Monday, March 16, 2009


At some point in life, a good many of us begin to look around and take notice of the whole of the condition this world is in. It's not all glistening and shiny. It's not just success stories about how hard work and perseverance made regular people prevail. It's not about the mass marketing spewed from 300 million TV sets every minute of the day and night every single day of the year, or the stock markets or glamorous movie and television stars. It goes far beyond the cults of personality and privilege that dominate our aggregate social consciousness. In fact, once we do begin to take notice we soon find that none of that stuff matters, nor is it real, nor does it have a flaming thing to do with real life on this real world.

Odd, isn't it? That what's the most real, the most urgent, the most meaningful, is routinely swept out of sight and out of mind by our dear leaders and the monopolized establishment media? It's as if they want us to believe that reality doesn't really exist. We're to play along and pretend the tinsel on our Christmas trees is really snow and that the brand of beer we buy determines some part of who we are as people. If the system had its way, we'd see ourselves not as human beings but as consumers who are also the assets called human capital on somebody else's financial statement.

There's little doubt that the system is pushing hard to have its way these days. There factually is a media blackout of reality. Dissent is nonexistent according to the dominant media sources, which unfortunately remain the primary information sources for so many people. We don't hear about the growing numbers of tent cities springing up all around us, as if they're simply not there. We don't hear the personal stories of those who have been brutally ejected from their places in the system, ejected by the system itself, which has suddenly decided that millions of us must be ejected to facilitate its own survival. We are being told that we must give up much of what we have, that we must forfeit critical necessities, we must even give up rights, in order to save the great machine.

It's all quite contrary to common sense and reason. Yet nobody on our TV sets is asking the questions so many of us have, like, is this system something we want to save? Why should we care more about saving a non living thing, an idea, than we care about retaining our health, well being and prosperity? Why should we have to give up or forego anything to save a drunken, bloated abusive bureaucracy that in fact, doesn't serve us anymore? Why should we be given to believe we matter less than this system that has become a predator and beast instead of a servant and facilitator of what we stand for and believe in?

The system has indeed become an odious, licentious beast. It consumes us. It treats us as irrelevant as its concerns turn to self preservation. We are expected, no, obligated, even against our will, to bleed for the system, to be homeless for the system, to go hungry so that the system may be glutted and full and satisfied.

At what point will it occur to the masses that things are turned all the way around? At what point might people remember that the system is of no worth at all if it does us no good? I think that point is definitely here. People do feel the increasing weight of the burden of simple survival. It's getting harder every day to sustain life and retain the necessities of food and a roof over our heads. But I wonder what it will take to fully and finally peel away the scales from the eyes of the mass mind so that it can see the system for the illegitimate predatory monster that it is, that it always has been, indeed that it was designed to be.

Why do we not recognize our fair share and our right to it? Why are we so easily convinced by others that they are entitled to what we need and we are obligated, even patriotic by letting them have it? Why do we only grumble at the taxes taken out of our paychecks instead of knowing at a visceral level that no one on the face of this earth is entitled to help themselves to the fruits of our own physical labor? What daydream, or nightmare is it, that prevents us from seeing ourselves as above any system, as infinitely more important than any ideology, as the very point that any system at all should even exist?

The system itself has forgotten that it only exists to ensure our prosperity and to see that our shores are defended from outside attack. Or has it forgotten? It talks the talk to be sure, but it does not walk the walk. Judging only by the results of its actions we can see that it acts against our best interests across the board. In fact, what we most need protection from is the system itself.

Who among us is taught in school that the very reason we wanted to be self governing in the first place was to be free of the predatory rule of wealthy oligarchs and tyrants? We wanted the right to keep what belonged to us, to have our households respected by our authorities and to be given the benefit of the doubt when suspected of wrong doing, instead of having all we own and all we are be seized and turned to dust with the wave of a rich man's hand. Those who came before us knew very well the bottomless greed of the rich and the merchant and banking classes, they knew the natural bond between wealth and state, and they knew that the state is only the enforcement arm of the monied class which looks upon all peoples everywhere as chattel and prey to be used for their own profit and gain.

