Monday, August 15, 2011

The Invisible Realm

Our bodies are formed from the elements of the Earth, we literally come into physical existence out of the Earth.  Where does our consciousness come from? 

We know that everything that exists comes from something else that exists.  Living things come from other living things each according to its kind.  Consciousness then could only come from consciousness.

Is consciousness created during the process of human reproduction?  Is it carried by the sperm to the egg or does it already reside inside all those eggs?  That doesn't make much sense.  Nor is there much reason to believe it.

Consciousness is not a physical thing.  It has no physical elements to be constructed out of.   It has no physical structure.  No size or weight or depth or breadth. Our minds and souls and dreams are not physical, but they are real.  We all have them, know them and experience them.  Their existence cannot be denied, even though they cannot be proven to exist.  Nonetheless they do exist. 

Does the lack of proving they exist mean that they do not exist?  Apparently not.  It would seem to mean that things can exist whether we can prove it or not. 

Nonphysical things exist in nonphysical form.  Consciousness comes from consciousness.  Isn't it safe then to say that there is a nonphysical realm of conscious existence?  And that consciousness comes from it?  It would seem to be so.  Why are we so reluctant to believe in the existence of a nonphysical realm?  Why do we dismiss as absurd or impossible something that is a lot more likely than not?

The nonphysical realm is something quite different than our physical one.  It has no physical form.  It's not physical.   So where is it?  Do nonphysical things need a physical place to exist in?  Or do nonphysical things only need a place to exist in a physical realm?  If so, when they are not in a physical realm, where are they? Does the idea of "where" even apply to that which is nonphysical? Maybe a better question is when does "where" apply to nonphysical existence? 

Oh boy, this is getting confusing.  Maybe it doesn't make sense to try to apply physical concepts to a nonphysical realm;  to things that we know to exist that we can't prove to exist using physical forms of detection or measurement.

We know our consciousness is here with us.  It is not separate from us.  Is it alive?  Our bodies are alive.  No part of our bodies are not alive.  Everything in our living body is alive.  If any part of our body is dead we are in deep trouble. Unless it is excised we will sicken and die. Consciousness would have to be alive.

Our physical bodies die and return to the Earth.  But living consciousness is not physical. How could it die?  Where does it go when our bodies die?   "Where" does not apply.  It does not die.  It doesn't go anywhere.  It just is. 

It comes from is.  It goes to is.  It just is.

Well, that can keep you up all night thinking about it.  It still won't get you anywhere.  There is nowhere to get.  There is only is. We are in it. It is all around us. You're soaking in it right now.

We can't find the invisible realm because there is nothing to find.  It isn't in a place, it just is. 

Are we separate from the realm of living consciousness?  Can we be separated from something that has no physical coordinates? 

Why do we believe that there is some kind of curtain between us and the nonphysical realm?  Is there a veil there?  Or is it that our physical bodies cannot enter the realm of the nonphysical?   What would prevent our nonphysical minds from entering that realm?  Can our minds even be separated from a place that has no physical coordinates?  Isn't that realm in the same place as the rest of living consciousness?  No place?  It just "is"?

Do we believe that there is a curtain of separation between the physical and the spiritual because we have been told to believe there is?   We are told over and again that there is a curtain that separates us from the invisible.  It is a required belief unless we want to be called nuts. 

Some people say that there is a place called  "the other side".   We go to the other side when we die. Not before. And no one comes back from the other side.

Other people tell us that there is no such thing as "the other side"; that this is all there is.  That consciousness is a product of the brain, the ordinary output of a machine.  Humanity is an aberration, a hiccup, and so is all life.  They say that life has no meaning or purpose.  There are no invisible realms.  Our existence is merely a random cosmic accident that has no inherent value whatsoever. 

Those who believe so would easily accept that nothing that happens here matters.  It would therefore not matter what we do to others or to the Earth.  There are no such things as wrong or right.  Life is not sacred, it is more akin to a virus.  It is destined to burn itself out and that will be that.  It's no surprise that those who preach this belief see no problem with any kind of ghastly genetic experimentation and wouldn't see anything wrong with eliminating most or all of the human species.  If nothing has meaning then nothing matters.  Do what you will.  What else is there to do?

My own analysis finds that belief much harder to accept as true than the existence of an invisible realm of living consciousness.  Far too many people from all walks of life and from all over the world and over thousands of years have given accounts of experiences with an invisible realm.  How many of us have had personal experiences of things that cannot be explained according to the supposed rules of the physical world we live in?  I have had a few of those experiences myself and I know without a doubt they were real.

It is far from unusual for people to become aware of  inexplicable things because of seeing, hearing, feeling or sensing something that is not a part of the accepted order of physical law.  People have had a lot of nonphysical reality experiences and have come back to tell us about them.  Near death experiences are often reports of experiences in a nonphysical realm.  Many people have seen ghosts.  Many have heard voices from nowhere; have even recorded voices that nobody heard at the time of being recorded.  These are not rare or unusual events, they are incredibly common.  How many more millions of such unexplained events would it take to begin wondering if there is something there to look at?  What actually can justify not looking at them when they are so consistent and voluminous?

Something about this seems strangely suspicious to me.   It is not a position of reason to insist there is nothing there.  That is a position of unreason.  It is a position of reason to study what people are reporting.  It would be reasonable to consider some things differently.

The physical world won't provide us with answers to our questions about nonphysical things or tell us what happens to us when we die.  Our invisible selves are obviously very real.  There is an invisible realm.  Do we come from it and go back to it like our physical bodies come from the Earth and go back to the Earth?  Can we go back and forth in the invisible realm at will?  Don't we live in it?  Can we even be separated from it?

Could it be that we once knew all of this stuff and somehow have forgotten it almost completely?   So much so that we don't even know that there is an invisible realm of living consciousness, much less that we have anything to do with it?  Have we been made to forget how to live in both realms while we're here?  Have we been made to forget how to access the source of living consciousness?

Why do the hierarchies of power and control over our lives insist that there is no truth to notions of invisible realms?  No life after death?  No spirits?  No God?   No universe teeming with all manner of life forms all around us?  We once could not see the microscopic life forms that teem all over us, around us and in us until we got the microscope.  But they were there.  Why wouldn't there be more things all around us that we aren't able to see?  Wouldn't it be more likely than not? 

In spite of tens of millions of people whose direct personal experience has shown them that there is without doubt much more to our existence than meets the eye, why the continued insistence that it's only nonsense?  When consciousness cannot be proven to exist although we know it does, why is it foolish to already know that there is more than this physical existence?  Isn't the foolishness in insisting otherwise?

For whatever reasons we are urged to believe that there is no invisible realm, there clearly is one.  Why are we told to not believe what we already know is true?  I have a feeling that the answer to that question is far more interesting than we might think.   "The Unexplained" is not all that unexplainable.  What really is unexplainable is the adamant insistence that there is nothing there when we know there is.


  1. "Does the lack of proving they exist mean that they do not exist? Apparently not. It would seem to mean that things can exist whether we can prove it or not."
    Beautifully put! Too few people know the difference between objectivity and objectification.

  2. Jerry4:57 PM

    Hello Ang: I've been exploring spirituality (as opposed to religion) all day long, so it was amazing to find your post this evening! It really fit my mindset. Very insightful of you, as usual. I wish you'd stop by TOBE more often; you're always thought provoking.

  3. 13 Muluc,

    Thank you for noticing that.


  4. Hi Jerry,

    I'm glad this subject fit your mindset. There will be more of it coming. Thank you for the kind words, it's really nice to get positive feedback and encouragement after treading into new territory.