Thursday, May 07, 2009


Is it possible for people to live in and believe to be real, a wholly man made, pre constructed, plasticized, consciously engineered social infrastructure? Could people live within such engineered systems and believe those systems to be the result of nature or natural unavoidable processes, consisting primarily of pure honesty and unadulterated truths? Without checking so much as once in a lifetime to verify their beliefs, to hold those beliefs as if proven, factual and true would seem, to many people, to stretch believability. Yet, without ever having that conscious thought, without ever hearing that question or stimulating our brains with that idea, unless it is directly put to us at a time prior to our mental cement permanently hardening, the vast majority of people can and do live in exactly such contrived artificial social structures and do assume them to be totally naturally occurring and comprised of whole truths and natural provable facts. No great number of these people bother to check for themselves so much as once in a lifetime whether or not their beliefs are backed up by facts.

The world we live in and accept as reality, as certainty, as natural and as real is a lot more like Disneyland than reality. It's exactly as natural as Disneyland too, precisely zero percent natural. Our contrived theme park could be called Realityland, it's so much like Disneyland, only it's a lot less fun, costs a hell of a lot more and you can never leave.

Just like Disneyland, Realityland is a cheap fantasy based planned man-made creation, an imitation of something that doesn't exist anywhere in nature or natural reality, and never could and never will. It is a place that has been designed and constructed in totality. It is added onto as years go by, and sections are torn down and replaced with newer things, flashier things, less substantial things. It is a place of illusion and external appearances. We are not allowed to see behind the scenes or even to know that there is a "behind the scenes". We are strongly encouraged to believe there is nothing more than what meets the eye and that what meets the eye is all there is. For most people, external appearances and assurances that's all there is, is enough. Reports of vast underground activity that holds up, directs, supports and wholly controls every inch of what is externally visible are routinely dismissed as ridiculous, the first hand account givers discredited and disbelieved. Believing it takes more to make a theme park run than what can be seen on the surface is a reasonable and rather obvious truth, but that doesn't matter. What matters is what is believed, not what is true. Belief becomes truth and stays truth because it is rarely checked and verified. It is assumed and when that assumption is generally held and dominant, to check it seems idiotic.

What we think of as reality is very much a theme park in the truest sense. There is little that is real about it. It is not a naturally occurring phenomenon that "just happens" without direction and planning. It is precisely what it is by conscious design. This is a fantasy world. It exists to sell people a good time, or more accurately to sell the illusion that a good time can be had by all, and in so doing it rakes in reality based benefits, benefits that are real and have value in the real world. These benefits are accumulated and whisked away, never spoken of, never discussed, never admitted or mentioned again. People show up and exchange their real valuables, their priceless time, their hard earned monetary wealth, for endless varieties of bullshit. Every sort of distraction is there to appeal to and draw in every sort of appetite, from the childish to the profane. The one thing every attraction has in common is that it costs you something to participate. If you don't pay you can't play. That in itself should be enough to distinguish non-reality from reality.

Do we or do we not consciously understand that money is king in Realityland? Everything runs on money. Is that a secret? A surprise? No. It's not even hidden. It's blatant. We do know that. Then can somebody please explain to me why people are consistently shocked and unable to believe that there is anything fake, dishonest, phony, contrived, disingenuous, filthy, corrupt, conspiratorial, criminal or otherwise not natural and healthy happening in our theme park? Where exactly is it that people think nasty people go to do their nasty things? Few could give specific geographical answers to that question but most will tell you emphatically it is anywhere but here.

What on earth is wrong with people's heads?

Can anyone tell me this? How can people sit through the endless carpet bombing of television commercials? Personally, I cannot tolerate the first microseconds of any advertising, I will be screaming loudly inside my own head, "Make it stop! Turn it off!" well before the first three spoken words are rattled off. The phony, cheesy tones of advertising, commercial "voice" as I call it, the creepy ridiculous style of advertising talk, commercial speak, commercial artifice, commercial visuals, artificial contrived advertising feel, texture and cadence, the obnoxious changes in volume levels, the precisely timed formatted sequences that never allow a pause, that give you no chance to think, to dismiss as nonsense, to reject or ignore. I utterly despise the nonstop barrage of saturating mind pollution. This is not benign, this is a weaponized, tactical assault and we are the enemy. Weaponized tactical assault advertising blasts into the heads of tens of millions of people simultaneously, repeatedly, excruciatingly, consciously, every minute of every day of every year of your life. There is nothing casual or nice about that.

