Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Don't sue us, we'll sue you.

Part 1

You do get it don't you? That privatization means selling off the government to rich corporations? As in, they are buying our government. Not buying it off. Buying it outright. As in owning it.

Hear me out now. You will see what I see. It won't take long.

Look at Congress, all limp and lip biting and boneless. Watch them bow to the whims of the idiot CEO in chief. Watch as they sell out our privacy in every detail and "let off" the big telecoms, who in fact are making huge money hand over fist, because they were given incredibly lucrative contracts to help the government spy on us all. Who else would get those juicy contracts but the owners of "the company"?

You can stop wondering why Congress does nothing to stop the biggest most comprehensive, destructive crime wave in the history of the country. They're not allowed to do anything. They do as they're told by their new bosses.

Through the purchase of the government and all that goes with it, namely everything and everyone in the country, they've simply bypassed Congress and made them irrelevant. Much of the government has been privatized, through what? Contracts. They've down sized and privatized government all right; and private corporations have had explosive growth and obscene profits. Here's your no bid contracts right here. Here's your Blackwater getting away with murder. Corporations have taken control over who knows exactly how much of this government; and who knows how much of our political process has become N/A? Corporations are calling the shots, and getting more and more lucrative legislation to get more and more lucrative contracts and we're paying out trillions and somehow we have no choice in the matter. Our money is now theirs to take at will and we don't get an opinion.

The insane neocon/republican psychocapitalist method was evil, criminal, and traitorous, but it worked real well. They didn't just create a big loophole to jump through, they created a black hole. Bushco hit the ground running with privatization, taking it further than any president before him. He pushed all of that so called "public-private" partnership propaganda which was code for literally selling this country and its government to private individuals and corporations.

They wrote legal and binding business contracts that rested on legislation passed specifically to do the business in those contracts. You can't pull the corporation out of the law because they've become the law. You can't interfere in the contract because it's a legal contract and you're not a party to it.

So when you watch Congress standing there looking helpless, when you watch them vote to let the big corporations off the hook, just understand that they are no longer a part of the process. There was no hook. It was all done with contracts. The phone companies wouldn't just up and cooperate with the government on request, there's no profit in that. They did it because they were well paid. That's why bush refused to back down on holding them criminally liable for selling us out. That's probably also why Congress flipped over on the whole thing and not only let them off but gave them the keys to take it as far as they want to. The most congress could do is try to run interference and stand around pouting and looking angry. They keep looking out here at us waiting for the great uproar they need to do a damned thing about any of this.

Somehow, corporations were granted the bizarre legal status of personhood which gave them the same rights we used to have. But a corporation is a figment of the imagination, not a person. In no stretch of reason could a concept be a person, and that's really insulting to all of us by the way. A corporation is a tax filing status. It's a word to describe the concept of a group of people getting together to run a business. The people running that business already have their full share of individual rights just like the rest of us. Now, somehow, they have a lion's share more, a heaping extra helping that none of us have, and none of us can compete with. How can something that doesn't even exist end up with more human and legal rights than real human beings?

With all of their billions of dollars and power, special access, tax exemptions, corporate welfare and patently unfair privileges, they also get to claim a corporate right to free speech which is outrageous. The owners of those corporations already have individual free speech rights, but now their media corporations have the legal excuse to not broadcast anything except what they want to broadcast, even if it's flat untrue. Even if it's a straight out lie. They don't have to tell the truth, that's the law. And they don't have to let any of the dirty unwashed masses on their personal TV channels to get a word in edgewise.

How is Congress supposed to step inside private business contracts that are permanently woven into legislation that was specifically passed to give countless corporations government contracts for National Security, or for anything else for that matter? How are they supposed to deny the "rights" of the corporations who are persons now? Do you see the game? Insidious isn't it.

It's going to take blazing torches and pitchforks bearing down on DC to get this nonsense ripped out of the law books and send the lying capitalist dirt bags back to the holes they crawled out of. Unfortunately, the country doesn't get it yet. And we've been robbed blind. People are so sick and tired of bush that they're not seeing what all has been done, or how it won't change when Mr. Change gets elected. This is cast in stone folks. It's not going anywhere without a massive awakening and uprising. And Obama is one of them, he's just from the other side of the political elite. It will be even worse with Obama. Even if he wants to change things, he can't stand up to this kind of deeply corrupt, criminal power.

Just because we're not aware of what's really happening yet doesn't mean they aren't absolutely aware and they want to know what every last one of us is thinking and doing for the specific reason that they're afraid we will wake up and light those torches and grab those pitchforks, and they want to take us out before it can get anywhere near that.

Look at all of our massively expensive privatized spy agencies. There are so many intelligence agencies now that I'll bet you can't even name them all. Every single office of the government now has its own internal intelligence branch and they're working to coordinate them all, and not just between these agencies but between all of the law enforcement agencies too; in fact, these databases are all being tied in to every conceivable kind of database in existence that has any of our information on it. Isn't that good news? It's so justifiable and necessary isn't it? Hardly. It's outrageous and it's illegal.

These privatized intelligence agencies all have interwoven contracts too. They literally are the privatized law of the land, at least in their neck of the woods, and that's scary as hell. And considering we can't know one single thing they're doing then it's safe to say, they are screwing us over so bad it's not even funny. When contracts and policy are one and the same, how are you going to stop any part of the process?

Remember Total Information Awareness? When bushco first dragged it out, congress told them it went too far, there was no conceivable justification for it and they refused to allow it to happen. They refused to fund it and told them to shut it down. The USGOVCo Inc.LLC was told in no uncertain terms not to go there.