The idea of that repels us today as we see the injustice of it. Yet the fact that this is what we have before us right now still eludes so many people. They have no knowledge of the reality of all ruling systems or the purpose for those systems. They have no hint of history and no frame of reference for any such vile people who would do anything, kill any number of people to take their land and their natural wealth; and who see the general population of the world as nothing more than a slave class in excess which they feel the right to cull at will with whatever means they see fit. I'm not sure people can appreciate the depraved indifference to life and humanity that is the millennial birthmark of the wealthy class. There is something very different about these people indeed, but it has nothing to do with noble birth or innate superiority. Quite the opposite. In the truest sense these are people lacking basic humanity and morality. These are malfunctioning people who, given their way, immediately set about to pillage, plunder, oppress, control, silence and enslave everyone they can entrap. They are dangerous not only to humanity but to the continued health and existence of all life and ecologies on the planet. To them, the disastrous fallout of their great wealth creating technological system is something to ignore, a mere side effect of achieving their tremendous wealth and power.

But it's not a "side" effect. It doesn't happen on the "side" of anything. It happens right out front and center of many people's lives and it directly destroys towns, cities, lives, species and health, poisoning critical natural resources and destroying drinking water, fertile soils, oceans and the very air we breathe and depend on to sustain all life on earth. These are not "side" effects of anything, they are direct outcomes that come at a very high price. An ultimate price that threatens every last person on earth and every living thing overtly and directly. Yet, eerily and against all comprehension, the system consistently behaves as if none of these killing threats are real. It refuses to acknowledge what it has created, what it destroys, who it kills. And it does this in because it believes that nothing matters more than creating wealth for the already wealthy so that they may feel their lives are worth living. If it means the slow and total destruction of everyone and everything else, so be it. The system matters more than life. Your life, my life takes no place on the stage of the system. It stands alone before us proclaiming its penultimate, critical importance, claiming its right to exist while stomping its foot and insisting that many must die so that it may be satiated. (Seems to be a recurrent theme these days).

If it wears a suit, trust it. It never lies. It is respectable. It is distinguished. It is important. It is busy, do not interrupt it.
If it wears a uniform and carries a gun, it is noble, honest, faithful and true. Trust it. Worship it. Obey it.
If it bears an official credential, it is superior to you. It knows better than you. Believe it. Do not question it. Accept it on faith.
If it's just a regular person, it is irrelevant. If it dissents, crush it.
The system must prevail.

If it is between more dollars in the bank accounts of wealthy financiers
and the health and justice of a common man, the wealth of financiers is officially and automatically the default priority.
Their money is more important than your life.
If many must die so that few may prosper, it is good and right and true. It is golden and imperial. It must be so.
The system must prevail.

It used to be, in earlier days, our wealthy class knew better than to believe they could flaunt their retarded imperialist attitudes in public and expect to get away with it. They never expected to be worshiped and obeyed by the average person. They never expected the public to embrace their deluded belief that they were better than the rest of us, or that they actually own everything on the planet and that the people are not entitled to have a single thing. They're not drooling down the shirt stupid. They do get it, at least enough to realize that few would agree with them and take a place at their feet, or out in the barnyard on dirt floors with the pigs and cows and sheep.

Strangely, the wealthy elites today have no shame anymore. They are obnoxious and openly destructive and quickly call for violent force to be used against those who have a problem with their absurd concepts of who they are and who the rest of us are. Instead of comprehending the basic preposterous, nonsensical idiocy of their precepts, they more than ever, have dug in their heels and more loudly than ever assert a fictitious right to privilege and special treatment and living above and beyond the law.

The officialdom of big fat government has followed along on the same path, asserting its privilege over ours, and its sudden strange need and ability to have and demand rights that it no longer deems necessary to extend to us. Our government has become expert at coming up with a thousand and one reasons to insist that we have no rights, no rights to our property, no rights to speak freely, no rights to hate who we will and love who we will or worship or not worship as we will, no rights to be safe in our own homes from government intrusion, no rights to refuse to fund the strength of a system that predates us and undermines us. Indeed, the point of view of all officialdom is rapidly becoming the standard perspective of wealth and power. They count and we don't matter. And this is bit by bit, yard by yard, becoming the written and protected law of our land.

