Thursday, October 18, 2007

Alan Watt and the Big Red Button

Every time I listen to Alan Watt I have to pay big time in well being. As my well being tends to stay in deficit these days, it can be a pretty expensive listening adventure. Yet, I feel compelled to try to take in an hour or so of Alan's shows every week to try to stay abreast of the world as he sees it. It's a bitch though.

I often wonder how he manages to stay sane. He's so calm and always the consummate gentleman, and he always says the right thing when it comes to people. He always puts out a gentle and patient message instead of clubbing people over the head, which is the new standard procedure in America.

No matter who it is on the other end of we Americans these days, if they say or do anything that is mildly annoying or just slightly different, our immediate response is to gang jump them, electrocute them with hi-tech cattle prods, beat them senseless, cuff them and toss them into a cage to rot. We're very nice people, we Americans. We can't tolerate anything, and that's because we're so Christian.

Go ahead, tell me I'm wrong. Which group in America is more symbolic of intolerance than those who so proudly and loudly proclaim their Christianity and patriotism? What other group is so open to bludgeoning any perceived enemy into a wet spot on the floor? No proof required. No talk desired. Just whip out your club and start whacking in the name of Jesus.

Just what are their credentials I wonder? There is no mention of "Christians" in any bible. What makes them think they're so perfect that they can act like self-centered small minded jerks and it doesn't matter? How can it not matter when they try so hard to crush everyone around them? What's Christian about that? What's patriotic about that?

But it's not just the militant Christians and patriots who want to kill in the name of their own goodness. Look at the cops. They're totally into bludgeoning anyone to death for no reason and they proudly do it in the name of Law and Order. It's good for America, they would claim. For them it's necessary to perceive literally every other human being without a uniform as "the enemy" and treat them like a wad of snot that can talk. And they do this while ignoring their own committing rape, battery or cold blooded murder in the airport holding cell. They just won't have any attitude from us. Who do we think we are anyway? Their equals?

Don't even get me started on the Christian & patriot others in the military over in the Middle East. I'm not saying every soldier is a heartless brain dead jerk by any means, in fact there are many who are noble, honorable thinking people who I admire with a full heart. But there is a cadre of this type over there who is wholly encouraged to dehumanize anyone who's not a white Christian, and that's the bottom line. What they do is nothing more than depraved, a version of humanity at it's lowest functioning stage. It's sickening. Made worse by the reality that it's absolutely encouraged and even rewarded by the system. Officers don't punish men for acting like out of control animals, they're fine with it. And yes it does too go all the way to the top. Where else would it come from Sparky?

The false leaders running our nation are racist, sexist, classist liars; fascists who believe in bludgeoning everyone into submission. They don't recognize anybody's right to exist, much less exist as separate and unique entities. It's their way or you die, basically, they aren't nice people and they aren't Americans by any definition I can find. Just the opposite. They seem to be everything America wanted to get away from.

Americans wanted to be free of small minded, selfish, self-centered rich psychopathic jerks trying to run our lives in every detail. Jerks who could be counted on to deprive us of our hard earned wealth, land, education, God given rights, the ability to speak our minds, and to have our own spiritual beliefs. They were above the law and we were always below it and controlled by it, guilty of anything on their say so alone, forget privacy, warrants, or illegal searches and seizures. All that was status quo, just like it is today, and complaining about it or thinking you could protest it was every bit as dangerous as it is today.

No, I'm afraid our so called leaders have nothing in common with our historical American principles. They are possessed of all of the worst qualities that mankind has to offer. And even though they are a definite minority in this country their depravity and methodology is so violent and dishonest that they're able to do an amazing amount of damage in a very short time. They know exactly where to reach out and grab you so that you'll stop struggling or make things worse for yourself. They leave you no choice but to comply. I believe that's called the Mafia, isn't it?

The world has become a very crazy, dangerous unstable place, and it's all because of small minded hypocrites and liars who can't mind their own damn business and who have the mental disorder of believing they're God's gift to the planet. In extreme cases they even think they ARE God. (Where are the pharmaceutical companies when you really need them? They really need to come up with a pill for that.)

With all this in mind and knowing that I start the day at a full 80% "don't f*ck with me" rating, I decided to take in Alan Watt's last few recorded shows, and it wasn't too awfully long before I maxed out. There's nothing there but bad news and more bad news followed by worse news. Am I a masochist? No. But I did have to ask myself why I bother. I know the bottom line.

The world is in the stranglehold of a stealthy army of psychopathic rich inbred occultist monsters who have control freak obsessions and a ravenous taste for all that is debauched and deadly. No amount of pain they can inflict is too much. No amount of cheating, lying, back stabbing, controlling, hypocrisy, betrayal, pillage, murder, extortion, theft etc., can ever be enough for these losers. We're like a big jar of bugs to them, and they can hardly wait to get it back to the lab to torture us and connect electrodes to our brains to see if they can make our legs wiggle. They feel no guilt when they kill us, they feel no compassion for our suffering, it's just really all irrelevant to them. Obviously. Although there's no way to tell one of them from one of us biologically, they'll still insist they are the cream and we are the hormone saturated milk but you'll have to get them to explain their position, I for one don't care to hear it.

