Monday, July 28, 2008

The Toxic Decay of Private Central Banking

There is a lot of high drama and fear mongering going on about the impending crash and burn of our economy. The bank failures and multitrillion dollar bail outs of huge names in banking should make every American furious.

It's outrageous that we the people should have to bail out these criminal banksters with trillions of dollars just being handed over to these gigantic robbers of our wealth, and it is trillions. Trillions being shoveled over to them with no strings attached. No new requirements for strictly controlled regulations to make sure they don't just turn around and do it to us again, laughing all the way home to their private mile high stacks of gold. How dare they so generously protect the interests of these rich white guys with 2 trillion handed out just in the last few months while at the same time they tell us they can't afford our Social Security burden. It's obnoxious beyond words.

There is always plenty of money to be doled out for war, and hundreds of billions for the rich, but anything for the country or for the people or for our prosperity is treated with open contempt.

Had enough yet? I know I sure have. We should all be out in the streets demanding the necks of all those rich white guys in tailored suits who have been snorkeling the country senseless gorging on our accumulated wealth in the biggest silent stick up in history. They've stolen everything we've worked so hard for and now are leaving us a big empty bag to try to crawl out of. Simply said, they are all scum. If anyone deserves to be behind bars it's these mobsters, that's plain enough to see.

If anyone has not yet figured out that every bit of this nonsense is being planned and executed to a "T", it's time to realize it. This is a scam, it's always been a scam, and it's hardly the first time this scenario has played out on our soil or in other countries who have private central banks. This is like the grand financial pornographic orgasm these filthy banksters work toward every other generation or so, this is their piece de resistance, their shining moment of glory, when they step back and survey the smoking heaps of wreckage, the damage they've left behind in their wake after indebting everyone and everything in the nation after pocketing every penny of national wealth for themselves.

They think they are brilliant businessmen who deserve to have it all for themselves. In their twisted little minds they've earned it. They believe all their scamming and ramming and closed door deals and threats and assassinations to ensure they'll be able to keep their scams running the world, are the same as working to earn it. They apparently aren't able to discern the difference between being lying, cheating, back-stabbing robbers and mafia, and actually working for a living.

The bottom line, I assure you, is that all of this is a fairy tale being played on us to benefit these dirty dogs who put cash above all else in this world. They've been so spoiled and pandered to for so long, have been handed the keys to the kingdom, and have never once been stopped or reprimanded for any of their crimes, that they've been able to maneuver themselves into the position they desire most of all; a position that actually allows them to go for their personal, eternal goal of getting it all for themselves. And by all I mean all, as in ALL. Everything. Every last penny on the face of the globe. They want it all for themselves.

Most normal human beings would look at that goal with confused disgust, citing the lack of need or reason for anyone to possess such a bizarre goal. And they would be right about that. There is no need and there is no reason to have it all.

You and I would ask, how much is enough for some people? And at what cost to the rest of us? It is important to let it sink in all the way my friends, that to these scum of the earth, leaving all of the rest of us in penniless poverty, struggling, suffering, starving and dying in the streets, is not only of no concern to them, but is part of the goal. This is what they want to achieve. This, in their sick minds, is precisely what they want the world to look like. Themselves, sitting on top of miles high piles of gold, and everyone else in rags around them, down on their knees begging for crumbs to feed their families with.

To them, this is the height of success. The pinnacle of modern civilization. Clearly it has little to do with democracy, freedom, human rights, human dignity, quality of life, justice, or any of the other things that few of us would feel any desire to rid the world of so that we may personally benefit. In short, these men are psychopaths of the highest order, gripped by a disease so virulent and toxic that it will kill the world.

I'm just sure we don't have to go along with that. After all, why should we? Who are they that we should any of us have to concede that things must go their way? Says who? They quite frankly don't matter a whit, and somewhere in the backs of their little dark minds even they know that. And if you doubt that then just ask yourself this; if all of the dirty greedy banksters fell off the face of the earth today, would we be any worse off for it tomorrow? Hell no. In fact we'd all be infinitely better off. You know it and I know it and even they know it. They aren't anyone. They're just world class crooks, liars and thugs in business suits. Like I said, irrelevant. We do NOT need them.

It is time for us to stop pandering to these cheese monkeys. I think they've had their fun at our expense long enough. Sure, we could riot in the streets and hang them all, but a lot of people would get hurt in the process and we've had enough of people getting hurt. There will be plenty of time for punishment and public shame later. But for right now we need to take control of the wheel they're so recklessly twisting and turning and making us all seasick with. This nation can and will do a much better job immediately of holding that wheel straight and steady, and we should start doing that right now.

"But how?" you may ask.

