Friday, July 06, 2007

Identical Standardized Human Units

Good Morning. This is day number one hundred eighty five of the year 2093. Today's educational period will be on the frequently requested subject of American history, though I can't imagine why it would be of any interest to anyone. None the less, we will now proceed.

The start of the 21st Century marked the official beginning of the end of America. Although much had been done in the background toward that end prior to century 21, it had been done unofficially, was not condoned, and if discovered would have run the risk of criminal prosecution. Technically at least, if not in reality, it was still legally expected that the old constitution would be upheld and the government's duty was to uphold and protect something known as the people's bill of rights. This document was eventually found to be illegal by modern day scholars and in order to better protect citizens to the utmost degree, it was thankfully done away with.

The bill of rights was what gave citizens their legal claims to all of their freedoms, in their many and varied forms. For instance, having the right to one's own opinion was considered sacred, as was life itself. People strongly believed that since no two people are alike; and that in the eyes of the law and in reality everyone will see things their own way, that it only made sense to assure everyone that common sense freedom. They believed that only by allowing many perspectives and many voices to be heard on any given subject could any chance of meaningful change for the better be possible. They wanted change to benefit most if not all citizens equally.

At the time, they did not recognize the fact that some people are better than others, and that benefit must be unequal to be fair. They believed that the inferior people should receive as much benefit and justice as the wealthy people deserved, and were often heard to suggest that those holding government office were no better than anyone else and did not deserve special treatment, nor were they above the law. Clearly they had no idea that real freedom can only be found in total obedience to the state and that the opinions of the people were worthless if they were not formed and guided by a benevolent, peace loving leadership. There is little wonder why they had endless wars, or why their crime rates were epidemic, with blood up to the knees frequently flowing in the streets.

People back then didn't see elected officials as their masters. Instead they saw them as servants, there to do the will of the people. It would not have been acceptable to them for the elected people who served them to define them and their entire country, or take steps to assure that everyone would always be of like mind on every issue. They expected vigorous disagreement and debate on all topics of a public nature, and wanted to see a thorough exploration of all possibilities before deciding to pass any legislation. They wanted to avoid being restricted by having too many laws that would only confine them, and negate the individual freedom they cherished above all else. They didn't want the government telling them what they could or couldn't do, or what they could or couldn't have, or say, or be or want. They didn't want any help in those areas. In their minds, the very reason they existed was to do all of those things for themselves. They rejected the notion that they needed approval from the state for any part of their existence.

What made them desire such disorganized, ill conceived notions of freedom still stumps historians today. They apparently believed that wild guesses and uncoordinated actions would lead to personal happiness. In truth, they were just as unqualified as humans still are today to determine their own fate and value to society.

In those times, upon leaving one's authorized living space, one would witness the spectacle of all people looking, being and acting differently, independent of one another. Their hair and clothing was all different, their interests and political beliefs were different and complex. Their ideas and hopes and dreams were vastly different too, as were their interests and activities. They all drove privately owned vehicles too, and the variety between them was immense. People liked to come and go as they pleased, at all hours, to engage in a countless number of independent or group activities. There was no required sleep period, and no nightly curfews. Many people of the day were grossly sleep deprived which no doubt added to the overall irrational thinking that was so widespread at the time.

People were also free to decide what time they would awake in the morning. They did not have the benefit of the national alarm service at 5:30 each morning to rouse them and get them into their work suits to report to their stations for the required daily labor period. They woke up at all different times, put on a massive variety of different kinds of clothing, got into their myriad colored cars, and drove to millions of different places to labor for the day. It was a very disorganized, time wasting way of doing things which resulted in dramatically reduced productivity. It also led to death and dismemberment when vehicle crashes occurred, and they did occur with great frequency.

Today there is no need to travel vast distances to report to our labor stations. Labor stations are conveniently located at our state constructed standardized domiciles and for laborers, all travel is done on foot. Only the government has need or authority to possess and drive private vehicles, as we understand they could not do their incredibly important jobs unless they can travel to work districts to ensure ever increasing productivity rates. The rest of us are very lucky in that we never have to stray further than three miles from our place of birth or creation in the course of our entire lives.

Today we know that freedom means so much more than our predecessors understood. To them, freedom meant individuality, the protection of the individual, making the importance of the individual paramount, and allowing the individual to experience and navigate through life in his or her own way. Now we know that the individual is irrelevant, and that all must be done to benefit the whole. We understand that no single person matters in the least, and the highest good we can attain is to blend in with everyone else, serve the government with a loving heart, and be as much like our ideal citizen models as we possibly can be.

