Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Change The World

Hello again. I know it's been a while. I'm sorry for abandoning you, if you've felt abandoned that is. I've gotten a handful of inquiries from folks wanting to know where I've gone off to and when I'll be back so I figured I could just post the answers for anyone interested.

There has been no conscious decision on my part to stop writing. Over the last few weeks I'd started writing several new pieces but only came close to finishing a few of them. I often found myself losing the will to write them before they were even developed. I can't really say why. I don't know why. In a way I feel I've said what I want to say, and in another way I feel that people are beginning to wake up, so there's less compulsion to try to sound off. Whatever it is, it comes down to me not doing much writing for a while.

I've been unusually busy with some other things, creative projects that require the full and dominant use of a different part of my creative brain than I use for writing. I've had a lot going on with web site work and also with getting an archive site set-up and running for The Grassy Knoll shows after the plug was suddenly pulled on that front. I felt it too important to try to keep those shows accessible to people and could not sit idly by and accept them not being around anymore. The result of that effort has paid off with two sites you may find of interest. In fact both were finished just days ago. One is an e-zine, "Inside the Grassy Knoll"; and the other is an audio archive site that is still developing into what it will be when it's in full bloom. Here are the links if you'd care to check them out.


Thank you sincerely for reading my posts and for your wonderful and very real responses to them. I don't much enjoy the non-wonderful responses and wish those wouldn't come along so much. None the less, this blog has been a thoroughly great experience and a gratifying validation of my belief that there are many people who really do care and really do get it and really want better for this world that we all live in together and must share whether anyone likes it or not.

We have a long way to go to get there, "there" being a good place that is just, and more moral than not, and just plain decent for everyone instead of being this selfish "obtain the height of laziness, luxury and power for a limited few while all the rest have to F.O. and die" format. That's such a bad game plan it doesn't deserve or require comment here. Few would think otherwise, but it's those few who need to be enlightened, really enlightened, in order for us to begin getting off this one way course to self destruction on a global scale.

Although I haven't been writing, I have continued to watch the grand old orchestra of lies and death eternally playing its only song, "It's all about being rich and powerful". The big wheels of the cold machine never stop turning, grinding the bones of helpless people all over the world into forgotten dust. People everywhere are getting crushed under the weight of the one world order machine. The rest of the world seems to impassively look on and only sighs in relief that it wasn't them, this time.

The rich and powerful are going for the whole thing now, there's apparently little to stop them. They want to privatize the whole of the world, down to uprooting the last peaceful peasant in the remotest place. They want their serf world, their master/slave global scenario; it is finally within grasp, and they'll stop at nothing to get it. No amount of other people's suffering and loss will detour them from obtaining their death saturated "selfishness and laziness" prize.

It doesn't appear to have struck many people yet that putting all of your eggs in one basket is the worst possible way to do things, but it is the way the global privateer movement wants to lay things out for themselves. And it is all for themselves and not for anyone else but themselves, despite the warm fuzzy sounding rhetoric. You don't even have to peel back the curtain anymore to see how disgusting they are. Compare what they say to what comes of what they do. They are taking the world by the throat and will not let go until it stops struggling or stops breathing, either way, they think, they'll come out on top.

Sadly they believe that all those who perish in the transition will be part of a natural phenomenon, a settling of contents during shipment, like boxes of cereal or bags of chips. It will be better in the end, they say. They're obviously sociopathic assholes but I don't see how to get that message across to them. If you know of a way by all means share it, I'd be more than happy to take them on with some love letters and grounded advice about what it means to be a human being in this world. It's my opinion against theirs and their money doesn't make their opinion more valid than mine, though they would obviously differ on that. But they are not alone, they couldn't do anything they do without gigantic numbers of us regular folk going along with them. I'm afraid the truth is they don't really care about what really matters most in life, and sadly it looks like a lot of ordinary people don't really care either. It's all about playing a great big contrived game, a rigged popularity contest, and it's all about winning. It is that juvenile and that shallow. What an oxymoron, losers who think they're winning when they're not winning anything at all. Such a stupid, shortsighted unreality based game where the winners feel good for a while and then end up dead in the end like everybody else. And they say shiny objects only distract dumb animals.

