Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Prostitutes, Crack Whores and Drug Dealers for Congress

Hello again.  I know I've been away for a really long time and I'm sorry for abandoning you like that but you know, I needed some cave time.  I've only been coaxed out today because of some folks commenting and emailing me and saying the darn nicest things and stuff like they're missing seeing any new posts from me and they want me to get off my butt and write something and get it up here pronto.  Gee whiz, yer makin' me blush.  Knock it off will ya.

Well... while I've been in my cave I have been watching the big wheel turning and have to say it's anything but boring out there.  From the Goldstone report coming out, which was a very good thing, to Palestine's leadership saying don't worry about it to the UN, which was a very bizarre thing, to Israel denouncing Mr. Goldstone and calling him yet another anti-Semitic self-hating Zionist Jew, which was a very outrageous thing, to the grande finale of our dear batch of congresshookers and congresswhores all standing up together and saying whatever Israel wanted them to say, which was a thoroughly disgusting thing; and what they said was to call the UN Human Rights investigation a completely biased anti-Semitic batch of made up lies and hate for Jewish people, which was a just plain inexcusable thing... to Americans losing jobs, homes, money, security and all hope at breath taking rates, to Obama sending more troops and more contractors to Afghanistan, to people getting bombed from the sky in Pakistan and Gaza and Iraq and several other places, and all we get from our dearly elected is a huge crock of holier than thou horse shit because they can't for the life of them figure out that lying to people, bombing people and ripping people off,  pisses people off all over the world.  It would be funny if it wasn't so un-funny.

I think I know what the problem is and I think I may have a solution.  We've got a completely wrong class of people behind the national wheel.  They're too spoiled, pampered, well fed, over paid, too wealthy and have next to nothing in common with the other 299 million of us.  It's not a good match.  We're not represented.  Plus, they're all a bunch of lying criminal scum bags and whores that will say whatever you want to hear in order to stay in the game.  It's the best game going for their breed.  I think we need to clean out the stables and get some new stock in there, some genuine, bona fide, real people who are normal.  Normal meaning imperfect like the rest of us.  Only political whores are apparently above it all. (Hork!  As if.)  What we need is to vote Prostitutes, Crack Whores and Drug Dealers into office.  That, imho, would be a noteworthy turn for the better.

The difference between crack whores and congress whores is that crack whores work for their pay.

Top Ten reasons why prostitutes, crack whores and drug dealers are better than congress whores:

10 - Prostitutes, crack whores and drug dealers really want to hear from you.

9 - Prostitutes, crack whores and drug dealers go out of their way to get you what you want.

8 - Prostitutes, crack whores and drug dealers know who they work for.

7 - Prostitutes, crack whores and drug dealers tell you up front what you're going to get for your money. 

  ...and you don't have to pay for it until after you get it.

6 - Prostitutes, crack whores and drug dealers put their lives and freedom on the line every single day to work for you.

5 - Prostitutes, crack whores and drug dealers don't lie to you about who they are or what they do.

4 - We already know, accept and expect that prostitutes, crack whores and drug dealers do drugs and will sleep around for money and business deals.

3 - Prostitutes, crack whores and drug dealers are more honest and up front than congress whores because they engage in illegal criminal acts all day, every day, and earn their living doing it,  some even get filthy rich doing it; but they never deny it, don't pretend otherwise, and don't try to pass themselves off as lily white solid citizens who never do anything "bad".

2 - Prostitutes, crack whores and drug dealers know how to run profitable businesses.

1 - Prostitutes, crack whores and drug dealers do dangerous, unglamorous work for a living, get nothing for free, do not live in luxury that you're forced to pay for against your will, are not treated like princesses and kings, don't act like they have the right to run everyone else's lives, and are no better than the rest of us; and nobody's unclear about that.

Clearly, prostitutes, crack whores and drug dealers are a better class of people than congressional whore-politicians. Congress whores are phonies, social climbers, money, power and status seeking narcissistic obsessive compulsives who are bought off, compromised, and sucked into depraved debauchery of all kinds, all of which results in you and me getting the shaft, again, and again and again.  Who needs it?  Do you?  Heck no! 

