Monday, December 01, 2008

The Beewoks in Darkness - Election Afterthoughts

I was thinking about the Obama election and started seeing a few things. Like: 1) it had to be Obama. 2) It had to be a sure thing, and 3) it had to be absolutely believable. Why? In order to continue the Bush crime dynasty.

Not that the Bush familia are necessarily any part of deciding direction and course of the greater game plan. They're more likely to be along the lines of Kissinger and them folks; deep functioning, long serving others who are the loyal servants of the Big Cheese or the Big Wheel of Cheeses (BWOC 'beewoks"), whom so ever they may be. (Hey, beewok is a fun acronym to say. Hooah!)

When you look at it from the perspective of the beewoks in darkness, this election looks a lot different than the way we the peons were given to see it. Folks like the Bush crime dynasty are very valuable employees. Judging from recent history, deep insiders are used and used and used until they finally, eventually croak. Which unfortunately tends to be an unnaturally long time.

When your high level elite servants are in so deep and know the ropes so well, have the specialized contacts, privilege, and door opening ability, you don't want to chuck those people from your insider work force. On the contrary. You'd want to hold on to them for as long as possible. Their resumes are not of the usual sort and from the point of view of the beewoks they have all the right stuff. They're well trained and familiar with the money laundering, the drugs and guns and child prostitution black markets; they're not squeamish about ordering any number of people to their deaths, innocent or not, nor are they squeamish about torture, rape, blackmail, extortion or any other tactics of the depraved power elite. They know who's who and what's what. They've got favors owed and clout to push around and they're greedy elite power mongers and scum buckets who want more money and more power and more luxury and more prestige and they're happy to screw or kill anyone for you to get those things. They're willing servants, the best kind. They're vetted and proven and you own their souls. You'd be a moron to let them slip away and leave you stuck trying to find new minions to serve you. It just wouldn't make sense.

We know GW's dad has been working for them since his CIA days in the 60's, in terms of current politics. And it could go back further to granddaddy Bush, the Nazi banker. And if all I read about all of these people being blood relatives to European royals with lineages that can be tracked back hundreds of years is true, then who knows how long this thing we call the Bush crime dynasty has been in some form or another a part of the elites eternal war on humanity?

Since the Bush Dynasty has been around and either underground or over ground since the sixties, it would follow that the end of GW's residency would by no means end the reign of the BWOC bosses. They'll just get what all their related fellows have gotten when prior new administrations came on board. They'll be hired back in at other levels inside the government, or outside at some exclusive elite think tank or powerful NGO or shell firm. They'll be brought back in and put right back to work regardless of their many assorted felony convictions, proven track records of high level crimes, and even in spite of the fact that they're not at all liked or trusted by either the public or the insider crowd in government circles.

Those things wouldn't matter in the least. What would matter is getting your best 'can do' psychopaths back in the driver's seat where they can continue doing you the most good.

The beewoks in darkness would prefer to keep their global crime syndicate assembled, busy doing all the crime you need them to do. The easiest way to do that would be to keep the Bush crime dynasty in power, but planet Earth is so sick of GW Bush that it never wants to see another Bush, ever. We're way past sick of Bush and the whole neo-con nightmare gang so there's next to no chance another Bush presidency could be shoved down our throats. At least not until GW's daughters are old enough for the job. By then dumbed down America would have no memory at all of this Bush presidency and would probably be full fledged communists and still be going around saying how free they are.

In fact, by the time Bush's daughters are of age for high office, school children will be taught a totally rewritten history framing GW Bush as the greatest president of all time. But for the immediate election, it could not be another Bush or any well known neo con.

It must have been an interesting meeting when the beewoks sat down long ago to decide who the next president would be. Surely they had several potentials on the line, but they had to make absolutely sure they could get one of them in. Do you remember the scene from Ghostbusters when the evil Vixen goddess told the boys on the roof of that giant skyscraper, "Choose the form of your destroyer"? And Bill Murray's character said, "Clear your minds! Don't think of anything!" But then Ray thought of the Sta-Puft Marshmallow man, and the rest is history.

