Friday, August 08, 2008


(This one is for anonymous. You know who you are.)

It's the truth to say that pretty much as soon as people begin waking up the first thing they want is solutions. I have my own ideas about solutions, but it's not my ideas that are needed. It's everyone's own ideas.

What I see as a part of the effects of the globalist's takeover of our minds to gain our silent complicity and oblivious support as they steal us blind and knock us off, is that we feel unbearably uncomfortable, even scared of thinking our own thoughts regarding solutions because every solution requires what we've been conditioned and indoctrinated to think of as "bad behavior". Really bad behavior.

Doing anything at all that goes against the establishment designs, demands and systems undermines their power and directly threatens their monopoly on stealing our wealth, making endless war, and also loosens their well entrenched control over us to keep things that way.

Going against all of that in order to make this country a whole lot better for the people would be a very good thing for us, if in fact we really believe in freedom and individual rights and self-sufficiency. There is nothing at all wrong with pushing hard against what they want and instead moving with great intent to do things in ways that are vastly better for us and not in the least better for them. Without a doubt making things better for us would make things immediately and directly worse for them.

That is not a crime, it's the obvious, sensible way to live our lives. It's what we're supposed to do. It's precisely what they've been doing to us since forever. They're only looking out for themselves and don't give a damn about us, and they will say or do anything they can get away with, no matter how much it harms anyone of us or all of us.

We have long made the mistake of thinking that just because we believe in doing things in a fair way that is mutually beneficial for all concerned, and because we have no desire to screw other people on our way to prosperity, we believe they can be counted on to be the same way with us. That is flat wrong. They do not suffer from any such kindly philosophy and the fact that we do is something they are well aware of and take unprecedented advantage of every chance they get. They are out to rob us blind and they lie every time they move their lips.

Because we cannot fathom that anyone could possibly be as morally and ethically bankrupt as they really are, we assume they have an equal and generous good nature and we go along with whatever they want. We always end up getting consistently and thoroughly screwed for it too, and yet we keep coming back and we keep letting them do it to us again. They think we're total idiots. That's our political process.

If those guys can convince us that they know better than us what's good for us, then I guess we'll get what we deserve. They're no doubt as surprised they sold such a big fat lie, as they are thrilled and crouched over laughing in their new multimillion dollar penthouse apartments with gorgeous views and wait staffs and chauffeur driven limousines. If we want to believe they love us and won't screw us blind and steal our money then they're not going to correct our error.

There's just no way Jose that anyone knows better than we do what's good for us, or that someone else's way is better than ours, or that someone else's goals, ideas or ideologies should outweigh our own at any time or for any reason, or that there's any chance that anyone else cares about our prosperity or freedom or rights or well-being, because they don't. That's OUR job. So why we'd ever believe we should let someone else have their way with our money and freedom and dignity and constitutional rights is something I can't explain. But we do and we can now clearly see where it's gotten us.

When we hand our wallets and our lives over to a total stranger and walk away, how surprised can we really be that we got totally ripped off and screwed over? Normal people wouldn't even consider handing over their wallets or their lives to strangers, yet that's what we do at every election based on the nonsensical belief that elected strangers are good guys who love us and would never screw us senseless. We've still got a lot to learn about strangers I guess, though it's the same stuff our mommies told us when we were 5 years old. I'm not sure where the disconnect is between strangers on the street and strangers in the White House, but it's there big time.

Those bad guys play hard ball, and they've found out how to make it easy to get their way taking full advantage of every trick they've discovered that keeps us handing over our hard earned dough for them to put into their own pockets. We do this again and again even though we never get anything back for it in return. It's a system they truly understand, work and love and one we still can't see for what it is. It's serious stuff, it's life and death stuff, it's really really bad guys and dirty money and liars and cheats and blackmailers and covert crime. It's no place for the sweet and innocent, it takes guts and strong character to play in that pond, because it's teeming with sharks. And sharks are not above using any kind of nasty tricks or lies to get what they want.

They use our deeply indoctrinated belief in the illusion of our government being good guys doing good things for the right reasons all over the world against us. They most definitely take complete advantage of our naive trust, something they see as our total cluelessness and their most powerful tool. They know we will believe whatever they tell us because we see them as good guys even in the absence of proof, even when they're bad guys doing the wrong things for all of the wrong reasons and everybody knows it. That charade is a very big part of it. A part that's older than the hills. Indeed, that part must be step one for any government to be able to make itself rich and fat on other people's hard work and money and to get people to go off and fight in their various desirable wars for profit and increased power and prestige.

