Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Oh Happy Day

I turned on my computer this morning and saw it, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has resigned. Oh happy day, this is wonderful news I thought. His leaving, and rather suddenly I might add, is of course a happy wonderful thing that makes you want to run out into the streets and embrace a total stranger, singing and dancing, "Have you heard? Alberto has resigned! He's gone I tell you, he's gone!"

But then it hit me like a bucket of slop from above: who are they going to replace him with? We know for sure, for a fact, that whoever they put in there next will only be worse. The words slipping over my trembling bottom lip were, "Just not Chertoff. Not Chertoff".

The first name I heard that bush had chosen was Chertoff. Chertoff who is the Head of Homeland Security. Chertoff who is a dual citizenship Israeli. Chertoff who is the son of a Mossad agent.

Supposedly the bush gang thought of Chertoff because as of yet, he has not been slathered with evidence of crime and debauchery in the papers, he would be perceived as clean enough for the job. But let's face it, it would have to be nothing but a public perception, because bush uses the attorney general to subvert the law, rewrite the law, and reinterpret the law beyond the strain of reason, and Alberto Gonzales' willingness to lick his master's boots has been a disgrace. Gonzales absence of honesty was exactly what bush needed him for, it's what got him hired. Whoever replaces him will have to have all that and more.

Consider Gonzales' qualities as you ponder what's in store for us next.

Alberto Gonzales' behavior and ethics were despicable. Promoting torture as not being torture, dismissing the Geneva Conventions as quaint, supporting the denial of detainees most basic human rights, finding preemptory war perfectly legal, actively engaging in blatant attempts to strip us of our rights. It all proves just how different these people are from what this country was founded and built on. What all of these people believe in is in direct contradiction to what the American people believe in.

It's been sickening and infuriating to watch Gonzales treat the congress and all of the rest of us like superfluous beings. They don't care that they have pushed it all past the limits of our patience, past the limits of conscience and decency. They are pleased that they have offended us, sickened us, and set the worst example of lawlessness at the top of the pyramid for all others to emulate. We shouldn't have a pyramid in the first place.

Never have I seen such offensive, debauched, combatively uncooperative people in charge of anything, much less the country. It's astonishing how much they disdain the idea of cooperating with anyone. They can't seem to operate comfortably at all inside the boundaries of the law. They're always pushing it past the boundaries, and demanding we let them. They try to sell themselves off as special, as somehow above us. As if. They even refuse to testify under oath like everyone else.

Who doesn't testify under oath? No one. But the bush crime gang claims it's beneath them to be sworn in. Whatever words pass from their lips are required to be taken as heavenly drops of golden truth, and to show the slightest disrespect for that blindingly bizarre way of thinking turns YOU into a filthy liar who just hates Republicans.

Isn't all of that the spit and image of Israel hurling epithets of anti-Semitism at any who criticize them for their unconscionable acts in Palestine, or for mere passing comments that are in any way critical or disapproving of them? Anything but 100% support gets you a kick in the crotch and an indelible nasty lie stamped on your forehead. To be fully followed up of course with ultra vengeance until you can't get a job after suddenly getting fired and no one will speak to you anymore, including your own dog. I wonder where the bush gang picked this up? It's ugly, isn't it? YUCK.

Testifying under oath shouldn't feel uncomfortable to anyone who hasn't done anything wrong. One would not expect to see such struggling and kicking from honest men, much less the refusal to even allow note taking.

It doesn't get more clear than this. They will not go on the record for anything and they will not let anyone else go on the record either. They have too much to hide, and their wrong doings are so hellacious, they can't risk speaking a single word that isn't first cleared by a master propagandist/obfuscator.

None the less the bush crime gang keeps flouting that arrogant attitude of "How dare you bother us about anything? We're special." That psychotic arrogance is enough to make you want to deck those phony idiots and wipe those smarmy little smiles off their faces, along with that eyebrow thing, slightly raised, trying to give you the Spock "you are beneath me" glare.

