Monday, August 06, 2007

The Murder of Pat Tillman

I hate to sound cynical, but I am cynical. And for good reason. Four years ago, I walked in the door as innocent as a spring day and now I wouldn't believe anything that comes from official sources.

Any seeker of knowledge who goes digging to become informed will end up sifting through the same endless mountains of political refuse and rancid, ugly covered up crime that's been left in heaps out there, just like at any city dump. It's all there, you just have to be willing to pick up the pieces and look at them. It's self evident what they are. They aren't hiding, they're in plain sight. Going through the debris will bring anyone to where I am now, it doesn't even matter where you start.

You can start here by going to my website and watching movie #226 about the Iran Contra hearings. It's not even funny how the things they were saying then are the same things they're saying now. It's also not funny watching Oliver North admit that Republicans think they're special and get to blow off the law, the constitution and the congress and do whatever the hell they want, and make a fat profit while they're at it. This is who's been pulling the strings since Nixon and that dunce Reagan. Reagan of course passed all the laws they needed to get the foxes in charge of the chicken coop and make it illegal for the chickens to complain about it. It's been a long, slow coup d'etat. Nice, clean, silent, and private, no bullets necessary. The country went under private control decades ago, and now the coup is at it's heyday. How lucky we are to be alive to witness it. Not.

Being cynical doesn't mean I'm not seeing straight, on the contrary. This "bite me" attitude of mine seems to be the only common sense way of approaching everything official. Blind faith is for religion, not politics. I fully admit my ire is so inflamed that I'm sometimes prone to jump the gun and assume the worst when there is no worst to assume. But again, it's a stronger position than passive benefit of the doubt. It's the preferable side to err on. The worst that can happen is that I'm wrong. Doing it the other way leaves the worst that can happen up to the imagination of the most powerful people on earth, and look where that's gotten us.

Things would be a lot different if we the people were a hard sell. If it took fourteen ways from Sunday to justify and prove what they want us to believe; if we knew the media was a crock; if we didn't believe anyone out there was doing anything for our benefit; if we comprehended the simple reality that the term "high crimes" can never apply to us regular folk, but only to those in high office; then maybe things would be a whole lot different around here.

All that just to broach the subject of Pat Tillman. I just don't want to give the impression I'm not cognizant and fully appreciative of what happened to the man. I certainly am, and I'm outraged. This second round of scandal regarding Pat Tillman's death is shocking. But I can't help feeling it's been thrown out at us like balls of spiked ground beef to junkyard dogs. It's a distraction. There is so much going on right now that's critical, and as horrendous as the blatant murder of Pat Tillman and the conspired cover up is, there is no chance anyone responsible will be prosecuted for it. This is a very safe distraction. They can show us some real, serious dirt to hook us and know all the while they'll be perfectly safe. It will buy a nice chunk of time for the thugs at the top to put together their next obstruction of justice, their next criminal act, their next blatant attempt to undermine our freedom.

The new details about Pat Tillman's death provide irresistible scintillation for the public. Multiple close range shots to the head, the comments of the medical examiners, the refusal of the military to act in a forthright manner and instead do everything in their power to shut the subject down and shut the talk down with it, all are perfect grist for the rumor mill. People are talking about it. Congress immediately held another hearing on it, calling Rumsfeld himself to the stand. He's still as revolting as ever, still the consummate smooth liar. You almost half believe he believes himself. But you can tell. He's FOS and he knows it. And we know it too. You can physically feel it.

This is the perfect distraction to throw at the public to force our attention away from other things for a while. It's perfect because there is literally a 0.00000% chance that the administration will go down for it. We will never see a president or a vice president go down on murder charges, or complicity, or anything remotely related to murder. It doesn't matter if there's video footage of a president knifing a nun to death, he will never be prosecuted. It will never happen. Besides, you know as well as I do we'd never see the footage. It would disappear into the handy void of National Security. We begin to understand those words mean something entirely different than what we thought. It means CYA, government style. Just dig through the National Info Dump yourself and you'll see it as clearly as I do.

In a way it would be asinine to prosecute a president for murder. After the number of deaths coming out of any of the endless wars they're always chomping at the bit to get us into and then pulling out every tired old cliché to keep us there, killing, for as absolutely long as possible, there's enough murder to prosecute to take up the rest of known time.