That's pretty much what was happening with the beewoks. Every few years the mood of the country becomes seriously inflamed, disillusioned and sick of the crap and the system itself could easily hit the rocks and sink. This of course would mean the beewoks losing their stranglehold of power over everyone and everything, and they can't have that. In order to keep us on board playing the game they have to figure out what "form" we would accept, what would take our minds off losing faith in the system in general and get us back to believing the next president would not be more of the same. Choosing the form of your destroyer is what our elections are all about.

They needed to determine precisely the right image to sell us, one that we would buy whole hog, because it was apparent some time ago that this country was fed up with Bush, fed up with Congress, fed up with the phony electronic voting, fed up with the lying, useless media, fed up with war, and fed up with the government in general; reaching the point where major changes would be demanded at the end of pitchforks and torches. If the public smelled anything bush-like or neo-con like or Zionist-ish running for office, they'd have rejected them in two seconds flat. America was one pissed off country, in spite of the lack of honest reporting to feed that back to us. We didn't have a grasp of just how pissed off, but the beewoks did.

The only workable potential candidates had to be so much different from the norm that it could be one of two possibilities. Either a white woman or a black man. It could not be a black woman, it could not be a Holy roller or a man of any other ethnicity than black, especially not Hispanic, as that's too much of a political hot potato at the present time. No matter what combination of characters you can dream up it soon becomes self evident that the choices could only be a white woman or a black man. People who looked totally different from the usual establishment white guys in suits.

People were too spooked to trust any of the names from the Bush crime family. The country was sick to death of bullshit religiosity and hypocritical warmongering. None of the better known republicans of Congress would stand a chance, they'd all proven what back stabbing liars and sell outs they were. It would have been impossible to come up with any republican who wasn't complicit in some kind of felonious bad behavior. They've all been busted or have the worst kinds of skeletons coming out of their closets in droves. It couldn't be a republican, but the beewoks knew that much already. It was time for the obligatory switch from the republicans to the democrats. Whenever this country gets good and sick of the corrupt right wing fascists, they just switch the president to the left for sales purposes and continue with business as usual. That's old stuff. Nothing new about it to them.

The beewoks had to look to the democrats. Mind you they would never pick a candidate to run as an independent because the whole republican/democrat two party system is their control mechanism. For all intents and purposes there are no other parties. Sure, other parties exist but they don't count. They're not in the picture and as long as we are not in control of our political system they never will be. You'll know this is really a democracy when it starts to look like one. It hasn't done that in decades. It won't be different in January of 2009 either. They've just put a different employee on the clock but it's still the same old job.

The next president would be a democrat, that was a foregone conclusion. They would run Hillary and Obama, both of which had been being primed and readied to step into position. The way they played it was really quite simple. They had to make everybody else look as bad as possible in comparison. That wasn't much of a challenge with the likes of Giuliani and the hyper religious guy from Arkansas et al. But they could only do that to the pro-establishment figureheads. The other candidates they simply ignored in the media as if they didn't exist. They also told the league of early candidates when to drop out on cue. All of the establishment candidates did just that and it looked so phony and obvious to me, but I didn't catch anyone reporting the fish smell out there.

We all saw how the media ignored outright every other candidate that was not preselected and cleared to move in and represent the establishment format, even if they were twits who stood no chance. The important thing was to send the message that only establishment types make acceptable candidates even if they are freaks. Who even knew there were close to a hundred other candidates running for president last month? For anyone who still believes the establishment corporate media is anything but a full blown information control and public manipulation entity, you need to ask yourself why you had no idea who all of the other candidates were. When you can answer that question you might be halfway to hallelujah.

Keeping the public's mind on one tiny segment of bait candidates was no problem, but they did still have to sell them. Joe and Jane Citizen still had to believe that they were going to get what they were shown, that it was real and carried with it hope for fixing all that's been so viciously broken.