What a shame and a waste it all is. A day doesn't go by that I don't mourn the tragic, albeit ancient repeating events that keep our precious little world from evolving itself into what it could be. The waste of a trashed ecosystem, the waste of irreplaceable pristine water, of arable life giving soils, of unique one of a kind species that are not here to be used up but to perform a particular function in the greater scheme of it all. It is all connected. It is all a unified, living, breathing, thinking, feeling miracle and mystery that has no explanation or reason for being, but there it is anyway. And we're all in it. But always, always, there must be some who cannot feel the awesome beauty of this vast mystery, and who cannot appreciate it in any way, shape or form. To these peculiar ones, all that matters is right now. Fulfilling the appetites of the moment in whatever way feels good to them, at the expense of anyone who gets in the way or who represents fulfillment of said appetites. As long as we, human beings, are seen as commodities by others, as long as this incredible planet is seen as a sack of goodies to be picked over by some few misguided individuals, we will all suffer the consequences. As these misguided others gain more and more power for themselves they do greater and greater damage, and as long as people are too afraid to think for themselves and see where it all will lead, then I'm afraid it's clear enough where we are headed and how this will all turn out.

I don't believe it can be supported to say that killing, destruction and "power" is the formula or the answer to a single thing in this world. Killing solves nothing but a selfish, irrational need to control and possess that which is not yours to control or possess. Power is an imaginary thing, just as security and money are imaginary things. Money has no meaning or validity anywhere except inside our heads. We believe it into existence, but it does not otherwise exist, nor does total safety and security or 'power' over others.

We humans don't like to think, and we don't like having to fend for ourselves. We want to be taken care of, and in exchange for subsistence levels of what we think we want and need, we will follow Satan himself into hell and we will torture and kill perfect strangers who have never done us any harm. We will attach electric wires to women's vaginas and nail men's testicles to the floor on Satan's orders, then go home afterward believing ourselves to be good people who are doing a fine and noble, important job of keeping the world safe from bad people. I am not making this up.

Pretending there are no rules and that anything we like goes is a childish, selfish self-excuse for inexcusable, harmful, horrific behavior. Making it up as you go with rule number one being you can have it all your way and nobody else counts is the very definition of immorality; such a simple concept and yet so grossly misunderstood. Morality is how people treat each other, that's all it is and all it's ever been. We can't be immoral to ourselves, we can only commit immoral acts against others, and we do this every time we choose not to live the values we claim to have. It is fact that there are literally millions of people today who sell and buy other human beings to be used as personal slaves. Adults and children both are bought and sold into sexual slavery, used as domestic slaves, cooks and laborers, and God only knows what else. As long as there are such broken people, such immoral people who cannot see or don't care that others are just like they are, then we won't move forward. Because those broken people breed and carry forward their mental and spiritual diseases, ignorance and sociopathy, over time it is ingrained into personal and cultural DNA. People can't change their own DNA, at least not easily. More so, they don't want to change, no matter if it is for the better.

So yeah, we've got a hell of a challenge ahead to ride out. It can and probably will bring into being the primordial spiritual stuff that brings forth some of the best that human beings have to offer, but at the same time that best will forever be under vicious attack by those who believe it is good and personally prosperous to hold humanity as a whole in chains.

As long as people think that brutalizing, controlling and enslaving others is a normal thing and perfectly natural and sensible and reasonable, we'll stay an awfully long way from changing this world from a slave planet into a free one. Because really, that is what we are. The vast majority of us are slaves at the beck and call of both known and unknown others who want things this way and make things this way, and who by conscious choice order the punishment, imprisonment and executions of dissenters and thinkers and those who speak of freedom and justice and things that go beyond all this violent mess. And the majority of us support it. This spiritual disease is nothing if not infectious and near impossible to cure. Few realize or would believe that the very idea of enemies is something that does not need to be, but it is a strong idea that is roundly embraced by perfectly good people who all share the odd belief that they and their particular group are number one. Whatever that means.

The only way of doing it right is by letting it be what it is; letting everyone work it out for themselves. If that sounds like anarchy then what is an-archy but the absence of archy? Mon-archy. Olig-archy. What's so bad about that? You and I are still here either way; those archy-types have very little to do with all of us in truth and in reality. It's all in what we think and believe and are led to accept as truth whether it's truth or not. Have we ever tried it without grand archys at the helm? Not that I know of. Who says it's such a bad thing? It's worth a twirl.

