Friday, July 31, 2009

The More Things Change

When I was growing up, the depictions we got of the future were all very space age. "Space Age" and "futuristic" pretty much meant the same thing. It was about technology, about space travel, and for the average person it would be just like being one of the Jetsons, only for real. Rosie the Robot housekeepers and automated everything to make mundane daily maintenance chores a thing of the past.

Do you remember "Lost in Space"? The original TV series, I mean. I used to marvel at life on the Jupiter Two when Mrs. Robinson did the laundry. She'd put in dirty pants and shirts and moments later would pull out not only cleaned and pressed clothing, but it was also neatly folded and wrapped in plastic. I thought that was pretty dang cool and couldn't wait to get my own space age clothes washer. Still, in whatever futuristic TV show we saw, whoever got stuck with the "drudgery" of 21st Century push button housework still got an attitude about it. You know the one, the "oh poor me, I always get stuck doing all of the work and nobody even appreciates it". Maybe so, but it would still beat the heck out of pounding your laundry on rocks by a stream, or chewing your husband's socks clean every night like the Eskimo housewives used to do.

It's fun to look at old black and white pictures from the 1950's, or watch old television footage from the time if you can find it; cars and appliances were often sold with a futuristic space age theme, and they had a certain look to them that was unmistakable. The kitchen of the future had that same 50's vision of tomorrow, everything sleek and shiny and push button convenient. That was the promise at least. The future held an abondanza of push button technology to make life a piece of cake for everyone. Who couldn't hardly wait for something that good?

We've developed a lot of technology in the last hundred years or so, a whole lot of it just in my short little lifetime too. When I was born nobody had color TV's, tape recorders, ten speed bikes or home computers. Nobody had dishwashers either, something I'd fight before letting go of believe me, I'm pretty spoiled in my own 21st century sort of way. I like the short cuts and the time savings, though if you really pressed me I couldn't say why. It's not like I'm doing anything all that important from day to day; I only know there are much better ways to spend my time than scrubbing dirty dishes.

We have a long way to go to get to flying cars and transporter beams in everyone's living rooms. At this point we haven't even figured out yet how to feed and clothe everyone, much less how to stop the very profitable mass murder of millions of people with our psychopathic "war" games. As long as we can't figure out ways to solve the problems of poverty and hopelessness, suffering and sickness, and until we can get past the sociopathic grandiose egocentric paranoia of our ruling class and their loyal obedient lapdogs, our leadership, all the futuristic technology in the world won't make life any better on earth, beyond the same old story; it will only be great for those who can afford it. Everyone else will be left to struggle and perish in abject poverty that will look all the more degrading and horrible in comparison to the sleek and shiny, ultra wealthy, highly educated, deeply satisfying and leisurely lifestyles of tomorrow.

What a shame it is. There's just no excuse for this bizarre belief system of some needing to have exponentially more than they could ever use in a hundred lifetimes of luxury, at the expense of millions of others not having enough to do more than exist in misery and perish too young. So many lives unlived. So many possibilities aborted before they even have a chance to develop. So much waste and abuse and selfishness and brutality. And because of those things our world is bathed in guns and bombs and militarized police, in gangs of men who rape and slaughter and defile; all for the protection and benefit and enduring promise of the rich to retain their immense, unwarranted wealth, forever. The terminally wealthy just can't bear the idea of not having more and more and more all for themselves. They'd much rather have all the rest of us die than to ever have to eat a TV dinner or get a job.

It occurred to me recently that they're not selling us any new visions of tomorrow anymore. The Space Age is pretty much here. The question is, then what happens? What comes after the Space Age? Where does mankind go after that? Has anyone ever made a sketch of it? Anyone ever heard of the time that comes after the space age? I don't even know what to imagine after that. I find that rather odd.

I suppose you could say that these questions are coming too early, we're only just getting started on fully transforming our planet into the Earth of the Space Age. But by the looks of it, the Space Age doesn't seem to mean a whole lot. It's the age of technological convenience. Well that's nice, we'll save a lot of time. But what are we saving it for? And when are we ever going to get down to the only real work that needs to be done? The same exact work that's always needed to be done. You know, the work of learning how to be decent human beings living on this world together, in peace and prosperity, for everyone.

It all begins to make sense now. The endlessly creative ways of culling the populations of the earth. The never-ending wars certainly do a fine job, albeit a bloody and messy one. The bombs and radioactivity can do a lot more than get rid of excess, unnecessary people, they can render vast areas of the planet unlivable for eons. That's not very appealing to the ultra wealthy who think of the world as their own private property, and of everyone else as a nasty, nosey, threatening trespasser with their hands out demanding a free ride. As if these superrich folks earned their wealth. That would be something. But it's not possible to "earn" that kind of wealth. That kind of wealth comes only in one way, it is stolen. It's as simple as that.

