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That Look On His Face

That Look On His Face
An alternative 9-11 Conspiracy Theory

I have always wondered about the bizarre reaction bush had on 9/11 when Andy Card came and whispered in his ear that America was under attack. I've seen that footage several times and have never been able to figure out what he was feeling. The look on his face betrayed the sheer intensity of some very unusual emotions shooting through every cell of his body, the obvious result of certain specific thoughts suddenly exploding in his brain.

If that's what Andy Card actually said to him, bush's reactions were completely wrong. He just sat there, going through a process in his mind, his face broadcasting strong emotions that were unreadable. We all watched him as he just sat there in a state of elevated anxiety looking for all the world like he was scared in a way that few of us ever experience. There was nothing average or normal about anything he did in those following few minutes in that school room.

Every time I see that video clip and those facial expressions I try to figure out what it was he was feeling, but those expressions are foreign to me. I can't relate to them. I can't pinpoint them. I don't recognize them and that is totally weird. I should be able to recognize a common human emotion in another human being, we can all do that.

The empathy neurons in our brains make it possible for us to perceive what someone else is doing, feeling or experiencing and be able to understand it without having to go through it ourselves. It's not mystical at all, it's normal. It's how we're put together and it makes us able to understand each other. It also makes us capable of not only compassion, but of being able to discern when someone is lying to us. And bush is an abject failure at lying, it is instantly and overwhelmingly obvious when he does lie, which is apparently pretty much always.

So the fact that I couldn't relate to that look on his face has made me continue to wonder what was really going on there.

In the video it's obvious that he's self aware, knowing he's being observed by everyone in the room and beyond those TV cameras. He attempts to mask himself somewhat but it's obvious and he stinks at it. He looks terrified in a strange sort of way, but it's not the kind of fear and panic you feel when you are in imminent personal danger.

This is a whole 'nother kind of fear and panic that speaks to something none of us could know anything about. This was fear and panic that was about things that only he would know in his position as president of the United States. It would be connected to people and things that are the players involved in the intricately complex weave of private and public politics, deals, personalities, power plays, ideologies, histories, options and things both within and beyond his control. Whatever it was he was thinking, and feeling, we are left to wonder about to this day.

After the initial strange reaction he seemed to be considering what it meant to him personally and as a public figure as he sat on the stage of his presidency in front of friend and foe alike, indeed, in front of the whole world. There would be repercussions, both immediate and far reaching, and maybe those were bounding through his mind in a steady succession, not at any depth, but more like a parade of continuing after thoughts.

Once he even appeared to be irritated, as though he'd been undermined or disrespected, and felt resentful or outraged. Overall though, he looked like a trapped and helpless creature, as though things were out of his hands by the will of another, as if his own actions were now being dictated by that other will. As if he was a small boy who'd been angrily scolded and shamed by his father, and then was ordered to sit down and shut up. As if he was a president who'd just been handed the explosive consequences of someone else's actions, and was ordered to sit down and shut up.

We all saw that he did not immediately stand up and take control. If he'd just been told his house was on fire would he have just sat there? Wouldn't he have a bunch of questions wanting to know if anyone was hurt and what the situation was? You'd think so. But he did not rise to take command of what the country would do in response to this attack. He just sat there. As if he'd been told to sit there. As if he knew that what would be playing out was already being controlled, only not by him.

Clearly, if he truly thought this attack came from out of the blue, his first response, and the first response of his cabinet and staff, would have been to get him out of that school room and on the job. He'd have wanted all the information they had and would have wanted to connect with his staff and department heads to find out what was going on and who was attacking and what plans were being presented for him to approve. Certainly there could have been no day more important, no greater moment for any president to rise to the occasion and perform his overriding duty of protecting the republic. Yet he only sat there, broadcasting several minutes of strong emotions from his face, and didn't do a thing. He didn't give a single order. He didn't ask a single question. He didn't even ask for a telephone. He didn't do a thing. He did not rise to this ominous occasion. As urgent as it was, as serious as it clearly was, he didn't do a single thing.