Attacking their own people and blaming it on some scary bad guys in another country is hardly some new deviant brainstorm. It's standard trickery that governments have been using since there first were governments. They know all about these things even if we don't, and they'll use them to get what they want. They're the government. That's their job. That's what gives it spice. Getting what they want is the big prize. Pulling it all off is the supreme challenge. Usually they're very good at it and people don't catch on. It's a pretty intense, complicated game. But then sometimes they're not too bright and people do begin to smell all the rats. We're in the latter category at the present, but not nearly deeply enough yet.

We still believe in all of the propaganda and patriotism nonsense and we keep shelling out our money and our lives, and they keep raking it in, and now we're pretty well screwed because this particular lot is possibly the most despicable, dastardly, evil greedy bunch of bastards that ever hit the hallowed halls of government. They're thieves plain and simple, and liars beyond compare. They're unethical, immoral, lying, cheating, criminal scum bags that don't give a rats ass sideways if a million people will die as a result of their money grubbing laws getting passed. All they want is to win, they're very big on winning, and they'll throw around a lot of money to give themselves every possible advantage. And it has worked great for them. And still, so many of us still haven't caught on. Is it any wonder they're still playing this game when it's so very lucrative and so incredibly successful?

Being that a great many of us are sincere, genuine and decent people, we take their lies and the entire game show to heart, and we believe them. We believe IN them and trust them too. And this batch in particular has really broken all known records for playing head games on us and taking total control of what and how the media reports on them, on everything about them and their entire nasty ass crony division, and we have been brow beaten and intimidated by this regime of thugs because of our goodness. They've succeeded in intimidating us and in propagating the bizarre belief that merely seeing things in any other way than the way they want it to be seen is the equivalent of a crime. Of terrorism. They've even worked hard to make talking about seeing it another way a crime. They called that "Hate Laws", and they damn near sold it to us. If they had they would have ended free speech since no one would be legally allowed to criticize them anymore and their coup would have been a major home run. We'd have been stuck with them forever. But don't worry, they will never give up, not after they've gotten this far. No one else has ever even dared to push it as far as they have.

Somehow what they want and need has been transmitted deeply and profoundly into our brains so that at some level, subconscious or otherwise, we strongly understand that they want what they want, and that disobeying the psychopathic double standard powers that be would be seen by them as such a revolting inexcusable high crime that even disobeying them to save our own lives would feel like a criminal act. It actually has become a criminal act in fact.

It's okay for police or swat or whoever they send to break into our homes and rough us up and drag us off to prison cells for interrogation, they can do that to us now, even without any kind of a warrant. This has been sold to us as something that will protect us. We bought it, and now it's the law. It's even all right for their authorized uniformed protectors to shoot us dead in the streets or in our own homes without any need or any conceivable cause, and that too is the law because they said the president is the decider and he needs that power for national security and we bought that too, and so we lost the 4th amendment. But for any of us to even attempt to defend our freedom or our lives against any of their horrendous criminal behavior is instantly a very serious crime. It is not equal rights and equal laws, it is a totally separate set of rights and laws for them and for us. That's a very bad turn of events.

They achieved every bit of it legally, in a way, if you count big fat lies and head games and manipulating the public with phony information and taking advantage of our decent nature, legal. The end justifies the means to these people, and boy are they focused.

So now we are legally required to endure their inexcusable bad behavior against us. We endure them using us, undermining us, stealing from us, lying to us, ignoring our will, ordering us around like slaves, disregarding our needs, brutalizing us with their beefed up heavily armed and tanked attack cops and anti-compassion belief system, foisting their unjust laws and ways on us for their own benefit; but for any of us to stand up to that or worse, to play by the same rules and do the same kinds of things to them, even in self defense or to protect our homes and property and wealth, is beyond acceptability. In fact their double standards make it illegal for us to do any of those things, while it's perfectly legal for them to do them all to us with or without just cause.

And how did this come about? It came about right in our faces, out in front of the whole world because all of those laws that make things so outrageous and illegal and unfair were passed in Congress by our very own representatives. When those representatives are ignorant, spineless, blackmailed, operatives, or otherwise useless compromised doormats, those other guys waste no time cramming through every kind of outrageous, scheming, unfair, twisted, rude, mean, money grabbing, civil rights bashing, pro-enforcement, pro-military spending laws they've got on them. And these people think way ahead, they always have volumes of wet dream laws ready and waiting in the wings for just those moments when the congress becomes a silly, bend-over-and-spread-em useless whore house. It's Miller time for the scum bags.