They also had to believe that the 'way out of hell' candidate was really different. That he or she was not in any way connected with or supportive of the fascist/zionist cabal that just had their way with us for the last eight years. The public was and still is shaky on the whole government thing. Government credibility has been shot to smithereens. Plus in the midst of all the election hype we got cleaned out by banker scum, right in our faces too, so as much as folks would like to believe that Obama is the answer, they're not willing or able to just swallow it whole.

I remember seeing a classic cartoon some years back where a wolf and a sheepdog, two naturally strong enemies were given a very interesting spin. Every morning the sheepdog would report for work carrying his metal lunch box, hair dangling in his eyes, and he'd go to punch the time clock. Every morning he'd pass by the wolf, who was also reporting for work each morning, and each time he did he'd give the wolf a very cordial greeting, even asking, "How's the wife" and other such small talk. Then the sheepdog and the wolf would both assume their positions amongst the grazing herd of sheep and just after they did, the whistle would blow. The work day had officially started. All of a sudden the upright walking talking sheepdog with the lunch box became a regular four on the floor sheepdog, guarding his flock from the wolf. The wolf transformed from a mild mannered, friendly buddy into a ravening sheep hungry enemy.

The sheepdog and the wolf then spent the whole of the day chasing each other around and running each other off, and at times it got pretty intense. The sheepdog caught and pounded the snot out of the wolf half a dozen times. The sheep dog's demeanor was professional and serious, and the wolf's sneering, sneaking about and getting his butt pounded was very serious too. Then suddenly, at 5pm, the work whistle blew again and both of them stopped right in the middle of an intense chase, the work day was now over. They both immediately relaxed back into the amiable off duty pals they were in the morning, and even agreed to go out for a beer together. They took note of their exact positions when the whistle blew, and would resume them in the morning to continue the chase when the whistle blew again.

It seems to me that our whole political system is exactly the same as the sheepdog and the wolf. The politicians are playing their parts, even putting on quite a show barking at an "enemy", but when they're not "on" for public benefit, they hang out together, take meals together, even go on family vacations and have each other's kids for sleep-overs. A whole lot of it is a show put on for our benefit and these guys either go along with the game willingly, or grudgingly. Because it's clear as day by now that our elected representatives spend a whole lot of time at work and never manage to get a single solitary thing done, no matter how much of a no brainer it is. That's not something that happens by accident. It's not something that happens due to bad luck or spinelessness. It's something that happens because that's what's been scripted for them.

The truly successful "representatives" are the ones who can be the most convincing actors and actresses, and their rewards can be quite generous. Guys like Biden are so slick it's painful to watch. They can take a crowd anywhere with their truly awesome speaking skills. They have the look, the tone, the posture. They know their public. They can size you up like a frog sizing up a fly. They play the good guy role in Oscar winning form. They can get the public's sympathy when the crowd showed up angry. They can convince a packed auditorium that they're on your side, doing all they can do to push the right things through for the people, and they're absolutely convincing. They win people over, they get their votes again and again, and they never have to produce what they're there to do. It's quite amazing to watch.

The beewoks wanted Obama in. He was the one. If any of the others had somehow been elected they'd have been fine too, but Obama was THE one they wanted. I sincerely doubt there'd be any chance of someone other than their chosen one being elected, not after witnessing the 2000 election and the way the Supreme Court stepped in and stopped the recount on the grounds that continuing with it could threaten GW's "win". So we can all clearly see that they'll do whatever it takes, no matter how clumsy and obvious, to get their chosen man into the oval office.

In fact my guess is it was the beewoks who wanted voting machines brought in and made nationally mandatory. The non-smooth move of pulling in the Supreme Court to manipulate reality could not be used again, nor would they want to use it again. It was so clumsy and so obvious and clear that the election was being manipulated that the fair election illusion was shattered for a great many Americans. The beewoks simply could not afford to ever have to be so obvious and so desperately clumsy again. I'm sure they were sweating bullets pulling that off, both in getting the Supreme Court judges to come out and break the law by pretending they have any right or say in our elections, and during the entire time it was going down. I don't think it was planned for, I think it was an emergency move because something didn't go as expected.

