Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Great Wheel of Democracy

Why isn't the new congress picking their own leadership? Why isn't this done in a democratic process instead of in a secret meeting behind closed doors? Why aren't they electing their new speaker and all of their own leadership and deciding for themselves what they want to do about impeachment and the draft and Iraq and investigations and correcting the malpractice of the previous gang of prostitutes? It seems to me this current process would effectively make any personnel changes moot.

Why should we have even bothered with mid term elections if the present short timer gang of corrupt pimps are going to steam roll their dirty agenda right over the next team before they even figure out where they sit, much less where they stand?

And what's all this seniority crap about anyway? Seniority just means you've been there longer than someone else. You can have seniority just waiting for a bus longer than the next guy. It does NOT mean you're qualified. It does NOT mean you deserve to be there. It does not even mean you got there fair and square. You only have to look at Lieberman to get that much.

Seniority is possibly the least pertinent measure of leadership I can think of in a Democratic process. What ever happened to track records? What ever happened to looking at results, voting records, accomplishments and failures?

And what about speaking plain truths? Why is it forbidden for someone to stand up and say what we all say, "I doubt your trustworthiness. I doubt your intention to work for the people. I seriously doubt your loyalty. I base this entirely on your performance, your history, your bizarre behavior, and on the fact that you made kissy-moo with the president on national television. What the hell WAS that about?" It made my skin crawl.

But no speaking truth allowed. As good obedient trained slaves of the elite, we have been taught not to bring up ugly truths that make the power class look like what they are. It's not terrible that they are literally traitors and the most dangerous threat to our country in it's entire history. It's terrible that anyone should say so out loud. This is serious sickness. No wonder half of the country lives in lala land.

Wouldn't it make more sense to just let the next congress get on board and start fresh? How else can there honestly be any chance of bringing about change or ridding the system of a few layers of that encrusted corruption? If you look at it from the perspective of the fed up population who held their noses and voted Democrat JUST to stop the outrageous republican pillage of our country, the people want change. They really want change. Did anyone possibly miss that? They heard it all over the world. I know they heard it in the Capitol.

But obviously the current system is not interested in the perspective of the people. It is only interested in the perspective of the power class and it's ability to retain total control and the power to dictate to every branch of government what they want done. It's also clear that they've set up this system just like they've set up all of our systems:
to ensure that they get what they want and everyone else gets screwed.

As to hopes of addressing any of the increasingly frightening critical problems, or righting any glaringly egregious wrongs, or overturning any of the legislation from hell, it's already been cut off at the waist. The giant wheel of democracy has been fixed so that it doesn't turn anymore. It will sit there as is, and it will not budge. Not for justice, not for freedom and definitely not for democracy. It's obviously trying like hell to make sure none of those higher ideals ever get a toehold inside the hallowed halls of government.

We have also become accustomed to witnessing certain alarming outcomes whenever anyone truly tries to give that wheel a serious spin in the right direction. They often end up suddenly changing their minds a full 360 degrees, or getting publicly disgraced and attacked, or they just go down in a plane crash. A lot of congressional types have gone down in plane crashes. I haven't done the math but the ratio of regular frequent flyers to senators going down this way has to be stupendous.

It's clear as thin air that the moves being made now by Pelosi and that twit fake democrat Rengel who is pushing to institute the draft, and the bowing down of Conyers, the calls for more troops to Iraq, and all of the vocal guarantees of no impeachment, no overturning the illegal unpatriotic act, no investigations, no steps whatsoever toward the aim of ordinary justice, curtailing corruption, or ensuring ethical government practices, or actually defending the constitution and the protections IT AFFORDS US FROM THEM, that the dark foundation has been laid in solid brimstone. It is not going anywhere without a jackhammer cutting it loose.

It will be forced on the new group due in January. Whatever ideas they might have about grinding the wheels of justice and balance once again, even if they could get the rust off, are being preempted by the slime lords and power mongers who have too much selfishness and spoiled rich boy ego invested to allow the country to run itself like it's supposed to.

The new crew will have to be incredibly determined, focused and utterly unafraid to buck the powers that be. And buck all of their hit men and men in black, and black ops teams, and corrupt judges, and bought off cops with planted evidence, and blackmailed prosecutors performing as ordered. Being squeaky clean is no guarantee of safety with this cast of ugly characters. They're going to have to check twice before getting on a plane, or even into their own cars. They'll have to arrive on the job in January looking serious, mean and in a very bad mood; with bull horns blaring and TV cameras rolling making it crystal clear that they are here because the people have had it with all of the bull shit and lies and failures, and they're here to fix it.

Any bets on how likely that's gonna be? Send in your twenties by all means, but I'm not holding my breath. Yet, even without evidence to support it, I still have a sliver of hope that the January gang will bring some tough with them and be willing to get into a few faces. They have to know what's at stake. If there was ever a time for refusing to cooperate, this is it. Respect is earned, not owed. The people currently in congressional shoes have not earned it and they don't deserve it. They need to experience the burn of the public's rage. Maybe, just maybe a thick application of political aggression now will prevent a much worse kind of aggression in the streets later.

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