Congress whores all too often suffer from delusions of specialness and self-important entitlement to break the law, to gluttonize themselves on public monies, to treat people like dumb animals who they don't have to answer to, to lie, cheat, deal and steal and make themselves millionaires by screwing taxpayers - those selfsame people who pay their generous salaries and luxurious expenses and who gift them with unbelievable lifetime benefits like top of the line free health care and fat salaries for doing nothing but sitting on their spoiled delusional butts for the rest of their lives being bribed by brigades of check toting filthy lobbyist scum bags who should be behind bars - along with the piggy congress whores who service them. 

It only makes sense to go for a better option - real people.  No more phony-baloney, holier than thou, 'we're better than you' attitudes!  No more arrogant official-esque posturing. No more preposterous disingenuous gang tripe.  No more pre-arranged, pre-rehearsed fake-as-plastic game shows.  What a big fat crock it all is.   Who needs it?  We don't.  They and they alone need it in order to keep their evil, dirty little party going!  I ask you, isn't it time for that party to end?  You know it is friends, it's way past time.

So if you want honest, down to earth, regular, ordinary, hard working elected representatives who know that things almost always aren't what they seem, who understand that authority is never automatically right,  who know what it's like to miss a meal, to stay at a Motel 6, to have to choose between paying the rent and taking the baby to the doctor; who know how to run profitable businesses and don't operate in spending deficits; if you want to know what it feels like to get some satisfaction for your hard earned money for once, the choice is clear.  The next time you vote, vote Crack Whores, Prostitutes and Drug Dealers into office.  And why not?  They all exist because your dearly elected congress whores created them. They're the direct product of the embedded corruption, double standards and patent dishonesty of the system your congress whores have brought into living reality.  Crack Whores, Prostitutes and Drug Dealers are practically guaranteed to do a better job for you than the eternally pre- and re- elected political whores we've got in there who just keep screwing you, and screwing you and screwing you, and screwing me, and screwing everyone else they can get their hands on to screw for political profit and power and personal gain. 

Enough already.  It's time to pull the plug on this dirty tub of bath water, isn't it friends? 

Let's retire all those political high horses to their just reward...the glue factory!  Let's go get some good old fashioned dirt under our fingernails again, and let our hair get messy and our shirts and pants be wrinkled because that's real; and let's start talking about real life again, our real lives, yours and mine, because that is our reality, the only one that matters to you and me.  Our reality is the one that counts the most.  Let's give a pointy boot to prissy political liars and expensive scum bags robbing us all blind as they break any law they like and help themselves to our prosperity leaving us with nothing but the shame to carry and the bills to pay for their jolly good time.  If you want to show them where to go you can! Vote Prostitutes, Crack Whores and Drug Dealers into Congress and let's get this country proud and decent again!

Yes we can!  We can be self-sufficient, independent, sovereign citizens like God made us to be if we have fair, honest, decent people fighting to keep the playing field level and insisting on holding everyone, big or small, rich or poor, to the same set of rules.  No soft, spoiled, girlie-man suits will do that, they'll never do that, they're against doing that, they're against every good and decent, fair and honest thing you and I believe in.  Dump them!  Vote Prostitutes, Crack Whores and Drug Dealers into your next congressional seat opening!  Find out for yourself what a breath of fresh air it is to get somebody in there for you who has a frickin' clue about what matters, about what's right and wrong and who doesn't need to be told those things.

By the way, in case you feel offended by these words you should know that Jesus approves of Prostitutes, Crack Whores and Drug Dealers!  Jesus welcomes them all to come be with Him in heaven when they die.  Now, if Jesus doesn't need to judge those people for what they do, then neither do you.  Wake up and smell the righteousness!  It is the rich people that need not apply at the pearly gates!  It is the minions of state, Caesar's rendering renditioner servants, the politicians, thugs, liars and thieves of state that need not apply in heaven.  They've already sold their souls to the devil, it's too late for them!  Is that who you want running your country?  Think about it. Wealth and luxury are the products of death and destruction, and they have no problem whatsoever with that.  How about you?

