Wednesday, April 30, 2008

isms and archys

I've been mulling over the concept of 'isms'. Communism, socialism, fascism, capitalism. Oligarchy, monarchy, you get the idea. It seems depending on who you ask, somebody somewhere will always have a problem with any major ism you bring up. There is plenty to criticize with capitalism, particularly in the form we have it now. It is wholly unethical no-holds barred cutthroat capitalism, not much different in practice than crime. That goes without saying for all of the archys too.

I'll admit not having read much of any of the more famous books on communism, nor have I studied socialism or any other ism to any great depth, for the simple reason I don't really care what somebody else said decades ago about something that obviously doesn't work anyway. If it did work we'd be using it.

I sincerely doubt that it's possible or even necessary to pick an ism to politically run a country. In fact it would be interesting to pick and choose from all of the isms and see if it's possible to cook up a whole new ism that would be something better than any of them are by themselves. Some parts of socialism seem to be very workable in my humble opinion, and some parts of capitalism are very beneficial but the point is it all seems to boil down to two basic ways of seeing the world.

The first way is sharing, which of course the oligarchs and raging capitalists hate so much they hiss at the mere mention of the word. Sharing is generally the perspective of the political left. The second way is a very brutal 'every man for himself and screw you if you're going to die' approach. This would be the favored approach of authoritarians and kings everywhere. It also seems to be the preferred general perspective of the right wing and libertarians.

The problem with either approach is that it excludes people. It either excludes the masses by allowing the well off and hence more powerful to prevail and make the rules for everyone with little regard for those the rules do harm to. Or it demands a form of humbled down sameness where everyone is watching everyone else's piece of the pie to make sure it's not bigger than their own and it runs many kinds of risks that can tend to become overly controlling of everyone in the name of 'fairness'. Either way there will be massive problems because wealthy elites will always take control in any case and screw the public, and neither of these basic perspectives will ever see eye to eye. So what to do? What to do?

The first thing I have to assert is that the model of global commerce is a death sentence to freedom everywhere. This is for the simple reason that all life is local. Our homes are local, our food should be local, our work and trades and communities all have to be local. Which means to me that it's obvious that political systems should be local too. I don't see any problem with letting towns and cities and communities decide their own politics and ways of doing things.

Diversity is essential to the health of any organism, and that goes for humanity too. The more we go global the more we lose control over our local lives. We don't have local food anymore and that is a direct and stupid threat for millions of people. If the crops fail in the one or two major places that would be growing food for millions for export, then a lot of people will die. If food is grown and controlled locally, there can still be trade and there will be a much reduced risk of millions of people doing without because crop failures won't be that widespread. In other words it would be easier to pick up the slack for communities who experience crop failures when crop growth is universal and local and under the direct control of those localities.

The same reasoning applies to home and work and community. These are not things that can be imported or exported, although with capitalism they have been to some extent, but not all that successfully. These require a lot of travel and time, more than one home in some cases, it burns a lot of fuel and it is very expensive. It's really not 'sustainable', or realistic or a very good use of time. Local culture has been replaced far and wide by corporate culture and that hasn't resulted in anything to write home about. A McDonalds and a Burger King in remote places is hardly thrilling. In fact it's depressing. Global culture eradicates local culture, and that's a really bad thing. We are not all supposed to be the same and live on concrete and eat preservatives and dress alike. I can't prove it off hand, but I'm sure of that much nonetheless. Culture needs to be local, that's what culture is.

I don't see how a central authority over an entire country even makes sense. If nothing else, it does effectively eliminate something I don't think we can do without, and that is free will. The ability to create our own lives and decide how we live them. This would have to be done locally and it makes no sense to have to put up with a central authority somewhere thousands of miles away which disallows local communities to rule themselves as they see fit. The question would always be the same, "Why not?" And it would be a good question. Why shouldn't individuals and cities and towns far and wide decide for themselves how they want to run their local reality? There really is no good answer to that question which means there's something else going on. And it's obvious what that something else is. It is about control and wealth, the territory of the archys of the world. The small group of people who want it all for themselves, all the power, all the money, and all of the authority to control everyone else. They want your money and they want your labor and your total obedience and otherwise they want you to shut up.

I think all of the isms are a smoke screen for central control, at least as they are preserved and presented.

