Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rich Looters Just Want Something for Nothing

It disgusts me to hear the political class, whores that they are, saying the stupid, ugly things they say.  Things that would make any moral person hang their head in shame for even thinking them, much less spouting them out loud like the bloated wind bags some of these guys truly are. 

The recent political floor show debating whether or not to extend unemployment benefits was a good example of well fed, spoiled rich people saying stupid ugly things.   Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona said that unemployment benefits keep people from looking for work "because people are being paid even though they're not working."   He said that unemployment checks don't create new jobs and that, "In fact, if anything, continuing to pay people unemployment compensation is a disincentive for them to seek new work."

Senator Kyl you ignorant slut.  One wonders, has the senator ever faced extended periods of unemployment?  Has he ever missed a meal?  Has he faced losing a home because he could not find work due to the nationwide exodus of business to foreign countries?  Has the senator ever seen any of the ghost towns this mass exodus has created?  An exodus which he and his cohorts brought about and forced on a populace who did not ask for it or support it.  Because of our self serving dearly elected's hard work this entire nation is tanking.  It's impossible to miss it. We don't all get to eat 5 star lunches and be waited on hand and foot Mr. Kyl.  Shame on you, you dirty bird, and shame on all of the shameless right wingers of like mind, arrogant sadistic swine, the lot of you.

There is no question of whether or not to extend unemployment insurance payments for a nation of battered cheated people who have been stripped of their ability to support themselves directly due to the big business and big political boys and girls obsessive compulsive monopoly games.  No debate is necessary.  They'd better damned well keep those checks coming.

It is upsetting to say the least when this country is forced to listen to the ugly likes of phonies and scum buckets like Limbaugh, certain religious leaders and a whole host of so called republican politicians who become foaming at the mouth demagogues decrying the horrors and sins of "giving" unemployed, excluded, screwed over, poverty stricken people enough money to just barely sustain their lives.  For these people it is apparently too much to ask to give a damn about humanity.  They're too busy giving a damn about their own bottom line and to them that's all it can ever be about.  As far as they're concerned when it comes down to their beloved wealth or millions of Americans slipping into poverty, sickness and homelessness with no hope for change anywhere on the horizon, they will always and immediately grab onto their fat wallets and tell the American people to fuck off and die.

The myth of poor people wanting something for nothing needs to be put to death once and for all.  There is no such thing as people living hand to mouth in poverty, living it up on their pittance of a monthly check from the government.  That's complete crap.  The vast majority of human beings on this earth would jump at the chance to make their lives better.  Most people don't have a problem with working.  People like to work.  People like to have something worthwhile to do with their lives.  I've yet to meet anyone who wouldn't be interested in improving their situation.  This drivel spouted from the political/fundamentalist right is just that, sorry, despicable nonsense.  It sounds like a good thing to say to get others on board all in a huff thinking that poor people are just out for a free ride but I'll tell you what.  You name me 10 such people.  Go ahead I'm waiting.  Yeah,  that's what I thought.  You can't name one and you know what?  Neither can Limbaugh, or Robertson or dear senator Kyl.  It's all big fat lies.  It's all a manipulation of the American mind.  But it's worse than that.

Look at what's really going on here.  What is the unspoken but undeniable message we are hearing?  It is that money matters more than human life.  And sadly, in today's depraved economic climate money does matter more than human life.  How can that possibly be okay?  How can it be state policy?  There is no possible justification for this, how could there be, but there it is anyway.  The rich people want it this way.  The people who know how to play the game better than everyone else want it this way. There is no shame around this, no apology for it whatsoever.  On the contrary.  It's gotten so entrenched into the system and unfortunately into our national values that today it is done with enough arrogance to choke a horse.

