Sunday, December 31, 2006


For those who laugh at ideas of conspiracy, it is time to take a walk in the most expensive shoes on earth.

Imagine having personal wealth in the trillions. Wealth you've had all of your life.

You've never set foot into a grocery store, you don't even know what one looks like inside. You've never cooked a meal, made a sandwich or washed a single dish. You have servants that buy the finest fresh foods daily, even procuring your favorites from around the world. You have personal world class chefs who cook every meal you eat, and servants who serve those meals to you in the appropriate dining rooms: the breakfast nook, the luncheon room, the formal dining room. You've never seen a Chips-Ahoy cookie or a Cheeto, in fact you've never even heard of them. You don't eat any junk food at all and would be disgusted at the thought.

You've never given a car a tune up, or washed one or even put gas into one. You have a chauffeur staff that sees to all of your vehicles and they are always spotlessly clean and in perfect working order. You've never bought a piece of clothing off the rack, or picked up a 3 pack of underwear. Every article of your clothing is made by your personal tailors, including your underwear. You've never gone to the bank, used an ATM, or ever experienced having to wait in a line. You have staff that takes care of all of that for you.

You've never had to wait in a doctor's office, or spend any time in a local hospital. Your doctor visits you, wherever he's from, and wherever you are. If you must have surgery or hospitalization, you'll go to one of the exclusive clinics in Europe where no working class people are even allowed, even if they could afford to pay for it.

In fact you've never done anything that most people do every single day of their lives. You've never gone shopping, changed a diaper, scrubbed a toilet, used an iron, or been on a job interview. You've never applied for a credit card; and your credit records aren't even listed by the major credit bureaus, they're private.

You've never once compromised yourself in order to get a paycheck. You don't follow the rules, you make them. You've never had a thought about getting through the month, or wondered how you were going to make your mortgage payment. Your many expensive homes around the world are fully maintained by staff, and are paid for. You've never had a sick child you couldn't afford to get medical care for, or had to choose between food or medicine. Your children have first class medical care in your own home and the kinds of pharmaceuticals you use are not available to the public, or even known to them. You are able to maintain optimal health and extend your life with them. You have no fear whatsoever of cancer or most diseases, and you've never taken a vaccination and would never agree to any. You own all of the pharmaceutical sciences anyway, and the real breakthroughs, the real cures, those you keep for yourself. The masses don't deserve them.

No one ever tells you "No." No one. No heads of state, no CEO's, no bank presidents, no generals. No one. No one criticizes you or corrects you. No one dares to show you disrespect and whenever you speak, you are obeyed. Immediately. With smiles. And you never have to get your own hands dirty, not even once.

Your day revolves around your money. Your money and your power put you in an entirely different, and largely invisible world to the other 99% of people on earth. All of your "friends" aren't really friends, they're business associates, lawyers, royalty, people with enormous personal wealth, owners of huge multi national conglomerates. There is nothing you can't afford, nothing you can't have, and very few you can't buy. And the ones you can't buy, you can delete, in any number of ways. You have staff that will see to it.

You fear no policeman, no court, and no nation. Your name or face will never be in any newspapers, or in any Google Search. This is easily guaranteed because you own the world's media. Or most of it. The others are made to comply through various means. No FBI, or CIA or MI5 or Moussad agents will ever be allowed to so much as sniff in your general direction. They all work for you, whether they know it or not.

You call on Kings and Queens and tell them what to do. You are capable of arranging any form of nightmare for any individual, group or even nation on the planet without regard to fame or status or human rights. You don't have to care about anything or anyone but yourself.

You believe your wealth makes you superior to others, more intelligent, more deserving of the finest things, justly deserving of the power it bestows on you. You believe it entitles you to run the world however you wish. You don't have to discuss it with anyone, and you never need permission to act. You do what you please.

You, and a small, exclusive group of the most super rich persons on the planet realized long ago that your mutual goals could be much easier met if you worked together, instead of in cut throat competition. So you meet annually, and you talk about what direction you want the world to go. You carve up the world's resources in high powered meetings with a handful of other super wealthy elites, and agree to an over all global plan. You can start wars and will allow certain underling counterparts to achieve piddling wealth and power, a small reward for their obeisance. You choose the heads of states, and you lay down the real law. They are all under your control, in one way or another. They don't need to know how the power grid is laid out. They only need to know what you decide they need to know.

It is agreed across the board that super wealthy elites are the only ones entitled to make global decisions. It is your right, probably by birth into long standing global-class top wealthy families. With that right comes no responsibility to the people of the world. They are useless feeders, and there are too many of them. Their blood, their diseases, their poverty, their excrement, the sheer volume of it sickens you. They are destroying the earth and using up it's resources. They are growing at an exponential rate too, and are over populating the planet with inferior dirty, stupid, poor masses who will never accomplish anything in their lives. Only you can do that.

The danger of the masses comes from the traditional difficulty in maintaining total control over them. They refuse to submit to our will and do not accept our right to control them. We know how to control them without their knowing it, and they are controlled by us now as they always have been. Their sheer numbers would become an immediate threat to our continued existence if they ever realized how we have indeed gained total control over them. We let them talk of equality and freedom, constitutions and rights, to propagandize themselves. None of those things exist. But because they are told they have them, they believe they have them, in spite of the obvious reality that they do not. They don't have the intellectual capacity to see reality.