The absolutely predictable stench and feel of advertising assault weapons are things instantly recognizable to me which instantly evoke inside my head extreme negative reactions and angry return fire. I refuse to allow that filth to be anywhere near my conscious or unconscious mind to the greatest possible extent. Advertising repels me physically as well as emotionally. I despise and deeply resent the heinous violent assaults on our minds so casually referred to as "advertising". This is not advertising. This stopped being advertising decades ago. What it is now is weaponized tactical assault technology, weapons for the mind, delivered with the aim, unfettered intent and unrivaled ability to take us down, all the way down, and without us ever knowing it. These weapons do not fire blanks, they lock and load with only the most potent state of the art live rounds that science can deliver.

This evil toxic mental invasion spares no cost, no trouble, no effort to devise ever newer and deadlier methods to deliver carpets of mind bombs and bullets. No lie is too great to tell, no blatant contrivance or outright idiocy is too farfetched to offer up as reality, no disinformation, misinformation or lack of information is beyond blasting at people's undefended brains.

The kill rate is staggering and unrivaled. The numbers of mortally wounded increased so rapidly from the start, over a very short period of time, that this evil force achieved its desired 100% kill rate decades ago, a kill rate maintained and uninterrupted to this day. Amazingly, a 100% kill rate was not enough. The desire came to increase the kill rate to beyond 100%. One is left to wonder how that could ever be done. The terrorists of advertising were and still are clearly determined to achieve rates exceeding 100%, to them it is obtainable reality. Today's advertising weapons seek to kill our young before they are even born, and they have succeeded in achieving that aim. We now bomb and destroy our own children in the womb, and increase the mind and body bombing and destruction the moment they arrive and continue it publicly and privately for the rest of their lives. No child in this country can escape the eternal and endless onslaught of mental violence and vile foreign occupation by modern day propaganda dispersal and advertising. No one can get away from it. It will invade your mind. It will infiltrate, occupy and parasitically replace the parts of your brain that think and perceive and recognize the very threat it comprises, with itself. Every exposed person will be forced, regardless of will, without consent, without full much less complete disclosure, without warning, without choice, and without excuse, to receive steady repeated blasts of toxic destructive mind bombing. This is the weaponry of relentless corporate for-profit propaganda, public relations and advertising firms. It is hurled against our beings for the entirety of our lives at intervals only minutes apart. Every single day of our lives. It never stops. It cannot be negotiated with. It will never recede. It can't be fought back at. There is nothing there to shoot, yet there it is bombing us, again and again and again well past the point of being able to stand it. Every single day that we are exposed to commercial broadcast or print media we are assaulted. We are all casualties. And our lives suffer for it, from the depths of our souls, the wounds will affect the course of many and diverse lives and actions.

The overall destructive impact of weaponized, unrestricted mass marketing, the unwanted unasked for targeting of our entire unarmed civilian population over decades, is possibly incalculable. We have little frame of reference for what an unmolested naturally thinking population would look like, or act like or think like. We simply no longer even understand the idea.

I don't care who you are, if you've endured the millions of TV commercials and thousands upon thousands of hours of commercial broadcasting the average American has had injected into his or her mind from childhood, you've been altered. You have been modified, despicably, willfully undermined and redirected in your personal development and mental function. You have been infiltrated, occupied by hostile forces and emotionally, spiritually and physically reorganized whether you liked it or knew it or not. You have been re-engineered, transformed into a human receiver tuned to pick up all broadcasts of power propaganda and social engineering and you will accept without effort all standardized mental assaults from all authorized outlets and believe them to be non-dangerous. You will not be aware that you are a casualty of war. You will feel normal and unchanged. You may well be able to list all of the ingredients in McDonalds "secret sauce" even though you've never consciously thought about it or had any interest in knowing such ingredients. Even if you never eat at McDonalds, you may well still know the ingredients and the song that forced its way into your brain to be remembered forever. It is not lodged in there permanently for your benefit. It is lodged in there for McDonalds Corporation's benefit. You do understand that much, hopefully.