Can we really say we didn't know it would be like this? The 2000 election was a bizarre, unprecedented theft. Bush was installed instead of elected. If that was his first official act, there had to be a whole lot more where that was coming from. Bush wouldn't have survived the 2000 election without the inexplicable intervention of the Supreme Court, which really blew it's cover by coming out and acting like Big Daddy Fixer.

They must have been nervous, no, scared as hell to try that, since they don't have the right to decide who wins our elections. They probably expected to be stopped at any moment, disgraced, humiliated and revealed, it was quite a serious risk. But they were sanctioned by someone, sent in to do what they did, by someone who was able to ensure their protection and their success, regardless of how sticky and putrid it all was. If they hadn't pulled this ballsy trick right when they did, the hanging chads fiasco would have played out and as we now know, in spite of the many sweeping and deliberate criminal steps taken to get this man into the drivers seat, he wouldn't have made it, even with all that cheating. Who went to all that trouble in advance to make so damned sure their boy would get into office?

You know they're some kind of powerful when they can bring our presidential election process to it's knees and instruct the Supreme Court to obstruct justice in front of God and everyone. Powerful enough to make the papers let it go. Powerful enough that no one talked about how obvious their existence was, indeed it was never mentioned. At all. Very much like the fact that so many Congressmen have told us time and again that the Israeli lobby literally owns the Congress, and no one is allowed to mention that. Ever. At all.

That's scary as hell.

It was done right in our faces, but everyone in a position to do something about it, to call it what it was, to refuse to allow it, to reject the absurd falsehoods and the betrayal of the people, to stand up and cry out against the whole stinking scenario, didn't do a flaming thing. (Congress could have stopped it in a heartbeat. Why didn't they?) Instead we had even more revolting sickening cheating people like Kathryn Puke-Woman Harris who was lying so bad that even her pointy witch like face couldn't hide it. Remember her announcing how bush had won fair and square?

Did that make you want to hurl too? I don't like games, I don't like liars, cheaters or thugs, and that's all these people amount to; and those are their better qualities. But why are they all doing this? Why is there no discussion of these things in public? Why does it feel like so much effort is being made to ignore what's right in front of us, destroying the country, chomping at the bit to pound Israel's supposed enemy threat, Iran, with nuclear warheads. Without any cause.

Regarding Gonzales' resignation, our un-elected, grumpy, sore loser president was quoted to say, "After months of unfair treatment, that has created a harmful distraction at the Justice Department, Judge Gonzales decided to resign his position and I accept his decision. It's sad that we live in a time when a talented and honorable person like Alberto Gonzales is impeding from doing important work because his good name was dragged through the mud for political reasons."

Does the doody never stop flowing?

Claiming Alberto was an honest victim of unfair treatment is the bush crime gang's typical rampant hypocrisy. It is they who victimize the decent honest people and get rid of them, frame them, lie about them and destroy them for their own political ends. (Like Israel and Palestine?) The reality of it is plain.

This president used this attorney general as a cover, a form of credibility, an enabler, a validator of his crimes, past present or future. (The same way the Zionists use Israel for cover and credibility?) Every time Gonzales came on the scene he was there to rewrite reality, scampering to backdate new crooked laws far enough back to "legalize" yet another crime that bush just got caught red handed doing. (Like Israel denied running over Rachel Corey with a bulldozer, even after all those eye witness testimonies that said they did?) Alberto's job was not an easy one. I have no doubt bush will miss him sorely.

Gonzales was a worshipful underling too, willing to decimate his reputation across all the Earth for the rest of his life, in order to please his beloved master. He was willing to lie, connive, contrive, what ever it took to give his boss whatsoever he wanted, no questions asked. He was willing to join the ranks of the most hated people in the world to serve a man intent on destroying America.