Accepting differences between peoples isn't all that hard when there's no scarcity or nothing to compete over that requires someone's demoralization or death. It does not have to be done as we do it now and have long done it, requiring and even rejoicing in the mass deaths of millions of others we don't even personally know a thing about just because they are 'bad' and we are so very good. We're not intellectually or spiritually well. Not yet at least.

I think we're always trying to evolve along those lines because it's our natural direction. Yet the more we evolve the more the fearful, the blind and the stupid "cheat" and use violence to try to deny and discredit human progress and development. The R&P's (rich and powerful) have everything invested in humanity staying afraid, blind and stupid like they are. Afraid, blind and stupid people are easy to control, and the R&P's whole thing is controlling others, controlling everything out of unrelenting fear. They are fear based beings, cowards, afraid of the reality that it's all beyond control and beyond answers and even beyond understanding. They can't handle that. Neither can most of us. Even though it is simple reality and in inescapable existence all around us at all times, we prefer to think otherwise, and that silly fantasy gives us release from all our silly fears.

It all boils down to our own conscious decisions, our choices, our morality, our shared values and visions of today, ourselves and tomorrow. As long as the vast majority of our voices cannot be heard or will not be recognized we'll stay stuck in this outdated, self destructive spiritual/mental prison, and wars will rage on and innocents will die and women will be raped and children will be orphaned, not for any good reason because there are no good reasons for such things, but because it is what we're constantly told is "right". If we lack the intellectual prowess to see through that, then we'll live and die in it. Obviously.

I'm quite interested in hearing how others who have come to the same place I have see things. Do they see an overall, incrementally gained progress for the good side or do they see the bad guys coming out ahead in the end? When you add modern technology into the picture and face up to who controls all of it and how they most want to use it, for military domination and planetary control, it is easy to feel understandable panic and believe the future is guaranteed to the worst of humanity to own and control. There are those who say this is our unavoidable future but I disagree.

It's not that cut and dried. Technology can be used for good as well as for bad, it's not technology in itself that's good or bad. Things always and forever will come down to who we are as a species and who we let dominate our world and set our values and define our beliefs. Minds can be changed, thankfully, that is one thing that is a defining truth about who and what we are.

Our most serious problem seems to be our reluctance to engage our brains, to use our own heads, to perceive and think for ourselves and to value the world around us according to what we can easily see to be right and wrong or good and bad. Easy stuff, simple stuff, if your head is in the right place to begin with. Unfortunately, on the average, we are more concerned with what others think of us than what we think of ourselves, with fitting in to a senseless status quo than creating our own solid and real status quo, to looking like winners than actually being winners.

It matters a whole lot what we think winners are and what we believe matters most in life. If we think the most important thing is to have power over others then that's what we'll want to have. If we think competition is great and wiping out enemies is grand then that's what we'll get high doing. If we believe that following mere mortals as if they were God is the thing to do, then we'll do it and not give it a second thought. If we think luxury and sociopathy is better than real happiness, then that's what we'll go for, at the expense of suffering and loss to others, to anyone but ourselves. We go along with whoever seems to be leading when we don't desire to lead ourselves. So even when we are forced to face the truth that having a dishwasher or a car doesn't bring us inner peace and happiness in life, we'll simply try for bigger and better dishwashers and newer cooler cars, never connecting the long rows of dots we've left behind ourselves over so many empty, disappointing years. This is not the path to getting what you really want and need is the message we cannot hear, even while we're drowning in it.

Clearly, the human mind needs a jump start, a little help, some assistance cranking itself into action. It needs good role models to emulate and better sources of information that frame independent thinking and morality as serious forms of wealth, as things to want and treasure for ourselves. You can scour the official 'out there' but you won't find that message anywhere. There's no mystery why. There is no greater threat to the R&P's and selfish cowardly controllers of any millennium than having huge numbers of people gain self respect and think for themselves, deciding for themselves how, why and if they will do anything. Especially threatening is the inevitable moment when thinking people choose to no longer participate in the dead end game of R&P uber alles, or war, or greed, or scarcity, or slavery, or force, or any of the cheesy, cowardly selfish ways things are done in this world. There are such better ways, so much more that can be and will be just as soon as people begin to think for themselves, and begin to value things honestly and accurately, starting with themselves.

