, War Profiteering! Think of what they said about Max Cleland!! Retain your focus!

If all we do is treat them as the law requires and stick to the facts, there won't be any temptation to fall for any phony kissy face trickery. It makes me howling mad that the attitude of the ivory tower gang is that laws are only for the working class. INCORRECT. Laws are there for neo-cons, wealthy jerks, and corrupt politicians even MORE than for the powerless citizenry. They're supposed to be setting the example for the rest of us, and the example they've set is an exponential degree of corruption and cruelty. They pushed way too far and they knew they were getting away with murder. They knew they'd be prosecuted if the tables ever turned. Their ARROGANCE alone made them so drunk with delusions of power that they acted like there would never be a price to pay.

I for one am not inclined to forgive delusional arrogance and destruction. They all knew better. It was no crap shoot, it was a solid guarantee. They broke every legal, moral, and ethical standard in existence and now they'll pay for it.

One final point regarding Debate and Inclusion of the Republicans as the Democrats start whacking their way through the jungle of filth: WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? Who is it that they're supposed to debate with? We KNOW the neo-con agenda. It's why we kicked them out of Congress! They've got nothing to input, not an iota of valid ground to consider. THEY have burned their bridges. THEY have lost credibility. THEY have destroyed every last shred of trust. Anyone who still trusts them is a flaming idiot. There is no evidence whatsoever to show there is reason to "trust" them. Get a grip. This is serious. Washington DC needs to be scraped to the walls and sterilized! It's infested with criminals who are capable of more damage than this world can take.

January of 2007 will only be the beginning of a very long, very very difficult stretch that will affect every last one of us. This country is literally teetering on the brink of collapse. The dollar is set to self destruct and the president still wants to nuke Iran for Israel. This is no time for pandering to fools and traitors. It's time to face the giant mountain of shit the Republicans created for all of us to deal with, God knows they're incapable of responsibility; and DON'T DESERVE A VOICE while we have to suffer the consequences of THEIR parade of corruption.


  1. Anonymous1:00 PM

    You said:
    it's about holding them accountable and responsible for their egregious actions. They are criminals who tried, and are still determined, to destroy this country. That's their game plan. Hello? What are you thinking, play nice? That would be equally as criminal as they are.

    Exactly, I think you've seen the light...ain't a thing gonna happen to them - Pelosi has said as much. Hello? Same coin, different side. I hope to whoever I'm wrong...but I'm not counting chickens OR eggs

  2. Anonymous1:49 PM

    All the Folks across the nation that
    busted their asses fighting for this victory EXPECT the new Congress to
    investigate fully!

  3. Anonymous6:18 PM

    I agree! It's time to pay the fiddler. Let's show the world how our country deals with thieves and traitors...even elected ones.

  4. Nice rant, really nice rant. I agree with you completely. Lets all just keep making noise. More public demonstrations would help as well. They can't deny our mandate if we're in the streets.

  5. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Amen Sister.

    Bill K

  6. Anonymous8:40 AM


    Time for some heads to roll!!

  7. Anonymous7:26 PM

    THANK YOU for being so real !!! You rock! Keep gettimg pissed off at them Send all their asses to IRAQ, drop them off in Bagdad and leave them there! F-jail! no way should we have to pay for their upkeep. Your rant is SO refreshing to hear! Its like breathing a sweet-smelling flower after being forced to inhale dirty socks. Thank you Ang!!!

  8. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Sadly, two and a half years later adn we can see that nothing even remotely close to the desired action occurred.