His response to the words, "America is under attack" did not make sense to me. I couldn't imagine a scenario that would explain that response. Until today.

It's funny how this happens, but when I read an article at ICH today titled "Christians United for Israel and Attacking Iran", immediately followed by this article, "Double Standards in the Global War on Terror, Anthrax Department", something came to me, and then that look on his face came to mind and it made sense.

I'm going to try to explain and describe this theory now. All the links to references made are at the bottom.

If you've never seen a video called "The War Party", you must take the time and watch it. It's a very illuminating BBC program from a series called Panorama which openly and thoroughly brings forth the big fat truth, known everywhere but in our own country, that a clique of Zionist Israeli Dual Citizens are the driving force behind the bush administration's militaristic preemptive war policies and paranoid, vicious, illicit, brutal, dishonest, illegal attacks and invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Everything that is war and torture, and internal policies that make the constitution irrelevant is a product that derives from their self serving, clearly insane "think tank" doctrine of war mongering, racism, and bigotry. These guys are criminally insane thugs. It didn't take too awfully long to figure out that the so called war on terror was a device to get the United States to attack Iraq and Afghanistan for starters, not for the sake or need of the United States, but as Israel's surrogate army.

The first article mentioned above is a brilliant description of a recent meeting of church and state and Israel's Zionist representatives who are hell bent on getting America to go on to attack Iran, for Israel. It makes graphic and plain that certifiable nut jobs are behind a relentless push and nag poisonous political circus, continuing to beat the drums of war and more war to supposedly protect Israel, per Israel's Zionist extreme right wing political controllers.

It's a grotesque circus too when you appreciate who the parties are who have come together in this cause to hate Arabs and Muslims and to demonize Iran and call for its immediate annihilation on the grounds that they're bad; while this motley crew is apparently God chosen and God approved. Good grief, it makes my stomach turn. The fundaMENTAList Christians are in it to bring on Armageddon, which is a perfectly insane hand to play. Who doesn't look forward to and want the end of the world to come as quickly as possible? Only the whole rest of the world, but these lovely people don't care about the rest of the world. They only care about what they want, and forcing it on everyone else, in their eyes, is a great big favor.

The Zionist Israeli element is there to promote unbridled paranoia and to spew unsubstantiated hatred and attack propaganda on anyone Muslim or Middle Eastern, excepting of course themselves. How this small group is able to get the ear of the White House and not only have meetings but discuss foreign policy that promotes nuking the snot out of Iran and quite literally bringing on the end of all life on earth as we know it, boggles the mind. Why the White House would give these creepy kooks the time of day is beyond me, and if they really want to find some terrorists they might try looking a little deeper into this gang of paranoid, war mongering, shameful, biblically insane nut jobs.

I hope you're impressed with my objective description of this gang, because it's only the truth. Not their truth perhaps, but an objective truth that actually includes the interests of everyone, not just them. They wouldn't see any value in that. But I do, and so do a lot of other people who aren't dangerous and crazy.

What came to me in a sudden series of images in my mind was what I openly admit is an honest to goodness conspiracy theory. It's a theory because I have no facts in hand to claim otherwise. The facts may very well exist, I just don't have them on me. I also haven't spent any time developing this thing, it just arrived in my head all in one piece and I immediately wanted to write it down, so you're getting it as plain and simple as I received it.

Looking back at the events of 9-11, and I'm going to assume you've done your homework so I don't have to come at this as if you've got no idea about the overwhelming list of anomalies and strangeness and outright lies, the constant changes of the official story and timeline, and the whole ugly bevy of circumstantial evidence - which by the way IS enough to convict in a court of law contrary to popular belief; I came up with a 'what if' scenario.

What if 9-11 was not an inside job? Not exactly at least. What if the attacks on the World Trade Center were devised, planned, and carried out by elements inside the government and the Pentagon that are in fact, Zionists? Due to the very strange, inexplicably high number of dual citizenship, multi-loyalty, Israelis in some of the highest ranking positions in the Pentagon and the federal government, this can't honestly be called a stretch. They'd have had all three of the components of the magic formula to determine guilt: Motive, means and opportunity.

