Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Race

You know what it's like? It's like this.

You are a runner. You've been running all your life and you've finally made it to the Olympics. You've worked so hard, every day for years, giving up so many other things, because you know if you really want to make it that's what it takes.

You've had your share of obstacles too, nothing came easy. Nothing ever does come easy. Money has always been tight and for the lack of it you've had to make due, but you didn't let that get in the way. You did without the additional things that might have given you an edge, and you're fine with that. Truth be told the people you'll be racing against mostly came from the same ordinary background as you, they didn't have many extras either. And the ones that did don't seem to have been made any better runners for it. They just look more expensive, they have better lodgings, but they'll still have to get out there and push it for all they've got. Those extras won't mean a thing when it comes down to it.

Today is finally the day. It feels like a dream. The stands are filled to overflowing, the weather is perfect, a little on the hot side maybe, and the excitement is palpable. You'll be running the 200 yard dash and you're feeling good, very strong. You're ready to run like the wind. No matter what happens you'll remember this day for the rest of your life and you're grateful and happy that you made it this far. Few can make that claim. That doesn't mean you won't give it everything you've got. You will. You intend to win and after watching all the others practice over the last few days, you believe you've not only got a very good chance, you're headed for the gold. They're all good, but you're better.

They're signaling it's time to take your place. "Runners to their starting positions please, everyone else off the track". People start to scatter like ants in every direction as the track clears and the lean, muscular runners walk to their spots and take their last few stretches then test their sprint blocks. They all look anxious and wound up, they're all ready to run their hearts out. You step into your lane and head for your starting position. Just as you reach it you become aware of some kind of commotion nearby. Looking up from your feet you try to zero in on the area the noise and activity is coming from but it's difficult as many people in the stands are suddenly noisy and active in response to what ever is going on.

Then you see it. A white limousine. On the track! A long white stretch limo has driven out from under the bleachers and turned onto the track behind you and is now slowly coming close to where the racers are all standing in their places waiting for the starting gun to go off. Within a few seconds all of the runners are aware of the limousine approaching behind them and they all stand and watch in curious awe and irritation, not understanding what's going on or why their race is being delayed for some form of cheap theatrics.

The limo gently rolls to within fifteen feet of the hind most runner and stops. The driver's door quickly opens and a thin man in a black uniform hops out and scrambles around the front of the car, then back to the passenger door. He pauses briefly, then with a flourish, he grabs hold of the door handle and springs the door open. He offers his arm by holding it out and into the vehicle and a few seconds later, a man dressed in white satin running shorts and matching tank top steps out of the car and onto the track. He acts completely unaware of the crowd watching him and behaves as if nothing unusual is happening. He thanks his chauffeur and begins to walk to the last remaining open lane to take his place in the 200 yard dash. He's a runner!?

"How can this be?", you ask yourself. The man is clearly out of shape. He is visibly fat and is not muscular at all. His calves and thighs are normal, not angular and lean. He has a visible pot belly, the midriff of which is hanging over the waistline of his white satin shorts. He looks ridiculous. But no one is stopping him. He's in his place and the limousine has done a turnabout on the track and is nearly back to the place it first came in. A few seconds later it turns off the field and is gone.

Like the other runners, you're not really interested anymore at this point. All you can think about is your race, which is about to begin, any second now. The official with the starting pistol has stepped out of his shack and onto the track. The runners now all hunch down on their sprint blocks and take their well rehearsed starting positions. The official slowly raises his arm into the air, holding the pistol straight up above his head, and begins to count backwards from five.

Five - four - three - two - one! The gun fires! And you're off! You are flying. You are thinking of nothing else, hearing nothing else, are aware of nothing else but your feet pounding the track, your arms swinging with grace and speed, and your legs chopping through the air like Ginsu knives.

Which is why you didn't know what to think when you felt the searing shock of electric pain shooting through your back, through your body and out of your chest. You didn't understand the spray of bright red ensuing right behind the pain. You couldn't comprehend what was happening as you fell to the ground and laid there, sprawled across the track, paralyzed.

The stands grew still and eerily quiet. No one was moving. Jaws were dropped and all eyes were fixated somewhere on the track behind you. When you fell you landed sideways, your head lays in the dirt facing behind you. You're in agonizing pain and realize you're laying in a pool of your own blood but your eyes can't resist looking where everyone else is looking. You strain to focus and then you see what they see. All of the runners are down. But one. The man in the white satin shorts.

He is still standing, in fact, he is slowly walking the track towards you, whistling, with a gun in his hand. He's shot all of the runners. They're all laying in pools of their own blood. Some are writhing in pain, others appear to be dead. As he approaches you, his eyes are focused on you. His eyes now meet your eyes. Your heart begins to pound wildly in your chest, you are terrified he is coming to finish the job. You can't move though more than anything else you want to run right now, run to get away from this mad man. You can't move a muscle. You close your eyes as they fill with hot tears.

The man in the white satin short steps down within an inch of your face, sending pieces of gravel against your cheeks and closed eyes, but he does not stop. He does not pause. He simply walks on by, whistling, and keeps on walking. He is smiling. He is swinging the gun in his hand, back and forth, back and forth in time with his stride. As the sound of his feet crunching on the gravel begins to fade you hear an automobile engine. Your eyes automatically move toward the sound, it is in the center of the field. It is the limousine. It is following behind the man in the white silk shorts, pacing him. The limousine is packed with people who are drinking champagne and calling out their cheers to the man in the white silk shorts. "Go Daniel! Go! You're in the lead! You're winning!" "Move it Daniel, you can do better than that! Shake a leg!"

You can't see Daniel but he breaks into a slow trot and within a few seconds he breaks across the finish line. As soon as he does he stops and raises both arms into the air. "Victory!", he cries out. "I've won! I've won the Olympics!"

The people in the stands are shocked into dumb silence. It is utterly surreal. Then the limousine pulls up next to Daniel and a group of very noisy, boisterous people pile out, one with an enormous magnum of champagne. A tall man pops the cork and champagne begins to shoot out, sending foam all over the others and mostly of course, all over Daniel.

"Hey! Where's my trophy?", Daniel calls out as his group continues its wild cheering and boisterous toasting with oversized champagne glasses clinking every few seconds.

An official appears on the track with a trophy holding it up over his head as he approaches Daniel and his party. "Here you go sir," he says, "you've won first place. Congratulations." The digital scoreboard comes alive blinking a completely false time that breaks all known records for the 200 yard dash. An announcer's voice tells the stadium the time and announces the official winner of the race, Daniel Silver.

As if on cue the crowd begins to go wild, cheering and whooping and hollering. It's as if nothing at all is out of the ordinary. Reporters begin to flock onto the track holding microphones, a troop of cameramen in tow behind them. All are competing for spots nearest to Daniel, microphones are popping up all around him as reporters shout out their questions. "How does it feel to win, sir?" "What are you thinking right now Daniel?" "You've broken every record Daniel, how does it feel to be number one in the whole world?"

The folks at home, watching all this on TV, are deeply disturbed. Others don't seem to notice the occasional shots of dead and dying runners in the lanes, all of them soaked in blood. No one seems to care that no ambulances are appearing, or that no help is being rendered those who's lives are slowly draining from their athletically perfect bodies.

Your mind and emotions are overwhelmed as you simultaneously realize you feel no more pain. You feel very sleepy. Your last conscious thought is to wonder if you're going to die now.

As it turns out, you didn't die. You woke up in a hospital sometime later, and you had to spend several weeks there, laying in bed, unable to move your arms or your legs or your head. They didn't know if you would be permanently paralyzed or not. Unfortunately you also couldn't move your mouth to speak or ask any questions to talk about what had happened to you, what had happened to all of the runners on the track with you. You wanted to know why this happened. You wanted to know who the man in the white silk shorts is, and why he did this to you, and what had happened to him. He had to have been arrested by now, he had to be behind bars in a cold cell stripped of his stupid white shorts. He had to be thinking about what he'd done. You wanted to see the news but could neither move to turn on the television set on the opposite wall nor ask the nurse who walked in just at that moment to turn it on for you.