The problem is that there really can't be any single, successful cut-and-dried by-the-book system of rulership for a very simple reason. People are not all alike. They share very different value systems and have very different ways of looking at the world. There really are the two types mentioned above, the ones who want to share and the ones who would rather kill you than share anything, even if they don't need it. It's really about whether or not people feel a connection to others, to humanity in general, or whether they really don't care about anyone but themselves. I'm not making a judgment about it, I'm just noticing it, it happens to be true.

If we can tell ourselves we don't care if we are surrounded by suffering, starving, uneducated others because we ourselves have a good thing going and don't consider it our problem if there are human bodies rotting alongside the road, then we would be on one side of the fence. But if we can't stand the idea of seeing anyone suffering when there is no reason, and we don't see it as an imposition in any way to share some small part of our wealth with good conscience then we'd be on the other side of the fence.

What I will do is poke holes in the idea that we can have an every man for himself way of doing things and expect it to be good for that many people. It can't be, we already know that, just look around. So the basic question is exposed. Do we as a planet care about our species, or don't we? Should we or shouldn't we? And to the extent we can not agree on the answer to this question I believe is the extent we will never find the right political system to guide the country. For between these two very diverse viewpoints there is no middle ground.

Personally, I don't see why we can't take what's good from each camp and have it both ways. There are certain things it makes good sense to share and there are certain things it doesn't. It doesn't have to be all one way or the other. It's a total myth that anyone living in the midst of civilization can claim they are independent, they aren't independent at all. They use the public roads and expect the services of public utilities, drive vehicles that others have produced, purchase food that others have grown and yet others have trucked in and so forth, so they are not at all independent of others. They cannot claim to be self-contained or self made. It's a fantasy based on a myth and is patently untrue.

We all depend and rely on others in our society. We can and should share the costs of certain things that would benefit everyone including those who cannot afford to put anything in the pot. That's especially true of health care, and it would benefit everyone in our society to live in a place where everyone has full access to good health. It simply makes our society a better one to live in, and that's not something we need to put a price on.

If we don't allow those who can't pay to receive certain critical services then we would have scenarios such as a house that catches on fire that would not be serviced by the fire department because it's owners can't afford to pay in to the fire control service. But the risk is that neighboring houses will also catch fire because of that; to say nothing of the fact that a family will be out of a home and be in severe need that would in fact be very expensive to rectify from our own pockets. So it only makes sense to establish a fire service that asks no questions and is not dependent on whether someone pays in or not.

I really believe this can be done reasonably and it isn't any real burden on those who are well off to put in a part of the costs for those who can't pay. Not being able to pay does not mean one is not a legitimate member of society. I would recoil from making any such judgments because it would be ignorant to do so. Money is not the sole determinant of someone's worth or value to society and there is reason to assume that everyone has a place and a function whether we can see it or not. Simply rising to the occasion of helping those in need has important value and that is a fact.

It is at minimum a fair expectation of those enjoying the abundance which comes to them from participating and living in our shared society to help those who need help. They do not and cannot achieve their prosperity alone, they achieve it from the benefits that are only possible by participating in society. When we attain more than enough to be comfortable we do owe something to those who don't have any chance of attaining similar prosperity and who in fact suffer greatly due to the way the system is set up. It is set up to favor the prosperous and negate those who are not prosperous and that's blatantly unfair. We border on serious hypocrisy when we whine about helping those in need and want others to believe that our greed is justified when in fact it's shameful. We must all give back to the whole that sustains us, it's simply right and fair.

We can carry certain basic things as a society because it's in our own best interests to do so if nothing else. The kind of selfishness and exclusionary tendencies of those who are comfortable against those who struggle is precisely what is at the heart of most of our ongoing and eternal political problems. The idea that we don't all deserve to get our needs met is unrealistic, of course we do and the fact is that if we're going to have rich people then we're going to have poor people and it must be part of the price one pays to achieve financial abundance in a dependent society to put something back for those who have no means and no chance of achieving any similar abundance. It's simply a fundamental concept that no legitimate complaints for rejection exist for. The dependency of the rich on the public cannot be seen as bona fide if the dependency of the poor on the public is dismissed as illegitimate. You cannot have it both ways.

