Monday, August 31, 2009


Did you see Democracy Now today? Did you catch Dick Cheney defending his torture doctrine, still? Is it just me or does this man make you sick to your stomach too? He is the antithesis of American values. It's just too bad he's such a damned good liar.

What would it be like to stand for death, torture, lies, obfuscation, cheating, manipulation, undermining and destroying your entire nation while decimating its credibility in the eyes of the world, and be able to look people right in the eye and claim you're doing it all for the good of the country? Just how scrambled does your head have to be to think that engaging in crime and immorality in everything you do is good for your country?

Maybe he's just a big fat liar but I don't know, he seems to actually be drunk on his own toxic krool-aid. God help us all. The best thing that could happen for America now would be to see him and the whole stinking political nest of America hating manipulating neo-con-zionist scum bags brought to public trial for their crimes. Their war crimes, their crimes against humanity, against human rights and human decency, against our Constitution, against our solid, defining American values, demand the trials and convictions of these mere mortal criminals who must be made to pay for what they've done. They abused their power in the worst possible ways with forethought and intent. They did it in secrecy and with deceit. The damage done as the direct result of their skin-crawling despicable immoral belief system is incalculable. The lives lost can never be recompensed. The dignity stripped from tortured human beings can never be paid back.

Humanity is not a worthless slave-class commodity like Cheney and his ilk believe. Humanity is not to be held captive and used to achieve the ends of a greedy, immoral, spiritually bankrupt, hypocritical, predatory/parasitic few. What on earth gives these people their ideas? Whatever it is, we need to identify it and beat the tar out of it and set it on fire and not leave until we're sure it's dead forever. Because whatever that source is, it's the most evil sonofabitch piece of filth and anti-humanity on the planet.

By now the whole world, even we ignorant uninformed Americans, have seen the photos of torture, rape and abuse perpetrated by certain sectors of the U.S. military/intelligence machine, and more specifically its "contractors", carried out at "prisons" all over the world. We have had ample opportunity to read the first hand accounts of eye witnesses, of legal defenders and prosecutors, of the victims themselves, at least those who survived to tell their stories. It is horrifying to find out these things have been done in our name, were paid for with our stolen tax dollars, and worse, are still being done; in some accounts even worse than before. This is deeply disturbing evidence portraying truly depraved behavior. It is shameful and unforgivable. None of us voted for that.

Those images of barbaric, inhumane, cruel and unusual physical brutality and violent sexual depravity leave no doubt as to who the real victims are and who the real terrorists are. The images perfectly depict the inexcusable shame and selfish barbarism that the bush/cheney political crime syndicate wrought upon this country during their illicit eight year reign of terror and destruction.

What must not be missed is the glaring metaphor, the deliberate pattern, the overriding essence of who and what the neo-con/zionist/whatever the hell they want to call themselves, are all about.

This is who they are.
This is what they do.
This is how they think.

They are the ultimate dirty rotten bastards, complete failures at being human. Abject losers in the realm of consciousness and accurate valuation of basic "I - Thou" relationships. They just don't get it at all, and worse, they don't want to get it. These people exist among us, but they are not with us. Their disconnection from the rest of the world is complete. When men like these take power it is obvious what they will do with it; they will use it only for themselves, and to further their own criminal, imperialist aims in the service of those who hide behind permanent veils of secrecy and protected illicit power, those who command our puppet commanders.

How can it be that any person who claims to love their country could buy into a single word out of the mouths of men who torture and men who order torture? Who can believe men who display utter contempt for human life, human rights and human dignity, the protection of which is the supposed premise for all this killing, war and torture of innocents? These people are walking, talking contradictions. They claim they are saving lives even as they take lives. They say they protect our citizens from terrorist attacks even as they create record breaking numbers of new terrorists every day with their callous, indifferent and cruel treatment of other human beings. These people are either the stupidest men on the planet or simply the most evil. I don't believe they are stupid at all. That only leaves evil. What else is there?

The values pervasive in our government today are not the Christian values American law and virtue come from. Whose alien values are these and how did they get infused into our system? How have such foreign and grotesque values been able to choke our true American values to death, replacing them with the values of the scum of the earth? Greed, selfishness, violence, cruelty, torture. These are not American or Christian values.