The reality and truth is that Prostitutes, Crack Whores and Drug Dealers, and social outcasts and rejects of every configuration are a just plain better class of people than your current Satan serving political whores and minions of money grubbing evil.  Vote for your local angry, disabled veteran who can't find decent employment or a home for himself and his family.  Vote for your destitute and homeless neighbors who haven't had a hot meal or a safe place to sleep in weeks.  Vote for the fired, the laid off, the unemployed; vote for the alcoholics anonymous members, and for all of the politically incorrect folk among us.  Why?  Because these are real people.  We need real people running things.  You can plainly see what we get when we let unreal phony arrogant types pretend they're so perfect that they're always right about everything and your opinion doesn't count. They ruin everything we've worked so hard for.  Vote for the least among us. Vote for the invisible people, the ex-felons who have served their time and can't get a fair break.  Prostitutes, Crack Whores and Drug Dealers are a far better choice than career politicians. They're a better choice for you, a better choice for real people everywhere, and the thumbs-up choice of Jesus, Lord God of the Universe Himself who'd much rather have supper with a tent full of  those folks than with a bunch of sleazy slimy millionaire congress whores any day!  Don't take my word for it, read the bible yourself and then ask yourself this: If it's good enough for God, isn't it good enough for me too?  Unless you think you're better than God, you bet it's good enough for you.

Prostitutes, Crack Whores and Drug Dealers for Congress!  A better class of people for a better kind of country.

This message has been brought to you by some cranky lady in California who's had it up to here with the bull dookie and arrogant, dishonest, play acting of the shameless, greedy, self-serving, fear mongering, war mongering, disingenuous, back stabbing, for sale, new world order holier-than-thou bigots and crime supporting gas bags and blind and spineless politically correct sell outs of the worst possible kind, i.e. all that is passing for American governance these days.  She could not be more offended and disgusted than she currently is and she wants to hurl every minute of every day that she sees any of their two-faced faces speaking their ugly twisted phony-ologies making everything wrong and vile and inexcusable into that which is right and noble and good - only as long as they alone do it but nobody else gets to do it because then it's suddenly wrong.  She just wants to say fuck you to each and every back stabbing, treasonous, lying bastard and bastardette thief and Satan worshipping loser up there, taking our money while screwing this country literally to death.  Nothing there to be proud of. 

This announcement was paid for by nobody.  This has been a real and honest message.  Thank you and remember to vote Prostitutes, Crack Whores and Drug Dealers into office at the very next election for a better America.  Now get out there and have a nice day.


You can't tell how irritated, disgusted and pissed off I am, can you?  I thought I held it together pretty well, but you never know, maybe some of the more astute readers will be able to pick up on the underlying rage pounding through every vein in my body 24/7.  Who knows?  C'est la vie.  Viva la rant.


  1. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Ang!!, How good it is to hear from you! I realy do hope are having a happy new year, although from your rant, I can't tell if the pissed-off part of you is over-riding the happy part of you. :), Yeah, I too am so pissed at what I'm seeing that I just have to turn off and go hide in a cave, in solitude and rejuvenate. I never believed this obamanation that we are seeing take root in our country, it concerns me that this might the end of our "experiment" in democracy. I love your take on those "evil" drug dealers. I have always believed that "druggies" are so much more real and honest than the whores occupying the House of Blood. I mean, they don't even PRETEND to care, its as though they know that we know they're lying and have decided to go ahead and do their deeds right out in the open, regardless of who is watching. Wow, such unmitigated arrogance! Well, at least we the people don't have to wonder anymore who is who. Because its all right there for the world to see. Well, anyway, I'm glad to see your insightfulness at work again. Be well, Ang. Peace.

