Sunday, June 28, 2009

Genuine Truth

There's a part in the book "1984" that's stuck in my mind that comes up and around regularly like brain cud. It's something I can't swallow, but I can't spit it out either, so round and round it goes in the background.

It's the part where O'Brien holds up four fingers and asks Winston how many fingers he's holding up. Winston says four. O'Brien asks him how many fingers it would be if the Party says it is five. Winston says it would still be four. What else could it be?

Winston is tortured until he says he sees five fingers, but that's not good enough. He is tortured again and drugged until he actually does see five fingers. That's when the torture stops.

That scene perfectly symbolizes the template of all evil. It defies every natural law of humanity and attempts to deny something that cannot be denied. It's not possible to control another sentient being, not in any true sense. All the techniques of torture and mind games and cruelty, the drugs and the sleep deprivation and all of the grotesque and deceitful mind shattering techniques that evil people engage in, are all phony cheats. They can get people to believe a lie, but it's still a lie. No lie changes to truth, no change ever takes place. Only the destruction of a sovereign entity's mind and body happens. That's nowhere near the same as actually achieving what they really want. They can't get what they really want. It's impossible.

O'Brien then goes on to tell Winston that they are going to purge him of his "insanity", meaning the truth, wipe his brain clean, meaning destroy his mind, and then give him the great gift of loving Big Brother, really loving him, meaning overwriting reality on his newly broken mind. And when that happens he will finally be sane and whole and right. Then they will kill him.

As if things weren't bad enough for Winston already, anyone with a grain of justice in their soul would think that Winston had given enough now. He'd given everything. Or rather, they'd taken everything there was to take. Why wouldn't that be enough? Why do they have to kill him?

The nature of the supposed crime was that Winston had once existed with thoughts in his head that were true. They were contrary to the Party which seriously threatened the party because the party is nothing but a lie. To think a thought that was not a Party thought was the one thing that could never be forgiven, ever. A contrary thought is taken as a murder attempt, because to reveal a lie is to kill it. The Party knows that everyone must believe the lie because if even one person doesn't believe it, the lie could be revealed and killed.

What the Party wants is impossible. It cannot ever actually happen that different individuals could live different life experiences that would bring them to think only lies, or rather, party thoughts. There is no possibility or probability of that happening naturally. It is contrary to nature, which means it's not optional. It just is. It applies whether it suits anybody or not.

The external and internal truth of every human being is that we are separate and independent from every other human being; experiencing all physical sensation through our own physical senses, thinking our own self generated thoughts, fully existing in our own self generated emotions; while synthesizing all that one knows and feels and understands and sees and touches and wonders about and hungers for and dreams of with the never ending turmoil of a teeming world of activity and discovery happening all around us every second of our lives; this is the first truth of existing. That's what being a human being is, it marks the beginning and the end of a life. It announces the legitimate arrival of a new sentient, independently functional human being. Your mind is you and every part of you is yours by definition. Nothing of what we are can ever belong to or be automatically obligated to anyone else because no one else had any say over whether or not we exist. We exist.

To not have any of that is to not exist. And to not have it be there by self genesis, is to not exist. We physically exist to function as autonomous, continuously self-creating beings. That is our primary function. Like washing machines wash clothes and can't do much else, we cannot help but do what we're built to do.

The highest crime between people is demanding by force, by law, by deceit, by manipulation, by threat, by imprisonment, by bribery, by withholding information, by telling lies, by ultimatum, by any means of coercion at all, that someone else must relinquish themselves, in essence cease to exist, and instead become a mere extension of someone else's will; carrying someone else's thoughts, ideas, desires, goals and philosophies. That is a crime against nature as well as a crime against the human species. We can offer, we can ask, we can request, but we have no right to demand and no right to force our will on anyone else. We have the right to defend ourselves from someone else's unwanted intrusion or attacks on our persons, but there is no right to wage such attacks or make such intrusions.

We don't seem to appreciate this nearly enough or understand the basic rules of coexistence. We confuse our own desires with a right to satisfy them. There is no such right if it involves or affects anyone else and they are not allowed to decide whether or not they want to participate. No such right ever existed, and it never will.

What "1984" shows us is how officialdom tries to sanitize their crimes against nature and humanity with claims to impossible authority and impossible rights to propagate official philosophy and condemn all alternative philosophies as evil. The Party turned all truth on its head and made natural rights into illegal things and illegal things into official rights, just like our own government does today and has done for a long time. What the Party was really trying to do to Winston was expunge his unique mind from existence. Big Brother demanded the mass murder of human consciousness.

It's easy to say that's insane, it is insane. It's evil, about as evil as it comes. What's not so easy is understanding why anyone would want this. It makes no sense. It's a contradiction to want everyone else's unique identity extinguished but still be surrounded by people. It reminds me of Narcissus gazing at his own reflection in the pond. If you want to be the only person on earth, then why don't you want to be alone? What is it that is so hard for you about other people not being you? What do you feel entitles you to torture and murder them for not being you when that is not a possibility, much less a crime? What is it that you really want?

People like this have filled volumes with their excuses and lies which they tell themselves and each other and then all agree it makes perfect sense and justifies their bad behavior. But it doesn't justify anything. There is no excuse or validation for serial killers.

By attempting to use force of any kind to deprive people of their primary function is to demand that they be expunged from existence. More precisely it's a demand to have never existed at all. It's a demand that cannot be met. No one can exist and then never have existed. It doesn't even make sense.

Even more, there is no reason, need or right to demand that anyone cease to exist. To demand that you stop being who you are is to demand that you kill yourself, mentally, physically, or both, so that someone else may feel happy because you are gone. That is not a reasonable demand. It is invalid.

To me that's natural law #1. If you exist you obviously have the right to exist. Period. Everything else comes after that, not before.

The thing about natural laws is that pretending they don't exist doesn't get you thrown in jail or punished the way breaking a man made law does. You can't break a natural law. You can try, and we do try, over and over again, but when a law can't be broken nothing you do will subvert or override it. Natural law can't be pretended away. It can't be changed or effected. You can choose to ignore it but it will still be there. If you're at all intelligent you can benefit profoundly from the wisdom of natural law, because it teaches instead of imprisons, it expands you instead of diminishing you, it heals you instead of hurting you. Knowing about natural law is like having an anchor so we know where we are in relation to everything else in the universe, but it's also like a piece of string we can pull on to get some light. It's not the same as "THE" answers, that's something else. Natural laws aren't answers, they're truths. They're starting points, realities, square one. They apply equally to one and all.

Independent sentience is the square one of human existence. It is who we are. It can't be removed from our existence, or be given to someone else. It is as hard to share our independent sentience with someone else as it is to share an arm or a leg with someone else. It doesn't work that way. Our independent sentience is what wills our arms into action and our legs to move our bodies across the room. We can't do that for anyone else no matter how much we wish we could, it's just not possible.

We can't feel anyone else's pain other than to empathize with them. We can't see what anyone else is seeing unless they tell us what it is and try to show us and we want to try to see it, but we can never directly see it ourselves through their eyes. We can come to know others, to understand them, to interact with them, even at incredibly intimate levels, but we will always remain separate, individual and unique no matter how close we become.

Interestingly, it has to be that way. We couldn't love anyone if we weren't separate and sentient and self-generating our every thought and feeling. We couldn't experience that other person if we were a single entity. Then we would be one self, one sentience, and there would be no "other" to know or feel anything for. We could not experience self and others if we were all one mind experiencing everything all at once at the same time. We have to be individually sentient in order to see or think or feel or communicate. Our own life has to be a unique, personal experience in order for us to exist at all. The magic all happens when everyone's doing that and we manage to find some way to interact, communicate and express ourselves to each other; and make our lives and our world into something that matters to us.

That's what Big Brother wants to eradicate from not just Winston, but every one else. Big Brother literally does not want anyone else to exist. It wants to end existence of all but itself in duplicated, repeating, identical form. A clone society of one person. The Party wants to kill sentience and have itself be the only sentience there is. Why that is, I don't know, but that is what it wants. It's not rational. It doesn't make sense. It wants to remake the world into a shrine to itself. I'd call that the definition of insanity.

"I want you to cease to exist so that I may be happy" is a serious disorder of the will.

It's easy to read "1984" and know these Big Brother people were in a raging disease state, and see that people who have this disease are also its primary carriers. What might not be so quickly apparent though is that it happens in lesser degrees, and all too commonly today, in the here and now. For some people it is a full blown disease. For Big Brother and the Party it was more like Ebola. For others it's anywhere from the equivalent of a sneeze to the common cold to the flu. It can even go pandemic, because this disease can be very catchy.

"I want you to cease to exist so that I may be happy" disease, the exact same disease state of "1984", can and does affect pretty near everybody to some extent or another at least from time to time; and it affects some folks very seriously, permanently and forever. We have a lot of names for the multitudinous ways this disease expresses itself, like racism, sexism, corruption, greed, deceit, oppression, domination, imperialism, fascism, modern capitalism, rape, murder, theft, fraud, war, cheating, bullying, manipulation, rudeness, inconsideration, selfishness, cruelty, disrespect, but while the expressions are all quite different they all spring from the same disease of the will.

There is something interesting I've noticed about this disease. That is its desperate, paranoid, even hysterical need to label itself as the ultimate form of perfect sanity. It must convince others that it is not a disease, not a disorder of the will, but instead it is the pinnacle of truth and perfected human thought. That assertion cannot be proven but to the infected, proof is irrelevant. Reality is irrelevant. Nothing is relevant but what the infected person thinks or feels. They can and do make it up as they go. They have no fear of being hypocrites or liars, and they cannot be shamed. They are able to stand before anyone in a state of raging disease, while it is crystal clear to onlookers that they are covered with crawling disease organisms that are truly disgusting and horrible, and they will say they are beautiful and healthy and that anyone who doesn't think so is stupid, or a terrorist, or is insane. They will say all kinds of things about others, but they will never consider any reason exists to look in the mirror.

