Monday, June 25, 2007


One of the hardest things that I've had to come to terms with is realizing and accepting that there really is such a thing as pure evil. Because of my natural revulsion for phony organized religions I've always chalked up the idea of evil beings to being part of the mythology that so saturates the planet. But I've come to realize that evil is a reality, it does exist, whatever "it" is, and that it's first order of business was to construct a cover so that it could operate freely, and that cover took the form of religion. It takes many other forms too, and in the same way uses them to give itself the appearance of being good, and upright and noble and even arrogantly extra special. In this way evil has perpetrated governments, science, health care, entertainment, technology and even love.

The net effect of this realization is that I've become very grumpy and impatient with stupidity. Sometimes I'm gripped with hopelessness and feel there's no point in even trying to help peel the film away from people's eyes. When I can look at something without the burden of having been propagandized about it, I am able to see what's right in front of me, and I can see it for what it is, while all around me people can only see something that's not there. They see what they've been told is there, and they think I'm the one who's out of the loop. Don't ask them to prove what they're saying, it gets them very cranky.

Don't laugh, 100% of us are operating under any number of illusions about the world and every day life, and while not everyone is fooled or tainted by propaganda and lies, the vast majority of us are. Many people are completely unable to see what's right in front of their faces because they've been indoctrinated, trained, to see it as something it isn't. To see it as something else and to excuse the obvious downsides in the name of it eventually bringing about better things. Or they allow terrible things to be done in the name of some goodness or rightness, which is nothing but pure evil cloaked in the disguise of "good". Either way, the truth and fact is that it's causing horrible things to happen. If something is destructive to life today, it won't make it okay in 50 years from now. Just ask whoever's lives were ruined in the process and see how they feel about it.

We're living in a time when we routinely decide that destruction to some others is fine, as long as we get something out of it for ourselves. This is the old "end justifies the means" way of thinking. It's a philosophy that is founded on the notion that we're all in this for ourselves and that whatever we want, we should just take, without regard to whoever we may be hurting along the way. It's a belief in crime as a normal routine. Stealing what you want from whoever happens to have it, or has the obvious rights to it. And if you can't steal it easily, or they're giving you too much resistance you just kill them and be done with it. This is what is at the foundation of everything we call progress.

People always have to die in the name of progress. People die in the name of peace. People die in the name of freedom, democracy, and science. It becomes a macabre fact that progress seems to need human blood to survive, and peace needs war in order to remain elusive, something to strive for. We are always creating a current day hell of some sort in the aim of better tomorrows, but those better tomorrows never come because we're again creating current day hells for another set of better tomorrows.

It's true that along the way better today's come, but consistently they come only for a handful of people. Always the very people who are so gung ho about doing those things that make the world a living hell for so many others. They profit profoundly and immediately and stay very quiet about it. They are the same ones who tell the rest of us to tighten our belts because times are tough, when they themselves don't have to tighten anything, and they themselves have never tasted a hard time.

People in Africa are enslaved, tortured, abused and killed so that American princess brides can have a see through rock on their fingers on their wedding day. We don't want to know that people sweated and bled and starved and were oppressed so that we could be sold that rock. We just don't want to know. We don't want to know the human costs of anything we have in our lives that gives us any amount of pleasure. We like our cheapo deluxe big box stores and we don't care that literal slave labor created our appliances and clothing. We say, "I can't afford to shop anywhere else." Tell that to the slaves who created it for you. I'm sure they'll understand.

It NEVER occurs to us that we should just go without these things then. It never occurs to us to look at the reasons this situation exists and address them instead of forcing others to suffer so we can "afford" our desires. But going without the latest yard furniture, big screen TV's or imported toys is beyond the asking of we freedom and equality minded Americans. We feel we work so hard for so little that if it means slaves are living tortured lives to build our little products, then they must pay the price for our happiness. We just deserve that.

No wonder "they" don't like us much. We're no better than our own so called elites, who have no more consideration for us or our suffering than we have for the third worlders who live in poverty and oppression so we can shop at Walmart and feel good about the impression we put out for others to see. I'm growing to not like us much either because I'm witnessing the real trickle down theory in action. It's not the wealth of the elites that's trickling into our lives, it's their callous disregard for the lives of others as they single-mindedly pursue their goals of getting ever more for themselves.

Their philosophy of self has poisoned our entertainment, news and media, setting examples we immediately follow to become just like they are. Shallow, small minded, greedy and selfish. Deep thought or serious conversation never crosses our minds. In fact, we hate that sort of thing. It disturbs our pleasant obsession with ourselves. We have come to believe that being "good" means being just like they are. We have come to believe that evil is good.