In order to make sure they'd never have to scramble like that again they decided to permanently "fix" election outcomes as needed from that time forward. They most definitely can fix them, they do fix them, it's hardly new. But I doubt we'll ever see another Supreme Court maneuver like that again, that's for sure.

Bushco was left to sell it to us, if you want to call it selling. It was more like choking us to death with it. How do you sell a country on accepting a voting system that does not allow the vote to be verified? That takes some serious salesmanship. What good is a vote that can't be absolutely verified? It's no good at all. It's worthless. In reality it couldn't be sold. Nobody bought it. Nobody asked for it. What they did was turn up the volume on the pro-Bush hysteria and make anyone who could see it for what it was out to be traitors. If you'll recall there was a long while in this country where no one could speak a discouraging word about Bushco else they'd get cut open and gutted by fascist true believers. It was pretty nasty for a while there.

They also kept us busy with no doubt true tales of vote flipping. Votes indeed flipped all over the place. They also made sure we knew about the lefty sectors of society that were systematically being dumped and excluded from their right to vote. They kept us busy being pissed off about all sorts of ugly components of the electronic voting fraud to keep us from being able to steadfastly focus on the most obvious thing of all: it's a bullshit system. Period. We wouldn't want anything to do with it whatsoever. But that simple truth never made it to the floor of Congress or the front page of any big time establishment newspapers. They tip toed all around it and everywhere else but there, and so did most of us. That's how they do us. They throw us a little juicy dirt to keep us from ganging up on the real dirt and kicking their asses with it.

Hillary's run was important on many levels, not the least of which was to set the tone that this election and these candidates would be "different". They wanted that message implanted subconsciously as strongly as possible. She's a very slick politician, one of the best there is. She knows the ropes, has already seen the inside of the presidency, is ambitious as hell, and is one tough cookie. But, she's a Clinton. A Clinton is the same thing as being a Bush. They have a little different style is all, but the substance and the outcomes are exactly the same. Plus the right is still blaming everything bush did on Clinton. I think they'll be blaming Clinton for things that won't even happen for another 50 years. The right was and still is shrieking loony hysterical with hatred for Clinton. This is in no way because the radical extremist right wing is free of fraud, murder, kiddie porn, sex scandals, filthy morality scandals, general scummyness, crimes, back stabbing, hypocrisy, lying, cheating and other various and sundry criminal acts, but just because it's a good show that keeps their anal retentive single brain-celled pro-fascist rapture ready followers happy. In short, it's profitable for them to do so.

McCain was there to scare us half to death. They brought in Sarah Palin to turn up the fear full blast. In the end, only the most dimwitted hard core Limbaugh/Church sucking right wingers were left supporting this losing team. Those people even wanted more on the fascism, more hate spewed at everyone but themselves, and just more all around general ill will and selfish conceited ignorance and arrogance. In short, they were everything America was shocked and horrified by, everything we rejected and did not want. They were the finishing touch, the guaranteed final turn off for McCain.

At some point, Hillary was told to give way to Obama. As if on cue, the whiny bad-mannered panty wad media began making personal, snarky, dismissive and insulting comments about Hillary. They were telling America to stop liking Hillary now because she was a bitch and a Clinton. The misogynists came out of the woodwork. It was pretty revolting as usual, but all quite on cue. Things like this just couldn't happen without a script. The odds are way out there against it. It's so obvious when you just stop to think about it, but you know as well as I do that few stop to think about much of anything.

Simultaneously the Obama marketing campaign went into high gear and laid down coat after heavy coat of Obama-mania. They kept it simple and monosyllabic and repeated it endlessly. The ridiculous assertions that McCain was a viable threat were as preposterous as McCain running in the first place. His slice of demographics had to be in the pee wee league. But the beewoks aren't good at anything if they aren't great at projecting bullshit and making people believe it, and that's exactly what they did every step of the entire campaign season. There was no need to tamper with this election, beyond ensuring the return of certain valuable Senators. Their man was in and they knew it. They did quite a job playing the public again. They out did themselves this time. They showed us all an excited electorate buying in to the whole bullshit game. We'll never know the true temperature and composure of America during that time, but I find it very hard to believe America was very excited about much of it at all.

