Tuesday, December 19, 2006


It occurs to me that the drive for industrial globalization is a very well laid out plan. It's been in the works for a very long time. The people who are involved in the planning have such vast wealth, resources and connections that they can spend most of their time planning in the very long range, and bringing into reality every step, every phase, every bit of the overall plan. Where they are headed is as obvious as it is sociopathic; or should that be globiopathic?

Everywhere they go they remove and displace people, preventing them access to their land, property and resources which they then quickly take over to bring in their big box stores and nasty fast so called "food" chains. People are relegated to lives of poverty and even the ability to support themselves as they have always done is now blocked, it's made illegal. The globalists' homogenized, bland identical corporatized logo emblazoned buildings have erased community after community, decimating it's prosperity, identity, balance, life and culture, relegating everything human, real and natural to nonexistence. They call this a good thing. Now once thriving communities are out of work and hungry, the government is taking their property to give to corporations, and there is no where to go except to those global corporations or you can not survive. They are robbing us to death in far more ways than just financial.

They want everybody's ability to support themselves taken away from them leaving the entire planet dependent on some small handful of companies for jobs, for food, for health care, for literally everything. Our very lives will one day be 100% dependent on global sized corporations who don't give a rats ass about life or health or people or animals or the environment. Or justice.

In the meantime the folks at home are only vaguely aware that something has gone terribly wrong. Most people are working so long and hard that their jobs are as much work as three people's jobs used to be not so long ago; and for longer hours, less pay and less to no benefits. The corporations measure productivity by how many less people it takes to get a job done which is not good for the vast majority of us. They are systematically condemning millions of people to irrecoverable poverty, loss, injustice and hopelessness.

Our food supply is being irreversibly genetically modified at an astounding rate leaving the natural evolution of all life on this earth at risk. All natural evolution is now critically threatened. It will never again be able to progress naturally, to evolve into whatever it was going to become. They've robbed us of all natural life and it's natural progress. What chance is there that this could be a good thing for everyone and everything affected?

Our government has become fascist, our police have become brutal and militarized, and hundreds upon hundreds of billions of dollars that could be put to important use is being used to blow up people and infrastructures around the world.

While the game plan of the globalists is being forced through world courts under the guise of doing benefit to the world, the people of the planet are going under. There is less community, more strife, fewer jobs, no hope of improving standards of living and much more that is being lost to the majority of the humans on the planet. Yet the globiopaths are experiencing never before seen levels of profit and wealth. It comes to them at the mere price of buying off politicians and judges, threats, bribes and even murders. But the real costs are always left to us to pay, in money, time, freedom, choice, health, justice, property, prosperity and autonomy. They stick us with all of the responsibility and costs and just keep the profits. They're even passing laws to force us to pay them when we don't let them take over what belongs to us, claiming lost profits. Since when is anyone on this earth given a guarantee of profits in business? These people are unbelievable hypocrites and have limitless arrogance. They are the most destructive, dishonest evil force the world has ever encountered.

They sue the press when it tells the truth about the damage they are doing to us, and are suing anyone who says anything about them that is true and ugly and even more, is the right of everyone to know.

They block reports from highly respected institutions that would expose the threats they're posing to life and health and prosperity, and see to it that world class experts are fired and destroyed. They always have them stopped. We are not ever again going to be allowed to know the facts, the downside to what these globiopaths are doing to us to make themselves the kings of earth.

But we are at a terrible deficit because there is no formal discussion or debate about what is happening. All we are allowed to hear are the fawning praise and applause for the investment class, about how good it all is. Sure it's great, for a very few. There is no debate because they also own the news media, and they alone have the right to determine who is able to address us through our electronic boxes. Just the fact that there are no corporate media voices ranting and shouting and debating the other side of almost any issue you can think of is a sure sign we are being manipulated. There is a zero percent chance the whole country is ever delighted with a single idea, save perhaps getting rid of bushco.

Suffice it to say, they are not putting any effort into creating a public sounding board, in fact it's just the opposite. They have been fighting very hard to drop the requirement to provide local access broadcasting, and most people don't even care. They are all lulled by the lies that assure them that everything is great. Even though they know somehow it isn't so. I predict that inside of five years people will really be upset about the loss of local access broadcasting because there won't be any way for us to share information or news, much less unite to fight this.

We are not yet at the level of knowing the plan of the globalists or even understanding that they have one. We cannot look at their road map and see where they're going. We don't even have a common vocabulary yet to express the damages already being done. So few people are able to take the time to look around long enough to notice that it's all going to hell in a hand basket because they're living their lives in a tiny haze filled cage. It seems that people don't wake up until their own little existence is finally infected and dies and they begin to struggle to survive. Then all of a sudden they can see it everywhere.

We are so far behind them as they lie and cheat and steal and rob and destroy, that we don't even have a public conversation about what's happening. To broach the topics to the average person on the street provokes uninterested shrugs and words like conspiracy theory. But there's no theory about it, the facts are voluminous. They just also happen to be kept from public knowledge. And besides, you know what they say about conspiracy theories; they are only facts that are not allowed to be heard in any courtroom.

We are in serious trouble and they're way far out ahead. They have a plan and a concerted effort to succeed before we wake up, and they have made a lot of headway. The people by and large still can't quite formulate an overall concept of what's going on, and because it's so vile and underhanded and unconscionable, it will take all the longer before they are finally able to see the big picture. And then when they do they'll find there is no longer any public stage to "get the word out". It's a painful moment time and time again for every waking individual, who become filled with rage and overwhelmed with fatalism and feel helpless.

But to the extent that we don't buy into it, it won't work. They are counting on us to cave in, they think they know us so well. I say they are in for a surprise. I just hope I'm right. We have to talk to each other people, it's all we have left and they're working on taking that away too. We are under attack. Everything we see happening in Mexico and the Sudan and China is on it's way here. It's only a matter of time if we don't get some mainstream public discourse going, and lawsuits flying, and lots of brakes put on these people. They are stealing the world out from underneath us and they have no right to do so. Why on earth are we letting them get away with it?

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