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Don't sue us, we'll sue you.

PART 2 - An Example from history

I want to show you something from our own history that happened a mere hundred years ago. It was a huge thing, that along with many others, has simply been erased from our school books. The fact that everything about our history of fighting this never ending war with corporations has been completely and totally removed from history books makes it clear it was no accident. They don't want you to know. But you cannot understand what you're seeing today if you don't know history because people usually can't see anything for what it is while it's happening. We have to be removed from it to look at it objectively and that means looking back afterwards. Not being able to do that leaves us clueless and incapable of seeing what we would otherwise recognize instantly and be able to do something about.

It's very recognizable, there's a literal pattern. The same double standards and hypocrisy, the same dirty tricks, the same corporate/government alliances, the same governmental criminality, the same monopolizing of the press, the same brutal treatment of citizens by police, it's all there. Here's just one example that is incredibly revealing of not just the pattern, but the who and the how. This is something called the Haymarket Bombing. These excerpts from Spartacus Online in the UK tell it well.

The Haymarket Bombing "On 1st May, 1886 a strike was began throughout the United States in support of a eight-hour day. Over the next few days over 340,000 men and women withdrew their labor. Over a quarter of these strikers were from Chicago and the employers were so shocked by this show of unity that 45,000 workers in the city were immediately granted a shorter workday."

Just from that first paragraph, what do we know? We know that corporations were working people hard with very long hours and that in spite of the fact that people wanted 8 hour days, there was no mechanism available for them to get the corporations to listen or in any way treat all of those people as if they mattered at all. Put that in your brain because that's the mentality of the Republican/Capitalists today and it always has been. This is who they are.

So what happened? 340,000 workers simply did not work. They did this to be heard as no other avenue was available. When they did, within just a few days, the corporations were so freaked out they immediately caved. That's how scary we are to these people. What scared them was our refusal to comply with their unfair rules. Our failure to comply is the eternal fiery coal of terror burning in all of their dark hearts. It would all be over tomorrow and they would lose all of their control and ill gotten wealth if we united and refused to comply. It would all end. Do not gloss over that, it's the whole point of what's happening today and what has always happened. Because the rich are rich based on lies, theft, unfair practices, unfair entitlements, arrogance, and oppressive measures, and they are able to maintain this obscene status quo because they are partners with the government. No one can stand up and explain why they get all the riches and we don't. There is no justification. They know that.

The story continues. What happens next comes out of the rage these frightened corporate demi-lords felt after suffering the indignity of having to do something the people demanded. THIS cannot be allowed. They wanted to kill the movement and kill any further thoughts people might get in their heads about uniting to demand a fair shake.

"The campaign for the eight-hour day was organised by the International Working Peoples Association (IWPA). On 3rd May, the IWPA in Chicago held a rally outside the McCormick Harvester Works, where 1,400 workers were on strike. They were joined by 6,000 lumber-shovers, who had also withdrawn their labour. While August Spies, one of the leaders of the IWPA was making a speech, the police arrived and opened-fire on the crowd, killing four of the workers."

Ask yourself this. What on earth grounds were there for the police to even show up? What grounds were there for the police to open fire on the crowd and kill people? Those people were strikers, not criminals. They were ordinary people refusing to go to work to make the statement that they would no longer accept a 12 hour workday. They wanted an 8 hour day and would not hear "No" anymore. They had every right to make demands on their own behalf. The fight was between the workers and the corporations. So where did the cops come from? And why on earth did they kill people?

It was because we had absolutely no workers rights or workers protection laws back then. What we eventually got only came about because of incidents like this one, and there were several others. To both the government and the corporations, going on strike IS criminal. These people were seen as criminals for believing they had the right to negotiate to get a fair shake, to get reasonable treatment, to look out for their own best interests. That made them literal criminals, although what the crime is I have no idea, you'll have to ask the Republicans who have destroyed our unions and are now systematically dismantling all of the worker protections people had to die for in order to get them into the law books for the rest of us. Protections we haven't had very long. People fighting for their rights, for justice, for a fair share were seen as criminals then and guess what? Nothing has changed. They still deeply despise anyone who thinks they deserve anything fair. This is the system. This is how the system really works. And this is who the system is really for.

