Thursday, August 16, 2007

Murder By Food

I've been told that the two grocery stores in my area definitely suck compared to what some folks are used to in other places. You lucky Pierre's. I know the grocery stores around here are the pits believe me. After living here for so long, I do remember a time when grocery shopping was something I liked doing. They had lots of variety and even lots of stores to choose from, and it always ended up that I could hardly decide what to eat first when I got home.

Not so anymore. Between the toxic waste, GMO's, chemicals and additives, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, MSG, aspartame, hydrogenated oils, and the fact that I live in the most fertile food growing area on earth but can't get anything fresh that isn't six weeks old and shipped in from overseas or trucked in from some God forsaken place in South America with no FDA equivalent, it's become stressful and disheartening to say the least.

I used to say, "What sounds good?" when I walked in the store and now I say, "What won't kill me?" There's been a profound change in America's philosophy of food and health. Too bad it's a change right out of a cold sweat nightmare.

Do the owners of these big food companies ever eat their own products? Or do they have their own food specially grown or flown in and prepared fresh for every meal? Do I have to ask? The question answers itself. Of course the rich billionaire corporate scum of the earth don't eat the toxic waste they market, and neither do our elected officials.

Isn't it nice to know that as far as the rich and powerful are concerned we can all fuck off and die? They don't care that our health is so poor that our upper class has the equivalent health of Britain's poor. They don't care that the slow build up of toxic chemicals in every American's body will give every last one of us diseases we would not otherwise get, and those diseases will sicken and weaken us, reduce our energy, intellect and quality of life, and end up causing our premature deaths. Every corner they can cut to pocket the extra pennies is the only thing they care about. It warms your heart doesn't it? Or is that my outrage revving up? I think it's the latter.

Believe me when I say this to both the corporations and the elected traitors that red carpet these murdering greed bags, the feeling is mutual.

The demand for organic food is overwhelming the grocery stores in this area, at least that's what they claim. I know they're not trying very hard to get organic foods on the shelves though because they're much more interested in getting sewage fertilized, toxic waste watered veggies from China shipped in. One would think it would take gargantuan effort to set up a supply line like that from a country on the other side of the world, compared to connecting with local food growers who can drop off fresh produce every day of the week. The organic produce section at the local and much hated Safeway here is always a teeny section that is pared down to a few bits of this and a few pieces of that, and it's often stuff that's been sitting there long enough to show obvious signs of spoilage. One or two phone calls would change all that overnight and organic produce would abound there and be fresh. I've been complaining to them weekly for over a year and nothing has changed. So clearly, they aren't trying very hard at all.

I think what pisses me off so much is the assertion that we should have no choice over our lives. We're just supposed to shut up and eat it, whatever "it" is, and not ask any questions. They say we don't need to know what we are eating, the way cattle don't ask what you're putting in their food trough. We don't need to know about genetically mutilated franken-food, untested by the FDA and marketed years before independent reports could be snuck out to the public, at great risk to those who had the courage and decency to ring the warning bell. The reports on GMO's are shocking to say the least. So we know that all soybeans, yellow corn, and canola for instance are genetically mutilated and wouldn't you know it, they're in 99% of everything on the grocers shelves. You can't get away from the stuff.

Common sense dictates that the genes of different species should not be forcibly mixed. You don't need a science degree to know that, your stomach tells you that because the thought of it is nauseating. That's not just a meaningless reaction, it's important information. Humans are turned off by foods that are bad, it's a natural reaction. If we didn't react that way we would eat things that are rotting and covered with bugs. Clearly, we have a mechanism within us that acts as a warning radar to warn us off anything potentially dangerous. My strong negative reaction is all the proof required to reject this defiled, unnatural food. I don't need permission, I don't need proof, and I don't need to be a scientist. I just need to say no, and I'm saying it now. NO. I don't want adulterated food. I want it clean, pristine, fresh and locally grown and just the way nature made it. Period.

Right now all of us are acting as lab rats in the largest ongoing real time science experiment of the 21st century. What happens to people who eat genetically mutilated food will be recorded for posterity when babies are born with all manner of birth defects over the next 50 years, and when human health plummets and people start dying like flies. Then they will say, "Well gee whiz, we guess that stuff was dangerous after all. Thank goodness we didn't eat any."

The thing about GMO's is that there's no reason for them, and there is absolutely no desire for them. On the contrary, people all over the world are up in arms fighting back the forced imports of GMO foods into their countries. Even people starving in Africa made an official statement saying they'd rather starve than have that crap brought in to feed their people. Hello? But we are snorking it down all day long and have been for years with the majority of us still totally unaware that our foods have been seriously contaminated and are probably a horror story waiting to happen.

