Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mr. Happy Goes To Argentina

I'm working on finalizing two new, rather long posts, that have been in the making for a few weeks, but this isn't either of those. This won't be a long post but I have to say this.

The news is awash with the story of some elected official who just got busted for sleeping with his extra marital honey in Argentina. I don't know his name, it's not even worth looking up.

When this non-story came up as news yesterday it irritated me. I didn't read it, because I couldn't care less. When it came up on Democracy Now today, I shut off the TV.

The "news" clip showed this silly man standing behind a podium, with a microphone, in front of the whole world, apologizing for having sex with somebody besides his wife.

That's when I reached over and shut it off.

That's not news. Why is it being sprayed all over people when it's not even news? Could there be a less newsworthy item in the country than this guy's personal problem? Who cares? I don't care. I don't know the guy. Why would I care?

What does this guy's personal sex life have to do with anyone besides this guy?

Does anyone think that an elected official getting some extracurricular nookie is going to have a negative effect on this country? Does anyone really believe that what this guy does with his Mr. Happy would have any effect on this country at all? You have to know these things are not related. There's no way this matters. AT ALL.

Oh I know what some folks are saying, they're saying that it does matter because it's a character issue. If he lies to his wife then he would lie to us, and we just can't tolerate that. It means he's a bad man.

I'm sorry for this, but I am too tired to be diplomatic right now. Here goes.

Anybody who claims to be worried about any of our dearly elected politicians character... their morality... their honesty ... is a big fat liar. You don't care about the character of the people you elect. You don't care when they lie to you. You don't give a rat's ass about their morality. What are you going on about?

If you actually cared about the character or morality or honesty of American politicians, pathetic weasel crud like that guy would never get into office. If this guy's personal sex antics get you so upset, then why doesn't the whole filthy, corrupt, lying, murdering game show bother you? Do you honestly believe that this guy cheating on his wife is the worst thing your dearly elected are up to? Are you really that naive?

If you cared about this character stuff, you might have blown a gasket over the filthy lies coming out of the mouths of every president that's been in office during your personal lifetime. You'd be livid over the millions of dead people over seas that never did anything to deserve to die at the hands of some bullshit Western coalition mass murder spree over some impossible war on terror that doesn't exist, never existed and never will exist. You should have been all kinds of offended by that. Because that actually matters. AND it pertains to you, unlike Mr. Whoopie and what he's doing in his spare time.

If it really bothered you when elected officials lie, you would be bothered out of your mind right now. You would be looking at these people and listening to them and knowing every word out of their mouths is a lie. You would know that like you know your own street address.

But you don't want to know that. You want to play "holier than thou" games and pretend it's shocking and unbelievable for a grown man to have extra marital sex instead of noticing how many of these respectable characters are getting their jollies on little kids. You would be demanding prison sentences for the protected child sex slave rackets being run all over this country and not just this country. You wouldn't be wasting your time on things that don't concern you, that aren't any of your business, and that don't fricken matter to anyone at all except whoever's personal business it is.

Don't turn your head you coward. That's reality. And that's nothing, NOTHING compared to who and what these people all are and what they do every single day they show up for "work". Why don't you get real and look at the truth? Every last one of them is screwing YOU right now. And they won't stop till they're done and there's nobody left to screw. Why don't you know that by now? What does it take to get you clued in? Oh that's right. Soap opera style dirty laundry.

You chicken shit.

My God, are people really that inane? Yes, they are. They really are. It's unbelievable.

This lot makes me want to hurl.

All the same, I don't really think there are that many Americans that give a crap about this guy and his affair.

I think it has a whole lot more to do with the disgusting scum bag whore morality of the new American mainstream "media" and what they themselves get titillated by. They are the ones who are the horses ass gossips, and the flesh obsessed meat vultures. They are the ones who waste everyone's time and energy hystericizing and nit picking over athletes taking dope while officials condone torture and military political zealots blow away one of their own, and their extreme better at that, just because he gets it and doesn't stand for lies and war crimes. Nobody cares who's poking who, or what Hollywood phonies are up to, or any other manner of completely irrelevant, idiotic, stupid stuff about people's personal lives that have nothing to do with any other human being in this country at all. The world is going up in flames, the country's morality itself has been shot in the head and left for dead, while the country is being gang banged and cleaned out by a global criminal syndicate that's murdering the future of 350 million Americans; and you give a shit about some guy having an affair?

You are vile and filthy whores. That's it. That's the highest compliment you deserve. Your own debauched, trivia obsessed management is the reason big media has tanked. You've got nothing worth having and next to nothing anyone needs. It's simple cause and effect. Because you're inane, dishonest, cowardly, shallow twits, that fail utterly at your supposed purpose, Informing The People, the effect is nobody likes you anymore. We want real information. Go figure.

End of rant.

Long exhale.

All better now.