She must have seen the look in your eyes, she seemed to sense your anxiety and horror and fear. "Would you like to listen to the TV for a while?", she asks you sweetly. You try to nod but nothing happens. Somehow she must have sensed you wanted it on, she picked up the remote control on a cord wrapped around one of the side rails on your bed and pushed the button. BMM came on. After a time the flash screen came on for BMM sports, Olympic wrap up. There was Daniel Silver! There he was on the track in his white shorts! But there is no gun in his hand. How can this be? Have they airbrushed it out? He was holding that gun as he walked past you, he was holding it the whole time, you were sure of it. But there is no gun in his hand on TV.

The graphics said, "Olympic recap: Stunning win breaks all records. Daniel Silver, son of a major banking family, sweeps all previous record times into history. Silver wins the gold!" The broadcast is showing all of the runners in their starting positions, it is showing the official fire the starting pistol, it is showing all of the runners taking off down the track like lightening. But then it cuts away! It cuts away! What are they doing? The next thing they show is Daniel Silver breaking through the finish line and raising his arms into the air! Now they are showing the stadium going wild! Now comes a shot of the official handing Daniel Silver the enormous trophy, and next a scene of a ceremony where he received a gold medal placed over his head and laid upon his chubby chest.

Oh!! It's an interview now!

"That was one hell of a race Daniel, you've broken the all time world record for the 200 yard dash How did you do it?"

"A lot of hard work Trevor, a lot of dedication and long hours and sacrifice. I earned it Trevor, and I knew I would."

"You realize you're the fastest runner in the world now? How does it feel to be famous for that?"

Silver laughs then says, "It feels great." He grins widely exposing his teeth.

The sports segment is over. They're off to a new topic. You are stunned. You are horrified and overwhelmed. Not a word had been said about the bloody shootings and murder of your fellow runners. Nothing was said about their condition, or how many of them even lived. The man in the white silk shorts wasn't even arrested! He's been lauded as a hero! They're acting like he won it fair and square! They're pretending that he didn't murder all of the other runners and then just casually walk the length of the track, gun in hand.

Your blood pressure shoots through the roof, signaling the nurses desk. You are enraged and confused. It makes no sense. The man is a murder and they're all covering for him. Thousands of witnesses saw it and they just changed the facts, airbrushed out the murder weapon, failed to show the carnage, and re-ran segments to make it look like Daniel was in the race and won it. It's all a big fat lie. And he is getting away with it, and they are all helping him get away with it! It simply does not make sense.

Tears flood up into your eyes as the room goes blurry. A nurse injects you with something and you fall asleep.

Over the next few days your outrage grows. You have to concentrate on your health, you want to walk again. But no matter what, you want justice. You want Silver stripped of his stolen gold medal and you want him arrested for murder and attempted murder and you want the truth to come out! You want to see that man behind bars! But you called the police and they wouldn't listen. You phoned all of the papers and all of the news channels and none of them would speak to you. One of the guys from BMM even called you a liar and threatened to sue you for harassment if you didn't quit calling their station. A liar! They're calling you a liar!? Are they insane? You've got the proof for everything you're saying! You were there! You know what happened! And they must know what happened too since they airbrushed the gun away and pretended the track wasn't soaked in blood! How dare they?

The FBI wasn't interested in talking to you. Neither was the CIA or the Justice Department or the Sheriff's Office or the Department of Homeland Security. In fact, they threatened to come out and arrest you for threatening Daniel Silver's life when you'd done nothing of the kind! They're all insane! They are all protecting this murderer, this liar, this psychopath, cheater, scum bag vicious brutal killer!

You break into tears of rage for the hundredth time. It never gets easier. It's impossible to understand why they are doing this. Your justice is not coming. Silver will get away with it and he will go down in history as the world's fastest runner, breaking all existing records, and people are already claiming to remember seeing him win the race. They were there, they say, they saw it themselves! They're calling you crazy, saying you're a liar or delusional. They know, they saw it with their own eyes.

You begin to wonder what kind of world you live in, and if you really care to live in it at all. Nothing makes sense, it's all ugly, it's all a lie. They're all liars. Your heart is broken, and so is your faith, and so is your ability to find yourself and your peace and your place in a strange world that should not exist but does. It's taken over the world you grew up in and lived in and killed it.

A few weeks later you were watching the TV one day and saw Daniel Silver at the White House meeting the president. They gave him some sort of prize or present and made a big fuss out of his visit. Daniel's a beloved hero now, all over the world. He's got money coming in hand over fist, thousands and millions of dollars in offers for books and appearances and product endorsements and speeches and they even want to make a movie about his life. You are struck by how bizarre and stupid it all is. This is nothing but pornography. You want nothing to do with it.

With all your might you push down on the remote control and turn the television off for the last time. You never watch it again. You decide to get on with your life, and you do. Everything has changed although everything looks exactly the same. The thing that's really different is knowing what few people know, and understanding that it's always been like this and it always will be. The scum of the earth are protected and privileged precisely because they are scum and they are thugs and they have no capacity for decency or honor or true human qualities. You will live in spite of them and pay them no mind ever again.

And so it was.

That's what it's like.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Killing Us Softly With Even More Lies

I want people to understand that I am not kidding when I say that "they" are killing us. They are not only trying with full intent and depraved indifference to kill us, they are killing us. Killing us softly.

Precisely who "they" are could easily be determined by anyone with enough interest to do the research. It's all public record, albeit a bit of a tangle that requires some detective work but it can probably be pinpointed by combing through the investor data areas of companies that sell stock. Investors, you see, apparently count just a little bit more than the rest of us schmucks because they have money to give to rich people in larger chunks than working class folk do. Just going up to corporate front doors and knocking to ask who the top dog is with legal responsibility for attempted murder of the general public will get you nowhere. Responsibility is something "they" avoid like the plague and the last thing "they" want is for us everyday slobs to know who "they" are.

Whoever "they" are, "they" are depraved murdering scum and people need to fricken understand this. Today I'm bringing up just one example out of tens of thousands that are every bit as shocking and revolting as this one. Found on my grocer's shelf today while pointlessly searching for a non poisonous form of chicken stock, which doesn't exist anymore by the way, I found this and was appalled. Again. About everything on the average grocer's shelves appalls me but this one can be dispassionately explained and it should get the point across.

Click image for enlargement

Besides the obvious fact that sugar is not the main ingredient in chicken broth, everything about this "food product" equates to a knowing intent to deceive consumers and knowingly cause them harm. As usual, knowing that people want to eat healthy foods, they have pinpointed a well expressed desire of consumers to not have toxic sodium levels in their foods. Pretending to respect consumer demands they in fact make the standard end runs around consumer demands for healthy foods and give them something just as unhealthy as the products already rejected as unsatisfactory for human consumption by consumers. This IS standard practice. You must understand that. It is NOT unusual, it is the norm.

As all bouillon and stock products on grocer's shelves are so high in refined sodium as to be toxic and damaging to the heart, someone looking only at product claims, believing in good faith that their government would not allow such insidious, illegal lying to take place, will purchase this bouillon product and never suspect it was just as toxic as the rest of the over salted toxic product choices they are presented with.

The second ingredient is the magic ingredient that makes this "bouillon" salt free: Potassium Chloride. Let's take a look at the Wikipedia entry for Potassium Chloride.
Potassium chloride
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The chemical compound potassium chloride (KCl) is a metal halide salt composed of potassium and chlorine. In its pure state it is odorless. It has a white or colorless vitreous crystal, with a crystal structure that cleaves easily in three directions. Potassium chloride crystals are face-centered cubic. Potassium chloride is occasionally known as "muriate of potash," particularly when used as a fertilizer. Potash varies in color from pink or red to white depending on the mining and recovery process used. White potash, sometimes referred to as soluble potash, is usually higher in analysis and is used primarily for making liquid starter fertilizers. KCl is used in medicine, scientific applications, food processing and in judicial execution through lethal injection. It occurs naturally as the mineral sylvite and in combination with sodium chloride as sylvinite.

Do you suppose anyone would buy this supposed "food" knowing it is used for fertilizer? Or better yet, that it is the chemical used to execute prisoners on death row via lethal injection?

Could you explain to me please what this chemical is doing in food? It is not food. No one can pretend that it's not injurious to human health, it's specifically used to kill people. Would you want a little potassium chloride added to every meal you eat? Probably not. I also doubt that the manufacturer of this "product" could be forced to eat it. But he will manufacture it and sell it to you to eat and to feed to your children. How does that make you feel? Who do you know with half a brain that would consider this to be safe? Well your FDA says it is. They think it's fine for you to eat this toxic waste. They really love you. Obviously.