Without the police showing up, without that blatant abuse of their authority, without their armed brutality, without their willingness to shoot innocent citizens on command, for no reason, only because they were ordered to do it, without that, what would have happened? It's easy to see what would have happened. The business owner would have had to admit that he makes every penny off the sweat and labor of those people out there and without them he can not be a rich man. His factory sitting idle because no one would work for him would be the undeniable proof that they need us more than we ever needed them. The business owner would have been forced to come out and negotiate. He would have been forced to treat these people with respect because he has no excuse not to. Workers are the true creators of all wealth. Without them he has nothing. People should have the right to negotiate terms and wages and work hours, and work days and benefits and the whole nine yards. If workers don't unite and demand a fair cut of the profits they create, what happens? The business owners keep it all for themselves and the workers get nothing at all. And that's just stupid. It's not fair.

Workers from other fields came to stand up with this group. Solidarity scares the living daylights out of the powers that control us. They wanted it ended and so they ordered the police out to force the truth to go away and leave them alone.

The government being used to force people into submission to corporate owners is a blatant abuse of their power but it is much more than that. They have no right or business interfering with the private business of the American people. This was a fight the working class had every right to wage. By stepping in with police and shooting people who have done nothing wrong, our freedom was stolen. Our rights were negated. In short, the game is rigged. It always has been.

There's more.

"The following day August Spies, who was editor of the Arbeiter-Zeitung, published a leaflet in English and German entitled: Revenge! Workingmen to Arms!. It included the passage: "They killed the poor wretches because they, like you, had the courage to disobey the supreme will of your bosses. They killed them to show you 'Free American Citizens' that you must be satisfied with whatever your bosses condescend to allow you, or you will get killed. If you are men, if you are the sons of your grand sires, who have shed their blood to free you, then you will rise in your might, Hercules, and destroy the hideous monster that seeks to destroy you. To arms we call you, to arms." Spies also published a second leaflet calling for a mass protest at Haymarket Square that evening."

Though it might make you uncomfortable to read that, you have to admit he was entitled to feel his outrage. He understood what the game was. What he was saying to the people was that if they are going to be forced into slavery by the state, they would stand and fight. What other reaction could a self respecting "free" American have? What else could these people feel but rage at their betrayal by their government? But did people arm themselves and attack? No. Who would they attack? Men, women and children would show up for the next meeting. They brought their families. They did not come to wage war.

"On 4th May, over 3,000 people turned up at the Haymarket meeting. Speeches were made by August Spies, Albert Parsons and Samuel Fielden. At 10 a.m. Captain John Bonfield and 180 policemen arrived on the scene. Bonfield was telling the crowd to "disperse immediately and peaceably" when someone threw a bomb into the police ranks from one of the alleys that led into the square. It exploded killing eight men and wounding sixty-seven others. The police then immediately attacked the crowd. A number of people were killed (the exact number was never disclosed) and over 200 were badly injured."

In the first place, on what grounds could the police demand that the crowd disperse? What business is it of theirs? How else are these free American citizens supposed to be able to get together and have a rally, to share information, strategize and discuss the situation they were all in? Telling the crowd to go home immediately was a blatant force backed denial of citizens rights and precluded any chance of justice being achieved. Why should they leave? Who are the police to dictate to them what they may and may not do? They don't report to the police nor are they owned by them. But there the police are, telling people how to live their lives, something that's none of their business. No crime was being committed, the police had no business even being there.

Understand that the people who showed up for that meeting did not come with any bombs. Regular people are peaceful and concerned with justice and never even get it into their heads to show up shooting. It is the government that always shows up armed to the teeth and ready to bust heads without any provocation. Somehow it's okay for them to do that, but if we so much as have a stick, they're on us like vultures, and with deadly violence. They're the violent ones, not us.