We could undertake the project of making this question of isms one for public discussion to see if we could arrive at a majority opinion. That might make it easier to nail down the right ism for the majority. But then again, all we could really arrive at would be the potentially right ism for today. We couldn't know what people behind us would feel or want, and things can be very different with the passage of time. Our deals and agreements can't hold others obligated who had no say in our contracts. That's a major and harmful flaw in our system of laws today, almost none of us have ever had any direct say in any of those laws, much less the choice of whether or not we agree to abide by them. It's all too easy to just arrest people who don't feel compelled to honor agreements they were not a part of. Who could honestly find anything wrong in not feeling obligated to a contract one had no part in making? Only the social class that benefits most from forcing the rules to stay as they are, because those rules allow them and their class to maintain that ironclad control over everyone else and use them for their own benefit. You know, the usual.

The only ism we never read about or discuss publicly is the only one that I can see that makes any sense at all, and it's not really an ism. It's the system of free will, where individuals decide their own lives. Where communities of individuals decide how best to run their local community. The diversity that would bring to the picture would utterly preclude any outside control, or taxation that is not specific to that community and under their control. It would be the way to real freedom and real choice in this world, and it would open the way for all kinds of creative progress from all kinds of different communities.

Some people might call me an anarchist and accuse me of being against government. I'd disagree with that, at least to some extent. I'm not totally against government, I'm just against bad government and so far that's all I've ever seen in this world. It's a hefty bit of doublethink to call yourself free when you are obligated to obey rules you never agreed to live by. That's not exactly how I define freedom. It does preclude free will and there's nothing you can say to that. It's true.

So how free are we? And is our government giving us back what it takes from us at gunpoint? It looks to me like our government sucks us all dry and takes us out if we don't like it. So I don't see that as very free. We don't even have the choice to opt out and go do it differently somewhere else and be left alone. That's what seals it for me.

So what do you think? It's just something interesting to consider, I think. And since I was thinking about it again, which I've done many times I thought I'd just throw it out there and see what sticks.

Thank You

I just want to take a moment to say thank you to the folks who come by and read my rantings and ravings and off-the-beaten-path opinions about most things. I especially want to express my appreciation for those who take the time to leave comments or to privately contact me via email. I get so much out of hearing from you, it's such a pleasure to hear your thoughts and feelings and personal stories. I've met a lot of really great people through my blog and website and it's very rewarding.

The reason I do this is in the hope it will connect with others and maybe in some way provide something useful. I do it because I love our world and the people in it and I just don't see what's so hard about that or why there are so many others who feel none of the love or respect that is a no-brainer to me. I know I'm not alone in my feelings anymore, because folks read my posts and let me hear their thoughts in kind. You've brought other things to my attention as well that have often been remarkable.

I would never make cheerleader (and I'd never dress like that anyway) but I am a cheerleader for every step someone takes toward living in truth. It's a hard thing to do and not for the weak and fearful. It is not for the followers among us, and it certainly is not for the non-thinkers. Going for the personal gold in life, not the kind you spend but the kind that becomes a part of your being, takes courage and an amazing heart. And for those who take off in those directions unknown, I am doing gymnastics and cheering for you, fortunately out of the view of others who might never recover from such a vision. My heart is with you, I believe in you and I know that doing what you need to do in this world is one of the most important things you can do in a life time.

Thanks to each of my readers. You are appreciated.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Money System In a Nutshell

The Money System In a Nutshell:

How the Rich get Richer and Why We Never Do

Wealth is forever. In case you've never thought about it, it's true, once it's created it's forever. All you have to do is hold onto it. That's something I realized a while back when I started analyzing how our society is set up, and it's set up to make the rich and powerful more rich and powerful by using us and taking our share of the wealth we create for themselves.

It's about money, that green stuff that strangely doesn't turn out to be anything at all. It has no inherent value, you can't eat it or wear it or use it for anything yet here we are, an enormous nation of people who get up every day and hump at jobs just to get their hands on more of that stuff they think is wealth.

The thing is, there is such a thing as real money but Federal Reserve Notes aren't dollars, they aren't based on anything. This was done on purpose too, it's all part of the plan. Which is of course to rip us off for everything. They knew all they had to do was perpetrate the myth that Federal Reserve Notes are money and that they have value, even though they don't. As long as nobody knows about it, then the plan is on.