In 21st Century America, caring about the well being of your fellow man is supposed to be seen as an inexcusable burden; not as a moral obligation of those who prosper most, but as an outrage.  We're to believe that ensuring the well being of the citizens of this country is not our problem and it's wrong, even harmful to them.  We're to believe there's nothing in it for us.  We're told that nobody else deserves the fruits of our labor, and the Christian church is even selling the concept that those who don't work should starve.  Whatever supposed Christ they claim to be worshiping is not one that I am familiar with.  We're told there will always be poor.  Yes, there will always be poor because there will always be selfish, greedy rich people who don't give a damn about their fellow man.

We are supposed to feel put out by chipping in a few bucks of our tax dollars to be used for making this country a better place to live, better for the human beings who live in it.  As if there's something wrong with doing that.  Conversely we're supposed to be thrilled and delighted when staggering amounts of our tax dollars are used to make war on the poor people of other countries.  No complaints there are allowed.

Yes, today, Those Who Have are now in the official positions of being their less prosperous brothers judges, claiming to be  fully qualified to decide the fates of millions even while not knowing a damned thing about any of them, even while being completely disconnected and ignorant about the millions of people they dismiss out of hand as irrelevant and undeserving, and let's not forget evil.  And they claim this right to be the judges and decision makers for all others lives because they have plenty in the midst of people who don't have enough to survive. 

Well whose fault is that anyway? This is circular thinking in the extreme.  It is strictly because some people in this world want so irrationally much for themselves that there are so many who don't have enough to survive.  The rich people want everyone else's share.  It's time to face that simple, basic, eternal, unshakable fact.

Why don't we get down to the basic realities here since that will never happen in Washington DC.  Great pains are taken to sell us everything but the basic truth about what those with wealth and power do, and the reason for that is obvious.  When you really look at what they do you want to throw up.  You realize that there is no excuse, legal, moral or otherwise that justifies the way the monied power class of this country treats the people of this country.  They are flat out despicable.  They are dishonest, abusive and deceitful because they are greedy, nasty, selfish, ill willed, small minded and ignorant.  They're the ugliest people in the world.  Ugly on the inside that is, where it actually counts.

Take a moment to come with me now; let's go all the way back to the beginning, before there was such a thing as money.  What was life like for human beings before money was conceived of?  Life for human beings was on the same terms as all other life on this planet.  Everything you needed and wanted was here and it was yours free for the taking.  If you wanted shelter, you made yourself one.  You could build it anywhere you wanted to;  there was no rent to pay, no mortgage payments, no ownership of land, no permits needed.  Like birds build their nests free of charge where ever they choose, human beings used whatever available natural resources they needed to use,  free of charge.   All it cost them was the labor it took to do it.

What this tells us is that, according to nature, of which we are still a part, the actual monetary cost of living on this earth is zero.  It tells us that food is free and water is free and shelter is free, by birthright, to every living thing that is born here.  For humans it tells us that with the application of our intellect and muscle, we can freely make use of the abundant varieties of raw materials, all provided free by the earth, in order to get our life needs met; food, water and shelter as well as herbs, medicines, minerals, etc.  Whatever is there is free for us to make use of as needed to sustain and maintain our lives and care for our families.  Once we establish ourselves in providing for our needs we can take things along much further and create wonderful things that make our lives better, richer, easier, more abundant, meaningful and more fulfilling.  All without spending a single buck.

Which means that there is an inherent right for all people to get their needs met and prosper by their own effort.  For free. 

Unfortunately we have nothing of the kind available to us today.  Every bit of food, every inch of land, every acre of fertile soil, belongs to someone else and can only be gotten with money.  By decree of establishment law, which is nothing more than the wealthy people's personal private system of total economic and political control, all but themselves and their own business enterprises are deprived of the ability to live in absolute freedom and utilize the natural resources of the planet as desired at no cost.  They have totally monopolized the resources of this world while simultaneously exploiting the coerced labor of others to collect those resources and process them for the sole benefit of the rich. 

If the rich of the world must have this unnatural arrangement lest they become dejected and morose, if they insist by law that they must prevent the majority of humankind from living in freedom and from prospering on this free, natural earth, from creating their own abundance and prosperity with the sweat of their brows, the intelligence in their brains, the creativity of their spirits, and the good will in their hearts; then something is most definitely owed by those who prevent it.