Every word I've said is true. Regardless of what smarty pants we love to think we are, every single person who has been carpet bombed by modern commercial mass media weaponry has been hit and re-hit countless times, and is a casualty that is at some level, permanently disabled.

The shrapnel of pornographic, weaponized commercial media is lodged deeply within our body tissues, inextricable from our brains, from our emotions, from our senses, from reason, from our belief formation and maintenance systems. These invisible bits of mind shrapnel cannot be surgically removed. They cannot be removed by will. Once they are there they stay there forever and literally meld with our bodies and beings forever. If that is not weaponry then I don't know what is. The permanent uninvited unwanted and unneeded invasive ideation of others being disrespectfully, relentlessly, repeatedly implanted inside our bodies and minds is about as intrusive and harmful as it gets. The success of these weapons against greater humanity is truly unrivaled. What other bullets or bombs can inflict damage on every man, woman and child and not be noticed, detected or if suspected be so easily dismissed as innocuous, entertaining or clever? It just can't happen with physical bullets and bombs. It is frightening and bizarre.

When people are hit by bullets they understand full well they've been hit and harmed. They know the bullet is not a good thing. They have no confusion as to whether or not it is a part of their body. They know up front they didn't want it in them, near them or on them. They recognize the projectile as a direct and serious threat to their person. They know it is an invasive violent force that is there due to someone else's specific intent to do them harm, even to take their life. There is no mystery there. Perhaps the pain is what makes it so perfectly clear that this is a threat and a danger. There is also the immediacy of harm and loss of life, pouring blood, disfigurement and suffering that is easily and obviously connected to bullets penetrating bodies. There is no debate or discussion as to whether those who are shot wanted it, asked for it or liked it. No one would dare suggest it is good for the economy. To suggest one has a right to propel bullets into other's bodies at will for personal gain would be resoundingly rejected. It is not acceptable. (Why we believe it is acceptable when our government does it deserves consideration. There is no such right regardless of the fictitious labels we place on each other). It would be idiocy to suggest any of these things. Nobody wants to be targeted and shot at with intent to kill, disable or harm out of greed or the desire to destroy free will and gain control over others. It's a shitty thing to do to people. That's probably why shooting people and causing harm for personal gain is illegal.

We have no problem recognizing what causes us physical harm. There is no confusion there at all. We spend mind boggling amounts of time and money to train specialist people how to react to violent physical harm, to assist those who have been harmed by all forms of violence against them. There are now countless areas of expertise, thousands of details and facts and knowledge available to respond to physical harm. It is an enormous industry and a beloved and trusted sector of our society.

Where is the equivalent for mental harm? It is as though no such thing exists. It obviously exists. Yet, do we ever hear the slightest suggestion of mental coercive attacks? No. The absence of the subject screams a truth. It is purposely absent from public discourse. It is routinely denied and ridiculed when reported. We are fully aware of terrific amounts of time, money and energy having been invested in "mind control" experiments by our own government for decades. None the less the topic is treated as fantastical and impossible. Something there does not add up. Why?

When weapons are not apparently physical we behave as if genuine harm is not possible. Exposure to toxic, foul, demoralizing, esteem damaging, reality bending, dishonest, contrived lies that exist to get your money by getting inside your mind and telling you whatever it takes to get you to open your wallet today and come back tomorrow to open it again and keep on opening it for the rest of your life is hardly an act of brotherhood and friendship. The attackers do not care how deadly or dangerous their products are to you. This strikes most people as too absurd to be true. Believability is unrelated to reality. You are a little wooden duck at the mechanical shooting range, and they have all of the guns. That's reality.

Injuries of the mind are real, pervasive and severe. Much pain and suffering, confusion, and notions ranging from the inane to the horrendous exist in real time inside peoples heads across the entire breadth and width of our country. People with nothing in common except owning and watching TV sets or reading corporate newspapers and magazines, people of all diverse backgrounds, ages, races, religions, political beliefs, jobs, financial status, all of them, can and do hold completely erroneous, identical, unsubstantiated beliefs that are not based in reality or fact yet are firmly and widely believed to be true. This is not a naturally occurring phenomenon. It can't happen in nature. There is no reason for it to happen. The only cause is artificial implantation of false ideas across the entire spectrum of television owning, media receiving humanity. False ideas are knowingly put there, repeated beyond reason, need or justification, delivered in a manner that causes deep conditioning to feel no alarm at all, to accept and allow penetration of the most precious, most private, most personal part of the body: the mind.