The first step was to get everybody dancing to their tune, get them obsessed with the idea that it's all about getting money. That was easy to do with the aid of Hollywood and TV sets. They presented the public with made up images of people living "the good life" and being all cool because they've got all the latest stuff. Soon everybody wanted the good life and to have the latest stuff, and the race was on.

People came off their farms and started taking every conceivable kind of job, giving up their lives and families and time and doing nothing but working. Working their lives away. Working to try to get their hands on ever more money because they now believed, after decades of consistent government/media brainwashing via the boob-tube in everybody's living rooms, that nothing mattered more than getting rich. People wanted all the stuff that money can buy.

Soon the things in life that have real value, that money can't touch with a ten foot pole like health, and love and family and friends, quality of life, free time, common sense, solidarity, community, education, self-empowerment, actual democracy and being self ruling, spirit and soul and the whole nine yards, all of that was devalued to zero. We went morally bankrupt a long time ago. But now being morally bankrupt is the in thing. It seems to work best for the criminal classes, the ones at the top and the ones at the bottom, there's no real difference except the ones at the top are infinitely more dangerous and will never be punished for the crimes they perpetrate.

So now they had the whole country working, sweating away, laboring at every kind of job there is and that's what they wanted. Because regardless of what they tell us in school, and regardless of what the financial whiz bangs drone on about, the bottom line is this: the only way to create wealth is through human labor. Period. End of story. No labor, no wealth. Forget about it.

Well, you may say, what about gold mines? What about all those natural resources? You can create wealth by snatching those up and selling them.

No Twinkles, you can't, not without labor. Without lots and lots of labor to go dig those mines and mine that gold and shovel it into carts and process it and ship it and truck it and sell it, you ain't got squat. Nothing happens unless somebody somewhere gets off their ass and does something. It is a physical impossibility that anything gets done in this world unless people get up and labor to accomplish it, whatever it is. But those natural resources are on the flip side of this concept of how to squeeze the life out of the world and everybody in it to make yourself king of the planet. More on that later.

So first, you invented play money and convinced everyone it's the greatest thing in the world and made them want it. Then you used that worthless paper that you can print up in your monopolized private banking kingdom out of thin air since it's based on nothing whatsoever, and offered to pay people with it to get up and get off their butts and work, labor, because only if they get up and labor will they create any wealth for you to steal.

Soon you've got the whole country digging and scratching for money, laboring every day for the best part of the day, year after year after year. And at the end of the week or the month when it's payday, you grudgingly write out a check to pay them with fake money that has no value. And you make sure to calculate how much that labor is actually worth and you make sure to only give them a tiny percentage of that value back in pay. You want to keep them beneath you, that's the whole idea, so you tell them their labor isn't worth much and you pocket most of it for yourself. Free wealth for you, too bad for them.

But they don't complain, and unions have been depicted as evil in the press so people don't feel comfortable getting together to fight you for their fair share. And if unions do spring up you see to it they get rubbed out and so you keep total control over the workers and they can't say or do anything or they'll get fired. You win again, they lose again. Just the way you like it.

So you pay them as little as you can get away with and buy off the government so they won't try to step in and make you be fair and share the wealth the workers create. So even though the money is fake it will all work because everything has been converted over to this system of trade using the fake money as if it was actually money so as long as people believe it's money and it has value, everything will proceed according to plan. And we do believe it, they believe it all over the world. And it's that belief alone, and nothing else, that keeps everyone getting up and going to work to get more of something that has no value, that can't buy gold, and that the value of can be reduced to zero in the course of an hour any time the powers that be decide they want to do it.

Now come the natural resources because they are free for the taking. And there are tons of them, all over the world, all different kinds of them. You can mine them just by getting them out of the ground and turning around and selling them to make a ton of money. So you get those laborers out there and tell them to start digging and voila! Wealth is being created for you, all for you, without you having to lift a finger. The laborers will do all of the work and all you have to do is pay them some fake money that you also fully intend to get back from them pretty soon.

How? By becoming the market too, by being the monopoly of stores and businesses that provide all the goods to the very same laborers who will spend that money. And they will spend it and you'll get it all back again and they who have done all the work and created your little empire for you will have nothing to show for all their years of hard work. They'll be broke and you'll be rich.