All of the hard core bushies have pledged their undying loyalty to a single man, or rather to the ideology he represents, instead of a whole nation. That is our whole problem. That is what cannot be overlooked or dismissed. It's not ever supposed to be about a man, it's about our country. What a lie they sold to try to make us believe otherwise. Their sights are set on total dominance. But choosing to serve one man means abandoning everyone else, and anyone making that choice cannot be here to do anything but destroy us. They seek only to obey some perceived superior, with bush as his public face but not his being, and they will do anything to protect bush's position on top of that stolen pedestal. They need the credibility of his position to perpetrate their will on us, otherwise this would have ended long ago.

I can see a lot of things going on here that don't make sense unless Israel is in the picture.

The way this country is now, this is not us. This is not who we are. And what this government is doing is not what we have a government for.

You and me and all the people, WE pay for every single thing that costs a dime in this country. Their salaries, those expensive hardwood desks, the comfortable fine leather chairs, fancy breakfast lunch and dinner, pricey designer office supplies, their fricken butlers and 24/7 staff of every kind, their always washed and running new automobiles, $5,000 a night hotel rooms and chauffeur driven airliners, all of it, we fund it. Who could feel so comfortable spending our money with such disrespect, and showing such disrespect to the American people?

What are we getting for all this? Increasing oppression, increasing force from police, endless lies and war mongering, and their unrivaled arrogance. Criminals hiding their crimes under pay as you go made to order laws which legalize their crimes. Plus their claims that we don't need to know what they're doing.

Of course having just said that, it does bring home the point. Our president, our public servants have no right and no business living high off the hog the way they do, being catered to and chauffeured everywhere, being relieved of any common unpleasurable chores or slight inconveniences. They are not there to elevate themselves above us all, they're not anyone's superiors, and it's not their place to set about spending our money like it's going out of style, which, by the way, it has. They are not there to wheel and deal and flux with the stock market, grant the big banks their every predatory wet dream, step aside to let corporations poison us with defiled food, air, drugs and products, or to hand out billions in corporate welfare to the most profitable companies on earth even as the jobs we need to support ourselves leave the country by the millions. They seem to run the country as a mere afterthought, something they dabble in between high powered big money meetings where they concentrate on what they love the most. Bleeding us to death and gorging themselves and the rich on our ever shrinking life energy, and making plans to destroy the middle east with perpetual war. This is not America. This most certainly does not define what "public servants" are. No one could be that inane to pretend interpretations exist in the law to validate any of this.

You name me a single servant on this earth who lives in splendor, is waited on hand and foot, and who's master is told to "f" off, take a number, and shut up? What master gets a piece of mail from his servant telling him he will go die in a foreign land now whether he wants to or not, forfeiting his entire life, business, home, family and responsibilities. What servant says, "I don't care if you're sick, you can't have money for the doctors visits"?

I don't believe servants are the ones with the top of the line standard of living while the boss is scraping by, or while some of the bosses are forced to sleep in the streets and struggle for every necessity. Some even dying in the streets. It's not normal to see servants telling the boss what to do. But that's what we've got, and it's raging.

Now it is we who are outrageous for bothering our employees for a report on their work, it is we who are audacious for speaking out when presented with evidence of wrongdoing and pilfering, for seeing the gargantuan consistent failures coming one after the next, and it is we who are somehow out of line for having a problem with any of it, and doubly out of line for expecting answers from those responsible.

What kind of stupid bosses are we anyway?

We're the kind of stupid bosses who give the servants total control of all the guns in the house, permission to lie, cheat and steal, and the only existing key to the wall safe. We're the stupid kind of bosses who don't check credentials, histories, the past, and who hire people who's loyalty cannot be certain when push comes to shove. We're the kind of stupid bosses who doze off and fail to notice all our staff being replaced by strangers who we're then told we cannot know about, for our own safety. We're the kind of stupid bosses who end up locked out of their own house before they know what happened, while the servants take everything that's ours.