It becomes less than mysterious that our government's value system is a carbon copy of the retarded elite's "value" system. Who's running this show? Well it's not us, that's for sure.

I have a problem with that. Tell me, are you either somebody's servant or in the way and okay to be exterminated? Is it too weird that that's even a question? How could it come to be like this? And all without the average person on the street even being aware of it. As abusive, predatory, immoral and unjust as our society has become, people are still not yet grasping what's happening. It's just too hard to believe a) that there are people that ugly, and b) that "the government" would allow such ugly people to legally backhand us to oblivion with their unbridled greed and record breaking avarice. Folks are waiting for an official announcement. A confession. They need the man in the suit on their TV sets to read a prepared statement from the rulers of the earth.

"The White House press secretary had this to say today. The president has a message for every American. He would like to announce that the new world order is officially here. America is no longer a country in the old way of thinking. It is only the name of a place that includes a strip of real estate in north America. The ruling elites of the world have retaken their rightful thrones and will now rule over all the world's people, hereafter to be referred to as serfs. This is all very good and the people of America are encouraged to be happy with this new arrangement. There is no longer a Bill of Rights, or Human Rights, or War Crimes. There are no Geneva Conventions. You will do as you are told, or you will be shot. It is a glorious day indeed.

From this day forward all persons shall be judged by the value of their labor production. Those who do not produce will be culled. Non-producers must report to one of our 900 American work camps to be retrained and refreshed in their attitudes. If their inability to work persists or is due to ill health, age or disability, they will be incinerated in one of our many new Population Enhancement Units. Do not worry, it is painless. Or so we are told. Death is instantaneous and happy.

From this day forth all serfs will refer to authorities and officials as "your majesty" or "my lord". You are required to bow your heads in their presence. Dissent will not be tolerated.

It is strongly preferred that all accept the wonderful improvements of the new world order with a smile on their face and joy in their hearts. Those who do will be fed and given labor to perform. However we are aware that for some this transition will not seem immediately beneficial or pleasant. Because we are benevolent, we are allowing a 30 day period for you to adjust to this news, during which time you are strongly encouraged to get used to it. This is what it's going to be from now on. After the end of this generous 30 day adjustment period, unhappy unwilling people will be collected and routed to work camps.

Truly, this is an occasion for joy and celebration. Your majestic rulers are most pleased that all has been accomplished with such sweeping success, without your awareness or consent. You don't matter anyway. So all is very well indeed. The current and former presidents all thank you for your idiotic trust. That you are naught but sheeple has been proven. You are born only to follow and do as you are told. Rejoice. From this day forward you will have what you want. You will be relieved of the burdens of thinking and achieving and planning and worrying about anything. All will be taken care of for you. Truly, you are blessed."

That's not going to happen. There will be no such announcement, and there's a reason for that. The reason is that if people were told the score in plain English, they'd be hip to what's going on. If they got hip to what's going on they'd stop this fatal idiocy and none of it could ever happen. People wouldn't like being serfs and seeing friends and loved ones dragged off to be brainwashed or killed. You don't even need much in the brains department to know that's a terrible deal. No one would opt for it. The only reason the controllers are getting away with so much criminal activity is because people don't know about it. Believe it, they need it to stay that way.

Interestingly, it doesn't look like that's what they're going to get. People are waking up in droves. People are asking questions, getting angry, demanding answers and wanting accountability. The controllers are being surrounded on all sides by a population that is no longer amused with their despicable, insensitive bullshit.

That's not to say the dominator class is at all detracted from attaining their final goal of total domination of planet earth, as asinine a goal as that is. Unable to learn, incapable of shame, they will ceaselessly forge onward, believing that as long as they're going for it there's a chance it will come. This is something we would do well to remember. They will never go away. Ever.

That said, there is good reason to see the times before us as lusciously ripe with opportunity. The grand veil has been drawn aside. We can all see the men behind the curtain. The whole world can see them, and all at the same time. The whole world is feeling the blow and pinch and stings of the stupid belief systems of the arrogant dominant class and their unrivaled idiotic greed. The controllers know they are exposed.