Don't forget the president's private military crime ring, the CIA, and the domestic version in the FBI. Those agencies were never established to protect you and I. They were established to end run the law and to pull off major crimes, safely out of sight of the people who fund them. Those agencies and the dozens of others most of us don't even know exist are not there serving us. If they were I think we'd know all about it. We'd know they exist, we'd know what they do, we'd know what they're soaking us for, we'd know who's running them, and we'd approve of what they're up to. So...nope. They're not there for us.

Murder evidence is about the safest thing to throw in our faces. The evidence speaks for itself. The inside truth of the military is that orders come from the top, not vice versa. And if Pat Hillman wasn't ordered murdered, then you tell me why they lied.

In a way it surprises me that as a country we can be so naive about the military and what it does. They kill people. That's what they do. That's what we spend the hundreds of billions on year after year after year. It's all about killing people. So how can we be surprised when they pull off politically motivated killings for one of the most radical politically motivated administrations in history? The courts are infested with political sycophants and cowards, the justice system is a crock, the agencies that are supposed to protect us are in fact working for big corporations and we're funding them as they're implicit in slowly killing us all off. Face it. Our government is all about killing people. Killing people and profiting big time. That's their whole game plan. They do it all disguised as our dear leaders and all the while they're robbing and pillaging and stacking the deck against us so that we can't even charge them for their crimes. We can't even defend ourselves against them, they will always win under the law. They have the right to shoot us in the streets, but we can't shoot them, not even in self defense when they're corrupt as hell. It's patently unfair.

But it's not about being fair. And nothing they do is about helping us. It's about helping themselves, and being able to engage in high crimes at will aplenty, and never having to do the time, or even having to hear the charges or go through the unpleasantry of a nasty old trial. They're not accountable to us. The current administration makes that perfectly clear, more so than any administration before them. This illegal president really is a no class ditz, he's spoiled the whole enchilada. Now we're all catching on and the party's almost over too.

At the moment there's little doubt they're feeling the heat. They needed a good distraction. Things aren't going as smoothly as they used to. The war is highly unpopular, the president is highly unpopular, and people have had it up to here with republicans. The country is going to hell in a hand basket and whatever political capital mr bush bragged about having at his second rigged election victory has been spent. He's operating on credit and his credit history is butt ugly. They've got nothing left to stand on, and we aren't interested in the same old fear mongering and nonsensical claims of Al-caida being behind every bush and on every telephone in the country. He's FOS too, they all are, and they know they're in trouble. The facade is cracking and they're scrambling to pull off their next move while they still can.

Though they're getting little cooperation or support from the people it won't for a moment slow them down or stop them. They've bullied, lied and cajoled their way all along, and they'll keep doing it until the day finally comes that their turn is up and they have to go home. I'm not alone in saying that day can't come soon enough. But it's still a long way down the road and they still have power, and they still have a game plan to accomplish.

Much of what they've done has happened in the dark and in back alleys, like the North American Union. Even when directly asked about it they lied and denied it. They still aren't talking about it publicly, it's still not in the papers. It's how they operate, it's who they are. Cheaters, liars, and murderers. By all indicators it seems obvious they're working on pulling off the next 9-11. From the trail of bread crumbs being left for us to find one can hardly be criticized for putting two and two together. It may just be a threat, a message to back off, "or else". Then again, it might be just the ticket to get their power back, get the heat off, and get us embroiled in a third ongoing war that can't be won. Personally I don't think the country will react as expected. It may very well piss us all the way off. We shall see.

No, I don't have any respect for the office, why should I? Respect is earned, not owed. If any president wants the respect of the public he better get off his butt and earn it. It doesn't matter if men that held the office before were decent, it doesn't make him decent. The willingness of the public to lick a president's boots offends me deeply. His office isn't a person, it's a job. What is there to respect? So if it offends anyone that I call them cheaters, liars and murderers all I can say is check yourself before you tell me what to do. I know why I'm saying it, but do you know why I shouldn't?

For those who know that the government and the military know full well about atrocities, torture and murder engaged in by our own troops, this will still apply to you. For those who don't this especially applies to you. They not only know about it they encourage it. They support it. They cover it up. Sometimes they even demand it. Often times, they openly reward it. Spend 57 riveting minutes listening to reality in the first hand words of men who went to war for America. If this doesn't bring you understanding about who and what the military is, and what it's capable of, then you're living in lala land by absolute choice.


If I were the religious type, I'd pray that Pat Tillman got justice. And knowing that he never would, I'd pray that his family could find a way to heal and spend the rest of their lives well. It's what he'd want for them. It's what I want for them too.


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