Our political system is not Christian or based on Christian belief, but our American values are very much Christian values. This is not because Christianity invented human decency, human decency has been around a lot longer than any religious beliefs, it is because Christianity adopted and stands for principles of human decency, and defines by example of the living Christ on earth what human decency means. As the majority religion in our country is Christianity, we can call American values Christian values for the sake of having this conversation. (One sided though it may be).

Christian values are about very different things than the policies Cheney, Bush, Gonzales et al hawked and shoved down our unwilling throats. These men are all about force, Christian values are not about force. Christian values are not about using violence to force your will and desires on others. Christian values are not about torturing others when you're afraid or have a political agenda, or a political party to save face for and attempt to justify. Christian values are not about living outside of the law, or about punitive measures against entire peoples, killing innocent people, and lying about all of it. Christian values are not about secrecy for those in power and a concurrent total loss of human decency, dignity and privacy, with human rights only for themselves but not for anyone else. None of those things are Christian values. None of those things are what Jesus Christ stood for.

Christ never tortured anyone. Christ never turned his back on the helpless, the sick or the poor. Christ never judged society's outcasts, prisoners and rejects, he went to them, sat with them, ate with them, spoke with them, and loved them. Christ As Man walked the earth as a man, a man like all other men, and he did this I think it's clear, to show by example what it means to be a man in this world. He didn't use his overwhelming power to crush his enemies. Christ showed the world what really matters. He did not rile up a political party to represent the interests of the psychopathic rich and run for office, cheating and lying all the way, fixing votes, crushing opponents with character assassinating lies, monopolizing public discussion, in the aim of achieving total power and then using that power to further his own private beliefs and global dominance agenda. That's not Christian, and that's not what Christ ever did.

In fact, that's exactly what Christ was against, the exact reason, purpose and message of God Almighty in the flesh on this earth, was to save the world from men like Dick Cheney. Jesus Christ wouldn't have given Dick Cheney or George W. Bush the slightest support. He wouldn't have given them the time of day. Christ would blow off those men and all men like him because they are exactly everything that's wrong with this world. Christ would hunker down and get busy doing his own work in this world, doing just the opposite of what Bush and Cheney brought on us with their canned weasel words, lies, dirty money changing hands, political espionage and thuggery, back room deals, obtuse rigged unverifiable elections, PR created media monopolies, criminal hypocrisy, invasive governmental controls and limitless methods and means of delivering unjust violence. What's so Christian about that?

Christian or not, Americans can respect what Jesus was and what he stood for. God The Man was not the least bit confused about his values or morality. He knew right from wrong. He knew justice from injustice. He understood that power and personal glory and the lust for wealth literally cut off the essence of God within people. He knew it was either about loving people, loving the world, being the best human beings we could be, caring for others, respecting life, being fair, tolerant, wise, honest, forgiving, sharing, helping, healing, befriending, giving of ourselves for nothing in return to make the world a literal paradise, OR, having it the way it is now; the war, the greed, the disdain for human life and dignity, the corrupted systems of politics and power, the use of overwhelming force against the unarmed, the innocent and defenseless, stealing the resources, land and prosperity of others to hoard it for oneself, not caring who gets hurt just so long as you get yours; turning your back on your own in the defense of Satan incarnate preaching his evil spew from pulpits, TV news studios, Congressional halls, Oval offices and military recruitment offices everywhere. We must kill because we are superior. We must kill because only we count. We must kill to defend our precious selves whom God loves above all others, because others hate us and persecute us for no reason. Only those others who aren't us are bad and we must fear them because they fight us when we invade them and steal what God gave them. We don't listen, we don't apologize, we kill and keep our eyes on the prize, betraying ourselves, each other, our country, and we do it in the name of God and then tell ourselves what great people we are. There's your evil right there, what the hell is worse than that?

Jesus was not a politician. Politicians are liars who say whatever you want to hear. God The Man was who he really was at all times, even when nobody was looking. Christ didn't do deals. Christ behaved, believed and lived like Christ. Few of us could live up to him or his standards, but Christian values obligate us to try. They also obligate us to forgive ourselves and others when we fail; that is, as long as we recognize our failures, our weaknesses, admit our errors, rectify the harm we've done, apologize, and determine to try again, harder, and not fail next time. God The Man couldn't have cared less where the cameras were. He'd never have given a TV interview. He wasn't out to play games. He spoke to those with ears to hear and eyes to see. That already counts out a whole lot of people in this country, including those who proclaim their Christian virtues while living the violent, mean-spirited, selfish values of the dark side.