The US Government proper had no motive, though it had means and could have used the same opportunity used on the day of the attack, which was making a military exercise go live. But the fact remains that Americans would not support the idea of attacking their own country and killing innocent people. The motive is simply not there, and that excludes the United States government as a suspect.

With that elimination, what we have left is two other potential scenarios and their related suspects. The first being the official story of 19 Arabs with box cutters hijacking jumbo jets and committing religious suicide by crashing airplanes into skyscrapers because they hate us for our freedom.

The second being that 9-11 was a plan devised and carried out in large part by Zionists with dual loyalties, as per the details outlined in the Project for a New American Century which was signed off on by a whole boat load of Zionists and neo-cons, the terms being more or less interchangeable. The attacks themselves were "outsourced" to foreign intelligence operatives, who planned, paid for and trained those who would be involved and those who would be hung out as patsies to be abused later inside a phony legal pinata. Ostensibly this would all be done for the purposes of using the United States military forces to achieve the war objectives of Zionist/Israeli extremists claiming the objective of protecting Israel's interests. At least that's what it would appear to be about and why.

Let's look at both of those potential scenarios and see which of them carries more weight.

The 19 Arabs story is profoundly weak. It was weak on day 1, and it only got weaker over the course of months and years of examining the facts. Points I consider to be sufficient evidence that the story must be dismissed, include things such as:

1. This was the first we Americans had ever heard of being hated for our freedoms, at least intensely enough to give a single thought to the possibility of being attacked by angry Muslims who hate us so fervently. If we'd had any general idea in the public sector that there was anybody at all pissed off at us enough to want to attack us, then there wouldn't have been such widespread confusion and inability to understand why this act had been carried out. There was no generally held tension or enmity between the American people and any country in the world. We love everybody. That's who we are. We don't throw a generalized blanket of hate over any nation or peoples. We were in fact, utterly lost for any reason at all that 9-11 would be the result of people who hate us somewhere out there.

If we hadn't been fed this totally strange oration by newscasters and handy expert guests beginning within 20 minutes of the attacks at the WTC, pouring forth never before heard of supposed facts about Osama Bin Laden and who he was and that his whole game was to create a worldwide terror organization because they're really bad guys, we would never have guessed in fifty years who did it or why. Who knew that Arabs hated us? Nobody. Which is probably because they don't, or at least they didn't at the time. Our president's actions since that day have more than possibly changed that, but at the time it simply was not reality. In fact, if you want to get real about it, the only people on the face of the earth who are eternally adamant that they are hated to the death by Arabs, are the Israelis.

2. There is not now, nor was there ever any evidence to support the dramatic and widespread hysterical accusations that Osama Bin Laden was responsible for 9-11, in any way, shape or form. He is not even on the FBI's most wanted list for anything in connection with 9-11. And in under three months after the attack our president told a reporter at a press conference who was asking about progress made in locating and arresting Bin Laden that, he just didn't think about Bin Laden much anymore, it just wasn't important. Given those realities, to gather there is any serious interest in finding and prosecuting Bin Laden would be devoid of logic. There's not even any evidence that a search is underway.

3. Osama Bin Laden himself wrote a letter right after 9/11 to say in no uncertain terms that he had nothing to do with it. He admitted he's not crazy about America, but he expressed sorrow and condolences for the meaningless and violent loss of innocent lives, strongly condemned such acts of violence on the basis of being contradictory to his deeply held religious beliefs, and suggested that we might want to take a look at our own government to get a clue about who might actually be responsible.

Bottom line, if the whole point of terrorism is to call attention to the grievances of a political group or movement, then the acts are carried out in the name of that group and that group claims responsibility for the terrorist act so that they may achieve their goal of drawing attention to themselves and their cause, and getting the world to listen to them. So if Osama Bin Laden was the mastermind of this evil plan, he sure is a twit for failing to get what he came for.