"Fine", they said. "And you can just bite me too", they said. They took it underground, in the name of national security, and covered it up. They seriously intimidate anyone who knows about it and threaten them with death and prison if they breathe a word about it, and it's all paid for by you and me, with black budget dollars. All covered up and safe, TIA's evil twin has been running full force uninterrupted and with no oversight whatsoever, around the clock, for years. What is anybody going to do about it? What is Congress supposed to do about it when they get blown off by the privateering CEO in chief and his whole dirty gang of thieves?

Just think. They pretty much know every single thing about every last one of us. It's all right there. It's all at their fingertips, anywhere, anytime, at the press of a button, every detail of your existence is there for your new bosses to see. Your most secret stuff and the stuff you think you don't care if anyone sees. But you know, when someone has all the power in the world and you have none, and they decide they don't like you because you pay your bills late or you filed bankruptcy, or you have a medical condition that could make an insurance company have to pay out, or you disagree politically, which is the sort of thing our new owners would consider criminal, you'd be surprised how easy it is to pull up every little thing about you and turn you into someone they have to arrest for the sake of National Security. That's not even hard. I don't think even Mother Theresa could get off with these psychopathic demigods in control.

Bushco has demolished the government and sold it off to rich people. This is how they've undermined the law and common sense and decency and justice across the board. It's how your voice has become irrelevant. It's how the banks can take whatever they want from you and you have literally no recourse. You cannot get justice because they don't want you to have any justice, and they've written the laws themselves to make sure you can't get any justice. This is what they've achieved. They own you because they say so. What are you going to do about it punk?

The rich and the corporations are raking it in. They wanted it all and by gosh, they've apparently taken it all. Rejoice. They're your new bosses too, the constitution has been contracted out of existence. Everything that's going to get done in this country will be based on one thing, corporate profitability. If it needs to be said, that cuts us completely out.

Don't even ask bushco or any corporation to tell you anything, it's none of your damned business. They can break the law because they are the law. They don't answer to you. So shut up. No they don't have to verify your vote. Shut up. No they don't have to prove that Ivins did anything at all. So just shut up.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. What we have here is a global crime syndicate. A corporate/government mafia. The biggest bankers, the big media, big pharma, big warfare, big drugs, big prisons, big enforcement, big education; it's all a big rip off. These people are dirty to the bone and they know it. Do not believe a word that comes out of their mouths because it is self evident. Every time they open their mouths they're lying. There is no law they're not free to break. They're railroading justice, bypassing the constitution as far as our legal rights are concerned, and doing dirty deeds faster than we can keep up with them.

Look at the Ivins debacle. They have absolutely nothing on the guy. No evidence whatsoever. They dragged their heels for nine months before they even went out checking mailboxes after the corporate Anthrax false flag murders. Nine months. The first guy they try to railroad gets off after years of hell in court where the government has no case against him. We now get to pay him the five million dollar award to make up for the dirt bags in charge who don't give a damn about proof, especially when they're just out to cover their own butts and try to pin the blame on someone else.

When Plan A swirled the bowl, they went spastic grabbing for a Plan B. Ivins. The "case" against Ivins is so weak that the second he died, the word was there is no use investigating any further. We have the bad guy, he's dead now. There's nothing to see here folks, move along please. Let all of this Anthrax guilty party business get swept under the rug now. Because really, the government can't survive any more scrutiny on this.

I'll come out and say it, it looks to high heaven like they murdered Ivins. It's so obvious it's disgusting. They are thugs and criminals. They used the good old trick of destroying that poor man in the media with completely unsupported allegations that he was some kind of psychopathic, murderous, child molesting, suicidal pervert. Well gee FBI guys, why didn't you look at him first if he was all that nuts and dangerous?

They didn't look at him at all because he wasn't nuts or dangerous and all of this is 100% cooked up. If it's not cooked up then just show us the evidence. It cannot be that hard to show us the evidence unless you just don't have any. That's all there is to it.

So why aren't the real FBI guys allowed to bust these liars and get the justice we all deserve to see? They've been blocked from doing that and you know they're not happy about it. The people in charge are criminals covering up for criminals.

Something else directly tied to this is the militarization of the police. Why the tasers and the microwave crowd control weaponry? Why are black booted thugs with their faces hidden so they can't be recognized, hurling unarmed, nonviolent, not even dangerous ordinary women, men and children to the ground, surrounding them, screaming at them, threatening them, tearing all of their clothes off, tasering them even after they're handcuffed? What about that could be excused in any way? It's outrageous. It's sheer evil. It's uncalled for, unnecessary and yet, it is pervasive, "all of a sudden". It's no accident. Who is so afraid of us citizens that they need to change law enforcement into a brutal militarized psychopathic entity that is legally entitled to brutalize people at will without cause, with no warrant and every time they do it, they get away with it? They are NEVER prosecuted. They are never fired. They are rewarded.

It's safe to say then, that this behavior and all of these horrible changes are more than condoned. They are desired. Strongly.

It's all tied in. And believe it or not, this is a very old story. What we're seeing today is really nothing more than a group of bad guys whose kind has always been here and has always been doing what it does, only now they're taking their masks off. They're not sneaking around behind our backs anymore, because now, they don't have to. They've finally managed to achieve their all time goal of making who and what they are, not only legal, but the law itself.

What's new is them coming out of the closet, and the technology that now allows all of these components to take on a whole new level of evil and darkness. This wouldn't have been possible if only we'd known our own history. If only we'd known what the whole rest of the world knows and has always known, they could never have gotten away with it.

If there's anything we need to do right now it is to get it through our heads what the real game is, and to face it and realize it's true and it always has been. We have to understand it ourselves and then make others understand it too. Because it's people who can't fathom the truth that are allowing this global criminal enterprise to destroy not only this country, but to rip off the whole rest of the world and there are other countries out there who are not amused by any of this. We have no friends out there anymore, and we need to realize the depth and breadth of the shit we're in for.

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