Even more interesting is that those who are not infected see the disease and its false claims for what they are, and they cannot be tricked, fooled or in any wise convinced to believe it is anything but a disease. They recognize infected persons and know they are infected. It is only those who become infected who will suddenly believe they have not become sick, but they are now perfectly healthy. They too will spontaneously develop the identical paranoid to hysterical obsessive need to be perceived as perfect in their sanity. The slightest suggestion that they are not thinking clearly, that they are not objective, that they are wrong, that they are behaving badly, will never be received objectively or passively. On the contrary, it is risky to challenge infected persons because doing so cuts to the core of the disease and threatens to expose it, which would prove it is there. Proving it is there is to render it impotent. Knowing it is there is to threaten its existence. The response is predictable and always the same; rage.

The germs of "I want you to cease to exist so that I may be happy" disease float freely about us in great quantity at all times, just like so many other kinds of germs and pathogens. Our mental immune systems are not always geared up enough to fight off bouts of infection from this soul pathogen.

The cure is not complicated, it just takes conscious effort and the desire to get well, or if we are already well, to stay that way. No one is ever immune from being infected by this stuff. Interestingly though, because it is a malfunction of our own will we can always choose to not be infected. As soon as we realize we have it we can choose to not have it.

Being uncomplicated is not the same as being easy. It can be really hard to be honest enough and unselfish enough and mature enough to admit when and under what circumstances we have this disorder. It's not hard to understand that everyday people get infected with this because it comes from a natural and perfectly good thing. It's just that the perfectly natural good thing has malfunctioned.

My earlier quick definition of what a person is, an independent sentient being, is a being driven by self interest. It has to be in order to survive. But it also has to be driven by interest in others, because when it isn't, it malfunctions. It attempts to operate in opposition to reality. The reason it has to be driven by interest in others is because there are others. We exist and others exist. Any suggestions of greater or lesser right or worth or anything else are hot air. They can't be supported by natural law. We all exist in exactly the same degree, we have to acknowledge each other's existence in exactly the same degree. If there were no others it wouldn't matter, but then we wouldn't exist either so the point is obvious. You just can't get around this, it's simple common sense.

As simple as it is to understand, it's possibly one of the hardest things to manifest. Sometimes it can't be helped just due to sheer numbers, but many times it's only a choice we make to either acknowledge the existence of others or decide that doesn't count as much as getting what we want. When we negate the existence of others by conscious intent, with malice, with depraved indifference, it disrupts and damages the natural order of things and creates havoc, destruction and suffering.

Infected people are the cause of almost every wrong that people do in this world. It's not the same as making a mistake, anyone can make a mistake. This is specifically about the will of the infected individual malfunctioning. And like any systemic disease it doesn't just affect the will, it spreads to other components of the being and invades them, thus transforming them into willing accomplices which will aid and abet the disease's continued existence. No disease can go on existing unless it propagates and this disease is desperate to propagate itself. It must infect reason, logic, compassion, critical thinking, and most every function of the individual being.

The nature of this disease is to demand that natural law does not exist or that somehow it is wrong and they are right. Just as infected people insist they are not infected but are healthy, the disease can only stay alive by turning everything inside out and calling it normal. This disease exists in direct opposition to simple truth and plain old ordinary reality. The problem is, it cannot affect simple truth and plain old ordinary reality. Because of that it can only try to destroy them. It obsesses over destroying them. It goes on crusades to destroy them. Infected people's only recourse is to use force to eradicate simple truth and ordinary reality, because the exercise of one person's will cannot affect change in any other person but one's own self. Even this unchangeable natural law is one they deny and attempt to overthrow even though it is pointless.

Wanting to use our personal will to control the thoughts and actions of another person is common enough, but apparently not quite common enough for anybody who does it to recognize it doesn't work that way. Our will is confined to controlling ONLY our own selves, both physically and mentally. We cannot simply "will" another to do or be what we want. If we could do that, we would do that, but it's not possible.

What does that mean? It's too simple to believe it needs to be said out loud, but here goes. It means that it's wrong to do that. Wrong, meaning it is not within the realm of possibility. We do not possess the ability, and therefore we do not possess the right, to have our will control the thoughts, beliefs, feelings or lives of another person. Those are things we can control and are supposed to control in and for ourselves. We do it for ourselves, others do it for themselves. That's how this whole human existence thing works. That's how we function. Our will cannot affect the basic existence or function of any other being. You just can't do it.

Unless, of course, you do terrible things that hurt other people. You can use your will to make you get a grip and behave like a decent human being, or you can decide not to do that and use your will to come up with ways to use force or deception to make others do what you want. No matter what your supposed good reasons are, no matter how it is rationalized, it is still breaking the first basic rule of coexistence to do that. Just because you are able to use your own will to ignore and defy simple reality and truth does not mean you are right to do so. You are committing a crime against independent sentience when you use force or other cheats to get your way.

You're also causing damage to the person you use force against, and possibly to other people connected to them as well as yourself. There is physical rape and we all know that's a crime, but there is also mental rape and that's also a crime. Both physical murder and mental murder are crimes. In a way this is so simple that its hard. What's hard about it is really facing it, really getting it, and really understanding that we're not functioning right in this world unless we're trying hard to overcome those things in ourselves that make us want to deny the obvious and act as if our desires matter more than who we use to satiate them. There is no natural law to support that.

I know that some will say that's not true because, for instance, in order to eat we have to kill something. They will say that because that's true then anything we want to do toward fulfilling our desires is valid and there are no rules and killing isn't even wrong. That would be incorrect. That's like saying, "If this is an apple then everything is an apple". No it isn't. There is an obvious natural law that requires us to eat life to stay alive. We have no choice but to consume other living things, which means killing them, but those living things are food, not other people. We have to eat food but we do not have to rape or kill or lie. That's just stupid. Look for the natural law. If it's not there, it isn't there so quit being a twit. This is simple stuff. It is common sense. You don't even need to be able to read to know this. We can observe it all around us in our natural world.

There are rules. There is right and wrong. We are not masters of the universe. We are complex, diverse, sentient, individual beings living finite life spans on a world with other sentient beings and many other life forms. We're all here together. We like to pretend we're not a part of it all, but we are. The more effort, time and energy we put into pretending we are separate from our shared Earth reality, the more we prove ourselves wrong. The more we try to defy the natural, common sense rules that cannot be changed, the more harm we do. And boy are we stubborn and defiant. We hate not having everything our way. It should be pretty clear to everybody by now that we are guaranteed to kill ourselves as we continue killing the world we're a part of unless we knock it off.

Our personal desires may be strong, but they do not automatically manifest a right to be fulfilled. A desire to be fulfilled is not a right to be fulfilled. Our rights end at the outer edges of our own skin. That's the fact of the matter and it's a fact we sometimes really hate. We can hate it all we want, but that won't change a single thing. We are doing it wrong when we pretend there are no rules and there is no morality and there is no right or wrong. Of course there is.

The disease state of "1984" is in full bloom in the real world we all live in. Just like in the story, the infected Party power players have lied, cheated, stole, murdered, and turned reality on its ear in the useless attempt to legitimize their disease. They achieved the means to have it written down on paper and have their crimes protected by legal force from any attempts at correction, but they did not achieve the real goal they wanted of making it legitimate. It can never be legitimate, it is a disease state. The next step was to elevate the lie to a sacred truth that must never be questioned or doubted. This makes anyone who questions or doubts it a vile horrific enemy that they can then claim the right to brutalize, imprison, and even kill in "self-defense". It is absolutely self-defense. Every person with the truth inside them is a direct threat to their continued existence.

When the disease state controls our lives everything slowly dies because the disease brings death. That's what diseases do. Natural law facilitates life and growth and health, because that's what it does.

I know "1984" is a book of fiction, but all the same I would beg to differ. It's a fictional account of hard reality and it describes perfectly well the nature of the eternal struggle on this world. It shows us the exact definition of "wrong". It shows us how "wrong" masquerades itself as "right". It shows us how to get people to never look at the real issue and instead believe the wrong people masquerading as right people, and to embrace the masquerade wholeheartedly and think it is real. It shows us exactly why information control and non-diversity of thought turns people into automatons who don't think and who cannot think past their indoctrination. It faithfully depicts what happens to people when their birthright to think for themselves and to have their own opinions, beliefs and ideas is cheated and manipulated away from them.

As unpleasant as these things are to look at, they must be looked at. They must be endured long enough to make clear to us how important it is to know with all certainty what is right and what is wrong and why. Because as long as we fall for the rivers of bullshit and lies that are there to detour us from simple truth, to confuse issues that are not confusing, to excuse behavior that is inexcusable, we will continue to slowly but surely cease to exist. And if there is anything the vast majority of humanity would be quick to agree with is the fact that no one's demands that we cease to exist can ever be legitimate. We are never obligated to cease to exist to make anyone else happy.

That means that the very people who are most infected must also be allowed to exist. But at least once we know who and what they are, and if we care about being free of their infection in ourselves, we can choose any number of legitimate avenues to address this disease and perhaps even some day be able to free ourselves from the rampage of death and destruction it inflicts on our whole world.

We are given to believe that things are much more complicated than this; that nothing can be this straightforward and simple and be real; and that it would be idiotic to suggest that there aren't puffed up self-important people who are better than everyone else based on any number of personal beliefs. But a personal belief is not a genuine truth or a natural law. A genuine truth applies to one and all. It applies whether we know about it or not. It applies whether we deny it or not. It is not a matter of assertion or belief. It just is.