I ask you, if someone told you they had all of these jerks holed up in a room somewhere and they handed you a big red button and said, "If you push this button, all of those people will instantly turn into little piles of soot and will finally be gone from the planet forever", would you push it?

I would push it in a heart beat. I would be grabbing for the button and cursing them saying, "What are you waiting for?!" I imagined myself pushing that button and seeing those jerks suddenly evaporating into thin air for all time, and I felt the greatest sense of peace and relief.

But that only lasted for a few seconds before I realized the painful truth. If they were gone, only moments later would the next batch of depraved murderous jerks step up to take their places. We wouldn't be any better off and could possibly even be worse off in the immediate. The reality is there is no shortage of seriously deranged people on this planet, and forgive me for pointing right to the truth of it, we're talking about men here.

Realizing this infuriated me because it makes no sense that we must forever be held in the grip of tyranny on this planet. We must always be hostage to delusional, violent twit-monkeys who feel the need to control everyone else and hurt them. What the hell is wrong with this species? Will we ever grow up?

Will we ever get it through our heads that no one wants or needs to be controlled and that there are so few reasons to hate and be at war that it's not even funny? Will we ever rise to simple maturity and be able to claim the word "humanity" refers to something noble and faithful and fair minded? How many more centuries of unbridled twithood do we require to decide to lose the small minded hypocrisy and blood lust and get a grip?

Those rich psychopaths ruining everything aren't from some other galaxy or dimension. They aren't lizard people or demonic entities. They are us. And there are plenty more where they came from. There are probably a bunch in your own home town.

We have a serious problem here, one that we cannot get rid of that easily. Unless we want to be every bit as depraved and insane as the controllers, we can't just kill people in droves until we finally run out of assholes. It doesn't work that way.

The problem isn't out there it's in our own homes. It's in the way we look at each other, it's in our greed and selfishness, our childishness, our refusal to be honest and to see our own faults and flaws and admit them to ourselves and then set about to change them. We're a Kindergarten planet of little brats running around pulling each others' hair and crying and throwing tantrums when we don't get our way or when we think someone got a little bit more than we did. We're consumed with petty jealousies and rivalries, fueled by testosterone driven competitiveness that is not fine tuned and directed into something excellent, but is allowed to become a form of gluttony that we then turn into something to admire. We are brutal to our own flesh and blood and claim it's our right to batter our wives and children, and even our husbands. We lie every single day, we cheat every chance we get, and at least half of us would rather die than do something generous or kind. We like to see someone else struggling and suffering, we get off on it. It makes us feel a little less like the losers that we are.

Until we get to the point in this world that we cherish the lives of others and put others before ourselves, I'm afraid we're not going to get anywhere. Instead of lifting this mess from the bottom up and helping the weak, we spit on the weak and blame them for their unfair share and we worship the greedy liars at the top. How surprised can we really be that this planet is an insane asylum and that the few residents who are not emotional infants are probably in a very small minority? How can we be surprised at the violence and hypocrisy being played out on the world stage when it's only a direct reflection of our own individual households? We rail at the depravity of Priests while our own children carry the growing fetuses of their fathers. We shriek and claw at each other over stupidity making it more important to feel like we won than to feel that we achieved understanding or justice.

It's no wonder to me that we don't get much traffic from other worlds, who the hell would want to come here? Who would want to leave a safe and sane world and end up here, at the planet of raging lunatics who can't stop killing each other for no reason? Only die hard interplanetary sociologists and galactic historians would feel compelled to sneak in now and then to observe, and when they got back home, oh the stories they would tell. If they have TV on other planets, I have no doubt there's a long running series called "Earth - Planet of the Twits" and it's probably too scary to let their children watch.

No, I'm afraid just getting rid of the bush regime and the bankers and the global crime syndicate won't be enough to get this world on track. Our problems just may be insurmountable. This planet has to grow up and from what I can see, it doesn't want to.


  1. Anonymous3:52 PM

    I know this will sound crazy, but I just went through the SAME thing myself regarding Alan Watt. I now believe that he may be part of the 'problem'. He is on RBN-- which is nothing but a cover for the part of the game that is trying to foment revolution, all the while trying to sell us stuff and make money. His information is completely negative, he never offers any solutions or actions, and he has NO sense of humor at all. I have stopped listening to his negative blather and instead tune in to Red Ice Creations for their amazing broadcasts which are educational and mind boggling without being depressing and distressing. These days, we need to inspire and educate each other and I really question anyone's motivations when they are offering nothing but negativity.
    Thanks for your thought provoking and educational blog. I look forward to any response.

  2. Anonymous9:57 PM

    I've known Watt for about ten years. He did a series shows with Jackie Patru that were breath taking and just short of satori for me. It was the first cogent theory that I had heard on the history of the world and why things are they way they are. There was a great deal of depth in those shows.

