Saturday, December 20, 2008

Nibbled Away

Being nibbled away slowly. Bit by bit. Not imperceptibly but relentlessly. Unceasingly. Parasitically consumed by external entities who possess greater size, strength and ability to exert will, to extend will, to deliver will, blindly, without recognition of the lives they affect.

Lives at the individual level don't count. Too bad for you if you're getting screwed. It's the way we do things. Too bad for you if it's killing you. It's the way we do things. Too bad for you if it infuriates you and insults you to the depth of your soul. It's the way we do things. Individual lives don't register as legitimate things. The concerns of individuals, struggling for survival in this sick, commodified, elite formulated shit hole society, equate to precisely nothing. It's the way we do things.

One has to ask. If it is not about life at the individual level, the only level there is, then what is it for? If what those with power and state blessings do serves no one but themselves, what is it all for? When the police are not a part of us but raise themselves above us, placing themselves on pedestals where they talk about their own, their self preservation, about being unwilling to risk their lives to save the lives of others, about all the rabble out there being the enemy, then what are they for? When the military sees itself as our superior, when it sees itself as the future of the world, when it has aims and goals and delusions of righteousness and grandeur and entitlement to use its force to achieve its own ends, to ensure its own continued existence at the price of denying us ours, all in defiance of public will, then what is it for?

When the state can't be bothered to acknowledge individual lives, when the sheer weight of humanity exceeds their capacity to dole out their ideas of justice and order, when they are forced to put forth every demand from the perspective of only one kind of citizen with one kind of life, when they negate the teeming and endless un-sameness of every person they encounter, then what are they for? What are they doing? Why are they doing it? And more so, why do we no longer expect or believe that we all deserve to be given the time and the common sense and the justice of being dealt with fairly and honestly and reasonably? They don't have to love us, it has nothing to do with love. It has everything to do with common respect, with decency, with bottom line morality, the most obvious things in the world. They don't get to ignore masses of people simply because it is inconvenient to have to give them their due. But they do. And we on the receiving end settle for it while those on the giving end demand it.

Which means that slowly over time we accept less and less and get less and less until all of a sudden we realize our own voices are no longer to be heard, by official decree. It is the norm. It is the daily, usual and expected standard of excellence we measure things by. No one is being served, but the machine is running smoothly. The machine is well oiled and expertly maintained, fussed over, fanned with enormous fern fronds by slave girls, fed grapes from between the pointed Ninja fingers of blindly devoted eunuchs, the machine is happy. That's all that counts. That is the acceptable status quo. The machine has no other goal or purpose than to serve itself, because it can't do anything else.

Because we cannot, at the individual level, take on the greater wrongs of the machine, it makes clear the critical necessity of taking on the smallest wrongs personally, every time we see them. But we dismiss the wrongs we can do something about for not seeming important enough to make a scene over. And we are fools for it. We get what we settle for. What else would we get?

Go ahead and tell 'em what they've won Bob! Let them see what's behind door number three! Drum roll! Tension builds! "What is it? Is it freedom?" (Audience groans). "Ooh! No, sorry, not this time kids. But we do have a nice consolation prize for you. You've won the right to petition the government with your grievances. Offer void where prohibited, satisfaction not guaranteed, we make no claims as to the validity or delivery of this offer, offer may end at any time, depending on whether or not the government feels like hearing your grievances. That's just like freedom, isn't it kids?" "Heck yeah! Thanks Bob, that's totally good enough! If that's all we can get, we'll take it! We're going to Disneyland now! Buh-bye everyone!" (Applause. Cue music...and... cut! That's a wrap. Thanks everybody).

No, you may not presume to have the rights you were born with. Your rights are bothersome to the state. Your rights are bothersome to the corporations. The right to be left alone by relentless marketers does not exist. Their right to relentlessly market is all that exists. The Entitled Ones are confused by the stupid humans among us who do not comprehend they are parasites meals, being parasitically eaten away, layer by layer, day by day, who so mistakenly believe it is wonderful and it is good and that this is the best country in the world. The Entitled Ones think we like it. They look at us and see us fighting each other to be eaten and they say, we are beneficent and perfect.