We've truly bought into all of their hype and lies and we still believe they have the right to be unethical, immoral jerks and rob us blind, all for the good of our country supposedly. So we don't see any way to fight back or stand up to them, believing the lies they also put out that say standing up and fighting them back into the dung heap they crawled out of is a bad thing and we should be punished for it. That's nothing but idiotic hot air. But to the extent we believe it, they win and we lose.

The most immovable boundaries are the ones we have inside our own heads and they are hellaciously difficult to confront and face, much less remove.

Many of us feel that doing anything at all to obtain genuine justice, or fair treatment, or equity, or reasonable laws and rules is automatically wrong. We believe that we are required to uphold their prosperity draining control over us and be in support of it. They have sold us on the belief that everything is done for our own good, and most of us bought into that so long ago that although things have very clearly changed and many times none of these things are at all good for us, indeed they are directly harmful to us, we are still stuck in the habitual thinking that whoever's in control can only be good and that they would never do anything untoward, unjust, unfair, brutal or otherwise criminal. These naive, childlike beliefs are what is called Patriotism. It's a very sick symbiotic relationship.

In essence we've become American fascists really, where the wildly popular, acceptable way of being a "true American" is to cheer for and blindly obey the state. Today questioning authority has such a negative connotation to it that it makes you evil for doing it. That's not democratic, it's not freedom and it doesn't even make sense if we see our officials as our equals which is all they are and all they ever could be, on a good day. But just look at what happens to those who express doubt over the stupid story we were fed about 9-11, or the JFK assassination, or any other of a huge number of things that are obvious frauds and lies that ensure their continued control over us and our continued worshipful, willing obedience to them. And it is that willful obedience that enables the entire thing. Without it none of this nonsense would be possible.

Head games are a weapon, a weapon used on us. They want to take us down and out, and I'm sure we don't have to pretend to like that. They deserve an elbow in the teeth and we shouldn't hesitate to deliver it. They're just ordinary men with extraordinary lies. They're no one's betters. They're not superior to a single person on this earth. They may boast and brag that they are, but they're full of crap and they know it. They're just banking on us not knowing it. It serves no one to not laugh in their faces. It serves no one to be sucked into such obvious stupidity and nonsense.

We have nothing to prove to these people, why do we feel compelled to try so very hard? Who cares who believes who is a patriot? What's your point? Only inane twits would get all doe eyed over patriotic displays supposedly proving who's a "real" American and who's not. What a load of horse hockey. We've got nothing to prove to anyone when we understand what's ours. It is they, the elected ones who are obligated to prove something to us.

They are obligated to prove everything to us but you sure wouldn't know that watching our political process play out. We give them carte blanche and then are surprised when they use it to screw us over. What else would they do? Why on earth do they need carte blanche to be our employees? Good grief, grow up. Patriotism is a PLOY. A dishonest manipulative game that appeals to the terminally childish, emotionally uninformed yo-yos among us, people who's opinions shouldn't hold much sway with anyone. If we don't act like adults and show the fiery impatience such obvious ploys deserve then we aren't living our beliefs. Then the whole game devolves into a nightmare of game playing and the emperor's new clothes revisited, and that's exactly what we've got.

These are ordinary men, bullies, play acting bravado, surrounded by pandering cronies who don't have the sense God gave a doorknob. It's clear these men are dishonest, murdering thugs who are destroying our country in an act of gang rape that we may never recover from. Just who do you have to be to stand up and call it what it is? What reason would prevent anyone who can see it from saying so out loud and with conviction. It's outrageous and it's not American. It's treason and crime and we don't have to put up with it. It's that simple. They're not above us, they're beneath our contempt. They're just human beings that we wouldn't want to hang out with or have as neighbors. We don't owe them respect or courtesy. We owe them what they deserve. Absolute rejection and charges being laid against them and nothing less.

Solutions to this whole big ugly mess are there and as I see it most of them are simple and obvious. The question is do we even believe we have the right to be sovereign beings in charge of our own lives and communities and states?

I'm guessing a lot of people don't feel comfortable with that, and with my blog my hope has been to try to help remove some of those erroneous self-defeating mental blocks and false ideas and try to remind people they aren't anyone's slave and that they're free to do life as they believe life should be done. Why wouldn't they be? Either we're free or we're not. It can't be both. We most definitely should be living life the way we believe it should be lived, only hopefully not by becoming as vile, corrupt, dishonest and despicable as the current ruling class, but instead while really living our nonviolent, ethical values. We should never have to give an inch to the government. Anyone who thinks so is dead wrong. It's the other way around folks, that's the only way this can work. This government has no business taking anything from us. That's not what they're there for. We don't need that. They have no business even asking and we can know for sure when ever they do ask, it's a ruse and a lie and they're only hoping we'll go for it. We must never go for it.