Now is not a time to feel powerless or to believe nothing can be done to push back. The reality is the exact opposite. Once people know something it cannot be un-known. It's there for good. More and more people now know these guys are deadly jokers, vipers and liars who are having their fun at everyone else's expense. Even with a new president in the house, people are not so willing to go back to sleep, not after the bush crime family shit and pissed on this country and nearly killed every good thing about it. People are awake and paying attention. What I see are people speaking out, talking about what they see. It had to happen, things don't make sense. People want answers. What used to sound like loony conspiracy theory is proving much easier to believe. It's all beginning to come out. This is only the crest, the very top of a great wave that has no other choice but to fall. And fall, it will.

The men who want to make the world their play thing are ordinary men. They are not all powerful or omnipotent. They are guys with boxer shorts who pass gas and want to get laid like every other guy. They can be led off the world stage and be told to sit down and be quiet because they're ridiculous and they've done more than enough damage. They've proven themselves to be pathetic ideologue idiots who are a poop stain on the underwear of the world. Enough already. We want some real leadership in there to fix this mess. That much is clear. Overwhelmingly, the American people are thoroughly and deeply appalled, disgusted and sickened by the damage done in the last two presidencies alone. Bush was the equivalent of a date rape drug. His true intentions became obvious when this country woke up bloodied and robbed with it's innocence gone.

Nope. We're not ready to go back to sleeping and blindly trusting just yet. This roller coaster ride is just taking off.


  1. Ang, I vehemently disagree with this premise-

    “It used to be, in earlier days, that the wealthy classes knew better than to believe they could flaunt their retarded imperialist attitudes in public and expect to get away with it.”

    I’m not sure what you mean by ‘earlier days,’ but this statement, and the paragraph that contains it, seems diametrically in opposition to so many previously held beliefs you have espoused in so many earlier blogs . From the time of ancient Egypt and its line of ‘god’ pharaohs dating back to 3000 BC, through the era of the Roman empire and its ‘deity’ emperors, to England’s class structured society, where lineage was everything, to today’s corporate state, where money supplants lineage and is the supreme measure of all things, close to 100% of these people have ALWAYS believed that they could flaunt their imperialist attitudes, ‘superiority’, ‘divine rights’ , and any/every other fallacy that could further their class and cause. England’s history over just the past three centuries is a sterling example, negating your entire paragraph. Sons of kings and emperors, scions of the captains of business and industry, and the offspring of the political ruling classes have ALWAYS been ingrained with the belief, from birth, that they were gods, or superior, or special, a breed apart from ordinary people. These people ALWAYS expected the public to embrace their deluded belief that they were better than the rest of us. THEY were brought up believing it. They DO believe that they actually own everything on the planet and that the people are not entitled to have a single thing. And their ‘justification’ is almost always the same, the world over. They have been successful. Their methods do not count. Their god has rewarded them, and therefore justified their acts. And so their superiority is anointed by god. It is part of their ‘training’, reinforced by a lifetime of privilege and reward without the necessity of merit. They did not pretend to believe in their superiority. By an overwhelming percentage, they DID believe it. And they still do.

  2. "But I wonder what it will take to fully and finally peel away the scales from the eyes.."

    That won't happen. There will always be those that will do anything, kiss anyone's butt and do what they are told because..well, nothing's up with Monday Night Football and those will be the ones shooting at people like you and me when it hits the fan. Sadly many of those people are 'friends' of mine @ area churches.
    Go figure.

    That said, you will drive yourself bugshit if you don't get out and play a little. What will happen will happen. All we can do is pray, hope and try our best.

  3. JC-

    I specifically meant our own rich folk but didn't convey that very well. I changed the line to read "our wealthy class". Our elites used to be expected to do good things with their money, and they actually did a few good things once upon a time. Otherwise, I totally agree with you about the ruling classes of history being useless, selfish twits.


  4. Kevin John,

    Yeah, I agree it would be wise to avoid the team sport religionists when the lights go out. Predatory Christianity is a strange thing indeed.