Their desire to have us go commit violence so that they may profit has saturated all of our minds so deeply that we think of war as noble and good and necessary. We even tell ourselves that our God gives us a wink and a nod when we travel 8,000 miles to a foreign shore and set about mass murdering simple people who have never threatened us, much less harmed us. Even the God that created us all thinks we should be self obsessed and unconcerned with the welfare of others. It takes imperial hubris to be dismissive of other human beings just because they are not "us". It takes imperial hubris to make nuclear warheads, and nuclear power plants that produce waste so toxic and so deadly for thousands of years that it cannot be dealt with and will kill anyone who is exposed to it.

It takes not giving a good God damn who lives or dies just so that we can be comfy and have all our goodies and lifestyle. It takes being able to look at other human beings and tell ourselves they don't count, or even that they're not human. Well it seems that whenever men claim that some other people aren't human to justify their aggression and enslavement of those people, they're always human enough to be used for sex. Well gentlemen, are they human or aren't they? Or are you just into bestiality?

Sure, they're up for bestiality but that's just the tip of the iceberg because for people who don't care about hurting anyone else to get their own little rocks off, bestiality is the least of it. The lying, cheating, stealing, manipulating, destruction, pollution, oppression, control, violence, murder, propagandizing and cruel punishment for refusing to go along with the "Me me me" plan of action, has permeated our entire culture to the point that we can't even stand looking at each other. We don't talk to each other, we fear each other, just like the "elites" fear us. They expect to be bodily dismembered in an angry crowd's rebellion for all the wrong they've perpetrated on us, and we expect everyone we lay eyes on to be a threat to us.

We're the shameless bastard offspring of the imperial mindset, whether we want to face it or not. We support every last one of the crimes they commit in the third world and the crimes they commit on us right here at home. We always support the biggest brute. Our police state exists to support it's own brutality. Their racism is our racism. Their intolerance is our intolerance. Their paranoia is our paranoia. But we all have three TV sets in our homes and two cars in our garages, and because they want us to see that as a wonderful prize that matters above all else, it does. If that's not pure evil I don't know what is.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Princess Diana, 9-11, and the Invasion of Iraq

On August 30, 1997 Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed arrived in Paris. Dodi, along with his bodyguard Trevor Reese Jones, went to a fancy jewelry store called Repossi to pick up an engagement ring. Then at 25 minutes past midnight that very evening, Diana and Dodi were killed in a car crash. The authorities were immediately satisfied that their driver was drunk and that it was just an accident, case closed.

Considering how very curious certain facts of the crash were, it does exceed belief that any legitimate investigators could be content to wave them aside when they seem to point to so much more than a fluke. Unless of course, they were told to wave them aside.

How could it have taken three hours to get the injured Diana to a hospital that was only three miles away? I mean, really think about that. Three hours. They weren't out in some abandoned countryside. They'd been swarmed by paparazzi and followed the whole way. Did no one call an ambulance? Or were the ambulances ordered not to respond? Which seems more likely?

Another tell tale sign is one that has become a regular, albeit strange occurrence. It's becoming too difficult to see it as coincidence. There is such a thing as pushing it. The cameras poised in the tunnel - amazingly - coincidentally - inexplicably - just so happened to fail that exact evening at that exact place and at that exact time so there is no video record of what exactly happened. A video record would put an end to the questions and leave little room for debate, assuming all was on the up and up. Sound familiar?

Perhaps if this anomaly had never again happened, we could possibly consider it believable. But camera failure is a much too familiar recurring problem at murder after murder. Murders which are always immediately chalked up to one thing or another, lately it's always terrorists. I'm sorry. I just don't think so.

After Diana's death rumors were flying about everything. I'm sure the elites were horrified to see the turnout of people who were so deeply moved and saddened by her loss. She had seemed to grow up in front of us, married a prince, had her lovely sons, and then went through the same sadness of a failed marriage and the disillusionment that comes along with it that even every day folks can understand. She was just getting the wind back in her sails when she met Dodi Al Fayed, an Arab, who was fabulously wealthy and whom she truly seemed to love.

It's hard to understate the public's emotional attachment to this woman. 750 Million people watched her get married on TV. 2.5 Billion people watched her televised funeral. She was inarguably the most popular woman on earth. She was literally beloved by people all over the world.

Then 4 years and 2 weeks after her premature death, we had September 11th in this country, and the first official response was to round up anyone and everyone with Middle Eastern sounding names or Middle Eastern looking faces, and drag them off to jail cells for interrogation. There was rampant hate mongering going on, compliments of the press and the government. And even though the supposed hijackers were Saudis, Bush decided we really needed to go kick Afghanistan and Iraq's butts. We know now it was all a ploy, a big lie to get us into a 100 year war, which is what these people are all about. That's what gets them off. Don't ask me to explain it, ask them.