We also haven't heard his side in his own words nor was it even suggested that we might try to do that to get a better idea of what the hell happened. On the contrary, we've seen no evidence of his guilt or involvement, and the only guys that we could prove did it, would be dead and gone if they were in any of those airplanes. We can't even prove there were any terrorist bad guys on those airplanes. All we have is this hysterical blaming and wanting to go kill for revenge, some guy in Afghanistan who has managed to elude us for seven years. The lack of a single shred of evidence, and the total lack of even trying to get some answers before going off half cocked and out for blood, to first get Bin Laden and then an alleged whole worldwide covert gang of AL-CIA-da bad guys where ever and whoever they may be, all proven guilty without evidence of any kind, guilty in advance of any other acts of terror or crimes being committed at all, and their mastermind leader denying involvement at any level period, well, it just doesn't stand up. It doesn't stand up to facts and it doesn't stand up to reason. In fact it really doesn't make any sense at all.

These three points barely begin to list the reasons that the official story of 19 Arab Hijackers simply doesn't make sense, and cannot be substantiated, and has not proven itself credible in any way at all with even so much as a single bit of evidence collected after the events of that day or over the seven years following. There were so many strange and obviously stupid facets to the story that we are forced to conclude that the story itself is nothing but a fabrication. An elaborate fabrication to be sure, but a fabrication none the less. The official 19 Hijackers story is out.

Which leaves us with the final possible scenario and its suspects, the Zionists, who are again the only group strongly possessing the motive, means and opportunity to pull a 9-11 event off. The Zionists are also coincidentally or otherwise consistently in receipt of many great benefits as a result of this act of terror and mass murder. They have received immense gains, both financial and political, in no small way. Indeed, the Zionists were big winners due to 9-11, and that is something we have to look at. It's basic common sense and standard procedure when a crime is committed to ask who benefits from that crime. The reason we do that is because through the magic of reality it often turns out that the people who stand to gain the most from a crime are the ones who commit it. Go figure. So we can't overlook or ignore who benefited most from the 9-11 attacks and it wasn't Osama Bin Laden, it wasn't AL-CIA-da, it wasn't the USA or Iraq or Afghanistan. In fact, nobody benefited at all except the Zionists political agenda and the war profiteers.

I can't give any kind of detailed theory of how the Zionist terror attack plans were able to be carried out, but I can thumbnail the possibilities and show that they are perfectly realistic and based on the facts and evidence we have since collected, as well as on very strong circumstantial evidence and actions carried out by specific players. In fact, this conspiracy theory when applied to outstanding questions about that day and the period before and after that day, seems to answer a great many of those questions quite well.

A strange widespread belief is that conspiracies are impossible to carry out because they require too many people's involvement and the secret could not be kept. That is an erroneous belief that doesn't even make sense really because very few people would be involved in any conspiracy for the simple reason that there's nothing in it for them. Also, the more people that are aware of the conspiracy the greater the chance that it will be stopped or revealed. In a real conspiracy the smallest number of people necessary to carry it out would be mandatory, and with the right connections and placement of those people, and with a well contrived cover story prepared, and with a dumb president on a religious mission to pull around on a string, it wouldn't be hard at all to keep a lid on a remarkably close knit, tightlipped, zealously motivated group of people to plan and execute the events of 9-11.

Consider Major General Montague Winfield, in charge of the Pentagon war room, who stepped down for a day on 9/11. A replacement stood in for him that day, a replacement who gave orders regarding the airplanes used, or failing to be used during the hijackings and afterwards. Major General Winfield may very well have been a man who wanted nothing to do with it, or more than likely was ordered to leave for that day and was further ordered to never breathe a word about what happened under penalties more severe than we even want to know. That's hardly implausible or impossible. It would also explain why he was gone.

His post would have had to be filled by one of the Zionist operatives, or by someone too weak and stupid to hesitate to follow the orders given, regardless, it was a necessary position to directly control. The only people who needed to be in on it were the group themselves, not even one outsider needed to be clued in or recruited for participation. Slapping heavy gag orders on curious on-site coworkers wondering what was up made short work of any further questions and ensured very little on the subject coming out later.