An example of a personal truth is that you are afraid of bees. The reason you are afraid of bees is that you are highly allergic to bee stings. If a bee stings you, you are very likely to die. This is a personal truth that is actually a truth. It is true whether or not anyone else out of the next hundred people is also allergic to bee stings. Even if nobody else is, you still are. That's a personal truth, not a general one, or what I refer to as a genuine truth that applies to all people everywhere.

Another example of a personal truth is that your mama says you're special and you believe her. She would never lie to you and tells you you're special every single day. You might really believe you're special and your mama might really believe it too, with all of her heart. But it doesn't make you special anywhere else beyond you and your mama. It's not a general truth and I'm not even sure it's a personal one, but in any case, it is certainly not supported by natural law. I'm surprised how many people don't realize that. It boggles the mind.

The same applies to the personal belief that you are better than others, or more special than others, or more entitled than others, due to whatever variable you want to assert. Your personal religious beliefs, a belief that money determines the value of a life, a belief that might makes right, that real men must be macho and should beat up women, these are personal beliefs, not general truths. They may be true to you, but that does not equate to being true anywhere else outside of your own head, even if you can get fifty seven other people who say they agree with you and believe the same thing. It still doesn't make it a general across the board reality. It is not a genuine truth. It does not apply to all. You can think it does but it doesn't and it never will. It's not possible. If it was a general truth everyone would know it wouldn't they? But too many people know it's not a truth in their own lives. A personal truth may or may not be true, and it may or may not be a genuine truth. These things are all different and not all supposed truths are true.

The truths that I'm talking about here are genuine truths. They do apply to everyone across the board. They are something we're all born with in exact equal measure. They just are.

Where we run into trouble time and again is in believing our own personal truths, beliefs, opinions, preferences and desires apply to anyone outside ourselves, which they can't, and don't and possibly never will, because they're personal. We may think they can apply to others who aren't interested or who reject them, but they don't, and they won't, and they can't. We have to get over ourselves and quit pretending that what we have in our heads, no matter how much we believe it, is not an automatic general truth that applies across the board just because we think so.

We also have to accept that not every desire comes with a right to have it fulfilled, especially not if fulfilling it includes anyone else but ourselves. There is no right to get our jollies out on somebody else's life. This is so not hard. Like I said, the hardest thing about it is making ourselves be honest about it, and for some people that's just too much to ask.

We can't make anyone else be honest or real about anything, we can only do that for ourselves. But we can tell who cares about being honest, who cares about the other people on the planet with them, and who consistently doesn't. We can choose to refuse to associate with people who want to be infected, we can try to present them with other knowledge and facts and ideas to explain how we see things differently, or we can choose to do something else. That's the free will part of being an independently sentient person; and the self same part that the diseased among us are always so desperate to stamp out. What a coincidence.

I offer this up today to be put on the record because apparently a whole lot of people have not been clued in. Regardless of anyone else's take on the subject, this is my take and I duly register it along with the statement that these are my rules, and if you break them you're wrong. Also for the record is the fact that this is only a part of this picture, there's a lot more attached to it and behind it and supporting it, but it is still a genuine truth that stands on its own. It's still true whether we're able to appreciate it and make headway with it or not. If we don't know this we won't get anywhere as human beings, but I think a lot of us know this, even if we've never thought it through or put it into so many words. It only makes sense. It's fair. It's reasonable, logical and hard to argue with. It's hard to come up with any genuine truths to support the opposite.

Unfortunately, what we know from "1984" as well as our own current reality is that the truth does not keep some people from trying to pretend their own truth is better or matters more. It does not keep anyone from denying it or violating it or trying to erase it. Which is why it is so important to be adamant about what we know is right and wrong and not allow ourselves to be hijacked out of our very purpose and reason for being alive. If we don't value our independent sentience enough to protect it and insist upon other's respecting it, nobody else is going to do that for us. Indeed, if we don't care enough about it, it will be hijacked and we will be expunged from sentient existence and we will become nothing more than animated meat puppets trained to respond on command as extensions to somebody else's will. That would never work for me but then I am aware of the rules, so it's much less likely to happen to me. But those who are not aware of the rules would not even know if and when it's happened to them. And that is something that scares me even more than "1984".

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mr. Happy Goes To Argentina

I'm working on finalizing two new, rather long posts, that have been in the making for a few weeks, but this isn't either of those. This won't be a long post but I have to say this.

The news is awash with the story of some elected official who just got busted for sleeping with his extra marital honey in Argentina. I don't know his name, it's not even worth looking up.

When this non-story came up as news yesterday it irritated me. I didn't read it, because I couldn't care less. When it came up on Democracy Now today, I shut off the TV.

The "news" clip showed this silly man standing behind a podium, with a microphone, in front of the whole world, apologizing for having sex with somebody besides his wife.

That's when I reached over and shut it off.

That's not news. Why is it being sprayed all over people when it's not even news? Could there be a less newsworthy item in the country than this guy's personal problem? Who cares? I don't care. I don't know the guy. Why would I care?

What does this guy's personal sex life have to do with anyone besides this guy?

Does anyone think that an elected official getting some extracurricular nookie is going to have a negative effect on this country? Does anyone really believe that what this guy does with his Mr. Happy would have any effect on this country at all? You have to know these things are not related. There's no way this matters. AT ALL.

Oh I know what some folks are saying, they're saying that it does matter because it's a character issue. If he lies to his wife then he would lie to us, and we just can't tolerate that. It means he's a bad man.

I'm sorry for this, but I am too tired to be diplomatic right now. Here goes.

Anybody who claims to be worried about any of our dearly elected politicians character... their morality... their honesty ... is a big fat liar. You don't care about the character of the people you elect. You don't care when they lie to you. You don't give a rat's ass about their morality. What are you going on about?

If you actually cared about the character or morality or honesty of American politicians, pathetic weasel crud like that guy would never get into office. If this guy's personal sex antics get you so upset, then why doesn't the whole filthy, corrupt, lying, murdering game show bother you? Do you honestly believe that this guy cheating on his wife is the worst thing your dearly elected are up to? Are you really that naive?

If you cared about this character stuff, you might have blown a gasket over the filthy lies coming out of the mouths of every president that's been in office during your personal lifetime. You'd be livid over the millions of dead people over seas that never did anything to deserve to die at the hands of some bullshit Western coalition mass murder spree over some impossible war on terror that doesn't exist, never existed and never will exist. You should have been all kinds of offended by that. Because that actually matters. AND it pertains to you, unlike Mr. Whoopie and what he's doing in his spare time.

If it really bothered you when elected officials lie, you would be bothered out of your mind right now. You would be looking at these people and listening to them and knowing every word out of their mouths is a lie. You would know that like you know your own street address.

But you don't want to know that. You want to play "holier than thou" games and pretend it's shocking and unbelievable for a grown man to have extra marital sex instead of noticing how many of these respectable characters are getting their jollies on little kids. You would be demanding prison sentences for the protected child sex slave rackets being run all over this country and not just this country. You wouldn't be wasting your time on things that don't concern you, that aren't any of your business, and that don't fricken matter to anyone at all except whoever's personal business it is.

Don't turn your head you coward. That's reality. And that's nothing, NOTHING compared to who and what these people all are and what they do every single day they show up for "work". Why don't you get real and look at the truth? Every last one of them is screwing YOU right now. And they won't stop till they're done and there's nobody left to screw. Why don't you know that by now? What does it take to get you clued in? Oh that's right. Soap opera style dirty laundry.

You chicken shit.

My God, are people really that inane? Yes, they are. They really are. It's unbelievable.

This lot makes me want to hurl.

All the same, I don't really think there are that many Americans that give a crap about this guy and his affair.

I think it has a whole lot more to do with the disgusting scum bag whore morality of the new American mainstream "media" and what they themselves get titillated by. They are the ones who are the horses ass gossips, and the flesh obsessed meat vultures. They are the ones who waste everyone's time and energy hystericizing and nit picking over athletes taking dope while officials condone torture and military political zealots blow away one of their own, and their extreme better at that, just because he gets it and doesn't stand for lies and war crimes. Nobody cares who's poking who, or what Hollywood phonies are up to, or any other manner of completely irrelevant, idiotic, stupid stuff about people's personal lives that have nothing to do with any other human being in this country at all. The world is going up in flames, the country's morality itself has been shot in the head and left for dead, while the country is being gang banged and cleaned out by a global criminal syndicate that's murdering the future of 350 million Americans; and you give a shit about some guy having an affair?

You are vile and filthy whores. That's it. That's the highest compliment you deserve. Your own debauched, trivia obsessed management is the reason big media has tanked. You've got nothing worth having and next to nothing anyone needs. It's simple cause and effect. Because you're inane, dishonest, cowardly, shallow twits, that fail utterly at your supposed purpose, Informing The People, the effect is nobody likes you anymore. We want real information. Go figure.

End of rant.

Long exhale.

All better now.

Just fyi, the aforementioned two new pieces will probably take another week or so to complete. I'm sure everyone's lives are as busy and as overpopulated with distractions and challenges as mine is. It's like that right now kind of more than usual. Nothing I can't handle, it just makes it impossible to spend time doing what I want to do. I've easily got half a dozen pieces in various stages of completion and will eventually be able to put them up when time and energy allows. I hope.

In any case, all my best to you. And by the way, thank you sincerely for being there and for all of your good will and support. I really do appreciate it.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Attack of the War Gamers

"Yes the game is DARK, BUT...."

"Yes the game is VIOLENT, BUT..."

"Yes the game depicts a HORRIBLE HELLISH FUTURE, BUT..."

But what? All you guys want to "debate" me. About what? To try to convince me that violence and killing incorporated into entertainment is innocent and harmless? Well I don't think it is.