Tell me, what exists in this world that has "a right" to inject itself into your brain at will? What thing exists in nature that attempts to penetrate your physical body and implant itself in your head? Should any such creature present itself to us would we not recognize it immediately as a threat? As a parasite or a virus? Or at the very least as something that is not a positive or beneficial thing? Of course we would. Without discussion or debate we would instantly understand that an external intruder is only there to benefit itself at our expense. We understand full well that nothing outside of us has any right to force itself into our bodies or brains. We correctly assume such forceful penetration, unasked for, unwanted, unneeded, would be damaging to us and would cause us harm, even serious harm, even death.

Where does the blind spot come from that prevents us from understanding that the same kinds of external intrusion can and do occur invisibly? That equivalent pestilence and threats can and do attack and invade the human mind? It is reasonable to assume our collective identical blind spot has also been wholly engineered and delivered to our minds.

Our minds are everything we are, everything we think and see and feel and believe. Our minds are us. Our minds are who we are. They are not protected by reinforced steel. They are not respected by anyone seeking to invade them. Our minds can be played with at countless levels. What others say to us, how others look at us, what is said about us, mere nonphysical words can cause pain and damage so severe as to overwhelm us, hurt us, fill us with grief, rage, doubt, loathing, resentment, jealousy, the whole gamut of human response. Feelings and thoughts are our only reality. They are who we are. They can be and regularly are interfered with, influenced by everyone we meet, everyone we hear, everyone we see, whether or not we think about it or know it. It all gets inside our heads and it all affects us. It can cause us tremendous harm or tremendous good. That very much depends on the intent of those others, but even the best of intentions are no guarantee of doing good. Why is it that we don't understand that? Why don't we consciously understand how important it is for us to pick and choose what we want inside our minds? When clearly, it is the cumulative effect of all that is in our minds that makes us who we are and has the ultimate power to direct and decide our lives and how we live them. Because whatever gets in there becomes a part of us. Forever. It cannot be extricated.

It takes conscious effort to disarm unwanted influences in our minds. It is not always possible. We are not conscious when receiving the vast majority of what ultimately takes up residence inside our heads. Nobody asks our permission before discharging their yields into our minds. Nobody cares whether or not we want to hear it or be exposed to it or be offended, demoralized, confused or conflicted by it. Lies are told much more often than truths, truths are an increasingly rare commodity. So what's in your mind and how much of it is there by your choice?

How much of what takes up space in our limited gray matter is there by personal choice, by our own intent, and how much is hijacked and stolen from us, disguised as innocuous, as truth, as informative, important or entertaining when in fact it is knowingly delivered, dishonest, manipulative, propelled without warning or consent inside our heads with the specific goal of changing our heads, changing our very beings into something that will benefit others at our cost and loss? Why else do we knowingly harm ourselves with toxic products and damaging behaviors? Doing those things could never be our natural choice or come to us as ideas we would desire to make into reality. Doing those things is self destructive, which flies totally in the face of our strong inherent will and desire to live. You tell me where it all comes from.

You tell me why children are killing children in schools today when no such thing ever happened before. You tell me why deep enduring love has become the exception instead of the rule, why money is openly given more importance than life itself, why selfishness, pornography and violence are entertaining to us, why we emulate them, why we are not offended by things that clearly destroy us from the inside out? You tell me why.

Tell me why we naively believe our elected officials are bastions of righteousness and truth in the absence of proof to support such naive beliefs, in the face of non stop evidence of the exact opposite in generous supply? You tell me why an entire nation can be roused to a state of panic and fear of a deadly pandemic when no one we know is even sick, much less dead. Tell me why. Go ahead.

If what gets poured into our heads has no effect on how we think, on what we believe, on how we perceive, value and interpret the world around us, on our ability to separate bullshit from reality, then you tell me why our entire nation is brain dead and brainwashed. Explain to me how it can be that most everyone we meet thinks every doctor is gifted, honest, moral, capable and dedicated, and could never be a pervert, a crappy doctor, or a crook? Explain to me why most everyone believes that every cop is an upright noble citizen, believes every soldier is honorable and decent, believes every man behind bars deserves to be there, believes things that are not food are good to eat, believes one unconfirmed case of super TB three states away directly threatens personal health. Go ahead and explain those things to me. None of them can be substantiated. Why are these beliefs so dominant and pervasive?