Now many of the lingering questions about why there was no military response when our middle name is military response and there had never been any such abject failure to respond in the history of the air force, may be answered with this potential scenario. Except for one specific facet that might have thrown a halt to the theory at this point, which is that high level military brass at the Pentagon would have been outraged over any such inexplicable failure of their forces to respond with all of the capability and speed they indeed possess. Those in high level positions of authority would have had the power to ask questions and demand answers. That they didn't ask questions, demand answers, or even have a straight story to tell is very curious indeed, and that supports my theory quite well when we take a look at who the people were that held even higher high level positions at the Pentagon.

I have one word for you. Dual citizenship Israeli Americans, DBA, Zionists. Okay that's more than one word, but you get the point. Zionists in the highest level positions had the ability to make questions go away, and guess what, the questions went away.

In fact I'll take a moment just to mention that some of the highest ranking positions at the Pentagon, the State Department, and Intelligence belonged to DCIA's, as did the neo-cons in the bush administration and their top level advisors. Are they Zionists too? Who knows? But you couldn't blame anyone for suspecting it. Especially not when the War Party calling the shots, setting the policy, champing the bit to make war on the middle east, spewing out their convoluted ideology and nonsensical, unsubstantiated, patently insane notions of who and what America is and what it stands for, are hard core Zionists, it's just not a stretch at all.

All of the critical bases were covered that day with the ability to shut down the many voices asking the many questions that we know were begging answers, and by having unequaled top level access to the most highly secret inventory of the military, black and otherwise, and by having a ready made story and obligatory experts on the air inside a half an hour after the attacks. It only required people at the top in a few places to pull it all off. The Top answers to no one, which makes it possible to cover their steps. So the top, carefully placed in the most necessary positions, would have to be a part of the group who did it.

I'll mention also that the eventual investigation which was strangely not considered necessary and only happened after years of pressure and demands from families and survivors of 9-11, was headed up and totally controlled by appointee Philip Zelikow, who just happened, quite coincidentally to be a DCIA.

Hopefully no one would find it inconceivable to notice quite a few notable names in connection to all that has unfolded in the wake of 9-11, who are Dual Citizenship Israeli Americans. Here is a short list of interesting names and info-bits about some of those people which I've snagged from the website. It is far from a full list, and not everyone on it is DCIA, nor am I implying that anyone who happens to be a DCIA is involved in 9-11 or it's cover up. What I am doing is noticing a glaring fact that would be stupid or dishonest to pretend isn't there. It's there and it stands out because it's a rather inexplicable coincidence that so many prominent players in and around the war thirsty bush presidency have dual citizenship, not with several and various countries, but all with Israel. There it is. It's just reality.