Just fyi, the aforementioned two new pieces will probably take another week or so to complete. I'm sure everyone's lives are as busy and as overpopulated with distractions and challenges as mine is. It's like that right now kind of more than usual. Nothing I can't handle, it just makes it impossible to spend time doing what I want to do. I've easily got half a dozen pieces in various stages of completion and will eventually be able to put them up when time and energy allows. I hope.

In any case, all my best to you. And by the way, thank you sincerely for being there and for all of your good will and support. I really do appreciate it.



  1. There! That's better!

    Isn't it great to let it out?

    X EDO X

  2. Anonymous4:30 AM

    If I am not mistaken wasn't this guy one of the biggest hounds going after Bill Clinton for his "indiscretion" with Monica? What goes around comes around...funny how that works.

  3. neptune 1,

    That's just it. Who knows what the real story is? If this guy used to be on the inside, and now he's not, he's been served up for a sacrifice just like Elliot Spitzer was. Considering they'll never live these "confessions" down, one can only speculate what the 'or else' was. It had to be worse than these humiliating, career destroying spectacles.

    There's no point in bringing up these guys sex lives, so we know the real story is being buried and this trashy stuff is used as a decoy. Allowing the press to engage in the pointless demoralization of people is to abet the worst people in the world and help them pull off their crimes. That's just common sense and obvious.

    And yes Edo, it is great to let it out. Maybe not very attractive, but definitely good.


  4. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Right on Angie. The media is absolutely disgusting. The job they were hire do to is now being done by others like you (for no pay).

    It is dead obvious that they are fornicating with corporate America who has manage to put ever single American on a drip-feed of warped "values" and twisted morality.

    But you let "us" off the hook too easily. This is our fault too. We let these bottom feeding scum suckers toss this useless shit into our faces each and every day, and then gobble it up like manna from heaven.

    Other then engaging in the catharsis of the soul, I've finally realized that we are absolutely and utterly wasting our time. We should not even be here anymore (online). We should abandon these airwaves utterly.

    That's why I'm now gone and off the air. We can rant, plead, beg, cajole, reject, refuse, reveal and state mountain chains of facts and evidence -- and it does not make a goddamned bit of difference. And I know why now, through and through.

    We NEED to let Americants get their fill, become so bloated and satiated with mindless SHIT and useless CRAP that they finally explode.

    But it won't be the brainwashed and programmed, but the disgusted and the disposed that do this and those that have abandoned these futile efforts to awaken the fatted sheep, the rest will be too damned busy eating their daily dose of pig slop from the hands of their masters.

    We are now guilty in our own way of preventing what desperately needs to happen. A seething horde of angry, disgusted and very pissed of people is critically necessary.

    I love your writing, but I'm going to ask you to stop. You must starve the people now from truth. You must let them roll in the pigshit of the lies and deceptions you're counteracting. If they are going to ever truly awaken (beyond the infotainment we provided them), it is going to have to happen at a much more fundamental level then what this forum could ever provide.

    Only the hungry will understand.

    The 'leaders' in these efforts need to abandon them. This is a trial by fire and only the strong and truly committed will survive. They are also the only ones who can act decisively, and that is the entire point. We are in their way now, slowing them down by our own drip-feed and addiction.

    The entire blogsphere needs to collapse. I am dead serious. Abandon the airwaves to the media hype and hucksters entirely. Our efforts now belong elsewhere (we're not going to stop, just change gears). It's time to face up (get real) to the challenge ahead, and we can NEVER do this while pecking away at a keyboard or getting our daily fix from our bookmarks.

    You are truly gifted and offer a wonderful insight, but I'm asking you and every other blogger to abandon these efforts. Starve the people now. If you want revolution or collapse or real change, this is exactly what it is going to take.

    We both know (as does any truly honest person), that we are not changing our world with just our words. All of our efforts online are for nought. Therefore, a dearth in the land is now called for.

    Drought makes the people yearn for rain. When they finally realize that they alone are the rain, then the rains will come, and the change we both seek will happen. ~Survival Acres~

  5. Governor Who? From where? Oooh, yeah, from this silly-ass backward state I'm temporarily trapped in. I heard about his VST (VERY Serious Transgression, yeah, right, PUHLEEESE) but then we hit the daily double, wherein both Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett died, and suddenly all the foolish vitriol about Gov. Whomever and his wandering wee-wee passed into ancient history, or as it is otherwise known, yesterday's news, for which the wayward Governor is most thankful. One must normally attend a circus to witness this degree of clownery. In the words of the immortal Charlie Brown, " I just can't stand it..."

  6. Ang,
    Great post.Right on.
    The governor in question was, if anything, more human and understandable than the pathetic losers who have their affairs, then deny them, then admit them but minimize them and lie about their feelings (it was just a fling, etc.).

    Your main point, though, about the utter triviality of the affair is well said. Many many issues are a hundred times as important. I would go even further, and say that the governor simply proves that something is wrong with the institution of marriage, unless one can truly believe that 70% of men and 50% of women (rough percentages on affairs) are really evil. Perhaps it's the straitjacket of modern culture that is the cruel prison?