The other claims made on this product are also deceitful by intent. By simply calling MSG by another name, it can be legally added to foods in large quantities and not be considered illegal and fraudulent by law. What precisely are "flavorings"? Considering what big Ag corporations consider "food", I for one would not extend the benefit of the doubt on that.

You don't want MSG in your food and they know that. There is no confusion about people rejecting the drug known as MSG in their foods. People don't want to be drugged every time they eat. Again, anyone with half a brain would not only know that but would never even consider drugging anyone's food. But major food processors drug everyone's food, every day of the year. This is the reality of the American diet. It is not because people are out of control that they are fat. MSG directly causes obesity. That's a well established fact that food manufacturers would prefer you not be informed about. The obesity explosion in the USA, Britain, Australia and other westernized countries whose diets consist primarily of processed "foods" is a new phenomenon that just happens to coincide with the complete saturation of MSG into practically every processed food on grocer's shelves today. MSG is even sprayed on FRESH PRODUCE. Why?

I for one think people deserve to be told that they are destroying brain cells and creating body fat with every fat free, low cal, sugar free bite of food they eat. But your government disagrees with that. They don't think people need to know they are being poisoned and having their health undermined by people with a profit motive. They see people's right to defend themselves against predatory capitalism and depraved indifference to human health as non existent. The right belongs to poisoners to poison others for profit, not to victims to defend their lives. This is the reality that guides your country today and sets the precedents that allow all manner of human abuse to occur under the protection and full sanction of the law.

Keeping that in mind, how will Americans feel when they are finally told that they are consuming genetically manipulated, unnatural, proven unsafe foods every day of their lives and have been for well over a decade? How will they feel when they find out that the fight to force the government to inform Americans about GMO's in their food was LOST. That the government strongly disagrees that Americans have the right to know what they are eating? I don't think people will be too happy. Unfortunately this will go on indefinitely and a great many people will never know. I think it's safe to say that people are dying from what they eat and that the government is fine with that. I am not fine with that.

People who go to grocery stores expect to find food there. They obviously expect the food there to be edible for humans and be non toxic and non poisonous. They expect the food they buy to be safe and nutritious. They expect that the most they'll need to worry about is proper nutrition, not whether or not something is deadly.

Our government knows this and every single major food manufacturer knows this perfectly well. Unfortunately neither of these groups gives a damn about that. I wouldn't have half the problem I have with this situation IF the government and the "food" manufacturing corporations would just tell the damned truth about it. If they would just come out and announce that people are on their own and that eating what they buy in grocery stores is risky business with overwhelming negative health impacts for their whole family and that they will have to bear the ultimate responsibility for purchasing and eating so called food products, then at least people would have a fighting chance.

But they don't have that. Indeed, rattlesnakes are more honest and ethical than food corporations or our own despicable excuse for government officials and supposed representatives of the people. Rattlesnakes will give you fair warning before they strike. Their intent is not to hurt or kill out of pleasure. When intruders by accident or choice draw too near too quickly, rattlesnakes shake their rattles to warn those intruders to stay away, or else. Most people appreciate the warning and are all too happy to retrace their steps out of there. If only big Ag corporations and government officials could be half as decent as rattlesnakes. But they're not.

Our elected officials and for profit commodification pushers are the most indecent lumps of flesh on the planet. They are self absorbed, self excusing mass murderers. Yes they are, I'm tired of people tip toeing around this flat truth. We are being drugged to death with chemicals and artificial ingredients made in huge laboratories and chemical plants by the ton, which are added to everything we eat and drink. It nauseates me to needing to vomit when I think of how many children in this country right now, today, have never once in their lives eaten a single piece of "food" that is actual food. Real, unadulterated, chemical free, truly fresh, unprocessed, unpoisoned, literally organic, honest to goodness, simple, as created by nature, food. Is this not an obscenity that exceeds comprehension?

Is simple, real food not the first basic need of every human being? Yes it is. It is an absolute requirement. It is a birthright. It is what this planet provides every living thing. Free of pesticides, free of poisons, free of toxins, free of artificial colors, free of artificially created chemicals that are neither food nor edible in any sense of the word. And just for the record, it is all also free of charge. Just natural, wholesome, fresh, nutritious food. How can it be that entire generations of Americans have never even encountered any such thing?

How can it be that our medical establishment and so called government can be so disingenuous as to ignore the basic fact that all of us are forced to endure living life with bodies that are chemical saturated? How can any "expert" in good conscience even pretend that people have any chance of being healthy when they are saturated with known toxic and deadly chemicals every time they eat or drink or bring something they buy into their homes? New born babies are already saturated with upwards of 300 chemicals. Understand this, they are born chemically poisoned. Why? Because Monsanto deserves to make money poisoning the planet? Do they deserve wealth and prosperity for poisoning the planet to death? Is that something they get to feel good about? Is that something our government is supposed to hide and protect them for? Because that is what is happening. That is what has been happening for decades. And you and I and every child and adult who eats, drinks and breathes is forced to endure obligatory levels of toxins and pollution of so many kinds that tests cannot even be formulated to figure out what happens when all these things are mixed and consumed by human beings.

Is this not the height of insanity? Yes it is. There is no such thing as an excuse for this. It doesn't exist. Why can't they just provide us with food? Making yourself rich by killing others, harming others, poisoning other people's babies, preventing them from having access to clean healthy food and water, that is a crime. These are crimes against humanity. Who ever thought that crimes against humanity would be the status quo for personal prosperity? Because there it is and that's how the system works and damn it, people need to get the announcement because they can't fathom that anything this insane would ever be allowed to happen.

Instead of standing up and stating in plain English that literally every processed "food" product is stripped of nutritional value, cooked to deplete nutrients, dead, and chemical soaked, they spend billions of dollars to market anti-informative nonsense that has nothing whatsoever to do with the facts of their products. Advertising is a game of lying to undermine the rights of people to be spared irrelevant nonsense and be given nothing more than the pertinent facts about products they're shown on TV. Instead of being informed about a single thing after seeing their 500th McDonalds commercial or cereal or hot dog or frozen dinner commercial they actually walk away with the bizarre idea that they are eating "healthy". That's right. Since that is clearly a filthy lie, how can it be that across the entire nation people share the belief that by simply focusing on "low fat" or "low sodium" or "low carb" or "low calorie" foods, they are making wise decisions that will lead to the good health they desire? How can it be that they don't have a clue that the supposedly healthy foods they regularly eat contain chemicals and nonfood industrial products that would kill them if they ate it straight? How can it be that hundreds of millions of Americans have no idea that aspartame is a pesticide or that corn syrup has serious detrimental health effects and is in practically everything on the grocer's shelf?

How it can be is self evident. These lies that undermine health and harm and kill real people are knowingly told and spread via mass media with absolute intent to make people believe absolute lies and feel trust for the least trustworthy people on earth. It is a conspiracy. It is killing people. Don't talk to me about tin foil hats until you suck down a cup or two of potassium chloride. Then we'll chat. If you're still breathing.

People should be outraged at the insult of the open insertion of toxic chemicals into food, done with the bald faced lie that it is "generally accepted to be safe"? Generally accepted by whom? All the suits on the payroll of those who sell this garbage and those responsible for ensuring its safety? Well when both sides of that consumer protection coin display the corporate faces pushing deadly food onto the public, its no surprise such dishonest nonsense can pass for credible, official assurances of product safety. No wonder at all. It's despicable and shameful and people must be told the truth. There is no one looking out for American consumers. The skyrocketing numbers of deaths and illnesses that do manage to reach the papers are barely the tip of the iceberg. People should never die from eating peanut butter. How does that happen? It never happened before in my entire life and now it's happening with regularity. In recent years people have died from eating salads and from eating hamburgers. This is completely inexcusable. We have the knowledge and expertise and once even had the mechanisms in place to assure food safety and now we don't. Hello new world order. Their message to you, the people, is that you can just fuck off and die. In fact they'd prefer it. That's what they're shooting for.

