Monday, November 07, 2011

Arrogance. It's curable.

American politicians.  Israeli politicians.
Rabid oxymoronic pro-war Christians.
Rabid self-superior anti religion Atheists.
Rabid pro-Zionist anti everyone else Jews.
Cold blooded Conservatives. Pointless Democrats. 

Deviant Republicans.
Privately Owned Senators. Check toting Lobbyists. 
Corporate Monopoly Media.  Corporate Media Whores.
Idiotic Authoritarians.
The Politically Correct. 
Corrupt Capitalists. Corrupt Militarists. 

Corrupt Nationalists. Fascists. The War and Death cults.
Free Marketeers and all unhinged Ideologues. 

The filthy rich. The investment class. The Fed. Wall Street.  
Big Insurance. Big Credit. Big Banking. Big Business.
Big Carbon-Total Control One Worlders.
National Security. 

The TSA. The FBI. The DEA. ICE. The CIA. The IRS.
The completely insane Pentagon superstars. 

The shameful State Department upper crust.
The militarized "shoot first and ignore questions later" Police.
The sadistic Criminal Justice and Prison Systems. 
Unaccountable Private Security Forces.  

Loony over the top Swat Teams.
Superstar Generals. Superstar Clergy. Superstar Economists.
Twisted Lawyers. Bought off Judges, Jurors, Politicians, 

Experts, CEO's, Doctors, Scientists, Professors, Journalists.
Organized Legalized Criminals.
Official Terrorists. Official Torturers. Official kidnappers.
Marketing, Advertising and PR Firms.
Hollywood's dreck delivery systems.


Can't they just go away and leave us in peace?
Because here is the truth and the bottom line: The whole lot of these nonstop loud mouths are arrogant, self serving, and selfish; and when combined as they are today in their incessant orchestrated cacophony of bull pucky, they are RESPONSIBLE IN FULL for ALL of the gargantuan problems bringing this country to the literal brink of total destruction.

What is wrong with these people?

What would it take to make them sit down and shut up?
What would it take to make them understand that 

everything in the world is not all about them? 
What would it take to make them see how obnoxious and destructive they are?

What would it take?

Do these people not have any sense at all of what is right and what is wrong?  Or are they so self worshiping that all they can see is themselves and all they can think about is what they want and all they can hear is their own bloviating voices?

Would it kill any of these people to just one time, stop and think about what it's like to be on the receiving end of their arrogance and blindness and viciousness?  Would it kill them?  Really?  Lord knows we don't want them to die.  We DO want them to knock it off and start acting like reasonable, moral adult human beings with a conscience because frankly America as well as the whole of this world is beyond sick to death of them all and their endless, insane drivel and addiction to violence. 

Please. You people of the above-mentioned categories, shut up.
It is way past time for you to feel inconsolably ashamed of yourselves.  It is way past time for you to face yourselves in the mirror and see what the whole rest of the world sees in you.
Just because you're so sure your way is right doesn't make it so.
You are wrong about so many things.
In fact, the whole lot of you are more wrong 

than you've ever been right.
That you've ever been right at all is debatable.

When are you going to be done terrorizing and destroying our country and the rest of the world?

When are you going to be finished crushing people for no reason other than you want to?

When will you be done destroying justice?
Stealing people blind?
Turning the constitution into a faded memory 

in the name of God and country?
Selling our country out from under our feet?

When are you going to be done feasting on the flesh of children and violating human dignity?

When exactly will you be through poisoning, hating, beating, imprisoning, torturing and killing people you don't happen to like?

Exactly how many more bombs will it take getting dropped on how many more people before you lot can finally call it a day and go on home?

America and people all over the world want your answers to those questions.

Because what you're doing is wrong.
And we want you to stop.
What you are doing doesn't work 

and you should have faced it by now.
You have cost us uncountable trillions.
You have cost us even more in things that are beyond price.

We refuse to pay for your self-serving escapades anymore.
And don't you dare attack Iran, don't you dare start one more war.  Don't you dare!

We don't like your value system.
We are not interested in living down on our knees to you,
or paving your personal streets in gold,
or keeping you in luxurious quarters,
or bleeding under the violence of your billy clubs,
or your bombs,
or choking on the smoke of your tear gas canisters,
or living in fear under your nosy surveillance systems,
or your personal data collection or digital eavesdropping,
or dying because of your corruption.
Come up with the cash yourself boys, we're not picking up your tabs anymore.

Why should we?
What's in it for us?
When have we benefited from anything you have done and continue to do?
Where is the return on our investment?
There is no return.
Then we must withdraw our money.
It's only common sense.
Which of you capitalists would do otherwise?
You are totally out of control.

We don't know you people.

You claim to be unaccountable to the people
which only proves how lost you have become.

We don't want or need what you are doing.  Not in America, not anywhere else in the world.
The truth of the matter is that a rather large number of you folks should be behind prison bars for the rest of your lives.  And you know who you are.

There are other people standing by to take the wheel.  

Qualified people.  Sane people.
People who don't agree that violence is the answer to all questions.
People who don't think it is too much to ask to know what those who take our paychecks are up to.
People who know that official secrecy is cover for official crimes.
People who know what is right, and what is wrong.
People who don't play obscene favorites.
People who put life before money.
People whose values and morals are in order.
People who know that killing is wrong.
People who can see all sides without taking one.
That is what we need.  That is what we want.
That is not what you do.

You've got the money and power disease.  You are sick with greed and sadism and arrogance.
The only known cure is humility.
Develop some.



  1. Once again you have hit it on the dead-center head. When will they stop producing only bullets, bombs, jets, drones, land mines, killer humans...

    Thanks for writing, Ang, you speak for me as well.

  2. Thank you Lynda. We are far from alone in what we see. Speak it loud and clear. It is time for these people to go.



  3. Jerry8:02 AM

    Apparently this was your last post on TOBE. At least you could have stated so. I've come back for months. I now give up. Thanks for the memories...

  4. with respect, I have linked one of my hubs to this blog. It is at:

    If you would like me to remove it, please let me know and I will substitute something else.