This is the most dangerous double standard and the most obvious sign that a government is not "of" or "for" the people. It is proof positive they are separated from and against the people. The government is us. The police are us. They cannot have more rights than the rest of us have as individual citizens. Jobs don't have rights, only people have rights. So the government and the police both, as equal citizens to us, could never have more power or authority than any of us do. They can't have more rights than we have, there are no more rights than what we have. What they are claiming rights to is criminal behavior. This imbalance of force and authority, this double standard, is a blatant statement of them versus us, and they arm themselves and call it lawful while we, if we even discuss arming ourselves, are immediately criminals. If this truly ever had been a free country and a democracy, our police and government would be held to every single one of the same laws the rest of us are. They are not special. They are not above us. They are not there to be in power over us. But that is exactly what they are.

The bomb was brought and thrown by an operative of the corporations, they paid someone to throw the bomb. It was thrown directly into the police ranks which would of course ignite the entire scene and immediately make the police attack the people. No one stopped to ask questions about the whole thing being a set up to turn out exactly this way. The police were not told about the operative bomber, as they would never have allowed it. When the bomb exploded, killing eight of their men, all of their rage went to the people. The police were now on the side of the corporate/government alliance, and didn't even realize how they were being used.

Something I read recently in an old newsletter described several methods of how this conspiracy of control is carried out on the public. It said they set us up in a contrived conflict, just like "a cock fight where it even results in blood and guts. This is where both sides are deliberately agitated and trained to react to the other...both sides are expendable for the profit of the organizers. These chickens parallel too closely American politicos across the political spectrum." That's precisely what happened here.

It's worth mentioning that this same method is what's behind the illegal immigration conflict we're going through now. They're setting us up against each other and against Mexicans and the Mexicans against each other and against us. They put incendiary articles in the papers to spark it up and keep the anger boiling. They arrange and fund individuals or groups to do things that will enrage the public and keep increasing the resentment, building public impatience. Then when it suits them they simply throw a match on top and it literally explodes into violence. This in turn allows them to put more police and more control on the streets. You see, it all works in their favor, all the time. All of the people are expendable, all that matters is their own profits. They use these same games on us over and again and in every imaginable area of our lives.

Finally, returning to the Haystack story, the number of innocent dead was claimed to not be known. Does that sound familiar? Doesn't the government tell us they don't count the dead in war if they belong to the "other side"? Their disdain and arrogance for all others shows itself consistently throughout our system and has done so for a long time.

The next step: getting it past the justice system.

"Several people identified Rudolph Schnaubelt as the man who threw the bomb. He was arrested but was later released without charge. It was later claimed that Schnaubelt was an agent provocateur in the pay of the authorities."

Even though several witnesses were able to identify the operative and the police arrested him, he was released without charge. He then disappeared and was totally forgotten about. They had the guilty man in custody then let him go and forgot his name, because he was hired via a government/corporate conspiracy. Here's your justice system. Why did the police let him go when they had first hand evidence of his guilt? They were ordered to let him go by a police chief who takes his orders from a government official. No doubt an official with lots of corporate dollars stuffed into his pockets. They were going to pin it on someone else. No matter who they pinned it on, that person would be innocent. This is not a story of yesterday, it is the same story today. Think of the recent shameful framing of Ivins for the Anthrax murders. That was one of these. Once you learn to see it, it's as obvious as daylight.

Many citizens, cops and judges have drunk the koolaid of lies that gives the powerful their false credibility, and so we look upon people standing up for a fair break as trouble makers who have no reasonable need to be stirring things up. They are always stripped of all credibility, as though it were an impossibility that anyone would be unhappy enough and cornered enough to stand up and demand justice. They are called anarchists.

What is an anarchist? Someone who disagrees with whoever holds power over them. Funny how that's so strongly painted as evil and dangerous in our minds, and in the minds of police and judges. Anarchy is bad. Anarchy is chaos. Anarchy is a downright dirty word. Anarchists continue to be painted as violent and crazy in our media, no one ever says they have a valid point or a righteous position. Anarchists are never allowed to use the microphone and tell us themselves who they are or what is happening. The media, the powerful, tell us what to think. And guess what? We think what they tell us to think without so much as a question.