Isn't this just the gamers version of "It's not wrong when the president does it"? Killing is not wrong when gamers do it. What else is not wrong when you all do it?

How about computerized rape? Would that be okay too? It's not real rape, it's just fantasy rape. Would that be just a game that has no affect on society or people's heads and value systems and I'd be stupid for saying it did?

The idea of entire formalized game scenarios around rape, gang rape, raping the enemy, that doesn't go down so well does it? I wonder why. No I don't actually, I know why. It is because you have not yet been desensitized to the idea of rape so that it doesn't bother you or shock you. You still see something sick and wrong with rape. You don't think of rape as legitimate. But strangely you see killing as perfectly fine and even entertaining. Well who does that serve I wonder? It certainly wasn't something you were born with. Where did it come from then? Go ahead and tell me you haven't been skillfully indoctrinated all of your life to accept war and most of this society's standardized forms of "legitimized" violence, killing and death. Or are you just natural born fantasy killers? I doubt it.

Luckily for the women of the world, rape isn't quite so easily and handily paired with some noble idea to make it seem acceptable. Unfortunately for the whole world, mass killing has. We have entire, complex games built around killing. Nothing else, just killing. Because that's good wholesome fun. According to you.

Is killing glamorous? Is killing good? Is killing fun? Why do you find it fun when you play your games of death and war?

How do you suppose your subconscious mind parses that out, or do you actually think it can? I say it can't. It's not possible. Because in order for you to play your killing games, at some level, somewhere, you've decided that killing is okay. Under SOME set of circumstances, your particular set by coincidence, the idea of killing and fighting and shooting and making war is perfectly lovely.

Well, I'm sorry, but I can't come along with you on that.

You see, my basic position is that killing is wrong. Killing doesn't fix anything. Killing isn't justice. Killing doesn't even take any brains, any thug with a big club can kill.

Killing and war have been glamorized, justified and legitimized by connecting them to patriotism and 'we're number one' , to self defense and the nobility and bravery of the individuals who go off to war. But those things are not war. War uses those things to get its credibility and its legitimacy because the truth is that war has no credibility or legitimacy of its own.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm no shrinking violet. When it comes to defending myself I'll use a gun in a heart beat. But I won't find it amusing. I won't do it without feeling it hard afterwards. I will defend myself, but so much of the violence we see and engage in this society has nothing to do with self defense. Have you not seen the police beating and shooting people who are no threat to them? The police are 100% legitimized and so by default anything they do is automatically legitimized, even when it's not at all legitimate. Even when it's senseless and punitive and unjustifiable. But try getting around that inculcated, naive belief that police can never be criminals or act inappropriately or be rapists or serial killers. They can be and some of them are. Cops are just people like everyone else, and there are cops that are real thugs. That's on the record. Some cops commit crimes. Every day in fact. Some soldiers commit crimes. All presidents commit crimes. Regardless of any title, badge, uniform or high office, these are all just people, ordinary people, and not all of them are nice. They are able to hide under the freely given blanket of legitimacy from this unthinking society and they are able to get away with murder because of that. That's a fact, check it yourself.

Where I guess all this violent gaming loses me is pretty much right from the beginning. You see, I don't consider any form of violence to be entertaining. I don't get why millions upon millions of people in this country ENJOY a "good" rape and murder movie. In my mind, that's cracked. There's something wrong with that. There's nothing at all fun or amusing or entertaining about brutality and killing. Violence, brutality, murder, killing, shooting are serious business, there's nothing fun about them. I know, I've seen it and been in it and there's nothing fun or romantic or swell about it. It's the worst thing in the world. That's my opinion for which I'm sure somebody somewhere would be willing to snap my neck. They would feel entitled to snap my neck because they strongly stand behind their own conception of what kind of violence is good, even noble, or at least excusable, acceptable, all the way to "harmless" fun. But how did it ever come to be that any kind of brutality slid over into the category of "fun" at all? Something is out of whack there. That doesn't make any sense.

Some people who love playing these violent games got very angry with me because I pointed out the violence in them. I'm not putting the violence in them, the violence is already in them. This is like it's not wrong for the violence to be there it's only wrong of me to say so out loud. Well I'm sorry, the violence is in there and I'm saying so out loud.

I didn't pick Warhammer for any particular reason. This isn't about Warhammer. I don't care in the least about Warhammer. I don't care about the characters or the story. They are not at all what I am addressing. There are dozens of incredibly violent and dark "games" out there, I picked Warhammer by chance, so I'll say it again, this is not about Warhammer. There are millions and millions of men playing Warhammer along with dozens of even more violent, more disturbing games. That's a whole lot of fantasy killing.

Why do they like their killing games so much? Why do they spend so many hours and so many years playing their killing games? What are they feeding? Are games without killing incapable of fulfilling the entertainment urge for some reason? Do war gamers ever ask themselves these questions? Is there really nothing better they could do with their time than have war fantasies? There probably is but games are easier and the pleasure hit comes fast and large and is guaranteed. You all are addicted, you just don't want to see it that way. After listening to the hostile bombardment in defense of a silly game it tells me that this is far more serious than you're even willing to face. Why should it matter to you at all what I think? Am I a threat to you lot?

The fact is that I've felt this way all my life. It hasn't affected a single one of you in the slightest. It made no difference at all in any of your lives. It didn't make a difference until you found out about it and then all of a sudden it was like the end of the world for you. It's what you are telling yourselves that is upsetting you. My thoughts and feelings have always been here in the same earth plane with you. It is not my thoughts or feelings that are causing you any grief whatsoever. It is your thoughts and your feelings. My thoughts and feelings have no affect or presence in any of your lives. I cannot affect you in any way. So why, suddenly, are you all up in arms over my beliefs and opinions? Why are you all rushing in to insult me and accuse me of being everything from stupid to a liar to someone who just doesn't get it? Why are so many of you needing to explain every detail of the game to me? You are seeking justification for why YOUR preferred killing game is a good and okay killing game. Apparently it is not enough that you think so. You require me to think so or you feel threatened. I see that as an abject failure to even try to be objective or serious about the whole of the violent gaming phenomenon.

Killing is not fun. Death is not fun. You're the ones who are saying it is fun, but I'm the one under unending attack from you all. Doesn't that strike you as at all backwards? I'm not attacking anyone, I never have. I am pointing at things I see because they are there. I am connecting dots that you refuse to consider connecting. Your refusal doesn't mean the dots aren't there to connect, they are there. That's why you're so pissed off with me. Because I am challenging you not to defend your silly games, but to defend your own private lust for violence and killing, and you can't do it.

Where is the fine line that you prefer to think of as a mile wide that separates thinking and fantasizing about killing from being willing to do it? Oh, only under the "right" circumstances to be sure, but what makes the circumstances right? A good and noble cause? Whose cause? Yours? Theirs? Mine?

Don't you get that killing is always deemed justified by who ever is doing the killing? Serial killers feel justified, are they? Cops feel justified, are they? The military feels justified, are they? Does anyone bother to think about it anymore? It takes two sides to have a battle, and obviously both sides feel justified in their killing. Well if only one of those sides is in the right, then one must be in the wrong, but which is which? In the heat of the battle nobody seems to care too much who is actually right or who is actually the "bad" guy. Both sides consider the other to be the "bad" guy, for their own reasons. So how do we ultimately decide who is really the bad or good guy, objectively?

When you really start digging down into the nitty gritty about who is justified and who is not, it's quite surprising to find that so very often whoever is doing the aggressing is in fact not a very nice guy. Often the side that is being howled about and called the worst of the worst people in the world are in fact the real victims. It seems more to depend on who can scream the loudest and kill the most. Whoever is left standing is the victor. But does that make the victor the good guy? Should it? I don't know you tell me.

See, I ask these questions. And I am willing to admit that it really depends a whole heck of a lot what side you're on in any battle. Both of the sides see themselves as in the right. But if both sides are in the right then you shouldn't need war to reach a mutually beneficial solution. War is an option that should rarely need to happen, but in this country it happens all the time. There's something very wrong with the whole damned thing, and even more wrong is how few Americans seem to give a shit at all who all or how many are getting killed somewhere else. Killing others has become the means to feel safe. Is that twisted enough for you? It sure is for me.

What makes it truly miserable is when good men are called to battle and they can't afford the luxury of doing too much thinking about who is shooting who and why. All they know is the reality that someone over there is pointing a rifle at them in the here and now, and they either have to shoot first, and accurately, or die. All of the critical thinking, all of the critically important questions, all of the issues of who is right and wrong evaporate in the harsh cold reality of survival. It truly becomes mindless killing in the literal sense. It can be very gripping. Intoxicating. You can totally lose your mind and your soul, if only for an hour, or a day, or a week or a year.

And this feeling, this exhilaration, the winning, the danger, the glamor of it, if you can call it that, this is the same high, the self same buzz that you gamers get high on. Only you do it all safe and snug in your bedrooms and offices at a computer terminal. But you still celebrate your kills, you even keep track of them. You count your trophies. And all the while you tell yourselves that it's just a game. And you damn well insist that I have to see it that way too, as if it's your right to tell me anything. It isn't your right. Even though it shouldn't matter in the least to you what I think, it seems to be of critical importance to you. Why should it be, if you truly believe there is nothing wrong with playing killing games?

Couldn't it be that even pretend killing, "fun" killing, is still thinking the thoughts and feeling the feelings of winning by the use of deadly violence? Oh yes, you love chalking it up to skill and strategy, but what's all that skill and strategy for? It's for killing. What else? It's not for setting a nice luncheon table. It's for killing. Admit it.