    Over the years, I had the good fortune to talk with him personally. He is a fine teacher, but he has quite a fight trying to get people to wake up who are in deep coma. Gurdjieff comes to mind in trying to do the same thing nearly a century earlier. Gurdjieff didn't have to confront the level of conditioning that we are under. Gurdjieff had a hell of time in that era. Reality isn't easy to take.

    Before NEXUS magazine was being sold in the United States, there was one called PERCEPTIONS magazine. The lady owned it was a lady named Gwen something. One of the things out was that at first when you are shown the the darkness, it is difficult to handle, but at some point one gets use to it. Luckily I had an unhappy childhood, read lots of existential literature as an undergraduate, and met a woman in 1993 with MPD. The unhappy childhood and the existential literature were walks in the park compared to the experience with the lady with MPD. It was from that experience that I woke up to the real horror of the world. It took me about 8 years to process that and I still am to some extent.

    On the other hand, it is no longer a problem for me to understand Mengeles, the Bush's, the Schumer's and Feinstien's, or the case worker from the NSA who has to read this stuff. It is an understanding that there are just those kinds of people in this world. In the same way the grass is green, there are people in our universe that have no empathy or compassion.

    Once you can accept that and after the shock and awe, it is a new game. You don't have to love that there is a dark component to the world, all you have to do is acknowledge it and move on. From that point on you don't have to put a lot of energy trying to avoid or filter out what you don't want to see. Knowing that there is twenty ton pink elephant in the living room allows you to at least consider rearranging the furniture differently if nothing else.

    Because we have been closed down to reality for so long we have not been able to really be fully alive. Right or wrong this is my country or religion, etc., is one barrier. There another one where we can't believe that our leaders would do the things that they do or order to have done. By being shut down, we can't be compassionate or moral in the real senses of those words.

    One thing to point out, Watt does have a sense of humor a lot like Douglas Adam's. It's dry at times. The one he though was funny was piece Adam's wrote about the planet that told all citizens that it was about to be destroyed by a comet. So they build a ship and got all the hairdressers and lawyers to get on board. They took off but the rest of the people remained on the planet. Of course the comet story was a ruse.

    Eric Otto

  3. Dear Anonymous, I don't think you're at all crazy. There is so much disinformation and people of dubious character in the limelight that one can't help but be doubtful of what they hear. That's actually a good thing, we should always be doubtful of what we're told. We need to think things through for ourselves, check the facts ourselves and draw our own conclusions, regardless of what the herd says. It makes sense to cut yourself off from Alan Watt's messages if they diminish your spirit. Your primary interest is what you stated, you want answers and inspiration. Good hope and a feeling that solutions exist. In fact, your comment got me thinking long and hard about my own posts and made me decide that I will begin to include more positive things in my posts, because the fact is, there is a great deal of good hope. That's what I see. I believe in us, the people, and know that all it will take to shut this nonsense down is people refusing to cooperate with it. But that means getting people information and telling them they have the right to refuse to go along with what they know is wrong. So thank you for sharing your thoughts on this, they were helpful to me in defining what I want to focus on as this thing goes on.


  4. Eric, thank you for your thoughtful comments. I've never met or spoken to Alan Watt though I really would like to. I'd like to get a better feel for the man and see what he's about. I don't sense any deceit in him, and he's obviously very knowledgeable and brilliant and I agree, just from listening to his recordings, he is a very good teacher.

    I had to smile when you said, "Luckily I had an unhappy childhood", because I know what you're saying. It can either make you or break you and in your case it seems to have held your steel to the fire and made it stronger. I am glad to hear that. The woman with the MPD, was she a mind control victim? People have no idea that this is a reality, but it is. Splitting off into other personalities is not a spontaneous thing, it takes trauma. Whatever the reason is for her condition, I do wish her well. I hope she is able to over come the pain.

    I totally agree with you that just finding out the truth that there are two kinds of people and one of them is not like us goes a long way to understanding everything else and accepting it. People need to know this. I am currently working on a project to bring that out so it comes across in a way to make that reality self evident. People can handle anything if they just know what's going on and of course, that's the last thing they want us to know.


  5. Anonymous11:55 PM

    Oh, Alan Watts was an alcoholic and whatnot. But, everyone has problems.

    You can get all his shows free. All. P2P is a way we can reclaim our culture. A way to build community. Etc. You know Alan Watts has been dead since 1973, right?

    No need to pay for digital files. Yo!

    Liked your podcast on propaganda. Isn't the world strange? Check out this thing on slugs:

    Yeah, these are dark times before the fall of industrial civilization, seems to me. The culture creates ugly people, who create more ugly culture. Food is poison. Planet is poisoned. Enterainment is violence. Leaders are a crime syndicate. Oh well. It's all made of mind and music and love bees.

    Check out the wonderful Huang Po.


  6. Anonymous11:22 AM

    The magazine was Perceptions, published by Gwen Wycoff. I have a collection of six from '95 and '96and often wonder what ever became of them, since they were rather radical.