Friday, December 01, 2006

The Most Powerful Weapon

We are witnessing a full blown swing into fascism. Perhaps it's the inevitable backlash of the sixties, the Anti-60's. A pro war, pro police, pro power, pro control, pro corporatism, pro wealth hoarding drive to conquer whoever we can with our military might, in God's name. No doubt God is chomping at the bit for more dead babies to be thrown at his feet. No doubt the smell of napalm, blood and burnt flesh wafting upward to heaven will fill his nostrils with heavenly delight.

As we enter this country's traditional time of worshipping Christ through mindless addiction to consumerism, our president is ever focused on his goal of blasting Iran to smithereens with nuclear warheads. Not to defend the United States. Not because we are threatened. Not because there are once again, no WMD's over there. And not because it is in the best interests of our country in any way, shape or form. He would be doing it for Israel.

Israel who is not even an American ally. No they aren't. They refused to sign any treaty or agreement. It's offensive to them to consider ever having to take other perspectives into consideration, hence, no agreements. How it has happened that our high officials in the military, intelligence, foreign policy and government are dual citizenship Israeli Americans is beyond me. It doesn't seem appropriate. Especially not when we are being pushed so hard to start another pointless, illegal war while we still have two of those going. And we're not doing well with either of them. We don't want to attack Iran. We don't even want to be in the middle east. No one wants to bomb Iran except Israel. But no one needs to bomb Iran at all, period. Most definitely not the United States.

It's a bad plan being pushed on a stupid man.

The president is a man who stands for refusing to back down from his plan, regardless of how much evidence exists to prove how stupid it is. In short everything about these times in our country reeks of insanity. It could hardly be more wrong than it is. But what's to come is even more wrong. That is, if this administration has it's way. If the democrats refuse to stand up for the people. If wealthy globalists are able to buy off the legislature again and turn the Internet into an extension of their personal dominant commercial control; then they'll continue to help the government use our media for total control of what we think and what we think we know and what we believe, which is already 100% based on state propaganda. And we're paying for it. We pay them to make it, and then we pay to watch it. This is how they always do us, it's their standard m.o..

Surely everyone can see where they're going with all of this. But no. Unbelievably there are many who refuse to see what's right in front of their faces.

The push is for the rich to return to their favorite positions, as the robber barons of old where democracy only applies to those who can afford it. They're building a nation governed by a secret clubhouse gang of selfish, greedy crime lords, comfortable with lying and cheating and breaking any law they see, even arranging untimely deaths to get what they want. They'll create their vision of perfection: a divided society of unspeakable luxury and abundance for themselves, closed off to the starving masses, the vast majority of the people. The people's wasted lives will be lost in hopeless confusion, struggles for bare survival, raging crime and violence. They'll be over run by all of the traditional diseases of poverty, as well as those unleashed by an out of control military run by the same men who are changing all the laws to benefit themselves at any cost, to the rest of us.

No health care for tens of millions of us, is by their design, not by happenstance. Homelessness and hunger doesn't bother these people, we have only to look at Katrina or Iraq to see that. Bloated bodies laying in our streets will not affect them, because they will never have to look at them. In their luxury, comfort and arrogance, they are loyally protected by their new militarized police state which facilitates whatever heinous act they next wish to inflict on us. Officers in black helmets let them do whatever they like, and they already see the rest of us as dirt. There will be calls for ever more prisons, ever more police, and ever more control. We'll see forced vaccinations, forced treatments for phony mental disorders, and ever more demands to eradicate what little is left of our rights.

They hate us, and they treat us like they hate us. They fear us because of that egregious treatment. The more hideous they are, the more they fear us. They have good reason for their paranoia. They deserve to be publicly hung and left there to rot and they know it.