It's simply not possible for three hundred million people who don't know each other to all hold the exact same nonsensical self destructive idiotic naive and just plain wrong beliefs and attitudes about the exact same things. That cannot happen by accident or by chance. It cannot happen as a result of nature. How then can it exist, and exist so pervasively? So intensely that people will come to hatred and blows should they encounter a difference of opinion? How does that happen? You tell me.

Are we as consciously created as the phony world we live in? Are we even really us? How much longer will it take before we no longer care? How long before we accept the next level of mental bombardment and occupation that tells us that we are better off this way regardless of the undeniable evidence to the contrary? Who are we really? Does anyone really know anymore?

Most anyone knows better than to leave his most valuable possessions unattended and easily accessible to anyone who sees them and wants to take them. What is more valuable than our minds? Yet how much conscious attention do we give to being in charge of what gets in them? How much right do we have anymore to protect and decide what goes into our own minds?

Bullets hurt when they penetrate our bodies and the damage they do is obvious and immediate. The damage done via intrusive, manipulative disguised mental attack is not painful, in fact it is made to be as palatable as possible. You will be made to love your slavery. You won't find a thing wrong with being mentally controlled by others for their own benefit at the cost of your free will and ability to discern and think for yourself. You might actually believe that they can think better for you than you can. Chances are, you already do in some ways. In the ways that you take the word of authorities and experts as solid truth and do not check things out for yourself, you've already given up the right to decide for yourself what you think.

That might not always be a bad thing. Not all experts and authorities are clueless politicos or "D" students with a flair for salesmanship. There is no such thing as "all" anything being the same. All people are different. All expertise is individual and unique, some of it is earned and real and lots of it is just memorized and taken as truth because it was delivered by people believed to be the pinnacle of reality. The danger zone is that glowing neon area where people stop thinking, stop asking questions, and stop checking things for themselves. Unthinking acceptance breeds ignorance, weakness and fear. Those who proliferate weak mindedness demand unwavering compliance, unearned loyalty, and expect to be staunchly supported whether they end up being right or wrong. That doesn't even make sense. Phonies are liars, and lazy ones too. This is why we hear the same words coming from different mouths verbatim. The laziest thing of all is to simply memorize what you've been handed and pledge your unthinking, uncritical support to bigger idiots than yourself. Nothing there to brag about. It's kind of a weenie way of being, in my humble opinion. I'm not sure what the payoffs are supposed to be. At the price of controlling my own head, I can think of nothing I'd trade that for.

There's no doubt that we're all under constant, focused assault by our own government. Even though it's supposedly illegal for our government to propagandize us, they do it every day. It's not even debatable. This is not theory, it's fact. It is on the record in official documents. Every major media outlet was infiltrated by intelligence operatives back in the McCarthy era. They never left. The censorship that prevents us from issuing "F" report cards to deserving elected officials is no accident. Nothing much happens by accident when losers and cheaters are running loose in positions of authority. They can't afford to let the public hear the truth. They can't afford to let real justice unfold in courtrooms. They can't afford to let the people decide for themselves when those decisions would more than likely drop kick losers out of powerful positions. They're icky people.

But icky people are nothing new. A certain amount of them are invariably drawn to places in society where they can try to get away with being icky and greasy and creepy. It's such a game and very tangled. They don't fool anybody who can see them up close.

We're not always made privy when decent people work behind the scenes to foil bad plans. We don't hear the dissenting voices of very reasonable, noble, dedicated people or know about how much static they give to poor leadership. So much of what reaches us in papers and broadcasts is plain crap that it's not funny. In the book "Toxic Waste is Good For You" it is stated that as much as 75% of what we read in the papers is completely made up. That's not something they made up it's something they proved.

We don't have to be helpless in the midst of all of this professionally contrived and delivered horse hockey. It can be rendered useless and harmless to us. It can be disarmed and ignored for the silly nonsense it is. We can walk right through it untouched. It's not hard to do. All it takes is using our own heads. Doing our own thinking. Making those who deliver public information earn our respect by giving us consistently honest, fair and accurate information; and when they don't we blow them off.

