Tuesday, December 16, 2008

One Great Big Private Idaho

If I had to choose one word that best describes the times, the word I'd choose is conflict. Disagreement rules the day. It seems as though we're in perpetual battle against others who see things differently than we do. Everyone has different values and different priorities.

That's not a deviation from the norm. People have always seen things differently and they always will. In a reasonable world this is understood and perceived as non threatening. It's alright to see things differently. It is normal and expected. What is abnormal is the idea that it could be or should be any different.

It is quite unreasonable to think that we all have to be on the same page in every way in order to be okay. We don't. Expecting no differences between us would be so unreasonable as to border on a failure to grasp reality. It's simply not possible for all people to be the same.

The reason is obvious, we don't all live an identical experience. Beyond sharing life support needs and a basic human experience, everything else is unique. At the most basic level the physical terrain where people live is different depending on where it is in the world. People who live in the ice and snow of polar regions will wear fur and eat blubber and will have culture, traditions and beliefs that are completely different from people who live in the arid Middle East. It would be unreasonable for polar dwellers to perceive the desert living peoples as bad, wrong and evil for wearing different clothes and eating different foods. It would be unreasonable for polar living people to hate desert living peoples for not eating blubber, or not sharing the exact same traditions, culture, beliefs and values that they do. It's a physical impossibility for the desert dwellers to do those things, so the expectation would not make sense. It would not be rational or reasonable in any case to hate people on the basis of where they are born.

At some level we should all know this as it's self evident. Where we have run into trouble is in a breakdown and failure of basic reason and simple common sense that has spawned diverse demands on others to see and do things according to the beliefs and value systems of ourselves, outsiders. Outsiders have no business determining anyone else's life for them, especially when they do so unasked. We're all born equipped to do that for ourselves and not surprisingly nobody likes having someone else barge in and proceed to do it for them.

There is a complete absence of mutual respect when we expect and demand that others come around to seeing things and doing things our way. Garnering an attitude so adverse to simple common sense is incredibly offensive and understandably it ticks people off who are on the receiving end of such obnoxious, unreasonable attitudes and demands.

Our sad excuse for leadership comprising all the wrong stuff has built it's entire world view on ignoring this reality. They are offensive jerks lacking common sense who have no interest in being reasonable. They just take what they want by any means necessary. Their means are no more sophisticated than they are, usually amounting to blunt force and weapons. Their arsenal includes many things that go beyond bullets and bombs, such as laws and lies and authority and the abuse thereof. They claim entitlement to be jerks on the high authority of our nation's lost credibility and if that doesn't work they send out armed thugs. It's a criminal operation that is see-through beyond our borders while it remains just plain invisible to a great number of people living inside them.

Because our so called leaders set the tone of the nation to a large extent, it follows that their obnoxious unreasonableness has tainted all of our lives, filtered around the world, and is causing predictable and serious adverse effects down to the level of individual lives. What they have created can no longer be escaped.

Our "leadership" embraces the principles of criminality, dishonesty, greed and corruption along with a depraved indifference to others and have very much poisoned all aspects of life here on the good ship America. Where those holding any form of power were once obligated to use it wisely and for the benefit of all it is now the status quo to use that power to benefit oneself alone and whatever harm it causes others is dismissed as irrelevant.

It's little wonder that our daily excursions into the institutional, commercial and business sectors of society are increasingly unsatisfying, unfair, insulting and unconcerned with mistreatment of the public. Indeed, many of these places are arrogantly proud of their bad behavior. They can point to the leadership of this country who set the example of putting personal greed above common decency, and because they're sanctified by their positions of authority, it not only makes it okay, it makes it the right thing to do.

Well, at least technically. It is not the right thing to do, ever, to abuse one's power, authority or upper hand and use these things for personal gain at the expense of those who are victimized. It is not okay to shove ones own agenda and beliefs down somebody else's throat against their will. Everyone has agendas and beliefs of their own that have nothing to do with us, and they have an inalienable right to them.

Those who control and dominate our society disagree with that. They would deny it if confronted and would claim the rights of others are important and are respected by them. But the way they act has no relation to what they say. The truth is borne out in their actions. And because theirs is the prevailing attitude of the day, comprised of so much self righteous entitlement to interfere with, to disturb, to insult and threaten, to annihilate both differences and the people who have them, the result is conflict, and plenty of it.

It's no surprise that the country is coming apart at the seams, it's perfectly predictable based on cause and effect. It is stunning how many people are unable to see this for what it is. I've often sat genuinely confounded by the inability so many people have to correctly perceive what's right in front of their faces. What's going on is a going out of business rape and pillage sale, we're just not being told about it. It isn't hidden, something like this can't be hidden, but we are being systematically lied to about it by the official purveyors of bullshit, the enabling arm of the powers that be. Even as they burn your house down the broadcast media will either ignore it which means it never happened, or they'll spin it and tell the audience that your tears are tears of joy and gratitude because burning down your house saved your whole family and you all found God. The reality that they burned down your house out of spite and vengeance because you failed to sufficiently prostrate yourself before them in some way will never be known. And even though you were there at the time and it happened directly to you, no one you tell the truth to will believe you because that's not what they heard on the news.