As it all slowly got whittled down to either Obama or McCain, there was no chance of McCain getting elected. Even the indoctrinated racism of many voters was grudgingly set aside at the thought of McCain getting elected. There were record breaking turnouts at the polls this year and people weren't showing up to vote for more Bush. They were showing up to make damned sure there would be no more Bush and nothing else that remotely resembled Bush.

It was disappointing to me when Obama picked "I am a Zionist" Biden as his running mate. That reconfirmed yet again that Obama was not Obama. Obama is the extension of another man's will, as are all of these play actors. It begins to boggle the mind when you stop to consider how many full grown, respectable, ostensibly powerful responsible men are nothing but cardboard cut outs of themselves. They look like themselves on the outside, but on the inside they're somebody else. They're bowing to someone else's will. Carrying out someone else's desires. Forfeiting their own personal mind and body and career and potential to become hollowed out servants of another guy's desires. I just don't see how men, with so much pride, could be so willing to become the slaves of some other guy. But that's just me. It's just something I don't quite understand.

I'm sure Obama has been played just as much as we have. They don't pull out the daggers and poison until they have you where they want you. Besides, Obama's natural charm and charisma could be put to best use by letting him be himself throughout the early stages of his run. He could say all the right stuff to the most upset and concerned people and he would be convincing because he could still believe what he was saying. They let Obama be Obama for a good first half of his run and then slowly but obviously pulled him aside and schooled him on a few things. The transformation of Obama was chilling to witness and listen to, but the beewoks knew that no one would be listening once they bought Obama in the beginning. By the time the election rolled around, Obama had plainly stated his intention to continue the one world government game plan, but few were listening.

In earlier times Obama was quite vocal about the Israel/Palestine situation. He saw Israel perfectly clearly a long time ago and called it for what it is. He was openly on the side of justice for Palestinians. He's not stupid, he can see. It was fascinating when he was advised or schooled or whatever it was, that he had to show his butt kissing fealty to Israel like the other candidates did. McCain had donned a beanie, as did Bush. Bush studied the Jewish religious books too, and both went to the obligatory Holocaust Memorials and gave the obligatory, nauseating Israel Uber Alles speeches in Israel to packed houses. Even Hillary did her version of this schtick. It had to be tough on Obama to be forced to get down on his knees to people who in his heart he believes are, well, at the very least wrong. He walked a tightrope there, sounding just positive enough to casual listeners to sound supportive of Israel, but was not a slobbering foot-kissing sellout like Bush and McCain were. Israel shot off loud whiny complaints about it too. They didn't think he was butt kissing enough for their liking. Anything short of, "We'll kill anyone for Israel, even ourselves!" is not enough for Israel. It's high time they felt a little disappointment in my humble opinion.

Still, by today, Obama is towing the Israel line. And the bankers line. And the Federal Reserve line. And that pretty much covers it. They're the powers that be, at least as far as running this country. They're the deciders. They also don't give a rats ass about this place. What a piece of crap job Obama is facing. I almost feel sorry for him. But he's the one who decided to dance with the devil, so now he'll dance.


  1. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Ang: I just finished reading this column and then re-reading "May He Shine" to be sure I was on the same website. Although I noticed you inserted a few cautious qualifiers regarding Obama in the first ("Shine") piece, I still can't help but feel like two different people with two distinctly different takes on this guy wrote each essay. For immediate illustration, just compare the two pictures. Then the text.
    In the first essay you stated: “He said all of the right things. It made me cry.”
    Then, in this later one, you said: “…the Obama marketing campaign went into high gear and laid down coat after heavy coat of Obama-mania”. And later: “Obama is the extension of another man's will, as are all of these play actors.”
    In the first piece you noted: “I knew that the feeling of being released from the death grip of the phony republican party and their zionist/satanist agenda would feel good, but I really didn't know how profound the feeling would be.”
    But in the second one you say: “By the time the election rolled around, Obama had plainly stated his intention to continue the one world government game plan, but few were listening.”
    Don’t get me wrong, Angie, I enjoy your posts very much. But the seeming dichotomy of these two was so apparent that I felt I had to remark on them.
    Can we still be friends?