I just think in the most basic sense of fair play that people deserve to be notified that they are being targeted for extinction by depraved, misguided Luciferian cultists who are raving nuts. I'm not making that up that's who and what they are. Again, they keep it under the radar because they know people would call it correctly and be made aware that they are in danger, and they don't want anyone to be aware of that. This is their weapon, deceit. Smiling in our faces as they stab us in the back. I for one am past sick of it. These people deserve to be hunted down and prevented from having any access to other human beings. They are dangerous zealots with a mission that normal human beings would be ashamed of, and a primary goal of these broken down losers is to take out vast portions of the people on this planet. People need to get that. Yes, it sounds like a comic book plot, I couldn't agree more. It is stupid. But that doesn't seem to stop them or penetrate their obviously addled pates. They are not sane. Should they really be in charge of the world?

I have mentioned before how infuriating and frustrating it is to me to try to find nontoxic edible unadulterated food substances at our local so-called grocery stores. It's to the point that it is nearing impossible to simply prepare a day's worth of food that is not clearly health threatening. We are quickly approaching a time when it will not be possible to find and consume real health giving life giving food. It will not exist. It brings back memories of the movie Soilent Green, not that people will be eating the dead, but how few people will have access to simple, natural food. If this inexcusable state of affairs is not a conspiracy, a truly vicious crime against humanity, I don't know what is.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

On Being Fully Here

In a beautiful remote corner of the world there is a vast and deep gorge separating this side from that side. A grand old oak tree swirled in a coat of wet fog stands at the nearest edge. As you approach you breathe in deeply. The air is fresh and electric and the sound of a rushing river below rebounds off patches of thick, clinging fog. You've come to the edge.

Just like I told you, it is there. A great rope bridge that spans the width of the canyon. It is strong and secure, very well made. It seems magical hanging there. How did humans make this and manage to get it across this vast separation of land masses?

You are not afraid as you step onto the rope bridge and place your hand on the edge to guide you. You begin to walk. You came a long way to get here. It's a moment you've been waiting for all your life. As you walk through the fog your footsteps gently echo off the rock walls of the gorge. The mist of a waterfall brushes against your cheek. Just keep walking.

While you walk, I'll talk. I want to tell you something.

This may sound odd but it's still true. I have never fully been here, on earth, until now. I've been here physically. I've been here mentally. But an entire huge, fundamental and most important part of me has not been here.

All my life I sensed this but could not know it and no one I could have asked, if there was a way to ask, would have known what I was talking about. Because by and large, the people who comprised my life experience before now did not have this part of their being with them either. Their experience was exactly the same as mine, not in the physical details but due to unrecognized yet inescapable applied methods and their inevitable results. I think this applies to most everyone and I also think that very few people are ever allowed to be fully here, much to our personal detriment, and definitely to the general serious detriment of planet earth.

We hear of the soul, of the mind, of consciousness and higher self. There are all kinds of words that mean all kinds of things that just don't explain anything very well. What do they mean when they say soul? The word 'mind' is so dry and generalized what does it mean? What about extra sensory perception? Precognition? Knowing when someone is lying or telling the truth? The spectrum of emotions that accompany every moment of our lives, where does that come from?

Because all these words tend to confuse more than clarify I use the term "invisible self" and allow that to mean the whole of my being that is not strictly physical and measurable. Because truly it is everything beyond that which is physical and measurable that is who we are. That is where the rubber hits the road so to speak. That people have physical bodies and limbs and that we can observe that people are conscious, can do math, can memorize things and learn how to spell and read says literally nothing about who they are. Not a single thing.

I am much more than that stuff and everyone I know is more than that. But the sad fact is that we are given to believe that who we are stops there, at physical form and education levels and that whatever else there is beyond that is mostly superfluous. But it's not superfluous, it's the whole point I exist. Everything beyond that stuff is who I really am. It is me.

This is the part that is castrated by the demands of social conformity; the part that is rejected by authority and doctrine and those who would be our gods on earth. And there's a reason for that. It's the part that threatens every established thing in the world. It could threaten every established authority, every rule and law, every social standard, and every perspective on life and the way things are in this world. This is the part where the most important and meaningful work happens in the course of an individual human being's life. It's the only place, the only part of our being where we can evolve.

This part of our invisible self is where we are creative and noble and wise. Where all facets of our being can be unleashed free of influence from others. It's like a grand private workroom where everything we know and learn and experience is stored and we can go in there and put all these pieces together, in our own way, without anyone else butting in or being involved or being able to control us. This is where we apply imagination to what is already known to see new things and see old things in new ways. It's where we can explore the entirety of who we are and do the ongoing work of creating ourselves; and in so doing we can and will bring new influences to the world.

I've come not just to believe this but to know it as fact, that there are entities, forces, people, call them whatever you like, who don't want mankind to know about this denied part of ourselves. It totally threatens the stranglehold these forces have on the world in literally almost every detail. They are working tirelessly around the clock too, with unlimited funding, recruiting the finest scientific minds to figure out how to make sure that humanity is once and for all cut off from that part of themselves. Only in so doing can these interests be certain that they will not be challenged and revealed for who and what they are.

Only if people are taught to disregard any notions of there being more than what can be measured and tested can people be led away from fully existing. If people are taught to laugh at and put down as idiotic anyone's assertions that things exist beyond what we can see, then people can be led away from being fully human and fully existing in their one short lifetime. We are told there's nothing out there, there is nothing more to our minds or beings when the reality is that there is everything beyond those falsely asserted cut off points. Everything we are and ever can be lies beyond those fake imposed boundaries.

Getting past those boundaries is the furthest thing away from mysterious and spooky, it requires no special skills or teaching. Every child is born easily and joyously existing in their full being. The job of greater society is to coax every one of us out of our creative centers, out of the grand workrooms of self and life and all that matters most, and to shut the door behind us, and pull the drapes across it and to never mention it again.

That part of self is not gone. It is abandoned and unused, it may be atrophied and dormant. But because it is a living thing, a part of the invisible self it can be resuscitated and rejuvenated. The windows can be thrown open to let the sunshine in and it can very much feel like home. It can hurt because it means we must at times reject what everyone else believes and go against the grain. This often causes tension and worse and that has to be less important to us than taking full possession of our true and full potential. What "everyone believes" is often wrong and is the major roadblock between us and ourselves and if we really want to get there we have to remove the roadblock.

I said it was hard but as far as I'm concerned it's so worth it it's not even funny. I feel anger and resentment that it took so long for me to find this out and I had to do it myself and it was the hardest work I've ever done. But the pay offs have been more than I ever knew were possible. Not doing this would have been to waste my entire life, and what a terrible, painful shame that would have been. One has to fully be here to exist or you're just showing up in a shell, a costume, and playing a role on a stage for someone else's benefit. We might as well be made of cardboard and stood up in a corner for all that's worth in the course of a lifetime.

Our disconnection from the whole of ourselves is something we're all perfectly aware of. It's that restlessness inside that never goes away even when we have what we want and need. It's that empty hole that's like a hunger for more, for meaning, for something else, for substance and it can't be filled by buying something or by taking drugs or drinking or sleeping around or extreme bowling or being a fanatic star struck follower of fashion. No external label we try to apply to define ourselves will fill that hole because that hole cannot be filled by anything outside of ourselves. The fact that you feel the hunger, the emptiness, the need for something else exposes a truth. Allowing yourself to reopen that closed down part of your invisible self will be the challenge and reward that will feed you again and again. It's not a one time thing, nothing about staying alive is a one time thing. This, like every part of yourself, is something you incorporate seamlessly and use every day of your life. It's not separate from you, it is you.

What's missing from your life is you. A part of you that you've been told can't exist, but there it is anyway. It's you. An unused, unrecognized and truly not wanted by external forces major part of you. The real you. It's not a secret or a sin or anything to apologize for, it's you.

I do believe that people will stop searching externally and in vain for all of their answers once they realize how much of their search is for that lost and buried part of themselves. There are external answers to be sure, but if there are external answers then there must also be internal ones. We do become conditioned to think in terms of there being nothing more of ourselves, that any more is undesirable or problematic, that we have no intrinsic value or creativity or power beyond our physical possessions, and that only certain specific others and types of others who are officially condoned and certified, have all the answers and all the importance. It's a total crock.

Why are we so strongly encouraged and pushed to only believe others and go to others for every answer and direction? It makes us neurotic and insecure, obsessive and depressed. It doesn't work. If it did this should be the healthiest, strongest most thriving society on the face of the earth. It's not. It's coming apart at the seams and that's in direct measure to how much experts have taken over our minds and how much conformity and "political correctness" has come to dominate the society. These are tools to shut down original sources, to vilify unique thinking, to frame both personal and natural social evolution as dangerous negatives.

