Monday, August 04, 2008

The Government Would Never Hurt Us

The next time you're talking to somebody about September 11th and you're saying it was an inside job and they're reacting like twits and coming unglued and calling you an anti-American nut case because they know the government would never hurt us; try this. Instead of spouting off lists of anomalies and obvious lies that don't add up, ask them what they ate today.

What did you eat today, Sparky? Visualize it.

"Cereal for breakfast. McDonald's for lunch. And a delivery Pizza for dinner."

Okay. Hold that thought and stay with me now. I'm going to tell you a story.

(This will all make sense later. Really. Okay, here goes.)

This may sound a little silly, but I have often thought how weird it would be if aliens came to earth for a visit and I had the unique opportunity to chat with them, one on one.

No doubt they would have a lot of questions about the way we do things on earth because frankly, the way we do almost everything makes little sense when you look at it without the conditioning and brainwashing that we're all saturated with.

Now I would think that if these alien guys had been observing our planet for any length of time, they'd have run across what we call modern agriculture at some point. And they'd have noticed no doubt with a good deal of confusion and nausea, that we routinely and always, douse all of our growing food plants with copious amounts of deadly poisons. Dangerous toxic poisons, again and again and again all during the growing cycle. And then we eat it.

I bet you they'd have questions about that. I can just imagine the conversation.

"Why do you poison your food?"

"Oh, you don't poison your own food where you come from?"

"No. We don't."

"Well you're no fun at all, are you".

I mean really, what can you say? It's obviously insane. You tell me why we do it and even more, how come we all think of it as perfectly normal? What's normal about poisoning our food? No, we're not brainwashed by our TV sets, don't be ridiculous. Nothing to worry about here, move along please.

But we do poison our food with who knows how many toxic, carcinogenic, dangerous deadly chemicals, and we do not do this for the sake of our health, or for the wholesomeness of our food, or to benefit we the eaters of that food in any way.

No. It is only done to benefit the agricultural corporations and the food growers because if they kill anything and everything that could conceivably affect their crops, from fungus to mold to weird little spots to crawly things, it prevents crop losses which cuts their financial losses thereby very significantly increasing their profits. Hooah.

We eat poison so that corporations may enjoy increased profits. Duh. What better reason could there be?

There could not be any other reason. Obviously. There is no conceivable reason on earth to poison our own food, unless and except that it makes corporations richer. Which is really the only reason we do anything in this world. Isn't it?

Oh and by the way, we also kill the soils during the food growing process, rendering it sterile and unable to support or grow life ever again. Not even microbes. Forget worms. It's death valley for eternity. And we do that because it makes so much sense.

We really do that because it's a handy short cut for food growing corporations that cuts their costs. They can go much faster when they don't have to take care of the soil they're using. They can grow crop after crop after crop if they just destroy the soil and don't have to mess with conditioning it and resting it and rotating it and all that nonsense. Compost schmompost. They make a lot more money this way.

Oh don't worry. When this soil goes toes up they can just move to a new location and start growing right away again. Yeah sure, food growing soil is a very limited resource on this planet making up perhaps a total of 3% of all top soils, but we haven't run out of it yet. Quit worrying you frowny face clown, we probably won't run out of food growing soil in our life time. Even if we do, who cares? Like I said, it all makes perfect sense. They know what they're doing.

But wait now, that's only the beginning. You see, after we harvest those poison saturated crops, we then must process them to strip them of all of their nutritional value, if indeed they have any nutritional value after being force grown out of poison soaked, sterilized, dead soils.

So, to make absolutely sure we get all the nutrients out of it, we must process it. We must run it through a vast series of machines that are often very hot, which is an excellent way to destroy nutrition. We heat it, shred it, cut it up, slap it silly, whatever it takes, running it through many steps which may include long periods of sitting somewhere in extremes of temperature, and being shoveled and pummeled, ground and poured and stomped. We'll do whatever it takes to make our food utterly incapable of sustaining our lives. Then when it is totally dead, having no trace of life force left, and when it is finally without nutrition, we've finally got the makings of real modern day, mass produced food.

Now, you might be surprised to hear this, but none of what you've heard about our food so far really bothers us. What does bother us at this point, is that along the way all of the taste, smell, texture and looks of the food have also been removed. Well, we just can't have that.

No worries though, because we have chemicals to solve all of those problems. Chemicals galore are always added to our food. Often there are more chemicals listed on the labels than food based ingredients. We add chemicals to give it color, chemicals to give it taste, chemicals to give it smell, chemicals to give it texture. We even have chemicals that can leave little grill marks on our processed meat-like edible food products like frozen Salisbury Steaks. Yum yum.

But we can also add chemicals that make it foamy, if we like it foamy, or to keep it dry if it's too damp, or to keep it crispy instead of feeling limp and wiggly. We can create artificial textures of all kinds with chemicals, to make it chewy or crunchy, gooey or flaky, soft or hard. You name it, we have a chemical for it. We can make anything taste like anything. See? It looks like a cookie but it tastes like a chocolate marshmallow kiwi. How cool is that? And it's all done with lovely laboratory chemicals. This is what we like to call "better living".

But wait, that's not all. We also add fungicides and pesticides, and even a little rat poison to keep the rats in the production plants off the conveyor belts and other equipment, because rats are gross. Plus they can get caught in the machinery and run the risk of clogging the equipment. If not, they just get processed along with the food and nobody cares but we don't want to have to take the risk of an equipment shut down, not even for an hour. Time is money you know.