To make sure that the laboring class can't do what the rich twits are doing, they bought the government in order to make it illegal for anyone but them to do this scam; and they created and armed the police saying, "These guys are here to protect the citizens". But only they are citizens in their minds, and the police are there to protect them from us, the rabble. In fact we're all enemies of the state the second we disagree with a thing they say. Just thought you should know that. So no, the cops are not there for your benefit. They work for the rich twits to keep us in line. That might explain a few things you see going on at protests or in jails and prisons all over the country. It starts making sense when you look at it right.

Next they made the laws that say that you and I can't just start some kind of business for ourselves and opt out of their little game, like gambling or manufacturing in our own homes, or banking and printing fake money for ourselves to use and trade. That would be competition for them and they won't stand for it. So it's only legal for them to do anything that lets people get rich and for everyone else it's not legal.

The whole system is devised to cheat the people out of everything, starting with their labor, the only way that wealth can be created. The trick was only to get people to get up and do that labor, and to not pay them with actual money, not with actual gold or silver because those hold their value and people would be able to put that real wealth aside, save it up or even get together to start something of their own and you can't have that. That would give the working class actual power and then they could refuse to comply with your way of doing things. They would be able to say things like, "Take this job and shove it, jerk! I don't need your money, I have plenty of my own, so bite me. I don't have to put up with this".

That would never do. You need to be able to pull the plug on the entire money system when the moment is right, and in the meantime you need to be able to change the value of that fake money so that it keeps taking more and more of it to buy the goods they need to survive. You must pay them less and less, let foreigners take their jobs for cheaper wages, and jack up the prices for everything they need to survive. They must be kept hungry and struggling and in fear of losing their jobs so that you can work them to death and they won't dare complain.

So if you've ever wondered why the government does nothing to stop the inpouring of illegal workers, now you know why. Remember, they are the government. They'll never have to do anything to make it harder on themselves, they'll always make it harder on you and profit from it. The media keeps us all fighting over the illegal aliens situation on purpose because that way we stay focused on a problem they created to help themselves instead of figuring out what they're pulling and hunting them down and kicking their asses.

This is how they do us all the time. You'd really be surprised to find out how little of what they tell us is the truth. It's all a scam designed to make them richer and more powerful by taking what is rightfully ours whether we like it or not. Like the way they keep telling us we are free and this is a democracy but it isn't and it never was. But just like we believe the money is real, we believe the democracy is real, so we keep on playing the game, just the way they like it.

We are watching now as they keep devaluing our dollar, our fake money which already has no value, and it's forcing everyone to spend more and more of something that is harder and harder to get enough of because they're also lowering our wages, ending our benefits, and are no longer paying the parts of our salaries they used to have to pay. They tell us they can't afford it when the fact is they can. But they'd rather strip us of wealth because we're starting to catch on, so they need us hungrier than ever and in abject fear of not finding work to feed our families.

So the people are creating all of the wealth with their labor, and are being paid with your fake money which they then turn around and give back to you in order to survive so in the end you get the work for free and they get zip except barely enough to stay alive and come back every day to keep working to make more wealth for you to steal, while their own lives go down the toilet and become ever more unsatisfying and hopeless and they have to go into endless debt just to keep a roof over their heads. And you and your class get richer every step of the way. It's so brilliant it almost hurts.

And that's what they've done. They've created a huge money vacuum that sucks all of the wealth we create out of our pockets and puts it into their pockets. But wait you say, if that money has no value then how can they be rich even if they get all of it?

Well that's the really sneaky and ugly part of this sinister system. You see, the money has no value but the labor created real value, it does create real wealth. So the wealth is real but it's just not in any form that can make anyone secure or stable or rich. So the guys behind all this crap created the financial market and money games that almost none of us can relate to. And they trade that fake money for other money that does have value and they buy gold with it, and other things and it's at that point that they transmute the wealth our labor creates into monetary forever- wealth. The wealth doesn't come into three dimensional being until after they pull it out of our economy. When they've made their deals in the market, they con others into taking the worthless money off their hands and trading them for money that does have value, and then they take that value and pocket it and we never see it again.