So please, spare me the "let's debate the game" nonsense. I know the game. This is not about your particular game, it's about you. It's your taking extreme pleasure, addictive pleasure from your war games. And it's you telling me, demanding of me, insisting to me that there's no harm in it whatsoever, that it does not and cannot affect greater society in any way shape or form; and for me to suggest that it gets inside our heads at the deepest level and serves to inculcate people into the acceptance of violence as legitimate, as long as there is a sufficiently evil bad guy in the picture, our violence and our killing is automatically 100% justified. It's warranted. It's necessary. It's even good. And dang it, who can help it if it's fun too? It's just a game after all.

I'd better take a minute to clue in my regular readers as to what this is all about. Let's see, how shall I put this? Let's just say I've had a busy couple of days.

Two years ago I started looking around at all of the online gaming going on in this country and I'll tell you the truth, I was really blown away by how violent, dark, depressing, depraved and grotesque a lot of it is. There are all kinds of games of course, ranging from cute little games with goofy little characters to amazing, impressive 3D productions in Flash with lifelike characters and lots of women with immense breasts running around half nude with humungous swords. As if. I don't know a single woman who'd be the least bit interested in being around sharp instruments in her underwear but this is "just fantasy". No worries about men getting themselves all wound up on bullshit that makes it impossible for them to have real relationships with boring old normal, clad, unarmed females. I say that with some sarcasm obviously.

Anyway, I'd decided to do a web page on my site about this violence. Not to attack the people who are into it, but to bring to the fore, to conscious awareness, particularly for parents, what it means to think of violence in terms of it being "fun" or "harmless". Because the human mind doesn't work like we love to believe it does. It doesn't separate out what our eyes see into fantasy and reality.

Our brains take it all in as real, as you may have experienced if you've ever been to a horror film or a really scary movie. Your heart is beating a mile a minute, or maybe you suddenly cry out from the tension and a good scare on the screen; but why would you? You intellectually know that it's only a movie and that the guy with the chainsaw or the ax or whatever, is just an actor and so are all the other people in the film. They're not even really there, it's just a recording. But tell your rapidly beating heart that. It doesn't care what's in your head intellectually. It is responding to the danger it perceives from a whole different part of your brain that is authorized to over ride your conscious intellect at will. You can actually think one thing and feel something in direct opposition to your brilliant conscious mind thinking its grown up, rational thoughts, at the same time.

You may think it silly to have a physical fear response to a recorded scripted story, but the fact is your body is reacting to it as though it was real. That's the main reason people go to scary movies in the first place. If they didn't feel real fear it wouldn't be much of a thrill. This isn't fantasy, it's fact. The whole of your brain is not just the conscious awareness part. In fact George Lakoff came out with the results of research last year where he stated that most of what we think of as thinking, over 90% of it, is done unconsciously. In fact the number is even higher than that. According to Lakoff, we do practically no conscious thinking. So the fear you experience at the movies is quite real, and it is not the result of your conscious thoughts but thoughts you don't even know you're having. The most you can do is keep that fear response under control with your intellect and will, and a feeling of assurance that you are indeed safe. But I guarantee you, if the scary guy playing the insane killer in that movie suddenly came walking down your aisle, you'd piss yourself.

Does that relate to violence in other entertainment? It does relate, and in the same way, and then some. My concern in writing the web page was to flag parents, and people in general who have never once thought about their beliefs about war and violence. As I mentioned above, we automatically assign justification to some of the most heinous acts of violence in our country, just as long as the violence is done by people we think of as authorized to do it. It's a bit weird when you really stop and think about it because there is no such thing as automatic justification. No one deserves to be given free reign to kill or shoot or imprison at will, period, no human being is so perfect as to be qualified for blanket authorization to kill or do violence at will, no questions asked. But we in this country have been so propagandized through television shows that always portray law enforcement and government and lawyers and investigators and intelligence operatives as these sparkling great people that are good hearted and always in the right, so that is our perception in real life.

We have no direct personal experience to explain our automatic trusting belief in authority, so where does it come from? Well that's obvious. It comes from the only experience we do have on the subject, and that experience isn't even direct. It's not even an experience of reality. It's an experience of watching fiction, 100% made up, no real cops or presidents or intelligence operatives anywhere in sight, ever. It's not even live, it's recorded. It is actors saying lines from scripts, and characters we come to "know" and actually grow fond of. None of it is real, but people none the less come away from it fully indoctrinated in their staunch belief that all authority is benign and beneficent and can be trusted at all times, so there is little in the way of questioning anything authority does, even when it's grotesquely and blatantly wrong. We'll even make excuses to cover for them, such is our deep self-indoctrination based on sheer fantasy. It feels real to us though, and we'll be damned if we let any facts set us straight. Hell no. We won't stand for it.

I am saying that the same kind of indoctrination occurs through all forms of major entertainment, and in the case of the web page I did two years ago, in computerized games of violence, war, killing and death too. Why would this one thing be exempt from affecting the mind?

It can't be exempt, everything affects our minds. There is nothing that does not affect our minds. It will affect different people in different ways, but I am only asking people to be conscious of what their children are being inculcated into without anyone realizing it or paying attention to it; because we have a serious problem with violence in this country. Where is all of this violence coming from? The major share of influence comes out of the whole of what we think of as ordinary entertainment. And this country is the most violent of westernized nations in the whole world.

Something somewhere is behind this astonishing level of American violence. Shouldn't we be willing to consider ALL forms of standardized violence that children are exposed to? Should we ignore out of hand anything that we personally happen to be behind and like? Is that fair? Is it honest? No, it's not fair or honest. If children were not inundated with death images and death messages from the first day they turn their TV sets on, if they were instead never even introduced to the idea that killing is okay, wouldn't they have a much harder time doing things like joining the army to go off and fight without even knowing why? To them killing would seem as senseless as it actually is, and they would need a reason before being willing to risk everything for what boils down to nothing at all. Am I horrible for asking people to think about that? I do not know why that would be anyone's valid opinion.

One of the arguments I keep hearing over and over is that it is only a game, as if that's supposed to be proof enough, absolute evidence that there's nothing harmful about it. It's a game. It's fun. But what I know, is that because it is so seemingly harmless, because it is fun, it is supremely able to enter the brain without encountering any defenses, no screening, no critical thought whatsoever, in fact it is welcomed. It is welcomed on the grounds that it is entertaining. It is fun. Sure it is killing, but it is only a game. The two things really have no business connecting because they exist at the opposite ends of a long and far away spectrum. And it scares me and it bothers me very much that somehow the two have met in the middle, and all of the negativity and horror of violence and war is washed away under the halo of wholesome enjoyment for one and all.

It began on Thursday morning. Someone, somewhere, an avid player of the game I happened to use for the example on my web page, ran across that web page and had an extremely, I'll repeat that, extremely negative reaction to what he read there. He immediately went into battle mode in his own mind, and I became his hated enemy. How dare I have a problem with anything about his death game? How dare I ask questions about serious things like killing and war when this was only a game? Was I so stupid that I couldn't see that it's only a game? It's not real. I am too dumb for words according to this guy. The email he actually sent would not be reprintable here, it is too offensive and vulgar. I don't have tender ears or anything, but when somebody's really hammering me with profanity and insults, it's not pleasant. That's where it began. This one unhappy camper was so extremely offended by my rather fairly presented criticism, so outraged that I had anything resembling a problem with Warhammer 40,000 and the Space Marines and the Angels of Death, that he meant to teach me a lesson I'd never forget.

He posted my web page and my email address on a gaming site that I'm told has something like three MILLION members. In the first 24 hours I was besieged with hate mail telling me where to go and to go there now. They wanted to rip my head from my body and shove it down the neck hole. Really a rather bizarre reaction in my opinion. I didn't attack gamers. I didn't attack anyone in fact. I pointed out what I could see with my own two eyeballs and asked questions about legitimacy. And a whole lot of gamers could see no legitimacy in my doing that. And they came in droves to tell me so.

In the last 24 hours that little web page has gotten over 11,000 hits. And whatever that unhappy camper originally posted on his gaming site went viral. I mean to tell you, it spread like wild fire to almost every large and small gamers web community on the internet. It even went on Twitter. You wouldn't even believe all the places that picked this up. Some horrible, outrageous, despicable woman is saying disrespectful, downright wrong, utterly stupid things about the killing game Warhammer 40,000. I am the most hated person in the whole of the global gaming community today. At least it sure feels that way. My inbox is smoking. I cannot keep up. And I have honestly tried. I really have.

I could have gotten myself all in a wad over the truly bad behavior of some very selfish, unkind people who simply cannot grasp the concept that I can have an opinion and it's no skin off their nose in any way. But I decided that since something I said caused such an uproar that I needed to step up to it and see if I could bring at least some of these people around to mid ground and at least show them that I'm not a drooling down the shirt nazi fundamentalist screeching about things I know nothing about. And I've had a 99.9% success rate with every exchange where I put forth the effort to find common ground. Because I know for sure we have common ground, I just needed them to know it so they wouldn't have to be so upset with me over something that in fact, was never said. It was not an attack. But this game has a following, and a very devoted one for that matter. I can't begin to tell you how many emails I've gotten from guys who explained the intricate details of the characters and the story line and all of the details of the game in the attempt to prove to me what a great game it really is so that I'll admit how wrong I was for not giving it, and them by default, the respect they both so richly deserve. Only a true idiot would fail to respect the game or its honorable, noble, intelligent, sophisticated players.

But I just don't see it that way. In fact as I see it, most of these guys are incapable of pulling out of where they are, just for long enough to try to be objective. They are not objective to put it mildly. I find it truly amazing that I can write about and criticize religion and have never gotten such scathing, abusive responses from staunch religionists. These guys blow Christian fundamentalists out of the water. The intensity of their defense of their clearly, immensely beloved killing game exceeds everything I've ever seen. The only close comparison I can make is the standard reaction to criticizing Israel. These seem to be in the same ball park.