  2. Jerry,

    The last paragraph of May He Shine also said, "Does that mean I have regained faith in this government? No. It sure doesn't mean that. This is separate from all that, just for tonight".

    You have to break it down into finer pieces to come with me on this. I wasn't fooling myself for one second, but at the same time I want to leave room for something good to happen. I don't expect something good to happen but I want to leave room for it anyway.

    The thing that made me cry was just how different his message was from the usual depraved indifference we hear from bushco. It was like a huge release for me. Like getting away from an abusive relationship and hearing words of kindness instead of words of hate. And I don't doubt that his belief system is what he put across. I just don't think he'll have a chance in hell of doing things his own way. It will be more of the same which is being proven right now as he picks his cabinet. They're all the same Zionist/Bush crime family denizens, so here we keep going again. I never expected any less.

    The main thing that held meaning for me was the simple fact that a black man was elected president. That's huge. Mike Malloy recently explained this very well as he feels the same way I do. He said anyone who's been around a while understands the kind of racism and disgusting cruelty the establishment holds against the blacks of this country. Black Americans have put up with so much hatred and racism for so long, truly terrible treatment and abuse. Fifty years ago the idea of a black man becoming president of the United States was beyond impossible. His election was an incredible victory not just for blacks but for the whole country. It made me personally feel validated and to a great degree it vindicated the people of this country and proved that the racism America is so famous for, like many other revolting particulars, is not rampant and widespread, but just like bushco and his gaggle of screeching dimwit followers, is only due to a small minority of jerks and assholes who for some unknown reason, are so LOUD it gives the impression they speak for great numbers of us. They don't. And racism doesn't represent the majority of Americans. How could it? We're a multi ethnic country. It's a bit stupid to hate one's own self.

    We're talking about humanity here Jerry, there's no such thing as cut and dried. There's no such thing as plain and simple. People are complex, situations are complex, there are layers and layers to both. 99 out of a hundred Obama layers are predictable but the one layer of reality and truth that is tangible is the one I just described. It's a meaningful enough layer to matter and to effect me and a whole lot of other people too. And I do still hope he can shine and wish him luck. I just don't believe that any one person can stop the tidal wave of corruption or uproot the deeply embedded military/corporate control of this country. Don't even mention the bankers. Don't even mention the greater game plan. It will take more than Obama to take those things on and kick their butts. But at least when the president has a conscience people will be able to pressure him. Some good will come of it wherein no good could have come from another overt neocon in the white house.

    Don't know if that explained it for you Jerry. If not let me know. And we don't have to agree on everything to be buds so don't be silly.


  3. Your thoughts about Obama being one of the CFR, One World gov cabal confirmed my earlier suspicions. Thanks I think.

    Your stuff is good, Ang. Keep working and I"ll keep reading.

  4. Hi Ang,
    a year later I am re-reading your post on Obama. Like everyone else I am so disappointed its not funny. I do remember thinking, on the eve of his election win, how is he going to pull it off, against all odds. You said it there in your post: "I just don't believe that any one person can stop the tidal wave of corruption or uproot the deeply embedded military/corporate control of this country. Don't even mention the bankers. Don't even mention the greater game plan."
    There could only be two options. Either he was dishonest or he was naive. To accept this job and then try and do what he had promised, would be his own death sentence. He isn't stupid. So, to accept this job in spite of the impossible odds was pure dishonesty. Funny that so few people saw it that way at the time.
    Now we are all untied in our disappiontment