Friday, October 12, 2007

Capitalism - The Greatest System In The World?

Whenever anyone says that our form of capitalism is the best system in the world, I know there could only be two reasons for saying that. Reason one, they are wealthy and for them this is hog heaven. Reason two, they are ignorant and don't know anything about the subject beyond what we've all been brainwashed into believing.

The defining principle of cut throat capitalism sticks out like a sore thumb, and the principle is not just pertinent to wealth. In fact the principle extends into virtually every aspect of society. That principle is "Victimize the Victim". The rich have long fed on the weak, that's where their wealth comes from. They certainly don't get rich off of other rich people.

The first rule of being rich is to never spend your own money because if you spend it, you aren't accumulating wealth, you're losing it. So they will do anything, destroy anyone, break any law if it means they can avoid having to cough up some small amount of money that they legitimately owe. Corruption is rampant in the upper crust, and it's way past time that we all faced it. It's the truth.

Rich and powerful people cheat and break laws every day without concern, they feel entitled to do it in the name of making themselves richer. It's a business decision. Getting caught, prosecuted and fined is often much cheaper than doing the right thing. It's all about the money and getting more of it.

Getting out of paying up is a favored pastime of the rich, who are able to avoid paying taxes and many other costs that are imposed by law on everyone else. The working class has to pay those costs or face imprisonment or legal action whereas the rich simply get laws passed that specifically exempt them from having to do what the rest of us are stuck doing. The irony is that the rich are the ones in the position to pay taxes and all those other costs that for many of us are debilitating and directly reduce our quality of life. The rich will say they feel no compulsion to give anything back to society because they earned it all themselves, when in fact it is society specifically that made them rich and this country that enabled them to operate unobstructed to bring them all the wealth they so enjoy hoarding.

By the way, rich people don't "do" anything, they don't give anything to society. They aren't producers for the most part, they just take most of the wealth that we create with our hard work and try to convince us that this is normal and how things are supposed to be done. In fact the system makes no sense at all, but they don't encourage anyone to think about it too much. It helps them to promote the authoritarian mind set in the public, and we can thank religion and the military for propagating and glorifying the idea that being an unquestioning obedient nobody is virtuous and good.

The new reality is that in America you either have political power or you don't. If you do, you are wealthy. If you don't you won't be. It's pretty simple. If you have no power at all you're likely struggling, homeless or even behind bars for no good reason and even that is something the rich directly profit from. (3) They prosper when we are deprived of freedom and justice. Which underlines my point exactly. Business as usual in this country is to take it out of the hides of those who cannot defend themselves.

Corporations will quickly tell the powerless that they are entitled to charge extra fees and finance charges, and they raise prices for anyone who can't afford to pay, precisely because they can't afford to pay. Things like late payment penalties which are literally nothing more than theft, can become downright life and death predatory. These are costs and charges the rich never pay, and they would pitch a fit if anyone ever tried to make them. The finance charges and fees of all kinds are 100% free money for banks and businesses of all kinds and face it, without political power what are you going to do about it?

Look how the IRS treats people who are honest, hard working and struggling and who need to use the wealth they earn with their own two hands to feed their families and pay for the essentials of life. Taxes can not come first, they can not be prioritized over keeping yourself or your family alive. But the IRS disagrees. Your tax dollars fund the rich and trying to deprive the rich of a single penny of free money is the highest crime that can be committed. The IRS terrorizes the public at will, it applies outrageous penalties, demands to scrutinize every detail of private citizens financial lives, busts doors down and seizes the assets of supposedly free people without any court's permission. The IRS by the way is not a branch of the government, it is a branch of the Federal Reserve, a privately owned secretive bank that prints our money and charges us interest for "borrowing" it to use in our daily spending. The entire system is designed to suck the wealth out of our hands and put it into theirs, backed up by the very real threat of official violence, loss of assets and property, and imprisonment. You'll never see any rich people having their entire assets seized even though they are masters at cheating the system. They should be masters, they designed the system.