So what's this all about, really? I thought it was just a game. They don't act like it's just a game. In fact, they act like it is the most serious thing in the world. They believe in this with all of their hearts and souls. Is that really rational? Should grown men feel this intensely devoted to a mere game? To the point they are willing to send vicious hate emails to someone who has done nothing to them whatsoever, and to threaten her, and call her every insulting name in the book? Is that the behavior of a reasonable adult mind? Is it really the end of the world when someone has a different opinion than you do? Is that grounds to despise someone and dismiss them entirely as a human being? Over a game?

As this process has unfolded, in just a short two days, I am watching as all these angry men, men of all ages, prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that all of my concerns are legitimate. That the acceptance of violence and hatred and killing and making someone an enemy for the slightest cause in a "game" or non-serious format does indeed saturate the mind down deep, not at a conscious level but even more scary, at the same level where the heart beats rapidly at a horror movie. They feel they have permission to hate, to be hostile, to dismiss someone different from themselves. It plays right into the hands of the social engineers who seek to guarantee that there will always be a steady supply of warriors for their armies. These guys feel rage, and the rage is real. Reason is not a part of this. They approach me with demands to bow down to their will, to see it as they see it, or die, in a way. If I fail to comply I am literally loathed, with full body loathing, despised and reviled. I become the most heinous person they know. Over a game. Over an opinion which is in fact, justified.

How can they defend that? How is their game, which has not been touched, or threatened, or in anyway taken from them, nor is there the slightest risk that it could ever be taken from them, how is it of such immense importance what I think? Why is it so unacceptable to them that I fail to give them the justification for enjoying killing games that they have given themselves? Why am I automatically evil and they automatically righteous? What compels them to feel it is legitimate at all to behave so badly with anyone for any reason, much less over a difference of opinion over a game they like to play.

I don't know, but it makes me feel very sad..

But cheer up, as I write these words it is only Friday night. I can hardly wait to see what will happen when the weekend comes and all of the gamers and all of the players come home from their offices and places of employment, and belly up to the computer to play their favorite games and read their favorite posts on their favorite gamers web sites. And when they find the word, the message, the fact that some vile stupid person criticized a killing game, how many more dozens and dozens of furious, obscenity laden emails will I be getting? It kind of tuckers me out just thinking about it.

But there is an upside to this believe it or not, and it tickles me a good bit. Because all of these gamers, at least the ones who first go to the website to see it for themselves, are being brought directly to my movie site, which is packed to the gills with hundreds of the kinds of movies they don't show us on television. And I am loving that. And according to the numbers, some of them are actually coming back, again and again.

As I see it, that is a grand victory wrapped in a prickly coat. I'll take it. Because honestly, I think I win this time, and in more than one way.


If you want to see what caused all the hoo-ha, here is the link to that page at my website.

As of today 6/22/09 I am no longer accepting comments or emails from gamers about this. I can not do it. I do not have the time. I can't spend all day, every day, for weeks and weeks on end, doing nothing but responding to people who run across this one post or that one web page and want to get their digs in. I know you think I owe you that, but I don't. It's not reasonable for you to demand that I have to do that. It's not possible for me to do that. I've heard every one of your positions over and again. I HAVE TO move on to other things. I'm sorry if you feel that's not fair, but that's how it goes. I've asked you to stop the emails and rage filled tirades. You're not respecting me at all. So I have to shut this down. The subject is closed, you missed the window, it's over. Whatever your opinion is, you are entitled to it, and I am entitled to mine. I am now officially closing the door on this. I won't post your comments, answer your comments, or read your comments. I won't read or answer any more of your emails. I can't. Sorry.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

How far is too far?

I couldn't help but notice a whole lot of articles and commentaries on the net recently where the topic, roughly, is "Obama is not what he presented himself to be. He's worse than what we just had".

Yeah. I know. I'd started a piece three weeks ago that began by making that same basic observation but I lagged in finishing it. No need to post that one. It's not that much of a news flash. How could it be after the financial fleecing we just got in front of God and everybody? When billionaire bankers get handed free hundreds of billions of our dollars, no questions asked, in the middle of a global financial meltdown that they themselves caused out of uncontrolled criminal greed, then you have to surmise something is up. As in belly up. As in America.

Something else I've been noticing way too much of in news reports from all around the world, is the general, staggeringly high level of world wide mass murder going on. While the US v. Iraq, US v. Afghanistan, and Israel v. Palestine situations never leave my chest, brain, or guts, ever, EVER, they aren't what I came to talk about today. They're related to be sure, but this goes far beyond any individual act of "war".

There are multiple places all over the globe where mass human slaughter is being carried out, violently, by self-appointed deciders of everything for everyone else. And who is it that dies? Innocent civilians. There is a never ending, constantly repeating theme of mass slaughtering of innocents going on. Why?

The brutal murders of indigenous people by militarized police forces of the Peruvian State happened just a couple of days ago. As always, the official perspective is that human beings who want to protect their land, culture, birth rights, sovereignty, means of subsistence, dignity or human rights are outrageous, irrelevant people who are dangerous and can only be dealt with by killing them. The human legitimacy of others is never recognized by the king, who is, let's get serious about this for once, in reality what we all have. And kings are supremely selfish, arrogant, fear based people who can tolerate no dissent. All kings demand total obeisance, and all kings, when they don't get it, send in the armed forces to annihilate the disobedient.

The government response is never to send out people to help, to determine fair solutions, to discuss, bargain and obtain mutually beneficial agreements, but always and only to send out the troops to slaughter those who are being wronged, to slaughter the victims of the king's arrogant imperialism, slaughter them brutally, cruelly, coldly, with over powering force, by the tens and hundreds and thousands. Because this whole world is ruled by the supposed rights of so called kings, there has been and continues to be a nonstop carnage fest on planet Earth. The rights of kings amounts to nonstop blood dripping carnage on our little world which in my short little life time I have witnessed going on for straight decades. Literally every single day.

When you add in the natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes, plus the floods and the famines and the tsunamis that have steadily rocked the globe; and all the while bloody, criminal war and violent carnage is playing out in the background like some sick demonic opera; it really starts to add up to a hell of a lot of dead bodies.

Plus look at the declining state of health in America, the skyrocketing rates of cancers of all kinds and the sheer inept idiocy of throwing toxic chemicals at the problem with the stated aim of either killing the cancer or the person and calling that medical "care", and you really have to begin to wonder what the hell is going on around here. Go ahead and look up annual death rates and what people are dying from. So much hype about guns and cigarettes and illegal drugs being dangerous when they barely put a dent in the overall annual death numbers in this country due to legal drugs, due to visiting the supreme beings called doctors, due to chemicals and carcinogens saturating everything you eat and drink and every breath of air you breathe. You may be very surprised to find out how many Americans go down each year, and how. Annual deaths directly resulting from mass produced foods and prescription drugs, from going to the doctor, from having to stay in hospitals, from cancers and aids and new wild ass strains of tuberculosis and flu and cancer and viral pathogens that nature never invented, this list goes on and on by the way; it becomes quite plain that the boogie threats we are given to believe are too horrible for words are the least of our worries. The reality is that Americans are dying at unprecedented rates, living much shorter, much unhealthier lives, and birth rates have plummeted. Sperm counts have dropped steeply and sharply, infant mortality is on the rise, and new impossible epidemics of autism are changing the very fabric and future of our country. Add in the staggering numbers of people whose lives are affected by or taken by war and the cacophony of carnage reaches an earsplitting crescendo. We are in a shit load of death, disease and war.

When I really thought about it in the larger sense, not just in the separate individual geographical locations where violence, killing, suffering and death are ongoing, but taking it as a whole, I am honestly overwhelmed at just how much death there is on this planet. The fact is, the killing never ends. There are always people somewhere, somehow, being struck down either by self-appointed dark lords of self-righteousness, or due to extreme deprivation and the inexplicable global inability to respond quickly enough and sufficiently enough to help other innocent people struck by catastrophe.

It's too much. It does not make sense to me at all.

We have nothing but bogus wars; and they are all bogus, that's the fact of the matter. If you don't believe me then you're not caught up and need to get that way. You've been left behind with the sleeping people who are stuck in stupid. Get your ass out of there, pick a war, and read up on it. Don't just go to the authorized spew outlets, go elsewhere. Go to the verboten sources, to the first hand accounts of those who were invaded and slaughtered and oppressed. Get the story from people who were actually there and if you really want to be honest with yourself, get all of the sides to the story. Try to verify the standard official spew by finding third party, objective corroboration and it won't take too long before you realize things are vastly different than the king's take on things. There is no corroboration. All history and all current events reporting are wholly and totally one sided, coming only from the king's side because to the king nothing else counts or matters but the king.

Recall the glorious, fear mongering, hate mongering, ignorance inciting build up to the much desired Neo-Con/Zionist war against the people of Iraq. Let the Fox news filth be forever branded in your memory. They were of, for, and by the king; and the king, our king, no matter who he is, always wants more war. They always want to expand their territory and their access to profitable resources and cheap if not free labor. They always want to force more people down on their knees and present them with offers they'd best not refuse. That's what keeps empires rich and powerful.

Keeping that in mind, tell me why our new king is ramping up an extended military campaign in Afghanistan? Why the hell is he now killing even more people across the ocean? How is this protecting us? How is it protecting anyone? It's clear that no one is being protected. It's clear that this has nothing at all to do with protection of anything. All that's happening is that people, innocent people, are being slaughtered and their homes and properties and human rights are being dismissed and stolen by kings.