The final question is, are we the kind of stupid bosses who will just let it all go? Or will we do whatever it takes to reclaim what is rightfully ours?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Murder By Food

I've been told that the two grocery stores in my area definitely suck compared to what some folks are used to in other places. You lucky Pierre's. I know the grocery stores around here are the pits believe me. After living here for so long, I do remember a time when grocery shopping was something I liked doing. They had lots of variety and even lots of stores to choose from, and it always ended up that I could hardly decide what to eat first when I got home.

Not so anymore. Between the toxic waste, GMO's, chemicals and additives, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, MSG, aspartame, hydrogenated oils, and the fact that I live in the most fertile food growing area on earth but can't get anything fresh that isn't six weeks old and shipped in from overseas or trucked in from some God forsaken place in South America with no FDA equivalent, it's become stressful and disheartening to say the least.

I used to say, "What sounds good?" when I walked in the store and now I say, "What won't kill me?" There's been a profound change in America's philosophy of food and health. Too bad it's a change right out of a cold sweat nightmare.

Do the owners of these big food companies ever eat their own products? Or do they have their own food specially grown or flown in and prepared fresh for every meal? Do I have to ask? The question answers itself. Of course the rich billionaire corporate scum of the earth don't eat the toxic waste they market, and neither do our elected officials.

Isn't it nice to know that as far as the rich and powerful are concerned we can all fuck off and die? They don't care that our health is so poor that our upper class has the equivalent health of Britain's poor. They don't care that the slow build up of toxic chemicals in every American's body will give every last one of us diseases we would not otherwise get, and those diseases will sicken and weaken us, reduce our energy, intellect and quality of life, and end up causing our premature deaths. Every corner they can cut to pocket the extra pennies is the only thing they care about. It warms your heart doesn't it? Or is that my outrage revving up? I think it's the latter.

Believe me when I say this to both the corporations and the elected traitors that red carpet these murdering greed bags, the feeling is mutual.

The demand for organic food is overwhelming the grocery stores in this area, at least that's what they claim. I know they're not trying very hard to get organic foods on the shelves though because they're much more interested in getting sewage fertilized, toxic waste watered veggies from China shipped in. One would think it would take gargantuan effort to set up a supply line like that from a country on the other side of the world, compared to connecting with local food growers who can drop off fresh produce every day of the week. The organic produce section at the local and much hated Safeway here is always a teeny section that is pared down to a few bits of this and a few pieces of that, and it's often stuff that's been sitting there long enough to show obvious signs of spoilage. One or two phone calls would change all that overnight and organic produce would abound there and be fresh. I've been complaining to them weekly for over a year and nothing has changed. So clearly, they aren't trying very hard at all.

I think what pisses me off so much is the assertion that we should have no choice over our lives. We're just supposed to shut up and eat it, whatever "it" is, and not ask any questions. They say we don't need to know what we are eating, the way cattle don't ask what you're putting in their food trough. We don't need to know about genetically mutilated franken-food, untested by the FDA and marketed years before independent reports could be snuck out to the public, at great risk to those who had the courage and decency to ring the warning bell. The reports on GMO's are shocking to say the least. So we know that all soybeans, yellow corn, and canola for instance are genetically mutilated and wouldn't you know it, they're in 99% of everything on the grocers shelves. You can't get away from the stuff.

Common sense dictates that the genes of different species should not be forcibly mixed. You don't need a science degree to know that, your stomach tells you that because the thought of it is nauseating. That's not just a meaningless reaction, it's important information. Humans are turned off by foods that are bad, it's a natural reaction. If we didn't react that way we would eat things that are rotting and covered with bugs. Clearly, we have a mechanism within us that acts as a warning radar to warn us off anything potentially dangerous. My strong negative reaction is all the proof required to reject this defiled, unnatural food. I don't need permission, I don't need proof, and I don't need to be a scientist. I just need to say no, and I'm saying it now. NO. I don't want adulterated food. I want it clean, pristine, fresh and locally grown and just the way nature made it. Period.