These stupid followers are no threat to you, at least, not as long as they don't unite against you. That is why you always control the opposition. You install your own opposition leaders and control what they talk about, what they focus on, and what they will never get a chance to see. When that's not possible, you destroy it. Arrest protesters, assassinate journalists, replace heads of state that dare to serve their populace instead of you. No matter what they try, or what they do manage to discover, you can make sure it never reaches the public. They can be discredited, made miserable, targeted by authority, and be imprisoned for life on false charges, that's easily done, and normal procedure. But any who cross certain lines, they will be killed. It sends the right message to others who might want to try it. They never do.

Keeping your identity secret to the general public is half the battle. The other half is the long perfected system of global propaganda that teaches them to be submissive to wealth and authority, to see it as justified, even enviable. The invention of the television set made the success record of propaganda take an exponential step forward. It has become the most powerful tool of control in the history of the world. And they clamor for it, they want it. They want it every day and they sit there and take it all in. Nothing has ever existed to make it so easy. We can train them to see the world exactly the way we want them to see it.

The wealthy will be respected. They should be in control of everything, the nations, the corporations, the law. They themselves are above the law. No billionaire will ever do prison time for murder. Do billionaires murder? Every day. But they get special treatment. They may do whatever they like. The masses have been taught to agree. The law applies only to them. They expect to be punished for their wrong doing, but they know better than to expect the same would apply to you.

It is profoundly simple to bring the masses to your will. They are so irretrievably stupid. Simple minded, unsophisticated animals, they lack the intellect to see how they are manipulated in every way, even down to how they wear their hair and what clothing they choose. They actually believe they think for themselves. They believe they are making independent choices when it is you who decides what they will have to choose from. They cannot even think beyond what you supply them to think about. It never occurs to them that choices and options exist beyond your supplied lists. They never think off the menu, and would never ask what's off the menu that might appeal to them more. They don't believe they have the right to think beyond your choices. They are not possessed of your superior mentality, and because they think like sheep, and act like stupid followers, they make it easy to lead them everywhere they go.

They fall for every romanticized flag you wave. Go to war for Patriotism, and they go. Go to war because the enemy is evil and coming for you, and they go. No questions, no self respect. What is Patriotism but a contrivance to get them on board to do your bidding. They are fools and they deserve to die.

Right now you and your fellow elites are making the final arrangements to achieve global financial domination and hence control of the entire world. America, the only challenge to your goal of rightful planetary domination and control, is coming down. Where laws used to prevent you from using simple force to get what you want, they have been removed. No one is safe in America now, and nothing can be done about it. It is yours and you are free to move ahead at the time you've chosen. It's absolutely wonderful.

The nagging problem of overpopulation is being dealt with, but not nearly fast enough. Billions of people consuming precious resources, and making no contribution whatsoever. They disgust you and you see them as animals. Their art, their traditions, their cultures are offensive and of no value. They are all irrelevant in the greater scheme of things. None of them matter and they are making your personal planet unpleasant.

The topic has come up over the years many times, and you are not alone in wishing to get rid of them. Finally, the subject was taken up for official consideration. While some few of the others in the meeting expressed initial discomfort with the idea, it took little to bring them around. It was agreed, 90% of the earth's population has to go. It must be done.

Ten percent are all that is required to perform as laborers and servants, armed guards and soldiers, farmers, chefs and architects, scientists and doctors. There is no need for artists or writers, they have nothing to offer of any value or pertinence.

So far, their foods have been genetically modified to ensure their offspring will be diseased, malformed and unable to reproduce. Their foods have been transformed into toxic substances that are sickening them by the millions, and they are dying from cancers and dozens of viruses and diseases, all of which were created by your pharmaceutical sciences. Their farmers are nearly eradicated, no memory of natural food production may survive. They are accepting the mass production of packaged chemicals and nutrients as food. Their water is teeming with bacteria, diseases, and organisms, as well as radioactivity. Your own water is safe, you have the means to make it safe. But they do not, nor do they even suspect they are being slowly killed.

Bio-weapons have been perfected and are ready to be released into the world's populations. It must be done in a way that is not obvious. It requires a period of time to use the media for proliferating fear of pandemics, to bring pandemics into the average mind, and to let their precious official experts publicly claim that pandemics are definitely coming. When the public accepts the inevitability of it, they will not question that it suddenly descends on them, killing them by the tens of millions.

Your elite group of ultra rich people is selling them very quickly on an entire menu of false flag threats. Global warming, to help you strip them of dignity and property, terrorism, to enable you to take military control of all populations. Troops in the streets and no electricity or means to power vehicles will keep them obedient, will keep them from attempting to travel. You need them all in one place. The media will proliferate their expectations of all of these things, always in the quickly believed disguise of good causes, and the people will agree to their own enslavement and executions. Their minds must be brought to believe in what they are told. Otherwise, they could possibly ask questions, they could figure it out, and they would revolt against us. Sufficiently roused to anger, they could track us all down, and murder us. But when we are certain enough of them believe, we will move ahead without fearing the questions of the few.