"After the release of Schnaubelt, the police arrested Samuel Fielden, an Englishman, and six German immigrants, August Spies, Adolph Fisher, Louis Lingg, George Engel, Oscar Neebe, and Michael Schwab. The police also sought Albert Parsons, the leader of the International Working Peoples Association in Chicago, but he went into hiding and was able to avoid capture. However, on the morning of the trial, Parsons arrived in court to standby his comrades."

After letting the agent provocateur (paid operative) off in spite of several eye witnesses seeing him do it, who was arrested? The leaders of the people who had gotten 340,000 workers to walk off their jobs and stand up for justice. The ones who stood up and gave speeches, coordinated workers and printed information pamphlets. They were framed and accused though they'd done nothing wrong. Their demand for justice was a direct threat to corporate control because they spoke the truth and wanted justice and had the audacity to spread the word. Like greedy parasites, rich capitalists need to use people to get rich. Their control is based on nothing, they have no right of control and no right to take 90% of what others create with their labor. But that is the system they have established because they like that system. In fact, they obsess over having to pay even that 10% to the workers, they want it all for themselves.

What the rich really believe in is slavery where no wages are ever paid and nothing is given in return for the hard work that makes them rich. In their delusions of grandeur, they actually believe they are entitled to this arrangement and that is why when labor stands up to corporations, the first reaction is government force and violence to stop it. It is never even considered that the rich should have to negotiate fairly with labor. The mere thought is an outrage to them. This is the real law in this country, and the constitution that we all believe belongs to us is in fact, not there for us at all. We are not included in its bill of rights. Rights are only for the rich, and we are the slave class to these people. The delicate balance of letting us believe we have constitutional rights is only allowed to keep us willingly enslaved by the wealthy. We are willing because we believe we are free. But we can see how quickly that is proven to not be true any time we gather in peaceful protests, much less in armed protests after being treated like slaves and refusing to put up with it anymore. We see instantly the reality is that there's a double standard and the law is never on our side. EVER. That's the reality that few can see after a lifetime of propaganda about freedom and democracy which in reality equates to nothing more than being obedient to the government. Being obedient to the wealthy who use us to obtain their goals, work us for our labor, pay us as little as possible, talk down to us and exercise total control over us in literally every conceivable way.

Don't miss the irony here. The police actually show up, to BREAK the law. The police let the real guilty party go because they're on the elites payroll and they work only for the elites. The police go out and arrest innocent people at gunpoint. It's legal for them to do. In the courtroom the prosecutor gets to spin it anyway he likes, he is also there to subvert justice. The judge has to be complicit too or he will be removed and replaced with another judge who knows the reality of the power class who will be happy to subvert justice and even be able to give convoluted speeches which will seem to validate his righteousness.

The corporatist thugs in cooperation with the thugs that we do have in our government use all of our legitimate systems, specifically, to break the law, not to uphold it, but to make sure justice is not done. To make sure they get away with murder and breaking a long list of laws after committing the most serious, devastating crimes that have ever happened.

The rich love their power and to them money is supreme so anyone threatening it by demanding justice or truth, or being treated respectfully as an equal, is a terrorist. Just like today. The rich are the natural partners with government because they are the government. These crimes could not be committed without government approval, so they've simply become the government and can approve all of their crimes and that's exactly what they're doing today, without the slightest shame or embarrassment. That's why they never get exposed and prosecuted.

Now let's watch them rig the court room which they'll accomplish by not doing things the usual way (like on 9/11), and by using respected authorities to come into the courtroom and tell flat out lies. They will lie and they will break the law to retain illegitimate control over the people and to insure that no one ever gets the chance to bring testimony into a court room that would prove that they are the real criminals. Here's a standard example of how they make it up as they go and don't have a shred of evidence to support their allegations against the innocent people they're trying to railroad.