Right now all of us are acting as lab rats in the largest ongoing real time science experiment of the 21st century. What happens to people who eat genetically mutilated food will be recorded for posterity when babies are born with all manner of birth defects over the next 50 years, and when human health plummets and people start dying like flies. Then they will say, "Well gee whiz, we guess that stuff was dangerous after all. Thank goodness we didn't eat any."

The thing about GMO's is that there's no reason for them, and there is absolutely no desire for them. On the contrary, people all over the world are up in arms fighting back the forced imports of GMO foods into their countries. Even people starving in Africa made an official statement saying they'd rather starve than have that crap brought in to feed their people. Hello? But we are snorking it down all day long and have been for years with the majority of us still totally unaware that our foods have been seriously contaminated and are probably a horror story waiting to happen.

So why are they pushing GMO's so forcefully on the whole planet? There was no crisis underway in agriculture necessitating such an extreme scientific intervention and adulteration of the most basic necessity of life. Was the planet's corn crop failing? No. But all of our yellow corn is now franken corn, that includes your corn chips, tortilla chips, popcorn, corn starch, and corn syrup to name a few. The risks are unknown, they have literally done no studies of any kind to support their assertion that GMO foods are perfectly safe. Their word is way less than enough, and no self respecting American would settle for it for one second. No one's word on this is enough. Show me the science. But there is no science, at least none the food giants are willing to make public. That should be your first major clue.

There is no need or justification to force and sneak in these putrid offensive franken-foods on the public, and we don't want anything to do with them, yet they force them on us anyway. This simple fact is enough to make me suspect the absolute worst of intentions are behind this, and with the track record of corporate and elitist behavior and their open disdain for the people, and their openly stated obsession with eugenics, we would have to be as dumb as rocks not to know that a war is being waged against us.

So yes, it's become a bit of a nightmare trying to find something edible each week, and the choices are few and far between. The variety has shrunk from hundreds of possibilities to tens. Eating is boring and unappetizing, and that is such a dirty crying shame. Food is supposed to be wonderful. It's a reward after a hard day's work. It should taste good, smell good, and be fresh. Food isn't optional, it's not like it's some unimportant thing that doesn't matter how much they desecrate it. It matters more than the pushers of garbage food matter. I think it's them who need to go, not our life giving fresh natural unadulterated foods, because we do have the right to life and health no matter what rich spiritually deformed jerk doesn't think so.

If you haven't taken the time to check out what all those chemicals on the packages are, you should. Ditto some research on genetically mutilated food, and definitely on the politics and history of how they got here in spite of hair raising facts like the WTO over riding several countries health laws and commitment to protect public health. Everywhere that GMO's have been taken they've been rejected. The rejection is always over ruled. How scary is that? And who on earth has the power to over rule the health laws and strong objections of sovereign nations?

There is a war on against us folks, and to be unaware of it is to submit to the will of twisted people who are working very hard to kill us off. I for one will refuse to comply, and I hope you do too.

Monday, August 06, 2007

The Murder of Pat Tillman

I hate to sound cynical, but I am cynical. And for good reason. Four years ago, I walked in the door as innocent as a spring day and now I wouldn't believe anything that comes from official sources.

Any seeker of knowledge who goes digging to become informed will end up sifting through the same endless mountains of political refuse and rancid, ugly covered up crime that's been left in heaps out there, just like at any city dump. It's all there, you just have to be willing to pick up the pieces and look at them. It's self evident what they are. They aren't hiding, they're in plain sight. Going through the debris will bring anyone to where I am now, it doesn't even matter where you start.

You can start here by going to my website and watching movie #226 about the Iran Contra hearings. It's not even funny how the things they were saying then are the same things they're saying now. It's also not funny watching Oliver North admit that Republicans think they're special and get to blow off the law, the constitution and the congress and do whatever the hell they want, and make a fat profit while they're at it. This is who's been pulling the strings since Nixon and that dunce Reagan. Reagan of course passed all the laws they needed to get the foxes in charge of the chicken coop and make it illegal for the chickens to complain about it. It's been a long, slow coup d'etat. Nice, clean, silent, and private, no bullets necessary. The country went under private control decades ago, and now the coup is at it's heyday. How lucky we are to be alive to witness it. Not.