Which was what brought this entry on in the first place, wondering where all of the wealth we've created has gone? This amounts to a hell of a lot of wealth. All of the productivity which we have increased and doubled and tripled again and again and which should have resulted in much shorter work days and shorter work weeks and more time off and better benefits and greater wealth for us all hasn't been turned into any of that.

All of that exponentially increased wealth has been hijacked into their own pockets with stories of how they can't afford to pay us a fair wage or cover the health benefits anymore as they buy out all of the smaller companies hoping to turn the whole country into a place that buys everything from only them and their five whole brands that supply us with everything, and all from China too. They've funneled literally trillions of dollars worth of our combined hard work and labor into their own pockets and totally out of our country and we're seeing it now in bankrupt states and counties, crumbling infrastructure, and the total lack of concern over the increasing shabbiness of our country and the ever shrinking quality of life so many of us now face. They've simply taken it all and gone to Dubai to live like royalty.

What's next? The banks are 'failing' now we are told, they have no actual fake money to bring out if we all showed up and wanted to withdraw our fake money and somehow that means they are failing. They should fail, they deserve to, then maybe some of us can get real banks going. But they can't have that.

So what happens? The government, who is nothing more than the lapdog of these goons, says to us, we need to 'bail out" the banks and they tell the Federal Reserve to go ahead and print up more hundreds of billions of fake money to charge us interest on and give it to the banks, so that they can loan it out. When they loan it out they get even more free wealth in the form of fees and interest, one of their most favorite scams, a way to get more of our money for nothing and keep getting richer than God.

So we are being taken every step of the way and the ones taking us are the ones funneling all the wealth to themselves screwing everyone they deal with every moment of the day.

They have stuck foreign countries with our worthless bills so they can get real wealth in other places and buy up the gold and silver and platinum and so forth and the other countries, afraid of our military and insane leadership who can't wait to nuke anything that moves, put up with it. There's your free trade right there. It's all a big fat lie and a scam.

So the whole house of cards is a reality. All these other countries have literally bought trillions of our valueless dollars in "investments" and are sitting on it hoping they can sell it back to us, but we won't buy it back because we're all broke and we never intended to anyway. Nobody has any money here and were running the whole country on credit, which costs us honkin interest that all gets paid to the Federal Reserve who charges that interest on something they print up out of thin air that has no value.

Our whole system is a ghost, it doesn't exist, it's like the Emperor's new clothes. If people ever stood still long enough to soak that in, they'd be righteously pissed off and this would change and things might be able to be fixed and we could get rid of the criminals feeding off of us. But, people are small minded and greedy and all they care about is getting more worthless money because they think it makes them cool or something and they don't care who they screw to get some of it. Or they are so desperate and poor that they have no choice but to keep spinning inside their hamster wheels to put some lousy genetically tampered with food on the table to stay alive a little while longer, and keep paying those high interest rates and inflated prices and getting sicker and more downtrodden all the while. And we can't explain this to the public because all they care about is shopping and they don't believe anything unless they hear it on the news, which is all owned by the same people doing all this stuff to us and they'll never admit to any of it. So there you go.

And the bitch of it is that we have no respect for money at all. We don't save it, we spend it as fast as we can get it and we don't care at all that they rip us off with super inflated prices or with crappy products that only last a couple of months and then we have to go get a new one. All good for them but not for us, if we had any sense.

If we had any sense we'd understand the rules of wealth and the first rule is, wealth is power, and the second rule is, in order to be wealthy you can't spend your money. It has to be left somewhere, untouched, to grow into a bunch of money.

People used to understand that and so they demanded that when they spent money on something they got their full money's worth. And the fact is that real wealth is forever. As long as you don't touch it, it's not going anywhere. Bars of gold will never lose their value, they will not rot, they will not evaporate, they are forever. Wealth is forever. So when we spend our wealth, such as it is, we can only be getting a fair price if what we buy has equal value, it has to be forever or we are losing. Vacuum cleaners used to be made out of solid steel and they lasted forever. You couldn't wear them out. TV sets and appliances all came with lifetime warranties and free service because people wouldn't settle for anything less, why would they? It would be stupid to pay 100% full price in forever wealth in exchange for something that was only worth 10% and wouldn't work longer than a year or two, much less 30 days like most warranties are now.