You can't lie to somebody who knows the truth, it won't work. No wonder the truth, real truth is something feared, hated and rejected. No wonder we are all led to believe that which is false and personally disempowering. No wonder we actually can't discern the obvious when it's right in our faces. No wonder we willfully cling to and defend old, habitual, nonsensical beliefs and habits and ways of doing things and seeing things, and fear to death anything that would make us strong and personally powerful and self-responsible. We much prefer to be on our knees to others who want power over us, and that pretty much seals our fate. It's obvious you'll never get a fair break on your knees. Yet, even whilst down on our knees we will defend to the death our right to stay there forever.

That's what has to change.

But I digress. Can I digress or what? All I really came to say today was that my absence was likely to continue until it stops continuing, and I don't know when that will be. I don't know why it is per se, only that it is. Other than some scary high blood pressure, I am fine and otherwise probably too busy for my own good. That said, I will write again at some point, so do check back again, at some point. I'll catch up with you then. Until then, take care and be well, and though it hardly needs to be said to you, keep on thinking. That is the only thing that can and eventually will change the world.


  1. Claire10:00 AM

    Ang, your work is amazing. So passionate.

    I am a mother. I want to keep on thinking but sometimes it gets too painful to do so.

    My son is a truly beautiful person, just on the verge of becoming a man. I can't bear to dwell on what the future has in store for him, for us.

    But at the same time, I am compelled to read blogs such as yours, read books, watch documentaries. Knowing that there are people like you/me out there gives me hope.

  2. Claire,

    It takes courage to face unpleasant realities. You're doing that. That tells me that you care enough to want to get an accurate view as opposed to a preferred one that feels better. For what it's worth my advice is when it gets too hard, hurts too much, or feels overwhelming, disconnect. Clear it all from your mind, it's not going anywhere, and becoming personally disabled in a manner of speaking if you know what I mean, won't change a thing or help anyone. You can't keep your head in the poop sack 24/7, you have to come up for air and find the things that nourish you and make you feel happy and get you more in touch with why all of this matters in the first place.

    For me, once I got the general gist, it just began to ease up on me. I watch it go by and don't focus on every detail. I have to remember that not everything we're fed is truth. This is all so political that really, who knows what the hell is going on. I feel much more comfortable when all sides are given voice and are allowed to speak for themselves, and whenever that's not happening, I plug my nose and recognize that a game is being played. I don't have time for that crap, and neither do you.

    Concentrate on that wonderful boy of yours and teach him what he needs to navigate in a world that is both beautiful and ugly, but to concentrate on the good stuff, pick something that needs help and help it and that's what we all need to do. It feeds us all around and keeps us from feeling powerless and overwhelmed. It all boils down to individual people and our personal reality and how we live it. Caring about someone else, helping when we can, wisely, rationally, backing off when we need to, it's not easy but it's real. What else is there that matters as much as that?

    I have abundant hope for the future. There are no unbeatable foes on this earth. We're all flesh and blood. Some of us are nicer than others, but no one's got any special advantage. Bringing the high and mighty down to eye level makes them far less scary or impressive. I remember seeing Paul Wolfowitz put his whole comb in his mouth and then comb his hair with it like a total dufus on one of Michael Moore's movies and I thought, oh gross. What a goober. Because he is a goober. They're all goobers.

    Never believe anyone's above you. No such thing. Just being able to seek truth puts you way ahead of the game. You have less to fear than the clueless among us. They have no idea and the slightest thing sends them running in a panic. That's exhausting as well as potentially disasterous. It doesn't help.

    I want to see these glaring problems fixed too, believe me. But what's even harder is understanding that it takes time and it's always been like this somewhere, somehow. The best people are all around us, and they tend to be so low key. It's easy to think we're alone and outnumbered but really pay attention to the message when people stand and speak out. Folks know right from wrong, at least a good amount of them do. And people are very smart, they just keep a low profile but they know what's going on. There's room for all of this. It's what we have.

    I think it's ultimately far more important for us to dig in and spread out in the things that make us the most happy. That's where you should live. That should be your normal. That only makes sense. From there you can decide what you want to do and when and why and you'll always know you can go home and find what you care about.

    Thanks for your lovely comment.


  3. Ang,

    I've been following you since your "Independence Day" post awhile back.

    It's necessary to say that even though you speak about the dark content I am always led, in the end, to feel emboldened when reading your posts.