Do people have no brains? They cannot think for themselves. They cannot see with their own eyes, they must be told what they are looking at. They have no ability to frame the world themselves, based on their own values, on their own morality, on their own needs and abilities to recognize justice and decency and simple common sense. They must be told everything else they cannot comprehend it. It is beyond them. It freezes them in the headlights of reality and they will stand there until told what to think and what to do. It is no wonder they are told then to SHOP as the ashes continue to fall where twin towers once stood. It is no wonder at all that answers are given to us in the form of stimulus checks we are told to take to the store and spend. This is our American dream. Good citizenship is shopping. We can buy our way to hallelujah, to health, to happiness, to perfection and Godliness and self fulfillment and love, and to a perfect version of the great and mighty US of A. It is all there to be bought. Walk don't run down to your local retailer and say, I love my country! I want a flat screen TV! I am saved and I am a true patriot. I am good and decent and kind. I have a seat reserved in heaven by the side of the Lord for I have shopped until I dropped! Every penny has been spent. Am I wonderful yet?

They are hopeless. They are told by the warmongers/bankers/political whores to send their sons and now their daughters far away to kill and be killed. Can they see it for what it means to them personally? Are they capable of understanding what grief will befall them when their sons and fathers and brothers and uncles, sisters and mothers and daughters and aunts and best friends in the world, don't come back? Do they grasp what that will mean? Do they grasp what it will mean when they do come back? Have they any concept of the ultimate price that is paid either way? Has it ever once occurred to them to ask, "Who is this who presumes to ask me for my life? For my family's lives? For the literal future of our lives? What arrogance exists to make such a demand?" No. They refuse to acknowledge how unbelievably much they are being told to donate of their lives to strangers who don't deserve or need their families, or their prosperity, what little they have. They are told to cheer and wave a piece of cloth in the air and hoot and holler for our "side". Whoever "our" is, and whatever "side" means. If you are not on your own common sense side, then what the hell side are you on? If you don't even respect your own happiness and freedom and joy and family, then who will? Certainly not they who do your thinking for you. Certainly not they. Have they ever claimed to care about you? Not once. But you don't notice it, or care. It feels normal to you. You would die to protect your right to be parasitically used and consumed. You're dead, you don't even exist. Your life is an illusion, and you are but a generic dish of parasite chow.

When you don't have a frame of your own, when your brain has never learned the exercise of working for itself, for your benefit, for your higher good, then I guess you're just going to be screwed. And you'll keep being screwed, over and over and over again, with new entities stepping up every five minutes wanting to get a piece of you. And like a retarded school child, you will sit and grin at them as they take your dignity and your life. You will pull up your shirt when they tell you to, and you will laugh as they take turns mounting you and when they are done they will despise you and humiliate you. And do you even have the sense to understand what's just been done to you? No. You don't. You strut around in your abject mental poverty proudly, essentially bragging about how you can be raped and abused by the scum who molest you, and because they are satisfied, you think you're satisfied too. We don't know whether to feel sorry for you, or roll our eyes.

But the fact is you are dangerous. When you demand to receive your own victim hood you are a danger not only to yourself but all others who your life affects. And when you spread your mental poverty throughout your town, your city, your church, and when you dutifully pass it on to your offspring, you are dangerous. Stupidity is dangerous.

Is this the world you want? Is it really? Is the whole of the world what goes on in your little day? As long as you have yours, the world is fine?

Because of you I cannot demand to be left alone by the armies of stalkers who exist to shove their demands for a piece of me down my throat. I cannot tell them to fuck off and leave me alone. I cannot pull out my shotgun and pepper their homely farquard backsides with stinging pellets of my irritation. They will never leave me alone. Not any more. Because too many people have consented to being nibbled away by parasites, day after day, bit by bit, until the concepts they most claim to stand for become hollowed out shells that represent nothing at all. So today the parasites are commissioned by God and by Country and by Corporations and by greedy selfish elite parasites, by warmongers and bankers, and psychopaths of all ages and callings and colors and belief systems, and it is they who possess the sole right to parasitically exist in over abundant comfort and plenty. They have the right to demand steady streams of your plenty, and you will provide it. You will erode yourself in the spirit, in the soul, in the dignity and honor of life, until you no longer recognize yourself as worthy of consideration or respect or rights, and you will be damned proud of it.

Help yourself to your sad delusion.

If I am the sole entity in this city who refuses to sacrifice myself to mindless slavery, so be it. I will hold my tattered useless shield and I will bark and growl and stand my ground. But there is no one to confront, the abuse systems are all on auto. The machine is running smoothly, the soul eaters are all out on their yachts. My enemy can't even be bothered to show up to drive its parasitic straw into my flesh.

Lives at the individual level don't count. Like peas on a dinner plate, they're all the same. They are there to be eaten. "For thine is the power and the glory forever and ever. Amen." Napkin please.


  1. Anonymous9:33 PM

    My life on the individual level matters....just like yours does. You are truly a great writer. Today was my first and not last reading.
    Thank You

  2. Anonymous11:27 AM

    A nice Vent!