I can't really offer up solutions, although I've done so a few times, because I don't think people will be able to see them or make a whole lot of use of them. When people's minds are finally free enough to see the solutions I've got, they won't need to because they'll be seeing solutions of their own. Which is exactly how it should be and has to be.

The entire habit and hope and shortcut of seeking our answers from others is the very symptom that brings out the truth that we are too afraid to be who and what we are without needing permission from anybody first. That permission is not now and never will be forthcoming. But permission is for slaves. Do you understand that?

My guess is that a lot of people would feel something unpleasant striking their insides at that statement, and my further guess would be that feeling is fear. When truth directly contradicts our programming it scares us. We don't have any frame of reference for that so all we want to do is avoid looking at it. We will even aggressively deny the truth when we hear it because it's really that unpleasant to compare our indoctrinated beliefs to factual reality and not come up with a match.

It is fear which must be over come to release our true selves and flip the switch to living like it matters and like it really counts. Fear is a hell of a roadblock and I guess that's why it's such a huge and pervasive thing in so many people's minds today. I don't think there's any chance that's an accident.

Just in case anyone might read that and feel bad or even more overwhelmed, helpless or frustrated I'd like to say something that will hopefully be some relief. Don't flail yourself or blame yourself or get down on yourself for not being some kind of mighty warrior patriot citizen. You've never even been allowed to see an example of such a mythical creature much less have an abundance of them to role model from. Where you want to head is uncharted territory and wanting a map is hardly a stupid idea. There's nothing at all wrong with that but as you can see, there aren't many maps out there, at least not out in the mainstream daylight where we can easily see them and make use of them. But they are there, and if you're lucky enough to find one be sure to share it with the rest of us.

What's obvious to me is that we have to get involved in our own political process because that's the game, and that's the route available to us if we only use it. They use it, and they have totally taken it over with little or no resistance from us. We have to take control of our own local government, and there are steps to do that, and they really aren't that hard, you just have to know what they are and go do them. It only requires a little time and not a great deal of effort. The fact is that huge numbers of us have no flaming idea about our process or how it works, and that's no accident either. That sort of thing should be taught in school and well understood by the 4th grade so it can be put to use by the time we graduate high school. For more and specific information on this, go here. You'll see for yourself it's not really that hard. But unless we dive in and start putting up barriers to these people, they'll continue going crazy and destroying the country. They don't care about the country, they only care about themselves. That's what it will take from what I can see. At least it's a pretty important part that we can't pretend is optional. It's not optional.

Becoming a player and getting involved in creating the country you want to live in is a wide open area with a near endless variety of ways to go about doing it. There is much opportunity to go either the tried and true routes or to just let it all hang out and put all of your best qualities, talents, unique thinking style and creativity to use and come up with things to do and ways to do them, by yourself. Whichever way you choose, you will have to do it through trial and error, which is the obligatory route for learning all new skills. With time and practice everyone can achieve success even with things that seem impossible and may at first feel too hard to believe we could ever achieve success at.

I'm going to take some time for a quick diversion right now that I think could be pertinent.

There is an unavoidable reality that I call The Law of Having To Suck At New Things. It is a bona fide inescapable reality. We must all suck at new things. It's the law, a natural law, and it cannot be gotten around. It cannot be avoided and there are no tricks or short cuts. It is mandatory. You are required to suck at new things when you first begin to do them, you may not simply try it once and be brilliant at it, that's goofy. It doesn't work that way. So if you're sucking at something new and unfamiliar to you it means you're doing something, you're right on track, and that's a good thing. Many of us have been given the erroneous belief that sucking right off the bat is a bad thing. Nothing could be more wrong than that.

If you don't know about the Law of Having To Suck At New Things, and don't make allowances for it, then what so often happens is that people simply give up and feel dejected, thinking they are failures. They lose interest and don't even want to try anymore. I'm afraid many of us lose out on achieving some really good things in our lives due to not understanding how this works. What a waste. It's a real shame that we aren't all taught about The Law of Having To Suck At New Things when we're children. It's criminal that no one clues us in to such important concepts.