The truth is, when it comes to truth, you have to find it for yourself. No one can find truth for us. Having an unquenchable thirst for truth, for understanding what you don't understand, for knowing all sides of the story, for resisting the urge to become emotionally hooked and thereby controlled, is what it takes to insulate ourselves from the endless oceans of claptrap and goofiness so many people end up stuck in like flies caught in amber. They can't see past it or through it or get clear of it. They simply believe it and tell themselves how informed they are.

Those who are too lazy to ensure that what goes into their own heads deserves to be there will get whatever somebody else wants in there. Those who prefer to find and check facts for themselves will quickly discover that truth is not hidden or hard to find. Truth is simply not dragged out and served up on platters for us. The platter people are the ones who accept whatever they're served. They have no way of knowing what they're getting. I don't know how anyone could be comfortable with that, but I don't know everything and don't need to. I just need to know how to think for myself and that I can do pretty well.

To stay in control of our own minds we simply need to stay in control of our own minds. Anyone who wants to do that can do that. It is a choice. I will always choose to think for myself. I like it that way because I always know why I think what I think. In the process I also get to know myself and I suspect that unless we can do that, we won't get very far in finding the truths we seek, or in retaining control of how and what we think.


  1. Waow! what a great article. So true.
    Television has a way of making me physically sick. And not just the advertising.

    I always enjoy reading you. Please keep it up...

  2. Rolf Brandt6:25 PM

    The fake world you are describing has been anticipated by Aldous Huxley in his novel “Brave Neue World” and in a more sinister way in “1984” by George Orwell.
    I agree with your point that what the propaganda is penetrating is “the most precious, most private, most personal part of the body: the mind”. People are being brainwashed.

    You are asking “what on earth is wrong with peoples’ head” and part of the answer is - as you say - “the nonstop barrage of saturating mind pollution.” However, its not the whole story. While reading your post I was worrying for a while you would create a new myth or rather excuse for why so many Americans are braindead: Just blame it all on the corporate propaganda machine. But thats only a small part of it.

    The real reason I think is a lack of interest, laziness, inability or unwillingness to find out the truth or as you say – “... using our own heads. Doing our own thinking.”

    How could people overcome their inertia ? Well, the first step is very simple and it is available to every single U.S. citizen, every minute of the day, at no cost at all: Its pushing the off button on the TV set. That would free up a lot of time to get some real information, some background, some alternative opinion. Everyone can get that information by – you guessed it – reading. For instance, a book. Or a newspaper. Or Google News, Huffington Post, Thruthout, or hundreds of other sites on the Internet. Millions of people outside America do that every day. I do it although I am some 5,000 miles away from the U.S. So why don’t Americans do it ?

    For every Sean Hannity, every Rush Limbaugh, there is a Noam Chomsky or a Michael Moore. Once people read both sides of the story they could arrive at a more balanced view. But it does take an effort.

    I loved your last paragraph: “The truth is - you have to find it for yourself.
    To stay in control of our own minds we simply need to stay in control of our own minds.”

  3. Rolf,

    Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I agree with you across the board. I believe people need help understanding there is more than one way to see things, more than one "reality" for lack of a better word. It sometimes takes dragging people out of the phony world and into a place where they can see it and realize they're standing outside of it and that it's really a big gameshow that is the worst possible place to get anything valid or real from. Some people are open to that, others would refuse to go. I doubt this is anything new, but the technology and the saturation of brainwashing today is really scary business. No laws against any of it, no constraints. It's very telling of the value system of our dearly elected. They don't have one.

    Are you in Germany by any chance?


  4. Thomas9:18 PM

    Hi, Angie. Without qualification, your article, "Realityland," is THE BEST summation of our current circumstances in the United States that I have every real. Anywhere. Bar none -- no exaggeration, no flattery whatsoever. Beyond the simple fact that you are an enormously gifted writer, your thinking is fearless -- additionally, it possesses an even more important virtue in these times: it is also right. Please do NOT stop righting. Please do NOT think for a moment that your voice isn't having an impact. And please continue to be everything you already are -- as a writer, and as a thinker.

    -- Thomas

  5. Thomas,

    Thanks. It's just what I think. I'm glad you found something in it you could use. I don't know how great of a writer I am, it doesn't seem to me I've got anything to brag about. But I appreciate the vote of confidence. Thank you for your comment.