Yet the more we are required to conform the sicker and weaker we become. Clearly something is not right. Something is missing. Something we're being told isn't true. We will never get everything we truly need from out there. All we'll get is a pathetic one size fits all crutch for our crippled selves that will make our existence feel stunted to pointless. We are doing it wrong. It is supposed to be much better than this and we all know it. It can be and it is when we reclaim our mental real estate and begin to figure out the world and ourselves for ourselves.

We need our own culture, we need many diverse cultures, the more the better. We must make our own music and sing songs together instead of buying songs and never singing. We must dance instead of watching experts dance. We don't need to care about doing it right, we need to care about doing it even if we're not experts at it. Who cares about experts? What good do experts really do us? Good for experts but we've got our own thing and theirs isn't a part of our personal lives. We need to live life ourselves.

It's quality not quantity. It's participation, not perfection. It's experiencing, not hoarding. It's caring, not turning our backs. It's having time, not rushing. It's having enough, not too much and not too little. It's about connecting, not separating. Kindness, not cruelty. Courtesy, not rudeness. We count. We all matter. Diversity draws us closer, it does not break us apart. There is no such thing as only one right way. We should be able to see that by now. We should also know that any imposed "one world order" will surely kill us all.

What is all this one world order stuff anyway? This already is one world. What are they babbling about when they say that? It makes no sense. What are they trying to pull? It's a word game, a trick of mind. This has always and only been one world. It's already unified. We already get along. We already have trade and spiritual beliefs and dance and food. What seems to be screwing it up is what power imposes on us, what power demands and inserts and insists upon. Money and power monopoly is the dark interference, the war, the terror and economic blight. I don't think we need no stinking one world order. In fact I'm sure we don't. It's the last thing we would ever want because it will demand complete and total conformity, the diminishment of all diversity. One world dogma insists that we decrease ourselves and each other, reduce our minds and bodies, become irrelevant and unimportant. In a great sea of conformity no one stands out. Who wants to live in a world like that?

External forces have outlined and ushered in somebody else's version of what life on earth is "supposed to be". It's one thing to offer and suggest new things but it's a whole 'nother thing to force them down our throats at gunpoint, especially with so much underhanded lying and subterfuge. Their ideas are not explained, but hidden. Their purposes are veiled. Secrecy is becoming the norm of power, money and corruption are inseparable, and violence and force have replaced justice. We are being led to a cage where we will be forced to comply or die. Their ideas are crap. We don't need them or want them.

The idea of success itself is an external one and the definition of success is completely externally created and imposed. That doesn't make it right or real or all that desirable. The definition of education is wholly made up by others and imposed. How much of what you think of yourself is based on someone else's imposed definitions? No one has the legitimacy to define anything for anyone else, that's square one and people have always known that much. It's taken many years and much underground effort and cash to slowly convince the world that we should all follow and only official others should be the leaders. They are selling us bullshit. It doesn't stand up when looked in the eye. It's all crap. Today, all officialdom is crap.

We're not to think this way, at least that is the message every single one of us has somehow managed to have deeply implanted within us. We think it wrong and naughty to have our own opinions and we'd never boldly speak them in defiance of set standards of thought and opinion. At least a lot of people don't. And they don't because somewhere deep inside we have actually accepted the false assertion, the strange notion that someone else's so called expert or official opinion has more validity than our own. That speaks to how little we think of ourselves, and how subjugated and servile we have slowly become, to the point that by and large this society is mentally pathetic and shut off and stuck in rote circular movements that take us nowhere. Except to work each day, and then we die. By listening to and believing only outside sources we are learning to cease to exist. That's a big red flag, as I see it.

I would say there is more to life than what we're given and expected and pressured to believe. A hell of a lot more. I think it's time we flung open those doors within our minds, the doors that so many others have forced shut and locked and covered with curtains until we forget those doors are there. I say rip away those dusty old drapes and toss them out of your head. Open that door and walk right on through. You get to be, to become, you get to be who you are, why wouldn't you? Who says you shouldn't or can't? Who are they to say such stupid things? Our masters? Our owners? Our bosses? I don't think so. I know nobody's my master, no human being can be more than my equal. I won't live on my knees to anyone, why should I? Why should you? Why should anyone be expected to? What nonsense.

It's no wonder that our self esteem is so damaged in this society, it is devastating to have the bulk of ourselves and what really matters forcibly closed down as we grow up. All we get are messages of conformity and the expectation to conform. We are rewarded and approved of when we conform, and when we're super conformers we get a gold star. This is true in kindergarten and it stays true throughout any professional career. Conformist thinkers, conformist workers, supporters of the powers that be, those who excuse the obvious inequities and flaws and abject failures and crimes of the status quo, who are blind to being used and used up by those in control of our lives, they are patted on the head and told "good girl" and "good boy". The rewards don't go much beyond that. It just goes to show how desperate we become for approval and notice when who we are is defined by outside sources instead of the only source that really matters.

Nothing comes without a downside though, and there's no exception here. We don't get through life alone. We need others. We very much need good guidance, we need to be taught many important things, and we unfortunately or fortunately as the case may be, usually don't have any choice about who those teachers are or what they teach. Good parents teach us right from wrong, not under threat but by explaining why. They teach us how to think past the obvious, think for ourselves, and encourage us to be independent while at the same time achieve a balance that allows us to work and live and be with others and respect them.

It takes skill and conscious work to become a decent human being. And that's why I say I haven't really been here, even though I seemed to be. I didn't know that there was more than achieving conformity or that I wouldn't begin to exist until I shrugged off that erroneous belief and got to work on finding out who I am and what life is about for myself. No one ever said as much or explained the fact that it was a life long, ongoing job, and a hard one, to make myself into who I am and who I want to be. Someone I am not ashamed of or embarrassed about, not based on external standards which are meaningless, but based on my own values and beliefs. Beliefs that aren't just handed to me and absorbed without thought but which I pull apart and explore and test until I get it and see the value in them and own them myself. It would have been nice to get the heads up on this before so much of my life had gone by.

That is the insidious nature of believing without questioning and it is all but impossible to refuse to conform when everyone around you is a true believer in conformity. Even when you can see that none of them have ever thought it through, that they've simply taken on as their own what someone else devised not for the greater good of society but to enrich themselves at everyone else's cost, very few will stop to hear you out. But better late than never at all. It's great to find out that there is always room for self correction and improvement and that's a good thing, not evidence of being flawed, and that it's never too late, too much to ask, or unnecessary to face yourself and fix what's in the way of being a real person. We're not perfect, but we are always capable of self repair and growth and even great change if we desire it. It is the hardest work we can ever do, but it's work worth doing. At least that's what I've come to see. Without doing the hard work of really finding out what we're made of and who we really are, we can be no more than what our external generic society demands of us, and that's just not enough for me. I realize it is more than enough for some people, and I have to say I feel sorry for those people. But it's not my call what they choose for themselves. If being what others dictate makes them happy, then who am I to criticize? But I doubt very much they are happy. I doubt very much their deepest inner hunger is ever fed.

This is why people search for answers, knocking on the doors of every religious establishment and spiritual theory hoping to find a resonance that feels like self. But of course it's no where out there, it's inside them. When they have that then they can likely go to any religion or spiritual school and benefit from it, but likely not before and not without. They'd only forever have questions, and not really understand the teachings. Someone would always be their master when they are supposed to be their own master. These are my beliefs, not facts, I can't prove them. I observe these things and I have questions about it all and I spend lots of time in my own workroom hammering out answers, fitting the pieces together and coming back out with a section that fits in here and one that fits in there as I slowly grow the overall picture to completion. Or at least the first picture. There are likely many more.

There is so much loneliness, anguish and resentment out there; and violence and depravity are springing up like weeds in the absence of real people growing real selves. People have been lied to and confused and now they think that sex is love and are confounded when they find out it isn't, because it's supposed to be. There's nothing else out there, the external sources assert through pictures and movies and pornography and books, that's supposed to do it. You need "good looks" and six pack abs and a nice car and you have to work out and have your hair cut just so and wear the right clothes and have the right job and feel sexually attracted to someone and that's supposed to do it. But none of that has a thing to do with love.