    And that humanity is entering an age that we can get rid of all of this psychic and spiritual imposition is something I feel and look forward to. And I am encouraged to know that their are others and that as Terrence Mckenna said "Find the others..." that I come across blogs such as yours.

  4. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Ang, I love you! I am not in love with you but I love you as a person. Your innate wisdom and flowing way of passing it on. You are a teacher.
    It is simple the way you explain it all.

    Thank you for taking the time to write this short blog ;>) You are wonderfully prolific - so much better for us. But, Ang, please do look after yourself, take time to not-do.

    Much love and gentle hugs


  5. Delbor,

    I think I should take more six week detours. If disappearing for a month and a half is all it takes to get comments this nice I will remember to do it more often.

    Things are simple as I see it. I don't believe in complexity, I think right and wrong are simple enough for little children to understand. Whenever I hear someone claiming that something is too difficult or complex for others to comprehend I already know they're full of it. Anyone can understand anything. It's a matter of stating it simply and in a way that it can be understood. Complexity is a smoke screen, something to try to hide behind. Humans just aren't that complicated. That's not to say that people can't be complex and amazing, these aren't the same things. Complexity of process, of construction, of definition and recognition, this is what's not complicated.

    Thanks for your nice comment.


  6. St. -

    Wow, how cool that you can remember what post you first read here. Good memory you've got.

    I do speak about dark things, but dang it, I have to. But there's good news to go with that. The good news is that I'm never stuck in one place, I'm learning and crunching it all out as I go. And what's come around is this much welcomed calmness that goes with all of these things. In spite of all the ugly bits, and don't make me explain this just yet, I feel honest to goodness expectations for many positive ends to come along and heal these wounds on our world. That's what I see as more than some goofy hope, but as something I expect like expecting a train to arrive.

    We all have so much more spirit, passion and power than we're led to believe. When I see shitty things I get ornery. I don't like cruelty, hypocrisy or injustice. It doesn't make me feel bad about myself it makes me feel stronger. I want to kick some ass. In a positive way, not literally. A good sized caterpillar is probably scarier than me. Though I will admit, I can emit a vibe that gets taken quite seriously.

    Thanks for your comment.


  7. Anonymous5:24 PM

    We have to be the change we want to be...Ghandi's exortation to those who would be free. You know this.
    It isn't that people are unaware of the situation, they are, but really do acquiesce to the ostrich mentality of hiding one's head in the sand. You are quite right that people do not want to fend for themselves, and often gain more in servitude than they would outside of it. That's the system.
    I completely agree with your superb erudition, but ultimately, along with the edification of what people are up against, they want to see a path to a solution, something that looks worthwhile for mixing it against those that are seeking to enslave them.
    We don't need to wear the armband of a slave by which we are able to identify ourselves to each other, we know we are legion!
    For all the moral and principled stance we can take against our transgressors, we have to recognize and accept that to change the situation will eventually require physical acts (as much as I abhor such recognition). We are being 'bullied', and the only way to sort a bully out is to stand up to them mentally with forebearance, and physically with uncompromisng fortitude. There really is no other way, intellectuality will only get you so far, but ultimately, it is the last 'resort' in politics that will win us the day. Only then can we apply Ghandi's exhortation.

  8. Anonymous,

    I don't agree that there needs to be any sort of physical, let's just say it, violent confrontation. On the basic technical front, you're talking about a bunch of rag tag hopped up inexperienced regular folks daring the largest most well armed and notoriously effective military on the face of the earth to come kick our collective ass. It wouldn't take much effort on their part.

    I don't see any possibility of prevailing over microwave weapons and head beating cops and a whole lot of weapons and bullets and technology, not in this soft fuzzy fascist environment...the sheer gusto of our militarized enforcers, the joyous love of their work would rapidly bring home the fact that your face will be crunched in and your legs will bend the wrong way and then you'll get handcuffed and then if you don't bleed out, you'll be charged with all kinds of ghastly sounding bullshit that will zip through any courtroom like it was greased because this is the stuff they love to prosecute. It's a dead end for the bleeding side. You would make it too easy for them, and way too much fun.

    Ghandi had a lot of insightful things to say. His take on violence or force was interesting. He wasn't opposed to it but he specified certain situations that he said to hit hard or walk away. He said if you're going to hit hard just know going in that you could easily end up dead. Be sure it's worth the price.