There will more than likely also be bits and pieces of metal from the machines in the food, and little shreds of cardboard or paper, some human or animal hair, maybe a little dandruff, or snot, or wookie parts, who the hell knows what's all going to find it's way into our food? And who cares? All kinds of things are going to end up in there along the way, but it's all right because the FDA makes sure that only so many bug wings and cockroach legs per ounce can be in there, and they are right there on the premises counting bug wings. Yes they are too. They check every ounce for purity. Honest. Oh yes, of course there will also be some dead bugs. Well what do you expect with all that pesticide huh? It works! How cool is that? Oh and machine oil too, not for the food but to keep the machines lubricated. Can't have production stopped you know, it cuts the bottom line and there is no greater sin than that. As you know.

And why do we do all of that? Do we do this because it makes the food healthier and more wholesome for the people who will eat it? Unfortunately, no. Indeed, all of these things have a rather deleterious effect on human health, but hey, them's the breaks. After all, if these things weren't done, sure, the food would be exponentially better for us and improve our health and well being by, geez, who knows how much? It's scary to think about it.

But if we did do it that way, you know, naturally and uncontaminated, fresh and wholesome and real, the corporations would not make all the money they can possibly make by using all of these chemicals and by destroying the food and removing the nutrients and the life energy we need to get from it to sustain our lives and our health. They would go broke. They would definitely lose profits. Like crazy. And we cannot have that under any circumstances. Corporate profits matter more than life and they always have. This is America after all. Profits come before life, that's just a fact and we're damned proud of it.

You'd think that would be enough chemicals but in fact, there's one more step. Preservatives. Yes preservatives, the modern miracle that in and of itself has increased corporate profits like golden rockets to the moon. Gotta love preservatives. Why? Well think about it. Food rots. It rots quickly. It only lasts a few days before it begins to decompose; and baked goods like bread, or fresh dairy products like milk, they're only good for one day.

That doesn't work out very well for the food corporations, it leads to way too much spoilage which leads to losses which leads to lost profits. Which means they'd have to bust their butts to keep bringing fresh foods to the markets for us to buy on a daily basis and why should they have to work that hard when they can just use chemicals to make it seem like the food we're buying is fresh even when it's days, or even weeks, or even months old?

This is much better than in the olden days when the milkman would come to your doorstep every single morning with fresh milk, and fresh cream, and fresh cottage cheese and fresh buttermilk and fresh sour cream and fresh yogurt and fresh eggs and fresh butter and fresh squeezed juices of all kinds. Who would want that when we've got preservatives?

Can you just imagine how their profits have multiplied with this one incredible step? Instead of you and I seeing the rotting flesh of our food, we see nothing at all. We don't see the mold, even when it's there. It still all looks perfectly fresh even though it should be in advanced stages of decomposition after sitting on store shelves for so long. We consumers will never know the difference.

And the supermarkets love it too. Just think of how much old nasty food they'll never have to throw away and take the losses on just because it's inedible. Those days are gone. Now they can keep it on the shelf and sell it instead and that means much higher profits, and a whole lot less work. You can not beat that with a stick! And it's all thanks to chemical preservatives that act just like formaldehyde for our foods.

Some of our foods literally never spoil. They're so chemical soaked that by gosh, you can have a sandwich with year old bread and never even know it. Now that's progress.

Okay. I hear what you're thinking, you're wondering if preservatives and nasty old food might not be that good for human health. Well don't be stupid, of course this is all a death sentence. But it's all right you see, because it's a slow death.

Oh come on. So what if everyone gets sick and weak and dies early? So what if we get diseases that are killing us in droves? So what if we all have malnutrition and have never once eaten a single real, wholesome natural life giving piece of food in our lives? So what? What's your point? All that matters is corporate profit. That's the important thing.

Besides, you can't even tell which of all those processed foods you've eaten is the culprit causing your cancer, or your brain damage, or your obesity, or your dark under eye circles, or your asthma, or your diabetes or your... well you get the point. And since they specifically don't keep track of the health effects and fallout, that's just the same as saying it's perfectly safe. No proof equals no problems. So quit whining and eat up, silly pants.

All that matters is increasing and maximizing corporate profits, and our health should be sacrificed to make those corporate guys richer. We're glad to do that for them. After all, it's only our worthless lives at risk and face it, we aren't worth a shit anyway in this world. We're fine with all this. Really.

And don't ever forget, you know it's all okay because the government says it is, and as you know, the government would never hurt us.

Microwave cheese flavored popcorn anyone? Sparky? No? Maybe later. Now tell me again what you were saying about how the government would never hurt us.

Ready to hear some facts about 9-11 are we? Come sit next to me Sparky, you've got a lot of catching up to do.

(You see, there IS a method to my madness).


  1. Anonymous10:52 PM

    Don't forget our wonderful mercury filled vaccinations! The Government loves you and that's why they say the toxins are manditory.

  2. Anonymous,

    The list of outright assaults is long and growing. It just so happens a movie entitled "Vaccine Nation" is available for viewing on the front page of my web site. Or you can do a google search and find it in the video section. It's enough to make your stomach turn and your blood boil both of which would be healthier for you than getting syringes full of toxic slog pumped into your body.