Paul Wolfowitz, DCIA — Deputy Secretary of Defense on 9-11, PNAC member
Richard Perle, DCIA — former assistant Secretary of defense, chairman Defense Policy Board, PNAC member
Douglas Feith, DCIA — effectively in command, with Wolfowitz, of Defense Department on 9-11; Undersecretary of Defense for Policy; investigated for spying for Israel; former PNAC member
Dov Zakheim, DCIA — Pentagon comptroller when trillion dollars reported missing on 9-10-01, former CFR member; former CEO of fly-by-remote manufacturer
George Tenet — director of the CIA on 9-11; was awarded the "Medal of Freedom" by Bush for his fine work on 9-11, reported to be but not confirmed to be DCIA
Michael Chertoff, DCIA — Assistant Attorney General on 9-11; freed over 100 Israeli spies in the US after 9-11; promoted to head of Homeland Security
Michael Mukasey, DCIA — now Attorney General, then federal judge in New York; presided over 1993 WTC bombing case; active in 9-11 cases, including Larry Silverstein's insurance claims; oversaw the detained material witnesses of 9-11, including five dancing Israeli Mossad agents apprehended by FBI
Marc Grossman, DCIA — Under Secretary for Political Affairs on 9-11; met with General Mahmoud Ahmad, head of Pakistan's ISI and 9-11 financier, on or shortly after 9-11
Richard Armitage — former member of PNAC, Deputy Secretary of State; met with General Mahmoud Ahmad, head of Pakistan's ISI and 9-11 financier, shortly after 9-11
Ari Fleischer, DCIA — White House spokesman for Bush on 9-11
Elliot Abrams, DCIA — former member of PNAC, National Security Council; pleaded guilty in 1991 to lying to Congress about Iran-Contra affair
Lewis "Scooter" Libby, DCIA — former PNAC member; studied political science at Yale under Paul Wolfowitz; aid to Cheney; convicted for lying about outing of Valerie Plame
Jack Abramoff — entertained USG "terrorist" patsy Mohammed Atta on his yacht just before 9-11; convicted criminal lobbyist; ardent Zionist
Lewis Eisenberg — chairman Port Authority of New York and New Jersey on 9-11; authorized transfer of WTC leases to Silverstein and Lowy just weeks before 9-11; later appointed chairman of Republican National Committee; Zionist
Michael Ledeen — became "anti-terrorism" advisor to Secretary of State, Al Haig in 1981; contacts with mullahs in Iran-Contra affair; alleged ties to Italian fascist P2 Masonic Lodge; contacts with Libby, Cheney's Chief of Staff; top NeoCon advisor to Bush and Karl Rove; member AEI (American Enterprise Institute); wrote book extolling fascism
John Deutch — former Undersecretary of Defense, director of CIA; co-authored paper, "Catastrophic Terrorism: A National Policy" with Zelikow, Ashton Carter; senior partner at Global Technology Partners, an affiliate of Rothschild North America; MIT professor; grandson of Yonah Fischer, Antwerp diamond merchant who ran Zionist Federation of Belgium
Ashton Carter — co-authored paper, "Catastrophic Terrorism: A National Policy" with Zelikow and Deutch; senior partner at Global Technology Partners, an affiliate of Rothschild North America

It's obvious that there were many high level or prominent or long standing insiders and think tankers and members of the military connected to the huge churning convoluted mess encompassing 9-11, its investigation, PNAC, the patriot act and so on and so forth that would at some level have had to be involved or complicit in pulling this whole ugly nightmare off, and that they are neither DCIA or apparent Zionists. There are in my humble estimation 4 basic groups connected at the directorate level of my theorized conspiracy and they are the Zionists, the self-proclaimed Christians, the Military, and the Congress. These are all natural partners in the conspiracy, all in it for their own visions and reasons, but happy to work together in the aim of achieving their particular missions and common goals without having much else in common. That is laid plain in the first ICH article I mentioned earlier.

It is not a difficult theory to find merit with. It deserves consideration due to the simple fact that there are so many simple facts to give it legs to stand on. Being that I'm not even close to a trained investigator, and that if I was able to string together things I'd have tripped over if my eyes were closed, is it not peculiar that the real qualified, trained investigators have seen nothing here worth looking into? Why would that be, I wonder? In order to clear this theory from the potentials list, an investigation would have to be done in order to prove there is nothing to look at. It cannot simply be decreed or assumed, as that is stupid and it's just not good enough. It's basic common sense and well set procedure to investigate something before deciding the coast is clear and to my knowledge, no investigation into the theory that Zionists did it because Zionists wanted it really bad in order to get the USA to make war for them and Zionists have benefited profoundly because of it, has ever been mentioned much less taken place. And I just find that weirder than a three eyed toad.

But then that's just me.