Fortunately it's a concept I finally figured out, and ever since I did I can actually celebrate when I'm trying to learn something new and totally blow at it. Blowing at it is good. It's progress. I know I only have to keep working at it and after a while, I will begin to suck less, and that is a milestone worth celebrating. It's also the law. It is also unavoidable. I'm not kidding here, this is the real deal. This process of continuing to suck less over time is a repeating one, so at intervals that can't be predicted I will again suck even less, and then even less again until I don't suck at all anymore. Now you tell me that's not a fantastic moment to realize.

And if I take it even further than that I will leave all suckiness behind, and enter the realm of actually being good at it, and that too changes incrementally upward. I will continue to get better and better over time. That is the law. The only requirement is continuing to work at it. As long as we keep whacking away at it, progress will come and the amount of progress is quite literally up to us. That is The Law of Having To Suck At New Things and I think it's important to know about it since what we're talking about here, solutions, pretty much requires doing some new things.

When taking something new on we need to be patient, positive and encouraging with ourselves, not critical, and be the same way with others too. We don't have to be perfect, what is perfect? Who needs perfect? We just have to be working at it. It's much more important and genuinely helpful don't you think? To be encouraging, accepting of our perceived imperfections, flops and failures, and instead see them as the normal and expected result they are in any process of getting up and living your life in any meaningful way. It's all about making the effort. Keep trying and keep moving, keep thinking and keep being creative. It can actually be a heck of a lot of fun and one of the most gratifying experiences in a life time.

I also believe that when we hit on something good, when we get a groove going, when we're doing it right, we will definitely connect with others who are looking for and doing the same kinds of things. It just happens, don't ask me why, it just does, and that's when we're really on our way to making a genuine difference in this world and in our own lives.

I shit you not. And this has been an "I shit you not bulletin". You could take it to the bank, if banks weren't such corrupt pieces of scum. The point is, there is real value here and you can take it or leave it. It's your choice, I only aim to serve.

In the end, solutions are about what we think and believe. What we know and what we reject for the schlock and hooey that it is, no matter how many people seem to buy into it. Solutions are about knowing right from wrong and not settling for wrong because you know you don't have to settle for wrong, and because you don't want to live in a world that has to settle for wrong. Whatever you settle for you're stuck with forever, so why settle for less than what you want and need? Solutions are about knowing that nobody else is going to come and fix it for you. If you want it fixed, you're up. Go for it. Help and support magically appear, that's how it works. Solutions are about knowing we have every right to stand up and push back, and the smarter we do it, the less they expect it or what we've got in store, the better it is for us. The main thing holding us back is fear.

The fear we have to break free of is largely an illusion. It is implanted in our minds and our beliefs and it is artificial. It's also bound to all kinds of other brainwashing too, which can sometimes make this whole breaking free of fear thing pretty complicated. But it usually is only our fear that prevents us from simply stepping through it and saying, "Enough. I'm doing it different because your way is wrong. My way is better because my way is right."

That is something we can get to, it is something we can test and finally break through and it's after we do that, that we always say, "That wasn't hard at all". Because it isn't really the stepping through that's hard, it's standing up to that fear. That is really hard. I know that much from my own experience. I know perfectly well that what we fear controls our lives and it takes getting angry about that and not wanting to settle for living a life controlled by our fears that eventually propels us forward and through that barrier. I've found a Xena yell to be the perfect accompaniment at the moment that I must bolt forward and blast fear out of my own mind. It helps me feel brave. Don't ask. It works for me and that's all that counts.

It doesn't mean all the fear will be forever gone, but it will be easier the next time around knowing that you did it once before and achieved success, so you know it can be done again and you more than likely will succeed at it again. If you don't you get up and do it again until you do.

Confronting our illusions takes determination and courage and a bit of not taking it all so seriously. We can make it anything we want. We can definitely do it the way we believe it should be done. Why shouldn't we? I can't think of a good enough reason to forfeit my truth and live somebody else's lie instead. That said, we still have to do what we have to do to survive and not be shut down and forced to a grinding halt, and there is NOTHING wrong with that. It only makes sense.

So in my humble opinion I really believe that the best solutions in the world will invariably be the ones you come up with yourself.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


  1. I just came across your blog. Wow. Thank you for your writing - I'll be going back through your archives.

  2. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Hi, I'm posting to say I was the one that asked about solutions in response to a previous entry. I just want to thank you for this well thought response. I agree that finding our own solutions and seeking answers within ourselves is the best way to deal with how things are.

    I also understand what you mean by removing mental blocks and false ideas about how we're supposed to think and act. Learning to be more independent minded and not so beholden to the status quo is probably one of the most important things we can do.