Every day people are faced with impossible situations like having to choose between getting medical treatment or paying some bill or another. Imagine having to decide whether to pay your car insurance or feed your family this week, how can you decide to not feed your family? What other choice is there? How could it be a crime to deprive a rich insurance company of it's payment and instead decide to put food on the table? It's an immoral situation that's been thrust on the public, and it's only getting worse. Because the government is now fully owned and operated by the rich, they are being true to their highest ideal - victimize the victims.

The less money you have the more everything costs you. A simple example is the cost of bread. You might think that a $4 loaf of bread costs four dollars for rich and poor alike, but in fact that's not at all true. When all you have in the world is a hundred dollars, that four dollar loaf is 4% of your entire net worth. But when you have several billion dollars, that loaf ends up costing you nothing because the interest your money is earning in the bank pays 100% of your lavish living expenses, including food.

And where is that interest income coming from? From the poor and the working class, the ones who are charged all the fees and exorbitant finance charges that ends up being free money for the rich. We are buying the rich people's bread. And it's not just bread, it's everything. They don't pay for a thing. It's all free for them, and we are paying for all of it. We are also supplying the labor for the system that keeps this going and we are also paying all the expenses required to keep it running. They don't even have to lift a finger or be directly involved in any of it. The system is put into place and then runs itself, and is enforced by the law. This is status quo for monetary equality in America, and it's high time people caught on to the game. The rich are getting a free ride and the rest of us are paying for it.

Look at what bush is now claiming the right to do to innocent people. He has the self-given power to deem anyone he likes a terrorist, and a terrorist is defined basically as anyone with different political views than his. Now, the government can come and take everything you own, everything you've worked your entire life to make for yourself. They can and do take people's homes, land, all of their belongings, everything, and incarcerate innocent people for decades because they are accused of dealing drugs, or bush has decided that they are terrorists. It's pure nonsense, but try getting justice and you'll quickly find out justice is dead. No one needs to prove that you're a terrorist or that you've even committed a crime, they only have to perceive you as a political threat and the whole might of government authority can be dispatched to take everything away from you.

Whatever happened to letting the punishment fit the crime? Well that's out. What it's about now is total choke-hold control and punitive action so severe that the original perceived slight is lost in the over kill of punishment. What crime can any regular citizen commit to warrant the total destruction of his life? Even a murderer is not stripped of everything he owns. What crime is so severe that peoples homes are taken, their belongings seized and auctioned off, their lives destroyed, families impoverished, and face it, after getting treated like this by the government where will you ever get a job again? And that's true even though you were innocent from the get go. The highest crime is attempting to deprive the rich of a single penny of free money, or threatening their stranglehold of power in the attempt to change the system into a fair one. Challenging the system, especially with rock solid evidence, is likely to bring even more brutal official retribution your way. (2)

This is all about asserting total dominance over the public. We are not allowed to question authority all of a sudden, because this authority is illicit and can't afford to be questioned. This authority refuses to cooperate with our political system and will not appear when called by congress. This authority lies, cheats, steals, and engages in full frontal thuggery. This government will severely punish those who speak the truth, and will destroy those who disagree with them.

Welcome to fascism. The only ones happy about this are the poor demented losers who have been brainwashed into believing that authoritarian rule is freedom and democracy. And my goodness are they vicious about it when someone comes along who chooses to think and act for themselves. Self determined self thinkers have become the hated enemy of the state, and that my dear friends is the infamous bell tolling. American freedom is dead.

Everywhere you look you'll see this elitist mentality come shining through. The most important thing in the world for the rich and powerful is to ensure that nothing happens to threaten their free lunch. Our entire is system is set up to guarantee their steady inflow of wealth at our expense. What's it to them if we go to another war? Well, it's wonderful to them. War is the most lucrative business on earth, just look at the hundreds and hundreds of billions that we've shelled out for bush's phony war on terror. The rich aren't getting hurt, they're getting filthy rich, on blood. The weapons systems, the mercenaries, the tanks and airplanes and bombs, all of these cost more money than any of us will ever see in a hundred lifetimes. But this is their playground. These are their companies, their investments, and their free money. War for the rich is always the best thing in the world, and the longer it goes on the better. It is never they who must go off to war, on the contrary, they will never be touched by it other than to see their bank accounts fatten while they jet set the world and live like royalty. Their sons and daughters will never be called to war, and they can see to it, and they do see to it.

