Thursday, November 16, 2006

Taking Five

Is it just me or is there a strange feeling of calm floating around? It's like, taking a walk at midnight through a massive fog bank. So quiet. It feels like everyone in the world is asleep, except me. I'm walking slowly in the cool of the night, lost in my thoughts.

I've been released from a heavy burden. I can breathe again.

A huge bubble of rage, resentment and frustration has been building up inside me for years; without a release valve. The shame, grief and fury over this horrible illegal invasion of Iraq; the annihilation of Afghanistan; the horrifying situation for the Palestinians; often grew beyond the boundaries of my skin and left me paralyzed somewhere between shock and the highest fury the soul can feel. I had visions of high officials being bodily dragged from their thrones of office and thrown into deep dark holes then kept there until their trials began.

It didn't end there, it never ended. New and horrifying realities were bombarding us in the press every day. Sometimes they came so fast and heavy that I couldn't even keep up with the sheer volume of news items. Every day, month after month, year after year, the bush republicans topped themselves with ever more disgraceful behavior. The greed, the malice, the dirtiness and corruption piled up. Every step they took was an assault on decency, on fair play, on honor, and on justice. They were the political equivalent of nun raping baby eating arsonists. It was astounding to see such wanton hubris, selfishness, and cruelty and they were proud of it all. It made every person of decency and conscience who witnessed it feel sick at heart and very worried about the future of our republic.

These men have put us through hell. How dare they. I despise them with my entire being.

At the last state of the union address it was astounding to me to realize that I was far from alone in feeling nauseated every time bush opened his damned foolish, lying mouth. I could no longer listen to him speak or watch his images on the television, they made me physically ill. Instead, I waited for the papers to read the words in print, and still do. Millions of other people were experiencing the exact same feelings of disgust and physical sickness whenever they heard bush's voice too. This phenomenon hit me incredibly hard because it's simply astounding. It's unprecedented having a president who's voice makes people recoil in disgust, and feel the urge to vomit.

(This is utterly remarkable and I hope to study it at some point in the future. There is something there that must be unwrapped and brought to the surface. An incredibly important truth, a nugget of reality that has powerful implications. )

Americans now felt ashamed of their own country, though many were too intimidated to say it out loud. Millions of us bore the heaviness of our disgust in silence for too long confused by the lies we could see not being in sync with the lies they were telling us. They were cruising on the good will earned by earlier administrations, but acting like we owed it to them. The media betrayed us to an extent that few understand fully. They have caused this entire country incomprehensible damage by becoming the psy-op branch of military intelligence, allowing this government to create and control the attitudes, opinions, and perspectives of the entire country. What they are doing is absolutely criminal. They have raped the American people's minds and hearts just as they have destroyed our national values and shattered our unity. I fear very much for our future and wonder if enough of us will realize in time what they have done, and how close we are to the precipice of hell itself.

It's a lot to carry around for days and years. The mid term elections a week ago were so critical to hope. Would they be stolen? Were enough people aware of how bad things were and how much worse they would get? I have to say that for all the wailing and flailing of the smarty pants league who constantly said the public was too stupid, too buried in their own private worries, and too sheepish to see reality, the American people were just so cool. They didn't need to shake the ground, or show off or make loud fussy displays. The American people aren't really interested in what anyone thinks of them, they're not out to impress anyone, or jump through anyone's hoops. In that wonderful mind your own business kind of way, they were paying attention all right. When the moment came to do business, they stepped up and did business.

Both Houses of Congress were rescued from the Debauched Nazi Twit Brigade. They were totally rejected and utterly humiliated. America is sick of them and sick of their bottomless idiocy. Even president peanut head got the message. Oh, I know he won't change, but he won't get very far either. At least we got that much.

Since then, there's been a lull in the neo-con crisis continuum. The papers are so desperate for scandal they had to dig up O.J. again. Though it's a bad omen, at the moment it's all we're allowed to know. They want us focused on O.J. Tough, I'm not interested in O.J. or any of their fluffy brain sucking distracter bunnies. The rocket fueled anxiety that's become my normal operating mode is melting away, I don't need it right now and I really don't want it. I'm taking advantage of this stale mate of confusion in DC. They have to regroup before they can prove again how relentlessly stupid they are. They're not gone, they're just trying to convince each other that the elections didn't mean they aren't wanted. They're licking their wounds and meeting in locker rooms, waiting for the coach to come amp them up again with hubris, cruelty and selfishness; and especially those lies of entitlement.

The master coach is an imperial wizard of twisting truth. Soon they'll hit the field again, convinced that killing and cheating and lying and screwing people makes them popular, necessary, and good. They'll fling their monkey poop at decent people and they'll sharpen their hypocrisy pencils to poke at the eyes of truth. But beyond their occasional mono syllabic synchronised republi-grunts, they've all had their balls ripped off. They'll have to go steal some to get back in the game. So just roll your eyes if they talk. Walk away while they're still in mid-whine. The whole world now officially knows they're losers in every respect.

Until they return to again spread catastrophe and darkness everywhere, I'm staying here in this nice fog filled calm just a little while longer. I need the break. I've even gone cold turkey on Alex Jones, may he be richly rewarded one day. I might even regenerate some serotonin. That would be good. Don't worry, it's just a mini vacation. I've got 44 miles of U-Haul Trucks lined up out back all FILLED with stuff that pisses me off that these monkey heads are responsible for. There are so many butts to kick and lots of testimony to take. It's going to get real interesting. I won't miss a beat but until then, I'm rediscovering what it feels like to relax. So... If you got 'em smoke 'em.

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