    I'm a true believer in having fun every day, otherwise what's the point? Whatever happens will happen is exactly right. Stressing out over the possibilities is debilitating and non productive. There are way better things to do.


  5. Anonymous10:49 AM


    This essay opens a couple of cans of worms. At least these cans don't have any potassium choride in them:-)

    First, when do the masses wake up?
    Second, what do they do if/when they wake up?

    You wrote the following:

    "At what point will it occur to the masses that things are turned all the way around?"

    My answer to this is never. The only time I can think of in history where the masses woke up to the true horror of their condition was in France before the revolution. I am sure there must be other examples but I am no historian. But reading through your musings here, I couldn't help but be struck by the same dilemma Winston Smith - the protagonist in the novel '1984' - faced when realizing the only challenge to Big Brother lay with the Proles who were hopelessly distracted by ever-shifting realities, calls to patriotism, and appeals to their violent nature. How is it any different in our time? We have a group of citizens who demonizes anyone who disagrees with their viewpoint. We have ubiquitous anesthesia from shows like American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. Try to point out the idiocy of these programs to someone who watches them and you will see first-hand the violent defense of stupidity. We see the least patriotic, most brazenly cowardly among us wrap themselves in a figurative flag. The bread and circuses of our time is politics and television. The level of education necessary to effect a massive change will not occur. Thus it comes as no surprise that those who would do the most harm will always pay token concern to the cause of education. Educated people are a threat to any form of control.

    There is another cause of perpetuity here. It doesn't take very many people to keep the current socio-economic machinery humming along in its current state. Most businesses where I've worked do not promote the best and brightest cogs in the machine. Those who are promoted are the ones who blindly follow every order given. There will always be a small group of people who will not bother to concern themselves with morality or righteous cause. These people see the chance for monetary gain or social empowerment and cast every other objection aside. Thus the dumb and blind become 'leaders' whose only skill is in perpetuating the very systems that are broken.

    Now, let's say enough people wake up and realize the futility of a massively upward redistribution of wealth and the dehumanizing effects on individuals and the historical danger to a stable government this redistribution represents. What do they do? They can vote, sure. But disenfranchisement is a regular cottage industry. A mere vote merely gives us another leader with a mouthful of platitudes and empty promises. So what about revolution? Do we bring back the guillotine and public executions? Are the disenfranchised morally bound to NOT engage in the sort of dehumanizing behavior that underpins the current 'system?' And if so, how does meaningful change occur? And if not, how is it any different?

    There is a passage in 1984 where Winston Smith is asked what he is willing to do to overthrow big brother. He will do anything: lie, murder, disseminate porn to school children, anything. If this is the cost of changing a broken system, how could the new one be any better?

    Those who would continue to steal on the scale we are currently seeing care more about themselves than country. I certainly agree that there is an inhuman quality to them. What is incumbent upon each of us is to point out at every chance the bankrupt nature of this value system. Perhaps, that is the 'system' that needs to be exposed in the simplest terms possible so that the farm couple in Iowa who lose their only son in a needless war can finally understand the great cost of listening to the lies that serve so few.

    Another good essay here, Ang.

  6. bigj-yoda,

    Hear, hear. Well said. I remember a TV preacher once saying how God would return to Jerusalem to sit on his throne and rule the world; and all the people would know God was in charge and they would obey God. And I thought, human nature being what it is, the tremendous selfish, small mindedness, the propensity for perversity and narcissism etc, that I doubt even God would have much luck bringing the world to its senses. God would probably be assassinated if it were possible, to make way for some power hungry tyrant. I can't imagine things changing so drastically that we'd ever be free of people who want to be the center of the universe.

    That said, people want to do good and be good, it's inherent in most of us I believe. We can be taught, we can learn. As it is people are not exposed to the kind of thinking and influences that will lift them and bring about intelligent, benevolent change. Yet, somehow in the over all, the better side of humanity seems to prevail consistently, even if it occasionally gets set back, it still returns to take a 51% foot hold and prevent total physical and moral collapse. Plus there's always the thing about people learning the hard way. That's a hard one and it's unavoidable. When we screw up we pay for it, and if we're remotely intelligent we will learn from it. It's slow going and much harder than it needs to be, but that's how it has to be done I suppose, as long as such heavy negative influences retain so much control.