It's no big shock that this society is busted apart and lonely, separated and silent, afraid and starving with no end in sight. Love is a place, not a thing, and true beauty comes after love, not before, but we aren't told about any of that. We aren't told the truth about anything in fact. I fear for the future of mankind. I fear that it won't be long before our inner starvation allows us to accept being modified and chipped and augmented until there is no more humanity. Until we are all products that perform functions and don't care about love or meaning or that part of ourselves that won't just be hidden but will finally be forever gone.

Should man create other men? Should mankind take it upon himself to make other men into his own image? Or shouldn't each person make himself into a better person, his own way, with his own mind? We have yet to reach our full potential as human beings and external augmentation is not the means to get there, that is only the final detour. That is the final path away from being everything we can be as human beings. What a shame that someone out there, some group of very strange people, have such a strong driving need to destroy mankind, to undermine humanity, to enslave it and humiliate it, and teach us all to believe that we have no value and we don't matter and we can't think for ourselves or be more than we are. I don't know what would posses these powerful people to so despise the world, but they do. And we are endangered to the literal edge of our extinction. The wars and genocides are all a part of some grotesque greater plan, and separating the human being from himself is the beginning and end of hope for our species.

In case it needs to be said, we don't have to go along with anything that we know is evil or wrong or destructive. We do not ever have to choose to be devalued and disrespected by anyone who claims to be more important than ourselves. They can only be more important if we choose to believe they are and thus deny and subjugate ourselves. But it must be asked, why would we do that? When anyone says that we must be less than we are because they say so we already know they're lying. We already know that no legitimate being would tell us to be less than we are so they can be happy. That's not love. That's not respect. It's not even reasonable. It's the overt demand that we stop existing. That's slow death from the inside out. On a vast scale when all of society gets down on its knees to mere men who say they must it is spiritual genocide. We are free to stop doing it anytime.

No part of ourselves can be taken from us by someone else, it can only be destroyed or undermined. No one else can reduce us, we can only reduce ourselves when we believe the exquisite lies we are told. Perhaps a simple rule of thumb that might expose those who claim to be our betters is to notice if what they ask of us makes us less or more than we already are. If it makes us less, then it is a part of the incremental destruction of mankind. Little by little, bit by bit, it's hardly painful, at least not right away. But cumulatively over decades humanity is changed, reduced, lessened, weakened, lost, dependent and finally ceases to exist.

We are up against something so evil that it's hard to believe it could exist. But it does. We have only to look around us to see that it exists. I don't know why and I don't know much else about it, but I can see that much with the naked eye. I feel the outrage they evoke with their endless insults against my kind, humanity, with their endless removal of justice and fairness, with their disrespect and lies, and their endless assertions that money is king and all important and the measure of a man.

They are sheer evil and we are up shit creek if we don't wake up and tell them where to shove it. We must create ourselves. We have to know the difference between real teachers and real leaders and fake ones. The ones who make life better and bring us more are the real deal. The ones who don't should be rejected, shamed and exposed.

By the way, that rope bridge you're walking on, that's your bridge, and you should have guessed by now where it goes. What's on the other side is the rest of you, and nobody gets to say you can't go there. Of course you can. The real complaint is that those who want you to cease to exist, they can't go there. Thank God for that.

It is always and only your choice to keep walking or turn back and blend in with the rest of conforming society. You will always be rewarded for conforming. It's a guaranteed paycheck, albeit a wholly inadequate one. I would not be able to resist exploring what I found in my own private world. I couldn't bear never knowing who or what I could be, what I'm made of, how I really think and feel about things. I see every single thing I thought I knew completely differently now. All I had to add to the mix was my whole being. It is my sincere wish that everyone would cross their own bridge and find the most amazing and wonderful part of themselves, and own it and enjoy it and live life empowered and strengthened by it. Everything there is, is over there to discover. It's a very interesting place to be.

Be advised that bridge is the most hated enemy of those who would be earth's new rulers. They're cutting away the ropes you know, chewing through the fibers one by one. Bit by bit lengths of rope are falling off, down into the water below. There will come a time when you no longer have the option of crossing your own bridge. They don't want you to have that option. They don't want you to go over there. They don't want you to know yourself or any other truth about anything. They don't want you asking your own questions and providing your own answers. They don't want any of us to get it into our heads that they are not our owners. They want us to sit down and shut up and do as we are told.

If that works for you then you'll be fine. Don't do a thing, it's coming. If it doesn't work for you, you might want to keep on walking. If you do keep on walking, after you get there and after a while, when you're settled in and feel quite at home, would you do something for me? Drop me a postcard. I love getting postcards.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Human Sacrifice for Fun and Profit

Pretend, if you would for a short moment, that I have in my hands a magic camera which will allow us to take a snapshot of this moment in time, and freeze everything in the whole wide world in place. We'll then be able to step into the photograph and with everything frozen around us, we can explore and investigate, up close and personal, anything and everything we like.

The aim and purpose of doing this would be to figure out once and for all who's who and what's what and what goes on where and how, so that we will finally know why things are the way they are in this world. Because things are all messed up. Why are our stated values lived in direct opposites? Why do we claim to be moral people when the world around us, in many and varied ways, has devolved into phalanges of pornography?

The pornography of death and violence saturates us. The trauma, mass violence and destruction of war, tearing families apart, mocking justice, decency and life itself. The obscenity of this planet slowly choking to death from the toxification of military, industrial and chemical pollutants, pouring out nonstop belching streams in the millions upon millions of tons, poisoning our food by intent, our air and our water by unavoidable result, and penetrating every human body, including the unborn.

The pornography of influence, of power's demands, of profit's insistence that it is this world's highest good and single most important factor of life on earth and as such private profit must take precedence over all else and must always come first against all other interests, is an unstated truth. It is the obscene reality of our world. This degradation of life's beauty and meaning is an insulting and grotesque lie and yet it wins out over the same lingering unfulfilled needs and wants of the people no matter how many times these needs and desires have been expressed and demanded.

The unprofitable needs and wants of human life conflict with the pornographic greed and lust of influential desire. Battles must be constantly fought for rights and territory and ultimate dominance, and it is almost always the unprofitable human needs that lose out. The pornography soaked minds of the people have no problem with this due to misguided concepts of patriotism, compromised politicized religiosity, and the unwavering belief that might makes right, that the stronger deserve to win and the weaker deserve nothing. For the strong "right" is automatic. "We are number one" is the answer no matter what the question is. Hearts may strongly desire to be in the right place yet our physical bodies are by choice, by habit or by force pushed and directed into all the wrong places. To all who truly want to find their way in this world it becomes obvious that the externally generated road map of life we are given, is incorrect.

The worst sorts of people rule the world and influence our minds. Redefining all that is pornographic, ugly and destructive they present them back to us as the greatest and noblest things to embrace and take home to our children. We are slowly but certainly mentally morphing into something that others desire us to be, in a world others are designing with an undeniably heavy, central pornography motif. It is hardly surprising that those who would undertake such grand projects would not really be doing so out of the desire to do good for others. They will claim so when asked, but it's easy enough to lie about that. It's a necessary lie because the world does not want to be morphed into someone else's vision, it wants to be what it naturally is.

It would be fascinating to find out what it naturally could be but that is something we can only speculate about. Humanity will never be left alone to evolve on its own. The very concept of letting humanity be, of letting it evolve in freedom, unfettered, uncommanded, undriven, uninterfered with goes against every principle of so called civilization.

Indigenous peoples the world over have long been under siege from civilization. Natural humanity represents everything civilized people find intolerable and untenable. Somehow natural people living natural lives, not bothering anyone or holding up civilization from doing its civilized thing, are a threat to civilization. Natural people are savages we are told. Ungodly people with no morality, no shame running around with their genitalia and breasts exposed. They are vicious warriors and cannibals, worshippers of trees and earthly spirits, unable to read or write. They are less than human, an affront to our decency and nobility. Either through some notion of a mission of higher good or just out of hatred and ignorance, indigenous peoples everywhere have been slaughtered and mutilated, baptized and subjugated, enslaved, robbed and taught to serve their civilized masters.

There are those who would adamantly argue that this is all good. That it is right and noble, even a duty. The proselytizing Christians have the self elected mission of spreading their belief system to all corners of the world, and then to come around and do it all again. They will not be dissuaded from their task, believing that they are bringing the most valuable thing in the world to the wretched and forgotten, to the savage and the ignorant. They see themselves as workers for a higher good, a nobler cause, a last chance for salvation and acceptance into heaven by God.