Christ came to give, not take. Christ was here to lift people higher, to tell them about the kingdom of heaven, to show people by his living example how to behave in this world. He stood up in defense of those who had been judged and were about to receive cruel punishments at the hands of a rabid, judgmental bloodthirsty, selfish society. He defended the prostitutes and touched the lepers, people who I'm afraid all too many dazed and confused modern so called Christians would never tolerate, much less go to with love and a desire to help them find healing and better lives. Christ had nothing and wanted nothing. He said you have to give everything up if you really want to follow him. Christians out for a buck at the expense of others are Satanists in denial. That's what it says in the book if you can read. Plain as day. Is your pastor preaching profits? You might want to dump his ass.

Christ was about healing, not destroying; about peace, not fighting, about tolerance not mindless knee-jerk judgments and cruel mistreatment of perceived rule breakers. Christ was not about creating political divisions, not about conniving and contriving, not about blowing up abortion clinics, not about shouting down people who's voices have every right to be heard. Christ didn't waste his time on bullshit and trivia and movie stars and pornography and junk food. Christ's message was to ALL who believed on him, not just some, ALL. Christ made clear that in the mind and eye and heart of God the creator, ALL are beloved and ALL are desired by God to come to God and live God's ways. He also knew how few would make it in the end.

Where does the Bush/Cheney doctrine fit into that? It doesn't fit into it, it defies it from the ground up. Cheney's disgusting defense of torture and his stomach turning assertion that Obama's AG should be asking the law breaking torturers how they tortured to learn how to keep on torturing for the good of the country is enough to make me puke. Wrong Dick. Dead wrong. The attorney general needs to shove the red hot poker of justice up the wazoo of you and your whole cadre of unchristian, un-American, imperialist anti-human rights, anti-human dignity, anti-justice, anti-law team of scum-ites. You are the problem Mr. Cheney. You and those whose minds you've twisted with your unnatural ability to wrap filthy truths in symbols of honor and justice and hide them under the cover of things people can believe in.

The ploys and criminality of the Bush regime are in the flesh anti-American, anti-life, anti-rights doctrine this country never wanted, never needed, never asked for and indeed would never have had to suffer through if you and your ilk hadn't lied, cheated, and stolen yourselves into public office. There's nothing I can think of that Cheney has done during the entirety of the Bush administration's reign of crime and terror that America could be proud of. He has brought nothing but criminal shame, pain, division and delusion on our heads.

Eight years of Bush/Cheney and their racist/classist philosophy of torturing their way to happiness is an indelible stain on this country that will never come off. It will stay there as our most prominent feature, like a port wine birthmark across the whole of our faces, and it will be the first and only thing people will see when they look at us. It will remain that way unless and until Cheney is confronted by the law and by the people, and it is made clear, in no uncertain terms, that it is not our way to torture others because of ignorance, or our bloated system of disingenuous politicized posturing or the personal cowardice of pink handed elected corporatist profit mongering unelected officials.

It is not our way to use and abuse people to enrich ourselves. Means are never justified in ends. No one can operate outside of the law without instantly breaking the law. It makes no sense to claim need or right to operate beyond the laws we believe in; the very laws our public officials are sworn to uphold and defend. Dick has a funny way of defending us. Destroying us is not defending us. In the mind of this man, destroying us is good for the country. This man is dead wrong. There is nothing about Cheney's claims, or Cheney's doctrines that can withstand scrutiny. Everything he preaches and defends is an offense and an outrage to everything we stand for. How the Bush regime was able to get away with it for all those years is beyond my capacity to comprehend.

Neo-con/zionist/criminal doctrine is not based on any legitimate value system. It is solely self-serving. It does not care about anyone or anything but achieving total domination. It has no respect for life, for justice, for common sense, for law, for reason, for truth. It has stated in plain words that it creates its own reality. It certainly does try to do that, but it consistently, flamboyantly and utterly fails.