It occurred to me how incredibly difficult it would have been for our government and the press to demonize and vilify the Middle East, and especially Middle Eastern men, if Princess Diana had managed to marry Dodi Al Fayed. As beloved as she was by not only England, but the USA and the whole world for that matter, it would have been beyond the pale to try to vilify Middle Eastern men across the board to get Americans willing to go to war. Four years after we'd become accustomed to seeing the steady stream of magazines and endless TV shows telling us all about Dodi, showing their wedding, and photos and stories about their new children, our hearts and minds would have come to embrace this union, and even begin to feel affection for not just Dodi but the whole Arab culture.

We'd have no doubt been introduced to Middle Eastern culture and the middle east itself would have become the new in vogue theme. Middle eastern food, music, customs and dress would have become much more familiar to us cut off ignorant Americans. We would have known that they're people too, living in modern times, and they weren't out to get us. It would have been exponentially harder to push the country into mindless generalized hatred of the entire Middle East if there was just one middle eastern man who was now famous and mainstream, and married to our beloved princess, that we knew and learned to love.
Can you imagine statements in the press Diana would be making about bush's vilification of Middle Easterners, his horrendous policies and the ill treatment people are receiving at his racist hands? How quickly she could have cut him down to size by exposing his stupid comments for what they were, and making strong criticisms of his lust for torture, and the endless push to remove human rights from anyone he deemed threatening to his imaginary future world without bad guys. Her influence over so many minds would have given bush a real load of trouble, and he could very easily have failed in getting any war off the ground.

A great many more Americans might have dismissed bush's finger pointing and claims of imminent danger for the nonsense that they were, especially if Diana's face was constantly on the front page denouncing his games play by play.

Ignorance is what made the Iraq war possible, and the government knows that. It explains why they address the public as though we were infantile morons. It serves their long range hidden plans much better to have an uninvolved, disconnected, cut off ignorant public who never hears another credible, forceful opinion. How well would it have gone over for the republican swine to gang attack the most beloved princess in the world when she lined them out? A lot more people would have seen through them a lot sooner if someone they knew, trusted and even "loved" was speaking out against the republican push to take over the whole darn planet.

But it goes beyond manipulating the public. There is also the very real conflict of interest it would have created between the USA and Britain in the power ranks. We could not possibly be going around demonizing Middle Eastern men when Britain's Princess Diana was married to one. Political correctness is not optional in those circles, you don't get to act like an ignorant jerk over rich people's race or ties to other races. It would have made Britain horribly uncomfortable to try to coexist with people they feel the same kind of racism for, that all ruling class twits seem to suffer from. They'd have had headaches every other day with Charles sticking his foot in his mouth every five minutes, and Diana and Dodi making them show everyone who they really are. This couple would have been powerful medicine toward exposing the lies of entitlement and control by the rich that most of us think of as normal.

With such a high ranking political symbol like Diana, literally building a bridge to the Middle East with her marriage to Dodi, the US would have had to watch every single word out of it's mouth, and that goes double for the press. If they wanted to keep covering Lady Di, and they did because she was THE perennial hot item that sold magazines, books, newspapers and TV shows, and interest in her never waned, they would have had to treat her husband respectfully, or they'd lose access to their cash cow. There is no telling how far it could have gone, with Diana taking the whole world to the Middle East via magazine spreads, and telling the truth about Palestine and Israel and other things from the perspective of the Arab nations. We'd have been exposed to other very real points of view instead of just the mono vision of the propaganda driven Western media plaguing us today.

Yes it would have created a nightmare for those who had planned on 9/11 happening. Perhaps it even set it back a while, to give the public time to forget Dodi and Diana. If it had happened too soon, people would have asked the obvious questions about possible connections between Diana's death and America's mutation into a global predator.

Everything I've just said is speculation. But knowing now what we couldn't have known then, you can't say it's beyond possibility. Diana's marriage to Dodi could indeed have thrown quite a wrench in the works of those who manipulate the masses toward their own ends. It might have just ruined their day.

Considering all the intelligence services are interconnected and all work for the same people, it simply could not have been difficult to arrange to have a camera not working, and a white car run into Diana's and Dodi's car in that tunnel, and a passing motorcyclist throwing something that exploded with a blinding white light to ensure the driver's disorientation, increasing the likelihood of a fully deadly car accident. And when the people on the scene discovered that Diana was still alive, how hard would it have been to prevent help from reaching her, and perhaps more to the point, who else would have the authority or ability to prevent that help? An ordinary citizen wouldn't have any luck keeping ambulances away, he'd just have been ignored and pushed aside. People wanted to help Diana, they loved her. It's just like the way no interceptor jets were launched on September 11th, even in the two hours lag time between the Twin Towers and the Pentagon being hit. It just doesn't add up. When you ask how things could have gone so wrong, when there are procedures in place that have worked thousands of times day after day, why would they just suddenly stop? Stop right at the worst possible time. Again and again.

Even without knowing every intricate detail and fact I think it's safe to say that we never know the truth about what really happens when innocent people get killed. That goes for people innocently at work in the Twin Towers on 9-11, and the students killed in the Virginia Tech shootings, and it goes for Princesses too.