Right behind them come their natural partners who also have a mission to spread their own belief system across the world. The state, specifically the state's military forces who exist for only one reason and purpose, to kill people. They are true believers and protectors of their faith who are never dissuaded or discouraged from their goal no matter the cost to others. We are fortunate that at least for the time being our military prefers to kill people somewhere else than here, though as they run out of easy foreign victims it is inevitable they will turn their gun barrels on us. After all, they need people to shoot or they'll be out of business, and that is simply unthinkable.

Speaking of business, the third mutant entity in this capitalist trinity, is business. Big business. Privately owned corporate enterprises who preach the gospel of the eternal growth of capitalism. Larger private corporate enterprises benefit profoundly from the religious/military extermination of indigenous peoples across the globe. It's nothing personal, it's just business. That justifies everything.

To the holy and faithful corporateers, indigenous peoples have no money, they buy or use no products, they are neither consumers nor workers. They have no saving graces in the eyes of business magnates and yet they rudely exist in defiance of holy capitalist growth doctrine. All of the earth's abundant natural resources that indigenous peoples live in, on and around are going to sinful waste when they should be put to good use, the best use of course being commodification and processing for resale in the endless teaming ocean of products and sellable materials of all kinds.

This is not trade in any sense of the word, it is the simple permanent crushing of bothersome competition in order to freely plunder the prosperity of others. Actual trade requires recognizing other's ownership rights of land and resources and the striking of deals and agreements of mutual benefit. Capitalism, once firmly established as Earth's prevailing religion, our trenchant right and noblest purpose, our savior and the answer to all life's questions, has no time to engage in trade. Genocide is quicker and much more profitable. Religious folk, armies and corporations have long gone out to remote and private paradises claiming only the highest purposes and have either subjugated or flat exterminated countless native populations, just as they continue to do today, minus the old fashioned version of on site religious folk. These have been incorporated into the military forces directly, lending a much needed air of righteousness and the bonus of guaranteed blessed approval from heaven itself. Today it is military force and corporate lawyers that arrive on foreign shores not bearing gifts but bringing death, misery, violence, exotic experimental weapons and depleted uranium munitions, lawless military contractors, terror, senseless destruction, mass murder and ready to sign business contracts generously allowing the vanquished to retain up to 5% of the profits made by selling 100% of their natural resources to corporations. These unbeatable teams cleanse the land of all but those who make up the necessary workers and facilitators of resource extraction and to direct the newest source of profitability into the Capitalist wealth stream.

Capitalism is much like a monster that must always keep eating or it will die. The apologist myth is that should capitalism ever be slowed, restricted or required to respect life, it would surely die. Hence wide berth is given all capitalist enterprise, rather all approved enterprise, and little to nothing is said or suffered to be mentioned about the continuous genocides that nourish the beast. Human blood and mass sacrifice is the food of this monster and its appetite is never appeased. It only grows more hungry, more voracious, no matter how much it eats. And when it looses its bowels upon the earth, out pours death and poison, babies bones and partially digested flesh, pollution and waste, depravity and degradation of the pristine, undermining of human rights, and denial of the sanctity of life. Capitalism exists for itself, in spite of life, in spite of the world. It never connects the fact of its own existence being parasitically dependent on its prey and consumer base. So it kills both and consumes all with gusto and lusts for its next meal. Capitalism is a glutton that can never be satisfied and it will consume this world to death.

The exercise of capitalism is a great planetary blood sacrifice in a literal sense. All human life and much non human life is routinely, knowingly, and very specifically targeted for slow and steady, or fast and efficient, ever increasing acts of involuntary extinction. Is the blood of innocents being offered up to some unknown god in the grandest blood sacrifice that any god could be offered in true devotion by its faithful worshippers?

What god is it that capitalism worships? It isn't the God of Abraham and Isaac. It is not the God of life and love and Thou Shalt Not Kill, or steal, or covet thy neighbor's wife, or life. It's not the Do Unto Others God. It's not that God at all. It's some other god. A god who ostensibly created this world in order to have it murdered back for him in his honor? That does not make sense.

The question then is who benefits from this? Who is undeniably benefiting the most from the pursuit of capitalism? Who benefits beyond mundane levels, beyond the norm, beyond the minimal benefit of the vast numbers of people who still after centuries of capitalism, after working their entire lives away have nothing much to show for it but failing health, mounting debts and unwanted excess body fat? Who becomes more free because capitalism rules the world? Who is better educated? Healthier? More empowered? Who is truly stronger as a result of it? Who is getting rich?

The answer is, roughly, five percent of the world's population. Five percent, and within that even more so, the top one percent who alone reap the sweeping majority of all of the wealth capitalism creates. It is interesting too that this small percentage of people don't have to work for their wealth. They get it simply by taking it out of the wealth that other people labor to create. The excess production of capitalism, that which is not needed after those who do the work get what they need to stay alive and keep working, the entirety of that excess is the wealth that is taken and given to the wealthiest people in the world. That is the portion of the worlds' wealth that is unwaveringly reserved for the few, the very few, who have entrenched themselves into government, into military power, into religious icons, into every avenue of influence and power, into fiction and myth, into the minds of people everywhere who are trained to believe that they too can be amongst the richest of the rich and live the lifestyles of the richest people in the world, if only they keep on working hard. It doesn't strike a great many people that this is preposterous to the point of idiocy, but reality is no deterrent when fantasy is so compelling.

Indeed there is something profoundly exciting at the idea of being able to have anything one desires at any time one desires it and to have it in the form of the finest there is to offer. Money becomes personal power, personal achievement, the only measure of success in life. Money is a great replacement for good looks and for manners too. With money you don't need an education. With money you can be a depraved child molesting murderer and it's fine. Money is one heck of a handy tool and it's the road to human happiness and fulfillment.

Everyone needs money to survive, everyone wants money to accumulate well beyond survival levels. They want to express their personal success for everyone else to see. They know with money they will be treated better, be respected, be given more, have more opportunity, a greater voice, and will possess the ability to make their own rules and impose those rules on others even though those others hate their rules. Money provides their families with the finer things in life, the better education, the better clothing and entertainment and a much greater quality of life and existence on this earth than those without money can even daydream about. The pursuit of personal wealth is the number one activity on planet earth and all else must by necessity fall by the wayside. Nothing must stand in the way of capitalism and profits. There must always be more to be had, more to shoot for, more to compete over. We can never run out of more. For if we do it will all come to a crashing halt and there would be no more products. No more food. No more hospitals. No more opportunity. No more schools or higher education. No more travel or entertainment or hope for the future. If we ran out of more then only those who had all the money in the world to themselves at the moment the supply ran out would survive. Five percent of the world's population would survive.

They would survive and survive comfortably and they would no doubt continue practicing their capitalist religion. They would continue their worship of money. They would continue seeking ways to exploit whatever was left to exploit and since they'd have little else to do, far fewer left to exploit and plunder they would be unable to curb their bottomless appetites for more and would inevitably turn to exploiting, consuming and conquering each other.

This has been the natural, accepted, expected, condoned and protected course of global capitalism. In the end there can be only one "winner" left standing. Winner take all. All of the world's life. All of the world's people and cultures and children and grandparents. All of the artists and singers and musicians, the writers, teachers and story tellers. The actors and librarians and bakers, the care givers and healers, the chefs and engineers, scientists and athletes, farmers and historians, the accountants and lovers and parents and friends. The life in the finally dead oceans, the life forms dependent on those life forms starved to death in the unavoidable domino effect of species after species dying out for lack of food and environments conducive to life. But there will be one man left standing with all of the gold, and all of the paperwork on digital disc that mathematically proves he owns every inch of soil and every drop of water, every plant and organism, every right and every thought and action in the whole wide world. He is the consummate winner. The king of the world. Who unfortunately has nothing to do and no one to brag about himself to.