    I don't think it is. One of the worst things this govt does that I want to see ended is killing people in huge numbers and calling it a solution. It's not a solution, it's killing. Not even close to the same things. Killing sucks. They're obligated to do better than that. It's revolting, their disregard for life.

    I agree that using our heads and coming up with a good strategy likely to get the plutocrats to quit being such huge a-holes and feel some fear and hand over some justice here, that's got to be. But they're not scared of us getting whipped up and pulling off violence. They'd love that. They're all about suppressing the angry hoards with brutal force. They would be tickled about it. What they wouldn't like is people simply refusing to cooperate with their desires. What they wouldn't like is for whatever makes their money flow in to suddenly go idle and stop that money coming in. When people calmly refuse to keep turning their little money crank for them, they lose spine real quick. It's not advertised much but moments just like that have time again made the crusty old deaf guys to hear the people and things were very quickly agreed to and changed because the rich guys wanted their money flowing in again. It's not so hard to get those folks to listen and give a little back. What's hard is getting our own side involved and participating. All it would ever take to make massive changes is everybody standing and saying, it's time for massive changes. You are all excused. We're reorganizing and your services are no longer needed or wanted.

    Not a shot would be fired and all the skunks would have to go home. The challenge is out here. We have to tell people things they don't know but would care about. We need to educate folks and explain the non violent non cooperation thing. If we were really serious we'd get well organized enough that people would be able to help each other with food and other needs and just stay home and refuse to go along with one more thing. If we could hold out for weeks or months, we'd get what we want. But it has to be done absolutely peacefully because if it isn't, they'll toast us and roast marshmallows on our hot cross buns.

    Thanks for your comment.


  9. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Perhaps I wasn't clear in my meaning, Ang, but recognition of confronting that which seeks to enslave us, necessarily requires resistance of some kind, either it be mental or physical, or both...or you accept the enslavement.
    For all the power the would-be enslaver holds, he/she is nothing more than a 'bully', willing to do whatever is necessary for them to remain a bully. They will remain so whilst no one stands up to them. To do so, one needs to develop a conscience of self-esteem to combat the imposition of 'fear' put upon us.
    I should think most of us want something of a ideal world, where equality, fraternity, and peace, are glues that bind us together, but the greed and avarice of the few continue to supplant that adhesion. Wherever there is no adhesion, there's no cohesion, and therefore no agreement. These are the faultlines and fractures in, and appearing deeper in our societies. A continuation of the way things are will lead to inevitable collapse...it really is unavoidable.
    We've seen the first signs of the collapse with the world-wide finacial debacle, a collapse that would have dominoed (as a verb) around the world in the eruption of anarchy and chaos. The only way it was avoided (temporarily mind) was to bail the corrupted out. They were quite willing to shrug their shoulders and say it was good while it lasted, but instead of shrugging their shoulders they were able to hold out their hands and receive the ransom for economic-blackmail...and now it has become a precedent that does not remove the corruption, but supports it, emboldens it, breeds it. All for the sake of staving off the inevitable collapse.
    As patrons of the future, as the designers of the world our future generations will inherit, are we not duty-bound to provide for them a world worth living in? I think we are...even unto the cost of our lives.
    Two world-wars were fought by a people much more resolved and willing to pay the ultimate price against tyranny in all its forms, but the wost tyranny, is that to which we offer up only silence and inaction...domestic tyranny.
    As you correctly state, Ghandi was quite aware when to hit and when not to. He was talking about right action, at the right time, for the right principle. Once those three align, we must not hesitate on the opportunity, regardless of personal cost. If we do, then we choose enslavement. The choice is everybody's to make. It is their freedoms and liberties that they can wantonly refuse and lose, or fight to keep. Freedom and liberty has never been 'free', it comes at the cost of life and limb. It requires the citizen to be forever sentinel to the machinations of their government and their employer.
    Our societies need to be reformed back to the concepts and principles that actually lead to social cohesion...that is the path we must take. Even so, it still requires a collapse of the society we currently participate in.

  10. Dabunker11:18 AM

    I agree with your message to a very large degree. However, I keep seeing references toward various republican political figures. While I can agree with this, I hope you don't think that the corruption and control is one sided. If so, you are still drinking the Koolaid, just a different flavor. To be truly honest with the issue, you have to get to the place where you realize the desire for power, money and control transcends party affiliation.

    Your eyes are mostly open, don't stop now...