    See the recent article in the Atlantic Monthly, "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off."

    While Bernanke perjures himself in front of Congress, the circus continues.

  7. Sir Viva Lacres,

    It's not like I don't know how you feel, or why, at least in general terms. I'd be lying if I said I'd never felt exactly like that from time to time. The trouble is the feeling goes away. Someone always does something without explanation or reward that takes my breath away and reminds me why life even matters.

    There's no denying there's an over abundance of ignorance and base thinking around here, but there's nothing new about that. There's also no denying that I used to be one of those people so I can't congratulate myself too much, nor can I decide everyone else is hopeless. Some are, some aren't. I believe you've hit on a serious truth though, in that it seems to take a direct personal catastrophe that you damn near don't survive to finally get our attention, clear the stupidity and arrogance from our eyes and hearts and learn what matters and what doesn't plus get a hefty dose of humility to go along with it.

    We're living in la-la land. There's enough blame to go around. Pearls before swine. Some people never have a chance, never. I have considered your request but I can't do it. It's not that I have any delusions about changing even one person, much less the world. When I first started writing this blog I never expected anyone to read it and I also didn't know at the time how good it would be for me. Which is what it really boils down to. I need to write. I wanted to write a book when I was six, before I even knew how to write. This blog has allowed me to pull the most I can out of myself toward developing my ability to say what I want to say as well as learn how to figure out what I want to say. It's a gift to me to be able to put things out there and find out that the things that I care about are things that other people care about too. That's been huge for my sanity. But even if I was the last person on earth who feels like I do, I would still write about it, just because I really feel it needs to be said, just for the record, because no one is saying these things from official platforms. I am registering the fact that there is at least one person who does not agree with the evil clown people and can explain why. It needs to be said, just for my own sake.

    I do hear from people who say something I've written turned on the light for them or someone they love, and when I hear that you have to know it's amazing. It's scary to just come all the way out and be human anymore. It's scary to be really real and talk about feelings and principles and philosophy and morality and meaning in a world that has been trained to see no value in those things and worse, to laugh at them and despise them and deny their validity. I have found that when I do these things, people are moved. These things move people like they move me. How can I walk away from that when I live in the crotch of Silicon Valley and can never expect to see a day when being human counts for anything? How can I leave behind the only proof I have that people are as real as I am when every day it gets so much worse out here that the experience of living offends me to my core? And where else can I just be exactly who I am without fear of the real punishments that come with doing that in the "real" world?

    If I am aiding and abetting people who need a good catastrophe then I am guilty as charged, but then I don't think I have that kind of power in this world. All I am doing is staking out my piece of the earth, where I am standing, from which I refuse to move, no matter who likes it or who doesn't, because darn it, I get to. I get to exist. I know plenty of people would prefer that me and everyone like me would just keel over so they could finally turn the planet into a depraved ball of shit, but too bad for them. We're here and I am dedicated to being the pebble in their sneakers to my last dying breath. Just because it sounds like fun and I don't have anything better to do. Seriously. What matters more than that?

    Big hug.


  8. Anonymous3:04 PM

    I so love the universe of your blogs..

    Today I copied this - because it is so you!

    They are the ones who are the horses ass gossips, and the flesh obsessed meat vultures.


  9. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Oh... and Thank You Angie for your blogs...

    Rich, deep, provoking, encouraging, entertaining, thoughtful, wise, so well written and well edited, justly angry, funny, informed, wordy wise, thought out, philosophical, tongue-in-cheek, psychedelic, reality based..

    And many etc.


  10. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Bravo Angie,

    I wish that I could maintain the level of passion for the good fight that you do.

    Unfortunately I just find it all very depressing, and it's rare that I'm able to get angry anymore. Which I miss.

    I'm looking forward to the new articles, I know they're gonna be great, they always are.

  11. Murder, theft and torture are all Christian values but....THIS dispicable act of dissing your overweight, shabby wife to fly off to a whore is just..anti-Jesus!

    Seriously, I could not have said it better.
    Who the hell gives a fuck? and from a Goddamn rotten politician who in their right mind is surprised?

    Personally, I have better things to do. Folding my socks and underwear come to mind.
    HOWEVER, that being said there is an element of reprisal. What things that could upset the elite cartel was the gentleman from SC into? Did he piss off someone?
    I find it rather hard to believe he just "jumped on a plane and came back and lo! everyone was looking for him."

  12. Well said Ang. I've been reading through your posts and you are saying things that need to be said. Some of the subjects you tackle are difficult to clearly think about, much less articulate. You are doing a really fine job of it. I can't even stand to watch TV news (or any TV, really) without feeling sick. It only exists to normalise insanity. It feeds upon the human instinct for social inclusion in order to do this. It is therefore SO important that as many of us as posssible have the guts to point this out. Please keep it up! And thank you.