It's not that hard really. As our entire Federal Government, our dear elected leadership and representatives all stand around silently hand wringing, or worse, spewing the same lying slop of the crime syndicate destroying our country and our lives, there is an answer just sitting there waiting to be put to use. It's in the Constitution. And it is also something the filthy banksters have killed to ensure will never be utilized. It's so simple it's a no brainer.

By now everyone should know that the Federal Reserve is about as Federal as Federal Express, meaning, not at all. It's a privately owned bank that's been given its wild, wild wet dreams of perks and privileges, no oversight, no accountability, no reporting to us or anyone else what they're doing or why. They've been playing the country like a piano since 1913 when they managed to get a small group of Congressmen to "vote" them in as our central banksters. But I ask you friends, how hard would it be to un-vote them in?

How hard is it for people already on our time clock to raise their hands in a vote? They do it every day. And this is one time, if they did it, it would actually benefit us for a change instead of the money hungry power-grubbing rich banks and corporations who are consuming the whole world as we speak. This one vote, to fire the criminal Federal Reserve, would do more to turn this country around than a whole bevy of new legislation claiming to attempt to fix this mess. It would do a hell of a lot more than another round of 'stimulus' checks being cut to get us all out and spending. What rot and nonsense, and how insulting to every last one of us. That's not an answer, it's a stupid insult that only digs us deeper into the big hole the Fed has dug for us to all die in.

Certainly the banksters wouldn't kill off the entire Congress to stave off their demise? Well, at this point, I'd put nothing past them. And since the answer is so obvious, perhaps Congress doesn't put it past them either. But a monetary system based on fear of death is a piss poor one, in my humble opinion. Granted I'm no economics major, but there are times when common sense goes much further than a formal indoctrinated public education. A nation under threat cannot be a happy nation, and the criminals who are holding the knives to our throats simply have no claim to possess any right to do so.

If Congress doesn't have the huevos to vote these pricks out, then fine. We don't even need to do that. Because what we can do is go back to the Constitution and let Congress start doing its job. Congress has the power to mint our coins and our Treasury can print off dollars out of thin air just as quickly and well as the mafioso Federal Reserve. I say let's get that going today. Let's start printing off honest to goodness American dollars, something we haven't seen in most of our life times, except for during that small stretch John F. Kennedy was in office. He got some of that action going and guess what, he got killed for it. So has every single president that attempted to do the same. Interesting, no?

But you know what? If George Bush has to go over this, so be it. I'm enough of an American to take that risk. It's more important to ensure the stability and health of our country than it is to worry about one man in high office who frankly, we can't wait to get rid of as it is. Besides, this would be the perfect opportunity for George Bush to do the right thing and show us all that he's perfectly willing to give his life for his country, just like all the young men and women he's sent off to die in his bogus so called War on Terror. If he's not willing to do that then he's a duplicitous coward, which we already know he is. There's no better time or set up. A president we won't miss, and an obligatory assassination by the Federal Reserve thugs in revenge over Congress firing up the Treasury printing presses again. Boy they must be dusty by now.

How long do you think it would take for people to make the switch? "Do you want that in interest free American dollars? Or in interest stealing private Federal Reserve bank notes that will keep you impoverished for eternity?" I'm no Amazing Kreskin but I can see where that would go, and fast.

Can anyone please tell me why the lofty and noble types in our government haven't come up with this on their own? Where are all of those highly educated economic whiz kids who have all of the answers? Why no word of this obvious option from the TV pundits who claim to know it all and are the supposed pulse of the economic reality of this country? Have they all forgotten this option? Have they forgotten that we are not owned by private banksters? Have they forgotten that Congress can simply write off the so called national debt to the Fed and tell them the party's over? Because they can do that. They can do anything they want to do. Because they are us. Remember? And we don't have to comply with criminals. We don't even have to negotiate with these terrorists. That's not our style as I recall. And it's also not our desire, not in this case at least. There's nothing to discuss.

Hey hey! Ho ho! The Federal Reserve has got to go!

So let's get on those telephones friends, and call our Congressional representatives and say, "Hey! You guys! Let's fire up America's printing presses again! What's the delay? Get on with it! We the people demand it!" Let them know we're on to the scam and we refuse to play along any longer.

It's time to rid ourselves of the toxic decay of private central banking, and once and for all keep our American dollar our own. Printed by us. Earned by us. Controlled by us. Openly. Honestly. Interest free. And with no private scumball banksters anywhere in sight. We will put them out of business overnight by simply taking back control of our money for ourselves, and Congress can begin the big write off that just for once, finally, will force the banks to take the pain of it all themselves. They created this hell, and as far as I'm concerned, they can all shake and bake in it for eternity.

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