Cheney's assertion is that the criminal torture, mistreatment, and traumatic abuse of human beings is good American policy. What fevered horse's ass would believe such idiocy? What moral midget would stand up and cheer for such giant dollops of bovine dung? I want to ask Dick Cheney why he never asks WHY there is terrorism? Because all he seems capable of doing is commanding the use of force against anything he doesn't like. After a couple of million dead people and a country torn into unrecognizable shreds, he still refuses to admit his policies and ideas aren't just failures, they're proof that he is wrong about everything.

Terrorism from the people is about demanding justice from the likes of you, Mr. Cheney, men who deny the most basic justice on earth to people you arbitrarily decide don't matter in this world. That's not your call Dick. If any president of this country ever really wants to end terror all he has to do is talk to these people and find out what they want. Chances are high that what they want is theirs to ask and we are keeping them from having what's theirs. That's why acts of violence are perpetrated against us. People who are defending themselves are not terrorists, but Dick Cheney and the foreign values determining American Foreign Policy and even Law and Order Policy here at home insist otherwise. To the dark values of criminals, anyone who stands against them, no matter how right they are to do so, no matter that it is in defense of their own lives, their own land, their own means of income and prosperity, regardless the reason or right, according to Dick and his ilk, they are terrorists.

Until Dick Cheney gets this much right, he's hardly the man we need an opinion from regarding the use of torture. We need only our own normal human values and the laws that govern the entire world on matters of torture to know that Dick Cheney is a criminal, or at the very least a dangerously deluded person who needs medical help and a lot of medication. He should not be allowed anywhere near the inner workings of our government. His influence and backwards value system is death and destruction to all that is good and worthwhile.

Please, MSM, stop giving Dick Cheney the time of day on television. His battle is lost. His credibility is nil. He has made his bed, it is now time for him to lie in it.

I'll take Christian values over the phony politics of war, plunder, racism, and lust for world domination anytime. If Obama has a lick of sense or an ounce of integrity he'll do the same, or at the very least will not obstruct the courageous men around him who are willing to see justice done and who will not shrink from the undoubtedly frightening and dangerous task of bringing the scum bags with their alien, offensive value systems to justice and making vivid examples of them. Obama's failure to facilitate that will be Obama's failure. Period.

What's at stake is our nation's credibility, the very credibility of the people of this country against Dick's credibility. Anyone who votes for Dick is no American. He's not worth it. He's not worth covering for, he's not worth protecting. He had his chance, he showed us who and what he stands for, and it's not us. Get him off our TV screens and into a public courtroom. Let the trial of Christ v. Cheney begin. The trial is the test of our own commitment and belief in our claimed Christian values. God help us. With his dirty lawyers and their unrivaled skill at lying and subterfuge, with our naive, sheep-like unthinking populace, the man stands a good chance of walking away scott free. If that happens so be it but at least, at the very least, we'll have gone through the serious motions of trying to hold him accountable for his torture policies. If we can't get to everything else, we must get to that. If we don't no one can say this nation isn't every bit as vile, disgusting and criminal as Cheney himself.


  1. You've left nothing out here.

    Good post - because I happen to agree with you!

  2. Astra,

    Thank you. I'm glad somebody could see where I'm coming from.

    You know, you have possibly the coolest name I've ever heard. I'd love to sashay down a marble staircase and say, "Hello, I am Astra Navigo!" But I digress...

    thanks for your comment.


  3. hey, me again—Jesus! Ang, you really know how to pick some .. ahh, confounding subject matter. Only an initial reaction. Like I had to like, percolate it a bit. Still do actually, but then—it's .. deep. In my circles I keep on the web, Christ is not taken seriously. Even mwar is guilty of .. Well, the culture precludes serious consideration. And rightly so—the current versions are grotesque. Although limitations in understanding, however prevalent, are no excuse for shallowness. Jerry Falwell and others are to blame. When Jesus said repent, they thought he meant murder.

    “We're a God fearing nation, and we'll kill anyone who says otherwise.” ~ George W. Bush. This is an actual headline I still vividly remember, along with a large photo of George accompanying it, about 9 years ago now. I didn't even know how to use a computer then. It took up 1/2 the front page of an actual newspaper, and was left abandoned on a table in the Asian Food court, in a mall I frequented at the time. It was one of those posterized 'Outbreak of War' type headlines, and the pic wasn't that flattering either. I would feel uncomfortable drinking Whiskey off of it.