So why are they pushing GMO's so forcefully on the whole planet? There was no crisis underway in agriculture necessitating such an extreme scientific intervention and adulteration of the most basic necessity of life. Was the planet's corn crop failing? No. But all of our yellow corn is now franken corn, that includes your corn chips, tortilla chips, popcorn, corn starch, and corn syrup to name a few. The risks are unknown, they have literally done no studies of any kind to support their assertion that GMO foods are perfectly safe. Their word is way less than enough, and no self respecting American would settle for it for one second. No one's word on this is enough. Show me the science. But there is no science, at least none the food giants are willing to make public. That should be your first major clue.

There is no need or justification to force and sneak in these putrid offensive franken-foods on the public, and we don't want anything to do with them, yet they force them on us anyway. This simple fact is enough to make me suspect the absolute worst of intentions are behind this, and with the track record of corporate and elitist behavior and their open disdain for the people, and their openly stated obsession with eugenics, we would have to be as dumb as rocks not to know that a war is being waged against us.

So yes, it's become a bit of a nightmare trying to find something edible each week, and the choices are few and far between. The variety has shrunk from hundreds of possibilities to tens. Eating is boring and unappetizing, and that is such a dirty crying shame. Food is supposed to be wonderful. It's a reward after a hard day's work. It should taste good, smell good, and be fresh. Food isn't optional, it's not like it's some unimportant thing that doesn't matter how much they desecrate it. It matters more than the pushers of garbage food matter. I think it's them who need to go, not our life giving fresh natural unadulterated foods, because we do have the right to life and health no matter what rich spiritually deformed jerk doesn't think so.

If you haven't taken the time to check out what all those chemicals on the packages are, you should. Ditto some research on genetically mutilated food, and definitely on the politics and history of how they got here in spite of hair raising facts like the WTO over riding several countries health laws and commitment to protect public health. Everywhere that GMO's have been taken they've been rejected. The rejection is always over ruled. How scary is that? And who on earth has the power to over rule the health laws and strong objections of sovereign nations?

There is a war on against us folks, and to be unaware of it is to submit to the will of twisted people who are working very hard to kill us off. I for one will refuse to comply, and I hope you do too.


  1. What absolute rubbish! We eat the best, safest food ever available to any humans since we inhabited the earth. That is mainly whay we have such a long life expectancy.
    Try reading The Truth About Organic Food by Alex Avery.
    I am an agricultural/food consultant and have studied this to Masters level and take issue with just about all you write. JAH

  2. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Not directly related to your food post - but close enough. The pharmaceutical industry is just the same. Go to the chemist and get drugs to "fix" things that can be fixed with a simple herbal remedy. And of course the chemist supplies you with more toxic chemicals containing all manner of poisons, which in turn screws you up so you have to buy even more of their junk.

    It's a big joke that would be entirely hilarious if it wasn't so damn horrific.

  3. It's true, even organic food has been defiled by the corruption in government and industry. You do know about corruption, right sparky? No one can be sure of the safety of anything out there anymore. Unless we personally know and can verify who our food growers are and how they grow their crops, we can't be sure that organic means organic. That's why food should be local.

    I don't really care if you believe me or not, but your opinion doesn't change reality. The facts are there for anyone to find, including you. It's up to you to face the gigantic probability that even with your degree, you don't know everything. I don't find it difficult to consider all available information, but you are programmed to believe, so you reject out of hand anything that isn't stamped and approved by the corporate funded institutions that profit from all of this. That's flat out naive.

    If you want to have a hissy fit and call all of this rubbish that's your option. But either show me the science to back it up, or understand your input offers nothing of value to anyone.

  4. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Thank you again, Ang for your wise input on the franken-foods that are destroying life on earth. I really like your blogs on just about everything you have posted since logging on from a different blogsite a few months ago. Thank you for taking the time and effort to care about whats effecting us as a people.

  5. I agree with some of whats said here.

    While the risks of tinkering with our foods DNA is not fully understood, the benefits are understood. And I'm sorry to say, the risk is greater than the benefit.

    The only benefit is slightly increased profits. The risks are loss of life, organ damage, environmental destruction, and so on.

    Humans are programmed to desire high calorie foods. So our natural sense is whats killing us. Our common sense tries to counter our animal side. Its a struggle between eating whats healthy, and our natural cravings for calories.

    Our countries have a long history of successful agriculture. It seems foolish to try to fix something that isn't broken.

  6. Anonymous7:03 PM

    maybe this is why we are being bombarded with foods adulterated with chilies,cayenne, cumin, safron, and hot sauces that would take paint off walls. I rather thought we were being prepared for the future as the Untied States of Mexico with the preponerance of their food styles. Cover up the poor quality with enough hot stuff and heavy seasonings and who knows what they're eating anyway?.