Wednesday, November 05, 2008

May He Shine

I don't get teary too often but I have to say that listening to Obama's victory speech and having it soak in, well, I was very choked up. There he stood, all handsome, young, and black, talking like a decent man, a real human being. He said the kinds of things I have ached over the absence of hearing. It is moving and powerful to listen to a man who gets it. It touched me deeply to hear him mention so many who have been thrown away and made irrelevant, left to wander without hope and without the ability to understand the sickness that has destroyed this country. He remembered the people all over the world and I heard what he meant when he mentioned them, and I'm sure they heard him too. I'll bet rivers of tears flowed around the world tonight, from so many people who have been wounded and maligned, hated and cruelly treated, people who have lost faith and hope in America and what it used to stand for. The dream of getting ourselves back again runs very deep, I can see that now. He said all of the right things. It made me cry.

It was also very moving to see the faces in the crowd, silently riveted on his every word. All these people, these broken, screwed over, lied to, used and abused people, so tired of hurting, so tired of the lies and the racism and the hate and the bombs and the money masters and the filth posing as our saviors; and they wanted to believe him. They really wanted to believe him. Tears ran down their cheeks too. Some people were glowing with relief and hope, others looked so afraid and tentative and yet they listened. We don't want to have our hope re-ignited again only to have it backhanded into the dirt. We don't want to go there again. Not again.

I knew that the feeling of being released from the death grip of the phony republican party and their zionist/satanist agenda would feel good, but I really didn't know how profound the feeling would be. My God I want those people out of there so bad it defies words. They are terrible horrible people. Thank God they've been shown the door.

We have learned much in the last few years, probably more than we ever wanted to know. It was a hard lesson, a hard series of ever more disturbing lessons, truths about the kinds of people that exist among us who are the most dangerous people in the world. You can't tell just by looking at them and it shocked us to find out who they really were, what they really stood for, and how obsessed they were with the opposite of everything we not only believe in, but understand is the only right way to go.

I liked it very much when he said he would be everyone's president. Because bush made it clear early on that he was only president to those who funded and supported him, a clear minority of this country. He abandoned huge swaths of this nation and it insulted me to the core.

I also have to say that finally having a black man elected to the leadership of this country is very inspiring. We needed this so badly. In part it is a vindication of black America who has been relentlessly deprived of fair access to justice and prosperity. They weren't even recipients of good will from this government, and I am hopeful that will begin to change. At long last. There are so many layers and depths to this that I can't begin to mention them all or do them justice. I don't need to really. All I need to do is notice the feeling in my chest, and the feeling in my heart and even though I feel so sad I also feel so happy. This is an historical moment to be sure. A change has already come. Please let this man live. We need him. I worry for him and wonder if he'll even make it to his inauguration. We shall see.

Does that mean I have regained faith in this government? No. It sure doesn't mean that. This is separate from all that, just for tonight, because this really was an incredible moment in my life, and for the whole world. It was really something special. I'm glad I was able to experience it and I send my best wishes and good hope to Obama. May he shine.


  1. I hope you're right Ang, I really do.

  2. I was proud to participate in this historic election and voted for Obama. I understand not wanting to trust the government fully yet, but if anyone can restore our faith in it, it's Obama.

    It feels good to finally have someone in office that acts like a leader, and who doesn't seem like a strange mix between a clown and a criminal. Like the Joker? ;-)

  3. Anonymous4:22 PM

    I too hope you right, Ang. But vindication? This politico voted FOR wall street, which is a vote against us. Besides, vindication is too little, too late. The significance of what happened last night is meaningless, especially now, after all the damage done. Its like when your house burns down, you find out that your neighbor did it deliberately, and then the Red Cross (who said neighbor supports by the way) comes and builds you a new house. Yeah, its nice, but it doesn't really mean that much.
    True, an african-american man has been selected to govern our nation. Was that SO hard? But after MLK, after Malcolm X, after the riots of '69 and '92, after all the stupid and ignorant racism, the political win is rather bittersweet and ho-hum. If Obama would "restore" our faith in this farce of a government, why would he acquiecse TO it? Well, you might say, he has start somewhere.... and that's the problem. I don't mean to be a wet blanket, Ang, but once trust is lost, well....

  4. Well written and emotional. It's almost cathartic to see and hear such bon mots. I did everything I could to convince people to abandon the one party- two halves system which has been sytematically destroying this country for many a decade. We need change, to be sure, but at this vulnerable juncture in our country's history, the "change" an Obama presidency brings, will run counter to the founding intent of this once-great nation.

    His handler Zbigniew Brezinski, has been running politics in this country for decades. He and the likes of David Rockefeller, and Henry Kissinger. Between the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations, we get our candidates. When there is a groundswell of support for an independent or constitutionally minded candidate, the media prevents their voice from being heard.

    So long as the American people allow themselves to be buffaloed into choosing between the 2 parties creating the problems - resoltuion of said problems will NEVER come to fruition!

  5. As I said in a previous post, Shame and the 2008 Election, I'm not under the slightest illusion that anything is going to change. I'm aware of all the dirty little connections to Obama and am not blind. No argument there from me. What's coming is more of the same with a different hat on.

    What felt so good for a 24 hour break from ugliness, was the satisfaction of seeing a black man elected to the office of the president of the United States. We have our problems in this country but I did not believe that raging racism was one of them. That Obama won in a land slide is vindication from the truly horrible impression a small, media hogging, loud mouthed bunch of bigots have soiled our reputation with. We're hardly off the hook for anything, but at least we got this. A bunch of rabid right wingers are eating their own shorts tonight and that feels dang good to me. They've just been told off and have even been shut off, however temporarily. What goes around comes around.

    After today I'll be all done feeling good about all that and it will be business as usual. But something good coming along of such importance deserves a day of notice. How much substance will remain in the afterglow? Not much I'm afraid. We're still screwed. Right on schedule and according to plan.


  6. Very well put.

    His speech was stirring, but I can't seem to ever turn off the bullsh*t meter.


  7. I've been reading your blog for the past couple of days now and have agreed with 99.9% of it until I came to your Obama post. I fully comprehend the enormity of the moment and how emotional you were probably feeling at the time, but Obama is a pawn and probably more dangerous than the Bush/neo-con/zionist fucktards that have been raping the world for the past eight years. I fell for all the hope/change/believe bullshit propaganda for a week - then started looking behind the scenes to those funding his campaign and the people he surrounds himself with. Keep up the great blog - just use a little more of that "thought object receiver" you so eloquently described in your "Thoughts are Things" December post. Obama is a master of deception and is the beginning of the end for the US.