Indeed, there is no possibility of a natural global pandemic. Western civilization is immune to the diseases of poverty. But we are lowering that immunity in one of our favorite ways, right in front of their stupid faces. They are rushing to take vaccinations which are filled with viruses, cancers, toxins and death. Their simple minds cannot grasp they are being lied to by their precious idealized notion of government. Yet some are catching on because of that vile Internet and it's vast informational sources. No problem. As growing numbers continue to refuse, we simply made it mandatory by law. ALL will be injected. They all must die.

Nor can anything man does affect the planet, what rubbish. The natural cycle of the sun is bringing the increased temperature and other changes, but blame the people and they will accept the guilt and pay the price they are told they must. Nor is there any global terrorism, but they believe it when we tell them over and again they are in danger. They never ask for proof, they just beg us to protect them. It works so easily and so well it's almost no fun at all.

We are poisoning everything from their clothing to their oxygen, and are stirring international fury to justify a global nuclear war. That will finally get rid of them all. But we will survive. We have taken the steps to ensure it. Ourselves and our small percent of servant class persons. We are accustomed to our lifestyles and have no intention of losing it. We are insulted at the thought of sharing it! The masses must go.

A global clearing of the useless eaters will be the greatest gift to mankind. It will protect the environment and preserve the air and water for your future offspring. They deserve to inherit the earth free of useless eaters and pollution and irrelevancies. Reducing the numbers of unnecessary teeming humanity is the most noble goal that exists. It will save the world. And in the minds of your elite counterparts, would make YOU the greatest hero the world has ever known.

The plan now focuses on the United States.

America! Accursed symbol of revolt and freedom for the filthy masses! It is time to pay for your transgressions against the real people, the only people, the pure blooded superior people, the true ruling class! How dare you revolt against us! You committed the cardinal sin when you stole the land mass that rightfully belongs to us. You who would dare to assume some right to rule yourselves, to obtain wealth, to own property! Ptooie! I spit on all of you. You have set an example for the world that must be punished, then wiped from the earth's memory forever.

How stupid you are to think yourselves capable or even worthy of having the kind of lives that belong only to your superiors. You have been a pain in our sides for decades, but you again proved so easy to subjugate to our desires. Barely one hundred years ago you owned your homes and property and we could not get to you. You carried guns and shot anyone who dared trespass on your land. How dare you! That right belongs only to our class! You are peasants! Servants!

So we introduced technology, factories and suburbs. Your media obediently praised the qualities of moving off your lands and buying our products. Even as you made us wealthier than anyone has ever been in all time, we were forcing you to depend on us for your survival. We showed you commercials and movies and stupid magazines, portraying the average man as someone who could live the life of a rich man. We told you that credit was wealth instead of debt, and you bought it! You still run about today desperately seeking the latest and the newest gizmos and cars and appliances trying to portray yourselves as one of us. Fools! You have no wealth at all. You have nothing. You own no land, you don't own your own homes. And now that we have you utterly dependent on us for mere survival, we are taking away your jobs. We are sending them away! To China and every other place that wants them, just so long as you don't have them
anymore. You are becoming once again what you deserve to be, a third world country. We will have stupendous pleasure watching you suffer and die in poverty, wars, and waves of bio-engineered viral plagues. It is deeply satisfying to watch you surrender in stupidity to your little madman presidential puppet!

Yes! Yes! Keep on wailing about the failure of your government to respond to your needs! We love it! Keep knocking on their doors and telling off your elected officials. It is all good. Anything to keep you from seeing what's so obviously going on. Anything to keep you from uniting against us. You are too weak now, too demoralized, too cowardly to do anything but shiver and beg us for protection! It is so sweet, this irony! And long overdue. Good-bye you dirty little peasants. You will now bear the weight of the punishment of your disobedience to us. No country in the world will survive what's coming next, and the few survivors will never hear of "America" or freedom or your precious democracy! They will be born into slavery and they will remain slaves for all time, serving US, your masters, with devotion. Even as we tighten the noose around your neck America, your stupid masses can't see it. You are making our revenge so sweet, and you are proving once and for all, as your final act, that your kind is too stupid to exist. We are right. We are always right. We have always been right and we will always be right. And now you'll realize that in your last dying gasps. This is our time, we are finally back! May you burn in your imaginary hell for all eternity for your transgressions against us. Good-bye, stupid disobedient America!


  1. Anonymous7:43 PM

    You are precious, you are beautiful and I thank you for having the courage to be real

  2. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Happy new year.

    I think this your first blog. It is the essence of your ideas. I do so feed off your blogs.

    An edit suggestion: Your use of 'you' and 'we' becomes confusing. Sometimes in the same paragraph you mix the you and we and I have to double think - us or them?



  3. Thanks Delbor, you're probably right. This blog has laid bare my own personal process of getting with the program, and this one definitely felt like a launch of something new. Thanks for pointing out the pronoun thing, I will try to pay more attention to these things.