If the corrupt and the greedy insist that they must have it all for themselves then they must pay for it, it is not theirs for free, it is ours, it belongs to all of us.  The only reasonable exchange is actual value for actual value.  All those natural resources would be there in perpetuity for us to use if psychopathic corporations weren't mass producing and consuming them in excess and waste, all for profit, not for human good or intelligent use or need or any other rational motivation.  If these selfish wealthy types must own and control it all then they must pay for it. And the price is self evident.  The price is providing all that is needed for all who have lost out the chance to live well and prosper in health and continued growth and life satisfaction as they would be able to do if not so prevented.  No. They don't get to just have it all because they want it all.  That is their modus operandi, and it's no less than criminal and preposterous. No deal.  Who'd make a deal that stupid?

We begin to understand what "imperialism" is.  It is precisely that.  Taking what you want from others by force without regard to those you take it from.  Imperialism is the misguided belief that there is such a thing as a right to behave in this manner and to garner obese and disgusting personal wealth from so doing. 

Well, people are entitled to believe whatever they like but it shouldn't be a news flash to anyone that there are a large number of other people on this earth who disagree strongly with imperialist notions of having rights to anything they want and forcing their own personal value system on the world.  The vast majority of people would say imperialist behavior is not rightful under any circumstances and in fact what it represents is everything the body of man considers to be criminal behavior.  Yet there they are in control of all of the world's resources, and why?  Because they use force to get their way and when you're blown to bits is pretty much impossible to do much about anyone stealing your land and your water and your resources and killing your family and friends and culture until no trace of your people exist and are forgotten.  All so that the imperialist rich can stay rich and get richer.

Nothing there to be proud of in my opinion.  It doesn't even make sense.  But the bottom line is, we never agreed to any such arrangement.  And our ancestors did not speak for us or contract for us, that's not possible.  Whatever deals of the day were struck a hundred years ago are over when the original deal makers pass from this life.  Otherwise what we end up with is a snarled, corrupt, filthy criminally dominated system that consumes everything and leaves nothing but destruction in it's wake.  And that's pretty much what we have.  Does it need to be said it's a failure?

The people will have their due, and what they are due is the means to limitless prosperity.  This is the very essence of freedom, being free to see to your own wants and needs.  It is not possible to live in poverty if you're any other of God's creatures than man.  Only a lack of money makes you poor, and the lack of money is never by choice, it is by design of the system that is bleeding us dry as it makes it's move to finally monopolize the whole world. They want to make everyone poor so that they alone can be rich and have everything all to themselves.

This is their system, the very system that's been forced on us all; a system not here by your choice or mine, or by our fathers or our father's fathers choices.  It is a system that belongs solely to a singular class of people who own most of everything and who possess wealth in extremes of excess that most of us could not even conceive of.  This is their criminal game.  It belongs to them.  It sees to their whims and desires.  It provides for their "needs" at the cost of not allowing us to provide for our own, beyond whatever ways a certain number of us can be utilized by these people to further their own goals of personal wealth and power.  All ownership benefit accrues to them, and never, ever, to any of us, the actual people who do all of the work and build everything. 

The terrible state of things today is no accident, it is the world they wanted to create, a selfish world that cares only about them.   A world that puts them first, forever, above all others and allows them to have their way with the world however they see fit, in perpetuity.  Their world vision specifically excludes the vast majority of the rest of humanity.  Contrary to the standard propaganda, this system is not designed to let us lift ourselves as high as we want to go.  It is designed to put us down and keep us down where we will never be able to obtain enough wealth to be truly free, free enough to live our lives on our own terms.  Only they possess and monopolize that kind of freedom.  What they've forced on our lives is modern slavery and you're the serf.  You don't get any choices.  Your opinions don't count.  You'll do as you're told or you'll be fired.  You will comply or you will be punished, non compliance will not be tolerated.  If your credit's bad then you won't be able to rent a place to live and no one will hire you.  Comply or die.  That's what you've really got and that's what they tell you to believe is freedom and democracy, and you do. 