I'll wrap this up by going back to where I first came in, to that look on bush's face when he was told the country was under attack, and I was trying to make sense of it. I'll ask you now if it doesn't make a lot more sense when my conspiracy theory is applied. What if, bush had been approached many times by his Zionist advisors, who pitched the 9-11 scheme to him and actually managed to sell it? What if he didn't hear too many details, and what if he knew there would be no way on earth that he could be tied to it. If it was going to happen, it would happen completely outside of and without his involvement in any degree. He would not know the particulars of who or when or exactly how. He could have been sold on it because of his fundamentalist war mongering beliefs, his imperialist values, his egotistical desire to be seen as some kind of hero or savior, his neo-con ideology, mixing financial success with stomping out evil bad guys that want Holy war against Christians, hastening Armageddon and hence forcing his God to show up early and rapture him and his fellow believers off and away to heaven's green acres. The Zionist faction would take care of everything, using operatives from outside the country and by inserting a few of their own inside the country. There's hardly a doubt they'd be capable or would have any problem getting zealous, highly trained operatives to do it. Is bush arrogant and small minded enough to buy into their pitch? I don't know, what do you think? It wouldn't blow my mind if it were the case, I'll say that much.

And what if the vice-president, who is clearly an ardent Zionist and deeply connected to the whole Zionist cabal, was in fact the high level coordinator and enabler on that day and in the days that followed? It might be why he and the prez refused to testify under oath or even alone regarding the events of 9-11, and why none of the bushco gang of liars and thieves can be compelled to testify under oath when summoned by Congress.

If you'll recall John Ashcroft stopped flying in commercial planes in early 2001. If you'll also recall, the entire bush cabinet was already on Cipro weeks before the Anthrax attacks. Like me or not, I'm going to say that establishes a reason to surmise that both 9-11 and the Anthrax murders were something that high level officials were expecting to happen. What they didn't know was exactly when.

With that in mind, then watching bush's reaction starts to add up. It looks like a response that went like this.

"They did it. They actually did it. Oh my God, they'll never get away with it. Oh my God, Oh My GOD, OH MY God, OH MY GOD! My ass is grass. Wait, no it isn't. I didn't do it. I'm not involved. There's nothing to connect me to any of it. I don't know a thing about it. I am not going to be suspected and I won't get in trouble.

But Oh My God, they actually did it. Geez, all those people are dead. Oh geez, ALL THOSE PEOPLE ARE DEAD! Oh this is awful! What was I thinking? This is crazy! It's too late for that now, it's a done deal. Now what do I do? Think. Okay. Wait. Just act normal, try to look normal. Keep doing what you're doing. Read with the kids, yeah, that's it, act like you don't really know what's going on. Just look normal. Wait it out, they'll tell you what to do next. Just wait.

Oh My God! Oh My God! I can't believe they did it. Did they pull it off? Oh shit oh shit oh shit my ass is grass. How did I let them talk me into this? Damn it I can't believe this is happening.

Then again, it's great! I'm going to be a hero. I'll go down in history for saving the world. I have to pull it together. It's done and we have to pull it off. People are dead and if anyone gets busted we all get busted so pull it together. Everyone is looking at me. They need to see me looking presidential and confident and strong. I should look like I'm thinking serious things like, I'm planning what I'm going to do next. I should look like I'm going through a game plan in my head. I should look, presidential. Yeah, that's it, look presidential.

I wonder if I'll get my regular nap time in today? Damn, I need a beer. I need a lot of beers. Presidential, presidential, presidential...."

It would also explain his clumsy recounting of how he'd found out about the attacks, when asked by that little kid on TV. He didn't just give that obviously wrong account once either, he gave it twice on two separate occasions. Quite literally from the moment 9-11 happened, pretty much every word out of his mouth has been given to him to say, including his dumb ass factually impossible story of where he was and how he found out. The war dialogue, his asinine childish assertions that he was the War President, just like it was sold to him. His state of the union addresses, his little "Go team go" speeches and slathering of canned appreciation onto people on the ground overseas putting their lives on the line because of his lies and ultimate goals. All memorized and rehearsed. All written by someone else, all coached to him and repeated due to his limited ability to grasp the context of the words he would be speaking. And on and on.

Whether this theory of mine is true or not, it seems to explain, at least to me, what the look on his face was all about. It's the only thing I've found so far that actually makes bush's bizarre reaction make sense.