On the subject of why we're in Afghanistan, let me share with you a few quotes from a May 15, 2009 article at PressTV entitled 'US to be buried in Graveyard of Empires'. Excerpts from that article:

"US efforts to cut out a friendly Afghan administration could end up as disastrous as the previous international approaches on the country, says a former presidential assistant.

"The idea of trying to establish a central government…that is going to be pro-American is foolish," said political analyst and former special assistant to ex-US president Ronald Reagan, Douglas Bandow on Thursday".

Never thought I'd see the day that I found anything worth agreeing with from Reagan's administration, but the fact is, some of those older, non Satan worshipping guys are crawling out of the wood work in the 21st century, first to barf, and then to point out how truly astonishingly evil and stupid our foreign policies are. Thanks Doug, you da man. My very favorite quote from him is coming up; it made me think of dear Madeleine Albright's stomach churning remarks about something or other being worth the price of half a million dead children. What a gal. Whatever happened to her anyway? I hope she's under 24 hour surveillance and locked up somewhere, like in the cell next to Hannibal Lecter; because the thought of her running loose in the world is very unsettling to say the least. But I digress, here's the quote from Douglas Bandow:

"Bandow, however, doubted the objective of Americanization to be Washington's prime target after the stated aim of counterinsurgency, from which, it had deviated".

"The question is what is America doing? What is America's goal? It is very hard to know."

You see that? A former presidential special assistant with decades of experience in this boiling pot has no idea why we're in Afghanistan. And neither do you. And neither do I. And neither does anyone shopping at the local mall. I see a serious problem here.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but before so much as a single human being gets his or her brains blown out, ours or theirs, should we not know beyond any shadow of a doubt exactly why we're shooting them and getting shot back at? Shouldn't the reasons for this war have been nailed to the wall and analyzed three ways from sundown and shown to be so absolutely necessary that we have no other choice? SHOULDN'T THEY? Jesus God. What are these people doing to us? What are they doing to our world?

A final quote from that article:

"The comments came while President Barack Obama has assigned 21,000 soldiers and a great number of civilian experts to the Afghan-based contingents.

This is while the civilian deaths from the US attacks on suspected militant sanctuaries continue to rise and conjure up anti-American sentiment".

"Conjure up anti-American sentiment"? Don't they mean lighting blow torches of gut wrenching hatred? I think that's more accurate. Funny isn't it, the way the king's media can play down such very real horrors when they're usually such sensationalist fear & hysteria mongers? That there is what I'd call "a clue". When the truth is super ugly and the king is the guilty party, they come up with puppy-warm and cuddly words like "Enhanced Interrogation" and "Extraordinary Renditions" so as to help people not grasp the reality or the seriousness of our sociopathic plutocracy. Sprinkle more magic dust on those newspapers boys, keep those sheeple asleep. But you know dang well that if those 'insurgents' over there were doing the exact same things to our sons and daughters on our home soil, they wouldn't be calling it necessary and legal, or coin it in these perfume drenched terms. They'd be sending multi-directional high velocity spittle out both sides of their mouths and calling it vicious, brutal, inhuman torture and despicable acts of terrorist kidnappings of innocent people off the street.

It's the hypocrisy I can't take anymore. How many more times will we have to go through this shit folks? How many more dead people will it take for the plutocrat vultures to eat their fill?

Do I need to bring up Vietnam? The same exact, self-righteous fist pounding and rhetoric about God and country, honor and duty, support our brave fighting men, "we must save the world from the evils of" (fill in the blank), banging the war drums, stoking up the lust for killing dehumanized people in some far away country, transparent lies, self inflicted insults and wounds, heavy duty propaganda, at home psyops, intelligence goons breaking our laws to spy on people who speak out against the mindless violence of war, brutal attacks on people who protest against all wars of aggression, obnoxious calls for shooting "traitorous peace freaks". To hear it from the super righteous God Bless America top-chickenhawk-guns, smashing Vietnam into a bloody pulp was the most critically important thing in the universe for America. To not do it was unthinkable. The result was well over three million Vietnamese people killed. The result was over 55,000 of our beautiful, irreplaceable sons and fathers and brothers and uncles and daughters and sisters and mothers coming back dead. That's a whole lot of flag draped coffins. I don't know how many were injured and disabled and are still suffering. Why don't we ever hear about them?

Why don't we hear about the urgently necessary Vietnam war all the time if what transpired there was of such earth shattering national importance? It wasn't that long ago, and it went on for so many years. And the losses were staggering. Breath taking. Gut wrenching. The carnage was beyond comprehension.

Those who have never seen real war can't have a clue. We would want to puke forever if we were forced to see all of the death and blood and guts and blown up babies and hacked to bits grandmothers and blown up farm animals and burnt up children. Every dead soldier and every last brutally killed civilian were all real live living breathing human beings who were violently, horrendously killed.

But these are just words. Words can be forgotten. Words can be ignored. Words can be rewritten and twisted and denied. But images can't be argued with. So try this. Imagine that you were about to be taken someplace and be made to stand somewhere, and you could not move or turn away or close your eyes; and what you saw before you was all of the death of that war, in one huge heaping, disembodied, bleeding mass, all of it, all in one place, all at one time. A literal multi-mile high mountain of corpses and body parts. Who could handle that? Who could deal with that? No one could handle that, not mentally or emotionally. It would overwhelm any of us. We would not stop retching for the rest of our lives. We would never feel peace inside ourselves again. Such a vision would end all war forever. It would literally blow our minds.

Well, just because that can't ever happen, just because we could never see what all of the carnage and suffering looks like all in one place at one time, does not change the fact that all of that carnage happened and that all of it was absolutely real just the same. There must have been one hell of a reason for all of those human beings to have to die.

If all that carnage was so critically urgent, so very important, then you tell me why the Vietnam war is all but forgotten? Why aren't we all still talking about it? Why aren't they teaching our children about it in our king's schools? Shouldn't it be mandatory to know all about the decades long Vietnam war and what it was all about? It was critically urgent to our nation, wasn't it? It was a really big deal. That's what they said. There must have been numerous lessons to be learned? There must have been a victory? We must have had the noblest goal in the world, right?

Vietnam who? It's not even mentioned. It's not talked about. It's not remembered. We're not having huge national holidays to honor those who fought and lived or fought and died. It is totally ignored as if it was irrelevant. Forgotten and swept under the rug as if it meant absolutely nothing now that it's done and over with. Now that the spoils of war have been divvied out and the war profiteers coffers have been filled and spent. Now that the king has prevailed and forced his ideology and control down the throats of millions. It is all swept out of sight and out of mind by the same exact individuals who stoked up the calls for that war and the calls for war in Afghanistan, Angola, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Chile, The Congo, Costa Rica, Cuba, The Dominican Republic, Ecuador, East Timor, El Salvador, France/Algeria, Ghana, Greece, Grenada, Guatemala, Haiti, Indonesia, Iraq, Jamaica, Laos, Libya, Morocco, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Rwanda, Seychelles, Suriname, Uruguay, and Zaire. Sometimes revisiting these places time and again. And are the pressing, burning, indelibly important reasons for all of this killing still fresh in all of our minds? Isn't the better question why we were off killing and fighting in any of these places at all? Do you know why? Does anyone?

Currently the king and his media are stoking up the calls to make Pakistan a critically urgent situation calling for unavoidable war; stoking up the rhetoric that will make it of utmost national urgency to unavoidably attack Iran in self-defense of Israel; and a whole list of other countries to unavoidably attack by no means ends here, and yes there is a real list.

All of these future threats out there, just waiting to go critical, one by one. How nice of these horrible dangerous past and future enemies of "our nation" to so courteously go critical in just the right order and at just the right time for us to go kick their asses; right when we're free and available to make war and give it our full attention, and not when we're already busy defending our freedom and democracy in some other country's cities and towns. How nice that they let us defend ourselves in just the right order to keep us endlessly at war and spending all of those trillions and trillions and trillions of unavoidable war dollars. Dang nice of our evil enemies to do that for us. Nothing here to think about folks, move along please. Everything they tell us about war is true. There are too real threats that just happen when they happen. The USA can't help it. The USA has no choice. The USA doesn't want war, we hate war, President Bush said so. Every war president says so. It's all about national security. We have to defend ourselves on other people's soil. "Have honkin' Army Will Travel". Every time. We have to do it. It is critically urgent.

The king's media is already forgetting and letting fade away the last critically urgent 7 year long "war on terror" we just had and are still having in that still smoking pile of rubble and ruins formerly called Iraq. They just can't forget 'em fast enough can they? It doesn't seem to matter at all that every war is a debacle and humanitarian crisis that leaves millions dead and bathes our country in oceans of shame. Don't even suggest that the very next war needs a damn good reason to be waged. If they say we need the next war or any war, believe them. After all their track record is... Um, wait, their track record is a piece of shit. Well, just shut up and support the troops you terrorist supporting wussy coward.

There were no weapons of mass destruction, remember? But did the king apologize and bring the troops back home and send back money to Iraq and did he show some remorse for his egregious error? NO. He didn't do that. The king's men devised new lies and false pretenses for staying there to keep pretending to be doing whatever they were supposedly doing there which no matter what it was, boiled down to killing people and destroying culture, lives, dreams, rights, history, and critical infrastructure. The whole horrible episode of trashing Iraq is too flaming unbelievably filthy for me to talk about. I can't talk about it. So much shame has descended on our country that I can hardly breathe anymore.