Proving that you can take any egregious behavior and label it something positive and nice, and nobody will notice it's a big fat lie.  Take any serial pedophile and call him a priest and bingo, he is free to engage in a lifetime of child rape and never has to worry about being suspected of being and doing what he really is.  That's how easy it is to detour an entire planet from seeing the truth of anything.  Call organized mass murder 'war' and all of a sudden it's a noble enterprise that everyone accepts as reasonable and necessary.  Examples abound, I can't list them all, just look around, they're everywhere.  We are all living a lie, spellbound by happy sounding misdirection and deceit.  And being told that poverty is our own fault is one of the biggest deceits of all.

If given the opportunity in our God given, natural environment that was not 100% monopolized, owned and controlled by wealth and power obsessed, competitive, cutthroat rich men and their pet whore politicians, ordinary people would do what they've always done, only better, due to much improved understanding of the world.  We would all be able to grow our own crops and build our own houses and make our own commodities, establish our own ideas about trade and ethics and best practices and we would live perfectly well.  Fabulously in fact.  But today the system of ravenous monopoly by the rich doesn't allow that.  That freedom, our very freedom to create our own prosperity is unwanted competition to them, and if there's anything they hate it is having to compete in their own system like the rest of us have to do. 

We can't opt out of their crappy system and begin growing our own food somewhere that looks like a nice place to settle.  We can no longer simply collect wood and necessary supplies to build our own homes.  Somebody will run you off, or land you in prison for trespassing or some other claim.  In this "modern day" environment, the message is clear.  Only some may have everything, while a few may have some, and a whole lot won't get anything at all.

Pardon me for saying so, but that is a shit system.  Who thinks this is an okay balance of needs and prosperity?  Who thinks this is an acceptable way of doing things?  It isn't acceptable.  It's horrendous.  It fails utterly to ensure the well being and prosperity of the vast majority of people in this country.  And for those who are allowed to partake of some part of that prosperity,  a ceiling for it is cast in stone above all our heads; a prosperity ceiling determined by the rich system owners to suit themselves.  This is how and why there are such moral atrocities as arguments in the congress over whether or not anyone working a full time job should be paid a living wage.  According to the people who created and own this system they say no.  Work two or three full time jobs, it's not their problem.  Their problem is getting richer than ever and according to our value system which is in fact their value system, and our laws and our policies which are in fact their laws and policies, they win. The people lose.  So if you can't find work because there isn't any work you should just fuck off and die.

Are we seriously to believe that this couldn't be done better?  Let me see, what are the working parameters again?  The wealthiest people in the world, who have more money than God, who own everything, who worship themselves as our superiors, as the brilliant captains of industry and finance doing God's work, who know the system intimately, who know everybody who's anybody, who have all the inside information, all of the contacts, and know all of the ropes; these people who can pick up the telephone and any time of the day or night call on the most talented, gifted, and brilliant people on the face of the earth who will jump at the chance to work for them; these wealthy men who can order that anything whatsoever that they choose be done and others will rush to carry it out;  this is the best they can do?  Make themselves even more rich by taking the food from our mouths and taking our homes and taking our jobs away and giving them to people in other countries, leaving us in poverty, broke, in debt up to our eyeballs, without health care, without any hope of the so called economy coming back online because they've killed it to benefit themselves, ran a going out of business sale, liquidated the public's assets, emptied our coffers, drained our prosperity and future and have packed up and left for higher ground leaving us, the people who made all their wealth for them through our hard work,  abandoned, impoverished, in debt, abused, lied to, used, confused and going down for the last count without even so much as a life jacket.  Even that is too much to ask. 