And therein lies the truth of capitalism. It is all for naught. It achieves the opposite of what it says on the box. It is not the great provider of opportunity and prosperity, it is the grand and final destroyer of these things. It is an every man for himself belief system, a financial warrior's way of doing pussy battle, a life and death competition for the never ending quest of getting more and more and more for no reason. The monopolies that cut off and murder the competition, that favor the strong and steal from the weak, that force the workers to work ever harder and ever longer for ever less and then die, are the cumulative result of the strong joining forces against the weak, true to form, to take their prosperity and land and lives. They would say this is all an absolute necessity to keep capitalism alive and growing. To the capitalists, capitalism must survive. Everyone else can die but capitalism must go on. It must continue and grow forever because if it doesn't, they themselves will finally die. They will lose it all.

Wouldn't you agree that when any one contrived belief becomes supreme, when ideology, an idea, a political vision is held, defended and protected above the sanctity of life itself, and when such a concept fails to respect others, fails to follow the basic rules of life and morality and common sense, that it proves itself invalid? When someone believes that they alone are entitled to life and prosperity and may take it by killing others, by cheating others, by lying to others, by brutalizing others and that it is all good because it benefits them, in other words when greed is good, don't we already know it isn't good? Aren't these the beliefs of an enemy? Have we yet recognized that everyone, including us, is on the menu of this monster that must consume to survive?

Is there something about the idea of being the last one left standing on a smoking, toxic earth, with all of the gold and all of the ownership that is attractive to us? Do we have a desire to annihilate our world? Is it just a projected death wish that feels better carried out on others? Are we subconsciously enamored with the idea of blood sacrifice? Do we believe like the primitive peoples did that we must offer up babies and young virgins and entire races to a god who delights in the scent of their burning flesh on his altars?

More than likely the vast majority of people don't think about it. They just want and need to get money for themselves in order to survive because life itself has been commodified. Birth costs money and death costs money. Healing medicines cost money. Food costs money. Water costs money and if there was a way to prevent people from getting air to breathe unless they paid for it, that would cost money too. It costs money to stay alive, and it requires someone's death or exploitation to get money. Every dollar in our pockets is covered in blood, the blood of indigenous people from all over the world, throughout time and history. The paper itself is woven from the flesh and bones of children and old people, poor people and working people, good people, innocent people, ordinary people of all kinds, hundreds of millions of people who are all dead. Every dollar is the symbol of a dead body, somewhere, sometime. Dollars are not backed by gold but by human sacrifice. The accumulation of dollars, unneeded dollars, excessive personal wealth is the collective agreement and acceptance of the doctrine of human sacrifice for personal fun and profit far beyond levels of wealth that could ever be needed, used, reasonable or necessary. The richest people in the world are the planet's sacrificial priests, who themselves will never be forced to lay down on their altars for their god. They are facilitators of human death and suffering, the waiters and waitresses to their death loving god, who rewards them with tickets that represent their kills.

It is not our choice by and large to live in a system based on human sacrifice and the sacrifice and death of all life forms. Yet we are dependent on the system of sacrifice to sustain our own lives. It is forced on us and all other choices are precluded and illegal. We are in a cage that only feeds us when someone else dies. It is little wonder that we can watch horror and death in films we call entertainment and have no interest in the horrors and deaths being carried out around us to keep our system empowered and forever growing. Opportunities come to us when children are slaughtered on the altar of private wealth, and we call this democracy and freedom. We call it the best system in the world, even though we know it isn't. Yet it is sacrilege to suggest otherwise.

Those who rule our world are not the pictures they have painted of themselves for us like Egypt's pharaohs commissioned grand statues to make the people see them as gods. The images portrayed to the people are of heroes and kindly decent people who are leaders possessing wisdom and truth and knowledge. That they always call for war is not noticed. That they themselves always live in the lap of luxury is excused and even expected. Why they call for war, why they are always very wealthy, we never ask ourselves.

The only way to survive in this modern world is to not care about others. It is to not care who is dying from our bullets and bombs. It is to not care who is homeless in our streets and which cops are beating the poor to death for fun, out of hate, out of the misguided notion that poverty is the sign of the enemy. Those who have nothing are nothing. We don't have to care about them. Those who are different offend us, we don't have to care about them. Those of a different color, a different race, a different belief system, a different church, they are unwanted competition, they threaten our system of accumulation through human sacrifice, we don't have to care about them. War is good for the economy. Economic crashes are good for the economy because those with money can swallow up what everyone else is forced to lose. True patriots support this so much they will sacrifice themselves in order to perpetuate the system and enrich their leaders who always profit very nicely from every war. They profit more with each annihilation of any sector of society that competes with them, any message that undermines their own, any trace of other perspectives or viewpoints. All such alternative views and values are called evil and will not be tolerated. All such are traitorous and undemocratic, they are communist and socialist and evil. We must all support the system of human sacrifice to enrich the few because it is good and noble and right and the church itself will agree and tell you that God is on our side.

None of this could happen, none of it would go on if indeed we the people were truly moral. If we honestly knew right from wrong and if right and wrong really mattered to us. If we honestly believed in the sanctity of life, if we truly felt that life was precious and that life mattered more than profits for the rich, we would not participate in this system. We would not admire and envy those who symbolize what success looks like in our system of human sacrifice for personal wealth. We would not condone the lying and thieving of the rich and powerful and protected, we would not excuse their law breaking and wrong doing, we would not reward them with legal loopholes and special laws that excuse them from all responsibility for the pollution, death, inequality, genocide and harm they do. We would not idolize them, be jealous of them, want to be them, if indeed we were truly moral people.

Are we too cowardly to experience hunger en masse for a while if it means ridding ourselves of this death cult that rules our world and our lives? Is it more important that others should die so that we may have cell phones, buy green cars and pay our rent? Is it just that the messages of human sacrifice for private wealth so thoroughly saturate our TV sets and magazines and school curriculums and boy scout clubs and secret societies that we can't find each other any more to talk about it and do something to stop it? Do we care? Do we believe we are powerless? Do we think it would be wrong to stand against it without their permission? They would never give permission, they would only come back at us with deadly force. Do we think that is reasonable?

At some point some generation of brave and moral people will not be impressed with the system of human sacrifice for fun and profit we have been forced to, led to, addicted to and become dependent on, then accepted as normal, then embraced as good, and now extol as supreme. They will simply stop. They will not participate. They will silently stand still until the last machine comes to a grinding halt. Until the last gun stops firing and the last bombs stop dropping. And when the bankers run screaming from their boardrooms in panic, when the government officials are besieged with angry phone calls from the rich, when the corporations aren't selling any more poisoned sugar water and chemicalized pseudo food products, they will be down on their knees to those moral people. Down where they belong. Because it is true that they are wholly dependent on the rest of us to play out their games and carry out their human sacrifices in the name of personal wealth accumulation. What little good they've done society is only that which is necessary to perpetuate the myth that capitalism is good. It is good for them, it is great for them, but it is not good for anyone else.

Unless and until that day comes when truly moral people cannot be swayed from what they know is right, who will not sell their souls for wealth and pleasures and comforts and prestige, the high priests of some unknown god who loves the smell of burning flesh and the sounds of human suffering, those priests will continue to tighten their control over all our lives, until they can literally shut off everything at the flick of a switch and watch the whole world starve to death. The greatest human sacrifice of all time, the ultimate gift of love and worship to their god of death and destruction. And if you doubt they would ever go that far ask yourself why not, if they've come this far already.

May I ask, who or what is your God? What are your morals? What matters most to you in life? What kind of world do you want to live in? These are questions we should ask ourselves. We already know the answers we've been given by external entities, our leaders in politics, religion, education, science and business. Are their answers the right answers for the rest of us? Do they know or seem concerned about what the right answers are for the rest of us?

Who else do you think will be alone with your conscience in the solitude of your dark and lonely nights? Who else will be there to bear responsibility for your life and your own actions?

What mortal men would guide us more faithfully than we could guide ourselves? Which of them should we trust with our lives without knowing who they are? Which men among us have such superior wisdom that they should dictate to us what is right and what is wrong but more importantly, which men would care more than we do about the right and wrong we do?

We have long taken our answers from the powerful men of this world who have nothing in common with us but eternally preach the gospel of human sacrifice for personal profit and power. These ordinary mortal men say they are our masters, our superiors and betters to whom we must forever be devoted, obligated to, obedient and dutiful to; and to win their approval we must kill others to bring more profit to the world, for them.

It's a fair question to ask. What God are you worshipping, really? Are you sure? Whose covenants are you upholding and living and standing for no matter the cost? Don't tell me your answer, tell yourself. I only asked because I was afraid that if I didn't, neither would you.