Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Don't sue us, we'll sue you.
Part 3

Forget the controllers folks, we've got new owners. Hail fellow slave! Or are you a part? Maybe just a spare part. I guess that will all depend on what you're worth. Hope your bank account is looking healthy. Hope you're looking healthy too. They don't need anybody who can't work real hard all day. If you can't do that, you might be a terrorist. After all, what is more terroristic than depriving your corporate owners of their 90% share of what your labor creates while they do nothing at all? You owe it to them slave! Get it through your head. Either you produce profits for your masters or you'll be taking up precious resources that are reserved only for those who produce profits for the Corporate Lords. This is the new, new deal. You work for them and you pay them too, they don't pay you.

You'll be happy to know that your new owners are very busy right now, preparing their Grand Opening celebration. At this very moment they've got their upper management in DC working hard to completely destroy OSHA, and most everything working people need to fall back on when their work disables them. They've pretty much achieved that total decimation. No more expensive work safety for you. No more covering your medical costs at the very moment you're seriously injured on the job. Too bad for you. You're not worth it. If you die they can just get somebody else to replace you. It's much cheaper than them having to spend a nickel on making sure where you work won't kill you. Who cares after all?

The FDA leadership is no longer concerned with your health or the safety and efficacy of drugs or food, not that they have been for decades. They've seen the light. They're all too happy to just take the corporation's word for it. If they say it's swell, that's good enough for the FDA. By the way they'll need more money to keep this streamlined, improved program going at the FDA. And there's another one just like it at the USDA. Mad cow schmad cow, don't be ridiculous. There are no mad cows and no one in this country is dying from any horrible brain rotting disease. At least not any more than a few hundred per year, and that's nothing. So quit your damned bitching ingrate. What's more important? Your meaningless life or saving the corporate Lords a few cents? Obviously, those pennies add up so you just shut up. Shut up and eat that hamburger you ingrate slave, got it?

Now listen up. When guys all dressed in black come to your door, and they have on futuristic looking helmets that hide their faces and even their eyes from you; and they're wearing steel toed thug boots and carrying machine guns and tasers and they bust down your door and scream obscenities at you and tell you to get down on the ground with your hands behind your head or they'll blow your brains out... you should just do it. Understand they'll have to taze you anyway. They can't help it, they like it. It's a hoot for them. And watching you wiggle and scream until foam comes out of your unconscious mouth is what it's all about for them. You may well go into a coma. You could easily die. But so what? The important thing is that our brave boys in black are able to have a little fun. Theirs is such a thankless job. And so dangerous too. And no, this is not torture. The United States does not torture.

And don't you complain when they trash your home and take all of your valuables and cash. According to their contracts, that's a part of their on the job perks. You'd better not interfere with that, I hear they get irritated when people do that.

We've got a million Americans on the no fly list. Do we have a million terrorists in this country? Who knew? I'll bet it's your grandmother too, she always did have that shifty look in her eye. Wasn't she one of those terroristic anarchists? You know. One of those ungodly Peace activists? That's right. She's a Terrorist. This whole country is crawling with them. Everyone be very afraid. There's a very strong possibility that there are terrorists right where you live. They may even be in your own house. But don't panic. There's a way to tell who is a terrorist and who is not. Just ask them if they love and adore being owned by the new Corporate gods. If they say no, they're a terrorist.

If someone you love is a terrorist, fear not. It won't be long before they're taken away. If they're old or weak or have a bad attitude, they may just be turned into dog food. That would be a privilege Spare Part, can I call you Spare Part? It would be a privilege for them to be hurled into the giant Purina grinders and mixed in with road kill, dead zoo animals, and the euthanized pets from the Veterinarian's offices. Instead of living useless lives as America hating terrorists, they can turn the Corporate Lords a wee bit of profit. Who could ask for anything more? Can I hear an Amen?

Let's get serious. What I'm talking about is reality. Look at this and think. It's right there.