Today we have several citizen models to choose from and everyone is free to choose whichever model they prefer. We need only to emulate everything our chosen model represents and we too can become model citizens, serving the greater good, asking nothing in return, and peacefully obeying all commands from both law enforcement and the officials of all government offices. We know that voting is a pointless activity because citizens are unable to comprehend the variables or depth of governmental topics, so assignments of officials must be done by those qualified to the task. This ensures the greatest freedom for all, and today we are well pleased with this progress.

In early American times, there were numerous offerings of the media known as newspapers and magazines. In the early days of the ancient Internet literally anybody and everybody was able to log on and broadcast their own opinions and viewpoints. There were so many media outlets that no one could hope to get any idea of what the officials wanted, and therefore they could not serve them. Far from being bothered by that, they reveled in it and more and more new web sites went on line every single day.

Particularly upsetting was the frequent occurrence of dissident complaints, some of them openly and viciously attacking their government officials, disagreeing with them and telling lies, such as, the people knew better than the government what they wanted and needed. If you can imagine that. The critical analysis of many unauthorized individuals created an atmosphere of contention and disunity, often making demands on officials that today, we would find unconscionable.

For example, they often spoke of government accountability to the people, as bizarre a notion as that is. Today we realize that our officials are supreme and are wise in all things and that to question them at all is an exercise in stupidity. We could never hope to know how to choose the "right" things on our own, we need our officials to guide us in literally every aspect of our lives. Ever since technology made that possible, the American people have never been happier.

We are watched by government "Angels" every moment of our lives, who listen to every word we say, and know every thought we think. Our cranial implants ensure that we will always be in a pleasant mood, and that we are always in the mood to be productive. When we err they are there to correct us immediately, and when necessary to apply corrective punishment. We can be nothing but grateful for this personal level of concern over each and every one of our lives for without them, how could we ever have hoped to achieve this level of modern perfection in freedom, democracy and sheer happiness?

Another strange philosophy of early Americans was that the role of law enforcement was to concern itself with the rights of individuals and to do no harm to anyone unless it was done in self defense. This required police of the time to risk their lives every day, which is of course completely unacceptable. Today we know that anyone who does something bad must be shot on sight and disposed of and now we have no prisons of any kind, no need for court rooms, lawsuits or any such nonsense. Everyone is good today, and our country is strong and at peace because of it.

There is no unemployment anymore and because everyone has their duties assigned by the state, there is no need to ever search for work, or experience a single day of being nonproductive. Nonproductivity is the greatest sin after disobedience to the state, and no one could stand being in their own skin, synthetic or otherwise, if they were unable to proceed to their daily labor stations to create profits for the masters.

We no longer have illness or disease interrupting productivity because today whenever someone shows any signs of illness or other weakness they are shot and dragged away. We don't have time or interest in those who wish to be lazy or who fail to meet their production quotas. There is something deeply wrong with anyone who does not live to serve, and a lack of desire along these lines exposes a person as an evil soul who must be exterminated to protect the integrity of the system, for the greater good.

Oddly enough, when the first patents on life forms were issued, the general public of earlier times found the idea revolting. They did not perceive the benefits of genetic sciences and could not appreciate the wonders of commingling the genes of, say, horses with humans to create an intelligent, obedient beast of burden. They fought hard to prevent the benevolent scientists of their day from progressing into the future and bringing about the vastly improved world we live in today. They didn't like the idea of allowing benevolent medical exploration to be done on them and felt they needed to give their permission first. Can you imagine? There is no telling how far this attitude was able to set back modern advances in science and medicine, all because of their strange belief in the value of the individual, and the individual's sovereign rights to his own body and life, and property too. Today we have no desire to own anything. Individuality is a ridiculous notion for us today, but to them it was a highly esteemed concept. And look where it got them, no where.

Today, through the free access to human test subjects for science, we have been able to create the perfect human being. We are finally all ISHU, Identical Standardized Human Units, exactly the same in every way. We all think alike, talk alike, share the same thoughts and feelings, have the same opinions and beliefs, and we all love serving our masters and leaders above all else. We know that we are without value as mere individuals and that we could never hope to find meaning in life or provide value to others without being part of the group, and working for the greater good.

Indeed, we are blessed. You may now take three minutes to feel thankful.

After your three minutes of gratitude, please report to the nutrient station nearest you for the midday nutrient injection, then return to your labor stations. Oh and by the way, the government wants to wish each and every one of you a very happy Independence Day. End transmission.


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    Doubleplusgood entry Comrade.
    Another cup of Victory Gin?

  2. Anonymous7:27 PM

    Eerie how that sounds so plausible with the direction of society.

    Where did the inspiration for this come from?