Think about it. Do you think they would take your money if it was only good for 30 days and then it would evaporate into thin air? If when you went to buy a refrigerator you told them, "Here is nine hundred dollars, but it's only good for the length of the warranty on this refrigerator, which is 90 days. After that whatever account you've got this money in, it won't be there any more. It won't be good anymore". Do you think they'd stand for that? Hell no. But it's okay that they do it to you, you just don't get to do it to them. You're supposed to take it from them because it's good for them when you have to keep coming back to buy new refrigerators and cell phones and CD players to replace the crappy ones you bought six months ago. They do that on purpose and it's not fair. We are so stupid we don't even care when they rip us off like this, it just doesn't matter to us, all we want is more stuff. And even that is something they put into our heads so we'd do exactly this. And it's worked out beyond their wildest dreams.

Now that they've funneled all of the wealth of the centuries out of the country, and turned it into real wealth that they have pulled out of the world economies and are sitting on it, keeping it stuffed away quietly somewhere, all of a sudden, there is a money shortage. The real money out there that is based on gold and silver and has actual value, can't be printed up because that money is based on having physical assets to value it on. The physical assets have been bought up, and that's all the gold and silver sitting in their private vaults. They've taken all of the wealth they could get their hands on, which is almost all of it in the whole wide world and what little is left is just enough to keep us stirring the pot, and keep us going to work so we don't notice that they've robbed the country of everything. And soon they'll leave, they'll pull out and our system will collapse because the game will be over and we will suffer and die and eat shit and they will be giving each other high fives and buying their 17th mansion and 200 foot yacht. That's how they do it.

But that's not the end of the game because there is still more labor to tap and that means there is more wealth being created to steal and the next phase will be different but it will all be the same thing. A huge rip off. And the public never catches on so it lets them keep playing this scam on the whole world over and over and they have over the centuries, collected massive amounts of the wealth that is ours, and the goal is simple. They've said so themselves. They want to own the world. And it looks like they're going to.

The wars and all that? It's all a facade. The movies, the music, the candidates races, Fox news, it's all there to distract us. They need to keep us distracted so they can keep ripping us off. That's all anything is about, think about it. Nobody cares about anything unless there is money involved. It's the only thing that matters to them, they are retards and psychopaths and we are a human resource to mine and use to get rich and throw away when we're all used up. That's why they hate to see our tax dollars going to pay for anything we need like welfare or medical care or education, they don't care about any of that, not for us. We're to be used not taken care of, we have no value if we can't labor. So the elderly and the young and the injured and the sick, their philosophy is "fuck 'em". And the politicians tell you that those people suck the system dry and what a joke it is. They barely phase the system, they cost us nothing compared with the reality that those people take everything we have and now they want even that little bit too. They really want it all for themselves.

And that's how the money system works. That's the scam of forever that steals everything from us, that we never catch on to, that keeps us from gaining any power, enough to fight them back and that's why there are bloody revolutions. People eventually do get sick of it, they do figure it out, usually when millions of people are starving and poor and sick, but they do eventually get the clue. Then they rise up and squish every elite they can get their hands on and we all start over.

That's planet earth. You'd think we could come up with a better game plan than that but no, I guess not. Not when it's all about some small handful of freaks and lying greed bag psychopaths who don't give a shit about anyone but themselves and their own money class of assholes and liars and twits who actually believe they are better than we are. That's our retarded world.

Closing Thoughts

That's all you really need to know about our money system. In fact you probably know more about it now than a lot of so called experts. You don't need to know formulas or any of the incomprehensible nonsense in financial books, none of that matters, it's all made up anyway. All that matters is that when you peel away the nonsense this is what you'll see because that's what's really there and anyone, anyone at all can understand it. It's a big fat rip off. It's something everyone should know, and now you do.

What you decide to do about it is up to you, but I'll offer this for your consideration. No one anywhere is ever obligated to let crooks, thieves or criminals have their way with our lives. Why should we? We aren't lesser beings! No one has to go along with that because it just doesn't make sense. It's stupid to even suggest it. And any law that says we have to let rich guys rip us off is bull, nobody with any self respect would lay down for that for one second.