Well excuse me but I am not impressed.  You couldn't come up with a much worse system than this.  This system stinks.  It's an abject failure and it's inexcusable.  It represents the ultimate misuse and abuse of all available assets and the forfeiture of all reasonable outcomes.  It's utterly ridiculous. The "My Money Matters More Than Your Life" gang has rolled around in their own skunk scent for so long they can't smell themselves anymore.  But we can smell them.  Anybody who has managed to retain their human decency in the midst of this frenzied final sacrificial feast of globalist parasite scum on humanity, can also smell it.  The smell is overpowering to all who continue to value human life more than worthless green dollars.  The stench is horrendous.  I can't stand it anymore.

These guys act like they're doing the world such a great big favor by bringing us their made to order personal concept of progress and prosperity and shoving it down our throats against our will, with deceit and by force.  What big favors have they ever done anyone?  Are you better off today than you were ten years ago?  Very few of us are.  The better off people are the wealthy ones;  you and I got dick.  And now they're taking whatever is left of what little we have after all this looting and pillaging our economy by the rich and greedy;  by the flesh eating parasites and their bought and paid for political whores. What's so dang great about that?  It sucks.  And they know it sucks.

The political class represents the rich and powerful and the rich and powerful don't want anyone to do well except themselves.  They want to see all our means of support and all social safety nets stripped from the system, so the politicians yodel out idiocy about people gaming the system and wanting something for nothing.  They should know all about that. Who wants something for nothing?  It's not the poor people, it's the rich ones. 

It's the rich ones who don't want to work.  They're the ones who don't want to pay for what they want, to have it handed to them on generous no-strings silver platters or to just take it, at gun point, by virtue of unfair laws and policies they write and pay to have entered into officialdom to benefit themselves by screwing others.  They're the one's who don't want to have to earn a cent through hard work like the rest of us have to do.  They're the ones who want it all for free.  They're the ones who don't pay the taxes, who don't want to be regulated, who don't want fair play or to open up to competition so all of us can play the game.  The greedy rich are the ones who want the free rides, all of the free rides, and they're the only ones getting them.  And they're getting them in the hundreds of billions of dollars that come out of our stolen prosperity and freedom.   Who's really getting everything for nothing?  It sure as hell isn't you and me.  

By the way, these double-talking lying greed bags are the same people who pointed at desperate, starving and injured   people in the wake of the levy collapses after Katrina and called them looters.  They wasted no time calling the people of Haiti in the aftermath of the most horrendous earthquake we've ever seen, looters.   Apparently the definition of the word 'looter' is unfamiliar to them.  Traumatized victims in desperate need of life saving emergency assistance are not looters. They're victims.  They must take whatever food, water and necessities they can find to stay alive.  This is called survival and there is no creature on the face of the earth who does not have the right to save its own life.   People in the wake of terrible disasters need help and help can either be given or it will be taken by those who need it because there are no other options.

It is not wrong, it is fundamental truth.   Instead of idiotically blathering about looting why don't these useless idiots get off their butts and send food and supplies so nobody is forced to take anything away from you profit-uber-alles business twits?

It must be mentioned that the normal human mind and heart feel strongly motivated to render aid and assistance when it sees people suffering and in need.  The sight of devastated people does not leave the normal mind cynically disinterested, it does not bring pleasure or amusement and it most definitely does not spawn immediate thoughts of getting rich off other people's misfortune.  This is where the rich and the nasty part ways with the rest of the people of this world.  The most prosperous people on earth are apparently functionally incapable of giving a damn about anyone but themselves.

Normal people care about others.  Not because they have to, not because it is owed, but because it is normal and natural to care.  Normal people have compassion for others.  Normal people feel respect for others.  Normal people understand the pain of others and understand what it would be like if the tables were turned and it was they who needed help.  A normal human mind would know it would strongly desire help when help was needed.  So it is beyond logic, beyond reason, beyond deals and profits, real estate grabs, oil and mining contracts or anything else that speaks only to the rich and greedy; normal people just want to help those who need help.  That is what natural, rational, moral, decent people do.  That is what being human is.

