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Guest Post By Bruce Tyler Wick

Official Ordered Student Removed From Kerry Speech
Univ. of Florida Puppet Master Caught on Tape
By Bruce Tyler Wick

One can sympathize with the bewilderment of the Univ. of Florida student, captured on video in his aisle seat 17 September 2007 in Gainesville; as he watched a political event degenerate into a wrestling match, with an added touch of police brutality. How could this have occurred without a plan--without a script, even? Since when did the people of the United States, in whose name the Constitution speaks, become INCAPABLE of conducting a public meeting--without some violent incident disrupting the proceedings?

Close and repeated examination of the video of this incident [],
fully justifies suspicions of a planned disruption. There WAS a plan to hijack Kerry's meeting; it was the plan of an OFFICIAL ON SITE, who was directing police activity that day and was also in effective control of the meeting. What's more, the plan SHOWS ON TAPE!

Andrew Meyer's questions for Senator Kerry began with a long windup, which Meyer called a "preface." Partially through Meyer's windup, but before his first pitch; an official of some sort, dressed in a dark business suit and facing the camera, says something to the lady police officer, standing next him and to his left. To that lady officer's own left was another police officer, a male. Both these police officers were positioned behind Meyer and behind the microphone, from which Meyer was speaking.

Immediately after having been spoken to by the official in the dark suit, the lady officer steps forward and to Meyer's right, to tell Meyer something privately. Meyer's fully audible response, into the microphone, tells us by inference what he himself was told. After thanking the officer for interrupting him, Meyer explains out loud how he needs to preface his questions with some information. Since Senator Kerry had held forth for two hours, Meyer says; surely Meyer should be able to speak for two minutes.

Meyer then finishes his "preface," and asks his questions--all without further interruption--UNTIL he finishes a question about Kerry's alleged membership in the Skull and Bones secret society at Yale. At that point, the two officers near Meyer, the man and the woman, move forward and begin pulling Meyer away from the microphone and towards the rear exits--before Senator Kerry can respond to any of Meyer's questions.

Before laying hands on Meyer, but after telling Meyer to ask a question, rather than make a speech; the lady officer speaks to her colleague, the male officer standing to her left. He then leans over and says something back to her. The lady officer then speaks again to the official in the dark suit--this time initiating conversation with him.

Immediately after Meyer concludes his question about Skull and Bones, the official in the dark suit gestures emphatically to one or more persons, probably police, across the room from the official, but out of camera view. His arm cocked, this official signals with his hand and index finger, as if to say, "Get this kid the hell out of here!"

If that was the official's command, it was instantly obeyed; when the two officers nearest Meyer, the man and the woman, begin pulling Meyer away from the microphone and towards the rear exits. Meyer resists being ejected and pulls back--as gently as he himself is being pulled toward the exits--loudly protesting his removal. A kind of dance ensues, at times it seems, in slow motion, with other police officers now on camera, assisting with Meyer's removal.

>From my viewing of the video, it is unclear how Meyer wound up on the floor at the rear of the hall; or why with Meyer on the floor, police would choose to shock him electrically with a Taser gun. In the early 1960s, law enforcement sometimes used electric cattle prods on civil rights demonstrators, and such devices are still advertised and sold as "livestock handling equipment." Typical users are said to be, "Commercial truckers, livestock haulers, and hog producers."

To view Hot-Shot's top-of-the-line Electric Prod, the HS2000, "The Green One," guaranteed to "make other prod owners green with envy"; kindly use the following link: [].

Is there a connection between Tasers and Electric Prods? The past use of these prods on human beings suggests there might be a connection. Certainly, it's a subject worthy of investigation. Perhaps the University of Florida could lead the way.

It is true, Senator Kerry repeatedly indicates his willingness to answer Meyer's question, which Kerry allows is "important." But Senator Kerry never in terms ASKS that Meyer be brought back to the microphone, or even to his seat, to hear Kerry's response. Indeed, Senator Kerry's attempt at a joke CLARIFIES his true feelings about Meyer's removal from the hall--a removal then still in progress.

With Meyer on the floor at the rear of the auditorium, but BEFORE he was shocked with the Taser; Kerry again says he'll answer Meyer's question. But Kerry then adds, "It's unfortunate he [Meyer] is not available to come up here and swear me in as president."--alluding to Meyer's prefatory comment that Kerry had actually won the 2004 presidential election, according to some analyses.

President, indeed! We value military service in our leaders, because it connotes physical courage under life-and-death conditions. We want our leaders brave, because we prefer to follow brave men and women--braver than we feel ourselves to be.

Whatever became of Kerry's Oath of Office, as a US Senator, "to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic"? Instead of a defense of the Constitution, successfully attacked before his eyes; we get a JOKE! The Constitution as a JOKE! I believe Senator Kerry's JOKE gave campus police all the permission they needed to use the Taser on Meyer--and as an appropriate reward for the Senator, in his very presence.

In a country which did not regard its Constitution as a JOKE, John Kerry would be expelled from the Senate.

Bruce Tyler Wick is a Cleveland-area attorney and registered parliamentarian. He can be reached at .
For reader comparison, three other videos of the Taser incident at the Univ. of Florida Constitution Day, 17 September 2007, may be accessed via the following links:

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