    The Cult of Amerika: apathetic reliance upon undeserving Leaders. Many christians are actually Satanists in denial. "Satan incarnate preaching his evil spew from pulpits, .." Haha—sorry, shouldn't laugh. Someone's been drinkin' Whiskey from that table .. "Jerrrryy." Nominalism, I recall is the label given — theology .. some study I did .. long time ago now. Not everyone who says Lord, Lord will enter .. the kingdom. It's starting to come back to me now. Jesus said that, in the NT, and I recall on yet another dry / boring church attendance, listening to yet another shameless request for more money from an ex-govt employee, to help build his investment property portfolio .. it suddenly occurring to me, gazing around—that he (the Christ) was referring to christians ! Ironical. I mean, who else calls him—Lord, Lord, piously ! Hypocritically ? Satanists in denial, of course ! an aha moment. Jesus.

    Love to comment .. much more, but fear I need beautifying just as much, maybe more .. zzzzzzs

    “It will be of little avail to the people that the laws are made by men of their own choice if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood.” ~ James Madison (1751-1836)

  4. Me not am smart but me wisn't am like mean. In Bizarro world we am poke stick in Man Cheney and toast Man Cheney wif fire, then eat. Then we am laf and laf. Me want kiss person Ang many time.

  5. Ang,

    This refrain could equally apply to President Obama:

    "What would it be like to stand for death, torture, lies, obfuscation, cheating, manipulation, undermining and destroying your entire nation while decimating its credibility in the eyes of the world, and be able to look people right in the eye and claim you're doing it all for the good of the country? Just how scrambled does your head have to be to think that engaging in crime and immorality in everything you do is good for your country?"

    Matter of fact, it might apply as far back as Andrew Jackson! Be as or MORE critical of your political acolytes and demigods as the opposition's.

  6. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Ang, I enjoy reading yout posts. The title of your blog intrigued me. I have been told that I think too much, to the point where the person semi-accused me of engaging in "intellectual masturbation", to which I replied, well, in my view we are all being stroked by someone in life. I know whose hand is on my d*ck, do you? But that doesn't seem like a valid answer, primarily because of the high school gym-locker aura surrounding the answer. But reading thru your posts causes me to think even scarier thoughts, why scarier? Because the majority of people would not understand, or more likely would be paralyzed by the overwhelming ramifications of what is transpiring. Its as if one of those sci-fi- monsters we saw as kids on TV were to materialize right here, now. And demand X. Most people would roll their eyes and reach for the phone..., until it happens. And then of course they are of no use, not even as slaves.
    On a side note, did you hear that Netanyahu of Israel went to Russia to get Putin's help in bombing Iran. There were threats involved, Russia basically told Israel to f- off. Netanyahu threatened to turn Moscow into a mushroom cloud, at which point Putin physically threw the zionist out of his office on his ass! Ang, the wolves who control the world are having what amounts to brawl among themselves. And we, the nobodies of the world, how do we rate? That's what concerns me. Please keep posting, you have a great mind!

  7. Anonymous-

    Wow. You sound exactly like me. My mother once told me, "You think too much", and she also believed that I felt too much. There comes a point where you realize that you're not doing it wrong, you're just doing it at a level that a lot of people aren't interested in going to. A lot of people prefer playing the game, because it doesn't require much thinking, it only requires competing for position and financial rewards. But for those of us who are not fed by those things alone, for those of us who operate at a different level than that, telling us that we think too many thoughts or feel too many feelings is like saying our hearts beat too much or our hair grows too much. It's just who and how we are. Bottom line though, people who step back and think are a minority.

    In the heat of amped up highly politicized stuposity gripping the country, it's the people who don't get caught up in the fever of the masses who are attacked and ripped to shreds for saying things people don't want to hear. People like their lies and their phony baloney hot air balloons of fluffy pink American perfection and Donna Reed happiness, and they'll fight you to the death to retain their illusions thank you very much.

    And you're right, of course, that waking up and facing the firing squad of reality is literally overwhelming to any feeling person. To rip someone's happy little world out from underneath them leaves them hanging in the wind, which is one of the scariest things in the world. I don't know that its fear that keeps people from seeing what's right in front of their faces, because you'd have to suspect in order to feel fear. I think people are expertly trained and conditioned to automatically dismiss anything outside the status quo, and it's something else entirely that comes into play when you run up against hard headed uninformed people who want to snap your neck for what you think or feel.