Human beings who think only of self and personal gain from the deaths and losses of others are despicable in the truest sense.  Their crudeness and selfishness is grotesque and offensive to all moral and ethical humanity.  Depraved indifference to human suffering is not something to boast about or feel proud of.  It is shameful to assert such insulting, arrogant nonsense about doing a service to one's fellow man by swooping in to profit from disasters by helping oneself to vaults of money while letting a few crumbs drop so that some few others may eat.  These people are not God's gift to anyone.  Not in this universe at least.  How shameful the greedy become.  How shallow and empty and vain.  How self-centered and obsessed with always getting more for themselves until getting it at the cost of other peoples lives, prosperity and happiness is only "doing business".  How much lower can you go?

It's nothing personal they say, it's only business.  Well, it may be only business to their shrunken hollowed-out souls, but I assure you, nothing becomes more strictly personal than feasting on the flesh of our children.  That's not business you scum bags, that's as personal as it gets.

In closing I would leave you with this thought.  The truth, the fact and the bottom line is exactly what they don't want you to see.  All of the posturing, infighting, noise and distraction of this game show called politics is there for one reason; which is to detour the public from understanding  that in this system of, by, and for the rich, it is only the rich looters who always want something for nothing and it is always and only they who unfailingly get it. 


  1. Anonymous1:48 PM

    You go, girl! Excellent rebuttal! If politics weren't such a filthy, nasty game, I would vote for you.
    But given that you are too smart to play a losing game with the lives of real people, we will just have to settle for an in-your-face coherent and simply beautiful statement of reality, as it is. You have such a beautiful way with words, Ang. I hope that our losers(leaders) read this and shit their pants with the realization that WE KNOW.

  2. Anonymous-

    Thank you!


  3. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Hehehehe, they "know that we know" and they don't give a flying fuck!

    Let's just be honest here -- its come down to this: we are talking to ourselves. They don't give a shit about what we think. Americants are so lazy that they know that even if we know, and understand what is going on, we won't do squat about it.

    How do you suppose they can get away with lying to us, year after year, and literally get away with rape, murder, theft and all kinds of abuse, time and time again?

    How many cases are there now? Ten thousand? A million? Ten million? The number is absolutely staggeringly huge and yet we bitch, moan and complain, again and again and again. Ain't nobody here but us whiny crybaby Americants.

    It's not that we don't know, of course we do, it's because we refuse to stop it. We pretend "we don't know how". We wring our hands and whine, whine and whine!

    Heheheh, nice rant Angie. Your readers (including me) appreciate you. They know that we know and they don't give a fuck!

    And now the punch line: Neither do we.

    Exhibit A: we do nothing about this stuff.

    Exhibit B: ever.

    I don't know why we even bother anymore. Nobody is listening, nobody cares, nobody is willing to do anything.

    We're left with our own custom-designed tirades. These lying, thieving scum-sucking bottom feeders are laughing in their sleep.

    It's no wonder I have nightmares.

    ~Survival Acres~

  4. Survival,

    I know how you feel, but you know what? I have to disagree with your take on this. There's no doubt a lot of damage is done and more is on the way. But it takes a long time to turn something as big as this around. Change is hard, but change happens. The scum of the earth didn't move in on us in a couple of years or even a couple of decades. They've been focused and steadily pursuing their bizarre goals since forever. They incrementally got the upper hand and they did that by lying, cheating, stealing, bribery, murder, media control and by force. Nothing there to build anything of substance on. For them this is all a game and we're all their little toys to play with. In other words they're idiots.

    What I've noticed very distinctly over the last few years is how people are coming into awareness. Folks who didn't have a clue five years ago now know what eugenics is. There is some fine fighting back going on out there in the trenches, we just don't get to hear about it because they don't want to encourage us or give us hope. Most if not all of this is nothing but a mind game. That's all. It's all because of what people have in their heads.
    That is something that can be changed. And it is changing.