Being cynical doesn't mean I'm not seeing straight, on the contrary. This "bite me" attitude of mine seems to be the only common sense way of approaching everything official. Blind faith is for religion, not politics. I fully admit my ire is so inflamed that I'm sometimes prone to jump the gun and assume the worst when there is no worst to assume. But again, it's a stronger position than passive benefit of the doubt. It's the preferable side to err on. The worst that can happen is that I'm wrong. Doing it the other way leaves the worst that can happen up to the imagination of the most powerful people on earth, and look where that's gotten us.

Things would be a lot different if we the people were a hard sell. If it took fourteen ways from Sunday to justify and prove what they want us to believe; if we knew the media was a crock; if we didn't believe anyone out there was doing anything for our benefit; if we comprehended the simple reality that the term "high crimes" can never apply to us regular folk, but only to those in high office; then maybe things would be a whole lot different around here.

All that just to broach the subject of Pat Tillman. I just don't want to give the impression I'm not cognizant and fully appreciative of what happened to the man. I certainly am, and I'm outraged. This second round of scandal regarding Pat Tillman's death is shocking. But I can't help feeling it's been thrown out at us like balls of spiked ground beef to junkyard dogs. It's a distraction. There is so much going on right now that's critical, and as horrendous as the blatant murder of Pat Tillman and the conspired cover up is, there is no chance anyone responsible will be prosecuted for it. This is a very safe distraction. They can show us some real, serious dirt to hook us and know all the while they'll be perfectly safe. It will buy a nice chunk of time for the thugs at the top to put together their next obstruction of justice, their next criminal act, their next blatant attempt to undermine our freedom.

The new details about Pat Tillman's death provide irresistible scintillation for the public. Multiple close range shots to the head, the comments of the medical examiners, the refusal of the military to act in a forthright manner and instead do everything in their power to shut the subject down and shut the talk down with it, all are perfect grist for the rumor mill. People are talking about it. Congress immediately held another hearing on it, calling Rumsfeld himself to the stand. He's still as revolting as ever, still the consummate smooth liar. You almost half believe he believes himself. But you can tell. He's FOS and he knows it. And we know it too. You can physically feel it.

This is the perfect distraction to throw at the public to force our attention away from other things for a while. It's perfect because there is literally a 0.00000% chance that the administration will go down for it. We will never see a president or a vice president go down on murder charges, or complicity, or anything remotely related to murder. It doesn't matter if there's video footage of a president knifing a nun to death, he will never be prosecuted. It will never happen. Besides, you know as well as I do we'd never see the footage. It would disappear into the handy void of National Security. We begin to understand those words mean something entirely different than what we thought. It means CYA, government style. Just dig through the National Info Dump yourself and you'll see it as clearly as I do.

In a way it would be asinine to prosecute a president for murder. After the number of deaths coming out of any of the endless wars they're always chomping at the bit to get us into and then pulling out every tired old cliché to keep us there, killing, for as absolutely long as possible, there's enough murder to prosecute to take up the rest of known time.

Don't forget the president's private military crime ring, the CIA, and the domestic version in the FBI. Those agencies were never established to protect you and I. They were established to end run the law and to pull off major crimes, safely out of sight of the people who fund them. Those agencies and the dozens of others most of us don't even know exist are not there serving us. If they were I think we'd know all about it. We'd know they exist, we'd know what they do, we'd know what they're soaking us for, we'd know who's running them, and we'd approve of what they're up to. So...nope. They're not there for us.

Murder evidence is about the safest thing to throw in our faces. The evidence speaks for itself. The inside truth of the military is that orders come from the top, not vice versa. And if Pat Hillman wasn't ordered murdered, then you tell me why they lied.