    I have often thought the same exact thing, that the movie monsters we grew up with have exited the screen and are now stomping through our streets in the flesh. I hear you anonymous, I really do.

    No, I did not know that about Netanyahu visiting Russia. I'm not surprised if that's what happened. What I'm finding interesting now is the way Russia is being invited to join the world like any other country, no longer being demonized and vilified, no longer held out as the western world's great communist threat. Political powers in Europe are inviting Russia to join with them in order to fight the global terrorism movement. Sigh. That's how easy it is to create monsters or friends. Whatsoever the tv sets shall decree, so shall it be for everybody. Well almost everybody. Thank you for your comment.


  8. Anonymous5:44 AM

    Love your writtin's,however being a descendent of the ''trail of tears'' the term ''christian values''scares the living shit out of me.

  9. I agree with you in principle, but setting an example was only a part of Jesus' mission. "We wrestle not against flesh and blood..."

    Jesus didn't humble himself just to show us how to live; Christ is God, and He's been telling us the difference between right and wrong--teaching "human decency", if you will--since the Garden.

    Nor did Jesus come to save us from evil men; he redeemed us from the clutches of intelligent evil, literal supernatural entities who seek our destruction, through His sacrifice on the cross. It was tragic because we made it necessary.

    It's not quite true that "few of us could live up to him or his standards". In fact, the Bible tells us that no one in the history of the planet could live up to his standards, and that is the whole point of Christ on Earth: all have sinned and come short of the glory of God, and thus the blood sacrifice of the only perfect, sinless man in all of history (gruesome, I know, but it's God's universe and His rules) was required to pay the debt.

    The human agents in this long-running play, like Cheney, are useful idiots for the real enemy. Working for the other side, to be sure, and it's sad that so many professing Christians still don't see it.

  10. Anonymous,

    I can sure appreciate that. I was talking about real Christian values, not imperialist values with a Jesus sticker applied for credibility. No doubt the term 'Christian Values' strikes fear in many hearts, including mine.

    Thank you for your comment.


  11. Derek,

    You have a far deeper understanding of what's in the NT than I would ever claim to have. I appreciate your input.

    Thanks for your comment.


  12. Cheney is one of the vilest of a despicable cast of villains. Bush & Cheney belong in the same house of horrors as Stalin and Hitler, but the average Joe will not be able to make the connection or see history repeating itself. All through school they told us great sacrifices were made so freedom would prevail & future wars would be prevented. Obviously there has been a succession of wars ever since. We live in a culture of war & to the ruling class, the cannon fodder are used to increase their profits. People seem unable to grasp we are ruled by a class of elite psychopaths. It sickens me that anyone can see Cheney, hear his poisonous words & yet not recognize him for what he is. No incoming President is ever going prosecute an outgoing one. That would necessitate not committing their own war crimes or appear like a total hypocrit to the public. Better to lie & sneak around as they usually do. Did you ever notice when they get rid of a President it's usually for some minor incident, never the genocide they are actually engaged in. The release of the torture pictures may even have been intentional, to bring down the moral fibre of the American people, making torture that much more acceptable. A few are geniunely disgusted, the rest come to accept it as a necessity of war. That they should be outraged - & somehow aren't - never occurs to them & what's one more travesty when the landscape is already littered with the 'infotainment' version of truth. Obama's promised 'Change', but all he'll do is expand the war of 'Tribute'. That's why Cheney can come on T.V. and brazenly defend torture unopposed. Cheney & Obama are the same team & I wouldn't be surprised if Cheney is higher rank, so don't expect Cheney to go hunker down in his bunker just yet. Isn't it nice & convenient how Obama already received the Nobel Peace Prize & all he's done so far is let Bush & Cheney off the hook? Surely expansion of the war couldn't count as the reason to decorate him, so why? Unless he's getting the Peace Prize for some reason other than the one given. And who ever heard of an American President that EVER made peace? You can smell the duplicity. Someone had to nominate him within 11 days of taking office for the deadline. So he gets the Peace Prize just as he's about to expand the war in Afghanistan & open another front in Pakistan. If Cheney were really in danger of being prosecuted they wouldn't be having him on TV extolling the virtues of torture. Creatures like Cheney will continue poisoning the minds of Americans who think they are doing a patriotic duty supporting the war & adopting an aggressive posture towards anyone who disagrees. It's too bad they can't see how inhuman these creatures are. When it gets harder for them to defend the lie, those who are invested in the war, pressed upon us by the likes Cheney will become even more entrenched. They want your sons or daughters to serve as cannon fodder in their perpetual war of terror on terror, supposedly preventing terror with the application of terror. But who pays all these terrorists to terrorize? I'll bet it's the same people who pay Cheney's salary! And those who could put him away are fed at the same pig trough & can't be expected to change the rules. As Obama dashes the hopes of millions no one should be surprised when he cynically EXPANDS THE WAR, even as they gave him the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE! This is the epitomy of hypocrisy, but don't tell America maybe they're not that big on irony. And just why didn't Cindy Sheehan get the Peace Prize? I guess you have to be a by-proxy-murderer-of-innocents to get a Peace Prize given to ya! The real heroes don't need decorating anyway! Great thought provoking post!