All the government has ever done is concern itself with money and war. Everything is about money, at least to them. Everything they do is about getting our money, and keeping themselves in control so they can keep getting our money. And what do they do with our money? Whatever they like, and they're very generous and lavish when it comes to spending our money on themselves. Building up for war and making war is always top on their list. Welfare for the rich and welfare for the corporations is always second. There's not really anything after that, in fact it's so tight for them they keep taking back what little we've managed to force them to give us, so they can give that to the rich too. They spend our money on war for rich people and as gifts for rich people and pitch major seething tantrums at the mere thought of increasing the minimum wage in this country. They do not like seeing our money going anywhere but to themselves, and they simply can't stomach our money being used on us.

We're not asked first when they want to triple the defense budget. We don't get a vote. Did anyone ask you if you wanted your hard earned money to give trillions in welfare to the richest bankers on the face of the earth while you're losing your house? No. You don't get to choose anything, they took your money and you're stuck paying the bill. They just vote our money into their pockets and they get rich. Administration after administration has done this and what do we have to show for it today? We have nothing. And all that's left is old and crumbling.

What have we lost? Our rights. Justice. Peace. Freedom of speech. Freedom of the press. Privacy. Posse comitatus. Warrants and rights to an attorney. Jobs. Good pay. Benefits. Security. Homes. Health. Our future. Pardon me, but haven't we lost everything? Has the aftermath of Katrina been fixed or was it swept under the rug? It was not fixed. Those people were not helped. Pay attention now.

What's happened is much more than a coup. The eternal battle that all people everywhere have fought, the battle of the rich against the ordinary people has been officially won. We did not win, we lost. We lost because we did not even know what the real situation was. But they have finally and completely won. They own it all, and us, outright.

In those rare time periods when the people got active enough to force the powers that be to back off and spend some of our own money on ourselves, on our own needs, on our own country and to benefit us, we were able to get a few things that a whole lot of struggling, excluded people needed to survive. We got a few programs. We got some strong regulations to force corporations to act like they weren't raging psychopaths that consume everything and leave tragedy and destruction in their wake. Those programs are always seethed against, hated, denigrated. They are called dirty names. But what we don't understand is that without those things there forcing the wealthy and the powerful to ensure that we will have a decent and fair quality of life, then we won't have one. And guess what? We no longer do.

Not so long ago the American people fought hard and we achieved the most amazing and rare successes. We got free education, which by the way used to be free all the way through a University degree. Worker's Compensation, Social Security, the FDA and the USDA, the EPA, the FTC, OSHA; these were all things that people had to fight hard to get, and for some of them it meant losing their lives.

The government always backs the corporations, that's nothing new. Private mercenary forces and our own police have a long record of beating and shooting citizens who dare to challenge the status quo by doing unforgivable things like demanding a fair wage or an eight hour/ five day workweek instead of a 12 hour/7 day workweek.

Americans had to fight hard to end child labor in this country, and the corporations were furious about it. They were furious about worker safety laws and they refused to be regulated. Any time they could get away with cutting corners, they did, and they still do. Only now they're making it legal for corporations to kill you out of depraved indifference to your health and safety. You should read up on asbestos workers and the horrendous abuse of dying workers by our very own courts, who are a part of our government, which always sides with the corporations. Get it? Of course they help the big boys cover their crimes and get off scott free no matter how many of us get sick and die or sustain injuries. They really don't care.

These are not things they tell you in school, indeed, most of us have no idea about any of this; about any of the history of the working class of this country and believe me, there is a serious and important history there. If we were taught the history of the working class in schools it would ensure our eternal vigilance over corporations and power, and we would have powerful unions that would ensure we got the wages we earned, and benefits that would make our lives good. Just like they have in Europe. In Europe they understand these things very well, they have a very long history and it can't be covered up with bullshit. They know better. We didn't.

If we were taught all about the history of the American working class in public schools, we would be wise to the fact that power always abuses people, and that corporations are rapacious wolves that can never get enough. If they are not strictly controlled they will consume us.

If we'd known all about how things in this world really work we'd have posed a serious problem for the corporate class. We'd have understood that we were born into a never ending battle that we can never close our eyes to. But our public schools across the whole country lied to us. Lies of omission, and just plain lies. We were taught stupid phrases like Captains of Industry and were led to believe that our government was on our side, when both of these things are sheer mythology. A mythology of the naive working class of America. And since we didn't know the score we did close our eyes, and when we opened them up again we found they'd stolen nearly everything we had. They'd taken it all back and then some. And now we are really screwed.