In a way it surprises me that as a country we can be so naive about the military and what it does. They kill people. That's what they do. That's what we spend the hundreds of billions on year after year after year. It's all about killing people. So how can we be surprised when they pull off politically motivated killings for one of the most radical politically motivated administrations in history? The courts are infested with political sycophants and cowards, the justice system is a crock, the agencies that are supposed to protect us are in fact working for big corporations and we're funding them as they're implicit in slowly killing us all off. Face it. Our government is all about killing people. Killing people and profiting big time. That's their whole game plan. They do it all disguised as our dear leaders and all the while they're robbing and pillaging and stacking the deck against us so that we can't even charge them for their crimes. We can't even defend ourselves against them, they will always win under the law. They have the right to shoot us in the streets, but we can't shoot them, not even in self defense when they're corrupt as hell. It's patently unfair.

But it's not about being fair. And nothing they do is about helping us. It's about helping themselves, and being able to engage in high crimes at will aplenty, and never having to do the time, or even having to hear the charges or go through the unpleasantry of a nasty old trial. They're not accountable to us. The current administration makes that perfectly clear, more so than any administration before them. This illegal president really is a no class ditz, he's spoiled the whole enchilada. Now we're all catching on and the party's almost over too.

At the moment there's little doubt they're feeling the heat. They needed a good distraction. Things aren't going as smoothly as they used to. The war is highly unpopular, the president is highly unpopular, and people have had it up to here with republicans. The country is going to hell in a hand basket and whatever political capital mr bush bragged about having at his second rigged election victory has been spent. He's operating on credit and his credit history is butt ugly. They've got nothing left to stand on, and we aren't interested in the same old fear mongering and nonsensical claims of Al-caida being behind every bush and on every telephone in the country. He's FOS too, they all are, and they know they're in trouble. The facade is cracking and they're scrambling to pull off their next move while they still can.

Though they're getting little cooperation or support from the people it won't for a moment slow them down or stop them. They've bullied, lied and cajoled their way all along, and they'll keep doing it until the day finally comes that their turn is up and they have to go home. I'm not alone in saying that day can't come soon enough. But it's still a long way down the road and they still have power, and they still have a game plan to accomplish.

Much of what they've done has happened in the dark and in back alleys, like the North American Union. Even when directly asked about it they lied and denied it. They still aren't talking about it publicly, it's still not in the papers. It's how they operate, it's who they are. Cheaters, liars, and murderers. By all indicators it seems obvious they're working on pulling off the next 9-11. From the trail of bread crumbs being left for us to find one can hardly be criticized for putting two and two together. It may just be a threat, a message to back off, "or else". Then again, it might be just the ticket to get their power back, get the heat off, and get us embroiled in a third ongoing war that can't be won. Personally I don't think the country will react as expected. It may very well piss us all the way off. We shall see.

No, I don't have any respect for the office, why should I? Respect is earned, not owed. If any president wants the respect of the public he better get off his butt and earn it. It doesn't matter if men that held the office before were decent, it doesn't make him decent. The willingness of the public to lick a president's boots offends me deeply. His office isn't a person, it's a job. What is there to respect? So if it offends anyone that I call them cheaters, liars and murderers all I can say is check yourself before you tell me what to do. I know why I'm saying it, but do you know why I shouldn't?

For those who know that the government and the military know full well about atrocities, torture and murder engaged in by our own troops, this will still apply to you. For those who don't this especially applies to you. They not only know about it they encourage it. They support it. They cover it up. Sometimes they even demand it. Often times, they openly reward it. Spend 57 riveting minutes listening to reality in the first hand words of men who went to war for America. If this doesn't bring you understanding about who and what the military is, and what it's capable of, then you're living in lala land by absolute choice.

Download/Stream: http://www.pbsblog.com/shareaudio/tortureug227-hour2mix.mp3

If I were the religious type, I'd pray that Pat Tillman got justice. And knowing that he never would, I'd pray that his family could find a way to heal and spend the rest of their lives well. It's what he'd want for them. It's what I want for them too.


Audio credit: http://unwelcomeguests.org/