Their crimes are over looked, as are the crimes of their children and justice is simply, and routinely, bought off and silenced.
Those who assist are rewarded, those who try to stand up for what's right are removed and thoroughly punished for their disobedience. The rich will not tolerate anyone trying to prevent them from having everything their own way, and keeping that free money pouring in. Don't even try it. It is their highest cause. You are obligated to comply and don't ever forget it. Even murder is a lesser crime than evading the tax man. The greatest crime you can commit is attempting to change the power structure because that would mean their free five star lunch could be threatened.

Only in this 'victimize the victim' mindset could we see banks lay outrageous fees on people who's accounts are always walking a razor thin line between being able to eat and going hungry. Banks feel no compulsion to be moral when they take your last $30 dollars and then impose $190 in fees because their action took your account into insufficient funds status. Credit card companies are feasting on American poverty today without restraint because all of the regulations that kept people from being victimized and destroyed by the voracious greed of the rich have been fully eliminated. The rich are having a field day, it's their dream come true. A return to days of old when you were either rich, or you were a cock roach groveling at the feet of the rich. This is the America bush has enabled the return of. He has undone 230 years of the struggle for political equality, i.e. the fair distribution of power between the haves and the have nots. If this keeps up, and it will, I wonder how much longer it will be until we start seeing blacks back on auction blocks. I say that in all seriousness, that's who these people are. You need to get that.

This is capitalism without morality. Ours is an inherently immoral system. It could not operate if morality were a part of it, or if ethics or honesty or decency or truth were required. It can only operate at full throttle when all of these things are out of the way, and now they are.

What's even more frightening is knowing that all wealthy powerful establishment systems are now being run under these rules. We have science and scientists diving headlong into dangerous, threatening new realms in the specific aim of commodifying the entire planet for the rich. Claims that it's being done to help the sick must be seen as the tripe it is. Billions of dollars are poured into research and development for one reason and one reason only: profit potential. NOTHING is ever done out of KINDNESS or concern for humanity. But getting YOU to pay for it would be impossible without the altruistic pitch. Once we fund all the R&D, the corporations can step in, lay claim to all of the discoveries and inventions, and then proceed to launch the results into a profit making venture to make themselves richer. We pay for it all and by every definition of ownership through buying something, we should be the default owners of ALL discoveries, patents and profit making potential. But we aren't for the simple reason that the rich have it made and we are being used and that's exactly what they've pushed for all these years.

So scientific R&D is totally out of control and unregulated and our government is at the top of the world wide list of those financing and promoting it. Scientific tampering with life, without morality, without conscience, without consideration for anyone. Without any concern for the harm that will inevitably come as a direct result of the greed based drive to push science beyond all limits in the name of potential profits for corporations. No longer do any publicly financed powerful institutions feel obligated to engage in public discourse regarding their ethics or their activities. There will be no discussion to explore whether any legitimate need exists for science to be engaged in these things at all. There will be no notice of the breathtaking amounts of tax dollars being used to make so many rich people richer, and there will be no mention of the many real and pressing needs that could be addressed, problems eliminated, with the money being used elsewhere and without morality. The public is required to pay for it and otherwise shut up. (1)

Nanotechnology is propagating everywhere at breath taking rates without admitting or recognizing risks, without prior safety testing, and without having any grasp of the potential incalculable harm that could come as a result of introducing synthetic life forms into our natural world. Military funded science is bringing back the deadliest diseases the world has ever suffered through as well as inventing new diseases so virulent and deadly that no possible reason exists for them to do so. Genetic tampering is forging full speed ahead without restraint and no one seems to be talking about the reality that mutilating the natural genome is ending nature. It's as if this should be of no concern to those outside the laboratory, and we all know the attitude itself is proof of their insanity. Our potential destruction is dismissed in the face of their potential profits.