It might be tempting to relax a little at this moment in time, resting on the belief that George W. Bush, the most embarrassing, inexcusable failure of a President in our entire history, is on his way out. If you're breathing a sigh of relief and looking forward to President Obama with all your heart, thinking he's going to fix it all up again, you're in for a terrible disappointment. President Obama will only be more of the same. He will be reporting to the same corporate oligarchs and elite powermeisters that have their clawed hands around our necks right now. They aren't going anywhere. They're just replacing a face we're sick to death of with a shiny new face that we think belongs to one of the good guys who will do the right thing. He will not do the right thing. In fact, it is very likely that what he'll do will make bush look like a beginner.

It may seem that the defeated, shamed and hated Bushco has been castrated and is now only being endured until the clock runs out, but I assure you, that would be dead wrong. Even as their time runs out they are ramping up their legalization of their own criminal behaviors, while simultaneously turning our normal human activity into terrorist crime. Think. What has been the hallmark, the signature of this Republican regime if not their astonishing skillful lying? Their penchant for secrecy, cheating, and dirty tactics. Their sneaking around behind everyone's backs, including our Congress, and going off doing whatever the hell they want to do even when they are strictly told not to. Even when it's patently illegal. They have never backed down. They have never slowed down. And whenever we don't like what they're doing you know the routine. They say they aren't doing it anymore while they're just doing it in the dark more than ever.

What's been installed and put into action is not going anywhere. Not now that it's finally here. Don't even kid yourself. We're nowhere near seeing any of this come to an end.

These people were installed into office and they came with a well laid plan. They came to achieve that plan and they have. The very same people who designed that plan over two decades ago came back to run it through it's final steps. The hardest parts of it, the big pieces, the things that would not go down well in Congress, the things that would not go down without a fight, they came to push through criminally, illegally or any other way it took in order to get it through.

They also came with the plan in hand to make future resistance against them simply dissolve into the ether. It required possibly the most complex, devious, expertly evil advance planning we've ever witnessed. They put it all together decades ago, no doubt with incredible thought, talent, and labor, and they perfected the ways to keep people silent, to intimidate people into not speaking up, to not let good, decent, honest people have a voice or express an argument. They will not be held to account because they won't allow that to happen.

The corporate take over of the establishment media was necessary and that was achieved. They were able to make sure that only one point of view, only one perspective, only their perspective would be heard across the whole country. They flooded the airwaves with right wing extremist nut cases like Limbaugh and all of his motley peers, and they monopolized the national mind. It worked very well. Systematically they ridiculed and hated any who disagreed, they poo-poo'd those who came with real facts and proof, they called all those traitors who simply wanted to get to the truth about anything. Any mention of conspiracy was the same as confessing your own insanity. The war was sold with celebration and excitement, the media applauding and repeating the Imperial lies like wind-up dolls. No other voices can be heard. No other voices are shown respect, nor are they even acknowledged.

The other voices are there to be sure, but if the major media ignores them it's as though they don't exist. So to most of us, there have been no other voices, and in the establishment media there still aren't any. We were pushed along even though we did not want to go along.

The imprint of their ideology upon an entire nation was an astonishing, mind boggling success, and still today, it holds. They still keep up the false front, the little game of there being nothing else that is right and true and good but the authority of Bush, and they still tell us how he is credible and that all is well. They know we don't believe them anymore. But they have control of the TV sets and they will never stop playing the same messages on every channel every day of the week for the rest of our lives. The message is that we must love and obey the state or we are terrorists. We must become one and obey. This will be the message Obama brings us. And we will go along. We will go the rest of the way down.

We did not feel the sting of the biggest betrayal of all time. We did not comprehend the sheer evil of their plan. We kept our eyes on them yet we did not see what they were really doing because they made sure we could not see.

Do you know what the WTO is? It is an organization comprised of CEO's from major corporations. It is not a part of our government. We did not elect them. They have no apparent way of exerting control over our lives. At least that's how it looks. But the fact is, they are behind all of the trade agreements taking away the sovereignty, choice and prosperity of the people in countries all over the world. Including our own. Especially our own.