  13. JohnB,

    Excellent rant, thanks for sharing.

    At least they didn't award the Nobel Peace Prize to Netanyahu (et al). As it is they probably need to change the name to the Nobel Sleaze prize. Ever since they gave one to Henry Kissinger it's been blood stained. I'm not that up to date on who all has gotten the Nobel prize over the years but my guess is we wouldn't have to dig too far or long to pull out a stinky list of blood covered names. That's status quo, it's how they do business. Pretend you're swell when you're a vicious blood thirsty killer who uses democracy for toilet paper.

    Thanks for your comment.


  14. Anonymous8:45 PM

    I've noticed you haven't posted in a long time.

    Hope you're doing well, and wish you the best.

  15. Hi saltman,

    I know, I haven't posted in a long time. I figured everybody would have given up on me by now and gone off to blogs that have something new to read. I've been swamped. As in alligators and knee deep fetid water. Not pretty. But I started writing down some ideas this week so who knows, maybe there'll come a post out of it in not too long. Thanks for checking in on me, it's nice to know somebody misses me. The check's in the mail.


  16. First, Ang, let me say I've missed your input. I realize it must take a lot to keep on bloggin' so I don't get too upset when you haven't written. And thank you! I hang on to many of your posts, being absolutely amazed at your genius and understanding. Like anonymous has posted (thinking too much, sci-fi characters on t.v., etc.), and your reply: thinking, feeling too much, I am one of you! I am a retired old fart who only in the last several years has awakened from the deep sleep of T.V., Hollywood, newspaper induced somnambulism. And very recently I have lost four "friends" due to my questioning of their deep sleep status. It's amazing how entrenched the "programming" is in the human mind,and I am recognizing that the American mind is probably the most programmed mind there is. Four may not seem like alot, but due to my repulsion of the sheeple attitude that is so prevalent,I pretty much have chosen to be a hermit, a loner. I fought the good fight for years, warring against my own "wee small voice", screaming at me that the whole world appeared to be AFU'd, and I perceived that we collectively were sliding ever so surely into the abyss. I worked in medicine, and could see the grand scam at work. Thank God that is over, for me. Now I have time to investigate, study, learn, and your blog has been instrumental in clarifying many topics for me. So again, thanks.

  17. Cman,

    Thanks for your comment, which by the way spoke directly to my heart. Welcome to the netherworld of the awakened, offended and incurably frustrated. It's not that lonely a place anymore though overcrowding is never likely to be a problem. I'm much gratified to know you're on board.

    I do need to post about 4,000 things but you know, sometimes they make my head explode. I'm trying to avoid that if at all possible. Not sure it is possible. If that's the case then what the hey, I might as well post.

    Thanks for the gentle prodding.


  18. Hear hear!

  19. Anonymous7:27 PM

    Ang, I'm sure you have had many things going on in your life, perhaps heavy enough to keep you too busy to blog, but you have, like, just vanished from 'blogosphere' and, while I realize you have a life outside of blogsville, you haven't said anything since august of 2009. Are you OK? We miss your insights Peace. :)