Friday, July 20, 2007

Our Spoiled King

Am I the only one who's outraged at the way our elected officials spend our hard earned tax dollars? Never have I seen such an attitude of entitlement to squander the public funds on expensive personal comforts and extravagant conveniences. Why stay at a normal, clean hotel when you can stay in a 5 star hotel room that goes for $5,000 per night? Why not indeed, especially when they "need" to reserve an entire floor, sometimes even two floors for the entourage and all the security they need everywhere they go. What security guard have you ever met that stays in 5 star European hotels and eats champagne breakfasts along with the boss? For that matter, how many bosses do you know that live like that? I don't know a single one.

I know people who can afford to live like that but they don't. Do you know why? Because it's obscene. It's wasteful and ridiculous to pay thousands of dollars for something when you can spend a few hundred and have everything you need and want. Also, when you earn the money you're spending you tend to have a heck of a lot more respect for your own hard work than to throw it away paying far more than necessary, just to try to impress others.

I hate to break it to mr bush, but he's beyond being able to impress anyone. He can spend our money like it's going out of style, but he won't make anyone believe he's some kind of special being, entitled to literally the best of every single thing he desires on our dime. It's like the old adage about putting lipstick on a pig. He's not special. He's a man like every other man on the planet. He doesn't deserve to lavish himself like a spoiled prince and hand us the bill. I know we don't owe him that.

Tomorrow mr bush is having a colonoscopy done, which we're paying for of course, and while that's already irritating, what's over the top is that it's going to be a house call.
How much do you suppose that will soak us for? Since when is one of our presidents too good to go to the hospital like everyone else has to? Since when has any doctor done a house call for you or me, much less a procedure like this? This is outrageous. The man is in perfect health, there is no possible justification for him to receive this outlandish, expensive special treatment.

I don't care who he thinks he is, he's using somebody else's money and he's obligated to spend it with the utmost respect and only when it's absolutely necessary to accomplish some public good. Mr bush can have his colon photographed in any hospital he likes and he'd be none the worse off for it. This is ridiculous. I'm tired of it to the point of seeing red.

When our unelected and elected officials alike are all multimillionaires they already have nothing in common with the rest of us who will never have enough money to even retire on. They already have no idea what it's like to have to worry about where your next mortgage payment is coming from, or how you'll be able to pay for medical care, or get your children a decent education. All of those things, the things that money can buy, for people like mr bush; and mr cheney with his 24 hour private ambulance and doctors standing by at all times for his heart condition, these people have left the realm of reality.

At what point did we decide that our public servants should live like spoiled kings and queens who never have to fix themselves a meal, clean a plate, scrub their own toilets or stay at a Motel 6 when they're using our money to do what they do? I never voted to have spoiled, self serving prima donnas spending our money on themselves in ways that would make anyone's head swoon to see the waste. Throwing hundreds at a simple lunch every day, to say nothing of the thousands for a small group. What about all the meetings they have, all the travel? You should know they spare themselves nothing. They never have to do without anything, and that means they never have to do without anything that isn't top of the line, the most expensive, with unheard of service, and spoiling and pampering all the way.

Didn't Nancy Pelosi recently demand a private airplane for her important self? Who are these greedy, self serving assholes and can we send them back and get some honest, respectful people on the job instead? I like Ron Paul's recent pride when announcing how little of his campaign funds have been gone through so far, in fact they haven't even gone through the amount they were budgeted to go through. They're stretching the money and I like the sound of that. Frugal is good, especially when it's somebody else's hard earned dough.

All in all, the new brand of royalty we've got in the White House is turning our country inside out, spending like elites, wasting money, doling out cash to buddies and cohorts, engaging in blatant crime and then having the prez grant pardons. It's about the best possible job for any gang of organized criminals, all done under the heading of officialdom. If nothing else these guys are damn good at one thing, screwing the public to death with lies upon lies upon lies.

Let that snapshot imprint itself on your mind because it's the template for their precise attitudes toward themselves and us. In their minds they deserve the best of everything for themselves and we deserve to pay for it while getting nothing for ourselves. Where we go hungry they indulge in five star plentiful finery. Where we scrimp and save, they lavishly spend for every minor whim. Where we have to do without in order to get needs met they spare no expense to ensure they are eternally in sublime pleasurable comfort. Where they arrange exorbitant house calls for medical treatment, in the same breath they deny our wounded soldiers even minimal health care. What a bunch of scum bags.

We the people deserve a hell of a lot better than these dirty birds.


  1. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Right on! Tell it like is! These pompous, self serving gag-bags just don't get it, do they? Ah, well its par for the course. Thank you, Ang for posting such thought-proving diatribe against the so-called "elite". Of course they wipe their ass just like the rest of us, what? and they expect us to foot the bill for their precious one of a kind asswipe the rest of us can't even buy?? LOL!

  2. Anonymous8:55 PM


    I love your writing and audio files. You shoot so straight and with such passion that your comments seem laser-guided. Hearing you speak is like having my own tough chick alter ego. I'm so glad to have found you through Vyz's site. Keith also comes through as a voice of reason and a friend.

    If I can be indulged a request it would be to please place a link on your blog to your archive of audio files. As it is it is really hard to find them.

  3. Anonymous8:57 PM

    A big oops. My comments stand while my request is obviated by your nice neat link. Is that recent, or perhaps it escaped my notice previously. Hope to hear more of your rants soon.

  4. Anonymous2:18 PM

    The colonoscopy was obviously to find out just how far up there his head was stuck....

  5. I think the time has come to simply refuse to accept American money.

    Lets all go old school, gold coins.
    No taxes on bardering and gold coins.

    No tax means no lobster dinners for Bush.