The trade agreements are much more than we realized, at least in time to stop them. The plan was to coordinate all trade globally. For a few corporations to mandate and dictate who may sell and who may not. Global monopolies, enforced by laws that uphold the trade agreements. The penalties for failure to comply are so stiff that no country can hold out for very long. The WTO will get their way even when the people of a country don't want GMO's in their food. The WTO will get their way regardless of the will or the health or the prosperity of any people of any country. The WTO goes to court to force those people to eat GMO's and to bend to their trade agreements even though it seriously harms that country. And the WTO wins.

Already our Federal agency computer systems are inter linked with Europe and Canada so that our FDA rules match theirs. We've become economically, as one. Their laws are our laws, their regulations are our regulations. As our regulations were the strongest in the world, ours had to be reduced down to blend in with those of the lowest nation on the totem pole. Mexico and China. No regulations at all. You'll recall all of the product and food recalls that continue breaking out all over this country killing people. That's why. This is the new norm. It won't be fixed. It's not an accident and these events are not flukes. This is what they wanted. This is success. There's nothing to fix. They've deregulated every business and disemboweled every agency that was set up to protect us. They're just not there anymore, or more precisely they no longer have the power or authority to do anything about what's wrong, even though they want to. You're on your own. Good luck.

There is no need for martial law, and Congress was subverted during this whole process because these were not treaties that Bush went to Canada and Mexico and Europe and elsewhere to work out, they were trade agreements. Business contracts backed up by law. Security and prosperity was the PR term. But the security and prosperity would be all for them. And that means ours would be gone. And it is gone.

Congress doesn't act anymore because they can't. They've been made irrelevant. The government itself is now a sort of corporate/government Frankenstein. They are one and the same. It is owned and run on contracts. There is no democracy. They are our CEO's and if we don't like it, they can make sure we know that's not acceptable.

The corporations are the new owners of America. They won't control themselves. On the contrary. Their long hungered for success has been achieved. They are having the blood feast and money bath of their wildest dreams. The bankers aren't being controlled or punished for creating a debt for us that will leave us impoverished forever. No. We are gifting them with trillions more dollars. All for free. They are sucking us totally dry, and they will continue to do so until we are dried out husks. No one can stop them because this is all business now. The government backdrop is a familiar set for them to work on. It's one that will slow down the process of our eventual waking up and realizing that the entire country has literally been sold to private interests right out from under our noses and that we have no rights anymore. Indeed we haven't really had them for a while now.

On a day that another congress made a law requiring us to pay taxes, requiring us to let the government take huge amounts out of our paychecks before we even got paid, that was the very day we lost our freedom. Because when we are not in charge of our own hard earned money, when it is not up to us whether or not to support or fund this government, when men with guns will kick down our doors and take our property and throw us in prison for failure to pay taxes, we are not free. When someone else claims the legal right to our wealth and private property and may take it from us at gunpoint regardless of our will, that is not freedom. That is slavery. That is being owned. We are owned.

The trappings of democracy have been left in place to keep us from noticing. They know we are obsessed with outer appearances. They know we never peel back the curtains to see what's behind them. They know we are naive and will trust them. They know that even as horror after horror occurs that we will simply go into denial. They know it's all in their favor and that time is on their side.

As I watched Congress today, one more time, I saw a group of people so lifeless and dejected, they look like abused children. Angry and resentful, but sad and helpless. They don't do anything because they can't do anything. The corporations own it all and they have rights we no longer have. Corporate and government privacy is fully protected. What they do is none of our business. And congress is grappling with the reality that their subpoenas are meaningless. No one has to show up anymore. Congress is superfluous. They're a joke. A bump on an otherwise sleek corporate work surface. They'll be laid off soon enough. But not until it can't be hidden anymore that this is all an illusion and that we are owned outright by a few rich men in several countries who don't give a damn about us.

The constitution really is nothing but a piece of paper, which is exactly what bush said. The bill of rights is decimated and it carries no weight. It's all been subverted by people who no longer have to account to us for anything. Doubt it? Then by all means, make them accountable.