So they've decided to end the age of war, and instead turn all the killing into fighting global "terrorists". Not for the sake of humanity and grace, but to keep what's left of the ravaged planet in good enough shape to suit themselves. The world must become one, unified under one global government where those in charge can do away with "democracy" and individualism (in the name of the greater good, i.e. themselves) and become planetary dictators. The tools of the day will be the same tools they're using now with unrivaled success, the totally dominated control of the mass media, the institutions of learning and medicine, the church. The steady stream of created crisis, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, pandemics, water shortages, nuclear terror incidents, all designed to terrify, confuse and cripple the masses and keep them cleaving to back stabbing leadership who will guide them straight into more control, taxation and ultimately their untimely deaths. The future global messages will all be the same coming from where ever they are heard, just like they are now. Undereducated, inculcated, brain washed people will be the only kind of people there are outside of the wealthy classes and the armed classes who will be needed to keep the non-wealthy slum dwellers of tomorrow in line and away from the untouchable rich.

Those unpleasant non-wealthy slum classes are not just dangerous they're an eyesore. And the kind, benevolent hearts of the super rich don't "like" seeing anyone suffering and starving, only just not enough to do anything about it in order to change the situation at long last. It doesn't have to be this way, that much is self evident. But they've come up with a better plan. Just get rid of them all. That, they would say, is a much more humane thing to do than allowing these unnecessary, excess, pointless populations to go on consuming all of the natural resources, eating all of the food, shitting all over everything, reproducing like stupid, ugly human rabbits, and drinking up the ever dwindling fresh water supplies. In the cacophony of day to day living, we're not supposed to notice what's really going on; the total impoverishment of everyone in the world as all of the wealth and private ownership is transferred to the wealthy, while all the rest of us are rendered impotent, dependent, and too brain dead to figure out what's being done to us, much less why.

Kind of speaks to why the big corporations are so interested in buying out all the planet's fresh water systems, doesn't it? Yeah, and much more. It also speaks to why they wanted to make all food production "globalized". Nobody will be allowed to grow their own food. After all, how can they starve out entire continents at a time if people are able to grow their own food? This explains a lot of the inane, downright shitty laws all over the world taking people off their land and not even allowing them to retain their own seeds from their own crops. It explains why suddenly it became possible to obtain patents on life, and why huge companies like Monsanto are actively pursuing total control of everything that grows. It explains why they're building that secret seed vault in the Netherlands. It all begins to make sense, doesn't it?

The mandatory vaccines are coming too, you can bet on it. They've already shoved them down the throats of every small country and defenseless populace they can. If you've been paying attention you've seen just about enough of their attempts to blatantly murder innocent people with their "accidental" shipments of deadly tainted vaccines to school children and whole countries. They just keep getting busted and exposed, and they just keep lying about it with their lame excuses. It would be funny if it wasn't so blood chilling. But this is how they do us. They lie. They're clumsy, stupid, comb-sucking, pin-headed jerks, but no matter how many times they're exposed they just keep coming back. They have no shame.

Just like they haven't bothered to mention to the folks in the USA that they're eating genetically modified foods with every meal, if you can call them meals, or food for that matter. There's hardly any food left in our food. It's all chemicals and preservatives and additives and colorants and lab created flavors and colors, complete with artificial grill marks on your virus coated fake meat for your favorite mass produced "healthy" low cal, low carb, microwaveable, frozen dinner. At the same time in Europe people are fighting back hard against the creepy GMOs, and have won many battles, if only temporarily. Mega-rich people are nothing if not persistent; they just won't take no for an answer. Not even "no, we don't want to die so that you can be happy that we're gone". That's just not good enough for this lot. They really do want us all dead.

Well, they've tainted and destroyed our health and our food and decimated our "health care" system, dumbed us down and played with our heads to the point that most people actually believe they're eating healthy out of a box and that good health comes in a prescription pill. Yep, they're definitely killing us all, there's no doubt about that. But don't you get the very strong feeling that it's all just not fast enough for them? That they're deeply disappointed that the "aids" virus wasn't more virulent and wide spread already? That the many cancers and diseases and autism taking down young and old at exponential rates aren't even close to enough? That they're just really getting impatient and want us all gone already? They really want it over with so they can get down to the business of cleaning up after us, or rather having their vastly reduced slave class or genetically created slave class do it for them, so they will finally be free to live like the brain dead soulless rich of days gone by, on their own private world, finally free of the unwashed masses. The "let them eat cake" generation redux. Gee, didn't all those folks get their heads chopped off back then? I believe so. Well done there.

Have we been made too stupefied to figure out that we're all Hansel and Gretel and the big govmint boys are the wicked witch telling us to crawl into her oven? Are they even still telling that story anymore or has it become "classified", along with all the other truths folks need to put two and two together in a way that even the honestly stupid people would be able to see? Ain't it funny the way the so called children's fairy tales of so long ago were telling the very same stories we're all still living today? I don't know if it's all that funny, but it sure is true. It's beautiful that we get to be children long enough to never know what those stories are really about. It's not so beautiful anymore when we grow up and recognize that the more things change the more they stay the same.