    Thanks for your excellent comment.


  7. Anonymous11:29 PM

    Fantastic work Angie. Stuck you up on my blog tonight, only wish I saw this sooner.

  8. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Population overshoot, climate change and peak oil severely limit the time the human race has to reform itself.

    A sub-species of psychopaths has taken control, not because power corrupts but because only the corrupt seek power.

    Now we have people who exercise power over every aspect of our lives, including the contents of our body fluids.

    Now we have trans-generational legacies of environmental destruction and irresponsible use of non-renewable resources.

    As a race we learned to celebrate libertine excess as emblematic of success in life. We expect it of our leaders and they never disappoint.

    This self-destructive co-enabling co-dependancy between psychopaths and sheople has developed over the course of 10,000 years into a malignant blight upon nature.

    The future of the human race literally lives in your personal real-time decisions. We can continue down the bumpy path to self-extinction or use our minds to overcome the psychological problems and mental aberrations that otherwise doom our species.

    Psychopaths are neither reformable nor redeemable. OK sheople, now what?

  9. Could not agree more! It's nice to read a rant like this that isn't a ramble and not the same old 'kill your TV' regurgitated counterculture blah blah blah. Keep up the good fight!

  10. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Inflation has been very high, salaries and wages did not keep pace. The 'few' that were allowed to insure financial transaction and those few who failed to regulate need to be held accountable. Mob sourcing greed, hate, fear, ambition all manner of sin is easy. We've just learned that.

    Those who were free to do that did. Those who followed were masses of people, all seeing that sex in the streets with teenagres was now legal and even if you were 'caught' it was the public's fault.

    This is a matter of values, as you point out and values for each and every person.

    Demand higher wages. Demand your bank give you part of the bailout and explain how their bailout is going to help you.

    Demand answers where you live, and with those you know. Don't let this crap roll around your favorite blog as arm-chair generals.

    Get out and RAISE *YOUR* prices. Not your costs. Demand government put price controls back into place. Demand your pay increases by 35% over the next 18 months and *everything* is cured.

    No bailouts, no 'stimulus' no debts, no bankers to worry about, no abuse, no auto-plays, no threats from bankers to close the bank or refuse to lend money since they lost all their money..


    Each and everyone has that power. Will the public have the balls to do that?

    Its tough when there are threats of no food, no housing no job, no anything. So what. join a farm coop, partner with construction workers to make you own housing. Pool resources together to buy and apt complex and move there and make it better.

    People can solve this. Waiting for Bush for 8 years or congress for 12 didn't work. I'm not certain waiting for Mt. Obama will, unlesss the people support him and give him some power.

    Right now the banks are taking his power (money).
    Demonstrate, support for democracy.

  11. Ang,

    As I read your posting I could feel the profound depth of your frustration and your boiling anger and resentment at the current state of affairs.

    All of us are annoyed to varying degrees by the increasingly and seemingly mindless path we see our society taking.

    We envision the potential of horrors and chaos resulting from the self serving decisions those in power make, with no apparent concern for those of us who live encumbered by their rule.

    But are these circumstances so unusual from an historic perspective? I think not.

    People have the same wants, needs and desires today as they did 10,000 years ago.

    But compared to the serfs and slaves of old... we do have one distinct advantage.


    We have at our fingertips one of the most incredibly powerful pieces of technology the world has ever seen.

    Technology that allows us to express our opinions and write words and create images that can be seen by people the world over... in real time.

    Technology that allows us to communicate with others simply and easily, with the click of a mouse.

    I argue that that this technology was invented, promoted and appropriated to all people by those who brought about the 'current state of affairs'.

    Yes maybe the ship we are on is headed for rough waters and maybe we have doubts about our captains ability to bring us to safe harbor.

    That's undeniable.

    Maybe something has gone horribly wrong. Maybe we are on the path to destruction that you expressed so succinctly but others of us aren't quite so sure about.

    I ask though is it now time to jump over board... as the seas are swelling?