  2. Anonymous,

    Hooah! Actually I'm in a pretty good mood. I've gotten to the point where I can watch all of this without coming totally unglued. Usually. There are times. This rant was satirical but let's face it, it's got a lot of truth to it. And the only ones who aren't pissed are the ones not paying attention. I really am pissed but I keep it in a cage so it won't tear me apart. There's an emotional learning curve here. I'm doing a lot of learning.


  3. tony_opmoc5:34 AM


    Good to see you back. I've been checking your website nearly every week for months and was beginning to think you may have kicked the bucket. That would be a great pity, because your writing style, intelligence and passion is completely unique.

    Whilst I accept I have always been a bit mad, my world kind of turned upside down or inside out about 18 months after 9/11. The shock was not only emotional, but physical as if someone had kicked me very hard in the guts.

    Suddenly I realised that everything was not how it seemed. It was like being in an Alice-in-Wonderland dream, except the dream was a nightmare, and the nightmare was reality.

    It wasn't that other tribe where the Real Evil was coming from - it was mine. I couldn't defeat the evil, by killing the enemy, because the enemy was within me - or rather my own culture, and it would be like killing myself and the idea of suicide has never appealed.

    Most people simply cannot handle the truth from a psychological point of view so they believe in the fairy stories of distraction continually fed to them. The truth is too painful.

    However, I find seeking it, both intellectually challenging, stimulating and motivating. When I was working full time, I simply didn't have the time.

    Sometimes I discover something that is so completely shocking in the extent of its evil, that I just dissolve into tears. I then have to try and hide them, despite having an emotional need to share and discuss. But it is just so evil, and my wife so fragile and innocent that I have to protect her from the knowledge. I try to explain to much tougher people, and they say, no I can't - please don't tell me any more.

    So it has to be told where the stronger can find it, or it will go on and get even worse. The cancer of evil will spread to your door and envelope those that you love and destroy all beauty.

    Once you can deal with it, its like fighting a war. You can conquer the pain and transcend the fear. You have the truth on your side and love in your heart. You know you are stronger and the evil will be defeated even if you don't live to see it.

    I think 2010 will be the year when the glint of light starts to appear from the dark ages in which we are living.


  4. Hi Tony, it's good to hear from you too. I hear you because you're telling my story and I would guess a lot of people's story. I have come to believe that the feeling of being betrayed is one of the highest forms of pain there is. Betrayal of trust, betrayal of deeply held beliefs is in fact too painful for us to take in stride. It's devastating. Finding out your daddy is the beast takes that pain and mixes in some Stockholm syndrome and voila! Instant cognitive dissonance with a cherry on top. An insane cherry. It's not fun. And it's not for the weak of heart. It takes guts, courage to face straight into the truth and take it for what it is, not for what you wish it was. Some people can handle it and others, apparently, honestly cannot. We need to protect each other, that's what love is. All we can do is the best we can do.

    I agree that light prevails over darkness. Even as I remain busy on an almost daily basis grappling with ever more factual truths that make plain we've got some kind of neo-nazi global world domination underway, by the same token I can see that it's not being made easy for them. Look at what just happened at Copenhagen, and the way all those emails were made public right beforehand. Interesting isn't it? I am often reminded of the yin-yang symbol and think of it spinning around and around as the dark chases the light. They'll never catch up because they're inset with each other. They'll never be on top for long because they're spinning. There's something there to ponder in a big picture kind of way. For all the darkness there is the equal and opposite - light. I'm for that. It is there and it can't be destroyed, that's just how it is.


  5. tony_opmoc4:19 PM


    There is this video I have seen of a young country girl dancing with her long blonde hair and her blue dress at the Stonehenge Free Festival...