Whenever these slimy liars talk, they are lying. It's all they've got and they use it for everything they can get. If only just to throw us off long enough to perpetrate their next crime against us. Or to keep claiming they do what they do for national security. I am to the point of feeling like vomiting when I hear them claim something is critical to national security. It always happens to be a full frontal attack on human rights and dignity and destruction of our constitutional protections that they claim is so critical for safety. For who's safety? Attacking our stuff isn't safety. Our stuff is our freedom, our rights, our futures, our jobs, our fair shake in this world. It looks to me like they want to protect away every last one of our rights. Is that some more of that pro torture kind of compassion they feel for everyone but themselves?

I hate these people.

However it plays out we do know that nothing is forever, whether it's perfect or whether it's perfectly foul. The great pendulum of society swings back and forth hailing times of vivacious celebration that bucks authority, then back to times of oppression, racism, heavy handed control and hardship for the masses. It's all created and planned by those rich men in suits who use us to make themselves rich, and to make us ever more powerless; more desperate for increasing governmental control. It's quite a little game they've got the whole world playing.

It's just such a shame that they can't use all that energy and power to make something brilliant and wonderful and whole and healthy in this world. But no, they like to cause the death and the suffering, the starvation, the desperation, the loss, the diseases, the hardships and the war. Especially the war. The torture rooms, the atrocities, the rape, and the dead babies give them an appetite.

These are the men who have so far surpassed their ability to have everything they could possibly want that their capacity to even amuse themselves is destroyed. They must cross a line that no real human being would ever dream of; one that goes fully into the realm of the obscene. Here are the child predators, the pornographers, the war mongers. They worship wealth and nothing else. They have no ability to comprehend love or humanity, in fact the very notions nauseate them. Yet there they are, having lied and cheated their little moronic, psychopathic puppet into the highest office in the land, controlling the future of every last one of us. We are the guinea pigs for their sick "medical" experimentation, for their implants, their mind control and torture. We are the victims of their lust for death. We are dying from their expensive bio-weapons, toxins in our food, water and air, from the depleted uranium poisoning the earth and the poisons in the products they sell us. We are the toys they kill in their contrived public attacks that murder thousands in mere minutes, or dozens in classrooms and restaurants around the world. They are experts at convincing the world that their lies are truth, and the truth is the realm of conspiracy theories, the hazy dreamland of the mentally ill.

They stand for everything wrong and yet there they are, in control of everything. Isn't it interesting to realize that something as small and simple as the truth would bring them down in a single hour? If everyone could suddenly see who and what they really are, and understood how they've manipulated the world for so long, how they alone have stood in the way of all true progress for humanity, how they have hoarded the wealth through dirty tricks and complicated ruses with financial games, they would be hunted down and executed inside a week. They would have nowhere to hide.

Perhaps that's why they are so hysterical in their grab for control of the Internet. It's the only level playing field in existence. It's the only major medium they do not control. What we are learning and seeing and finding out there, are all of the things they have spent billions of dollars and decades on, to ensure we would never know. The books they hide, the history they rewrite, the evidence they destroy, someone always knows about it, and someone always wants to expose them for what they are. They cannot control everyone, though they won't stop trying.

They can only crush the most prominent voices of truth who raise public awareness and spur the masses to action. They can affect a prison state, patrolled by black booted police who shoot first and don't bother asking questions later. But they cannot change the fact that they are vile and despicable and have no right to do any of the things they do to the people of this world. They are wholly illegitimate and the fact is their only weapon is selling lies as truth. That's the whole of it. The most powerful weapon that has ever existed. It turns people against themselves, against each other, against believing in their own rational self interests, and in their own ability to be every bit as important and powerful as those cowards in silk suits with personal trillions in the banks.

We must come to treasure truth, to understand it's value. Only when society shares a desire for truth, when the people demand it, when they refuse to be impressed, when they refuse to accept anything without evidence, when they no longer desire to lick the boots of phony heroes, only then will we ever stand a chance of breaking this hideous cycle and ending the return of a private power class once and for all. We only have to believe we deserve our own power and freedom, because to the extent we don't it will always be taken from us.

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