This is the reagan/bush republican idea of making our country great, selling it off to private owners and turning it into a gigantic socialist cooperative for the rich, controlling their mega corporations as they control all of our lives. They are using we the people to fund it all, to make them rich, and to do all of the work. This is why, for the last time, we do not want republicans in charge of this country's business. They don't give a damn about anyone but themselves and their own and neither do the fundamentalist Christians. And yet it has been these phonies who all along have hypocritically pretended to be the walking embodiments of human and moral perfection. Bullshit. They are nasty, immoral, dishonest, backstabbing, ugly people who are everything that's wrong with America. It is their selfish, psychopathic greedy vision that is keeping the whole rest of the country from living in peace and prosperity. The Democrats are no better. They're just revolting, controlling and totally destructive in a different way. Their vision is every bit as skin crawling and enslaving as the other. And they too are slowly going over to the other side. They can't beat them so they're joining them. And Obama's newly picked running mate openly calls himself a Zionist. So there you go. Nothing is going to get better, it will only get worse.

These parties may at some time in the past not have been owned and controlled by back-stabbing scum, but those days are long gone and these days, that's all we've got. We have to get away from both of these establishment owned and operated dominating parties and put ourselves back in charge of our own lives. We aren't here to be used by corporate and global elites to make their day. And they will never, ever, work for us.

Is there anything we can do to turn this around? Of course there is. The question is, will we do it?


  1. Anonymous3:55 PM

    I've been waiting to see what your reader's reaction to all this might be. So far it looks like system overload.
    Denial is a comforting lifestyle, so long as you can stay in it. The country that once embodied the ideals the world aspired to is indeed gone. Being left with a government that invades sovereign nations unprovoked and tortures people is so foreign to our crumbling American psyche that we feel we are in a nightmare we can't awaken from. So, when people with their heads out of their TVs come along and lay it out for all to contemplate, the result is usually akin to the title of a song by Frank Zappa way back in 1967--"It Can't Happen Here". Back into our shell, and hoist that flag. It just can't all be that bad, so we'll try ignoring it some more because, really, what can we do?
    History will stand in wonder for millennia at what we had and what we let be taken away without at least the acknowledgement that it was happening. Whew!

  2. Jerry,

    You are so right about that system overload. What I've heard privately though is agreement and acceptance and the feeling that there is nothing to really say. It's all there and it's all true. It's hard for me to believe at this point that there could be that much denial out there. I'm pretty sure anyone who's looking is seeing things being turned inside out and destroyed. It's more along the lines of people not wanting to know or something more akin to Stockholm Syndrome. When you're dependent for your survival on someone who's trying to kill you, it does weird things to people's heads.

    It also doesn't help that my own negativity comes through so much in this post. I don't want to be negative but I see what's coming as inevitable. That's not to say that there aren't a lot of people standing up and moving, fighting all of this at countless levels. There are. There are fights being waged all over the country, and there are lawsuits and victories that are kicking this evil giant in the knees. The media simply ignores the fight and especially the victories, so we aren't empowered with the good news that fighting actually accomplishes something. They don't want us knowing that.

    They don't want us knowing the worst of what they do either, so that's also ignored in the media. These horrible police assaults on innocent people going on at the RNC are a good example of how the truth is covered up. None of the outrage and outcry and anger is being given airtime, and so the terrorist police force, which is exactly what they are, is getting away with the most blatant abuses of people who's only crime is having the wrong politics. Not laying down is having the wrong politics and I don't know about you, but I will never lay down. It only makes me more determined to speak out about it and expose the hypocrisy, and condemn the nazi tactics.

    Thank you for your comment. I was beginning to wonder why there was nothing but silence, but you nailed it, and I appreciate that a lot.


  3. Ang, Jerry pegged it-silent shock...those of us who are aware wait and wonder if everyone else will catch the deception. But no, they have their heads up the asses of their TV sets. If I have to dodge another season of faux-reality bullshit-I'll never turn on the damn thing.

    We have taken precautions i.e. generator, MRE's, water storage and heating off the grid, backstock of underwear, soap, towels, linen, paper prods, and the like.

    Even my sister says to me, "Don't read all that bad stuff; it's ok." And then we say good-bye and I read more and she, well, I don't know what she does all day, but she doesn't let it disturb her status quo.

    I sit stunned day after day as I watch, wait and wonder where from here....