And by the way, there is no shame in bankruptcy, that's just another lie they've sold you to make you feel bad about not wanting to pay them more than you want to take care of yourself and your family. Taking care of yourself and your family and your needs should always come first. They want you to feel you're not worth anything unless you give them all of your money. Do you see how they've gotten into our heads? It's just stupid. We don't have to care whether crooks get paid, why should we? We must always see to our needs first and foremost and never feel an ounce of guilt about it, that's just common sense.

That's what they do. They don't care who they hurt or kill or screw or destroy in the name of getting more money for themselves. It's a game to them, and they never lose, we always pay for their losses. The game is rigged and they always win and if you don't know that they'll take you for everything you've got. People actually kill themselves over bills piling up, it's a horrible situation. If that's happening to you, set yourself free. Screw them, they aren't worth your life or anyone else's life. File bankruptcy. The whole credit thing is a scam so screw that too. Don't play along, don't empower them. Nothing about them is worth you suffering and especially not dying over. They aren't worth the crud on the bottom of your shoes.

No one should ever be more concerned about them than they are about you and in case you haven't figured it out by now, they don't care about you at all. And by the way, they file bankruptcy all the time. That's how crooked and rotten this whole scam is. There is no shame in it, never forget that.

See the movie "Maxed Out" on the front page at for a closer look at the scam being perpetrated on the good people of this country. Being informed is being prepared and you won't be prone to falling for their lies and schemes anymore. The quality of your life is up to you. You get to protect yourself from being destroyed by voracious capitalist bastards, it's your basic human right to protect your interests and yourself, and don't ever let anyone tell you any different. That is the biggest lie of all and the saddest thing is how many Americans have come to believe it. It's an outrage. Stand up and refuse to cooperate. That's where change begins. They get stopped when we stop them by not cooperating. How can that be wrong? It can't be.

The hypocrisy has to end. There cannot be two different sets of rules, rules for the priveleged criminals and rules for everybody else. That's not a democracy it's a sham.

The rules have to be the same for everyone, no special priveleges, no bail outs for banks and giant corporations, and equal access to the major media for all. That's fair, not what we have now. We don't have to stand for this crap.

These people are not our superiors. They are not better than we are, they are just people and shitty people at that. They are liars and brainwashers who have the money to perpetrate gigantic head games on all of us, and keep those of us who see it from having equal access to the public airwaves to expose them. The game is rigged and that is not okay.

We don't owe them anything, why do we think so? Because they're rich? So what? They ripped it all off! Cash has nothing to do with being a decent person, they're not related. And not having cash does not make anyone a lesser being. It's an outrageous sick idea, stop buying into it.

We are not anybody's property. We are not here to obey. We are here to call our own shots and have it our way, not their way because their way sucks and they know it.

If we truly want to be free, then we have to be free of them, and they won't pass any laws to make that easy. Refusing to comply with bogus criminal laws and disrespectful demands on us will send the message. That will get them scared enough to stop the rape and pillage. So tell people what's really going on and help spread the word that we are equal beings who don't have to take getting treated this way. Why should we? It's our call to make and if we don't want to be slaves for the rich then we better start thinking and acting like we're autonomous, independent people who demand decency from government, and ethics, and fair treatment, justice and transparency.

It all starts here, at the abolition of the fake dollar and a return to the gold standard so that our wealth is real wealth that can't be jerked around. That's where security starts in a world that's got a price tag on everything. It's all about self respect and realizing their rules are not God's laws. They're just stuff made up by people no different than us who are hogging the show and taking advantage of us all. We don't have to obey any of their rules or their dumb laws if they're stupid, insulting outrageous grabs at what is not theirs to take. We don't owe anybody that!

So do what you have to do, what you believe is right, and always take care of your own interests first and foremost. We don't owe anyone our lives or happiness. We don't have to give up justice or ethics just because they want it that way. And don't ever believe you aren't more important than they are, you are! In your life you are the most important person and it's what you want that counts most. What they want is irrelevant. It's only if they can get you to believe otherwise that they can win. It only happens if we give it to them.

Do you want to give it to them? Hell no! Lets get the criminal rich and the corporation twits out of our government! We need regulations placed on all of these people because they're criminals! They've proven it time and again. They can't be trusted.

This country and it's laws and the whole dang economy is ours to take back anytime we wake up and just refuse to do what they want. And that's something we can all do. I say, let's do it.