"There were plenty of witnesses who were able to prove that none of the eight men threw the bomb. The authorities therefore decided to charge them with conspiracy to commit murder. The prosecution case was that these men had made speeches and written articles that had encouraged the unnamed man at the Haymarket to throw the bomb at the police. "The jury was chosen by a special bailiff instead of being selected at random. One of those picked was a relative of one of the police victims. Julius Grinnell, the State's Attorney, told the jury: "Convict these men make examples of them, hang them, and you save our institutions." At the trial it emerged that Andrew Johnson, a detective from the Pinkerton Agency, had infiltrated the group and had been collecting evidence about the men. Johnson claimed that at anarchist meetings these men had talked about using violence. Reporters who had also attended International Working Peoples Association meetings also testified that the defendants had talked about using force to "overthrow the system". During the trial the judge allowed the jury to read speeches and articles by the defendants where they had argued in favour of using violence to obtain political change. The judge then told the jury that if they believed, from the evidence, that these speeches and articles contributed toward the throwing of the bomb, they were justified in finding the defendants guilty. All the men were found guilty: Albert Parsons, August Spies, Adolph Fischer, Louis Lingg and George Engel were given the death penalty. Whereas Oscar Neebe, Samuel Fielden and Michael Schwab were sentenced to life imprisonment. On 10th November, 1887, Lingg committed suicide by exploding a dynamite cap in his mouth. The following day Parsons, Spies, Fisher and Engel mounted the gallows. As the noose was placed around his neck, Spies shouted out: "There will be a time when our silence will be more powerful than the voices you strangle today." Many people believed that the men had not been given a fair trial and in 1893, John Peter Altgeld, the new governor of Illinois, pardoned Oscar Neebe, Samuel Fielden and Michael Schwab."

This evil charade is standard operating procedure. It's so evil and disgusting that frankly, decent people would never think of things like this. They literally can't grasp it because it is so despicable and so dishonest. That's why it works and that's why it's done every day in this country. It's the same kinds of people telling the same old lies, setting up people who haven't done anything wrong, subverting justice, using the face of authority to keep all the attention and the heat on innocent people they paint to be guilty and horrible people.

The men that were executed were convicted of inciting murder. The person that threw the bomb was a paid operative. Somehow the prosecutor was able to convince the jury that these men were responsible for the acts of another person, someone they did not even know. In fact it was someone paid by authorities to commit the crime in the first place, making this judgment against them all the more despicable.

Why were the citizens meetings infiltrated and spied on by for hire spies? If we can't spy on the government what makes it all right for them to spy on us? They are our equals not our owners. Don't we have a whole hell of a lot of spying going on right now? It's never been worse, and it's never been justifiable. Yet they are pulling it off, right in front of our eyes claiming a righteous need, national security. In fact it's their own security they're worried about and as always, decimating our rights, turning our vote into a joke, morphing the police into psychotic thugs, and weaving corporate control into our laws in a way that undermines and subverts the constitution, is the grand finale they've been salivating for, for at least a couple of hundred years.

Something becomes evident when you look at this situation and all of the situations like this.
The government is in charge of everything and the people aren't anywhere near to equal the power of the government. That right there is ass backwards. But what it really shows us is that our freedom and real justice for the people are an absolute threat to our government, and to corporate domination and abuse of the working class. In order for us to live in real freedom, and for us to be able to get real justice, the government would have to give up it's total control over everything. It's not going to do that. To put it plain and simple: Freedom and justice is a threat to the government. This government is in total control of everything. It does not respect individual rights. It lies and cheats and sets people up every day and it does this to maintain it's control over us. We are not free and we never have been people and the quickest way to find that out is to hold up the constitution and claim it guarantees your rights. See how far that gets you.

This is such a 180 from our brainwashing and propagandizing that it takes a while to soak in. But there it is. It's everywhere. It's in the papers. It's down the street from where you live. But when you're systematically conditioned and trained not to see it, and when people are criticized abused and gagged over what they're saying about the government, that is not freedom. It just isn't. I'm sorry. We are either free or we're not. It can't be both. And in all of the ways that matter most, in having power over our own lives and over this government, we are not free.

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