Would you please look at the Arab peoples over there across the sea and give them the deep and abiding respect they deserve? They have handled all of this with a grace and dignity that we'll never see in this country from our supposedly elected royal officialdom. As THEIR land and THEIR homes and THEIR countries are turned into foreign military playgrounds and THEIR innocent civilian populations are extinguished and referred to as "collateral damage" like so many boxes of supplies getting dented during shipment, they were still willing to wait out President Obama and give him a fair shot at proving we're not a lunatic asylum of barking jackals incapable of grasping simple ideas like, there are other people on earth with us and we don't get to kill them all. Gee, that they get sick of being invaded, murdered and controlled and sometimes refuse to take it anymore, is that really so hard to understand? REALLY? That people are defending themselves against the endless bombing and killing and destruction of their people, is that too complicated to mentally digest?

I don't see how it could be. Get serious. This is not hard. This is not complex. All that's required to comprehend the righteous, valid rage is the most basic level of compassion. It's a human feeling, for those who are unfamiliar with the concept. It works like this. You imagine yourself in the position of those other people and then ask yourself, "How would I like it if this was happening to me?" And then you answer your own question. And it's so easy to instantly know that you'd fricken hate it that it's honestly unbelievable that it needs to be explained; but clearly it does need to be explained.

The real question is, what kind of crud is it that can't figure that out? What kind of freak does it take to 'forget' compassion? Then again it is a human emotion. Perhaps I'm missing something. At this point I really hope that's what the problem is, because we couldn't be blamed for being taken over by flesh eating satanic aliens from outer space. But if that's not what the problem is, how the hell are we ever going to raise up our faces in this world again with any modicum of credibility or self-respect? Not that it's worth anything, I didn't vote for any of them. I don't want to encourage these people. I do not extend my permission to be ruled by people I can't respect at any level. Why the hell would I?

Yes, I am angry. I'm so tired of all this b.s. It's way beyond the point of excuses. "We're so inept", and "We're protecting the country from bad guys". Oh bite me. It infuriates me the way our good decent men and women in the military are being used and trashed like their lives aren't worth bothering about to these people. They're expendable stupid cattle, isn't that what Kissinger said? Something very much like that. Look it up. I don't have to make anything up. The world's ruling class has openly damned themselves with their own words from their own mouths and written by their own hands. This is all, always, carried out using the same step-by-step template. The same b.s. presidential orations about God and country and getting the boogie man of the year. That's all that changes from decade to decade. Switch out "commies" with "pinkos" with "reds" with "hadji's" with "terrorists" with "insurgents". The rhetoric never changes. It's the same verbatim, quote for quote, decade after decade. It's all way too steady and well funded to be anything but a hard core game plan. They will keep using the same scary enemy boogie man excuses and ramping up the mind-boggling "defense' budget to pretty near a trillion dollars per annum to keep the war machine, the murder machine, the most pointless, unjustified, illegal, criminal mass murder of human beings happening today and tomorrow and every single day for the rest of our lives and our children's lives and their children's lives, and why? From what I can tell the only reason could be that it gets them off.

A trillion dollar "king's pleasure kills" budget, yes, that's every year. Give me a break. Give us all a break for Christ's sake. When is the carnage on this planet ever going to end?

Is there such a thing as our military force going too far? Because, in their eyes, I don't think there is. If they don't think it's gone too far by now, if they didn't think it had gone too far after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it's a fair question and one that needs to be asked. How far is too far, your highnesses?

How many times has the US been in the Middle East waging violent war for whatever reason in the last hundred years? And what about before that? It's not like there's no history here. Odd how they don't ever mention it.

How many times will the US go back with all new weapons, all new state of the art bombs and planes and tanks and remote control killing machines, and how many more human beings will be annihilated off the face of the earth and forgotten, as if the king's soldiers are simply plowing down the fields for a new planting of the king's crops? The depravity is akin to what dripped down the walls in Amityville. You know that's not supposed to happen and you know that when it does happen, it's not going to be a good thing. The more it happens the worse it's going to get when the lights go out. Or even before they go out.

How far is too far, officialdom? How far is too far, war machine makers? How much death and suffering is too much? Is the sky the limit for all of you gents? Is the sky the limit for the king's media too? Is there no such thing as too much mass human slaughter at our hands? Is no number too high? Is any old reason a good enough reason to kill? As long as they're buying, you bomb and tank and war plane makers are selling, and it's not your problem who's getting killed? Whose problem is it gentlemen?

The silence is deafening isn't it? No one wants to come out and proudly state our policy or game plan or long range interests. You know they have them, they just can't apparently bring themselves to tell us what they are. It's not about national security, oh please, I think the people in the cross hairs know the secret is out. I wish the kings wouldn't be so patronizing to us. I really don't like that.

So they don't want to risk letting us know what the 10 year plan is, much less the five year plan. They want it so bad they refuse to let us get wind of it, knowing we wouldn't go along? So, I guess the definition of high moral character is to cammo up and sneak end runs around an honest assessment of policy, say it's classified, can't be discussed, and then use us for our money and our lives, and use our military for everything you can squeeze out of it, and use the intended victims taking the bullets and bombs to blame it all on, so that you may sneak in the back door and steal and black op and lie and psyop and help yourself to your desired trophy? Were you going to surprise us with it afterwards, or just lie about what it even was and come up with something you'd prefer us to swallow?

That's not the definition of high moral character in my Funk and Wagnall. Maybe I need the updated DoD/Government version where reality's been officially turned on it's ear.

We need some very serious, long over due public debate to force this tireless beast back into its cave for a season. God, doesn't it ever sleep?

If Iraq was not going far enough for the men who think that killing solves all problems large and small, will Afghanistan be enough? No it won't be enough, because they're already making all of the noises about Pakistan, and the new fable, spin, whatever you want to call it, about them being too drunk to keep their nukes in the back seat with seat belts properly fastened.

And of course the steady drumbeat about Iran being some beady-eyed Jurassic Park Arab T-Rex pacing behind its electronic fence just waiting for that power to go out. One dark and stormy night the fence gets hit by lightening and kaboom, Israel never knows what hit it.

It's a great script for Hollywood, but a disingenuous, less than objective, less than rational assessment of verifiable reality.

How far is too far Pentagon? Chiefs? State Department? Banker dark lords? Senators? Representatives? Lobbyists? Can you point to it on a Google satellite map? Can you draw a schematic on a white board somewhere so we can get the picture? At what point would you folks ever draw a line and say, we can't go that far?

We already know the answer folks, we've known it since the Cuban Missile Crisis, and even before that. According to the men of war who decide the fates of all and who see every problem's solution as a military one, they'd have dusted all of us and all of the USSR and anyone else in the way and never would have stopped for one second to ask themselves, "What the fuck are we doing?" It's our way or everyone dies? Is that the philosophy? Because if it is, it's beyond barking at the moon insane. It's way past that. It's well into scarier than hell.

Is that the end goal? Turning this place into hell? Because we're half way there now, and the folks overseas have been there for years. This is what has come of you folks in the expensive seats having it your way for so many decades in a row. All the money you want, all the off the scale technology you want, all the enemies you want. Are you through yet? Will you ever be through?

As these painful years of post 9-11 terrorism and Cheney's dream of endless war drones on, don't say you're not watching where you're taking all of us. Don't say it's not you in the drivers' seat. Of course it's you. Please don't think we're not watching where you're going and where you're taking us, and how. We are most certainly watching. When are you going to be done killing people and bankrupting us for reasons so unclear that no one can put it into a simple sentence?

This is like charades and we've got your number. You look silly standing there keeping up the mime routine. Can we get real now? Or is that a national security threat in general?

Maybe that's what the plan is folks. Taking something as wonderful and irreplaceable as our country and a long list of other countries, and trashing them to make them into a hell of the kings designs. It's no stretch to say that it keeps looking and feeling more like hell than America as time goes by. I don't even see America here any more. I still see Americans, demoralized, pissed off, confused and struggling, but I don't see the defining structure, values, ethics and humanity that is supposed to be our calling card.

Not when our highest officialdom openly disdains freedom and democracy and loathes our values and overrides them with their own obscene personal version of "values" that we wouldn't put up with in our own homes, from anyone. EVER. Not when lawyers are no longer able to defend illegally imprisoned people without acres of mindless, invasive, obstructive, illegal government red tape that exists only to crush any chance of justice being done. That's not a value system we can tolerate much less be proud of. There's nothing to be proud of there.

Sadly, there's ever less things we can truly be proud of any more in this country. What a crying shame it is, what a terrible waste. Such a filthy racket, a fun little game for those high and mighty, yet oh so cowardly self-crowned global lords and masters who play the game on our lives and dreams and our children's lives and do it so very well. It's not about money to them, they believe they own everything already. They have more money than God. So what's it all about then , dark lords? Is it just the joy you get from crushing the innocent? From defiling the sacred life within us all? From pissing on and blowing to bits the sacred beauty and mystery of this thriving, life giving world? Is that what offends you so much? Life itself?

As they continue to lower the world into their stinking, roiling cesspit vision of depraved kingly perfection, it's little wonder that they're simultaneously arming and militarizing massive, violent compliance forces to attack and annihilate anyone at the slightest sign of dissatisfaction or dissent with their truly foul ideas.

Too bad the king's media couldn't get any reporters out to the Bilderberger's May 14-17 meeting this year, AGAIN, to find out what the self-appointed special people and wanna-be rulers of the Earth have in mind next for all of us. If we can't get the 4-1-1 from our own officialdom, could any of you big time major newspapers or TV news channels afford to send a couple of folks in, under deep cover, to ferret out what's next on the plan to grind us all deeper into the dirt and demoralize us while continuing to kill millions of people and redefine reality in the background like the depraved little evil wizards they are? It would be nice to know what's on the official agenda for the year, just once. Not that we can't guess, but the trusting people don't know, and that's just not fair. It's really very rude. Very disrespectful to play nations this way. Where do these people get off? If I knew I'd drop them off, personally. On my own dime. Trust me. I really would.