When morality and humanity are taken out of law, government and officialdom, we become self defeating. In the end millions upon millions of people will suffer, sicken and die, lives will be decimated, the environment destroyed, and irreplaceable losses will occur. It is already happening. We are being ransacked of much more than just our monetary justice, more than our freedom to live as beings who deserve respect and natural food, pure water and shelter and all of the things humanity needs, including the chance at having a meaningful life and improving our circumstances. We are in fact being deprived of our ability as a nation to define ourselves and our values and work toward our highest potential, something we believe in, something that is just, that doesn't destroy to feed itself, and that would keep evolving into something worth having now, and for those who will follow in the future. It's all been taken. Why? Because the rich want a free ride at all costs, and morality, today as always, as throughout all history, is the first victim. The humanity of economics is gone. If it's not for everyone who is it for, the few? Is that the greatest system in the world?

(1) Visit The National Nanotechnology Initiative
Notice the generous funding; peruse their statement of purpose and stated strategy and notice that this is a private party reserved for "experts from academia, industry, and government to synthesize the output of the topical workshops and to identify cross-cutting themes and priority research opportunities". Go to the section entitled Society and Safety, then to Ethical and Legal Issues and read what that means to them. In essence it means they are open to doing whatever it takes to make the public accept this. All public interactions appear to be one way, meaning them putting something out the public can look at but have no response to. There is no intention of stopping this research for any reason, and minor public outcry will not be able to slow it down. That may be why the public is unaware of this or it's funding and instead will be slowly introduced and conditioned to accept this and to see it as good.

(2) Movie: DEATH & TAXES The story of Gordon Kahl, a North Dakota farmer and WW2 hero who became the government's most wanted fugitive. Gordon Kahl was harassed, stalked, intimidated and threatened by the government until they finally brutally murdered him, defiling his body in a final act of sick vengeance. His crime? Reading, understanding and then protesting the tax code by refusing to go along with it on the grounds that it is patently illegal. He told people about the facts of our illegitimate tax system on the public airwaves, and this was the crime that would not be tolerated. This is a true story.

(3) Dillon Read & Co. Inc. and the Aristocracy of Stock Profits - Catherine Austin Fitts 2006
Excerpt from Chapter 9 - Cornell Corrections

"Prison stocks also are valued on a “per bed” basis — which is based on the number of beds provided and the profit per bed. “Per bed” is really a euphemism for people who are sentenced to be housed in their prison.

For example, in 1996, when Cornell went public, based on the financial information provided in the offering document provided to investors, its stock was valued at $24,241 per bed. This means that for every contract Cornell got to house one prisoner, at that time, their stock went up in value by an average of $24,261. According to prevailing business school philosophy, this is the stock market’s current present value of the future flow of profit flows generated through the management of each prisoner. This, for example, is why longer mandatory sentences are worth so much to private prison stocks. A prisoner in jail for twenty years has a twenty-year cash flow associated with his incarceration, as opposed to one with a shorter sentence or one eligible for an early parole.[47] This means that we have created a significant number of private interests — investment firms, banks, attorneys, auditors, architects, construction firms, real estate developers, bankers, academics, investors among them— who have a vested interest in increasing the prison population and keeping people behind bars as long as possible. "


  1. Anonymous5:03 PM

    In some imaginable better future, destructive, anti-life technologies would be eliminated. I'm just wondering if we shouldn't run off a few copies of Angie Riedel before we outlaw cloning.

  2. Anonymous1:42 PM

    I never looked at wealth the way you did in this blog, that the rich pay for nothing. It is an axiom of the rich that one should "never spend the principal." I have often said that God didn't mean for 10 percent of the world's population to profit from the Earth's natural resources while half the population lives in dire poverty. God meant for everyone to share in the world's natural resources. The day is coming when the rich will be impoverished and the poor enriched.