  1. Jerry9:38 AM

    At least in Orwell's "1984" the state would wipe your mind clean so you couldn't feel the mental anguish. It was a control issue, but at the same time it served as an inadvertent anesthesia for the doomed masses. Eventually you could be terminated while only feeling love for your executioners, and not much else. In this horrifying reality we have been sentenced to know our fate, longing for a return to sanity while we are slowly murdered. I do notice one thing hasn’t changed—many people still love their executioners, as evidenced by the incredible number of flags flying in front of nearly foreclosed homes. And the thing that will astound me until the end is that only a few short decades ago, we spoke of revolution and believed it was both necessary and possible.

  2. tony_opmoc9:29 AM

    Whilst, I'm not convinced that hurricanes can be - or are being artificially created, and I am not totally sure that the Tsunami of 2004-12-26 was a natural event, I do agree with the rest of your essay.

    10 Years ago, I would have considered anyone who now thinks the same way I do, as a mad conspiracy nutter - who was about to hide out in his dug-out due to Y2K causing all systems to fail.

    The conversion from believing most of which was presented to me by the conventional mainstream media was a slow process involving a great deal of my own research.

    Now if I wrote a book or a website, detailing the truth as I see it, most people would think of me in the same way, as I thought about conspiracy nuts 10 years ago.

    The problem with actual conspiracies, is that people who are trying to suppress the truth, construct stories associated with them, that the scientifically gullible swallow, only for them to be later ridiculed as believing in something that breaks all the laws of maths and physics.

    I think the vast majority of people who become personally involved in what I consider to be an on-going human cull, are doing so unknowingly and are ignorant of the effects of their actions. They actually believe the propaganda, to which they are continually subjected to.

    Take Medical Doctors for example, who obviously are highly intelligent people. They prescribe enormous amounts of drugs for their patients - who demand, and expect an instant solution to what is probably a minor problem that the body would heal itself. The drugs then cause other problems. The patient returns and the Doctor prescribes even more drugs to deal with the new problems.

    The Doctor is effectively killing the patient - maybe not immediately - some drugs take years to kill. But does he realise this? He may actually believe that he is doing good, and have real evidence that his actions have indeed resolved the symptoms. The minor condition has cleared, but great underlying damage has been done, which down the road will lead to a fatal illness.

    The same applies to the Scientist in The GM lab. He may think he is producing a new strain that will grow where nothing else will - and that he is actually doing good and feeding the World...

    And the guy designing yet a new weapon of mass destruction. He may actually believe that his country is threatened by evil foreign terrorists, and his new weapon will defend his country...

    These are all highly intelligent people, yet they cannot ask themselves the most fundamental questions and do the most fundamental research.

    Maybe they think we actually need to cull over 6 Billion people, in order to save the Planet.

    I think things are likely to get exceedingly grizzly over the next few years, particularly in the USA.

    I don't think any of this is either necessary or desirable. Sure we have got serious problems, but they can all be resolved gracefully, if people start analysing them objectively to find real solutions. At the moment nearly everyone is lying. They are producing the results they are paid to produce, to maximise the company's profits or to fulfill the political objectives. Any results that conflict with the specified objective are discarded - even if such a result would provide a truly elegant beneficial solution.


  3. The dark will not win. It cannot because it is the dark and will eat itself from the inside out.
    Let your light shine through, for the light banishes the darkness.

  4. tony_opmoc3:13 PM


    I have with my wife travelled through much of the World throughout completely different cultures - some of who's spoken languages we didn't immediately understand, and everyone we have met has been incredibly kind and welcoming to us..

    We initially communicate by words and smiles and hugs and gestures. Everyone understands the smiles and hugs and gestures

    Then we start to talk with words



  5. Jerry,

    I hear you. It is just so hard for some people to believe that anyone in their govt could actually be evil or criminally insane. Plus there's also the "my govt right or wrong" mentality, which is very difficult for me to understand. It turns life into a competition where the only thing that matters is winning without any thought as to what exactly it is you'll be winning when it's all said and done. People don't think.

    As to a revolution, I still think all that's needed is a simple refusal to cooperate. We need to go off and do our own thing, en masse. It's hard to fight that. This speaks to how detrimental a lack of education is. That to me is the number one answer to most of our shared problems in this world.

    Thank you for your comment.


  6. Tony,

    I'm not convinced of anything anymore but by the same token, after the trillions spent on black budget ops over the last half century, on things we still know nothing about, and the exponential leaps in technology and secret scientific knowledge, combined with literally everything being filtered through a military lens, I put very little out of the range of capability. Not that they'd be doing it right or safely by any stretch, but that they clearly don't care too much about the damage they do. HAARP is an example of that.

    I agree with everything you said. Well meaning people who cannot think past their ignorance, who trust without checking facts, who want to be a part of something glamorous, powerful or important sounding, who will just go along with the program. It takes a long time, like you said, and personal research, to slowly, painfully, wake up.

    That said, I do see people waking up in droves, and we should never underestimate our numbers or over estimate the bad guys smarts or capability. They are after all, insane, clearly.

    Thank you for your comment.


  7. Maitreya,

    I hope you are right. I know that people are just people everywhere, and that we all more or less want and need the same things. We want peace and we want to share the world. The problem is the fear factor, fear makes perfectly rational intelligent people do absolutely stupid things. And fear is the weapon we are up against. Again, I very much hope you are right.

    Thank you for your comment.