    And she looks just like my wife

    Such innocence and beauty

    And we were there

    And a few years later

    There is this young girl dancing in a field with her long blonde hair in her pretty blue dress at another music festival

    Without a care in the World

    Just celebrating her existence on this most wonderful planet of beauty

    And she is openly breastfeeding our baby son - and it is just so lovely

    He is 21 years old now

    And we have a daughter too who is 18 and at university

    And I think

    What The Fuck is Going On

    How come - I - a mere human being are so blessed

    When teenagers in other parts of the World are being kidnapped from their homes and families and having their kidneys and hearts removed and all their vital organs - and then shot dead - and in some cases their bodies sewn back up minus their organs and delivered back to the family home


    I find this stuff rather hard to take

    I won't bother to post the links


  6. Tony,

    I'm asking the same questions. Does it not seem that if you have the choice between justice, peace and prosperity OR murder and oppression and destruction and cruelty that anyone in their right mind would choose the first? I am trying to fathom the type of human who absolutely would choose the latter, because the fact of the matter is they exist and they, perhaps because of their appetite for slaughter and control of weaker, defenseless people, they become powerful through the political process and then turn into the military industrial government corporate construct that rampages the planet for fun and profit. To them, this is fun. To them, deaths of innocents, nobodys, weaklings, is all part of the game. They think they're doing the world a big favor. I haven't figured them out yet. It's a bit like deciding whether to get in the mind of a serial killer. Is it really necessary to do that or isn't it enough to just know they're wrong and dangerous and deal with them?

    I think it's very hard for people to understand that not everyone is nice or decent in the kind of terms you and I think of nice and decent. There are truly evil people out there, many of them in business suits, who possess no conscience and who have a literal thirst for innocent blood. These "types" need to be exposed and we - the public of planet earth - need to understand who and what they are and make clear that what these people are and what they do needs to end. For ever.

    Tony, don't dissolve yourself in despair. There is hope. Step back a little and take a breather. Things this enormous take time. It will be a long fight. But what I see is that now, unlike any other time, people have gained the information advantage and we can communicate with each other all over the globe. This is changing the power paradigm. Good things are going to happen, they are happening now. The battle is really going to go down. All we have to do is to stick to our principles and shame these pecker heads out of existence. They'll never give up, they'll always come back, but we can make it next to impossible for people of their ilk to take control of our world. It means knowing they exist, knowing their games and lies, and there by disempowering them. Wouldn't you agree?


  7. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Feels pretty damned useless (to write), doesn't it? Told you so. Nothing we can say now will make a goddamned bit of difference.

    Wouldn't matter if you found Obama's dick in Condoleeza. Wouldn't make any difference if you discovered Shimon Peres boning Michelle. Nothing would change if we learned the U.S. was spreading bubonic plague over Pakistan, or Gaza will being overtaken by reptile aliens pretending to be refugees.

    Nothing is going to change and more words sure as hell aren't going to change anything.

    Here's what you need to do: You need to take that righteous anger, and get very, very focused, and then go out and kill it. Step up to the plate, discard all the words and useless shouting and go kill something, go kill what is making this world such a fucked up shithole of a place.

    It is what we are all dreading, I know. But it is overdue and very, very necessary now.

  8. tony_opmoc5:27 PM


    I haven't a clue what you look like, but I have fallen in Love with You.

    I post stuff all over the internet - in America and in the UK

    But I also travel a lot with my wife

    She is completely awesome - in her openness and innocence - and how friendly she is to absolutely everyone

    We go to some places where the tourists will not go - but when I am with my wife I always feel completely safe...

    She is like a Lioness

    With Her Long Blonde Hair



    She Has Never Had To

    But FFS with her at my side we have been to many places where Americans fear to tread

    So We have a Problem With These People In Government

    Which Solution Do You Favour?

    Personally I Would Prefer To Put These Suspected War Criminals On TRIAL On The Charge Of War Crimes Against Humanity. Some of them may actually be Relatively Innocent - Like They Just Went Along With It - Because They Had No Courage To Say NO.

    All The EVIDENCE Has To Be HEARD

    And I want To Keep All The GUILTY ALIVE For as Long as Possible in JAIL Until The End Of Their Lives

    Death is Far Too Kind