A line from a song I don't otherwise remember said it so well it stuck, and became a familiar expression. Living in your own private Idaho doesn't have anything to do with living in Idaho. But it does have everything to do with living in a self generated, private reality which by definition means it is not reality. A self generated private reality is an illusion that the person possessing believes to be real. It's a lonely place when there's no one but you there, so it's no surprise that birds of this feather feel a very strong need to recruit others to join them in their artificial version of make it up as you go reality. What's so surprising is how brisk the recruitment figures are.

Another well known expression is the one about not seeing the elephant in the living room. Again, this has nothing to do with elephants or living rooms. It's a metaphor for a glaring reality that's impossible to miss. It's hard not to notice that even people deeply immersed in the act of not seeing the elephants in their own living rooms are perfectly aware of this saying and also understand its meaning. They just don't think it applies to them. And why would they? They believe the self constructed reality inside their own heads is real reality. To them, it's everyone else who's got the problem.

Living in your own private Idaho doesn't need to be a problem, and in and of itself it shouldn't be one. But in our culture it's a huge problem. It is the additional element of blunt force self entitlement that has taken living in your own private Idaho to whole new levels that are no less than assaults on everyone else who doesn't live in there with them. More than nine out of ten times it turns out, those who are assaulted have no desire to live in there with them. And therein lies the problem that is very effectively tearing this nation to shreds and racing us into terrible times ahead.

Private Idaho dwellers plus blunt force self entitlement creates groups of people who live in a self-constructed self-authorized fantasy world in which they are the embodiments of human perfection on this earth.

This is a self serving, pompous, delusional load of crap of such magnitude it should have a respected place in the Guinness Book of World Records. Anything that smells that bad is something we recognize as meant to be avoided at all costs. We would naturally go out of our way to not step in it, and that should be enough to avoid it. But it's never enough when the offensive entity relentlessly throws itself under your feet with every step you take making it impossible to avoid it or to make any headway of your own desire. This prevents us from living in freedom and peace and from building a common sense world. It's an unnatural problem that should not exist, which is further evidence of it's invalidity. Not that any further evidence is needed.

It becomes a matter of self defense and survival when you can't get away from something that offends you and which, for all intents and purposes, seeks to destroy you. That is the intent, whether they see it that way or not. Using any form of force, intellectual or physical, to make someone else do things your way, is always a criminal act because it directly threatens the free will and lives of others, and there is no such thing as a right to perpetrate your own will on someone else.

The only claim in existence of possessing the right to behave otherwise lies in the form of another private Idaho, a belief in a God being who selectively bestows that entitlement to his chosen faithful. The fact that anyone can make that up, and the glaring fact that there is no proof of either their version of God or any generous gift of permission to be raging psychopaths, does not prevent any but the rational thinkers among us from accepting their claim as valid. It has been bought into and given the status it possibly could have if it were true. Believers in God, each having their own versions of God which may or may not resemble those of the claimants or of any actual God, do not show any surprise or alarm at the thought of having a psychopathic God. Under the circumstances it would not seem unreasonable to need proof of the validity of this claim, but the claim itself is apparently all the proof required.

In light of that unfortunate state of affairs, and because it's such obvious crap, it's not much of a leap to see the claim for what it really is: a strategy that is used to excuse inexcusable behavior. The claim resembles a tool far more than it resembles a fact. And the need for such a tool is self evident. Because it is perfectly well understood that no one wants to hear someone else's crap or be bothered by demands to conform, or give over, or to cease to exist so they can have your stuff or just feel good about the fact that you're gone, the offenders asserting this claim know perfectly well they will not be welcomed or accepted. They understand after centuries of collective first hand experience that their obnoxious destructive obsessive/compulsive behavior becomes so increasingly irritating to others that they invariably get their lights punched out, or worse. Historically they were often run out of town, sometimes they were run out of entire countries, and many times they were killed. It's not a joke to mess with other people's rights to have their own versions of reality, even if it has nothing to do with yours and even if you think yours is better than theirs and even if your version of God allegedly said so.

Isn't it time to stop allowing the elevation of ordinary men to heights that should only be reserved for God? Does anyone "need" another mere mortal to be their interface to God or truth or justice? Do we need equals claiming to be specially qualified self proclaimed intermediaries telling us we have to do things their way because they're more special than the rest of us? I don't think we need this. I know I don't need it. I can't even respect it as once again, there is no proof. Whether we're talking growing the economy, which has become a religion, in spite of it's overwhelming inadequacies, failures, and utter lack of concern for the welfare of the people, or whether we're talking organized religion, or bureaucracies of status quo anywhere, those who presume to demand special rights to do their will regardless of the harm it does to others, deserve to be cut down to size and told to take a number like everyone else, not be submitted to as some above mortal special persons.

I have to admit I have a lot of trouble understanding why vast portions of humanity have so much difficulty understanding something so simple and obvious. This is nothing new, history is chock full of obnoxious people who want to tell everyone else what to do and people who don't feel like doing it. Whoever said those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it, knew what he was talking about. All manner of trauma, bloodshed, destruction and gore is the guaranteed result of one group of people trying to control another group of people, every single time without fail. But we continue to not notice that, or not care about it, I'm not sure why. Sadly, too many people around here don't even seem to be aware of it.