    Instead it may be more prudent to march to the pilot house, arm and arm with your fellow sailors and remove the captain from the helm.

    However, if we choose that option, we better be dam sure that the pilot we put in place of the captain to commander this huge vessel has better vision than the captain we removed.

    Or we may find our ship floundering even worse and listing more than ever before.

    We could unexpectedly get crushed upon the shoals that our new pilot, with all his self assured high mindedness, failed to recognize was right in front of the ship he was guiding.


  12. Michael,

    That's just it, isn't it? Putting a new captain at the helm usually just creates a new monster. Allowing anyone to have power over other people's lives is guaranteed to cause problems somewhere along the line. I'm not sure why we have the idea that a central power figure is a good thing. It's not at all democratic, and it has nothing to do with being in charge and control over one's own life, resources and personal community. As long as there is so much money to made from controlling an institution that can help itself to other people's money, it won't matter much who the boss is.

    You are right in sensing my disgust with the lack of moral, ethical leadership we keep getting. I suppose I am angry about it, but nothing like I used to be. I'm to the point now where I find it humorous, or at least it would be funny if so many people weren't getting hurt. What truly angers me is the arrogance and the lies of this government and the nastiness of extremist Israeli politics. That gets my blood pressure up.

    Thanks for your thoughtful comment.


  13. Anonymous3:22 PM

    brilliant, brilliant essay.

  14. Anonymous6:06 AM

    Greetings--New reader from a link at nobodys blog--
    You can only decide for yourself and maybe the masses will lean and the wind will blow them in the right direction--but more than likely not
    What can you do? Mainly, stop buying crap--fix what you have or throw it away--do we really need a TV in every room with attached VCR/DVD player and surround sound--
    Stop playing the con-job stock market--it's the shell game, and it's rigged--lotsa folks just found that out--why go to college, it just sucks the money and life out of you--
    Stop giving your money to the other whores--churches--any idea where it goes anyway?
    Working for minimum wage, or less than you used to make--well, you're not sending boatloads of tax money in, heck you may not pay any taxes at all--sign up for every freakin' benefit you've paid into for the last 30 years--food stamps, medicaid, housing--they are relying on you having "(false)pride" and pulling yourself up by the bootstraps--but they stole your boots--refuse to play the game--just turn your back on it to whatever extent you can--heck, grow a garden and go hunting in (or out-tee hee) of season--hunting season is just to keep more rules choking you--please check your local laws--lol--
    Basically, you're on your own--but thats cool--you always have been--
    The whore that is, just stepped out into the light and it's not a pretty sight--


  15. Anonymous6:30 AM

    oops, it was from a link at moonfood--


  16. murph9:36 AM


    Interesting post. In essence I agree most whole heartedly.

    When we examine historical writing, we see that our situation is not new at all. I do agree with JC on that. What motivates people to live under a hierarchy I don't really understand. I suspect it has something to do with religions, but maybe not. Just maybe Marx had it right when he insisted that religion was the opiate of the masses. After all, that is the ultimate of hierarchy.

    I suppose this is why in essence I am an anarchist. Bottom up systems of social order rather than top down. Problem is, that won't work for very large groups of people, only works in small groups.

    Whether people will actually change how they perceive their social organization is open to question. Considering over 5000 years of known history, probably not. Ha! We are doomed.

  17. Anonymous10:05 PM

    I'll be honest Ang, I read this post about a month ago, and it resonated with me, just as all of you other posts have. The unfortunate part is, as much as an alcoholic as I am, I can't remember the details, but I can guarantee that the whole of it has become a part of me. Have no doubts about that.

    I gain insight and strength from your posts, and hope as well. In the last couple weeks, hope has become a rare commodity for myself; to put it another way, I've been in a funk, that I cannot pull myself out of.

    I believe that a good reason for that is that I keep checking back for your new posts, but it's been almost five weeks now.

    I just hope that you're doing alright, and wonder why there has been such a gap in your postings. I understand that we all go through our good and bad times, sometimes we are able to produce great things, other times all we can do is sit and think.

    I just hope you get back to us soon, because I miss your posts, and that's no lie.

    Hope to hear from you soon.