Whether it's true or not, whether it's somewhere between way off and right on, whether a few things I've theorized can be knocked down with a bit of proof here or an irreconcilable conflict there, even if it misses the mark entirely, there is still one thing about it that can't be knocked down. It is based on facts that when seen together do more than enough to warrant the need for a genuine, thorough investigation that is not controlled in any way by any of these players. Unless and until it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that there is nothing here but a mind boggling array of crazy, unbelievable coincidences, then there still is a huge ignored conglomeration of inflamed and overdue questions to ask, more than sufficient cause to poke it with a stick and see if it wiggles. After seven years we still don't have satisfactory answers and this area has still not been investigated, and that may not just be a crazy coincidence. It might be why we still haven't found the answers we've looked so hard for. They'd have to be someplace we haven't looked yet, and this looks like an obvious place to start.

Listen to the info pump that began within half an hour after the attacks
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    With you 100%.

  2. Edo,

    Thank you very much sir, I appreciate you saying so.


  3. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Ang: It sounds like you've done some homework here. I continue to become more and more suspicious of AIPAC and Zionism in general. What I fail to grasp is how Israel became so damned powerful a force in American politics in the first place. Was it foretold in the Bible, or what? I can understand their wanting to control the Middle East, but they need to be alive to do that--how does hooking up with a bunch of lunatics anxious to drop nukes and have the planet raptured play into their power trip?
    I'm starting to believe that Earth may actually be the insane asylum of the universe, and the inmates are running the facility!
    If only there were more websites like this, maybe some of us could demonstrate a desire to get well again. Who knows...the guards might be listening...

  4. Jerry,

    I have also wondered if Earth is some kind of cosmic insane asylum, and if you and I have thought that, no doubt many others have too. You have to wonder what makes it so hard for this little world to live in peace and prosperity when it's just not that hard to achieve. In fact we must go out of our way to not have peace and not have prosperity and that's just insane.
    Zionism/Neo-cons are all about using overwhelming violence to smash their way to steal it all for themselves, kind of like vandals on steroids with nukes. They're delusional at best, criminally insane at minimum. No one wants this. No one shares their vicious belief system. And no one benefits from the death and destruction. If they can't get what they want by being good friends and honorable people, then what they want isn't worth having, nor is it theirs to take. The religious insanity is an excuse to allow psychopaths to have their way with the world and that's just not okay. The AIPAC has become far too prominent and powerful in this country and I agree with you on wondering what's up with that. Theirs is not a majority position, nor do they operate in ways that we would approve of or appreciate. The foreign influence has saturated our legislature to the point that it runs the show and that leaves all of us without representation. Something's gotta give. I just wish it would happen before something catastrophic and irreversible comes down on our heads. We just don't need this. There is no need or justification or desire for any of this. This administration has truly been the single worst piece of crap excuse for leadership in history, a literal force of destruction and betrayal. I hope we live to see justice done and balance restored but it will be a while at the very least before that happens. The course they've forced us on is heading for disaster. Gee thanks bushco, you criminal idiots.



  5. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Whilst Air Force One was airborne that day it supposedly received a threat against the aircraft saying 'Angel is next' along with the nuclear codes for a missile launch (allegedly).

    The story is related by Webster Tarpley in his book '9/11 - Synthetic Terror' with reference to this CBS interview with Bush -
    (sorry, I tried to write the tags for a neat link but they're not working for me)
    'They also feared that Air Force One itself was a target. Cheney told the president there was a credible threat against the plane. Using the code name for Air Force One, Mr. Bush told an aide, “Angel is next.” The threat was passed to presidential pilot Col. Mark Tillman.'

    Could there have been an internal coup against Bush that morning? Might explain his expression....

  6. JM,

    Sure, it could have been an internal coup except for the fact that bush went along with it and didn't do a thing. Most of the stuff that "leaks" out from official sources is put out for a reason. In this case it would be to create confusion and make bush look like a victim. Or it could be true but the bottom line is it didn't happen. Angel was not next.
    It's not even worth bringing up really because it's something that we can't hammer down and prove, and that pretty much makes it irrelevant. Just sticking to what we know and can prove will provide the only trail that can lead us to something else solid.