The control addicts of the world have versions of history in mind that not surprisingly are every bit as self-generated, hand-picked and reconstructed as their self-generated versions of reality. What's very interesting to notice is how often groups of control addicts can be identified by cries of persecution and fear for their lives. It is quite unusual for people to persecute anyone who hasn't worn out their welcome, generally speaking, so one must always take the time to find context and to look a bit deeper at self-proclaimed victim populations, specifically the ones who show no signs of going extinct. Actual victim populations have a hell of a short life span so if there really is an overwhelming threat to their continued existence underway, the evidence should be equally overwhelming. With the eternally persecuted there is often little evidence that their existence is being overwhelmingly threatened. In fact any existing overwhelming threats quite often seem to be ones that they themselves are generating against others.

I'm not suggesting that horrors have not always been perpetrated against innocents throughout all time and are ongoing with more violence, injustice and death than ever before. Clearly that's reality. But the cries of persecution, the self-pitying diatribes delivered by people who suffer for nothing and in fact enjoy a quality of life far in excess of their general audiences, telling stories of the monsters of today in far away lands, or the monsters from decades ago and centuries gone by, who populate the endlessly repeated legends and claims of the eternally persecuted and fearful, these can fairly well be pinpointed to exact sources which remain very well intact in spite of their claims of ceaseless persecution from all sides. In fact, the eternally persecuted appear to be some of the best off people on the planet, one can't help but notice. The genuinely persecuted normally don't get a voice, they're usually too busy trying to find food or social justice or are just trying to stay alive, dodging bullets and bombs and tanks, to have any chance of telling their real-time stories of terror and persecution. It often turns out that those bullets and bombs and tanks belong to the parties claiming eternal persecution from others.

Claiming impossible hyper entitlements due to innate specialness is a self delusion that deserves no respect or patience. Another example of this which affects all life on Earth is the worship of economics. The highly lauded princes of finance and economics insist in one tireless repeating voice that their way is the best way for all. Their closed door meetings determine the fate of nations. Yet, one can't help but notice that vast proportions of humanity have no representation in their circles. None are included in the overall planning who can speak to the obvious downsides or repercussions their fiscal plans will wreak on millions of innocent lives. The result is an unbroken record of elites profiting themselves through violence and viciously protected inequities, literally at the expense of the prosperity of billions of other human beings. What's so brilliant about this? What deserves to be worshiped as some form of higher truth here? It's a selfish, destructive criminal system that serves very few at the expense of the whole world. Does that deserve respect? I don't see how it could.

To anyone possessed of reason and common sense, these incongruities should stick out like a sore thumb. It is plain as day that things are not in reality as they are being told in the official and larger national media whorehouses. It is stomach turning to follow up on the claims of the better recognized hyper-entitled self-proclaimed special people among us, and to check the facts only to find that what is being marketed as best for all or as self defense in the highest causes of good and truth and nobility and light, are in fact nothing less than blatant and despicable crimes against humanity.

This is the fruit that comes forth from the private Idaho of special privilege and self-entitlement to use force on others in order to have things your way. It is not fruit worth partaking of. It is poisonous fruit grown on manure piles of lies and delusions of grandeur that cannot pass any objective sniff test.

The delusional lives and beliefs of others, if kept to themselves where they rightfully belong, are rarely a problem to anyone else. To some degree or another we all have a personal version of reality inside our own heads, it's probably unavoidable, so it's reasonable to assume that this is a normal part of having a head. It must serve us in some naturally occurring way. But like everything else it can be done right or it can be done wrong. It can help or it can harm.

When any individual perpetrates harm on another without just cause we can easily and correctly interpret their acts as criminal. It is no less criminal when groups perpetrate harm on others, it is exponentially more criminal. When a nation is led by people whose self generated version of reality is so out of touch with actual reality, reality that all can see and agree is there, that they claim they possess the impossible right to shove their will down the throats of others, it is even more criminal than anything else this writer can think of. The fact that as a nation we are unable to discern such obvious truths about our own political, industrial, economic, religious and military leadership, particularly those who blindly support these things as something above merely mortal and in constant peril of being inflicted with fraud and error of innumerable kinds, leads to the suspicion that far too many of us are unable to see the legions of elephants in our own living rooms due to the very strong likelihood that we are living in one great big gigantic private Idaho, no matter what states we physically live in.

We cannot claim to be good and upright, decent people if we do not believe in the extant obligation to check ourselves regularly to make sure we're not lost in our own delusions of perfection and entitlement, and in the process are causing terrible harm not only to others but in the end, to ourselves. As pleasing as self delusion may be, the pleasure it brings us does not equate to truth or success or anything else but delusional pleasure. If things are so badly wrong, and they are, hanging on to self delusion is an option and a choice but reality is not a choice, it is inescapable. Refusing to see external reality brings on ultimate failure that no amount of self delusion can deny.

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