    I'm sure that some people don't care about the scum bags pretending to be our dear leaders, but they are in the minority. The majority of people in America know the difference between right and wrong, they're not fooled. But they also don't have access to major broadcasting to get a good screaming ruckus going with all those who don't stand with the scum to mark out our places and make a stand.

    We've got tremendous challenges to work out. It takes time. It takes people talking to each other and telling their experiences, insights, ideas. How can you not believe that people can be amazing, powerful and good? That's who we are and who we're supposed to be. We've got a hard road ahead and a world class fight on our hands. This will take time. It's already heating up. It's not over. Not yet. Have some faith. And some patience. No one can fix this over night, no matter how bad we all want it fixed.


    Btw, it's good to hear from you again. Thank you for posting your comment.

  5. Nice post, thankyou.
    Olive xxx

  6. Hey Ang (Ange on my previous comment oops, sorry). Anyhoo; excellent work - I am shocked it took me so long to find your site.



  7. Hey Ang,...'survival acres': I GIVE A FUCK AND YOU DON'T SPEAK FOR ME anonymouse!



  8. Ang,
    Love your writing and ideas.
    You've obviously read Rousseau, right? (as in Jean-Jacques). I love Rousseau and would like to re-read him, but I don't have time. I'm too busy working full-time and also on the side, and can't pay all my bills. I have a child, so I must.

    I have ideas on "breaking out," but needless to say, the wife-unit isn't too thrilled about the idea of breaking out of our gilded (well, the gilding is getting pretty worn and showing the cheap pot-metal under the coat of chrome) cage.

    It is almost impossible to not support the bastards without a radical re-ordering of one's life. But that gets you called crazy.

  9. Publius,

    Thanks for your comment. No I haven't read Rousseau, sadly there's not enough time in the world to dig into everything I want to know about. But I know what you mean about the gilded cage getting threadbare. I don't think it will be weird much longer to strike out on your own and find another way, it seems to be where we're headed whether we like it or not. The grand masters of all want a serf planet and barring a few miracles they'll have it. At the same time so many of us are so disgusted with their endless production of pollution and death that another way is strongly desired. These are very interesting times to live in. Can't say they're boring.


  10. you know what kinda spooks me is that, the gloves have come off.
    no more shadow boxing,maybe it is end game time or things are going to happen and it will not matter.

    sometimes i think the europeans with their intellect and pollitical education can with stand..but no...france...

    it will not take much to break, the unsual gang of muslim gang rape,nuns or school kid or bomb or just let in another million algierians.pour in some really nasty coke and extasy. you know argressive kind...after the really good batches.
    no american could very well be the fly in the ointment.anyway ang the gloves are off,many many
    many,americans are for the first time seeing the truth...and you never know...some of our people are very clever,very clever and well we did get on the boats...while aour brothers stayed.

    one thing is for sure the government is tooling up big time,and has been at it like bees.

    lets see if americans know ketchup...i am sure they are trying more than we know.
    but i am sadly not optomistic....only thearmy could do it and they are part of the ruling families that we never hear about...give me a break...warren buffett

    bill gates..rupert murdock....funny not one from old family...front men...all front men

  11. Anonymous11:58 PM

    what do i really really want....just a little

    media ownership regulated like before ...excactly like before.

    privacy laws protecting from google,and what do you call them unknown enitities ,the 3 free credit report///
    sick sick protection.cmon

    privacy laws and media ownership...exactly same laws..reenact...we must have a say

  12. Anonymous11:58 PM

    i hear ringing in my ears...ok i am getting older....but with all the things paranoia seems to be sanity...
    any one.....comment feedback otherwise cool..i am getting old....please understand it really does not hurt to wonder...and ask

  13. Found your website by meaningful coincidence. Every word resonates.


  14. Loved the bottom article, Ang. I too am a crusader for peace and equality. Both are in short supply and getting shorter.

    Keep up your good work. The world needs us.

  15. Anonymous9:17 PM

    god bless you

    and I don't usually use those words